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Eczema Cone! ACNE,
Tetter, Rash, Pimples, Car
buncles, Bolls—BanlsheJl
It la certainly remarkable how
quickly the action of S. B. S., the fa
mous blood purifier, shows Itself In
the aklo.
There 1b one Ingredient In S. 8. 8.
which peculiarly stimulates cellular
or glandular activity to select from
the blood, or from the fine network
of blood vessels in the skin, thoße
elements which it requires for regen
Thus pimples, acne, eczema, lupus,
or any other blood condition thut at
tacks the skin or seeks an oitlet
through the akin is met with the an
tidotal effect of & S. 8.
This Is why skin troubles vanish so
readily and why they do not return.
Under the Influence of S. S. a this
fine network of blood vessels In the
skin is constantly selecting from the
blood the nutrition required for
healthy tissue, and the cause of dis
ease is Just as constantly being re
moved, scattered and rendered harm-
It is a great mistake to rely upon cathartics
to enra ptmplen or other facial eruptions. Not
r«nly do cathartics ratine chronic constipation,
but they thin the blood of its Tamable and
essential prcaervatlTes.
You will be surprised and delighted at the
quick chanice If you will use S. 8. S. the famous
Mood purlflar. Its action In the skin I* quite
sensational. These facts are most full* explained
In a book nn skin troubles sent br The Swift
Npeclflc Ca., 305 Swift Bldf., Atlanta, Ga.
You will find S. S, S, on sale at all drug stores.
Get a bottle to-day and banlßh all skin afflictions.
When ron aßk for S. S. 8. look out for the
rommon trick of trying to sell JOB something
rise. Dn't be misled.
Get at the Real Cause—Take Dr.
Edward's Olive Tablets
that's what thousands of stomach
sufferers are doing now. Instead of
taking tonics, or trying to patch up a
)/t>or digestion, they are attacking the
i*>al cause of the ailment—clogged liver
jnd disordered bowels.
Dr. Edward's Olive Tablets arouse the
liver In a soothing, healing way, when
the liver and bowels are performing
their natural functions, away goes indi
gestion and stomach troubles.
If you have a bad taste in your
mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor,
lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or
energy, troubled with undigested food,
vou should take Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel.
Dr. Edward's Olive Table's are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color. They do tho work without
griping, cramps or pain.
Take one or two at bedtime for
quick relief, so you can eat what you
Vike. At 10c and 20c per box. The Olive
Tablet Company, Columbus, Ohio. At
all druggists.—Advertisement.
Take Salts to flush Kidneys if
Back hurts or Bladder
If you must have your meat every
day, eat it, tout flush your kidneys with
Baits occasionally, says a noted au
thority w>o tells us that meat forms
lint, acid, which almost paralyzes the
kidneys i t their efforts to expel it from
the blooy They become sluggish and
weaken, then you suiter with a dull
misery /n the kidney region, sharp
pains the hack or sick headache,
di7.7.inep. your stomach sours, tongue
Is coatju and when the weather is bad
you tt-ve rheumatic twinges. The
tirine /ets cloudy, full of sediment, the
chanrtls often get sore ana irritated,
obligUß you to seek relief two or three
times/during the night.
Toneutralize these irritating acids,
to qfeanse the kidneys and flush off
the/body's urinous waste, get four
ouryes of Jad Salts from any phar
macy here; take, a tablespoonful in a
P iJs of water before breakfast for a
fey days, and your kidneys will then
a.j fine. This famous salts is made
firfm the acid of grapes and lemon
jice, combined with lithia, and has
used for generations to flush and
Simulate sluggish kidneys, also to
jeutralize the acids in urine, so it no
nnger irritates, thus ending bladder
/ Jad Salts Is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, and makes a delightful effer
vescent llthia-water drink.—Adv.
Don't Stay Gray! Sage Tea and
Sulphur Darkens Hair So
Naturally That Nobody
Can Tell
You can turn gray, faded hair
beautifully dark and lustrous almost
over night if you'll get a 50-cent bottle
of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy" at any drug store. Millions
of bottles of this old, famous Sage Tea
Recipe are sold annually, says a well
known druggist here, because it dark
ens the hair so naturally and evenly
that no one can tell it has been ap
Those whose hair Is turning gray,
becoming faded, dry, scraggly and
thin have, a surprise awaiting them,
because after one or two applications
the gray hair vanishes and your locks
become luxuriantly dark and beautiful
—all dandruff goes, scalp Itching and
falling hair stops.
This is the age of youth. Gray
haired, unattractive folks aren't
wanted around, so get busy with
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur to-night
and you'll be delighted with your dark,
handsome hair and your youthful ap
pearance within a few days.—Adver
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect November 30, 1913.
TRAINS leave Harrisburg—
For Winchester and Martlniburv at
6:03, *7:52 a. m.. »8:40 p m.
For Hagerstown, Chambersburg, Car
lisle, McchanlcHburg and Intermedial
stations at 5:08, *7:52. *11:63 a. m
•3:4 ft, 6:32, *7:40, •11:16 p. in.
Additional trains for Carlisle and
Mechanicsburg at 9:48 a. m . 2:18, 8-27
D:3O, 9:30 a. m.
For Dillsbursr at 8:08, *7:62 and
•11:63 a. m„ 2:18. *3:40, 5:32 and #:80
p. ">•
•Dally. All other trains daily except
Sunday. H. A. RIDDLE.
J. H. TONQE. Q. p A
Sixth and Kelker Streeta
Largest establishment. Best facilities. Near to
you as jrour phone. Will go snywhere at your call.
Motor service. No funeral too smsll. None too
ripeniive. Chapeis, rooms, vault, etc., used witk
•ut charfe.
WiD Give Hu Decision to Pax-,
tang Congregation Within
Short Time
The Rev. Harry!
B. King, pastor of
the Calvary Pres
byterian Church,
last nlgl.t received
a call to take the
pastorate of the
Paxtang Presbyte
rian Church. The
Rev. Mr. King this
morning stated
that he had not yet
decided whether to
accept the call,
which, he said,
came as a complete j
surprise to him. i
The Paxtang Church has not had. a
pastor since the Rev. Edwin McCord
Mulock left to become a pastor at j
Ypsllantl, Mich. At a congregational
meeting yesterday morning, moder
ated over by the Rev. F. H. Laird, of
the Olivet Presbyterian Church, it
was Unanimously decided to call the
Rev. Mr. King.
At communion preparatory services,
the Rev. Dr. Lewis S. Mudge will of
ficiate for tho first time as pastor of
the Pine Street Presbyterian church
Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock. His
address will be "Making Christ Mani
fest." The regular meeting of the
session will take place Thursday even
ing at 7:30 o'clock.
The people that attended the Trin
ity Lutheran, St. Paul's Methodist and
the Calvary Presbyterian churches, yes
terday morning, had a surprise when
the found that the pastors of the three
churches had exchanged pulpits. The
Rev. Harry B. King occupied the pul
pit at the Trinity Lutheran: the Rev.
R. W. Runyan preached at the Calvary
Presbyterian, and the Rev. R. L. Meis
enhelder at the St Paul's Methodist.
Chnrlty Entertnlianient. Tho Junior
Christian Endeavor Society, of the Pine
Street Presbyterian Church, will give a
missionary entertainment next Thurs
day evening In the lecture room of the
church. The title of the entertainment
Will be "Indians of the North." The
proceeds will go to the San Juan Hos
pital, Porto Rica. Fifty members of the
society will participate
ItaaliclatN aat Service At the mass
and communion held In the St. Francis"
Catholic parish, yesterday morning,
more than forty-five members of the
Knights of St. George attended the ser
vices. The mass was celebrated by the
Rev. Daniel J. Carey, rector of the
nrothrrtiooil to Meet. A meeting
of the Brotherhood of Grace Methodist
Episcopal Church will take place to
night, with the following interesting
program: Talk on "Current Events,"
John Todd; address, "Some New Things
In Electrical Science," J. G. Peet. A
debate on the question, Resolved, That
human achievement owes more to pov
erty than to wealth, will be carried out
in tile affirmative by Boas Sites and
Kalph Hartzell; negative, C. H. Menger
and Donald Taylor-
Illlile Conference. Tills afternoon
marks the fifth monthly Bible confer
ence to open in First Baptist Church,
Second and Pine streets, where George
B. Aldrich, of Easton, will speak. Yes
terday Mr. Aldrich appeared In Grace
Methodist Sunday school, and at the
Eenney Theater. The session will con
tinue to-morrow.
After an operation to-day for ap
pendicitis, Joseph Rinkenbach, North
Sixteenth street, son of E. L. Rinken
bach, North Third street jeweler, is
recivering at the Harrisburg Hos
Mechanicsburg, Pa., March 30. —A
special program was given yesterday
morning at the Spring rally of the
Sunday school of the First United
Brethren Church, consisting of mu
sic and readings. Tlie time occupied
b th that of the Sunday school and
church service. The address of the
morning was made by the Rev. J. R.
Hutchinson, of New Cumberland, a
former pastor of the church. A large
congregation was present in the even
ing. when the Rev. E. C. B. Castle
preached on the subject, "He Was
Bound to Win."
If cross, feverish, constipated,
give "California Syrup of
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, it is a sure sign that your
little one's stomach, liver and bowels
need a gentle, thorough cleansing at
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu
rally, or is feverish, stomach sour
breath bad, has stomach-ache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs,' and in a few hours all the foul
constipated wasted, undigested food
and sour bile gently moves out of its
little bowels without griping, and you
have a well, playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative'"
they love its delicious taste, and it
always makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs"
which has directions for babies, chil
dren of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly on the bottle. Beware of coun
terfeits sold here. To be sure you get
the genuine, ask to see that, It is
made by "California Fig Syrup Com
pany." Refuse any other kind with
if not attended to, may be
come acute and weaken the
system. Stop it promptly with
the one remedy sure to soothe
the nerves and kill the pain—
—deadly foe to toothache,
sciatica, and rheumatism.
Mr. E. \V. Gillespie, of Denmark,
Tcnn., R..F. D. No. i, writes: "I had
been suffering with neuralgia for some
time. Slopn'a Liniment was recom
mended to me, and I used some of it,
and it stopped the pain entirely."
At all dealer*. Price 25c., 50c. ft SI.OO
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc, Boston, Mats.
We Were Very Proud They Would Not Go Elsewhere
To Have the Large Crowd Without Fail We'll Be There
Was Pleased and Much Astonished On South Market Square
That So Many People Promised This Tuesday If It's Fair
> At LIVINGSTON'S We Declare < m
f" ' ■f2s'®r. p ! e .s7 FOR MEN,
300 Ladies' re ® Dr Spstfalties. Onr Prices Are Low Qualities the Best
coifs B oy^ R Suits,
Suits For This Sale. Tie Mast MEN'S and
ul New Spring Shadss, & N jvelty Cloths. YOUNG MEN'S
2K".8 Havel. U *S«uH MaritalS*arei»- U wZit 5
Chapter of Tragic
Little Love Story
Is Told in Court
What may prove to be the next to
the last chapter in the tragic little
love story of Mr. and Mrs. Alden R.
Meek, one-time Central high school
student sweethearts, was told to Presi
dent Judge Kunkel at a special session
of desertion court to-day when Mrs.
Meek, nee Alice Shope, asked for an
order for maintenance. Some day the
chapter may be written in divorce
Meek, who was a Central high
school honor man, class of 1905, and
Miss Shope were married four years
ago and went to.Ridgway, Pa., to live.
Meek was earning $75 per month.
Failure to "get along" on that sum
as both groom and bride would have
wished had much to do with their
marital unhappiness.
Mrs. Meek accused her husband of
cruelty, of refusing to allow her to
select her own dresses, of his rough
ness, of how he held her on his lap
and kissed and hugged her—and when
she objected he slapped her on the
floor. He told of his earnest efforts
to make her happy, of spending his
whole income upon their home and
upon her clothes, of helping her select
her gowns because she "couldn't
choose for herself," of her thought
lessness. Her story was largely cor
roborated by her diaries; his whole
story was practically told in a pathetic
letter to her after she had left Ridg
way to return home. "You must de
cide, Girl," wrote Meek, "whether
your husband or your family stand
first In your heart."
Judge Kunkel directed Meek to pay
$35 per month.
Nicaraguan Tries to
Assassinate Zelaya
Madrid, March 3 O.—A dispatch re
ceived here from Barcelona says that
an attempt was made yesterday to as
sassinate Jose Santos Zelaya, ex-Presi
dent of Nicaragua, at Casa Torres,
where Zelaya resides.
A man who said his name was Rosas
and who declared that he was a Nica
raguan, entered the residence of Ze
laya, drew a revolver and fired at the
astonished ex-President. Zelaya was
not hit by the bullet.
Plans to organize more lodges of
the independent Order of Odd Pel
lows' In this territory will he mndo
by a committee appointed Satur
day night by the Past Guards' Asso
ciation of the order which met at 321
Market street.
Lodges may be organized at Pen
brook, Hummelytown and Hershey.
The ninety-filth anniversary of the
founding of the order in this country
will be celebrated by the members
of the Southern division at Steelton,
Friday, April 24.
The musicale which was to have
been given to-morrow evening at the
home of Mrs. M. H. Garland, State
road. West Fairview. by the class
taught by Miss Sadie E. Kslinger, has
been postponed on account of the
serious illness of John P. Ripper, of
Columbia. Mr. Ripper Is Mrs. Gar
-1 land's brother.
The Empire Theater, 1103 North
Third street, owned by Isaac Marcus,
is being remodeled into a storeroom.
Several weeks ago Mr. Marcus tried to
secure a licence to open a liquor store
wt that place but failed.
News Items From Points
in Central Pennsylvania
Special to The Telegraph
Waynesboro John T. Stausbury
was stricken with paralysis while 'it
work in the Waynesboro metal and
brass foundry and is in a critical con
Waynesboro—Norman Barnes, aged
17, son of John W. Barnes, is in a
critical condition at his home near
Smithsburg, Md., as the result of being
thrown to the ground by a colt.
Hazleton —The police have declared
war on speeding autolsts here and ar
rests are being made a..d fines im
Bethlehem—Kenneth Hamilton has
been awarded a prize of SSO for be
ing the best student in the theological
class at the Moravian college and
Theological seminary.
Lebanon—Expert builders have con
demned the spire of the First He
formed church here and it is to be
torn down at once as the result of dry
rot having seriously affected the heavy
timbers at its base. The spire was
constructed 8 3 years ago by a master
builder and has been regarded as one
of the finest pieces of architecture of
its kind in the eastern part of the
United States.
Hazleton —Preparations are being
made by the Hazleton Elks for an Old
Home Week in connection with the
State convention of the order that is
to be held here in August next.
Recent Deaths in
Central Pennsylvania
Dillsburg—On Friday, the day fol
lowing her removal from her farm in
Franklin township to Franklintown
and three months after the death of
her husband, Mrs. Jacob Helkes died
after a lingering illness of asthma and
hear' trouble. She was 70 years old
and is survived by two daughters,
Mrs. Alice Reeser, of Franklintown;
Mrs. W- C. Heikes, of near Dillsburg;
and five sons, John, of Franklintown;
Russel, Calvin, Clarence and Ervln,
all at home. The funeral was held
this morning.
Bair's Station —Benjamin F. Kline
dinst, 57 years old, died after an ill
ness of several months.
Conoy—Mrs. Mary Hackenberger,
widow of . George Hackenberger, 63
years old, died suddenly yesterday
from heart disease. Three sons and
one daughter survive.
New Holland Mrs. Mary A.
Schnupp, 82 years old, died from In
firmities incident to her age. Two sons
and one daughter and three grand
children survive.
Waynesboro—H. E. Kuhner, Ox
ford, Talbot county, Md., president of
the Kuhner Engine Company, died at
his country home near that town. He
was 43 years old. Burial was at
Davenport, lowa, the home of his late
parents and his youth. He is survived
by his wife, five sisters and two
There is astonishment in HarrlsbUrg
at the QUICK results received from
simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
as mixed in Adler-1-ka, the remedy
which became famous by curing ap
pendicitis. This simple mixture drains
such great amounts of foul matter
from the body that A SINGLE DOSE
relieves constipation, sour stomach and
gas on the stomach almost IMMEDI
ATELY. The speedy action of Adler
i-ka is surprising. G. A. Gorgas Drug
gist.—Advertisement. 1
New Headquarters of
Chamber of Commerce
Will Be Open Tomorrow
New headquarters of the Harris
burg Chamber of Commerce will be
open for business to-morrow In the
Kunkel Building. Furniture was In
stalled to-day. The books, papers and
safe were moved early this morning.
It is probable that no meetings will
be held in the new rooms before next
The new quarters are rooms Nos.
906-908. Meetings of the directors
and committees fill be held in room
No. 908. The new telephone number
is 3641 Bell.
Dr. Cook Will Hear
Peary in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, March 30. Dr. Fred
erick A. Cook, of North Pole notoriety,
upon hearing that he was booked for a
lecture at Bellevue, a suburb, April 4,
the night following Commander Rob
ert E. Peary, immediately wired his
manager from Chicago to reserve a
seat at Peary's lecture for him. He
also directed that Peary be invited to
his lecture.
For S2OO on payment plan you wl(I
get the best quality and real piano
value at the J. H. TroUp Music House,
because they are able to buy in quan
tities, and with spot cash, which en
ables them to get and give the best
value to their customers. —Advertise-
Richmond, Va., has awarded the
Central Construction and Supply Com
pany, of this city, the contract to pave
35,000 yards of streets in the Virginia
capital. Sheet asphalt will be used
for the improvement. The job will
cost approximately $60,000.
I "When you Bee a pimply, ecrema-cov
! ered face, you may conclude that Its
ownor doesn't know anything about
Poslam—the remedy that benefits ail
ing skin so greatly and so quickly.
Overnight treatment with Poslam
i will show a startling Improvement;
complexions are cleared; blemishes dis
i Itching stops at once; Irritated skin
iis soothed, tne trouble Is soon eradi
i Poslam Is harmless. Nothing In It
, can Injure the most delicate skin,
i Your druggist sells Poslam. For free
sample write the Emergency Labora
tories 32 West 26th St., New York.
Poslam Soap Is best for the skin, be
cause medicated with Poslam.
New Toilet Size, IB Cents.—Adver
Begins Monday, March 30.
15 S. Market Sq. Harrlsburg, p a .
Harrisburg Business College
Day and Night. Business,!
Shorthand and Civil Service. In-'
! dividual Instruction. 28th year. I
329 Market St ' Harrisburg, Pa. <
MARCH 30,1914.
One Killed, 3 Wounded,
6 Robbed by Highwaymen
Ebensburg, Pa., March 30. One
man was shot and killed, three were
Injured so badly that they are In the
hospital nnd a half-dozen miners were
robbed of their pay last night at
Barnesboro, when a number of high
waymen waylaid pedestrians on a
lonely road.
Tony Cavillo yas killed and Patsy
When Run Down
in physical condition it is usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or defective.
Thsn there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relieve
the ills which occasionally depress even the brightest and
strongest. The one remedy you may take and feel safe with is
(The Largest Sal* of Any Medicine in the World)
The first dose gives speedy relief in sick-headache, bilious
ness, constipation, lack of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia,
and lasting improvement follows the timely use of this fa
vorite and reliable home remedy. You wiH become healthier
and stronger, and more cheerful if you let Beecham's Pills
Pick You Up
Sold everywhere. Io boxen, 10c.. 2Sc.
Directions with every box point the way to health and are especially nimble to women.
Coal Prices
Reduced 59c
All sizes of Anthracite Coal, except Pea
and Buckwheat will be reduced 50c per
2,000 lbs. on April 1.
You should place your order now for the
Coal you will need next winter.
The prices will not be this low again, for
another year.
( We are very careful of 'phone and mail or
ders. They receive the same attention as if
you call in person at our office.
i United Ice & Coal Co.
Forater 0 Ctniln Third * B*u
Utk * CkHtHt Hummel * MatMaVf
and Gluseppl Comfortina and Frank
Isky were wounded.
After finishing eating the sixth
orange yesterday shortly before noon.
Mary Tean, 18-month-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Peter Tean, 1218 North
Seventh street, was seized with con
vulsions and died shortly after. After
examining the child Coroner Ecklnger
and Dr. Jesse Lenker pronounced that
the child's death was due to convuU

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