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MR Kaufmans Clean Sweep Sale Starts Afresh To-morrow
Imm omonow H as & een Planned to Be the Biggest Bargain Day of All
i d ii i All Reserve Stocks Have Been Brought From the Store Room! p ,„. '
1 mm on Wand Read Big
I Every Counter and Shelf Has Been Searched and Many Millinery
I tr When the Store
I I fwafjns New & Wonderful Bargains Brought to Light Announcement
OS ' On Opposite
8 O'clock To-morrow /n a Word the Sale Page
| I \ J Re-inforcement of ,
il Women's and Misses' Linen Coat Suits [jfj()()|H| (Jfll)pfl|| fOR WEDNESDAY and Misses' Summer Coats
WORTH UP TO $5.00 M rUL n 1 M WORTH UP TO $5.00 .
. . . r awu AU At A A MM Wo Uther rurchase Necessary Made of pongee, pure linen and other desirable wash fl*
Made of pure ramie linen and high-grade bedford cord. /?» m M H materials, 3/ 4 and full length styles, many trimmed, others \ j
I Plain tailored and trimmed models. All colors, oyster white, m. ■ MM Af\ r U- Mf . Cf * „ handsomely embroidered. Just the coat for seashore, coun- tD
natural, navy, brown, Copenhagen, etc You wpuld pay more ■ ■■m I* OUr-OtrHlg DrOOHIS try, motoring or for going away. Desirable colors nclud- ■
for the separate skirt. Only 38 to sell, in all sizes for T I ■■ r , A > . ing tan and natural. Only 38 to sell, in all sizes for women JL
women and misses. So be here early. MM and misses. So be here early.
I (On Sale Second Floor) 1 9 LOUI (On Sale Second Floor)
' Read This Carefully 1
' 111 Women's and Misses' Black Jap Silk Dresses] L_J The First 200 Women Women's & Misses' '
I _ i IT - n entering our store Wednesday morning at 8.15 —— wlUlll VsUd.l Ollilo
( Worth Up to *p0.50 . o'clock, when we open, will be handed a ticket WORTH UP TO S2O 00
I Made of fine quality black Jap Silk, conservative styles and P*l /Cl RrmSr'lll P" rchase one cf these 40 cent Pretty new Spring cloth coat suits in desirable materials, styles and
I nicely trimmed. This season's models. You will surely want one J) I i a) Brooms lor 10 cents, colors. Only 14 to sell.
lof these. Only 14 to sell, in misses' sizes 16 to 20, and sizes 34 TT ■ ENTRANCE No. 6 STORE
' I and 36 for women; so be here early None sold to Children. Only one to a customer. <4) I ipij , J)
,1 Salc Sg '"""' H " uf) I 1 I r • 1
I Misses' Balkan |["~? 9c | • j.»••*,.« s
I|| i I Wash Dress Skirts Worth up to $2.50 w s^" ,d 55c
§ lit »3 11 j J I tf»/l O <M rn AFO Two-piece Balkan and Middy Washable Suits * Formerly xold UV to SK.on value, for £d Jt
■ &5 #£ \t Ortll In 2tt uIZaDU made of best quality linon. in all colors. r*ret- ■» """" '""'™ p to "• 00 " abVc C waah ne ""'"'i ,n de "' r H "i"" 4 V° to " e "' Won, * n '» B " n -
J » ■ I M Si Made of fine wn*h mntrrinlw in tlilft ncn- # V "J 1 color* nml K»!«w Apron*. Made of KliiKhnm
m Fine aiialitv of white ratine and C'OP- Vr H tily Fast colors. A skirt and a HH| won'a neatly i rimmed; 111 lotted* and • only 'l'l to nell, n«» lie here nnd pereale; eut full; faMt color*.
] p'Srff! 1 latnHniu vwiv tiiilnrwl nn<l ■ , , Hill all woiiion'n N! y.e*. y * „ „ , >»«!«* on Flrnt Floor, Hear.
M V- 1 materials. Aicti> taiiorea anci ■ blouse at the price yon would pay tor the bare wBI (ll „ w . Ani . k sale second Floor.
| Vo " r opportunity to supply your slzcs f()r nltsSPj , , 6 t<( 2 0, So be here early. t >
J Vfot entire summer needs at tills specially low ' J !
I fr prifp. t (On Sale Second Floor.) > Women's Gowns, 50c 01 _ Women's Waists. 50c O i
J Women's and Misses' Og* value, for «3 1 C value, for C* 1 C
\__ , _ . f~™ ———————— Wash Dress Skirts wOC Juxt 50 to aell. .Made of B«od Jnut 75 <0 aell. White I.ann Slilrt
( Women s& Misses \ Speedy Clearance of All Women's Misses' & Extra m;: iIT;
C r J .WW.. W pretty Mtylea. Only !!» to sell 111 regular
'1 _ ■ . f _ ,_. _ «nlHt lianrtN. So lie here early. *—
j CLOTH COATS Size Women's Summer Washable Dresses i Blollses . _ a ' eT™sq"
# /K>% EMU Hundreds of styles in the season's most wanted wash materials, at . \ f° r 5-9O Blouses, for .. •
% |Jokl || - —Women s and Misses' C C vniue to *I.OO. value to #xoo.
£ \f prices that would be cheap in August. V Wash Dress Skirts .... DO C n f^"„o?nV n ::;d"Vo, , , n e. , . ,, , , r, '."V ll™. ,^TL^n\\'XiL fZ ZSSZ
I li Women's ami Misses' Women's and Misses' Women's and Misses' Women's nnd Misses' Worth „p to $1.50. »"«• col°ra, «U «l„ea.
C vj/ V V . women s ami Misses n nresws of handsome Dresses of stunning Made ot line quality white Bedford eorda nie on irni . i»„ r . Hear, Snle on F | oor , ReaP .
% * Presses in <-00l lawns. Dresses in summery liress* S 01 nanusome nrisn p lllhrn i,| r rprt and Imported rep. I'retty mtylea. In nil V v i
J Ht ... |.j , Thl voiles. Pure linens, mlil t e embroider d . . reKular iv»l»i IUIIHIns 34 to *ell. So be here +
\ II r .1 IT . It>n i-rt tissues and linens. This erepes and tissues. De- voiles, erepes nnd awn- voiles, ratines and pi et- early. f„, , N f \
3 W Oft" h lln lA > X season's styles and eol- slrable style and colors. InK-strlpccl voiles. Kle- ty crepes. ne<'iae<lly (On Snle Seeond Floor.! W omen S Silk A
M r ors nn( i neatly trim- I/ace and button trim- gantly trimmed in rib- pretty styles, Including V / Rlnncec fnr / f* Women's Gincham O #/_
% . . ... med. Formerly sold med. Formerly sold un bons nnd pretty laws, the Russian tunics. Blouses, tor §vv A r
w Our rack of dressj cloth caats, up to $4. Now to sl. Now Formerly sold up to Formerly sold up to \ Value to v.1.00. Aprons, for \J
■ in plain tailored and trimmed $«.50. Now, 57.50. Now, Children's Cloth 1 g"\ f\ jM " t Bn Blouaea nnd Wnlnt* to aoe Value.
1 or ap aa (ba OA OA &»«. M.UU st."."y..*,snss;:axr,
> sss? \t KU VU XII .--Mifii
& luvorite Itulmacunn in sizes for I „ All ■ _■H .1 glf All Al-I |Af Thl » "eanon'a atylen In nil wool blue > v 1
i v/wv v' •., ,
j| Sale Seeond Hoor.) (Oil Salf Hecond Floor.) \xr » T> ~ •
f ———J *• Women s Petticoats, 1 A Girls Wash Dresses, Ar-
J fmrnwiinniiiiwiißiiii mm IIBIIWWIIII i i miwm— l— f 'v f — 50c value, for 1 t/C for 4DC
C Men's Shirts, C Women's Fancy Parasols Ju«t so pettieont* to aeii. Fn«t *«•«»« to »i.as value.
M ' ' rt. nn fo,. rttJC I i , , , r,LJr,-: h " Wr "" ,t w "h nulei Dreaaea In llilh lot. Made of
( « m m m • UAIU s jit i Sh?rta to aell. LeSS Than Half Price R S«.; on Second Floor. rSTII "i d aa?rte* h "Vdori? BU
C Im/l r% #%4- HALr CO XT STY , I"FS."A , I°| r new'pnt": »1.50 and »2.00 Paraaola V V " "" '
I jfr?" men S SUItS 3.1 PRICF
f y * 2JVO and w '°° Girls' Wash Dresses, OQ Women's House A Q
VA I im/l A M'C piriM 0117CTD CAI 17 f Men's Union QQ '° r #l * 4s 50c and 75c value - Dresses, for
KAUFMAN S CLEAN SWEEP SALE suits ooc ?r - ~«« ~ Ju . t ,«« M .de
IlalhrlKKan t nlon Sulta. AU »«,00 nnd fS.OO Paroaola Sale on Seeond Floor
nr* Men's c - — I u i
\! H 1/1 /S and \lllte rz T I * Girls' Wash -i 9Q Women's Petticoats, r>Q
UJ ft ItJ Ynnna MpnU OUIlw ifJ rav , e eg" g 48c Dresses, for .. 3> 1
I loung mens \W Hand Bags ... Women's Silk nf\ Vo,ne M,s °'
'fa \\fvri \7 AI I ICC ICQ TA tio 91.00 value. . I%U Jlint IBS nremneh In the lot. Made Juat 100 Pettleonta to aell. Made
V ALULj <po 1 U M l.adlea' flbre filove<; for VS/ ot nil the newest iiinterlala. In nil ® f blue ehnmlirny) cut fulli eiu
\J " Travellns Ilandhana. 14. t« ' o,' *° ' 4| an< ' ro,or *- broidery ruffle.
M'tmN>» M J. and lUflneh alaea. Juat P-re l._?" ° n S " ,onrt " k Sale on Seeond Floor
\vl 1 Ma ivicn St* ■ fSll Ba,e 0n ,<lr " t Floor ' thread Silk Klovea. 16-bllt-
im'wM. lUll, and . nllltS /'= ) Women's Pettico ts n, 1 f Women's House
Young Men's / = f^ OSe ' sc| V S "' e ° P hlnnr ' 50c values, for 25c Dresse s,for. 69 C
// iffiiMXv <4 VALUES TO $15.50 . . 10c a e I I Jimf JOO to *fll. Made of KOOfl I I Ju*4 100 Drt'KNPN to MCll \1 «'l>
ft il{9NL\\\\wil 100 P alp io f 1 "* *s,\Mr mmt ' qnnllty muslin, 15 Inclirn wide; mnile; perfect I1««IIIK nnd
It \ A Blnck SeainlcNs Ribbed llone. vv uiiicii o OIIK BnlM embroidery rnfTle. one length. percalen. All NIXCM «» 44.
// Hi 500Pair.fMen'sP»ntsC\(\„ l"= I J.
/ i \ . N thread Silk Hone In eolora ~^
Pi \u ues to """""" ' Extra Special Extra Special
f 'mM \ i(W I' mmmm—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm—mmtmmmm Of ICOOII 111 IIMI kII Hlth rilltle. £ H
iilf if I 75 Boys' Norfolk Suits $1 ~ I S,r"""l9c :«... 5c nvs-'—.'-lc
<*) I I'fi'tm §lf }f J I _____ Women's I#/ B ® c value. Jnat 100 Veata to aell. Swlaa
!if i/M Values to S3 50 1= l'/2c
T / JJ,JI Jf/i'l# ▼ OlUvo 111 • • • Be value. ... . Male on Flrat Floor, Henr. Sa,e on *" ' r »< H"or
A-Sj lipil WMB I I White Swlaa heniatltehed. 1
"*'* FirNt ' s '
lOOMcn % Cool G -nuinc P2IIII |H to .
ffe 1 p A4A IT I __ P
Kparh NHIK \lll ValllA II 1 lllllmldl 111 1 llflkl 111 k l M colorat black and
t-Jvddl UUllOi If lv f aiUC Sale on Flnl Floor. Sale on Flrat Floor
[ r
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