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Saturday, February I, 1*7 3.
J. K. ToWeil, Portsmouth, 0., offers to the
merchant* of Huntington and vicinity, a supe
rior stock of Dry Hoods and Notions, on term*
tile moat favorable. febly
Spiked—the last rail.
Dull sale—skates.
No r«oin for loiterers.
AM aboard for Richmond.
Take slock in lha blast furnace.
T. J. Burke continues healthy.
Hpen—the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Ihe ice still troubles the boats some.
“ Reliable navigation on the Ohio river"?
The mercury crept down to se.o on Thurs
day morning.
Breakfast at Richmond aud supper in Hunt
• ngtou will soon he the programme.
"No more work for poor uncle Ned*' on the
onto and files through the mountains.
Hen. Jones entertained a Prince at Ware's
last .'junday. For particular* see further.
Our City Marshal capsiaed at Itth street and
Jd Avenue last Wednesday morning.
The Magic Baking Powder won’t raise thun
der in the house, but it’s bcfty on buckwheat
cakes atd biscuits.
Prof. Cha.o is so regular in paining nur .,®re
tu and from his echool, that wn are entertain
ing the propriety of regulating our clurk by
him. Ila is always up to time.
By "*7 of » friendly turn, we would «ay to
Mr J. E. Wood, that ho had better see that
hi. agents for hi. Eire Tile, are kept in stock.
W« came through I ronton last week, and the
agent thore raid l,e had sold all lie had, and
the demand was Increasing. Look to your in
terests, J. E.
I lie largest assortment of Doora, Sash,
and Moldings in the city, at
'’*’3 A B Pai.mkr's.
Sroi-KNl—C. A. Harrison, on 3d Avenue
between llltli and lltii streets, is still sell
ing oil’ bis stock of dry goods, notions,
bats, boots, shoes, Ac, at Baltimore and
New \ ork cost prices, notwithstanding
that some one lias stolen ins right of sell
ing out ai cost, fall and see him if you
wish to purchase bargains
ll.icnti.oHB Bali,.—Huntington is noted
lor its gay young gentlemen and (air la
diee, which is manilest from a series ol
Balls and Oyster .Suppers that the “Hunt
ington Bachelors' Association" i« giving,
one ol which comes off on me night ol
the5th inst., at Ware's lloiel. This Aseo
ciation is composed of young men ol hon
or, and their dnnees, no doubt, a-e ull that
the most festive eo ild desire. •
iltc Pleat w ood came up on last Sunday
afternoon with a fair |*ussenger trip and s
large onrgool freight, which kept |,er till
Sale in unloading. I lie other Cincinnati
packets have been making good time until
the late shipment of ice and cold weather
from above.
The weather during the past week has
been uncertain and tickle 'I be clum -e
Irani cold winds to « balmy spring like
uir, has alternated with short Seasons ol
snow, and again Irosly starlight nights_
Although it is not ns settled us we would
like to have il. yet It is far belter (bun the
extreme cold that lias prevailed in other
pern of the country.
Von =ai k—Shingle Machine—tO-ineh
saw. Machine complete except beltin '_
All in good order. Cost $|n«. Will .ell
cheap f.,r cash. A B Pa mi ten,
3**3 Third Avenue.
lo tlim-e who nrr umil to colder cli
mate*, the |iri'*efit Winter will appear dull
in the ab*ei.cv u, annw ol enlli
1'init depth tor ideigliing. I'ereon* who
are accneiomed to the rmt-h t*mile and
freezing nlm.iepliere ot oilier place*, il„d
in "leigh ruling an enjoyable paetiine and
rapul l ean* ..| loi.al travel. We *nw a
eleiKh during the w ek, but it n|ip«ared
vaatlv out ot (dace, lilting along over the
rough and fro/, u ground It wa* a «orr*
attempt at plraeure erekia*. I he luxury
o' eleiffli-n litijj w.H have ,.„r j, ,
lo our more Northern neighbor*
Person* ^»in; to Cincinnati ahoul i n
member that the f'rmvford llouac is uir
tiHwl ceil|rill to hinwttee* Iiuiin n, Mt,d hui
»*<rt ul Ihr nit cun I f r* in bed tit,it, i|M
hotel hv street r,f- til'll pM»- eve > (*,, ,,r
three minutes It iw * lu.iie l n* .r the Im
ii Vovititniti. mil',. l« t* % i».r« i 1 , . ».,
tli'»un.n/!* I hr j roj rieinr« ir» *•*,
enced im i, in their l.n«irir«*. ami m ver •»
timkr th' ir gin-i* Ur. at Home
' milh‘% llnvliir»« I oil*nr. • rnufon.
PflOf K W Sfrvtl, for Him •i f v. m prn,
c ipal and proprietor Smith* lin*
f ollege fit i incinnnfr. h \« npent I •» per
manent RutiniM * oliege f»t I font' »n, f dm*.
Ur notice that me nr of our inf m rr
chant*, mecdianic*, fumicc hook keeper*,
eipree* agent* and *• rHm» ©nt elerk- are
gnduatea O' this Code** Hr ha- marked
hi* term* of tuition flown low, and those
wiah tnft. prepare for the Spring ht,*ir ,<4
abouhl enter tin* College at once See u !•
rertieement in another column
The Rpiscopal congregation of this city,
while it is not as large as conM he wisher),
will compare favorably with like denom
inations in neighboriag towns. The serv
ice on Sunday evening last was especialv
imposing and instructive, and rendered in
accordance with the rules of the church
There was a number of strangers in at
•I. J. Brown, after <|iiiu> a time, lias se
cured the large new building on 2d Aven
ue, three doors below the Merchants ||0-_
tel, where he will certainly open the house >
as formerly noticed in this paper He has
sold his entire interest in the house of
Brown dt Plaster to his worthy partner, J
NS Plaster. Mr Enos' new building is
the place which is nrfw being tilted up for
the new Feed, Auction amt Commission
house Ilia old customers will he duly noti
fied of the opening of this house lie
hopes to receive that liberal patronage
which has been heretofore exit tided to him
by the citizens of Huntington NVe learn
Mr Brown has taken a new partner, and
if he is the gentleman whom we su-pect,
they will make a team on 2d Avenue that
will be hard to stall.
A I’hiNCR.—One night last week a man,
apparently about .it) years of age. wearing
a rough exterior, and calling himself Al
Ired Prince, from Italeigh C. || , Mt
Wares Hotel and asked for lodging lor
the night. The clerk informed him that
It would he necessary for him to pay for
hia room in advance, whereupon he volun
teered the information that he was money
less. The matter was dropped here, nnd
the clerk hiisicd himself in caring for the
guests, hut on returning to the office alter
a abort absence, he found thai Ins visitor
had gone, not, however, without leaving
traces behind that sen. uslv affected Ins
rcpututi in lor honesty. It was discovered
that the money drawer had been uncere
moniously thrust open, un.i an amount ol
money some forty dollars, taken out. The
party in question took passage on the
Meet wood, the next morning, lor Cincin
nati, but was intercepted at I ronton at the
instance of the proprietor, who telegraphed
to tlie I .hief ol Police to hold the hcaused.
He was brought back on Saturday, when
he confessed to <h -. charge At the solic
itation ol two of ins brothers, who are re
sponsible men, no legal action was taken
against tlie offender The amount stolen,
with expenses incident to the nrrest at
I ronton, were promptly paid, and the guil
ty party was permitted to go tree
(in Sunday (lie (he wayward Prince was
subjected to a severe lecture from one ol
the brothers, who trosj to convince him ol
the dangerous path lie was traveling, and
urged rathe,- pointedly that if he intended
‘going to h—II,” lie would like to have
linn cl an e his name Hut the other
failed to see the propriety of such a change,
and retorted by saying that if be was on
'he road to that region, his present name
w.iiil.l serve him ns well n« auv other.
A building association will sis.n lie binn
ed in II mi -inglon, as some sctive gentle
men are lending their energies to iiu.l ef
feeting nil organization ol this kind We
have known beneficial results to issue from
like associations and lliink much good
might be done here
On ‘I linr-.lnv night ns time lingered be
tWP' li midnight and morn, we thought Ws
heard some one below us <»v in convulsive
gasps. New y-o r k-, N-,-w y o r-k, al
though scarcely conscious at li.e tune
wc thought we heard Hr Wall In alien
.lance P. rlia|n it wns a dream.
l‘»>Tiv\i —| In* (piMiriil idi on in hill n|
lid- llrcckenridgp I’rerlu limn i'lnirrli,
i’hiiip nil on I II ill .-I IV n /III Intlip -ati.fa,..
lion nl all i nni i- np I Burdick* Hull wan
crow.lid the whole evening In tnnng and
old people. who pm,,p f,,r the d,ml,Ip |.,ir
po*c ol enjoyment m>.I t, nil in n Inn.In
h religion* fitn-p I lip 4tip*,pr v*nw i.rr
"iar...| with rnr. npprrcinlion ui the wa.,1.
of ih.. moat ln-l|.Ii.m l i x ictii g
cor* Huge culver- nl tempting Inrlrn
prep;, red with rigid ul.-i-r vance nf ml airi
-rip.. ni.iod piputp. ii- y nl.. ihp himr!
while o'her di«hea neep—ary I ■ a coni
plclp Ini.Ip were In nhiindan p I here were
-everal large r ikp. prp«mled. Which Imre
piahoraix »i/..4 of cl.died rxperiern c )■. thetr
oriiHiiiPiitadi.n and .h -ign I he nm-i . ..,,
epiciloo- nt th.ie niM pr. -.nil.* I hi then
III ere <n tlo- -i.' inn r * M. mi n |,o n r * k ml 4
ret., ii.ltrid d , , ,|,„ eotir-e ihp u.
leMmi.t„e«t I i |., .-i.tofthp pike, wa
f.n Up alter Hie 11-11*1 in.hnin in he pre
'•-I to in.- Nf ...... - ..* ing ihp lar
• ' "• *'• T of < ..... , , ,(4 I,
X R< Mi
l •
Off- Hie I. • || Ihe Men . g ruff ,||.
to one Ittf.. hi,.I . ,.* .tolinra 11„
pa .nil nf ... offer..I in |l.e g» he
M- -- Harper h ..- er Ki.in.nn. an I the
lan e, in e'. i -.. ot the talilea. wna the auh
ji-pi ol prn if n| all pre-ent
mi.ii i a.
W . -. Dowmr k ho. will alien.I in Iho get
ling nl pale In *, pr., teuting elailn- for lll
Iring. ni.-n tr. a-.
Ifraoing. .ml ipeeifi >aii..n- made at i.ur
drr K ..in• o-.-r hr Ih *i. j.nlluil
1 he article issuing from Portsmouth,
over the non tis plums of Incognito, shall
have our attention to that extent as will
enable us to correct tbe impression he has
caused as to our position toward the t 'hesa
pcafce and Ohio railroad, the Ohio Valley
Company and the people of Cincinnati.—
I he articles that appear in the Argus are
as free from the dictation of President
Huntington as they are in decency above
the carpingsof thin ambushed <juill driver.
I hat is all there is to that. Second, the
article quoted had no pertinence or oppo
sition to the Ohio Valley Company, but
was called forth by the !ooli*h talk ttie pa
pers along the -i\er were engaged in at the
tune, to the effect that Mr. IIumin^tou
had been acting uotairly with them We
have reason to believe that chene papers
do not represent the views of the people
where published, and therefore they are not
included within the scope of the article re
ferred lo. I hat s all there is to that. As
«o our being apposed t • the action of Cin
cinnati in voting aid for a river road, had
he been conversant with the subject lit* at
tempted to instruct the people upon, he
could hate seen that we have line and
♦gain advocated the construction of a road
to Cincinnati, and had published the pro- ;
ceeding*of the various meetings before the
vote was taken. That's all there is to
tiiat, and with it we pass from further con
'■deration o» Jncogito
IYmii.—Pimli i* the won! for the times, ^
and wedeaire to advise the public generally
•° push along until they reach Thotnae
Med'onl h, on Third avenue between
K'ghm and Ninth atreets, where their will
fil'd a general assortment of Cook and
Heating Stoves, Front* and (.rales, Hard
ware. Cutlery, Tinware, (^iieensware a»id
House Furnishing Hoods, which he will
«ell cheap for caali. 3*,t3
Person* desiring to be instructed in the tier
man or French language*, should apply to
Prof. Moncure. Terms, $2.!»u per month.
A|<«*nrj lor Itirhmonil r>t|M*r».
W. S. Downer i« authorised to receive *uh
I -eription* and adverti*eiaeuts for
IT»«* !<*« •■ inn ml UUpalrhi
Xlte II it-1. inoiid Uliig.
'I'lio It el i g ion* Herald.
Xlie Hit'llIUOII4I Dnquiror.
The DimjHitch ha* a larger eirculatlou than
any other paper in Virginia.
The Whiij i* an old favorite, and has been
published more than i*0 year*.
1 he Itclujitmi l/iriihl i* the l*cst religion*
paper in the South, and circulates wet* hly 17,
000 copies.
The Kichmond Km/nicer i.» tlio recognised
and able representative of the Democratic par
ty of Virginia.
OOieu over the Poll Office, ou 2nd Avenue.
jun I 1 -3u».
lit Ymxoton, Nov, 13, 1H72.
ftth't (hrrmi, t'itjf Itni'i Sitter,
Dear Sir In le*.. than a we. k after pureha*
... "I > our justly .11. I -Itiil l.i
Ii-rni iiinlor.** I fonml in rny yard nearly
hundred dead rat*. I heartily recommend it
use. I aiu, your*. At.,
PropT Merchant* II del.
Try a hoi of t'wen.-' Itnl lAlirini mi
tor. It i* a “dead shot.’* For sale by Drug
<*****• tsrim Owknm,
l-roprielr.r City Iiriin IIun.i»et..n.
Oysters! Oysters!!
A. £. Y0UN3. Frsprietcr of
Al*o. Urea 1. Take*. Pie*, and Confections
rlc* constantly on hand.
/Sttrilir/,*.«* Him I,. ,'tril irtitttr,
Huntington, W. Va.
Dy*ter- served in all style*.
Merchant Tailors
rurj ME ns.
Would « 'fully inform fhr tir<-n.« of Huril
intffon und f'al*rll ('minty. fhuf oik* of tlo firtn
mil \i*ii 'In- *t**ry lour w*-»k«wuh w
larg« •look of
S \ MI’I.K liixiDS,
lo lw irrifit t . jfivr *nlixfiolioii. \|| order*
in-* *» lk»* lt« ifo-h Sior - I I, Wi.,. ,* <\,_t „„
Eighth »ir«i l Iwlwm decnnd »ml Third \ve
mi* -, will r»r* ivo prompt .affpwfinn.
I VIHK .V soy,
•#|*2Hn*hy Portsmouth. O.
i ,« >*•» nr IV*. II fi i oi* run *•»*»{».»,. (it t»,j*
I ■! x ..1 Un-inr-- K t M. i ! I
. .ic "trlii Tuition. H ir ttn/. |* v
" ,r • .11 i l» i'l'iii ..
K W > Ml Til. Prin
r. y. /,.!/,/. I .M /;,
jjainlcr, ||rainfr, J]apr jqnngrr,
AMI lit Af KK I*
paints, oils. \ arnishks. A,..
Kitflit li - 'I . l«-t -‘I and 3d Avcnn<»,
// VSTtNG TON, *.
^Wholesale & Retail Grocerstj
Uliil D«*nlt*r» In nil kiixte of ^
0 w%.All Goods delivered free of cliarjre."'®* ®
Third Avenue bet 9th and 10th sts., IIi'ntinotox. \V Va
Wholesale iitxl Retail iH-aN-r in
Country Product taken in Exchange for (foods.
Goods delivered in any part of tin* City free of elmrtro.
Srron it Arm nr between Serenth unit l-Ay/ith streets,
"2y (Opposite Passenger Depot,) HUNTINGTON, W. V.\.
®ry koiwls and Ciirroceries,
it ha />r-.v.i />/•; clothixo,
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Notions, &c*
u\rzt Door to Wall Ar Buffington it Store,
L. WISE & CO.,
Rciulj-Miule Cotliing,
FUR SIS III sc c on os,
Eightli Street betw. en Second and Third Avenues,
Magic. Baking Powder
Krclimive Agent* in Huntington.
This link ini; Powder i* without ati equal, and wherever introduced, bo
comes a favorite with housekeepers. It needs hut one trial to prove this.
Don t tail to try it. Manufactured hy
Wholesale Druggists,
Ib nto.v, Ohio
.1. Sharp* Presi.lrr.1. K. C. Boos*, Secy St Treas .1 S Bos,ai.i„ Sue t
M Davis. \ iee Pres t 8. Sh auk*. Ass t .Sue
M amifnct nrcrs of
lor ull purposes, from 2} lo 3ll0 'nnr-c ih.wit:
Direct Action Circular Sate Mills,
"i> »M( imnn k u.i.v
Son.I for con ora I .-ir.-nlnr divine prices. A<hlrc«s
Siilcin, (’oliinihiaiin ooantv Ohio
Every laxly to know that the iikmt place t.> buy
Kn iTaus, ItnliitradsTii bleu
Ol I M », lll sh», H U<IIKOni:M, til l II WH\
Chairs of' all /,‘intis.
Rep Lounges, Piano Stools,
<l«een C ity Spring Itcil
— AM l>—
Thr vr*T lirsT Bed made a, snv price. Guaranteed for five year-.
common u«a#o. U.-meraber the pluee, t
3d Avenue above 11th Street,

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