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Saturday, July |{, in7*,
W astro—A good girl to do general house-j
work. To such an one steady employment and
good wages will h« giren. Apply Immediate
ly at the residence of the publisher, on Kighth
ittreot between Second and Third Avenues. I
Bt v your Coal of Kinney A Van Cleve, gee- j
ond Avenue and Tenth street. niml*
Rata.—Tka atorm qf Tuesday evening bro’t
us a Ane rain, which was much needed. The
baet nnd dust had. become almost insupporta
TiirJ. C. CeomstRY.—This sprightly little
steamer still continues to lay us under obliga
tions for specinl fnvors. She is the liveliest
boat on the river%
Ot VASDOTT. ALL S*rv..-We are grntiAcd to
Icern that tluyandotte escaped the Tury of the j
atorm of last Tuesday evening. The blow
seems to have been conAned to a narrow strip
of territory U> the east end of this city. I
Don.—Thia is the most dusty period that
Huntington has ever witnessed. The crup is a
bountiful one aud the quantity increase,
Ic« Cm*.—Mr*. William* on Third Aren
lie, keep* (he best, and everybody and hi.
family go there to partake of it.
Col. Wti.Lta« S. RAao, U. A. Stock Report
er for Kentucky, hat our thank* for u copy of
the Monthly Report of the Department of Ag
riculture, for May and June, 1X72.
PuttxuTTKBUX Stittvicaa—llev. J. H Flana
gan, of Grafton, will preach at Burdick'* Hull
on Sunday, July 14, at 11, A. M.
The Olid Fellow*' Lodge in this city is in u
nourishing condition, haring admitted 12 new
members since its organization last Spring. At
n.recent election the following officer* were
chosen for the present term: Wm. II. Hull, N.
C- *- Tinsel, V. G.; W. F. Wallace, "Sce yi
anil T. .Medford, Treat.
Mr. Krider bn* the collar foundation of his
large l.riek business house on Third Avenue,
above Tenth street, completed.
Mr. Love, of Barbour.villc, bus Ills block of
etoc*houses, on Second Avenue, below Sev
enth, under roof. The plasterers and curpen
ter* arc busy at work, end toon tho stores will
be ready for occupancy.
Those wanting a sign of any kind, ora house
painted iu any style, will do well to call on C.
N. Lullanov, on 8th street, between Second
and Third Avenues.
Dr. J. French Fristue, of Virginia, has open
ed a Ilcntisst's office in the Stnr Art Gallery and
is now rensty to attend to all work in his line
pulling teeth or furnishing new set*. Give
him a cull.
Tim showers uf ths past f.w days have bad a
cooling affect ,n tho weather, which bus boeu
oppressively hot. It has also been of great
benefit to tho corn and olher crops of the farm -
L. W isc A Co. are driving a good business
In the clothing line, on Kighth street between
>oca*td and Third Avenues. They have n
large stuck on hand, and cun furni-h anything
desired,, from a paper collar to a wedding suit, j
ut prices that cannot fail to suit all.
Judge Gillespie, of Raleigh county, who is
at present Judge of a portion of this (»th) Ju
dieial District, railed on us Isst Thursday ok -
ning, and informed u< lh»t be was a candidate 1
for rsolevtion.
•■or Wi:»tnza. ■ For the past week the
w. c her ha* been unusually dry and hot. It
1. 00 warm to .uit our id* a. of editotial life '
and this must bo our apology for the lack „f
original matter in this issuo of the A otx
la mid.cummer our id, at m./t and iu w:ti'.. r ,
liisv ;rrrn „„r. Spring and autumn are t>.
seasons iu which to write, hi. .us. i! man's '
ides* ore in good condition n..J tS r. ,* a—
slly something to aritc shoo'.
f »* Lara daow Thr great pUo«* -a tb .
city »0 Saleuday la. i a ,. no*.,In ,, ,
It wine tiic Aral of the bind th it • ,.r , i .I(1_g ;bi.
plana, lod the cnaoonra* ofpo-pio la wituaaa
it, waa large and reapcrahle. In nu town vf
city, any where, bare v» ear; , „luro „ '
epoedabln, orderly, tr-II oebared, «r,i iat.ll,
*. nl eon— er.o of propl. . ,b!„d ,Uoh ao .
orra.ion. V, » canfr.. that , "tparted to It, ,
a trry dilf. rent-toed, and t, w,tu«ea uni li
rudene-ee, roadylain, and Jiteipali.e,; but w
fml proael to It. abla 1.1 aay that in point of ap 1
pciran-e, respectability, tot, I'igrnce, g„. j !
der, and beautiful laeileo, the mac-oree on dat
“relay, xae eejoa! tee anything of tie aorl ...
bait over niiaoretd in any part uf ti.e tailed
Tlea p-rfottant.eea tree a pre tty goed belt u»lb
Jng eatra.
A Hou r Vannex llar.-Aa acnatap tehod !
young ge neb eoaa of lb- aieticul prafaaeioa, ,
doing Lei.ia e.oaTbltei tr-nua. w. tkc re-|
eiplaat, on Monti,■/ln.t, „( on-of tbe mart
faaia.tieally lioaatifal Holly VarJ«a onto that I
ce or graced ilia caput eel -tip toa of Heeui.pi.je i
in Kv-pt or Aae-in. 'oh. Ifoetor adorce tbc j
pr-eeat. Dot oa it» own account, bat for tie- \
«ah- e.f the beaut,fat young l.dlo* who pr
e nt-d it; and it nay be, that aotwetheUn.ling
Me apparrat keeelility to t.,«„,b4.| f-ljcty,
ib e r.o gn:. . a 1 f k g tacr.y inertia Pa a faatie
man, may y at iadoc. Ii.rn p, coaait leutawo
uj brfor*
"IIU l« 0ffr«r<4 <>*•* «.«k
A*»! I ng • S « U Mikfi htm. •
If i« dot* »ot, tim •( - Up. ,« aaJfrfUll4
wh»l eirt tiii.r.aiic « <«n p #*ib1y 'r«n«pir# t«
|»r<4flc« ieUi| iii Li4c«ii4«itj<ft U lift*. vi>
»h»ll b* b rr i irfrtijlib’7 to to* cvarlt«i«a
Tb* I»Ju« *11, with F* •!>/ VtiOH,
At*/ t/sd hi/ (v •• • * a ft.
* Haase* Dcetroy rd!
A little before run-down, on Tuesday even
rag last, this eity and vicinity was visited by a
ruriout storm of wind and rain from the south
west, which made things lively for a brief po
riod, and did some considerable damage. It
was more severe in the eastern than in the
western portion of the eity, which leads at to
fear tha* the country about fluyandotte and
Harboursville has suffered much from the visit
ation. We shall probably bare particulars be
for* going to pres*.
The storm here was so severe as to shake ev
ery house—wo believe—in the city, nnd two
buildings were entirely demolished. One was
a new frame on Third Avonue, corner of 12th
street, belonging to I»r. 0. (1. Chase, of the
"Independent,” and occupied by Mr. Ray and
his faintly, who were severe sufferers in the de
struction of most or their household effects,
and the injuring of two children. The build
ing was entirely blown to pieces and the con
tents crashed to pieces. The actual loss we
have not learned, but it must bo considerable
A new frame, unfinished,belonging to Mr.Wool
weaver. between 11th and 12th streets, was al
so blown down; but the duuiage was not very
serious, and it will soon bo put up again at a
small espense. No other damage, so far as
we can learn, eacept the tossiog of sign boards
and shutters, the dismantling of shade trees,
Ac. rite remainder of the great circus bulle
tin board at the comer of Second Avenue and
Kighth street, was prostrated, and the air fill
ed with dark clouds of dust to the detriment of
everything of a terrestrial nature.
Mr. Ray's child that was most injured will
recover, and Dr. Chaso will soon rebuild the
house which was destroyed by the fury of the
For the Argus.
Democratic .Tferllnf 11, the Ninth
At it meeting of the Ilemocrney of the Ninth
Senatorial and Judicial Diatriatl held at I.ogan
Court Houee, un the 22J day of Juno, 1872, on
motion of Judge J. II. Ferguson, Col. N. U.
Freach of Mercer county was chosen tempora
ry Chairman, and J. S. Thompson, Secretary.
On motion ofj. II. Ferguson the Chair was
requested to name u committee on permanent
organization as well as credentials. Thereup
on the Chairman named the following gentle
men: Cole D. K. Johnson, of Mcrccr; J. W.
MeCroery, of Raleigh; C. C. Walts, of Wyo
ming; J. M. Jackson, of Logan; 1*. Brumfl Id,
of Liucoln; B. II. Thaxton, of Cubed; G. G.
Burgess, of Wayne; Col. I. 8. 8amuels, of
Booue; and Henry Harrison, of McDowell _
The Convention then took a reccustill 1 o'clock
at which tiiuu the committee reported. Col. G.
R. C. Floyd, of Logan, as Chairman; B. II.
Thaxtou, of Cabell, and J. 8. Thompson, of
Mercer, a.* Secretaries; aud as Vice-Presidents
Col. D. K. Johnson, of Morccr, Wm. Prince, of
Raleigh, John A. Cook, of Wyoming, Henry
llarriaon, of McDowell, John R. Browning, of
Logan, I. S. Samuels, of Boone, P. Btutuficld,
of Lincoln, Win. Thouipsun, of Cabell, aud Jo
seph Ply asr, of Wayne. The report of the
Committee waa adopted. Col.G. R. C. Floyd,
being conducted to the ohair by Judge J. H.
Ferguson, of Cabell, declined to act as Chair
man of the Convention, be being a candidate
for the House of Delegates. Wm. Prince, of
Raleigh was then called to the chair. The
Chairman then reported the Convention ready
for business. Mr. Ferguson thought it inex
pedient to nominate a Judge for tho district,
and so pat hie motion which was unanimously
carried. Tho same gentleman then moved
that Win. Prince, H«q., of Raleigh, bo request
ed to remain in the chair in which the .Senator
ial Convention rat, which was agreed to._
Judge J. II. Pergutou inovod that I. K. Me
Danii l, of Wyoming, aud the Hon. T. B. Kline*
of Cabell, be uomiuutej to tbo Senate by ac
clamation; thereupon G. G. Burgess placed the
name of William B. Wilkinson of YYaync, in
Domination. At this point Judge Pcrguson
moved that the Convention take u recess of JO
minutes, that tbo Cabell delegation might con
sult together. Forguson s uioti* n being put
by the Chairman was lost, and the Convention
remained in 1 hereupon Judge Fer
guson and part of the Cube!! delegation with
drew from the Convent on. At this point Mr.
K liae, in pettaa, withd ew bit name as a can
d Jxto botore tbo Convention. Tho Convcn
»i t 'hen or v*-A<J<*d to ballot, which resulted
final.in>MS mmatioo ef T. K Mr Don
o . f Wyoming, aud William F. Wilkinson,
* *}■**• ta-i Cvui.lie* voting but Liu
) A. W. Laid! j, in a few well tiui«-I re
marks, congratulated tbo Convention on the
ooiumatiwas made, and wa« loudly cheered.—.
The Convention than adjourned »/»>.
WM. PKf.NCK, /Voi.1
J. A. TkONnSI, ,v»a ft'rj.
Judging from I hr register# of the different
bote;* vf tbia place, the ounb-r of at ranger#
vtai' ing tLe ^»jr • eery da j i# tm ry large.
• w
float.agUv now La# four Pak-rice in opera
Sen advert.unihi id nnoiner column, head
*4 "NuUm ro IfntJdrra.”
MT%R like IIK t.’l VAIItni,
A* the aaa siaka beneath tire Ibr koriMit, we
••no tbe b aatifil Heramg r'tar nriaa on Third
evenu*, inviting ail to partinpitf to a divb of
tbe ael« brat* d Yonng'a let trial*, which ia of
the beat flavor, and eaoiiot help suiting tbe
moat raatidit.a*. Henaemb- r the ptace |tur
dick’v Hlook, Third Avm«.>, up ataire, #<gn of
th» Hveamg rtto/. A. P. « wung. Proprietor
Also kn p* on band a flan m#«ortueni of
b w*k Confvctjoncu/, Erred, Cebu# and Pina,
fa *4 mom at Ha'par A k'»ob’i tiroaar j Store.
There nre Lie cat>4*4at. « for .1 ti«lgoof
d»»e .Judicial Circuit it ii.« field, %i/ Judge
Win’, ]r* J. MrO nri*, .Jugde If. L
lt'llnepr», J. ,4. Sauiue'e, m.d Judge C.
^ Stntlfc. Tl»e Jotir lire! nre euid fo
!»«• IVanoct%ta: tl • Inter >a n Republican
In lor mat ion from aU pnrt* of *•!»# .4tnte
•liowi gr*-nt npriemg *gtinet Jacob lie
witl l»e terribly br|t«a. Liia nartmil
nr 'U ***my rouutien knee left him—
I i betroved
1 ^C^Wrifon (\nrkr.
[Fur the Argus.]
lkttkk iho.ii w.vyhe coihty.
Tuoct’u Him., July 2, ih*2.
Mu. Edituu:—(fyou wrreju.t itarling in
life J would udviw you, at your earl lent con re
nieoce, to take a horseback ride from this
place to Warfield, Ky., as it affords a know!,
edge of the World to be obtained mtwhrr*
But it is hardly to be expected that you will
ever be permitted to enjoy that luxury, I will
state for your benefit, that the country lying
between, constitutes part of the crention spo
ken of in the first chapter of tienests. where it
Is said, “In the beginning (M created the
heavens and the earth/* I have been for some
time carefully studying the Mosaic record and
am satisfied that when the Almighty looked
upon his Work and prouounccd it “very good/*
he included in the encomium, the road con
necting the two places.
This, f know is doflfitrd l»y many eminent
scholars, but the matter has been fully settled
by a recent traveler in the U. g. mail service,
who from a hieroglyphic inscription cut in the
ancient rocks along the way, has established
beyond a doubt that this same road is a part
of that traveled by Adam and Eve when they
left Eden.
The afore mentioned traveler says there is
*|uitc as much propriety in calling the said
road good, as any other part of creation, con
sidering its design. “For/* says he, “no man
having once pasted over that road would ever
I desire to retrace his steps—no, not even to re
gain Paradise !
The raid traveler has also discovered the
surname of our first parents, which was Smith
—maiden name of Eve Wn« Jones. This ae
| counts for there being so ntuny Smiths and
i Joneses; our first pajvntslaving more descend
ants than nnybodye lse, and were very partial
I to the family naiuo.
These facts were taken from the ancient rec
ords in hieroglyphics,cut In the hard reud
stono, at the summit ol that venerable mount
ain mudernly known as Tick Ilidge.
The inscription is dated July 4th Anno .Man
di 2, is signed Adam Smith, Si n., teste, Kve
Jones Smith, consort of the said Adam; nod
closes with an impressive appeal to Democrats
to support the Cincinnati ticket.
The country on the mountains, for the most
part, retains its primeval forests. Here end
there the bold patriarch having exchanged
bis “moving tent” for tho more substantia!
"house made of logs," sits and guards his
fioiks by night and hoes his cum by day.
Here and there also, civilisation unfurls her
banners, in e small way from the log school
house. To one of thesu she cun point with
honest pride, whoru you lind a well-regulated
school, under the management «f Mr. Romans,
which I believe is kept up during eight months
out of the twelve. Going down on the other
side of Tick ridge, into the valley or Uinny'r
creek,you find several very good farms, among
which may be mentioned that of J. pasloy,
who alto is engaged in selling goods and is do
ing a thorough busiuess.
One mile from here you strike Tug Fork of
handy river, aud ascending lor a mile or so.
I you c&me to another store, kept l.y Mr. J
Spaulding who also it doing a good busiuess.
Crossing hero and continuing up stream for
one [mile you find yourself in Warfield, that
small city of salt, where yon are struck wi,b
the exhibitions uf industry, and where you
meet a number of very clever gentlemen, most
of whom take the Aitova.
I was Stopped at various places ou the road,
to answer tho inquiry, "Who's running for
House of Delegates."
For the benefit of those I did not see, end to
save the future traveler from annoyance, let me
say, Joe M. Ferguson is the men; and tho only
man running in this county, so far as I know.
and more, be it the man that will he elected,
no metier who else may run. 11. will soon go
through tho county to see every body and re
CeirBorders for local legislation. Hut no more
at present. Yours, Ac.,
Adam Smith, Jud.
Kimur 4 V»* CT.se* a New Coal Yard,
Second Arenac and Tenth at. ulml*
III VriMJTO* *1 V IlK I T.
f’orr.rlrd W.rkly ky l.uijl,y ^
■ KTiif. mm,
Ji Q* ,10e
Old tloeerement Jara, j;t
Sugar. N. U. raw, |o ^ lyu
Cru.lled, powdered an l Granulated, l«r,
S..rghnm holsu.i, per gat., no
Syrup do do do I to (y y.on
Tea. Imperial. Y. II. and 0. V. 1,48 (9 1 ,au
lllack Tea per pound, | **
Bacon II.,w. per poun.\ ’14
1I0 du dip in
do t*hotitdrr* do ■ 1
Su<*r can 4 city h*io*.. jl
Irish |»ota’j»d'd (x*r pk. 411
llonn* >ri>oun| 4
llominy 5o. d. I
Choree per pound* 20
Hire do do ju
J*urrb do do in
Sod, do do
r.ifre family flour per fo>| 9 40 ^ 10.0U
Corn meal p«*r Ho*. 74
flutter per p.und, 2&a
Kg*, per d.-t, O
l.ard do pound, O'i
Salt do hhl. j,u#
Tallow candle, per poand, ’yi
d# do *• W <4 Ji
< onl Oil. p,r ga| j.j
for Slnlr Senator.
We art Mrthoriaed ta aononnee II II. Snore,
ae a ran tu nir Tor the oBvc of State Senator
I fee the nwr.nth Senatorial Diatriet.
Hege tear# ta inform tha people .f Cahell
County that Hu le an ludepeudeut eundidat.
for Sheriff at the . n.a.ug election, and that he
will He ih tokful for iWir eoppurf.
W# oatbofiicd to etnto tbn« H D
PI.AN K KN,«II I P i« *n Independent enmlt
•l*te fur Kxpreeentntlfe in tbe Htnto Legieln’
ure of W-gt Virgmin, from the eounte ,.f Cnb *
" i,rfJh! 8uu •***!••, nnd tbnt be
will be rhnnkfnl fnr the eefrofe* «f the peepl# i
l imit Judge.
W. are ..thorlred ta aaaer.-, tha name af!
H.a.r I. tltu arriu H.y , .. , .aadidet. f„
Jadge of tha Nia'h Judicial Ctrent. I
g Wholesale & Retail Grocers*
ami Dealer* in all kiixl* of *
0 wu-Vlso Agents fur the sale of Kanawha Snlt.‘'fca {£
Third Avenue bet. 9th and 10th sts., IlrSTI.VOTON, W. Va.^
Wholesale nml Retail Healer in
Country Produce taken in Exchange far (roods.
Goods delivered in any part of the City free of charge.
Second Avenue between Seventh and Eighth at recta,
n~- (Opposite Passenger De|s>t.) HUNTINGTON, W. VA.
L. WISE & CO.,
Ready-jflade Clothing,
Eighth Street between Second and Third Avenues,
Office of the Central Land Company
The City of Huntington,
below Ih*,inuuthl,"t1"* "uyati d!,tit ’ having"» f'h'’',ulh.b"nk °f ,h* obi'' rirer, immediately
... one mile on .he " " , , °' "Tht'\ f"ur -be Ohio. .„!*
into lou .uitable fo, *."J » !«*<> P«t of it Mid nut
Ihis property im****,.,., Rilvaiitnurx «|, i g* mercantile and other business purpose*
ol .base adran..*.. ."1. fallow" *,: m ",,,ac,in« to it . Urge p„p„i.tioJ,. V„m..
n.".'i'd7be no.Me'mu'."',her''‘ho.,I’,’',"i."wb?h'n* °hi*! btin* b-'"* Uuy.n
tstiuugo during the summer m.-ntlo »u0 i **rcTrnl of boats ol large
in tb. winter months. .nd ,hu. huV ,iin! t u un7„ wh,r' P"’"0" »«l*-iot.
sand Mules of water navigation. “»*»«»<r»pted connection with eighteen thou
(“•) It i* nil the line of tin.l near ♦ I.,, iv . .
now rapidly approa-hing i.. whieh u "«* «*••• ll-Un-l.
of its short line, en-y rurvatures low .U,''I1 K““ * <•«» Trunk Use, by rea-e.v
throughout the year, n.a.l command .i, iminrn’.e'Vhi 'b'. “Jv;l,,uK'^'• "f economical operations
the Western .state, and the Atlantic seaboard tllrou«b and way iraKc and travel between
y«ndOh.G^n;^ZC? W.-vtvTrtin'i'a'".'^ { k 1,“n'in*"n. ' »»<• «fl-<n miles b.
Richmond. in Virginia. " ‘rS",ia’ a“'‘ wi" b' running daring t!„ prevent year t.e
w.-b , o. 'V.iaf“"K-r ■'"""‘-O'"", "ill b. IU.I.-i a. ,/■
|.bnrib.l m. ..... "O h.-r. will b...t.bli.h-,1 tl,
»ny othar poi.l in Uk mlloy u'^ha I'hln' 'ifT.Tn th" *d'*DI,r* "hich are un. quailed
br.l. of Southern Ohio and \ d . lh* ‘“Medina ..unity of iha extenaiee Iroa
road will gir, ra.y , ch...., ...'.'.‘Vo m. “V' »h* ,1" *•>- -“d Obi. It,,..
'!' ,ribu'r.. are k.’wx ^ ■—*' »' th- Or. a. Kanawha an I
the eupurl..,• quail,,, ,L„ >.M',0'*'' "**; ' »"<•'! Slat.-, lor the . ari-t. ,
..(..or that Ihr |M>raliar fU/, wl.itb to b." ■ , l,leh lh'-' Hi. here.
.In >ng the br.l qualillr. of o, . 1 . . ’ t’" * •Ilbrti.otr f..r charcoal iu p.,
i. a.ail.b.., Here, r ... r. L ,
At •« r<t»>infrriii/ r^ii/rp. iha . •• , firty «m«J i»f t»ty B<*ct‘*«ibilitv.
i;“‘T l^iuw Ar^mUid! hUl9STP Un "»*>*""•* hi t!. •
• ill foro. brtwrr,. Ihr drop .„|rp. lh, l{i' l’'*k' *" l''l',o K...lr..a.l, and it. cuonertion.
I*, kfnj a/ rr/.oli/r m.r.yolo.a, and it Will thrrn®.V®7 *"J ,k“ Krral r.r.ra of |K« H.-.i, ,
ilia iDlrri-hai.gr, on an exlrn.ito .cal. „f **«•■'a natural and enutni r.t point f
produa-,. -f Ibrgrra,.,'*,*£'£ X,** **« »“d >-,b—I >»d lb
,1. n p/.,er „J rrridrarr no t , “ * 1 of Kllropr.
lu addition to ibr natural Ueuir f.i wif,. ‘,“B. b* "‘“n ,h» P»y llwmingt...
rltme.r, .hr pr-pri.Uir. bar,, „ gM . ,,,7 V ' T “ *"d g. ni.l
a Hr*., mdu.tr,„u., .,,d Ibrit.ng pnpulalim ^ V 7 "I*" * PI,B ‘“tendril i„ arr f«
and aramgruirnl for ibr graiiN. eti„„ U| .a, i P --riblr adr.nt.gr of runrrnli nou, .oiaf.-rt
rii w. .hr Arm,,... aud Si,.*,, hare all m/.M'lr"; i" 1 «<-•»■ «■". tbr.r „bjec, iu
’ SSTh", . .‘T*’ “‘“tndent ..nfrMM 'VM’d'h ,u lk> ealliratiun of
Karl, loi Intrn-I.d fora rr.i„,„rr i. ..., ",r "'*'•*.* anil ...tra.ikr,
d-a fruu irrrr and ahrnbbrry. I,u |l„ f,4""* '‘M" r“r ">• ... of a g».
Ihr brttrr via.. of rrridoer., |„„ »j|, j . j "h*" » ■' «»p|- ..d lot. will b- --rlrrl.il I ..
rrat nui-anerr In the firinity. 7 11 eon-lilion. wbn-h will form r nrr
A i*f Krt<i«i fur «f| f||a ^ f 1
can br ra.ily aodrconoBlrally adopltd, Bnd*wbi !"r,‘f" ,-n e.labli.hod upon a plan which
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