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That orlO* ted in ■ f« mou * doc "
tar's , u «esßful prescription, that
ia madarom the purest and best
ingredi<t*> that haa a record of
relief fd benefit believed to be
un«qu>«d th« world over—such
Special to The Telegraph
Plygrove, Pa_. Feb. s.—Miss Ruth
SchoSt<tf'- the 18-year-old daughter
of W- and Mrs. "Wesley Schoffstall, of
Trei° nt - took her life at Plnegrove
ear' Wednesday morning by drinking
haT of the contents of a four-ounce
bo«e of carbolic acid. She expired In
th office of Dr. H. P. Hess, In Main
s t>et, a half hour after she was dls
c/ered by Mrs. Cyranus Clemens
siggering in the street
Cure Yourself at Home.
Five Mirate Treatment Will Conviaot
the Host Skeptical. Head Noisea
Beleved from the First Trial
Yon Wont \H the Beit
Have to Strain Curs. Send
The secret of how to use the mysteri
ous and invisible naturo forces for the
cure of Deafness and Head Xolses has
at last been discovered. Deafness and
flead Noises disappear as if by magic
• under the use of this new and wonder
ful discovery. Dr. Ij. C. Grains Co.
(Physicians and Scientists), will send
all who suffer from Deafness and Head
Noises, full information how they can
be cured, absolutely free, no matter how
long they have been deaf, or what
caused their deafness. This marvelous
treatment Is so simple, natural and cer
tain that you will wonder why It was
not discovered before. Investigators
are astonished and cured patients them
selves marvel at the quick results. Any
deaf person can have full information
how to be cured quickly and cured to
stay cured at home without investing
a cent. Write to-day, or send the cou
pon, to Dr. K C. Grains Co., 126S Pul
sifer Bldg., Chicago. 111., arid get full
information of this new and wonderful
discovery, absolutely free.
FREE Information Coupon
120 M Pulnlfer illdic., Chicago, 111.
, Please send me without cost or
obligation on my part, complete In
formation concerning the new
method for the treatment and cure
of deafness or head noises. If I wish
you to make a diagnosis of my case
after hearing from you, you are to
Town State
What Thin Folks Should Do
to Gain Weight
Physician's Advice For Thin, Un
% developed Men and Women
Thousands of people suffer from ex
cessive thinness, weak nerves and
feeble stomachs who, having tried ad
vertised flesh-makers, food-fads, physi
cal culture stunts and rub-on creams,
resign themselves to life-long skinni
ness and think nothing will make them
fat. Yet their case is not hopeless. A
recently discovered regenerative force
makes fat grow after years of thin
ness, and is also unequalled for re
pairing the waste of sickness or faulty
digestion and for strengthening the
nerves. This remarkable discovery Is
called Sargol. Six strength-giving,
fat-producing elements of acknowl
edged merit nave been combined In this
peerless preparation, which is endorsed
by eminent physicians and used by
prominent people everywhere. It is
absolutely harmless, inexpensive and
A month's systematic use of Sargol
should produce flesh arid strength by
correcting faults of digestion and bv
supplying highly concentrated fats to
the blood. Increased nourishment Is
obtained from the food eaten, and the
additional fats that thin people need
are provided. Geo. A. Gorgas and other
leading druggists supply Sargol and
say there Is a large demand for it.
While this new preparation has given
splendid results as a nerve-tnnic and
vitalizer, it should not be used bv nerv
ous people unless they wish to gain at
least ten pounds of flesh.—Advertise
A Prominent Physician's Advice.
"Eat good foods and plenty of them.
Dieting. In many cases, is almost crim
inal. Get back to normal. To do so
von must have the proper quantity of
nourishment. You need it for brain or
physicial work. Probably there is
nothing the nrnttfej" with your stomach
except acidity. That is merely an ab
normal secretion of acid In the stom
ach Neutralize that aclde and your
stomach trouble will end at once. Neg
lect may mean ulcers If not cancer of
the stomach. Do not take patented
medicine or pepsin tablets for dyspep
sia. Simply take a neutralizer of acid
Decidedly the best neutralizer Is or
dinary druggist's hlsurated magnesia.
Ton can get it at any drug store for
» few cent. Take a teaspoonful in a
quarter glass of water after each meal.
"Hie relief will be immediate." Ad
Services Afternoon and Evening
in the Grace Church,
State Street
Telegrams from the
Moslem Mlssio nary
Campaign party In
Michigan, which have
been received by
James W. Barker,
. *| chairman of the Har-
L IBM risburg lnterdenoml
! . national commit tee,
» JH" saya that great lnter-
I est and enthusiasm
has been aroused in
BajflinHßL the two cities so far
visited. The campaign
tour was opened at
Grand Rapids on
txLjalJLaJ Monday, c.nd yester
day was spent in Detroit. The party
is coming east by long jumps and
will be in Harrisburg to-morrow.
Final arrangements are being made
for the local meetings, which will be
held In Grace Methodist Episcopal
Church In State street at 4 and 7.30
p. m. Friday. The afternoon meeting,
while no less Interesting than the
evening meeting, will be limited to
ninety minutes. Mr. Barker will pre
side at both meetings. The Rev. Dr.
John D. Fox, pastor of Grace Church,
will conduct the devotional exercises.
Bishop James H. Darlington will be
present in the evening and will offer
the closing pray and benediction.
The evening music will be in charge
of Professor C. A. Elienberger, with
Henry W. Stratton at the organ.
In Grand Rapids the pafty had the
whole day and the program was more
extended than the local one. Marion
Lawrance wired Mr. Barker that the
party held a ministers meeting, a
business men's luncheon, a reception
to Sunday schools, a children's rally
and an evening mass meeting and that
all were packed and intense enthu
siasm aroused. Five thousand dollars
was pledged for extending the forward
movement for children in Moslem
The Detroit campaign was similar
to the one in Grand Rapids, Detroit
pledging $8,500 Jn addition to the
Grand Rapids pledge. Mr. Lawrance
says the appeal for childhood among
the Moslems has struck home and that
great things are expected in Harris
burg. The speakers here will be Mr.
Lawrance, the Rev. Dr. S. M. Swem
er, missionary to Egypt, and the Rev.
Stephen R. A'an Trowbridge, mission
ary to Turkey.
A gospel meeting will be held, for
men only, under the auspices of the
Young Men's Christian Association,
Second and Locust streets, Sunday aft
ernoon, at 3.30 o'clock. There will
be an address along Bible lines by a
well known speaker. The praise ser
vice will be under the direction of the
association chorister, W. H. Kautz.
The topic to be presented will be a
sequel to "The Old Creation and the
New," presented last week. All men
arc cordially invited to be present.
Religious Work on Hill. —What is
probably the most determined effort
to get nonchurchgoers to the church
on Allison Hill Is now reaching the
climax in a strong religious move
ment. The Stevens Memorial Metho
dist Episcopal church has started a
house to house campaign to remind
people of their duty to the church.
Dr. Clayton Albert Smucker is thor
oughly modern in his methods of
of work and is determined to press the
habit of attending church services
among conlirmed week-enders on Al
lison Hill. In the determination of
the church workers that no one shall
be allowed to forget the church and
their duty to it. the church census
committee has been kept busy for
several weeks. The results of the re
ligious census canvas are still being
tabulated. A card index Is being pre
pared and is to be kept at the church
for reference. A record will be made
ot' all the families on the Hill. Many
have expressed no religious belief or
church preference. The index is to
be open for Inspection of all visitors
and church workers. The careless
and unaffiliated church folk will be
looked up. Dr. Smucker has been in
a three weeks' evangelistic service
and has been preaching to large con
gregations. He has been assisted by
a large men's chorus led by Ross K.
Bergstresser. The service begins to
night at 7:45.
To Preach to Kiremen. The Sham
rock Fire Company will attend a spec
ial service at Bethany Presbyterian
Chapel on Sunday evening, at 7:30
o'clock. The Rev. John H. Warden,
chaplain, will preach to the firemen on
"Counting the Cost." There will be
special music and the firemen will at
tend in uniform.
C'htireli Supper. The Aid
Society, of Immanuel Presbyterian
Church, will give an a-la-carte supper
in the church, at Sixteenth and Juni
per streets, on February 12 from 6 to 8
What promises to be the musical
event of the season will be given at
the Board of Trade next Wednesday
evening, February 11. On this occa
sion the J. H. Troup Music House will
present Hans Kronold, violinist, of
I New York, assisted by Mme. Bum
baugh, soprano, and Sara Turner, vio
linist. A feature of the recital will
be that all accompaniments will be
played on the Angelus which will be
in the hands of Mr. Van Yorx, of
Pittsburgh, world famed Angelus
player. Tickets of admission are free
and may be secured at the J. H.
Troup Music House, February 10, 11,
By Associated Press
Frankfort, Ky„ Feb. 6.—A large
number of members of the Kentucky
Legislature and many residents of this
city are nursing sore arms to-day, the
result of vaccination due to a small
pox scare which developed yesterday
when it was announced that Senator
J. Forest Porter, of Dixon, and Rep
resentative J. Oliver, of Allen county,
were 111 of the disease.
By Associated Press
Warren, Mass., Fob. 5.-—D. Edward
Pcnfleld, brother of Frederick C. Pen
field, United States Ambassador to
Austria-Hungary, died here to-day. He
■was 71 years old.
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 6.—Secre
taries W. G. McAdoo and D. M. Hous
ton, constituting the organisation
committee of t he Federal Reserve
Board, arranged to leave late to-day
for Phoenix, Ariz., their next stop on
a tour of the country.
At the photograph produced by the
new process a» the Kellberg studio
302 Market street. Something new in
the show cases every «*▼.—Advertise
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I —— J O
FEBRUARY 5, 1914.

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