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inPLOlU Pit K.
Th#*rl«>u It that stooflfrom yonder sky
Discharge their harden* tnd nr* fre*j; ^
efhe streams that take them hasten by |
To find relief in lake and ma.
T he aildft wind in rile* afar
Sl.-ep*. pillowel on its rufl*n ’ wing*;
An I tong, through many n »*• r ay War,
Heat* iu'o silence on the string*!
And t«Avo o'erenmo* his young unrest,
And first ambition's fight is o'er;
And doubt i* cradled on the breast
Of per* «t faith and eak* no inor*.
«’ur <!r a m and pa'sion* e > to dare.
An 1 ho ne'y Patience I arm her j. »rt.
* Yet still some keen pursuing » ire
Forbids content to brain or heart.
The gift unreached beyond the hand,
The fault in all of henuty w-*n;
The mildew i.f the harvest land.
The spots upon the rising sun!
And still some cheaper service elairn*
The will that leads to loftier rail;
Powie eloud is east on splendid aims.
On power it'dtieved some c >mmm thrall. j
To spoil each beckoning victory,
A thousand p’guiy hands are thrust;
And, round each height attained, wh see
Our ether dimmed with lower dust.
Ah! could we breathe satu • peaceful air,
And all save purpo«e there forgot.
Till eager courage learn to hear
The gadfly's sting, the pebble s fret!
l»et higher goal and harsher way.
To tost our virtue, then combine,
’Tis not for idle ease w»- pray,
Hut freedom for our task divine.
neuron Unlikin'* lliiugblrr,
nv f.U7,aiiktii nmKt.ow.
“Its dread n curious that minister'. eon"
and deacons daughters should always he i
greater trials than other fulka'childrcn 1
wouldn't have believed when Sylvv was a
child that she would have grown up to be
such a thorn in your side, Sister Sarah
Hut you'll have to hear it, n« the Lord's
will, and trust that she w ill he brought
Sometime to see the error of her wars
Aunt l)orcnr rocked vigorously, and
made her knitting needles clink with a
will, as she always did when she l ilktd of
Svl'a short comings. Syl. who was in the
kitchen making preparations for dinner,
beard every word through the halt-opened
door—ns it was very likely Aunt Horens
meant dial she should—end Syl sighed
heavily, for Aunt Huron* was a power in
the family, ami now that she had taken
sides against lu r, Syl foresaw greiler trials
in the future than she had yet encounter
Hyl's trouble was that oldest and most'
common union* iintuitMi*—tlic course <•! 1
her true love would not he persuaded to
run smooth. Its current was milled in
the most common wav, too, by her
father's stern displeasure, and her moth
er's careless fretting and coaxing
Years before, when tiny were both lit
tle more thin children, she and Will Ev
erett had fallen in lote with each oilier
and the love had grow n and strengthened
as they it w o nianho . I ti I yv i n ynho. ,|
But ala*' Will was poor, being only s
clerk in the one dry goods s-ore that
Piimptonville Imasie I lie had his moth
er and little sister to support too, and. a*
Plimpl n He pevple declared, had ..g|,
on bia ban Is w.thout think' ng of marry -
Deacon llanVn did not object to him
he :atise he was poor O. no' The H i
con wtsnr so worldly as th.i-—••curl,
ing toll's own statemrnl In other re
spects Wil did mu come up i y hi. idea of
whit his -on in- .nr should he II' I....
longed lo a serro' society and the Desr.i,
abominated secret .. ■* S ,« |>.,4.
gett, thn propr et ir of the dry g st
agree | with Inin |>erleclly. he eien h .1
S Thins doubts a* t., the .priety of keep
ing a young oi. wbo Iwh.ngsiOH secret
socle y i . I is stare »•„{ u- ,| to ;o n. i;„
Pe a ’ : oi t . . *k i* 11.- • a | - .1
the niatt -r „• er t vo or tin.»». • „, ,,
we' w ion I.e t r*t ca-nc to I n pi.,, .
ville and open I t e store
W, - k
n t rmolte II k hi. le td * i ! o er
tint s' ortcorni i; of Will's, ml t . I il,.
Hefts,., ,f „ tr< it dell goo i iftviee
a-i warning thrown away- ., ,j
« ronj yoni ; rnaa
Will drexe I too Well, alao h - t y.r i -
ni > 1 lots df I y n ravugan-’ * Mr s.,,.
I'aggef ass of ll.e ,,p r ■ thn' f r ■ if |
of h * sal ary yens spent in lh»t yt ..
<>,unties re her see nations ot a like na.
I ire, and from tw ee a w*ek Jila. Digg.'ti.
»»a"s ii rt -s f to - ry , gl|f, yt, I final j
it ! eeftin ■ . . dent that h . t i*it» were in
tended for Syl and f.e d. .dit of Deacon
Konkin an I I is vr'-e knew , |
Now maiterr e •-» at their ».rr w ,-«t
C er I) Iggs't ’ ft I f r Iposs ) a I I r ,.
the- I ■ ,r- I 'l.at - sle | 0,0.- I .
All her I »'s an I , ntrei* .•« i , i jit, , *
so’hing, a I s: l*rt she . a I »..t her ‘
U| i- • . ...
p.ver marry i I , ,i M r u «i< i
twin lave if a vl.,t coo'I r ..
'y s rebellious «p r.t . ,e r o' I |t„i
even Aunt Hircvs Isi . n,. ,o>>,t<-1o
e- e .ii ihai coo I !..• a . | i ». ,
was i f.r vine thv . ■ s , d I . >Ver m J r
If Will W t’lO'll il r 'st » . eon- . She
1tl4u rl '■ r'~"" "* ,n • * ,,r 'l-sk "• t
>» i I, a- t ri tr ed lo mats nr
•Has Hip gett was e-t.tn did in ihr
Dt*acon*i !ioji-r n» a l*oar<|.*r, that he might
linve ad possible opportunity for proqwu
ting 111* suit, an.| Syl war tormented al
tuo^t hevoml emlurar ce
1 l»e clinking of Aunt Porcni* needle*'1
went on, and Aunt Dorcitft sharp voice
k**pt company w *h it, rin^in^ over the
eli an gen upon Svl'a ingratitude and hnrd
nenn nt heart Syl he-an to think she
would go wil-l listening to it
Her patience gave out at last. She
shut the pantry door forcibly; I ought a«
well own that niie slammed it, for Svl was
not an n-.gel In any uteai.n She har-lly
-lare-l to go oat to pul the biscuit* she
had made into the oven, hoping that th»-v
might In- ns heavy tt* her heart, since
Aunt Dorcas was to eat them
When she went back, there wn« a f»c
Ht the pantry window—Will * f«Ce—hut
looking S* white and haggard lint she
hardly knew it
M hat is it, Will? What makes yon
look so ? And O, how did you dare to
come here? Father may come home to
dinner at nrv minute,"
“I.et hi in come! He needn't grudge
me R minute with you; I shan't come
agnin very soon. Syl," said the young
man in a hitter, reckless tone.
That and hi* white face frightened Syl
-0 that -lie trembled and could not »|«-ak
Will reached through the window and
caught her hauls, and almost crushed
them In bin clasp.
"Will you stand hv me, Syl, when all
the world rcorns and jeers at me for a
thief or will you decide that your father's
worldly wisdom is la-st, aiist all, and mar
r\ that hotirat, godly man, Daggett'.'
The tierce scorn in Will's voice fold Syl
that, whatever hia new trouble might he
.'Silas Daggett was at the bottom ot it.
“What has he done now ? Ho tell me
Hie store was robbed last niglit_von
hadn't beard of that? '| he villa;e is
alive with it. the «ale and the money
drawer Steven « paid IHggelt five thou
sand dollars yesterday, ha led it in the
sale, intending, so he says, to put it in tin
hank in the morn ng Of course he inaii
aged to make suspicion tall upon me ot
once, and he Inis got a warrant tor mv ar
rest. '
Indignation got the better of Syl'n f,.„r
nt once.
“How dare he? How could he?_Wlial
possible reason could lie give tor suspect
mg you ”
"O, a good many! lie in keen enough
vou know, and I believe lie l,n* been plan
ning this tor a long time A kev was
broken iff in the lock of the money
drawer, and the other half tonnd in ih
potketof my coat, which I leit in t|lr
s'ore III course it is of no use for me to
-ay that I left the coat in the s'ore. 1'a"
get! says I didu i, and ol course l.is word
con'd not be doubted Then I w « out
uni'! after eleven o'clock last ■ |lt !tll(| |
• an t say where I *««; that is against me.
you k vow ”
‘■Cant? Why not’ Don't mini me:
don t think ol me! Tell just where voti
were,and I will tell loo It Will don't
1 look So; don't feel so' llow can I e prove
you guilty when you are inno-eni'
Il he can t prove me gu.ltv neither
ji’tn I prove myself mnocenl. nnd theds
grace will cling to me—will cling to yon
| too, Syl, until you cast me off ] think
I you had heller do it. dear; 1 seem filed m
bring nothing but Irouble ti|>on %Cl,,
Syl s brown eyes flashed, and then ti l
ed slow ’y with tea*‘s
•Will, don't tab like that, do trv to
have more hope and courage t..H a ►, .
£r!t J- a kill Til IH, 1 k ' v ; J „ (r|t
of u from ilo* f>rac. uml t .• •« ,.<> »|v Ml
• finning hut nr s'.nlI lit I n
thin trouble, nr, it not. we shall hear it to
U'.ll an- CV lot tlv I, to cheer-,I,
' 'Me eournge n n le liiln h ,1 ..-J .| 0i
j liitt wrnkiteea st| let him t)v , f.,v
moment- longer: She win.I to | ,.,lr tl,
leu,la of the robbery, nml -hr reii I n. t
let hint go until -he bn I in-,. r. | .. Wll,
* little hope it nil •onfll-nee ,. | • ....
htiro 1 him Away .-he knew that it
iron! I i ot [i I. en-e to hair . r
tintl Itirtt there
W hen he n.u.- oiitn*' «igh*. >'v! . , J
> a I
in her hat .1- M,e l.v.t <p. r i „|| r
-•ie - of I j.e An.I rotireg. • - , j ...
eh.er TV, :. I he tutor • u I .... ,
t t her
-i n- Ite--et Kso 1 if.rftll n .i ttu.
- t tpu!. ... at..* ! < r father | i,.
. he or, . - r,' | leave t.o .to, e nr,
'••ft 1 'I i-r •** »' ill t rift. -I- , e , „ j
tr..„ I l e wry t,, pro. , -v-,. ,
■■■■it S,;H« itng ahnl -or - e ,i ,
el ore S I k"ew j ,nwr e„„,igh to I e ,
-ere,., St., .1,1 „ . ,, . j,. '
I t.l I een ro> If-1 » |..,e |.„ ( '
! * I " '»•- ' ■ |ur,-. e of „„„, ,g ;
TVVI, no,i -r tt|t»r rv • r her
•'•'■ft'* ..<*.'•, hi.-, e.-.i, I, r T
'* -t* firm!* t\%‘ ♦ >■ w\, j,r
1 , • I *, outwit I, III, - I ,n-4 to | .
• m.iUier egair,. t - -1 a --r te, -.
’ ,|notr w.nrl w l.nt.- ) , ,, ,,
' <t«*H m l -hr I n j j r .m ,
- ■ tret W*l .. •
■ ■ ■ • I that teou;. I ,.r- . - I e g ten ,
*e « • ,• t., rle , r et the ||,ought,
atid cried until Iw-r heatt ached, gnd the
byifuiu were burred to n cnd*r in the
I lie Deacon looked at her red ry*« when
he* came home To dinner, and Paring.
douh|iee*|y a littlf pity for Jii* daughter
in hfs heart, forebore to enlarge npm th* »
subject of dm ruUary, as ^1 expected he
aouhl; hut he sj-ok** as if there was no .
doubt of Wills guilt ail .\»int Dorcas
atidSyTn mother groat*! in unison, and
said tea no more t tan they had expet tel
and Silas Daggett had -orSvl fancied that
In* had —a look of comp'.teener tinder tne
distre**# ami anxiety that he a*M lined
Syl acrutinijte I him carefully ut ever*
opportunity, and wa- more firmly con*
vinceil each moment thn» lie himself wa
the rob!* w o*n express** I su'*h a de-ire to
bring to justice; and once she said quietly. I
yet with a searc hing glance at his j
face :
I will do nil that I can to bring him to 1
justice, Mr Daggett.'
A dark red flush rose to Mr Daggett’s
ace, hut lie answered, with n smile, thnt •
lie should i.e very glad of her aid.
But what could she do’ She could
•h'lik ot nothing, though she racked her'
brain* for hours, but to openly declare
thnt \\ ill had been wi h her il.e evening
before, nod to wait patiently und watch j
Silas Daggett.
She ran over her mind the facts con- '
'truing the robbery, which she had gained
t om the conversation at the dim er table
I lie keys of the store door had been in
Will's possession, an I that toll against1
h in, as the thief seemed to have entered
in that wav; at least, according to Sila-i
Daggett, though D.acon Hank n did re. |
mind him that somebody had discovered
that a window in the Lack part of the
-tore was unfastened And then thnt half 1
of the broken key found in Will’s pocket' j
l‘or herself, she had not the slight.st I
doubt aa to how it came there; hut could;
il.e public ever l.e brought to believe dial
Silas Daggett had beet gu> ly of so ba-r '
an act?
The next few .lays were full of anxiety
I ‘"d suspense Hint triv.l her -orelv. Will
was examined, and committed f,,r trial
; -yl began to feel that she must .if. route
1 'hing She went down to th-f-'ore oue
| morning with no del n't • purpo-c in I er j
j mind, loll with the shadow of a hope that I
-he might make some di-coverv. Siiasj
Dagger, who ha I grown more tender an.I
leveled every da. -H e Will', arrest, was
| radiant with .leligl t at receiving a vi-it I
from her Not
ness, lie described to her ill great l -ngtli. j
I'he means winch the r .l.bcr ma t have I
; taken to secure the ninnev
! ’ 1
"Inch father sa d was fo nd to be uufist i
eneii." Syl said, interrupting him And |
ne 'ed llie way lo it, i n at tlie same iltm i
j assuring her, rather nervously an I with j
j linnece.sa y vehemence, Syl thought, that i
It was impossible tin- line’ eo ild have 1
i tered in that way.
Syl look. | out the window, which was'
|-..me distance at .ve il.e ground, nnd her
! eve was instantly atfracted by l.mt prints
I m the sni! below It wa- November, and
not prints made in ti:e yielding ground
I lul l tror. n tl.er- secu-e:v Son e'.o.iy l.ad
, clinilied in nt, and jumped out r.f ti.o
IThe tricks ran down beside die
j "uilding. but it seemed to her that Silas
I Daggett heard the loud, li re heating ol
| l»or heart
! *'>"■ «■ home on the triml. and rtidi.d
P t*» Mr Da ;gi I found a pair
l t hooi.in lii« c!o»u llardlr wallin/ t.,
j I"** '* (• of p ip- r nrou,id them, .
hurried hn-to llm More J’.-p ahe ,| ,j
• wi.li to tie men tin- time, e.. elm went
ihron/li h hark elru-i, nr I nmie B|v;,
dill! r-pol hr rent h the w r,|,,«, ) ,sj!aa
' I|'oi«liite,| ex e lv i to d ir;„ . .y.
| hurl I X- ■ eied it. hn: dm xv;,. « ).! with rl,.
Iliffhl, m-vi-rtimli-"
1 A 'Hit I' r -a* e.r i I lave ..err the
: frantn: hn/zin/ whtrli «lm I,.-.lone,I up*,,, '
1. I. wire won I I hue been more!
■ 1 frit irr-i proplier-i nnulrl
f1 h I ■ - - r - le i/hl w a* n litd,
Irxr rpe.,e.| |,,-ore nrirhe.l home, hv a
r " **• •* I'"- i - rrv. rv »t,e had n, id,
• I ot he eoodiered .(ifflri.iit pr,.„| j
-r im I'r.'.’ell * » 11• * Mm carried die
) I. M.'* I ark tr> |,i« room n th I,earl rlo le.i i
r I' * I .,]
' “ ' •“ ' ’ ' I" '"111/111 l.x .,„„e
I • 1 I. , !
a ehain/ Kin* , a ike hnrran 7 hex 1
•V r, f-t'-l'r - a leller. * | \
1 .. -t I ii'f nr. h—!v. nr • ! r, M,j

. l>« * *fr i I of a 1 tt|e j ,1,, •
like || .-. . e re-r I I pall ; t„, fi( ((lf
pome. t,./ML-r -Hr ttr.el,
‘ in x nre .n- ! ...
h1m! i* out* !e, ’r»n *? • *i f
;v,*n if I’ •' fnr*’ 1 d. mo net a What j
.1 lm had I. -Men tl e ,„. „.T #<f J
1 ' a red hi. .ro.„l
1 ■ ■ • *f* „ | .
•hat! •!,. eat .1X0. I, del l i ratr l. xvitl, 1
«l,ai rr-nlt w.l! l-e . ,.T ,„r , ,jt nrm;
' 1 "I" *1 M ■' V l^her ’
r 4 ... ,n /Oder a I .. e «
*' ■ •* 1 ' 1 * « , ,
• ’ 1 • • ' • k ni,v]
41* -< nr imjp
Tho deiccm *iavfe1 as if he tlioogiy »hqj
rnti-t have taken leave of he^aei -e#. and
>ilaf J’aggetl crew H shade f-aler—or wa
it onH Kvl * fancy? Put they irrat.ted hrf 1
wqmwk alur a Imle laughter and jesting
about her 'diseoverv."
Kvl led |!ieio quietly around to the «|>ot
under the back window where the track*
were The sheriff np»ned 1* * eye- wid«
at sight of the track*, and *«• I :
“It :* strange that thr-e w»-re not *een
before Here is evbh-ni v where the 12.m
cot in.”
“Will you ask Mr Daggett to step into
them?’ saiii Sy| quietly.
They all laughed a little uneasily. Any
body foakl s**e that Silas wa* pa v
* *>f course Mr wi.I io' .d.j ct
to d ing so. if it will gi%e ynu any s*'i*tac
tion,* said Mr. Allen.
Anti Silas Hncgell could <lo nothing but
comply will* the request; and it «•«> e\i
•ient t«*all that the tracks had been imide
by iiia feet.
“But what due* tli »t j • ve?~VV|,at do
you mean. Sylvia?’ said die deacon, an
grily, but evidently perturbed in spir
Nothing, ' said Syl; “only since Mr
Daggett is so obliging, he will prohnb v
-how us what is between the lining and
tl.e outside of I»j* coat!
It was a great risk, being only h bold
guess at the truth, and S\ 1 trembled with
Tear until she saw Kiln* Daggett's face.
I hat proved hi* guilt so conclusive'v that
•fount was no longer. Jle made no re
sistance, and when the coat was opened,
the Itonrii* and l ank note* which he had
stolen from himself were discovered
The letter hy means of w bich Syl had
made her discovery was found to have
come Irom a friend of Silas, of whom he
had asked council with regar I to hi- pi in
<»f ruining Will, and thus securing l>\n
con Hankin’* heiress I wish ti,i\t I had
space to describeJtlte scene, especially the
discomfiture of the honest Si as, hut I can
only relate a little “aside” between Syl
ami her lather.
'* i h is hi u -l he hushed Up Stir in — hush
ed right up!” said the deacon nervously, j
* NN hy, it would mi • me! I sliou) I a j
aughing stock! 1—I’ve made so much ]
of Inin; what a reproach upon the church. |
Well I will agree to s ty nothing ahout
it—Hiice.of course, you see that Will is
entirely clear from auspic on—that i-, on
on* condition; ami if you don’t agree |o
that, why i shall leel it my duty to tell
the winde story,” said sauce Syl.
“And that condition s? sa d the deacon
“Why, that yon give your consent to
n»y marrying Will; and tiieu you know
that pretty collage that you promised to
give me it 1 would niar-y Silas L*agg- tt,
yon must give that to Will and me, and,
P »' —as me deacon was turning away —
* rely furnished, you know!—an!, pa
wait a minute!—right away you know’
• 1 sm glad I liavn t hut one d tughter.*
said the deacon to him-elf '’What ti,*.v
say ol deacon it daughters is true w,rv
word of i:» '
Wliat a H|>n«thlr ■ n«l «• p«* n<| «• () * Jour*
■v:' '■»>• ..
I Imik* «»i Mr. UtttU'k
Knr example, Admiral Semmea, the
most prominent Confederate tdlh i r prevent
except .lelh-r-on Davie, exprc**c,| himecli
■“> emphatically a* to the tutnre union ol
the country a« to elicit a paragraph of at 1
p'oval from thill strong liepuldtrim .lour-i
nal, the Philadelphia Pree* • »
Whit Mr Davie erne ..1 the Iimelti-h de
vo ion ati-l It erore eacriliee of the > itl.t-rn
women i- true to the letter, nnd | i-rhti|e |
ill'tr l« the hept renaon that could he given
trtiot making any farther demand upon n
..netanry and pn irnee which have nev.-r
wrn.rnl tm.ler thegrent.et trial* and Billie J
non* Me have no .ympathy whatever
with the hnr»h and -pitefnl critici-m of I
-ome ultra loyal journal* which leprem-m
Mr Davr* a* trying to foment another civil |
our On the pn-umption t at hci* not H
-ary a- Dm (J nxote. we ti d it impo— I,
•o attribute to Inin a purpoee at once eo
tnoli.lt nn I mi«cln*vn>i* though ev.-n if
he w.-re capable of it, n * ,„Jd „„ tlio-i
l-aw the South with hint tUar, the .hoot- [
i-I <>f » -fir would dieiodge the p >,, ,.,.,r
•'"i"" I lie Siitilii may have 11 cn rherif
e-l tn t lie late war hvit 11 dm* not meant.,!
he cheat I age ii 11 o*e who I,retted i- 1
ill.ore ought to hare kt,ow n t "tgh ol jte
re*,"ire*. and ca par ti.-* or (t. ..- ,
to he che*t I ' 'ton have >ieceired me j
’-:m I a celebrated pe-.o.,.g,., j
wn« v-.iir fjiiili; if vimi r|^< ivc f. ? „
Will he me own Prrl.apa the Cio.ilh !
t" I' take that view at the rhealing.i,IJ !■
v-i e'ewrer ti v, that the month
do-* pot de* re a new w». < tn the , >fl,r , .
• ••••’anlly emnpatt ■ g the chargee mad. !
lr- n. Ihnl -al -..urce. , ., ,,„r |n)llit, j
ll.renemte* nre «on*unity acruaing heri
of not adhering in ( m.ih i« ,),e Irr„,. i
' - ' - *■
her le*t the prove <a ,,-pnv, M* D-iv
Iialortnnaielv g.».w ,t r„|or y.T
mg word-wi - a n.ey h. n.r-ed to a , n- •
•trnc'ion tv. vmeahle to I er w
leeamna At |l,,, eavne ,,, . „
-e roe tn tie re-1 that the e« I oafederate p, * .
idem I- a * eangwtne temperament H, |
n toe dvmg throe* of the late f oM. v
% 1 " fa r ah*
hnd resolve Ms alter the first or*
Mana»*a* lie certain!? doe* tint rtpl%*et f
the feeling* ortho ifre.nl ii.am *1 the South
ern |*eople it he de» ret |o f<*••>«*nt «litr<»r*|
an I hitterne** W e do r •»t r elieve he n*a
*nci» a «1t •■jo —fVtTfimnf. Sun
m * m -
• i tmit.v in nin..
I iirv? persons out of to ir wict .] rush
rght tip to the hiin.ing imiivi inn) Hml hs
gtt. to paw Willi inrir hands without n* r
•hfiniti Mi'ii. It i* u«cV*« to tell the victim
to do this or *,lmt. nr tffcftll f.»r water In
fact, it „ generally In*«i not to **>• a word,
t tit to +r\7.** a blanket or any woolen ftthr:c
—if none i- . t hand take nnv w<H»i« n m »|..
rl*l— hold the c *riiei* as tar a| art as\i»u
can. and A*ret •!» them ut higher tnan vour
hea t, ai d running boldly to the per-ou.
make a motion of r asping in the arm*,
mostly ah lit the shoulders l bis instant
ly smothers the tire and saws t!,e |.nc
I l«e next instant throw the person on
tlie floor. Tin* »* an additional safety to
tlie lace and hreath, and any remnMiit of
flame can i.e put out more letsurelv
1 he next instant itiunerse t»ie hurnt
part in cold water, ami ail pain will celts*
with the rapidity oi lightning. Next g.t
some flour, remove Iroin the water. atul
cover me burnt pari with an inch in thick*
"t'M *•* Hour. it | m s: r.. e put the patient
in bed, and do ail that is possible to sontne
until tne phv siciau arrives. l.»-t the flour
remain until it tails off itseit. *heu a
beautiful new s*in i* found. I'nle** the
burns are deep, no other application* are
needed The dry flour lor burns i* - he
most reliable remedy ever proposeJ, »Uwl
the in ormation ought to be imparted to
lhe principle of its action i*. that, like
the water, it causes in-tant and perfert re.
Iiet troin pain hy.totaliv excluding the air
from the injured parts -Scientific A mericon
Some Yeats ago (so the story goes I a
1*11 tm-r living imi u ilionsnu.l miles from
Nr* \ ork, gave one ol Ins sons some nnn,.
ami told Inin lo go out West and r«
insiu two years, at me cn 1 o! win, •, im)p
' ' >•„
ol his brothers would meet nnn The
young tiitin went and returned and meet
hi- brother according tn appointment, *1
t bough no coniiimnieatioii had taken place
between them during the time While
going home together, the wanderer, alter
relating fome ot his adventure*, iii |>iind
whether any thing had happened slice hr
left home.
"No not a single thing." said thp other,
every tiling i- just the suns a, when v ..i
I* except the o I cr.o* died
• Indeed said tiie wanderer," and is ih.
old erow dead? What killed i,im.'"
‘ w lie, he ate too mm h meat when the
mntched horses died '
‘tiood gracious! nre the matched hor
ve dead? Whit g-il'-it them?
hurnpil. th^v ovi-rJ.-i them-cive* m ti u»j.
in,; water?’
• tiood gi f |I|.' are the house and barn
burned down? Mo v did it happen?
Well, von., when daddy died, thev
were carrying lights about, and were oar -
" '"o I grin.ions' and i- daddy dead? Whr (
was ih" in if. -r with 1 t n? *
Well, you see. when >’ai ran aw y
and g it m it e I a:t n-t I id lv'* wi-he* he
just pined away and d I
ha* happened
sin 'e I tv I* en awat ? '
"No every tiling is insi t!,P
The wore I rim lie tie. i . oom,...,m „l hsril
linn**, nml tin* in . r i., there are too
many trying to live wilhi.iu work. l’ride
and larine** rule lie j.ge. Too many
young nil n Win. 1 In he U-, lawyer* or
' 1 • i ' - in' beartbi
i lea nt learning n Ira le—oh, no! And it,
peri l.Hill-, a I • y or (we leg pardon, there
are no Imye!) young . .. gora to a trade,
lie tnil-l mu.i r it in a I w day*—he hae
in# id n ** ; \ *ting f*Hir or five veara to
learirng a trad And ere he knowa the
alphabet id hi* p- |,e think* what
( ' T*t knowing, And
■* *
.Imp lorhim.til I-.. , . . t.-leg w< rli
man he mu-t n f.r „0,|,inglo
n' *ke a p|. rt . . t. t]((. huvtnea.
prol aide, an | gin - r,t complaining of
hard tin.. * m l «lin|y . - the art of living
wi'l""" work And tl. t. . what , ill* mai
Hr with ol.| anal Hm.n.h
I l.fre . a •. nr, . I , |, . mo( in it giilaid
ro'intyr, I ll,..i w0 ..*.•»(, r, ln-r in i Irian *
'.in a.| ra’., n«, to* to |... a p- ,\*i A
■ ,*.„•.
rt, ! to a w..f .. vtn-e.
A •
w « »'• I ■ ■ • oil b-r. a VI .. ..I
. i d
were a * I'd . ..... n*oi a bfotiir
Id y nil * • fail „ ||„. fine ...
.•age.1 I II... ;v. while on *<•
tux Id t t v |)i | n h*i jp \\r*i**
m I * jk j-i. »vy* r,r#. ,M „» I kill*-*
I it#
• i / *»’ < It I t t Hi -»T ^
v • '
*r r»r.- t 1 ,-.4 . I ft**
nt .n;ir ». f h . O |

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