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Summer s Best Budget of Friday Specials: Store Closes atNoon
/——————"Cotton Dress Goods ' $5.00 Corsets at $1.95 Fancy Linens
No Friday Morning 25c voiles; 36 inches wide; white Women's and Misses' Spring Cloth Suits From Our Nemo, Smart Set and B. &J. Cor- $1.25 to $1.50 Japanese hand
__ grounds; neat styles of floral de- Hno-nlnr s9ll $!}«:- an /l I inoc in a sets, values to $5.00. Friday morn- drawn work squares; 30x30 inches
SflPClfll Sprit CO. signs. Friday morning only, yd. 10? c »<r * » 4 h j c j n g only $1.95 for shams and table covers. Friday
* 25c marquisette; white ground; Remarkable Clearance Tomorrow Morning:: $5.95 D " p 4 s " s?cond y loor ' morning only ; 49<>
D., or Mail or Tele- j j}[, U o C n i v \-ard '! ' " ioe j I Our ent re remaining stock of Spring cloth suits, representing gar- I Stl eet I* loor Col set Specials Cotton Toweling
_ ->y C vr ,;if ■; VS inrhp? wiHp • iipnt ments from America's foremost manufacturers, in materials and weaves Rengo Belt corsets in large sizes; ■„ ,
phoneOrdersFllled figures on dark grounds. Fridav of the highest character, go into a remarkable clearance for Friday $2.00 value. Friday morning only kitihelTuse
r mnrnincr nnlv virH morning at the lowest price we have ever quoted for garments of equal "'K > lIJ mines wiuc , '
L —' $7!o0 Nub crepei 44inVhes quality* L. CC. corsets, 75c value. Friday Friday morning only, yard ... »«f
Lace Specials one shade. Friday morning only, The sizes are 14. 16 18 for misses, and 34, 36, 38 and 40 for women, ™e"%O„W ft siewar't.' ST'reeY FIJO.. . Lunch Cloths
r varc l |<)f. and the. colors are navy blue, Copenhagen, Gendarme blue, green, ma-
Linen Clunv lace edge and inser- ' Remnants of silk muslin, poplin, hogany, tan and black. • R1 L- D f B<sc all-linen lu nch cloths; 4y
tion; 2to 4 inches wide: in white linen, voile and crepe. Friday Don't miss this rare opportunity if you can use an exceptional __ DlacK. UreSS VjOO . inches square; good patterns. Iri
and ecru Values up to 25c. Friday morning only at half price. garment at an exceptional price, but come early and QC ' ■"' c black mohair; 50 inches wide. day morning only 49?
121, 0 25c golfine cords, solid shades; choose at Friday morning only, yard ... 48?
morning on>, _< ........ •- . se ]f C o| or stripes. Fridav morning Dives. Pomeroy &• Stewart second Floor 75c black Panama; 54 inches wide. Table Damask
Maltese lace edges and insertions, only> yard I()<fc _ , Fridaymorrfing only yard ... .».»? b , eached cotton . tahlc damask ;
one inch wide. Values up to lx. 2;>c imitation linen ; solid shades. m•) , p j ~ Ul , , SI.OO black serge ;50 inches wide. d Friday morning
Friday morning only, vard ... 5? Friday morning only, yard .. 12'/ 2 ? 1 Ollet CiOOGS Ciirdles, Helts and Friday morning only, yard ... 09? - }
Valpnripnnp<; insertions 1 one inch P" n ted Flaxon; neat styles. cf . . ' , c , . T 4.1 j $1.50 silk poplin; 40 inches wide. -
\ alenciennes insertions, one inch morn ing onlv, vard .. «< 4 ? 50c box Romola facc Powder. Fry Leather Goods* Friday morning only, yard ....98? d j S Dreac is
wide, values up to 10c. Friday 12J^ C crepesfgood styles. Fridav day morning only 10? f ... Cnlmvrl Dress (ioods D P
morning only, yard morning only, yard 7*4? Wistaria toilet soap, 3 cakes in ar l^ Se U ' 1 ex ' "* e na ' e ' co . , P.. SI.OO hemmed crochet bed
-.-.r > r> i 10c percales; 36 inches wide; neat box Fridav morning onlv ner memo P ad - pencil, mirror and hot- ?c mixed suiting; .i 4 inches wie. spreads; good size and quality. Fri-
Wometl S Parasols stripes Friday mowing only, yard, h ' ■ mormng n,y ' PJ" tie. Friday morning only ... 440 Friday mornmg only yard .. 2of day mon ling only 39?
* is t 1 ° ox lu v o-onn n" r> ' ' t • •ji 50c crepe granite; 36 inches wicje;
Women's fancy cotton parasols in *4? 50c box Maxine Elliot toilet soap; $--00 silk Roman stripe girdle; b j shades Friday morning only, Hnmp«nnn Tnvvels
red and ribbon bordered effects. es- P° m 'roj- & Stewart, street Floor. 6 c a kes in box, and a 59c Ro S er, inches wide with colored buckle. yard S Homespun 1 OWeIS
Values up to $1.25. Friday morning silver plated berry spoon. Friday Friday morning only #1.75 85c serge; 48 inches wide; full 7c old-fashioned homespun
onlv . 49? Women's Vests morning only 50? 50 c vestee belts; white pique and range of shades. Friday morning towels; hemmed ready for use. Fri
... , , T T ■ I, Bab >" ta \ cm " Powder. Friday black edge. Friday morning only, only, yard 09? day morning only 4?
Women S Umbrellas Women's 10c white cotton ribbed morning only, 2 cans for 5? B ' SI.OO silk and wool crepes; shades .. . T ,
vests; taped neck and armholes. Fri- Colean soap. briday morning of tan, rose, mahogany and tango. iurklSil 1 OWeIS
Women s fast black water-proof day morning only 5? only, cake 4? 50c suede leather belts in Kelly Friday morning only, yard .... 38? T „ rt := h Kat t,
umbrellas with mission handles. Women's Cumfv cut ribbed Silk and mercerized sponge bags, green, Nell rose, purple and light $1.25 silk and wool brocade t • 'j i r . a J v f'J
Worth B''c. I-riday morning °nj>. vests. Friday morning only, rubber lined. Friday morning only, blue with covered buckle. Friday crepes; four good shades. Friday only 3 for
° * ??, or 4 for 25? 5? morning onlv . . 35? morning only, yard <>9? " ' • k *>')&
TCmhroideries , Shaving stick, full size in nickel „ . ' . ' " * . $1.25 serge; 52 inches wide; two , „
Men S Underwear box. Friday morning only ... - shades of navy. Friday morning Huck Towels
Swiss embroidery shirt waist . . Greaseless cold cream. Friday Friday morning only 87? onlv, yard 95?
fronts, in open and solid patterns. Men t> 50c Egyptian open mesh morning only 10? Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart, street Floor. $1.50 Plisse crepe; 40 inches wide; 1214 c red border huck towels;
Values up to $1.25. Friday morning u . r . ts a drawers; broken lines. Witch hazel, bring bottle. Friday all the best shades. Fridav morning good size and quality. I-riday moui
onlv 25? Friday morning onlv, each . ... 25? morning onlv, per quart 19? _ , , __ Tl . only, vard 2.>?
Embroidered voile flouncing; 45 Alen soc and . /5c athletic shirts p nre St. Thomas blue ribbon bay 1 radesmen s\\ lllte Aprons T • • D - p - &s - street Floor
inches wide; in solid patterns. and drawers, nainsook and madras. rum, bring bottle. Fridav morning Ar , . , . ~, L/inillgS
Values up to 75c. Fridav morning Fnda - V morning only, each ... 29? only< per pint ;.... 35? Men s 25c hcav y wh,te b,b a P rons $1.25 black Farmer's satin ;54 in
only .yard 25? Dives, Pomoroy & Stewart, street Floor. 2 5c Tu-bo-lax. Friday morning with neat black stripes. Friday c hes. wide. Friday morning only, Women's Juliets
Swiss embroidery flouncing; 45 , onlv J8? morning only ... 19?, or 3 for 50? yard ' 75?
inches wide; values up to 49c. Fri- > IT • 25c Colorite for coloring straw » f ,, c . 50c surf cloth; 33 inches wide. \\ omens $1.25 to $2.00 black kid
dav morning onlv, vard 19? 1 leil S riOSiery hats. Fridav morning onlv .. 10? 31eil S ollll'ts at ()9c Fridav morning only, yard ... 45? skin Juliets; hand-turned soles; not
Women's Handkerchiefs Men's 2Se silk hose; black only. Tube of Koval Woth piste with M . , J0 „ D.. p. s., Btreet Floor. all sizes. Friday morning only.
U omen S Handkerchiefs Friday morning only iSf one 10c tooth brnsh. Fr,day mo ? . Eaglo ahirta. ttlightlv imperfect: aa- Suede Pumps
Women's Hosiery Box oftootl,.powder with i;,eloc sorted lot. Friday morning only. Men's Furnishings Women's $3.00 and $3.50 black
Friday onlv 5? • ->q ii 1 -it ri i 9.. 1 1 r 'da> only .... lo? (~)? Mens l.ic pad garters, Friday pu mps with straps; lioodvear welt-
Women's hemstitched cotton W omen s 38c black sitk lisle hose; Silver instantaneous cleaner Hi- Men's PaiamaS morning only ..8? E d soles; high Cuban heels; not all
handkerchiefs. Values up to 3c. Si"™ 11 teC '' Fr,day H {.-{,%* fajamas One dozen sol,d metal unbreak- sjze , Fr i4 n , o r„i„g 0n1y,.#1.69
Fridav morning onlv 7 for . 10? onh ....... 2.1? Birts23c head wash. Friday Men's SI.OO pajamas; plain cloths able collar buttons; assorted shades.
\\ omen s 10c black and tan col- morning only 1<? . - , , f trimmed- Friday morning only .5? Boys Shoes
Women's \pf»kwear orcd cotton llose : seamless. Fri- 15c Colverine talcum. Friday ; ~!' & . ' Men's white hemstitched hand
day morning only 5? morning only 10? sizes l.i to 18. I riday morning kerchiefs. Friday morning only, 3 Boys' $1.25 patent colt button
Embroidered batiste collars in I r ' C "^ c Imperial cement. Fri- only (55? for 10? shoes; made on full toe lasts with
white .light blue, pink and black Infants oOX day morning only 9? Light weight $2.98 pajamas, in Boys' white hemstitched handker- heavy stitched soles. Friday morn
dots. Values up to 50c. Friday T : .• i->r r . Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, £tre«t Floor. pink, blue and white, sizes 15 and chiefs. Fridav morning only, 5 for ing only 95?
morning onlv \2y/e Lifant sl2y,c fancy top sox; as- 16 only, and men's $1.98 crepe pa- 10? c
Silk Windsor ties; assorted col- v-virlav 'mnrnllftr l° UC excian jamas; all sizes. 1-riday morning d„ p. &s„ Men's store. Children S Saildals
ors. Values up to 25c. Friday "day morning only >? Boxed Books only #1.50 Children's 65c tan -rain leather
• t | . Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Street Floor. nnp-niVrp £1 OO LnUclrenb Or»C tail icatner
111. "inn ~||| > •> 50c boxed books. Friday morn- jamas. Friday morning only, 75* Boys' Straw Hats, '2sc barefoot sandals with heavy stitdied
D- , nA c „ p D,V "' P ° n "" ,y ' 4 M '"" *""■ Odd styles and broken sizes Boys' aoles. Friday morning only ..
. , Large and Small Rugs - Ra„ Rah and high crown Children's Pumps
Jewelry and Silverware Last of the Whittall discontinued 4i CAt (Ho nr Di np straw hats - 111 wlllte » corn - black ' , _ , .
patterns at big reductions. Stationery $1 •50 to $2.95 Blouses, 95c blue and white and black-or blue ; Children s SI.OO white canvas _-
SI.OO nickel alarm clocks, guaran- S6OOO Ang]( ?.p ersian R 9x12 UUtI > c d . 50c, 69c, 98c and $1.23 values. Fn- strap pumps; made on full toe lasts
teed. I riday morning only ... <•>? { & Pound paper. 2 packs envelope* , cre P e ' , , ana Da tiste Dloust , d morning only 25? tridav morning only bo?
$1.50 set of 6 Rogers silver plated c ' ' "" V d dozen Dens and oen holder 70c tn, ». min f of , lace °, r embroidery m- g v d.. p. & s.. street Kioo,-. near,
table snoon- Fridlv mornine-onlv .ft, >al orcester Ru g s . pens and pen holder, /Uc sertion bunch tucks and <stmvv Oiitino- J,Qf.
taDie spoons. 1 nuav morning on\y 9x12 feet $35.00 value - l nday morning only, 25? embroidery voile or lace collar Straw UUting rtatS, 49C
7 5 c cold and silver nicture frames
morning c'nh ... 15? 2/xbO inches ~ . *1.?5 price $1.50 to $2.95. Friday morn- that were earlier up to $3.95. I-ri- VV lllte UOOdS
39c coin nurses Fridav mornine - 1, 1 11 I Jeria ' Axminster Rugs. ing onlv 95? a - v mornin R onl . v 17c Plisse crepe; 29 inches wide;
onlv . .. . ....." 19? 3 %' 3 i" c , h - •' Vy.V :• S3OO Boys' Pants tl nft m .- n D " P " &8 - Second F,o ° r ' Kront used for underwear; good quality.
SI'S . iernian silver coin Boys' fancy mixed pants, sizes 7 sl ' °° B,OUSeS 8t 5 ° C
nda\ morning onlv . ..... ~1.00 jg vears — Voile blouses; front trimmed with P ' striped and checked lawns;
. 7° . top beauty pi " s an,! ~_a r Made-Up Rugs $1.25 value. Fridav morning embroidery and lace insertion; or- 25c nickel plated flour sieves* 28 to 30 inches wide; extra quality.
P, "o- tr a L m °. rmng -° nl -K-.V i, in ; , only 98? gaudy collar trimmed with lace Friday morning only 17? f H dav morning only yard ... 8?
r°t brooches, bar pins, belt pins, U 4 and V / 2 yards long, $1 00 value. Frtday morning edge. Regular price SI.OO. Fridav 5c shelf paper. 5 yards. Friday Friday morning >, ?
et «-' • n ri(Ja - v morn.ng only .... 10? 75c to $1.50 only 79? morning only . 50? morning onlv »? 12'/ 2 c white voile; m»de of good
SI.OO set-of 6 silver plated tea 9 Dlves . Pomeroy & stewarti Second Floor $1 49 pie servers "nickel frames. twisted yarns. 28 inches wide. Fn-
Matt,n « p Mens Trousers only «w ! 10 JJSJ
yard*" JaP3 " . Men ' s fan c y grey worsted and cas- Dressing SacqueS water'' bucket Triday 'Zing to a piece; 36 inches wide. Friday
■ >d _ ••• /•*",' simere trousers, sizes 36, 38, 40 and 1 . , J qc morning only, piece 80?
Silk Specials " x 31 Remnants Linoleum, 42; $2.50 values. Friday morning Lawn dressing sacques; white °"it?m 'nniplft nan< Fri- 29c striped voile; 40 inches wide;
, 0 ,i , .... , **9? only $1.35 ground with neat figure. Fridav ■ nr „: n(r nn t v ' SI IO quality for dresses and waists;
$1.39 black satin Majestic; 40 in- nnves Pomeroy & Stewart. Third Floor. morning only 25? tA ATL.In.' *' FriHav morn Fridav morning only .yard ... 19?
ches wide. I-nday morning only, Boys Blouse Suits " in onh 39? 25c'striped crepes; 40 inches wide;
Remnants of silk of the best sell- Lawn Mowers ' Boys'sl.so and $2.00 white blouse S lOrt Skirts $20.00 leaded glass domes install- morning
ing qualities. Friday morning onlv , wash suits in galatea arid linene, Short cambric skirts; cambric ed. I'riday morning only .. Jp14.00 •24 inches
at Half price. - lawn mowers. Friday morn- slightly soiled. Friday morning ruffle hemstitched hem trimmed. $7.98 domes, complete. Friday wide . can bc used for curtains. Fri-
D„ p. &a, street Floor. n * ' Jp1..18 .only 9«>? Friday morning only 25? morning only morning onlv vard .... 3^
Dlves ' Pomer °y & Stewart, Basement. D„ P. & S., Second Floor, Rear. -Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Second Floor. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. Basement. - » -
200 Dead Germans Found
in Space of Fifty Yards
After Terrific Encounter
Brussels. Aug. 13, via London. 11.45
A. M.—The fighting yesterday between
the Belgian and German armies in the
vicinity of Diest lasted the entire day
and constituted the first considerable
mattle of Haelem. Shells were still
falling at half past seven in the even
ing on the roads around Diest.
The battle centered around Haelem
[ORDER •, A'
in the Belgian province or Limbourg
extending to Diest in the north of the
Province of Brabant after passing
around Zeellhem.
At 7 o'clock last evening all the
country betweep the three towns men
tioned had been cleared of German
troops except the dead and wounded
who were thickly strewn about the
tire zone.
Upwards of 200 dead German sol
diers were counted in a space of fifty
yards square.
A church, a brewery and some
houses in Haelem were set afire and
two bridges over the Demer were de-1
stroyed by Belgian engineers.
Great quantities of booty were col
lected on the battlefield and this has
been stacked in front of the town hall
of Diest. Many horses also were ctp
The strength of the German column
was about five thousand men.
Germans Willing to Take
Americans Into Their
Homes Without Cost
By Associated Press
Berlin, Aug. 13, via Copenhagen,
and London, Aug. 13.. 12.25 A. M.—
A meeting of 500 Americans in the
German capital was informed last
evening that many Germany families
were ready to take stranded Ameri
cans into their houses without cost.
The first on the list of those willing
to do so was Adolph Wermuth, the
lord mayor, who declared he would
take three Americans.
The banks here also are ready to
grant important credits to Americana.
The president of the German bank de
clared he would grant $1,250,000
against adequate security.
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Berlin, via Copenhagen, via- London,
Aug. IS, 7.50 A. M.—A special train
with 400 Americans left at 1 o'clock
in the afternoon for Holland. Prepa
rations have been advanced for the
departure of other Americans. The
leading banks here are now paying
cash on letters of credit.
London. AUK. 13. 5.15 A. M. —A dis
patch to the Exchange Telegraph Com
pan> savs that more than fifty vessels
ol' all nationalities have been stopped
at Gibraltar and their sailing pre
vented. .
Vancouver, B. C., Aug. 13.—The Ca
nadian cruiser Rainbow reached Vic
toria to-day. convoying the British
man-of-war Shearwater. The Als«rlnc
Is expected later.
Washington. 1). C., Aug. 13.—Min
ister Wliltlock, at Brussels, reported
to the State Department to-day that
the United States consulate at Liege
was exposed to Are and if the Ger
mans decided to bombard the city It
will be necessary to move It. As yet
no damage has been done.
New York, Aug. 13. —The Belgian
consulate to-day made public the fol
lowing cablegram from the minister
of war at Brussels:
"The port of Antwerp is open and
the estuaries of the river Scheldt are
open to commercial navigation. Du
ins the day there will IK* L)ut< h pilots."
Copenhagen.. Aug. 12, via Ixmdon.
Aug. 13. Political circles consider
that the neutrality of Denmark must
be maintained at all cost. Otherwise
the economic distress which already Is
acute will be accentuated. Large
quantities of goods are being exported
to the combatants. Germany has re
moved her tariff restrictions, but re
quires that the shipments be in large
quantities. The export of Banish
goods to England commences to-night,
the government insuring them against
war risks.
Paris, Aug. 13, 3.50 A. M. —It is de
clared here that the alleged purchase
bj Turkey of the German cruisers
Goeben and Breslau, as announced at
Constantinople, probably will be the
subjet t of a demand for explanation
on the part of France and her allies.
Paris. Aug. 13, 4.40 A. M.—A dis
patch from Rome declares that the
departure of the Austro-Hungarlati
ambassador to Italy, Kajetan Merey
de Kapos-Mere, stated to be for rea
sons of health, was really due to the
impossible situation resulting from the
failure of liis efforts to obtain Italian
support for Austria and Germany.
Paris, AUK. IS. 2.35 A. M. —An offi
cial communication issued at llrussels
contradicts the reports that the Ger
mans are strongly entrenching their
|K>sitio!is In the vicinity of I .lege. It
adds that the cavalry Is undoubtedly
falling back and that only a part of
the city of Liege is being fortified by
the Germans. The bombardment of
the forts was.resumed yesterday, hut
they still hold out.
Woman's Health
and spirits depend upon her digestion
and circulation. Sallow skin, pimples,
facial blemishes and depression dis
appear after the system has been
cleansed and the blood purified by
Direction «f Special Valoe to Wonts with Ewtj Box.
Sold Everywhere, b bona, 10c„ ZSc.
J, 1914.
Business L.ocan
Not very closely associated but in
timately related. The stooped should
ers is frequently due to ill-titting shoes
that prevents the wearer f,rom enjoy
ing the foot comfort that unconscious
ly makes you step with a firm tread
and shoulders erect. Our semiannual
clearance sale makes It possible for
you to select the better gr de shoes
at a nominal price. Jerauld Shoe Co..
310 Market street.
To us for repairs and you are assured
of the most careful attention by the
most expert watchmakers. Skilled In
the adjustment of the most delicate
mechanism of the highest grade
watches, we are competent to give
excellent service on your watch or
clock repairs or cleaning. W. H. At
kinson, 1423 V 4 North Third street.
Dressing of children is quite a
problem for every mother, therefore
she Is usually Interested in wearing
apparel for children that promises
greater comfort snd convenience as
well as wear. The William Frank
waist for children Is specially made
with regard to comfort and of splendid
wearing materials. Buttons for chil
dren to put on themselves, avoids
usual annoyance. Marianne Kinder
1 Markt. 220 Locust street.

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