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Choice Food Stuffs in a Mid-Week Outing Hats--Sailors and
Grocery Sale Panamas
Every popular style of outing hat is to be found in this
Messina Lemons, t 5 Pounds Q/\ special display. The showing embraces ratines, linens, ducks,
D O7Pn lOCJ Surfer ~ jtc Straws, Panamas and felts. It is the most comprehensive
uozen, oranuiatea ougar, variety of styles we have ever had in mid . summer .
lixtra. choice Messina lemons, dozen .. 150 Fancy .Shoe Peg corn, regularly 10c can. Knockabout duck hats with colored trimming for girls 69c
Moss Rose baked beans, can, 50; 6 for 250 Special, 8f" ; dozen 920 hil . e r^V ne ha,s $1.23
~ 1 • , T I V- 1 c • I 1 t Tan duck hats •. 81.23
10 lbs. granulated sugar 4<o June pack peas, No. 2 cans. Special, 3 for_ Whlte sllk and gatin hatß ~ 10
5 lbs. granulated sugar 240 2»>o While outing hats with colored stripe band for girls fll)c
Cream cheese, lb. 230 Delaware tomatoes, large cans. Special, 3 Fine quality felt outing hats «»c
Longhorn cheese, lb 250 for 250; dozen 1)80 Fancy chip sailors lij black brown and white $1.95
Boiled .ham, lb 400 Baked beans in tomato sauce. May flower Hemp sailors in black and red with telescope crown $2.95
1 , , . 11 .»/• 1 . Corduroy sailors in blue, green and tan $1.23
Lebanon bologna, lb -dOC brand, can 120 i„ .» lh , . . , ~ \ " '
. , , ~ Panamas In all the latest blocks, sailors, small and medium shapes.
Luncheon loaf, lb .280 / - $2.95. $3.95, $4.50 and $4.95
Xeufchatel cheese, cake 50 Fresh Caught Mackerel in Pails Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Second Floor, Front.
\ espei flour, 12k|-lb. sack SOO 10-lb. pails of fancy mackerel 790 _ w _
Record coffee, lb 250 » * 1 Women's $1.25 Long Silk
Our lavorite tea, lb 450 Fancy queen olives; regularly 35c qt. _
Flowery Orange Pekoe tea; regularly 75c. Special, qt 280 i\\
Special, lb. 030 Spanish stuffed olives; 14 oz. jars .. 230
Cocoa that is absolutely pure, lb., 150; 2 Imported Worcestershire; 20c value. Spe- Women's $1.25 white long silk gloves, in 16-button length,
1S * c ' ''" , double finger tips. Special in the Mill and Factory Sale at 890
f ~ ~ ~ " " Peanut butter, lb., Io0; 2 lbs 280 Fownes' Centemeri and Rayser 12 and 16-butotn length
A Combination That Brings the Cost Kippered herring, can 50 .silk gloves, in white, black and colors, double finger tips,
of Sugar Low Mustard sardines, can 50 • •y;s* t,, $2.00
25 lbs. granulated sugar sl.lO c f n , ' Two-clasp silk gloves, double finger tips, colors; 50c
1 lb. Banquet coffee 30 Columbia river salmon steak 150 value; in the sale at 390
1 can old Dutch Cleanser .10 Alaska salmon, can, 140; 6 cans, 800 . Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, street Floor
Rosedale chocolate for baking; regularly
The entire combination for $1.50 C ' Ct ' a '- 130, Ilb 250 "\ \ 7"1 a D HPI
D,v 7' pomproy & st — rt - Basement. yy hat Dusy Days 1 hese
Laces of Finest Quality in Minute Are in White Goods
I * ypn -j -r-i £>, - Mill and Factory Sale economies are prompting thrifty
the JVlill and ractorv bale T women to buy materials for white dresses now and profit b y
*J * the worth while savings.
fl wSr« C e ln a K ,;/oX„\? 1 , . IBC ZlWt r?pp^ette° n, Speclai h yard^ PeC ' a '' *** £
Snm lorrhon'taws . .T' 8X1(1 C3elatine " ln °' hM ' qUallty '' ' fWr '' VpVo ' nV '
Faofory 'SaV'S™. "yaM ff™ ""c , whl* "rlo""* _. '"" f ; a r r ;i ndpr "' Par and 29 inches wide.
tion<s- p ?ivp°throa 11 i P e haxon. • speciai/yard lie
Inches wide Mill and Faw'nrv 4«lo pjlil"".'"i " ?. n ~oin, 1 de can be made ready to serve much 25c white flaxon in check and stripe weaves, remnant lengths-
Fatt°r> Sale Paris laces and Insertions; values t . ... striped voiles in the lot. Special, yard iop
Caniisoie iaoe,' 14 inches wide ?n ' """ Fm ' ,ory Sa '° » rU ?' ot 25c 'Pride of the West" batiste fine mercerised weave/ 28 inches
shadow nal orns 25r aii.r il M , Va , 7p like character. Visit the demon- wide, for waists and dresses,. Special, yard |2Uc
\t. "a"arsssas ■««««. srr.
inchos wld? Factory S.lp rm'o£ , ' r i'om,rfiy & Dlvpa ' Pomeroy A Stewart—Baa.- I 26c Wamautta rercaie, 36 incties. flna ilaht wetcht. Special, yard,
pr '°° 2,> °' Floor. ment. I Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. 12^c
SEASON or 1914
Atlantic City, Ocean City, Corsons
Inlet (Strathmere)
Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor,
Wildwood or Cape May
Good on any train
July 16. 30 and August 13
Front Fare From Fare
Harrisburg, $4.00 Frackville . . $3.50
Tremont .. . 4.00 Pottsville . . 3.25
Lebanon ... 3.75 Reading ... 2.50
Lancaster .. 3.75 Pottstown .. 2.50
Columbia ...3.75 Phoenixville, 2.00
S.Bethlehem 3.00 Norristown . 2.00
Good Only on Special Train
From Fare From Fare
Harrisburg. $2.75 Reading ...$2.00
Lancaster" I! 1.10 Frank "n St.. 2.00
Frackville.. 2.65 Pottstown .. 2.00
Pottsville .. 2.50 Norristown.. 1.75
SATURDAYS, August 8 and 29
Via Steamer "SIRIUS" of the Iron
Steamboat Company
TUESDAY, July 14 nnd August 18
Via Steamer "ROBERT FULTON" of
the Hudson River Day Line
From Fare From Fare
Harrisburg, $4.00 Reading ...$3.00
Lebanon .. . 3.50 Franklin St., 3.00
Lancaster .. 4.00 Pottstown .. 3.00
Pottsville . . 3.50 Bridgeport . 3.00
Ten-day Tickets
From Fare From Fare
Harrisburg, $4.50 Pottsville ..$3.50
Lykens .... 4.50 Reading ... 3.00
Lebanon .. 3.7 5 Pottstown .. 2.50
Lancaster .. 3.75 Norristown.. 2.00
July 11,'18, August 1, 15, 22 and 29
September 5 and 19
Round Trip Fare from Harrisburg
Lebanon, Lancaster, Pottsville and
Reading, $9.7 6. Good Fifteen Days.
Proportionate Rates from Principal
Intermediate Stations
Try Telegraph Want Ads.
Go to Bed With a Lawn in the
Yard, Wake Up With It
Is the black bug who travels In
companies, eats grass and at his
biggest measures about an Inch—ls he
an army worm?
Residents of North Sixth street
along the nineteen hundreds are think
ing that s the name of the invading
hosts of insects. Some amateur nat
uralist has so classified the devastating
bugs. These bugs seem to come out
of the ground. They seem to come up
[over night, and they eat up all the
grass in sight and then move on. The
discovery was made first this week at
the home of Samuel Harris, 1929
| North Sixth street. Mrs. Harris got
back from a day's outing yesterday.
Saturday night when she looked at the
Brass it was all fresh and green look
ing Monday morning when she
looked at the familiar scene upon
coming home, well, it looked as if
someone had poured over all
that nice green grass. ' Answer: the
army worm.
They kept right on coming out of
the ground, the mean little bugs, so
j ** arris KOt s "me milk, coal oil
and hot water and spread it over the
ground. That drove them away and
they crawled up the side of the house.
< harles P. Taylors back vard, across
the street, and David Millers, next
door to Harris', are amonpr those that
have been devastated by the worms.
The vaudeville show at Paxtanj? Park
this week makes one of the classiest
performances ever seen at the park
hm a it r . Tll * r , e , ls not an act on the
bill that could be improved upon. Ar
thur Geary, an English tenor, and lead
or'£ln <*l Production
of The Pink Lady," heads the bill, and
when it conies to real headliners Mr
Geary is certainly the goods. He onlv
sang four songs, but he probablv would
have had to sing a dozen to have satis
fied his admirers. Mr. Geary has a
voice of remarkable quality and tone.
His selections are all from the best
musical comedies and are well acted as
well as sunK.
King Kelly made his first ascension
last evening, and did one of his famous
parachute Jumps. Kelly's stunt is one
that never falls to please the crowd
and hand them that little thrll no other
act can. There is something fasclnat
ng about watching a man a half mile
In the air cut himself loose from a bal
loon and take a chance on a flimsy
parachute opening In time to break the
fall that always holds a crowd spell
bound and never loses its noveltv no
matter how many times vou see ft On
Friday Kelly will attempt a six-para
chute jump.—Advertisement.
Business Locals
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every face is Improved with the aid
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Splendid for tan and sunburn, an ex
cellent skin food that keeps the skin
smooth and free from blotches and
eruptions. On sale at Bowman & Co.
and Potts' Drug Store. North Third
and lierr streets.
The biggest part of the summer Is
still before you, therefore, the oppor
tunity of buying any straw hat In the
house at $1.50 at this time of the sea
son should appeal to all thrifty men
who want their first or second straw,
regular $2, $2.50 and $3 values!
All the new shapes. Klnnard, 1114-
1116 North Third street.
[Continued from First Page]
In brief, the trunkloads of frip
peries comprise the baggage of the
Western Bloomer Girls' team. They
were seized in Union Station at noon
when three girls disembarked from a
train. One was presumed to be Man
ageress Gage. The seizure was made
by Deputy Sheriff Bill Hoffman, who
had a foreign attachment to levy on
the goods, Issued by Misses Brown,
Bohl and Aggerman.
The trio contended that their sal
aries had been held up and they
learned that the manager was about
to give them the slip at Allentown.
They left Allentown, came here, had a
foreign attachment served—and let
Mr. Hoffman do the rest.
When three others, who looked, so
the deputy thought, like baseball girls,
got off a train at noon to-day he in
quired as to whether either was Man
ageress Gage. He got icy stares from
each. Then he saw the name "Western
Bloomer Girls" on the trunks. So he
attached the trunks.
N'ow, unless Manageress Gage files
bond in the sum of S6OO to guarantee
the salary claims, the duds in the
trunks will be sold by the sheriff.
Which will be some time in the
future. Considerable legal red tape
i must be unwound, as the posting of a
notice of similar sale to-day indicates.
This was a claim involving the salaries
of the George W. Jackson theatrical
company for salaries of twenty-eight
people. Chattels worth approximately
;$i 00 were seized. The attachment was
made October 3. 1912, and the sale
will be held July 24, 1914.
Much Is Involved in
Automobile Fee Case
More than the legality of the ap
| propriation of all revenue from auto
t mobile licenses to the State Highway
Department for maintenance of State,
highways is involved in the appeal
of the automobile license fee case to
the Supreme Court. It is in reality
to test the right to spend close to $3
000,000 and will also determine how
far the operation of the specific ap
propriation act of 1909 will extend.
If the appropriation of the automo
bile revenue to the highway Depart
ment In the motor vehicle license act
is constitutional, then the appropria
tion of one-half of the income from
hunters' licenses to the State Game
Commission for game propagation and
game preserves and one-half to reim
burse counties for bounties they pay
for killing of animals and birds which
are a nuisance to farmers will stand.
Last year this fund yielded over a
quarter of a million dollars and will
be as great this year. The automobile
licenses for the latter half of 1913
are held up along with those for 1914,
making a grand total of over a million
and a half dollars.
It is not generally known that one
of the points of attack made on the
anthracite coal tax act by the coal
companies was that it contained a
provision In line with the automobile
license act appropriation. It provid
ed that one-half of the amount realiz
ed should go to the counties produc
ing anthracite coal. The coal tax will
bring In $2,300,000, if It is sustained
and half of this sum would go to the
Thus the principal in one case will
govern In two others involving big
sums of public money for In none of
them la there specific appropriation
of any amount.
Cincinnati, Ohio, July 14.—The ques
tion of the adoption of a charter is
being voted upon here to-day. The
charter was framed by a commission
of fifteen men and provides for non
partisan ballot, two candidates for
mayor, the elimination of the party
emblems, small council, civil service
and gives the mayor the appointment
of all executives.
[Continued from First Patrol
( \
Council pontpone* for week flnnl
action on ordinance providing JM.K42
for office equipment, rent, engineer
ing exnenNeN, etc., for City Planning
Ordinance regulating count ruction
of porche* postponed.
Rid* for 3.000 feet of Are ho*e ap
proved and contract awarded.
State lleiiltli Department n*k* for
plan of all «euern that will empty
Into new Spring creek Newer; City
ICaglneer Cowden explain* that
mapM will lie tiled an noon an they
are prepared.
Ordinance appropriating WO,(HM)
from loan fund Interent balance* <
9ir>,ooo for "extra*** on dam, >.1,000
for Paxton creek, and SIO,OOO for
Htreet paving Intersection* panned
Xew ordinance* By ( ominl*-
nloner Lynch: Authorising paving of
Rtlicl Htreet, from Eighteenth to
Nineteenths changing curb linen on
Brown, Seventeenth \o eighteenth.
Offer of Municipal Appralnal Com
pany, Wilmington, Del., to apprnlne
all taxable building of city In flfty
flve day* for *um of 9**400, referred
to Hoard of Tax lievlnlon and Ap
I figuratively and financially speaking,
"its hands are tied." Commissioners
I Bowman and Lynch openly opposed
j the measure on the ground that the
city planning ordinance provided that
engineering services should be ren
dered by the Department of Streets
and Public Improvements.
The two commissioners incidentally
inquired as to the reason for the ex
penditure In that offices had only re
cently been provided for the park de
partment, under whose jurisdiction the
Planning Commission Is. Commis
sioner Taylor replied that the sum for
rent was only a proportionate share
of the park department's rent bill and
that the additional work involved
would necessarily require additional
money for Warren H. Manning, the
park expert. The ordinance provides
for an assistant engineer at $75 per
Mr. Taylor pointed out that he had
asked Mr. Lynch for assistance from
the engineering department, but that
the latter had explained that the force
was too small to permit this. Mr.
Lynch said he didn't recall such a
statement. Then the measure was
laid over for a week while Mr. Lynch
looks around to see if he can supply
an engineer.
Until the question of relative dis
tances for streets of sixty feet in width
and less can be looked into more fully,
the porch ordinance was postponed.
Commissioner Taylor's recommen
dations for 3,000 feet of fire hose were
approved without debate. They are:
1,000 feet of Paragon, Eureka Fire
Hose Company. sl.lO per foot; 1,000
feet 81-Lateral Hose Company, $1.10;
1,000 feet of Goodrich Double-Jacket,
Clement Resteln Company, 75 cents
per foot.
Letters exchanged between Dr.
Samuel F. Dixon. State Health Com
missioner, and City Engineer M. B.
Cowden were read in Council. The
State official wanted a plan of all the
sewers that will eventually connect
with the Spring creek sewer. Mr. Cow
den replied that these will be submit
ted as completed. Commissioner
Lynch explained that the Spring creek
drain itself was about completed.
Council referred to the Board of
Tax Bevlslon nnd Appeals the offer
of the Municipal Appraisal Company,
Wilmington, Del., to make a complete
assessment of Harrlsburg's taxable
buildings with a view to rearranging
and equalizing the tax valuations. The
company suggested that it can,finish
the job in fifty-five days at a cost of
Council passed Anally the measure
appropriating $30,000 for extra Im
provement work:—sls,ooo for the
river dam, $5,000 for Paxton creek
and SIO,OOO for street paving Inter
sections. The bond of the Morton
Truck Company for the motor fire ap
paratus was approved. S. F. Dunkie,
|as president, and the Pennsylvania
Surety Company are on the bond.
New ordinances introduced include
I measures by Mr. Lynch authorizing
| the paving of Ethel street from Seven
teenth to Eighteenth and for changing
the curb lines of Brown, from Seven
teenth to Eighteenth.
Depression Closes
Reading Factories
Reading, Pa., July 14. —Two more
J local industries suspended operation?"
I yesterday because of the depression
|in business, as a result of which sev
eral hundred more men wore added
jto the city's large number-of unem
ployed. The Blatt & O'Reilly Stove
Company .shut down until August 1,
and 150 hands were laid off. The
Reading Stove Works, the largest
| concern of its kind in this city, also
j suspended, affecting 160 men. The
i tariff and general trade conditions, it
was announced by members of the
i firms, were the causes of the sus
| pensions.
j The Victoria Theater announce for
to-day their regular Tuesday feature
of first-run Pathe Weekly. This fea
ture to-day portrays the recent eight
oared Intercollegiate races on the Hud
son river at Poughkeepsie, N. \\;
Mayor Mitchel presenting to the fire
heroes of New York city honor medal;
prize-winning babies at New York
city's baby week celebration; a demon
stration of the wireless telephone;
scenes from the $20,000,000 fire at
Salem. Mass; Kermit Roosevelt's wed
ding in Spain and scenes Incidental to
the Syracuse, N. Y., golden Jubilee.
In addition to this star feature there
will also be shown a Keystone comic
entitled "Love and Bullets" and a Re
liance military drama, "The Weaker
Strain." —Advertisement.
An Unfailing Way
to Banish Hairs
(Beauty Notes)
Ugly hairy growths can be removed
In the privacy of your own home if
you get a small original package of
delatone and mix Into a paste enough
of the powder and water to cover the
halrv surface. This should be left on
the skin about 2 minutes, then removed
and the skin washed and every trace,
of hair will have vanished. No harm
or inconvenience can result from this
treatment, but be sure you buy real
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Did you ever see the business or
professional man who neglects to have
his name or the nature of his business
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chandise? Your sign is a beacon of
commerce. Let us repaint the old or
design a new one. Gohl & Bruaw, 3JO
Strawberry street.
May quench thirst as well as a great
river. Our soda fountain is closer to
the Square than the Susquehanna and
more effective as a thirst quencher.
Individual sanitary cups and all the
popular flavors and crushed fruits
Two doors west of Market Squaro.
Gross' Drug Store. 119 Market street.
A frequent expression heard from
those who have a desire but lack the
funds necessary. Small sums of money
may be secured from us at any time at
lower rates than any other loan com
pany, yes, even lbwer than the law
allows us to charge. Pennsylvania In
vestment Co., 132 Locust street.
Friends Work For His Success in
Spite of the Hot Weather
and His Absence
Special to The Telegraph
Philadelphia, July 14.—Men of all
political parties are smiling to-day
over a story from Pittsburgh and
Washington concerning a fusion be
tween the Democrats and Progressives
in Pennsylvania. It Is regarded as a
practical admission of the success of
the Republican ticket. Those whose
opinions are worth something declare
that Roosevelt would never, consent to
an alliance with the Wilson bosses In
this State. Fusion talk may be passed
up as a midsummer dream. The Pub
lic Ledger of to-day prints the fol
lowing interesting story:
I "Pledges of support from men of all
] parties are being received by Dr.
j Martin G. Brumbaugh, Republican
nominee for Governor, according to an
I announcement sent out from the
! Brumbaugh headquarters in this city
j last night.
I "The Brumbaugh managers declare
j that letters have been written to Dr.
j Brumbaugh from followers In all
parties—Republican, Democrats. Pro-
I hibitionists an<J Progressives. These
I letters have come from every part of
Pennsylvania and from nearly every
county. In many Instances the writers
have praised the candidate and have
expressed their admiration for him as
a professional m?.n and leading educa
"One of the letters is from a physi
cian In Tldloute, Wnrren county, who
Is widely known as a Democrat.
" 'I know Doctor Brumbaugh well
and have known him for thirty years,'
i writes the doctor. 'I was a pupil of his
when a child and again when I was
preparing for my professional career,
and I know he possess the qualities
that make the Statesman. He has the
great, kind heart of Lincoln, that
senses the appeals of a people for
civic righteousness and moral uplift;
he has the intellect that, like Web
ster's, suggests the remedy, ar.d he has
the idomitable will power of Jackson
to carry out his convictions. His char
acter is an inspiration to the thou
sands of students who have studied
under him, and. like Goldsmith's
'Vicar of Wakefield,' 'he lures to
brighter worlds and leads the way.'
His patriotism is a passion of love for
h'n native State, and if elected Gover
nor of this great Commonwealth his
ambition will he to gtv i the people a
government tb.it will earn the respect
iof the whole nation.'
."From another equally enthusiastic
Democratic physician in that strong
hold of Democracy, Reading, comes
an equaily earnest letter, in which the
writer says:
" 'I have watched and followed Doc
tor Brumbaugh's work for twenty
I years. I have the greatest confidence
;in his ability and Integrity. I know
l that with Doctor Brumbaugh occupy
ing the high office of governor, our
public school system, the very bul
wark and foundation of future gen
erations and greatness, will have an
all-powerful champion.'
"A principal of township tchools in
Clearfield county, and a Democrat,
"'T know from my acquaintance
with him that he would give our State
an administration free from outside
influence and bossism of which future
generations will be proud to relate.' "
Discussion of plans to raise SI,OOO
to defray preliminary expenses in con
nection with upkeep of the office, etc.,
lasi night occupied the attention of the
committee of the Stough campaign.
Two suggestions were heard—that a
thousand persons give a dollar each
and that the money be defrayed by
collections in the churches. No de
cision was reached.
Poslam brings skin comfort always;
quick relief from soreness. Itching and
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obstruct the view and permit free clr- j
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more comfortable and attractive by
their use. For best materials and esti
mates consult Harris, 221 North Sec
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especially prepared for the busy men
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faultlessly served. Try one of these
luncheons to-morrow noon. Hotel Co
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pianos we sell, the more used pianos
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part payment. These Instruments are
thoroughly overhauled so as to give
excellent service. We have a number
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at exceptionally low prices. Yohn
Bros., 8 North Market Squar»
Business Locals I
There Is a form of Indigestion called
I "atonic" dyspepsia. Atonic means
"lack of tone." It is probably the most
• common form of Indigestion, but not
much is heard about it because people
■ are inclined to group all forms of dys
| pepsla as "stomach trouble" and tha
j doctors let It go at that.
i Lack of tone In the digestive organs
means that the stomach is no longer
able to do Its work as nature
| The nerves that control it are wcakfß
I the glands that supply the
fluids are not working properly. Gas
|on the stomach, sour risings In the
throat and constipation result. The
I cause of the trouble is thin blood.
! Stomach, nerves and glands are all de
pendent on the blood and when it gets
I thin and watery they are ut once
j weakened. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
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I appetite, freedom from distress after
I eating and an increase In ambition and
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table, fresh vegetables and sea-food
from private supply; good cooks, at
tentive, courteous service. Specially
entering to families and those desir
ing the comforts, conveniences and
I attractions of the larger, luxurious
I hotels without the excess In cost.
Reduced July rates—s9. 10. $12.50 up
weekly; $2 up daily. Booklet Es
tablished ownership management.
v i
Best Located Popular Price Family
Hotel In Atlantic City, N. J.
New York Avenue, 50 yards from
Boardwalk. Overlooking Lawn and
Ocean, capacity 400. Elevator, prlvato
baths, running water.
New Features LAWN TENNIS
Bathing from hotel, free shower baths.
RATES: (9, $lO. $12.50, sls, $17.50
weekly. $2 up daily. AMERICAN PI.AN.
Write for free booklet and points of
Interest In Atlantic City.
I™ENOT£D rosin iKtumi TMizyLJr
ATE KATKB: nuwi de*lrnbly locntrd Kentucky
and BcMoh. Choice rooirn, |>tlvnlo bathe.
Improvement*. HrhM bods. Attrnctlvo lobby mid
parloip. Capacity .'.no. Tool vrrnndf*. Good rouble.
Boditi fefcttire«. 10th year ownership mpnttfrrm rt.
Freph vegetable* and prlmo ruc.'itf. nearby
effjrp. All food fippllep of flno*t quilltr. Sprrlnl n» f -A
1*2.00 up dally, $lO. UP wookly, Am. plan A»>to nv» ♦ M
tiuiui. Descriptive fold or mailed. ▲. Conr.id L.kh <lm
Tennessee Ave. and Beach. Ideal lo
cation convenient to railroad station,
churches, piers and amusements Ex
cellent table, homo comforts. $1.50 up
daily. $S up weekly. A. HEALY.
Corner Atlantic and Connecticut Aves.
Pure food, cleanliness. $1.25 up dally,
$7 up weekly. Take Inlet trolley. GEO.
D. STITZEL, Proprietor.
Scrupulously clean, electric lighted
throughout. White service. Hot and
cold water baths. $1.25 and $1.50 dally.
$7 and $8 weekly. Estab 35 years.
Booklet. Emerson Crouthamel, Mgr.
rUANNhII Excellent table. Pleas-
V.ilnliiiL.LiLi an t surroundings. 1111-
nols and Pacific Aves. Facing ocean,
running water, private baths. Capacity
300. $S up weekly. Newly furnished
throughout, loth season. Swing nnd
amusements for children. Window
screens. Booklets. A. C. CHAKKKI.L,
Owner anil Prop. Formerly of Arkan
sas and Pacific Aves.
Kentucky Ave. near the Beach. Near
all churches, piers and depots. Noted
for its excellent table and home com
forts. Elevator to street level. Free
bathing from hotel. Rates very rea
sonable. JAMES HAMILTON, owner
and proprietor.
from Beach. The most popular section.
Between the two famous piers, central
to all attractions; modem, high class
hotel, as good as the best; capacity 250.
Will make vary special terms of SB, $lO,
$12.50, sls up weekly. Including largo
ocean rooms, metal beds, elevator,
baths, phones, superior table with white
service; table supplied direct from farm;
pure water, sanitary plumbing, porches
overlook the ocean and Boardwalk.
Booklet. W E. WATT*
Virginia Ave. near beach; best loca
tion. Capacity 300. Thoroughly modern;
elevator, private baths, etc.; excellent
table. $2.50 up dally, $12.50 up weekly.
Booklet. E. H. LUNDY.
Ave. and Beach. Center of attractions.
Ocean view. Renovated throughout.
Capacity, 300. Elevator. Private
baths. White service, etc. Superior
table. Special $lO up wkly; $2 dly.
Bklt. M. A. SMITH.
Arkansas Ave., second bouse from
Beach and Million Dollar Pier. $1.50 up
daily; $8 to *12.50 weekly. Good beds,
good table. H. .1. KERSHAW.
and beach. Ocean view, capacity 350;
private baths. Running water In
room: elevator: music. Special $12.5 D
up weekly; $2.50 dally. Open all ilia
year. Booklet. SAM'L ELLIS.
The Lexington wu h A ten":'J
nls courts adjoining beach. Only hotel
where Iturata may ko from fcouxr („
■ iirf In luithlni; nttlre without lining
MtreetN, which la prohibited. Care of
bathing suits and use of bath house*
is free. Running water In rooms: pri
vate baths. Tango parlors, orchestra.
$1.50 and up dally. $8 to $17.50 weekly.
American plan. White service. Book
let. PAUL C. ROSECRANS, Manager.
Mont popular, uttrnctlve, homelike hotel
nessee Ave. Cheerful surroundings.
Booklet. IC. B. VOORHIOES, owner and
Michigan Ave., near Beach. All outside
rooms, open surroundings. Excellent
table. $1.50 up daily, $8 to sl2 60
weekly. C. S. GKRKKN
and make I «•»"™«
ivione y i
asvki nn * *" *l*. If Not
f^f M -, ESTNUTBT -
I* 05 c St. W—Msitos. P.O. BS. Daubers St. Ckir.r.

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