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Our January Silk Sale Always Noted Flna ' Clearance Prices Have Been Marked
/■ t |-\ •/• <| i •< • -j~v • For a Sale To-morrow
tor Its Deautltul habrics at Rare savings On Our Entire Stock of Suits and Coats
OPENS TO-MORROW Regular $12.50 Suits Regular $18.50 Suits
These annual sales are always built 011 quality, for the finer the silks we can buy the more attractive the values Now Reduced to $9.50 Now Reduced to $12.50
will be. Silks will be a dominant feature in the realm of fashion this Spring, and our close alliance with the manu
facturers lias brought to us many choice Spring weaves in new patterns and shades to sell at prices that are * f Scores of SUitS 111 a pleasing
genuine savings. Tl A • c i &
The offerings in fancy and black silks will be as varied as ever, including many exclusive effects that will iA / ' dricry Of Sty ICS fll(; to DO
make this sale a distinctive style event. With the promised vogue of silk—this sale should hold first place in jiSy, J usSpv found 111 thlS final Winter
your interest to-morrow. I „ r > «
; , , o ] WW clearance or women s and
I $1.8» crepe meteor, 40 inches (fc-i oq PLAIN TUB SIMtS /7 s «j\\\ ' f n ,
45 Pieces of New • »'*•• »«• :;r, ™ sn«, i. n» «<,„ d wCJTjfSP \ li' 4 mlsse s outergarments, begin
t-, T j j t» j i $2.00 floral crepe do chine, Beautiful patterns «« J JSJQ \M i S ifl l *
r 1 ancy Jacquard and ijrocade with over stripe effect, 40 inches (fcl riO flesh and yellow; 36 inches wide; 89c £tOr» 1 I JhWhl 2566 V I AfMl IV- niflCf tn.m Off OA X/"
J Fff 1 Wide ' January Sale price ' yard <pl.Uy quality. January Sale price, yard OtK- Kgji \ fir* l| f> lIIUIHJW.
s MKSSAMNE SUITINGS »i.25 peau de crepe, heavy aii-»uk crepe \ Sjk\ \ I| | \ There are several hundred coats
Many Spring Shades stripe'paTte™"™ prints'" oq 6, weave for waists and dresses, T4 Inches wide; Hi I \ lllthe
sl.so and $2.00 Qualities January Sale Price, yard OiJC black and white. January Sale
36 and 40 inches wide. „ new foulakds ; RF/' AJj unmatchable.
to i t» • J Boc Cheney showerproof Foulards in 16 pat- * f I \zsfl~W i x-v
v January Sale Price, yard, o.ty 69c Messallne str)pes ln 12 new attractlve j | ril .e suits comprise sizes for women
Pussy Willow taffeta, 40 inches wide, street > SILKS IN NEW SAND AND PUTTY SHADES 39C /' Sn " miSSeS 111 liaVy, brOWn, plum,
J^nuarv^afe^Hce 8 ' yard° qUa " ty - sl. 19 The popularity of sand and putty shades { J - • greeil aild black.
January hale trice, >arci has i, ro uKht forward into the realm of dress ■ "
CREPE WEAVES , fHsliions Shantung weaves which we imported $1.60 floral radium silk— a dainty silk for $12.50 serge suits, ill navy, $22.50 and 25.00 black broad- $2500 chiffon hrnarfrlnth
$1.25 crepe de chine in 15 pood shades, 40 from China. These are the genuine oriental . ji i i u i r —'-w uiuau ciiuion oroanciotll
inches wide. January Salo price, TOr» ' fabrics, 33 inches wide, regular SI.OO to. evening waists, 27 Inches wide. (tq,, blown and black, back of coat cloth suits Final (hi C AA Kinal d» t r« aa
yard i9C I quailty. January Sale price, yard S»C January Sale price, yard trimmed with braid and but- Clearance Price, 15.U0 Qearance Pfice $15.00
Quality Black Silks at Such Low Prices p''™' ° ear "- $9 - 50 ,>^Sdlh pl :i. and Fi g ;: , ;
A rpk D„ r „ T nr |~>rl • $15.00 .$18.50
■L YIC/ IVdl \D 111U.UULI coat and circular skirt. $35.00 chiffon broadcloth >32.50 velvet suits. Final
F >nal Clearance <MO Cfl suits Final <tlC CA Clearance (on /1A
85c plain black foulards, 24 inches -fQr* SI.OO black taffeta, 36 inches wide. Of. ( Price «Pl«»wW flparatico P r ; r „ tPIOtUV TJ ,- tb^U.UU
wide. January Sale price, yard January Sale price, yard o»> c Clearance rrice, Price v-v.vv
wide.s°Januar 5 ° January B Sale r prlce,' ... 69C Peau de soie- Trice.
w.^ht^Janrrrsa^e^rice^ 1168 wlde:
yard 59c Sale price, yard 880 $1.85 black crepe meteor, 40 Inches wide. MoTG Thail 200 CjarmSlltS ltl thp ClpflMflPP
75c black mesKallne, 3fi inches wide. rn, t- , -r January Sale price, <X>* on Ull lO 111 V/lCdlallUC
January Sale price, yard UOC JJ>l.2s quality, 36 inches. Tanuarv yard tpl.Zy +to i»r^ii in „ 4
JaS B uir^.^Tr4r 3 d 6 . mCh . eßW,ae : . 73c Sale price, yard 98<- $!.« black m-aline. 36 inches; heavy $,.r ,bc,t - s7°so TlTflS
lnche "79c $1.50 quality 36 inches. January »" y '.. I * m, * ry . s " , . prK *: 98c Eg'
SI.OO black messaline, 36 Inches oo _ Sale price, yard 89c blaik tajteta. 36 Inches. Janu- TQp Clearoncpprlc'e tpIO.OO sattn. January Clearance dil r/\
wide. January Sale price, yard ooC arv Sale price, r ard ( .SIo.OO brown diagonal weave coat, broadtail collar price . tplO,5U
$1.35 black s#tin duchessc, 36 inches qq $1.35 black satin Majestic, 40 inches nn i $1.35 black imperial taffeta, 36 (fci / U1 " ,de btlt - < l '"'uary Clearance Ski O 518.50 navv and lirowa ali-wooi novelty coats,
wide. January Sale price, yard wide. January Sale price, yard c'Ot. | inches . January Sale price, vard JIU.U9 pl V' 1 i r i. ..<£"*•«' y lwek trimmed with strap and buttons, Urge plusti
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor, Front. enllifr i C ' P inlaid collar, satin lining throughout. 0.-./»
<olli«r and cufis, phatcd back with broad U*i r AA January Clearance price fplo.t)U
no""n H, ' V Cl . caraS<>e .P. r,oe •• •, 'PI.).UU $25.00 navy an<l black novelty weave'coaU. broad.
- tail collar and cuffs, wide belt. .Tanuarv <£l o rr\
onal cloth coats, large storm collar, wide belt finished Clearance price . . SplO.oO
A -> ■ 1 r.!I!! ~ ^rla ,,tl b,,Uons - January Clear- <bl O 'lO coats of Itayadcre'cloti, in grwn, black an.l
a 1 : A Demonstration of a Sink lr r i "\ " uxo 'i KJi
(Jur Advertising ° srs&sst""2xr?o£z y -«*,
You can place your entire reliance upon any statement .1 rOteCtinCT I )lSil i f\t~\
made over our signature. If a comparative price is quoted. o Oil clll ■*
you can be sure that the value stated is the actual worth of T .1 n IntllG I Qtlll QftTl A
the merchandise. If a piece of goods is described as "all- In the Basement JdllLlCll V
wool," you can be certain that not a thread of cotton or any _ ______
other material enters into its composition. This is the age of effi- »"»"*■ »jt TV T , t 1 O * " \TA " 1
, „ . . ~ ciehcy-atime whe„ one• INotable bavings in White Goods
Do you read our advertisements consistently? article is designed to do the ~ IL gl_i O
Our advertising fa a clear, straightforward prestation Tof intelST to''note in Iff I ' 11l I' ■WIMiM 10 Yafds ° f English Longdoth: Tuesday, 49c
tXtTSir/hM. L e r—vc; Zt k Ve ,hiS «"« the , .... «« », .hi,, .™w i. a clearance a. 50 a yard
carcfn! fo see ,„at it is troth.n,. firs, of . Amico Sink Protecting g 0t
V * / 12 '4c Knglish nainsook. S6 inches wide, line soft I l#c white dress voile, 40 inches wide January
ic not nnlu o t . * , IliUsli. January White Sale price, yard 8c j White Sale price, vard fJZe
accommodating shape 25< , B| , k stripe crepe In beautiful patterns. January White Sa'l' U '|' < C < Imperfect. January
but a dish drainer and sink strainer as well. white sale price, yard toe ri Ln^'^!n T^' " 17c
y, C| 111 I | .-pi a j- t 12 check dimity, 28 Inches wide, three patterns. * I<ONGCIX)I*H AND NAINSOOK
j Inc Am 'CO disnpan is made with an outlet in the center of January White Sale price, yard 10c *' 00 grade, to yards in piece, 30 inches 7»c
-- "" pan exactly Hkc a bath tub or wMh !tand ami "" d< - r «"« JR^TSSSS ss is ":?i*r T*- sr/ : ™ ::::
; °"" rt is ." »«"' strai,,CT "I™«l«» galvanized mesh S!:S SIS
' which will catch all heavy crease and refuse (mm tlm rlid, 17c pajama checks, ?6 inclies wide. January White Manhattan Knglish nainsook, 80 Inches, tKixed in
' . . m Tnc a,sll Sale price, yard | 10-yard lengths. January White Sale price, pieoe,9sc
water. 1 his practical ill\'ention is now bcinp" demoimtnf-eil I."><• Plis.se crepe for women's underwear and cliil- Knickerbocker nainsook, 40 inches; 10 yards to
11 monstlate 1 drcn's rompers, 3t Inches wide; needs no ironing. P |ec «'- J»»«ary White Sale price, piece $1.19
m the basement. January White Sale price, yard 10c I Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor.
U| «- -1 ~ * j Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. ;
The most remarkable sale of (~} lje of T OW pk A I
Stylish Wool Dress Fabrics in the
MENS FINE SUITS IM* OVERCOAT.I ° uest towels Are Lower J
Of the Entire Winter Season in Price Than at Anv Clearance oale
The sale opens Thursday with hundreds of garments from J Bringing the stock down by w "c Shepherd Checks, m inches 54^n o c « e^ o^ n^tyn e Coating.
;uch renowned makers as Hickey-Freeman of Rochester, and HP* £ A H * TS T cleaning-up all broken color price, yard «>"C Clearance price, yard ~.51.19
Hirsh-Wickwire of Chicago. !•*«, will he a mere fraction „■ I ime lOr ManV MOnthS «•»» "» l <*«*» «' iE." 't CoS.S'SKJI.
regular worth. " dress goods-naturally the sea- ' S r ",«Vh« w,f VSi^STZ, ...$1.19
And the values that are being distributed in the lanuarv son's best selling: styles re- January Clearance price, $2.00 Plaids and Roman stripes
—0 _» _ m 11 yard for skirts. January 4C%
50c Neelieee Shirts for Men C ' ear a ,,c e S «l« >°»«*»ch an important lesson in economy that f.s m such good values as
t , , S 0 , „ _ hundreds of housewives are buying them for future needs. wc s,r«. 50 inii.e, w.d, ; n»,y. "*» S°"SIK" JSrWT*"" $1.69
In the January bale at OOC Gu e st si " towels are coming in for extensive use in many ..«9C SS:<SS3UfSS. 95c ISIw!""'
More than a thousand regular 50c negligee shirts with col- homfe ' a " d "' S "" S daSS !<Mvcls " ,at tl,e valuC! are
lar attached or band stvle in plain white madras and striped particularly worthy. #
" y 'igi4^r ary C,carancc Salc •" 35#: or 3 ,or r:r* rr, r Crepe Oowns and Combinations
fancy borders in pink, blue, lav- in lavender, blue, pink and corn- *»«••'*v^j.xvj
MEN'S WORK GLOVES ender and gold. Specially priced, j colored stripes. January White ! * 1 A 1 Q "J f ~\ \T\ •
For Railroad Men, Mechanics and Outdoor Workers. 3 for Mc Sale price 29c 1 "Tl \h £* R Ol WMI
Hansen's SI.OO reindeer gauntlet gloves with reinforced B " Rub^ y c,othß, of he& 7 15c union ,inen I,uck tow «' s .
finger and thumb stays. January Clearance Price .... 79? bath
7 1 7~T~ 777" i —7 : ' in h1ll „ „ iriU ,_ vnn ,,„_ lo „ , , * with colored figures; high neck trimming of excellent quality ohort skirts of crepe, trim
-25c and 35c calfskin and oil tan mittens. January Clear- 1 ' p lavender. Jan price, 4 tor j t] , , 4
t}-„ • 3 , larv white Sale nrice i - ~, and three-quarter sleeve style, lace #I.OO " , ,<l , c ca ? c or cm
ance Puce uar y Whl,e sale price 17c 12^c red border huck t , a 1 J ' c . broidered seal op and tifi*
25C Neckwear, 11 <; 29c fancy Jacquard border Turk- 18x3G inches. January White Bale ° r *" Sq . ,,a '' e r ° U ' Ul thr ° at C, ' CPe Marcel,a Lontr skirts of cro J
Men's and boys' 25c silk four-in-hand ties in medium and towels, large size and heavy price, 3 for 25c styles with short sleeves; trim- nations #I.OO
light colors January Clearance Price, 11 <?■; or 3 for .*{oo quality. January white Sale price, Div fs , Pomeroy & Stewart sir»Pt med with lace or embroidery, Crepe envelope chemise, Extra si/p cr'pn P et;, ( c '
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Men s Store, Street Floor. „„ oireei a Lrepc SKirtS,
19c Floor SHI .In* >hl.4.> SI.OO
Special 1o The Telegraph
Mechanicaburg, Pa., Jan. 11. A
wedding, the first of the kind ever held
here, took place last evening at 8
o'clock in Franklin Hall, when Miss
Rebecca Silver, and Meyer Gross, of
l,oysvilie, were united in marriage by
Rabbi Charles Musnltsky, of Degpal
Israel synagogue, accord
ing to the rites of the Jewish church.
The quaint ceremony of the guests
v ith lighted tapers, made the service
picturesque, and the bride looked very
attractive in a white satin costume,
with veil, carrying white carnation
pinks. About one hundred and fifty
guests sat down to nn elaborate feast.
After supper, dancing was in order,
which continued until a late hour. The
bride, who has lived in Meehanlcs
burtr for a number of years with her
sister,* Mrs. L*outs Goldberg, is a na
tive of Vltepsk, Rusnia, where
father lives at prcriiil. mr. and Mrs.
Gross will reside in Eoysvllle. Guests
were present from Lancaster, Ttiirris
burg Carlisle, Newvillc, Shlpppens
burg, Chambergburg, llagerstown,
lljoysville and Mechanlcshurg.
Special to The Telegraph
Mechanlcsbrg, Pa., Jan. 11. —Miss
Elsie F. Martin, a former resident of
this place, died on Thursday at her
home In Camden, N. J., where she
went to reside about five years ago,
with her mother. She is survived by
he>- mother, and several brothers and
sisters. The body was bought to
Mechanicsburg this afternoon for bur
Special to The Telegraph
t«ebanon. Pa., Jan. 11.—Tobias Ger
berich, 86 years old, a member of the
most prominent and highly respected
families in this county, died on Sat
urday at his home in East- Hanover
township. He was a member of the
same family as State Senator D .P.
Gerberich, of this city, and leaves a
large family.
Dailostown, Pa., Jan. 11. Firo
from a defective flue destroyed the
home of Frank Runklo, yesterday,
while he was attending services at St.
Luke's Church. I.oss $1,500; insur
ance S4OO.
Special to Tltt Telegraph
York, Pa., Jan. 11.—In the presence
of an audience thut filled every seat
in the opera house. Herr J. T. Ruther
ford, of thu New York bar, yesterday
predicted that within six months the
United States would be Involved In
the present war of nations. Mr.
Rutherford spoke In the Interest of
the International Bible Students' As
sociation, on the subject of the "Dea
tiny of Men and Nations," using the
Bible as the basis of his remarks. He
has just returned from the war zone.
Pa.. Jan. 11.—At an en
thusiastic meeting of I*cbanon mer
chants and other prominent men of
tho city, it was decided to rejuvenate
[the Ivebanon Board of Trado on Fri
day evening of this week, the time for
meeting. The board has
been Inactive for some time, and let
ters were sent out asking the busi
"l 8 ?. "J 1 ?.". °1 the c,ty whether thev
wished it to be continued or not. Tho
answers were all strongly in the affir
mative. George S. Speaker, general
manager of the
( ompany was nominated for presi
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