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Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart \ Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart Ifi
Falling of the Leaves Brings Thoughts of Fall and||)
||fiWinter Needs: The Store Is in Complete Readiness)(
yj To-morrow the Last Day of the TheFirstShowingTomorroWof Beginning Tomorrow: A Demonstration
Madame Lyra Corset Demonstration Fall Underwear For Men and Women Of Wear Ever Aluminum Wear
V\ Madame Lyra Corsets are recognized by women of fashion to he Men's Fall .weight Egyptian cotton ribbed shirts and drawers. Every housewife who does her own cooking will want to attend
Tfryi one of the few grade corsets of to-dav that possess graceful lines Each 50tf * *• i f ~
lyn , b a, .' V- , •••••••••••••••••••••• i the special demonstration, beginning to-morrow, of \\ earever Alunn
y/f and figure ease. Men s Fall weight natural wool shirts and drawers. Each. ... *
The Parisiennes still demand the uncorseted effect, but this ef- 75? to #1.50 num \\are.
feet can be obtained only with the latest and best models. Men's Egyptian cotton ribbed union suits; long sleeves, #I.OO Ihe opening of the demonstration will be ushered in by special I
Madame Lyra Corsets clearly define the beautiful lines of the Men's Fall weight natural wool union suits #2.50 sale of 3-quart covered Berlin saucepans and Berlin kettles, at 09?. \
natural form and the_\ produce grace and comfort as well as style WOMEN'S KAIJj UNDERWEAR Men's fust iiim-k cotton half hose: The regular price is SI.OO. \ \
V/y7 smartness White <ottoi. ribbed vests; lo.jsr Mk ViV i""' l r"'«into'Vwt 45c one-quart lipped stew pans, will be sold at 21? \\
/k\ A wide range of styles is to be found in our showing of Madame sleeves 25e • 8 ~,sl K ><"»'» " ' . 1 . . 11 1 ' ~ * 1 1
'\\ Lyra Corsets, and there is a model for your figure. vp ™' alui MenTn.it i.ia'.k ltole hair' i,o^. a l nnt '« a U earever roaster, griddle cake baking, with- I I
To-morrow will be the last day of this important corset demon- wiiitc cotton ribbed union suits';' Fail I lMrl out l ' ie use S rcase a "d boiling rice without stirring will be spe- 1 \
/) Stration. ulth high neck awl Fast black hoVer i'Bsbioncd cial features. \\
7 Dlvts ' Vomorny * Stewart, Secon.l Floor. ' White slik and wool'union suits: •>«;. ami .plicc.l and
/ / hlKh neck ami lons sleeves 51.50 l ast black llslc fashioned feet \
/ ' , i While cotton rlblx.l union Mitts; "» « " - '.ZW ' \
/ r~— low neck and sleeveless and ankle U)l^S «- nurM) " seamless cot- f \
/ Charming Kimono Arrivals • • *"Aft»rF«ll \
: t Men's I-'all weight lisle half hose in Dives, Pomeroy * Stewart —Street 1 V.l IGI 1 dll X lv_7 Hot' V>lvl/CHlli 1 UU 11 \
Make Their First Bow To-morrow """*• i,n " *"">• - 5 ' / XKT ™ Die a
I l-ong crepe kimonos with flat collar #I.OO f~T~, • VV Sflt 1 lIGSG X36CL OpfC£lCl.S
I Long crcpe kimonos with white lawn collar and cuffs with lace, Ihp (lrOP prv TffVltPS YOU tO i<m ™ c m n nj c- i • i i c
\ in wistaria, pink. rose, light blue and Copenhagen $1.25 111 VJrOCery lllVlieb V™ Satin Marseilles Bed .Spreads with marks of
' Long crcpe kimonos, in loose back or fitted style: finished with Share Pure Fnnrk in To- ' sllght ""perfections that will not be noticeable except under close I
i organdy collar and cuffs or satin ribbon : in rose, pink, light bine, * inspection, are marked for immediate clearance at $1.69 \
' \ Copenhagen, lavender, wistaria, grey or navy sl..K> tc» s;{.{)."» i<a 1 $3.50 and $4.00 Satin Marseilles Bed Spreads, in large sizes and V
/ Long flannelette kimonos in floral or Persian pattern*: in light m OrrO\V S OpeCial SHOW ltlg beautiful designs. Special at $1.9.1 /J
111 blue, pink. Copenhagen, navy or gre\ $1 ,(K) to "Crisco cooking compound, large cans. Regular SI.OO size; Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, street moor. 11l
IHI Eiderdown bath robes with satin Children's eiderdown or blanket Special 1
1111 trimming i" American Beauty, peach. ["°bcs In red. navy, light blue. Copen- . » \/
.11 fpnenhagen red or crev jhagen or pink $1.25 to $8.50 rancy new mackerel ill 10-pound pails !».»<• r 7I V
vj/// ' tos7.s° Ocean whiting fish in 10-pound paiis The Finest Grades of Kid Gloves Enter /n )
II I Beacon l»ianket ri'ltes In the new pio k with blue stripes; <'ollar or col- Singapore pineapple chunks; very Kippered herring imported from _ , _ II
\ft plaids and Indian designs in Copcn- iarless 75e to $1.50 choice, can 12e Norway, oval cans 10c refill IV> mnrrnU/ II
lf\ iiagen. navy, tan and grey. Flannelette skirts In all white or Sour red pitted cherries In No. 2 cans. Tuna fish, a delicious substitute for 1110 1 dll JIIU W *■ CI ■"
Ilu $3.05 to s.V9.*> pink, light blue or grey stripes, delicious lor pies, can 12c chicken In salads; large cans ....28c /
IVu frepe dc thine kimons iii lavender, 35c to 75c itimi's cniirnniin iii.ri.-n i.. sliced ox tongue in glass jars, jar,3oe From the most renowned glove makers of France and Germany
\l\M rose. pink, light blue. Copenhagen and | Qlves, Pouieroy \ Stewart—Second honvv *?rtm .«» |{,,r " n ponrß '„i" Chef sauce: for cold MUt; regular. . .... , , I
\\ white $5.95 to sih.so| **" Floor. *' * '' . " iy 10c. Special 8c come these kid gloves, the lasf we are likely to receive for mail}' daj*s. IVJ
\\ v —————_— y _ Solid packed tomatoes in large tins, Peiuiut butter; very linest to l>e bad. \Jj
' \ f a for 23,< lb. 15c, 2 lbs 28c Two-clasp kid gloves in black, white Kayser washable leatherette gloves. ///)
/M Beach Coats For Men Whose Work I" ta,wrey ' VA
f I LlCObll lUI IVICII V V liUoC VVUIN oansfor ,enn 25c Country cured dried beef, % -lb. 10c One-clasp kid gloves with P. K. and SI.OO to $1.50 (Q )
// / T
If // IS Out Doors Are Amoncf the hou-e Mrginia sweet potatoe. . Luncheon loaf. 11) 28c tan. pair $1.50 black, grey, brown and navy, pair,
XV / cans lri ;,„"i u ;-. •• Minced ham, lb .20c Two-clasp kid gloves with P. K. ana 25c to 50c TA
V C 11 T7 " 1 " , s l ,r,n - ''orgt string nians. extra |{ o ilo<l liam, lb 3»c overseam stitching In black, white. Children's cashmerette Kloves in
\ 1 all I large calls; sanitary packs; dozen cans, sugar cured bacon; sUced any thick- tan and grey, pair, ...$1.75 and $2.00 white, natural, grey, brown and navy, ||)\
fc» si.io, can .im „ efiS( ji, 28c Kayser washable leatherette gloves pair 25c || \\
Men's Beach coats and vests for out door service during the Fall iSleVi Country cured liains, aveage' 10 in two-clasp style, in white, tan. grey Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street \\
and winter months nrc now being worn b; scores of men whose work .1.! . K" ""j. <,„ic ™,,'. tf/"' * 211 ,
lies out Hnnr. Macaitmi ..pashetti or nt«»tllcs in full state cream cheese, in.. \\
lies out doors. one pound packages »c |( , t V\
1 $1.50 beach coats are $1.!5 WOMEN'S SWEATERS DIRECT Roscdale baking chocolute, 'i lb. K j ll( ? st «. Poallu T r y butter','' "Clear U7 1_ * C 117 11 C _ U \\
I w Cotton Fabrics For Fall Sewing 1 \
II 17 iviriMl iii si oo Switzerland are arknou l<Ml<ro«l to pos- state asparagus; a % era Re -« . silk ami cotton poplin: 36 Inches wide; In all th© leadlnj? Fall shade®, yard, l\ H
\\ .f/'n "m! 1 even more .harm than the sweat- lal "mapie' isyrup;' Full T'v\S AM) (OllElS 79( . U |
11 uitnmoMup Jl i irsiiißTs' . | ePN Ht are nia< ' t> * ,or e at home. Our pint bottles 30c* Excelsior rofTee: our linest blend. Cotton poplin in all the l>est Fall shades, tills fabric* lias a very lustrous \\ II
\ I Xt'\\ { iirri' liN "l n V.%«. mrralr* ' rnnt * hmvin £ of thes<» im|)orted garments Is C.erman mustard in tumblers 5c ,b - •••;•; *•'***•••: *•••• ; • • finish and is very desirable for chlldren*s school dresses, yard 25c \\ I
\ j >hir<s that are scheduled to s<> out to- vprv cumplete. As interesting a stock st '"' bral,(l 1 ,,< k,os in >,nson ,o '' Ja (^;
LloM 'TiT 1 ' ofT ' '' ( '°" < '° ,>r< "' Cotton messullne, a high luster fabric hi dark grounds with neat stripes \1 J'
11 morrow at . . 59c tif American Sweaters Is here for those Pomncllan olive till full nlnts resru- ,l - & *'■ •'"'fee, 5 lbs.. »0c; lit. . . .20c and figures; 30 and 30 Inches wide, yard 25c and 35c 11 !
II i i,a\m:i.K! ri: Jturt shihts . »I.»H 10 »1«.50 M.i.k- Vi it . u" i very ehMco Menil; 33e i» a«c erepen and voiles In d»rk «nd li e lil sround. Kirt ooven strtpes. |
// There are dozens of patterns in flan- ' - ' or t to >s and tiirls, SI.OO to St.9B Irnia brand sjird'lites in niusturd 45c yard ' 8 ?4 C I
r / nelette weaves of the lineM grade. »' OP Infants 50c to $2.98 ' 5c Absolutely pure cocoa, lb., 15c, 2 $1.25 silk ilgiired poplin in light and dark shades with self-colored silk
/1/ Night shirts range from 50c to SI.OO. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —Men s Atlas imported sariliiies in pure ,bs 28c figures, 30 inches wide. Yard "9c 1 I
// I Pajamas of flannelette, SI.OO to $1.98 Store. olive oil. can 12e Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Basement Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. I
((I ' 1 : : -> ; //
NiV E Colored Dress Weaves Attractively Priced Lovely Styles for Autumn 11
I \ Jnß Shepherds checks. Yard ... to $1.50 Storm seree: yard 159<» to $2.50 * ew laundered collars hi the roll and flaring The new pleatlngs of net and lace are, a yard, /
Ii \ i tu. ,v'll/f r- .. • . . . . ' . " , , iWV shape* with ruffs to matrli. The collars are 25c each 25c to $1.50 /
i \ \ fflt vwH/ A Canton crepes ;lignt in weight and very ue- Crepe granite, i ard ( >9O to Shla.iO and the cuffs are, a pair 25c Neck cords, assorted styles in every wanted color, j ■
/\\ WW sirable for dresses Yard ... 75* to SI.OO Basket cloth, in all the new shades. Yard, ,h!ring^v'les r f! , . and .& New Windsor ties in plain biue 25c 'to 5& /, i
I |k // ■ rmish sergfe in all the staple shades. ard, $1.50 Vestees of St. Gall embroidery and sheer organdy, Roman stripes ami crepe de chine ties in soiltl II
I I |M, U ill lU'l, ?"»i> t,. tiil "ill Dives. I'omerov & Stewart Street Floor some trimmed with lace and embroidered, others shades and ombre effects 50c II
I Uvll / fISII /f tucked and trimmed with buttons 25c to $1.50 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. 11/, jl
\1 MM en Accustomed to High Standards in Their Clothing
MMM They Wear Will Again Look to Us This Fall M
y i! 11/ IM/ffsz. \[{! We've chosen clothes for particular men so often that we know just what class of new fabrics and fashions they demand. Our long experience in buying has (»M|
I enabled us to discard undesirable ideas and frills and select only the very latest approved fashions.
nlfi/ffljrx II Can sa^e unres ervedly recommend the suits and coats that go to make up our complete Fall showing, because we do not believe that better clothes can be
bought at any price. For perfection of fit, correctness of fashion and general quality, Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart garments are never surpassed. J\^
/Jl Now's the time for you to make your most favorable selection—so we'd like to show you to-morrow. /A I
W Mimfril Brown and fancy tartan checks, grey stripe cassimcres and Men's light weight Balmacaans, in Scotch grey and black Puccion ortrl <Nni+c I/Ml i
jjjjjjf/JHill lift I grey-blue worsteds in st}"lcs for young men and for men who tweeds, homespuns and solid grey weaves, 57.50 to Sj?t2o.oo
f/V I I cling to the more staple modes; coats are made with lapel or q ' O l_ t r •, M Black and white check worsted, brown and plain blue \\f\
1! 111111111 111 patch pockets and cut over conservative or 1 AA DOyS OCnOOI OllltS, VV ltn VC /I C M i<% corduroy Russian suits, in sizes Z]/ 2 to 7 vears, and in blouse YTp^®
•1/HI 111 ml l in «? VIU.UU Fvtm of J) l.i/O styles from sto 9 years #3.95, »4.50 and *5.00 Y LJj
i /if JIIf \\ *HI Mens rail Suits of brown, green and tancy tartan checks, I dll \J 1 1 lUUoCIo Hoys' Corduroy Suits in Norfolk style; sizes 7 to. 18 years;
I lit lll\|[ Mi ll blue and white Scotch worsted stripes, shadow stripe cassi- Boys' grey and brown ovcrplaid cassimcres, grey Scotch trousers cut with open welt scam #4.50 and #6.50 jLJfi |
mil fwli \j\ll F meres, Scotch mixtures, solid blue and fancy shadow stripe mixtures and plain grey diagonal dark worsted silk mixtures Boys' chinchilla and heavy cloth coats, in sizes 6 to 9
illJ/f I serges and tan Scotch tweeds; with lapel or (1* 1C AA in sturdy weaves for hard service at school; each suit carries years #4.25, #5.00 and #0.50 / jtjmL
Wlii///\» P atch P ockets M> 1 0»V/U an extra pair of trousers; sizes range from 7to 18 years, #4.95 Dlvcs - P°™roy & stewart, second Floor. L—
-1 ; : ; : : 1 i(XVtk
Millinery That Is Rich in Style: Scores of New Arrivals This Week
HW jl.fj \W |j| This week has seen many new arrivals in the Millinery Department, so to-morrow you may expect to find many ideas that emhody copies and adaptations of Paris originals.
11/|-W> lil\ t ' l ' s . w ' l °' e splendid showing every woman will see liberal evidences of the handiwork of true millinery artists, even in the large groups of low-priced models. '
mil V\\ V']\ Sailor hats in every wanted color with a trimming of rib- Trimmed hats in a very complete style gathering at $3.95 feather turbans with wing trimming, in white. Re-
Wltm Vv\\v\ bon bands % #2.50 #1.95 to #0.50 duced to 98? WPnf
wltr/ Li ' Plush Mining luts

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