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Our February Furniture Sale
The Furniture is the same in quality as we have the year 'round—in fact, our
entire'stdck is included in this Sale—and the prices are from 30 per cent, to 40
per cent, below normal.
Kitchen Cab nsts at Dining Room Takes arc
February Sale Prices Greatly Reduced
This is the ••Grceccaslle" Kitclwn (pf|P ]f , rnil n 0 . . ~,
Cabinet. Yours at Miller and S/S you need a new extens,on tab le,
Hades for V™" jump at the chance afforded by the Feb-
We ask you to compare it with any OTHER ruary Furniture Sale Bargains.
cabinet at the same price, for that is the only T , . . , , , . . . ,
way to find out how much better you like the This large solid oak table with claw
"Greencastle." feet; will sell during this sale for
An exclusive feature of the "Greencastle" is
its Glass Sugar Bin— absolutely sanitary, proof MM
against ants and dirt, your sugar always visible. yf II
No other cabinet at $25.00 has it. M
An exclusive feature of the "Greencastle" it M |l
is Full Sliding Nickel Top —it runs on rollers,
moving at your touch. No space behind it for
the collection of dirt. No other cabinet at $25.00
h ir= C xd„"ve Feature of «he "Greencastle" is RllflS' RllflS V
its Sliding Doors. Instead of pulling open, the
"Greencastle" doors slide back into the cabinet's ~
sides. You don't have to remove everything 1 apestry Brussels, 9x12 rugs, $ .).B*J
from the top to open the doors! Wilton velvet, 9x12 rugs $18.50
In brief, the "Greencastle" is the ideal kitchen Axminster, 9x12 rugs $21.50
cabinet—the very best on the market.
Intercourse, Pa., Feb. s.—At a large
and interesting meeting of men from
this section, it was decided to estab
lish a hosiery factory here, and at the
meeting one-fourth of the capital
stock—sß,ooo —was raised rapidly. It
is the purpose of the new enterprise
to build ft factory 32x64 feet, and give
employment to many young men and
Some colds are worse than others, but they are all bad. Let your
doctor decide the medicine. If he orders Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
remember we have been making it for 75 years.
size of mirror 12x43 Inches;
Hp quaUt.v; quartered oak; well
x \ made and highly finished.
This Buffet is really one of the high grade kind. Full Colonial design, large
size and exactly as represented by illustration. It is a Buffet that sells readily in
many stores at a price anywhere from S4O to SSO. By special arrangement with the
manufacturers and at a sacrifice of a large share of our own profit, we have for spe
cial reasons, placed it on sale this monthat a $35.00 price, cash or credit. Posi
tively no discount off this price for cash.
Our February furniture sale is a money-saving event throughout. This buffet is just
simply one of the many big money-saving opportunities which this sale presents to our cus
tomers. If you are after furniture this month it will pay you to visit our store. Remember
we sell both ways cash or credit, cheapest for cash, cheapest for credit. We prepay freight
on all shipments within one hundred miles.
The Big Up-town Home Furnishers. 1217 N. Third St.
Robbers Compel Woman
to Sign Check For SIOO
Special to The Telegraph
Lewistown, Pa., Feb. 5. Two men
entered the home of Daniel Bohrman,
a short distance from Mifflin, about 8
o clock yestcr lay morning, and de
manded money. Mrs. Bohrman and a
three-year-old son were alone in the
house at the time. The woman was
overpowered, a silk handkerchief was
forced in her mouth, and the house
ransacked. They only secured a gold
watch and $1 in money. Knowing that
the family had some money in bank
the desperadoes compelled Mrs. Bohr
man to sign a check for SIOO. She
siirned the check In her own name, but
the money Is In the bank In the name
of the husband, so it is unlikely that
the chec»v would be honored. All banks
in this section have leen notified of
the occurrence.
Special to The Telegraph
Marietta, Pa., Feb. s.—Mr. and Mrs.
Morris Levy, of Lancaster, at an in
formal reception announced the en r
gagement of their daughter. Miss Fan
nie Levy, to Robert F. Sycle.
Barrisburg i§3B& telegraph
Statement Issued by State Highway
Department, Says All Care
fully Considered
People Neglected to Take Out Li
censes For This Year and
Got Arrested
To correct published misstatements
based on Incorrect Information re
garding the arrests of automobile
owners anil operators for using 1913
license lags upon their machines, the
State Highway Department to-day
issued a statement in which it is made
clear that there lias*been no inten
tion on the part of the department to
1 persecute automobilists, but rather a
desire not to take advantage of a rigid
intepretation of the law.
The most important fact brought
out is that in the arrests so far made
every accused owner or operator has
admitted that he had not applied for
a license until after January 9, or, in
other words, that he had violated the
law on that point.
It is pointed out by E. A. Jones,
| second deputy commissioner in charge
lof the automobile division, that no
I move, looking to the arrest of viola
tors of the law, was made until four
teen days after the time at which the
department would have been justi
fied in enforcing the letter of the law.
Mr. Jones said in discussing this phase
of the question:
"There has been a decided misun
derstanding regarding the action taken
last week against automobilists who
have been violating the law. The law
specifies that automobiles operated on
or after the first must bear license
tags for that year. Now, inasmuch, as
there are in round numbers 80,000 au
tomobiles to be licensed, it stands to
reason that a number of applications
must be made during the early part
of December, otherwise there will be
congestion at the end of the year in
getting out the licenses. If 60,000
persons applied for licenses by De
cember 31 of any year and if 45,000
of those 60,000 did not send in their
applications until December 26 and
the days following until December 31,
it would not be humanly possible for
the department, even working day and
night, Sundays and holidays, to get
all the licenses out and delivered by
January 1. For this reason an abso
lutely rigid interpretation of the law
has never been demanded, that is to
say, the police have never been re
quested to make arrests on January 1.
"This year, by working at all hours
of the day and night, the automobile
division of the State Highway Depart
ment succeeded on January 9 in
catching up to the applications then
on tile in the department. From Jan
uary 15 to the present time all licenses
have been sent out on the day on
which the application was received
the sole exception being in cases where
an error has been made by the appli
cant, in which case it was returned to
[him promptly for correction.
"It is significant that, in every cas«
where an arrest has been made for
violation of the law, the accused own
er or operator has admitted without
hesitation that application for 1911
license had not been made to the d(■-
partment prior to January 9. In case?
where new cars are purchased by per
sons not heretofore owning or operat
ing an automobile and in case wher
an owner or operator is absent froii;
the city on business or pleasure anO
does not return until after the first of
the year, it Is easy to understand whi
such applications for license should b.
deteyed. It would seem that ther<
Is no valid excuse for failure to mak
application to the State Highway De
partment prior to January 1 of am
given year.
"The State Highway Departmen'
has no desire to inflict injustice upon
[owners or operators of automobile.'
[and does not feel in the present in
stance that an injustice has been done
No move was made by the department
looking toward the enforcement ol
the law until fourteen days had
elapsed after the rush of applications
received during the closing days of
1913 had been met. If the police of
Philadelphia or of any other city took
It upon themselves to extend immunity
to those operating under a 1913 license
they acted tinder the mistaken impres
sion that the State Highway Depart
ment had not been able to get the
licenses out."
Thomas C. Boyd, registrar of the
automobile division of the State High
way Department, will go to Philadel
phia next week and appear at the con
tinued hearing to be held before Mag
istrate Harris in that city at which
those automobllists arrested last week
for violating the law will be arraign
Fire Does Damage to
Amount of $200,000 in
Big Pittsburgh Store
By Associated Press
Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. s.—The stock
of the Fifth avenue store of McCrory
ft Co. was destroyed and a number
of nearby business places were dam
aged by a spectacular fire that kept
all the downtown fire companies 011
duty from last midnight until dawn.
Tons of water were poured into the
burning store to prevent the spread
of flames to buildings filled with valu
able merchandise and the firemen
were finally successful. Scores of
persons on their way home from thea
ters when the fire broke ou* were de
luged with water before the police
could control the crowd. The loss to
day was estimated at $200,000. Three
firemen injured soon after the fire
started are well on the way to re
Hyomei Gives Instant Relief
If suffering from a cold or catarrh
causing dull headaches or an itching
and burning sensation in the nostrils
surely try Hyomei. It gives quick,
effective and permanent relief or
money refunded by H. C. Kennedy. It
goes right to the spot—you feel better
in five minutes.
No roundabout method of stomach
dosing with Hyomei— you breathe it.
This health-giving medication goes di
rectly to the inflamed membrane, all
Irritation and congestion is quickly re
lieved. the delicate tissues healed and
Hyomei should be in every house
hold. Druggists everywhere sell it.
Ask for the complete outfit—sl.oo size.
r*m\ n (
■ I ■ m Every place of business, every
I I ■ M home, every school and pub
■ I lie institution should have a
■ I ■ W . copy of this great canal text
M d JL i mJ L/ book -
Look here! There are only a few chances NOW, for the
Telegraph's offer will be withdrawn Saturday. So if you
didn't save that little expense amount from last week's sal
ary you'd better "go easy" on the lunch money this week.
Tell Your Friends About It
Let them know that the drawers are few to get the Tele
graph's Panama book, for after date of closing it can be had
only at the Stores for $4.00. Everybody needs it—here's a
chance—a LAST CHANCE. *
Greatly Reduced Illustration —The Big Book is 9x12 Inches
There's Are Only a Few Days to Get It
Positively Ends Saturday Night
Justice of Peace in Rapho
Township Starts New Term
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., Feb. s.—Justice H.
P. Wisegarver, of Rapho township,
who has just entered upon his second
term in that office, succeeded and
filled the unexpired term of the late
J, B. Wisegarver, who held the office
for fifteen years. The family has been
prominent in the affairs of that town
ship, which, in area, is the largest in
Lancaster county.
As a justice of the peace, farmer,
horlster and Sunday school superin
tendent Mr. Wisegarver is one of the
community's busiest men and he has
been scrupulously attentive to all the
duties that appertain to these various
positions. He is a young man and
has been an active member and leader
in Ruhl's United Brethren Church, of
which Sunday school he also suc
ceeded his father as superintendent.
Recently he became interested In the
organization of a literary society com
prising members from the various
schools in the district and of this or
ganization one of his sons is president.
By Associated Press
Ponca City, Okla., Feb. s.—White
Kagle, 111 years old, chief of the
Ponca tribe and said to be the oldest
I Indian in the United States, died yes
Special to The Telegraph
Sunbury, Pa., Feb. 5. Mark L.
Swab, deputy treasurer of Northum
berland county from 1909 to 1912, was
placed on trial here yesterday charged
with aiding and abetting ex-County
Treasurer William M. Lloyd, of Sha
mokin, to fraudulently take more than
$19,000 from the • county treasury.
IJoyd was recently convicted and is
now awaiting the result of an appeal
1 to the Supreme Court.
We have forgotten our friends the
And our mother the moon,
How tlio north wind under the stars
Danced to a scrannel tune.
We have forgotten our love the sea
And our neighbor the earth;
How we curled the wrath of the sea
With our spoils of death and birth.
Our new mistress has yellow eyes,
Long fingers quick to hold;
We call her Beauty, we praise her
Her name is Gold.
—Ethel Talbot Scheffaur, in Colliers.
Watch Husband's Hair. If Thin
Or Full of Dandruff Insist
On His Using Parisian
Men give but little thought to the
care of the hair. Not until the first
i>ald spot appears do they really take
notice. If your husband's hair Is get
ling thin; if he has dandruff or Itch
ng scalp, take immediate action—do
not let him become a bald head.
Get from any drug or toilet counter
a 60-cent bottle of Parisian Sage. The
first application stops Itching head and
removes dandruff—the great lialr de
stroyer. A little Parisian Sage rubbed
well Into the scalp for a few nights
will work wonders. When the hair
stops falling and the new growth ap
pears a frequent use of this invigorat
ing tonic is all that la needed to make
I the hair perfectly healthy, thick and
Surely try Parisian Sage. H. C.
Kennedy sells it. with an agreement
to refund your money if not salisfied.
It's a delightful hair tonic for men
land women.—Advertisement.
A quick, lata, soothing, healing, antiseptic relief
for Sore Throat, briefly describes TONBILINI. A
smalt bottle of Tonslllne lasts longer than most *nr
case of Sere Threat. TONSILINI relieves Sore
Mouth and Hoarseness and prevents Quinsy.
15c. anj) 50c. Hospital Site SI.OO. All Droiitafc
TH« TOWtILIWK COMPANY, . • Centan. Ohle.
Gibraltar, Algiers Nr>\v« at Steamer
e Tra^" 8 j, 0 the
"Adriatic" Laurentic"
"Celtic" MA " C * 4
FGRKITARV 21 , * „
From Boatnn 10 to 2(1 linvs
CANOPIC MAR. 14 *145 to $175 tip
I White Star Line, » Broadway. N. Y. I
or Local Agenta
1 ffnTTMin irm*lM dff F &Tr aL'M

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