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We Knocked the X
That Describes Wonder Clothes to aT
They "Knock the X out of your Clothes Expense."
WONDER CLOTHES are precisely the same
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No Extra Charges of Any Kind
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The Wonder
211 Market Street
jjl||kAbsolutely Wo Pain /
My latest tmywrt appll-
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gaH.a l»#a air apparaton, make* w
extra*-ting and all den- . A>
jHjtTTT tal work positive] y X kV
painless and la per- <7 A> jF
FREE /.".O^/ °sLCS2i'£
- *' alloy cement 60e.
X aWT x Gold Crowna and
Reclatere* Bridge Work, #3, 94, $5.
X aa %, x ,a 'K Gold Grown ....$6.00
Graduate X ~ X Office open dally ISO a.
. m. to 8 p. m.[ Mon., Wed.
******** S \7 ▼ and Sat. Till 0 p. m.; Sundays,
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By George Randolph
Chester and Lillian
Coprrlght 1015, bj- Serial Publi
cation Corporation.
She gathered ui» the money with a
sickening sense of humiliation and took
the ticket he gave her and walked out
feeling that she had been badly worst
ed, because she had no heart for this
sort of bartering. It dawned upon her
that there were worse humiliations
than accepting money from one's hus
band, and yet— She conquered the
weakness which sprang fiercely up In
her, which made her heart cry In an
guish for Ned, which made her long to
desert all this hideous struggle and fly
to his sheltering arms. No; she must
fight to the end!
But what was she to do next? A
sign at the foot of a dark, narrow stair
way caught her eye:
"Girls Wanted to Sew Pants."
Labor. Honest toll. Slight as might
be the pay, was It not better, after all,
than the occupations In which she had
suffered so much? Timorously June
climbed the stairs, stopping at the first
landing for a reenrrenoe of that slight
cough which had come upon her.
An Impossibly dirty man stood be
hind a long table on which were plied
huge bundles tied In rough paper.
"Well?" he said gruffly.
"I would like to sew some pants. If
you please," said June modestly.
"What?" The man looked at her,
astounded. "You want to sew pants?"
"yes, sir," returned June.
The man shrugged his shoulders.
"You go over to that woman there,
and she'll show you what's to be done
and how much deposit to pay." He in
dicated another table.
When June went down the narrow
stairs she carried as heavy a bundle
as she could conveniently lift, and her
scanty store of money was reduced to
a very small margin. Little as It was,
however, she had yet to make a pur
chase. In the first little store she
bought an Inexpensive little plain black
dress. She had less than a dollar when
she stopped before a building to which
she had been directed. On the door
post of the stairway was a sign.
"Rooms to Let"
June here engaged a mean little hall
bedroom from a dumpy landlady.
Down Broadway tore the black cur
tained limousine, the observed of all

Gills Wanted
Sew foots.
Apply to Manager
Room N0.7

A Sign Caught Har Eye.
observer*, for still attached to Ills cra
vnt and clamped to the tires so stiffly
that he felt he would hare to be pried
uff was the well known and Justly fa
mous private detective, Bill Wolf, faith
ful in spite of himself. Not more than
two blocks behind Came the family car,
with June's handsome collie on the
*ent beside Jerry, June's father sterner
nnd June's mother gentler and more
quiet, the deserted groom gritting his
teeth and clinching his fists as the
black curtained limousine, with Its bit
of filmy gauze fluttering at the door,
constantly kept just before them like a
tantalizing will-o'-the-wisp.
In the boarding house of Mrs. Ruasel
there was a frantic running to and fro
and up and down stairs. Every room
in the house was searched, and at last
Orln Cunningham thought to investi
gate why one of the windows in the
room which had been provided for
June seemed darker behind its heavy
hangings than the others. He found
the fire shutters closed and opened
them, revealing the stalwart Christian
frozenly waiting on the isolated bal
cony to be told his further share In
June's trick. The young man and the
three girls laughed.
June was gone, and Gilbert Blye turn
ed and walked down the stairs.
There was a ring at the doorbell, A
messenger boy, and he carried a bun
dle. A stealthy figure slipped forward
into the hall.
"No answer," said the boy as he de>
llvered the bundle.
Orin Cunningham at a signal from
Blye took the bundle and passed It to
Mrs. Russel. She tore It open and
drew forth before the revelers who had
gathered In her parlor the raiment In
which they had last seen the beautiful
Jane. Orin Cunningham stooped down,
with an oath, and picked up something
which had fallen to the floor. Th«
string of pearls! He stamped upon th«
floor In rage.
"Stop that messenger boy!" came th«
cold, hard tones of Gilbert Blye.
"Where did you get this bundle?" de
manded Orin Cunningham.
Xhe boy hitched his trousers.
1 Formal Opening Tomorrow |
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It 5 South Fourth Strict, H
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"I ain't supposed to tell."
"How much did you get for not tell
ing?" demanded Mrs. Russel.
"All she had—7o cents."
"Ah!" Cunningham thrust his hands
In 'his pockets. Then he flushed as he
turned to Gilbert Blye.
Blye scowled, and there was a flash
of temper on liis dark, handsome face
as he thrust some money into the hand
of Cunningham.
"Here's $2," said Orln. "Now. where
did you get this bundle?"
"Tellln's always worth more than not
tellin'," he sagely observed and Jerked
his call slip from his pocket "There's
the address."
Gilbert Blye, casting a glance at the
slip, donned his hat and coat, opened
the door and strode out on the steps.
The stealthy figure which had crept
along the haft suddenly darted out of
the door after the messenger boy and
hurried up the street with him. It was
Down the street there whizzed the
black curtained limousine. Blye hur
ried out to it as It stopped and, with
blazing impatience, called, "Come on!"
Cunningham dashed from the house
and jumped into the limousine, while
Blye gave swift directions to his driver.
He, too, hopped in and shut the door
and threw up the side curtains, reveal
ing the car empty except for himself
and Cunningham. Tto women in the
door called something tn shrill excite
ment as the car rushes away, but Scat
tl paid no attention, and the well
known and Justly private de
tective, BUI Wolf, groaned.
Around the corner d~med the family
car of the Moores, and Ned Warner,
leaning tensely forward, gritted his
teeth and clinched his fists ns the black
curtained limousine once more rounded
a corner.
The dumpy landlady knocked at the
door of June's little bedroom and stop
ped in profound astonishment when
she entered. At the rickety table sat
her new lodger in a plain, cheap blnck
dress, bent earnestly forward. She was
sewing pants!
"Why, I hardly knew you," said the
landlady, looking around the room.
She waddled to the door of the flimsy
wardrobe and peered in. It was emp
ty. "Where's them fine clothes you
"They did not belong to me," June
said simply. "I sent them away."
"Oh, you did! What about the neck
"That was a gift which I could not
accept," and June's eyes dropped. "I
sent it away also."
"Oh. you did!" She cleared her
throat and looked at the stack of pants
and at the delicate fingers which were
laboriously pushing the needle through
the coarse cloth. "By the way, I for
got to get any rent from you. I always
get a week In advance."
June smiled wanly and shook her
head. "I am sorry," she said. "I have
no money."
"What!" The dumpy landlady Jump-
Ed to her feet. She was breathing so
hard that she wheezed. "No money!
Young ladv, you'll have to get out!"
"Oh. no!" pleaded June. "Please!"
She turned for one last word of ap
peal, but the landlady's pitiless arm
was outstretched.
Runaway June in motion pic
tures every Monday at the Victoria
Theater. The pictures each week por
tray the episode published in the Tele
graph the week previous.—Advertise-
Runaway June will be shown In mo
tion pictures every Monday at the
Royal Theater, Third street above
Cumberland. Be sure to see them.—
[To Be Continued.]
The advent of the "horseless
buggy" into the wilds of North Caro
lina is well described by William
Courtenay, who Is doing such excel
lent work in "Under Cover."
The old mountaineer, who was
standing on the corner of the main
street in a certain little town, had
never seen an automobile.
When a good-sized touring car came
rushing up the street at about thirty
miles an hour and slowed down just
enough to take the corner on two
wheels, his astonishment was ex
The old fellow watched the dis
appearing car with bulging eyes and
open mouth. Then, turning to a by
stander he remarked solemnly:
"The horses must sho'ly ha" been
traveling some when they got loose
from that gen'leman's carriage!"
May Young's Magazine.
Whooping Cough Notice
For easing the hard speils of Cough
ing. raising phlegm, and hastening re
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Be sure to ask for tho double
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Special to The Telegraph
Halifax, Pa., April 23.—An inter
esting program will be rendered at the
Epworth League services of the Meth-
The Beauty of Good Health
A / jj VN If you would be pretty, take care
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Philadelphia nml SnlUliory, Md.
Special Optical Offer
To Enable You to Get Better Acquainted With Belsinger Service
"Y our eyes scientifically ex-
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Hytt-ifaTh 205 LOCUST STREET
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_ Kye» Examined, Lenaei Groumd
Exclusive Optical Store
//• WV4W/<yC/ Honr.-D.Uji BA.M.toB P. M.
» Saturday open evenings until 8 P. M.
PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN Other evrnlnm by appointment.
r,a ■#
fW People not accustomed to
J SB# banking like to come here, be
-- 'SmEm mj& / cause we cheerfully give them
JBi any assistance required.
Union Trust Co.
■ I Union Trust Buildinj
odist Episcopal Church on Sunday
evening. The topic wil be "An even
ing With Great Hymn Writers and
Their Hymns." There will be special
music, vocal and instrumental. The
leader will he Mlsa Marie Smith.

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