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• By John Fleming Wilson
Wy if
hwfcltai m'- at •*IK» Mm tor Kay" My ao* be CMS at the I—ihn< mow.
toft ptetow tfaeeton. By urugamnl <DUI< with the Ualv«r»al
rQs Muwfactnrini company it I* not oely pouiU* to
Mad "Tha Matter Kay" to tM» paper, but alto after
weH to Ma —o»tot picture* of wr (toty.
'Good In a pa was hop," he chuckled.
Thua once more the plans of tb«
mother lode of the "Master Key" min«
{Mcaped from Wilkerson's filching fln
When the launch put into San Perfrc
Mn. Darnell did not wait for Wilker
"I'm going to Los Angeles," she said
"TOUH find me at the hotel—lf jov
think it worth your while."
He looked up from his business <4
settling with tha divers and made »
gesture to detain her. He seemed M
call out some inarticulate plea.
She merely smiled again and left
She paid no attention to one of thi
sailors who brushed by her, clutchluj
a concealed object beneath his jacket
This individual, once clear of the wa
ter front, quickly made his way t<
a pawnbroker's shop, and the ido
changed hands for a small sunt aftei
much haggling.
Before Wilkerson had settled witl
♦he diver John Dorr's launch als<
made its landing, and the two enemies
would have met except that Wilkersoi
had to go to bank to cash a draft.
As he slipped away he saw the othei
boat and laughed bitterly. Dorr wai
welcome to what there was in the ol(
"There is just one thing to do," Jobi
told the broken hearted Buth, "am
"I'm tains to Le« Angeles," she said.
that is to find out what Wilkerson die
with what he got from your father'i
The captain of the other boat re
reived them with a good humorec
srin and in answer to their inqulriei
pointed to the open box and the arti
dee scattered on the deck.
"So far as I could make out," b<
went on, "there wasn't anything in the
old chest, worth the trouble of
after. At any rate Mr. Wilkerson ami
the lady seemed disappointed and pui
"Didn't they take anything?" de
ananded Ruth, peering curiously at thi
'moldy sea chest.
"No» ■' 1 M„i,lil |M>
Is a Powerful
Influence in Blood
Works With a Definite Pur- !
pose and la a Known
sre unm* things in medicine that j
certain and deOnlte. They do the ;
and is a known antidote for all blood
(roubles. More than that. It Is harm- '
Ic*a, for It does not hurt the stomach, '
does not affect the bones and joints, nor
does It alter the Integrity of the neryea
and aplne. But it does sweep through
the blood, a powerful, searching, cleans
ing Influence, rcuiarkubln for results and
a tremendous relief to those who suffer
tbe humiliation of skin eruptions.
Nearly all sickness Is due to sluggish
lilood. And if you let S. S. S. bathe your
•yatern with its wonderful influence your
nerrous troubles, your wan, weary, faded,
listless, lifeless body will rcrire and
become so renewed with the sense of
enjoyable health you will sarccly know
yourself. Try R. S. S. today. Get a
hottle at any drug store. ]t will put you
on your feet; keep ,TOU going all day
a-nd enable you to sleep gound and rest
ful. S. S. S. Is not a •'dope," not: a
physic, but a fine, bracing, purifying med
icine that Is sure to do you a world of
It hi just.'what you need. S. R. R. I*
prepared by The Swift Specific Co.. BO
Swift Bldg.. Atlanta. Ga.. and If you are
icoubled with eny stubborn hlood disease
their medical department will guidfe you
safely to health. Write them.
'' '. : p I
cover," was the reply. "In fact, 1
heard the two of them kind of quar
reling, and the lady went off by her
The three of them stared down al
the mementos of the long past trage
dy, and then the captain suddenly ejac
ulnted, "Yes, there is one thing miss
"What is that?" demanded John.
"An old idol. But I'm sure neither
•f them took it."
"But what became of it?" John con
tinned. trying to conceal his anxiety.
"Maybe one of the men picked it up
for a curio," the skipper said apolo
geticaiiy. "Everybody seemed to think
the old thing was worthless, and you
know a sailor will grab at just thai
kind of thing. Better ask some of the
A few moments later Dorr had learn
ed that one of the anllors had Indeed
taken the Image and gone uptown with
it, apparently to sell It.
John thanked the captain, and wheu
he and Ruth were out of earshot h«
said, "That idol in what we are after,
"But where can we find it?" she
"We must trace the sailor. Ten to
one he'll try to aell it to a secondhand
man. Our best plan is to look into the
pawnshops, I think, Ruth," he an
The first placee they visited gave up
no information of value. The third
pawnbroker looked at Dorr curiously
when he askeel whether » man had
been in to dispose of an idol.
"That thing seems to be wanted pret
ty much," he remarked. "But I bought
it In good faith and sold it to a Hindu
a little while after for a rug. Maybe
you would like to buy a rug?"
They made It plain that rugs did not
Interest them and departed with the
poor satisfaction of knowing that thu
object of their search was in the hands
of an unknown wandering peddler of
rugs, who was presumably an Bast In
"We can't do any mere just now,"
John told Ruth.
"No," was the response. "But I am
going to keep an eye out for a Hindu
rug seller. I don't Imagine there are
very many of them here, so It ought to
be an eajsy matter to pick him up."
As they walked back to the hotel
Ruth grew more cheerful. "At any
rate. Wilkerson and Mrs. Darnell miss
ed it," she remarked.
"I never understood just why thai
woman mixwl herself up in this," John
... i V
■API the is after is money."
said thoughtfully. "Ton must hav«
got some notion, Ruth. Tou were wltl
her some time."
"Yes, I have an idea," she responded.
"I'm not sure of all the details, but
it seems Mrs. Darnell knew both fa
ther and Harry Wilkerson In the old
days and—and"—
"And what?"
"Well," she went on. blushing divine
ly, "father didn't like Jean and
wouldn't have anything to do with hei
nor allow me to either. She always
hated father after that."
"Wilkerson is certainly in love witl
her," John said presently.
"1 think he is," Ruth asserted. "Bui
she doesn't care anything about him
I'm sure. All she is after is money."
Later in the evening as they discuss
ed the events of the day John brought
up the subject of Wilkerson's nnxleti
for the papers again and recalled th<
fact that old Tom Gallon had alway!
insisted on Wilkerson's knowledge ol
"I wonder just what it was," he went
on. "If he knows just where thai
rich lode is he's concealed his knowl
edge pretty well, and the eagerness h(
is showing to get hold of the plans li
proof that he isn't sure."
"He is spending lots of money," she
sighed. "How much longer can w<
keep this up. John? Surely we art
broke again V"
"Not po long as good old Everett
sticks by us." was the response.
£To Be CooUnucd.]
To-morrow the Piano Sale Starts 1
. ■ i
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Wedding Ceremonies in
Central Pennsylvania
Marietta. Miss Mary A. Katss,
was inurried yesterday to D.
SJehoenberjfer, of ILancaster, by the
Kev. Dr. C. J£. 110-upt, pastor of the
I Grace Lutheran Church. They were
Mountville. JM ISR Rachael Wick
ersham was married yesterday to Ben
jamin R. Barr. of Lancaster, at the
parsonage ot the Faith Reformed
Church by the Rev. W. Stuart Cramer.
Pine Hill. Miss Stella Horning
waa married yesterday to Harrv h.
s Eitner, of Neffsville, at the parsonage
of the U»ited Brethren Church, the
■ Rev. Norman L. Landls, officiating.
AnnvlUe, Pa., Feb. 3.—Under the
; auspices of the Young Men's Christian
. Association of Lebanon Valley, College,
s a local Boy Scout campaign has been
s started. At a recent meeting of the
organisers with Prof. C. <\ Dotter of
the Annville High school, David B.
Bashore, a student at the college, who i
has been closely identified with boy's 1
s work, was appointed scout master, t
i Two patrols have been organized and <
.J by April a isll Jrooji will be formed. [1
Special to The Ttltgraph
Dillsburg, Pa.. Feb. s.—While wild
ing on the Icy pavement at the school
building yesterday, Chester Wagner,
th« 12-year-old son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
George Wagner, fell, fracturing hi«
left leg near the ankle.

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