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After the toil of the ilsy,
After tho wearisome burden,
Horne on the shoulder* of cere.
Rolls through the d*rkne«* away;
Then fr »tn betiifWnt bunds
Cometh the beautiful guerdon;
Silence keep* wa:cb by the coueh
Where our beloved we lay.
Soft—the child is at rest.
Worn with the tr.vail of eorrow; j
Kiea down the eyelida an fnir,
Clnrp her again to your brenat;
Out of her aleep .he may wake.
One with the angel, to morrow.
Leaving you ararching in vain.
For the aweet j'y you poaauared.
Hold them aa cloae aa we may.
Out of our arma they are goiag.
Surely aa iatn the cbaani
Of nigbt flow* the atreain of to.day,
Cloae by the ro.e. of life
The eypreaa of death may be growing
And ao, my beluved, I bold you
Cloaw to my heart while I may.
F'»r The Huntington Argtia.
How much significance has been given
the number eeven since first lime lirgun!
The Lord made heaven and earth in six
days and rested on I He seventh, and pro
claimed to all men that they should do
likewise until the end ol time. The chil
dren of Israel leasted for seven davs, and
for seven successive days remained within
their tents. The command was given that
the seventh year should he one in which
no ground should he cultivated, and once
every Seven years there was a complete
release for all men trom all debts, and all
laves were to he Ir. e lor one year, la the
old Mosaic law, young men were appren
ticed for the term of seven years, and con
victs were held in durance fer the same
number of years, or transported for “seven
years, twice seven, o.- three times seven
years," as the law read.
The ancients never permitted their chib
ilren to he named before seven days, ami
the Syrians hold this still as a religious
thin". Oliver Wendell Holmes, some
where in his writing, tells n legend of the
Sinaitie ' allev, that inscriptions of a sa
cred character appear once every seven
years on the rocks hi that valley, and dis.
appear at the end ol the same year The
baby's first tooth is tir-t seen at seven
month-, and are shed when it has attained
childhoods majority—seven years At
twenty-one, or three times seven, a man is
considered, according to the laws ol our
country, old enough to sell his vote for
seven dollars or less. At twenty-eight, or
lour limes seven, he is regarded as a thor
oughly developed biped; at thirty live, ot
the times seven, he has made the tran-i
turn “from lively to severe," it he ever in
tends to make the journey. At forty-nine,
or seveu times seven, he is in mental ami
p ys cal upo s -. atj nine times sev, n, lit is
in his first climacteric, at seventy-seven,or
tin times seven, he has pissed his three j
score years and tee, the natural period o 1
human life, as we are told by the rovnl
Psalmist. Jacob served seven years for
Uachel, and then, alas! condemned to an 1
other seven years of servitude in order to I
obtain her. Twice seven years for fam
wives! According to Mark Twain, it wo'd
have beet! better to have served that time I
to escape the incumbrance.
1 lie nituibei seven seems to have been
the pet of circumstances since the six
days work was done, that m ideall ciente i
things. M. E B P
Amauduvillr, .1jn ■ / I <7.1
1* r•»ti> I’uini rc»y n lifioorra'.
A null III IllsK MUIIT.
It wa» near the close ol the day—the
Amirlli day ol July, 1809, that I lonml iuy
•elf by a h.nutifiil spring brook which
crossed ihe 'lild Traverse Trail,” shorn
lour or five mile* sntilli of Thne river, and
about tbiily mile* south of I]rand True
er>e sellleinent I had parted with mv
wife nod babe at the seltleiiiint ihat morn
if g, and lia.l stopped at tin* beautiful |„.b
blir.g brook to reel,,III.I relre-li mysli
with it* lint|.t 1 waters,
I bad started tor Kalanif.c.av, nod ha,,
about seventy-five miles of th a lonely
desolate to go thro gh bef. re I .tould reacli
the next srtlleinsiit—or, a* the Travelers
say. Iielcire I w mid get ''outside
A* ii w is near sundown, no 1 water was
an olje.t along tb;* nab. I conelu.led I
would camp line lor the night. J a.cord
i gly went up the Stream and discoveted »
lube log lint, parti d y covered wuh hath
a tin. h l.nd pi o liable hern the winter q in
ter* ol some linppcr or ininer Hie piev i..u
w mer. “Th s i* the pl ica I Imve been
loosing o-, tip.tight |, nod I error,l.nglv
went about getting some dry fuel, will
wliieti to son kr sway I he raveoml* mils,
qu toes, w I, hovered’ ,1 o„| 1 k- a , > i, „,
Ol lies* A i r ii „g a song .nils pv 1.1
I I hem lot k toi.h. m comer ol tin
ini' on which to irtose, I took Iroin m
pocket a isle copy ..I l .meroy S Democrat
awl iried to rea l, hut eon I not—.he let 1
t r wo ild run foget ir Ai r several 1l
ten jt* siul Iniliires, I i m the paper in m i
poeset. ibeti tided Slid hglited my p '
A s'rao^e hel.ng, a most ii.<le*. ip able,
cam- over me I began to giow risiles
and uneasy, when something seemed to
say '« me,' |) i, ihm l stop here, ihia -
the hsuntrd cat in!” It fairly rs * J niv
hair. I looked about and tried to diaoov
er from whence tl.e el range whiaperacame, '
but I could di-cover no clue
t elepped out of the cabin and looked
around. Tlie Wall were gaily warbling
their evening carol; the eon. wliieh wae
eating, looked like a large ball of fire, and
the wind made a dreary loneeome noi-e
among the tall pine and hemlock, which
etood thickly about on all eidea I incdi- ;
titled only a moment, my reeolve wn
• |nick Iy taken — I elepped haek into the 1
but. pick d up my carpet bag and etiirtcd
Itw-ae only n lew etepa to the trail. A
eoon ae I reached the trail I -topped and
meditated a moment, and then I waa ready
to reirare mv ate|«. What a fool 1 am.
thought I. to leave tliia romfortalde lillle
cabin and tliia delightful little brook. and
here jnet HI night etart out on tliia lo «
eome old trail, and len to one get ln,t —
No, I’ll ri»k ihe phantuma and etav here!
Alter returning to the cabin I procured
more luel, ami then trie I to read again,
but Could not concentrate my mind long
enough Upon any one article lo fini-h it.
I flung the paper down, tilled and lighted
my pipe again, and in the cour-e ol an
hour or ao I waa pretty well composed.
Wearied will „.y |0i,g „„!!<_ j, WM„
acnrcelv dark when I nought mv hemlnek
hed. Bil l p aved that eweel Morphine
mignt take charge of me and releaae nn
mind Irnm worldly care till the incomin.
of another day.
111 me non me ol mi hour I nil jt.io n
ecntle slumber of five or ten minute* du
ration, when a wild scream aroused me
'roin my lethargy In an mslant I »».
brightening up my fire,which by ibis linn
Imd nearly died out. fn n few tnomenls
my fire was burning brightly. For per
haps n minute I remained in breathless
silence, as if paralyzed, striving to catch
the slightest sound, mi.I moving not a
muscle; hut the dull, dreary rustling of the
leav.s, with nn occasional sigh and moan
ol the hreeze ns it swept with a varying
current through the tall pine and hemlock,
was all that I could now distinguish will,
the sense ol hearing. My reverie un
soon disturbed by a sound entirely dill' r
ent trom the preceding, but so Iriglulnl
and unearthly, tba* I fairly sank down
paralyzed with fear! I hen iinoiedialeli
arose a succession ol the moat horrible
noises I ever beard—sounds as of dea.llv
struggle just below me by the brook, wit),
anarlings, growling* and gnash ngof t.eth,
commingled with y ells and groans, amt
bellowing* ol pain, terror and despair
‘ lireat Heaven*! ' thought I, -what cm
it be? I have been in t|,e wood* f,„
month* at a lime; bare campc.l out many
a night all alone, (illy mile* trom any set
tlement, and never he lore did I hear aid
unearthly noiae-! Here I am umiime,
and alone, and some monster ol (lie wood
is about to devour me! Ob, tiod! what n
thought! What would hecomrot mvdrnr
wile and ha hr! My blood (airly curdle.!
in my veins; but, thank tiod, | |,nve i
good pocket knile and stout blur herd,
cane, and il I have to die I will sell my
lile dearly."
My lire now burned brightly a id lonke.l
rather cheerful within, but without those
unearthly groins yell*, and tiigbilul
growls made it look and appear d.*ma
enough ifi'leetl.
1 recently I vent tire. I to the «innrwaiy (f«,r
ti.rre »« no door, only n place for ,,nr)
witli my pookrt-kniie ir. one i i.nd and
in il.e oilier, Mini tt.hlu>.,ed my mini
• ler Hi follow*;
' Ii you lire a man (I thought )>,-rlnt|»
!( Ill'gilt l»e itonm hunter win una irun* in
pay a juke on me.) come f..r*md atm
make yonra. II known, an I von el.all .i,.,r.
niv hunilile couch wuli me, and l.e lor.Mv
for your little joke, and nerd will. , our
lea* in every reepect."
ih i re I had linieheil tin- arntene. I «ait
aoinething creeping elealih'ly toward in.
and when wuhin alamt three n-da ..I me
Comnienerd a round of timer liorri I
It fairly rurjl.d the h'.md in
>eina tln.a time (or I wait aali-lii-d ■
hey.in I a lonhi, that n wan a panther |
.lined a fire I ran i mi l hurled il n( Inn.
hut he only moved hark a little farther u
the thiokei. grow liny aava/clv a a in- did an
lie circled t..e cninn a half.hu!..,,
that night, m il wo-ihl in,nrtnl.lv conn
' ick n el take Ilia eland in ft,,nt ol i ,
I. a.r A- anon aa the tire ;n-t a I iff I, ,| „
ir nonl.l veilin', |n ll,,- door, all II e lime
/rowin g narng-ir. I ,|„ he'ieve it | h id
i„t "lecture,I him «,,er„l llm.a and
ihreilen-l him wul, ieala.t denli I,
vmi! I I ive,-.in.- in and gn-ri me hillle1
He wall tied me aa , i ,* I,- a rut woul.i i
vaieh A mon-e, n -I , ,,-r, t ,„e I woul.i
aiir or more, he w -ni I -rr.,1 e.r.igelv !
vl.ieli made me alia, v ia n in nn a m- fit
i how I wialo.l I..' m\ truaf, i fi,. „ |,
I iiM-l left nl hr.-ni liltlira ni i,.- | won '
have ... mueli I ..I u ... .|,o t > nher i
• a / home Nun e ran tm igti.e w lu.t
rimr 1 waa in. e«eepl ....... one who I «.
i • .1 e..u>-*lh hg . mi *r
<» ' that Ion/ dia.it-iI, •vrntnil night —
w ml I h it | mild forget o I . , „„„
I e..n..i,i, rre.ili il with .rlmgaol i.orrur'
II. OUI (*.. i, .itra he ore d tv my to- * I,,..,,
0 get »earc». and Mr I’m.tl.rr le/nn i„
get holder
My fi.el' thought f, il my In.-! g*ea ..n
1 will eurely he turn to p eer* an 1 |.r de I
roared hj th, carm, crwca in net. J *crepe.l I
•»l* *11 the loose rubbish. such a* chips,
piece* of hark, Ac, I COM hi find, and put
tlo in on i |,e fire, bill they only lasted a few
moment*, the tire began to die out again,
*»'d tins time the panther ventured to the
v*ry floor, hi* ey»* glared like two hall* of
tire, and he growled furiously! ||app\
thought! I can brighten up the fire with i
the hark which covers this hut! No soon
er said than done I began pulling down
the hark and | utting it up^n the fire and
in a lew moments I had the fire burning
brightly again, which caused the panther
if* retreat a little from the doorway. He
now set up a continuous round of hie
heart-rending, I a.r ra sing noises, which
lasted lor about liall an hour, and then ail
m.ises ceased, and that wus the last 1
heard of him
At the fitst dawn of day I “lit out” < f
there, and tor the first two or three miles
I nearly made railroad speed! At sunrise I
rtupjed long enough to eat a cold t reuk*
•sst and he'oie the hdii went down that
•light I reached the Dry Prairies Settle
ment. which was forty-five miles from the
* Haunted Cahiti, or as I alter*unis chris
tened it the “Panther’s Den."
I cannot explain the strange present
merit, but must say it was the most hor
rible night that I ever experienced.
ooiMN'o and Mii.k r aioiing. — At a gatli
cring of the InniirrsHt Lowell, Mr II Sedg
wick, of Cornwall, Conn., referring to the
slmrt feed of the Kail of 1871, said. Our
f »rmer« all declare they will not go back
to the old way of feeding stock. We cut
up onr straw and everything available
Ma. v of us have adopted the plan ol steam
ing the food for our cattle, and wearesat
ipli d from ti e experiments we have made,
that we save a third of our provender la
"teaming it. As a sample ol what this
manner ot feeding stock will do I will relate
an instance ol 0 young man who, a yea*
into thin last Spring, bought a tarm of 80
acres ol bind for $11,0(H) The farm then
kept eleven cows, tour or five yearlings, and
a h* rse or two. The young man took hold
of that farm and immediately put in four
teen Mine- of sown iorn. lie increased the
>*lock to twenty-five cows, and kept them
on twelve acres, feeding them the sowed
corn, and also culling liis oat* gi ecu lor
lood II.S receipts the lie t year were over
$.‘»,O00. '1 his year lie has summered on the
"ime farm twenty-seven cows, and he told
ue the other day that In* twenty-seven
•*ows would average him $100 each Irom
profit on milk.
A womans determination to part her
hair at the side broke 11 p a wed ling at Ban
gor, M tin?, last week The company had
ill assembled, the clergyman was in hj
place, and the groom proceeded np stairs
0 escort his chosen one lo the altar. The
ady was sp emlidly dressed, Imt in arrung
i »g her hair hud adopted the “new style."
io this the young man objected m the most
1 ce ded terms, saving llial It looked to*
nrs7.cn and "fast;" that (lie hair ol a bride
should be parted modestly in ti e middle
\ sharp war of words follower, which ic*
•ilted in a declaration on the part of the
«ng y youth that he had taken a firm
-taiul; that the hair must be redressed or
He would never look upon n again. To
his the girl replied that lie mi Jit have as
«mmi a- he pleased, and leave he did, much
t* 1 lie di-g«i*t ol the people who came to
partake of the wedding supper, and were
urned out ol the house without it
hiW.M—'I'llnee l uting an intention of
• Making improvement!*, either in a ter mg or
negmning new work, .Mould beforehand
rite their de.-igna prepar'd and at hand,
*» *hat the «oik of laving out and plant
mg inAV l*e predefined aa -non in ||,« earth
id in ft Iahle ronditinn, »liihh<*rnlv refrain
ing Iroin working giound whin it ih hi a
we' HtMle Wa kiudinuld hr iniide, and hox
dging laid, in e-* ann dhrulw plumed he.or*
ihe law lid are-ee led d*w n It lake* hImiiii
l«airfv !•»*., of gril** Heed lo rowr an aere and
in make a good dial Ckomr the following
•%indd hi nearly tipi •! pioportioiid, viz I’, in*
g I-- lied ll»p, Hard hedfllf, W || i t «• lop,
div.et ween ed venial gran* lo which add
■en lt d of W lute 4'lover reed, the ground
o» he made fi'ie liefore dewing, then derail h
gently with h ilnr, i*u l fioidii hv rolling it
well own
III a K r \ a\u IIa»i 1*1 It—f ait tivorhirk
en- into joint-, mu-on them will, nail, Ida- k
iml l tv rime pepper, • I lllr pevdi red mure (
md a tahle*p ainfu of cl opp I mtidi oom- i
h* n m ik- hade o‘ f.irn iih ;iI ami the hard |
*o led v . k- id egg-, find lay tl.eiu in the '
h-h hetweeu t!ie j••tnM id eh i ken. with u
d ol lean ham in helwe«n, and old <
» *•*»'•• w.iier wiih a nm-hnioiii h>(i!td ir> it,
•ov» r it w ih pull ja-fer ami hake
Hhfl? t • - I* .m veg ?1 ih e « mid to I* nne I
» ilie ii.t.• t J** tent a»M •» er* r e o»* (, « 1
<m» til \ writer in n fending per 1. I
»* I* hal i n hm "k* own mmy n en,
in I w men ton. who In m vam.n- r.m*r- |
h ve become much HlJi' ird wither »-!
•iidio N.i Imt they ehook like H*|*en leaven
0- a w in,tv day. vv Ito I a duly n od* rate
1- e ol i h* b! m In i li*ot *l,» lion re.eiy i
t-avra !•• a mind, I mine n* etrong und
-trady in lilt b a- o?litr prop!**
IW C*Mw.-| Tiity iion r«li him ‘i h<j
tea rvedf r«*d-whid» erei child o' corra^
ton from Kansu*.”
J m XaT^ ■ T* ■ ■
Keeps a large stuck of
fur ladies and gent.;
Fine Gold (.'Indus, new s-yles ;
Fine Gold Jewelry ;
Solid Silver mid I'lated Ware;
Fancy Goods;
American ami French Clocks;
Bronze Gools;
Table aud Pocket Cutlery;
Patent Accom mode ling Spectacle*;
and a variety of utltvr go>.dl.
Second, above. Jiailvuad-st.,
ULFILUN a tmitutuv
Whvlt.nl* <t md lit (ill l luolrtn in
Silks, Fancy Dry Goods,
Notion-, Hosiery. Shoes, Jewelry. Jrc., JLc.
Cor. 2d and /inih'oad-tttn..
I Bos TON, onto.
Sower Fipe.
The best quality of
Stoneware Sewer Pipe
manufactured and fur suite by
■ ito.vrox, o.
Semi for Price vlnl
A. J. EN8L0W.
and Plaster.
popl. i ii s in. a r; les
unhand for ^ale cbiap.
Hwoilil Ivimiuo opjKmile ((ailroad
May 25, If.
—AND —
The nndcrsijrncd wUhe* t<> Inform hi* friend*
and th<* publics that be i* still able and willing
to supply them with if.I and frr*h
Confectioneries of all /. hull
at the low.-.t rates fur cash, at their .tore on
'.between Seventh on I Kiohth x's., nr r
the I'n.Kenjcr Depot,
Huntington. AA\ Va.
lie respectfully invite* tho*o desiring a v
lliitijf in hi* line of basilic** to jfive him » call*.
; and in return for the favor, pledge* bin »ulf t.
spire n«, pain* to give *a»i*f irtion.
w. II. M0NTR09R.
w. ii. i»i:\\ vii vi iii:it,
Corner SfComl A .mu mi l s' vnth Street
IVt VI lX.TO'V, n V A,
f'Arr. \v. I,. MAI'HY. I.. L KKNM* .
s 'r K A \| H o A T A < i I; N T h ,
C’otiniNMON Tincni m v
*i<d I)c*n!rf* in
W HI rr »n4 CRAY LIME.
And General Agent* (oral! kind*of Stoneware.
Ordi-r* Roli'-ite'l. (AYhanr IIo«t,)
"- » MI N I INGloN. \V. VA. I
Just Roceived,
fn.MMG X r | Pino Kliifiiflvs;
50.00(1 X ». I Po|»lar Sliiijglt*;
loo,turn X > 1 f#i«11*.
A I.UI'.K L »r <lf'
13-0 01**3, SaalT,
M/tri.r>ixijs. I
D :* j ss lid L u .ii bcr.
. .\MVl I, 1’iw m
W3AT22M0 UIDIN3, be.
A».o a»n procured nth Jak Srrew* and
K *l-*r- to in< v* *i .-t.,** on •hort notice.
Mai dm/ c**ntiiv i* . |. *ite,|.
». It IVkf.MFK,
Tlnr.l *„i„a La*. Ml, an.l 9th .
»»p2S.I'>jr lluHriM.Tu«, W. V*. I
Tin & Sheet Iron Warf,.
Second-st.. I ronton, ()..
Take* pleasure in «nn> uncing to the ot
Huntington, and the world at large, th.it be ia
constantly supplied with every thing in b.a
line, and sells aa cheap as the cheapest.
and Job Work of every description
attended to at howest Prices.
lie bog* leave to call particular attention to t bo
Coal Cooking Stoves, lie will guarantee th- *
to give SHtistuction, or refund the money.
Hive him a call, or send in your orders, and
you will have no cause to regret it. uiy2 tf
Saw antl Planing Mills,
Front street, next to Uclfont Furnace,
Dealers ill ull kiud* of
Lumber, Shingles,
Weather-Hoarding. Ceilings, Frames,
Casing*. Door*, Nil*!,, Ac.
NVi are prepared lo All order, to iny ci-.ml
WITH I’llinil'TM SS.
Our Price* are low.
We jmy dpcoiul attention to Orders.
(hir Goals tci/l compare inf* tkc bent
Price List Furnished on Application.
vlntitf 1 ronton, Ohio.
01«i Khtnblinhed"
Men lt an / 7 a Hot ing
—AN I>—
KSTA I{!-ll*-l 1 M KrS'l'.
M. HILB 6c CO.
NVoutd respectfully inform the citi7rc* of
Huntington and surrounding country that
they have,
secured the services cf
one of the /test Cotters in the West
an.I in connection with their
' he, li**pe 111 K.ve »«ti»f.-.(-ii,.n. Thiinkful fur
'In* |ui*i |i:ilr*iit-ij;e ,u libernllv ht-.tmepij op*.n
ilipin, tin*, Irupc in merit a cumiuuiinep nf the
1 "■ i 11 f.!f
Machine & Boiler Shops
lltONTOX, o.
LAMEERT & GORDON, Proprietors.
Mhii11'nmurn nil k'luln of
Bulling Mill mill Fnrunri' Mtfiiinrry,
Hot I• 11«f-, Oil Itcfinery rn*i ir»g.«,
And Mnrliinerv of nil kitiiln,
/./•;o /;/;/:/;'/•, i‘i:ori:n: j on,
CVr Hevi Hii, null /{,lilruwl mI,.,
K)*»ps con.fnotly «n hand n full stock of 5©
ID cr stud Alt*. A I orders Ir iu u distant**
attended to promptly. n«,j
.»i miii aciurrr o|
Marble Monuments^
« Hi..I bill*, Tillilc T«»|>«t, Ac
Kailn.a.1 bat. .til and 4ih
! IfOYI l»N, OHIO,
.1. r. />/:.!//s/;> ,t co.,
Mutitifn- »ur<Td of ah.I !>iAl«r.«in
Wholesale anil Hctail.
«» • mi «rru-.il..|„ Iraiiinn. o.
C* 'I 'i n. TI I I a i.y £af
bJ.-n H'liK I |, A\|» K,;v mfc
-L Trr» a'i» i*' ok C5 i.
r ,]P Hj f II r e ti S. o
Vv1, KTiTI i• »r*
.*■. l.\ AI r> a. 4 i > K A ).i . i l w
v" ' 1 '** O Ti **rn1
'• ^ I... I I K Ra.
N A \ K i I. \ I l a | | ( ,u SI \ It 1.1 NO
AM. KINO ol' -*• i I.oi IIIMI
AA *irl< Nrnllj nnit I’ronjaljr Kitrninl
—annanna -
/orr( liojr CIO,I J lliintlm/tou,
I ronton, O. $ or ) If. la.

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