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Mechanicsb org's Tent Meeting
Will Be Marked by Parades and
Good Program of Instruction
Special to The Telegraph
Mechanlcsburg, Pa., July B.—Promi
nent among the speakers at .the
Chautauqua which will bo held this
y«®ar In Mechanlcsburg one week, be
ginning Thursday, July 16, will be ex-
Governor Joseph W. Folk, of Missouri;
the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, of
Brooklyn. X. Y., with "Life In Modern
Babylon" as his subject; Chauncey J.
Hawkins, on "Bright Eyes and Wild
Hearts of Our Northern Woods," and
Montaville Flowers on "Rebuilding
the Temple." The superintendent,
this year, will be Mrs. Bertha Smith -
Titus, who has had extensive ex
perience on the lecture platform.
Among the attractions are: The Dun
tar Soiree Singers; Springer and
Chautauqua Entertainers: Crawford
Adams Trio; Colangelo's Italian Band;
Boston Oratorio Artists; the Varkomy-
Hines Company, and the Avon Play
ers, who will present "The Man From
Saturday evening at 6 o'clock a
Booster parade of automobiles with
pennants and flags will be given. On
Thursday afternoon, the opening day
of tie Chautauqua, a parade, in which
Jth« fire companies, local organizations
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material, you need JLVA £ « VJlvlllfl
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fer you for making See the Soldiers
your printed matter in m P
mare effective. j Sunday, July 11
The Telegraph Prtatag Co. | Specia , Train
J, I Lttrtl HarrUbni* at 8150 A. M.
v <ZkJ>&rc/nenr or j stoppln * 'it/sSKfeSi.
Rctiiri<M< Grcna oi2o
Sales and 1 1 * Train Pal B
erviec M j Pennsylvani* ye
SMO. Cnnberlaad m. |!| Railroad l«/Cj
~ IVnHHVHi Round Trip j
and Junior Chautauqua children will,
participate, will be a special feature.
Chronophotographa will be taken or
th« parade and shown at Chautauqua
on tee opening night. Lars* delega
tions from the surrounding towns and
oountiT will help swell the crowd at
tending these popular tent entertain
Spectal to The Telegraph
Shiremanstown. Pa.. July B.—Miss
Ethel Parks, Mlas Alice Wallace,
Frank Wallaco and Sylvan Parks of
this place were honor guests at a
house party given by Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Angel, at their
Ker Mar Md. Before returning
home they visited Tawneytown, Keys
vill# and other places of interest.
Halifax. Pa., JulTs.—A borne
wedding took place at the borne of
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Sheet* in Haiifax
township, Wedeesday noon .
their daughter, Valua, became the wife
of Harry Straw. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. J- C. Pease, of
the United Brethren church of Jack
sonville circuit. •
Special to The Telegraph
Quarryvllle, Pa., July 8. Martin
Glrvin, 84 years old, an active farmer.
Is In a serious condition from being
bitten by a large copperhead snake
yesterday. He was putting hu Into
the trough for the horses, when a
snake sprang at him, striking him on
the left hand. His arm and hand be
gan to swell rapidly and he was hur
ried to a physician. His condition is
Howard Shank, With Broken Leg,
Holds to Tree Limb in Water
to His Neck
Special to The Telegraph
Marietta. Pa., July 8. Howard
Shank, while returning home at an
early hour this morning, decided to
shorten the distance, and In crossing
the trestle of the Conestoga Traction
Company at Chlckies, fell to the creek,
a distance of about sixty feet. In the
descent he struck an abutment of
ooncrete, but luckily grasped a limb
of a tree. With this he held himself
out of water until a late hour, when
William Fraiin heard his cries and
went to his rescue. He was in water
up to his neck. His right leg is broken
at the thigh, and he is badly • bruised
and Injured Internally. He was re
moved to the Columbia hospital.
Colombia Guard Officer Get*'
Spanish War Service Medal
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., July 8. —Captain C.
E. Lenig ,a newspaperman of this
place, has just received a medal which,
by special act of Congress, has been
awarded to officers who served In tho
Spanish-American war.
Captain Lenig became second
lieutenant of Company K, Fourth
Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer In
fantry, on July 1, 1898. He was pro
moted to second lieutenant, July 28,
1898, and upon the death of Captain
Martin H. Smith, succeeded him, on
September 20, 1898. He was muster
ed out of service with his company,
November 16, 1898. During the war,
Company K, was in service in Porto
Special to The Telegraph
j Shiremanstown, Pa., July B.—Mrs.
Amoß Bowers celebrated her' 68th
birthday anniversary at her home in
West Main street. Those present were
as follows; Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bow
ers, of Shiremanstown; Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Bowers, Miss Evelyn Bowers, of
New Cumberland; Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Chronister, son Lester, of York
Springs; Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rupp, of
Harrisburg; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wells,
Miss Mary Bowers, Roy Bowers, Wil
bur Wells, Cameron Wells. Kennith
and Theodore Wells, all of Shiremans
Special to The Telegraph
Columbia, Pa., July 7.—Horace B.
Kerlin, amusement manager, has of
fered the borough council Jl5O per
month for exclusive use of the opera
house auditorium, and agrees to pay
half the cost of alterations. Council
will consider- the proportion at an ad
journed meeting. Tho operahouse
has been closed for the past year
and recently council decided to have
repairs and alterations made to
make It conform to the requirements
of recent laws.
Special to The Telegraph
Shiremanstown, Pa., July B.—The
Christian Endeavor Society of the
United Brethren Church held an elec
tion of officers with the following re
sult; President. Benjamin Emen
heiser; vice-president, M. S. Etter; re
cording secretary, Mrs. A. W. Beist
line; pianist. Mrs. John Nester; treas
i urer, A. I. Wrightstone; president of
' junior society. Mrs. Barbara Daugh
erty; vice-president. Miss Ruth Emcn
heiser; secretary and pianist. Miss
Emily Strong.
Columbia, Pa, July 8. —Mrs. Eliza
Smith, aged 80 years, Is in a seri
ous condition from injuries sustained
In a fall from a high step at the home
of her son, Horace Weaver. She was
attacked with •vertigo as she had
reached the top step and fell to the
With D.D.D.
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that it will give you Instant relief or
your money back. Ask alse about
P. D. P. Soap.
George A. Goricae, 10 X. Third
street, and J. Nelson Clark, druggist.
" 7 . ■>
Keystone Iron & Metal Co.
14M(1 Broad Street, Cor. Broad aad
Currant Awa.
Just opened a new place of busi
ness. Highest prices paid for old
rags, paper, rubber, iron and metals
of all sortsy
lc per lb. paid for rags.
Be per lb. paid for old gum boots
and shoes.
4c per lb. paid for automobile
Zln<\ copper and brass a specialty.
Call Bell phone 1047-M, or drop
postal and wagon will call.
Main Highway Between Millers
town and Ickesburg Will
Be Improved
Negotiations were completed to-day j J
at the State Highway Department for j
the long delayed State aid improve- 3
ment of the highway traversing Pen- 1
brook and for betterment of a section ! j
In Swatara township. County Com- j
missioner 8. 8. Miller and 8. F. Ober, j j
of the highway committee of Pen-1 <
brook council to-day called on High- I j
way Commissioner Cunningham with : j
a letter signed by the county commis- j
eioners urging that It be the first State
aid work don* in Dauphin county.
The improvement will be brick J
pavement for 7200 feet, of which 8,000 <
feet is in Penbrook and 277 2 feet on J
one side and 1250 feet on the other j
side of the town. It will bring the i <
improved road close to the city lino ]
and connect on the east with the exist- i
lng Improved State highway.
The borough will negotiate with the <
Harrisburg Railways company regard- |
lng paving between the rails and on ]
each side. It is believed the com- i
pany will do so. J
Perry County Delegation
Commissioner Cunningham to-day |
assured a delegation from Mill erst own j
that he would do what he could to get j
more money than what had been al- J
lowed for improvement of the main i
highway from Mlllerstown to Ickes- ]
burg. Owing to the limited funds not c
much could be given, but conditions |
were represented to require more. Mr. j
Cunningham, Deputy Commissioner ,
Biles and Chief Engineer Uhler will ]
make an Inspection. In the delegation <
were L. E. Donally, former member J
of the House; Dr. M. Gearhart, John «
Ward, the Rev. C. F. Himes and G. J
W. Fry of Mlllerstown.
Schwab's Generous Offer
Charles M. Schwab, to-day offered J
through Blair C. Seeds, his personal <
representative, to bear a large portion ]
of the cost of improving highways In j
the vicinity of Loretto. He offered to <
pay fifty per cent, of the cost of con- j
struction of two parts of the high- i
way running from Cresson to Ebens- j
burg by way of Loretto and to build
for the borough of Loretto the high- '
way through the town.
Christian L. Long, a prominent con
tractor, Front and Kelker streets, who
is in the Harrisburg hospital suffering
from injuries received when he was
attacked recently by hold-up men may
lose the sight of one of his eyes. Dr.
J. Webster Fox, specialist from
Medico Clil College Philadelphia, was
in the city recently examining tho
Three more cases of typhoid fever
have been reported to the City Health
Board, all from Allison HiH. The
"Pure Milk Campaign Party' Is con
tinuing its investigation of conditions.
Funeral services for William McClel
lan Wood will be held from his late
home, 207 Hummel street, to-morrow
afternoon at 1.30 o'clock, the Rev. T.
C. McCarrell officiating. Burial will
be made In Mechanlcsburg. He is
survived by his wife and two daugh
ters. Mrs. John W. German and Miss
Sarah E. Wood.
Lemoyne, Pa., July B.—To-night
the "Frolic of Local Talent," which
was very well presented in the Le
moyne high school auditorium last
week, by special request, will be re
peated. The high points of both pro
grams, combined with several new
sketches, will form the program.
New Cumberland, Pa., July 8. —The
Rev. J. R. Hutchison will preach at
10.30 a. m. In Trinity United Brethren
Church next Sunday morning, and the
pastor, the Rev. A. R. Ayres, in the
evening at 7.30.
New Cumberland, Pa., July B.—Mr.
Shettel, of Camp Hill, will open a
garage and repair shop in H. C. Oren's
brick building in Sixth street.
New Cumberland. Pa., July B.—On
Monday evening Mabel Weigle, the
11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Weigle, of Fourth street, met
with an accident. She and her little
brother were playing with sparklers
when the little boy threw his as It
burned off and it lighted on her thin
white dress, which was soon in flames.
Her parents, who were sitting on the
porch, ran to the little girl and suc
ceeded in smothering the flames. Her
arm was badly burned and her legs
scorched. '
New Cumberland, Pa., July 8. —Mrs.
Edith Feight entertained a number of
Harrisburg ladles at her home In Mar
ket Square yesterday afternoon.
New Cumberland, Pa-, July B.—Ot
terbeln Guild of Trinity United Breth
ren Church is arranging to hold a
picnic July 17.
Sfecial to The Telegraph
Newville, Pa., July B,—Word
reached Newville, Monday, of the
sudden death of William H. McCul
lough at Denver, Col., on Sunday.
Mr. McCullough had gone to Colo
rado about four weeks ago to visit
a sister, and was In his usual health.
The body is expected to arrive to
morrow and the funeral will take
place in the afternoon.
Mr. McCullough was a member of
United Presbyterian Church and
treasurer of the congregation. He
I was 7 0 years old and is survived by
his wife and one son, Professor Clare
McCullough, of Waynesboro; also by
one brother, of Fairfield, Adams
county, and five sisters.
Halifax, Pa., July B.—The Lutheran
reunion of Fishervllle, will be held on
August 21 at Miller's Orove. The
Loysrllle Orphans' Home band will
furnish music.
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[Other Personals on Page 4]
Mr. and Mr*. John Price Jackson
and Miss Mary Kathryn Jackson are
home from Philadelphia, where they
attended the funeral of their relative.
Dr. Hannah Jackson Price, who died
suddenly Saturday while visiting at
Camp Hill.
Dr. Price was one of the pioneer
women physicians of the state and
lived at Chester. She was a sister-in
law of Helen Hunt Jackson and shared
in the royalties of the distinguished
writer's books. Funeral services were
held at the old Longwood Meeting
House, Philadelphia.
Mrs. Hickman, of Muncle, Ind., Is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charles B.
Fager, Jr., of Locust street.
The Misses Pearl and Faith Page, of
241 North Fourteenth street, are en
joying a trip to Baltimore, Washing
ton and Richmond. Va.
Miss Dorothy Chubbuck is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Samuel Fackler, at her
Stoverdale cottage.
Miss Mary Potts, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. George C. Potts, has returned
home after a trip to Washington, York
and Baltimore.
Mr. Geedy. of Newville, motored to
this city on Monday. He was accom
panied by his wife and Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Shulenberger.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Block and
Miss Margaret Sangree have opened
their summer home at Mount Gretna.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bell, 152 4
Penn street, are stopping at the Chal
fonte. Atlantic City.
Miss Mae E. Parsons is at Asbury
Park for a fortnight's stay.
The Rev. Dr. Lewis Seymour Mudge,
pastor of the Pine Street Presbyterian
Church, has gone with Mrs. Mudge to
Crestmont Inn., Eaglesmere.
Miss Rebecca Shoemaker, of 1545
North Sixth street. Is stopping at the
Sigma Mu House, State College.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kunkel and
family, of 1607 North Second street,
are enjoying an outing In the country
near Etters. Pa.
Mrs. Emma B. Miller, 324 Muench
street, has gone to Wheeling, W. Va„
for a stay of several weeks .
Miss Jennie Dull and her brothers,
Casper and Daniel M. Dull, have gone
to Bedford Springs for the month.
Mrs. Jacob Ebersole, of 1104 Walnut
street. Is visitln* at the Shoemaker
home, near Elizabethtown.
Joseph L. Bell, of 243 South Nine
teenth street, has gone to Baltimore
for a time.
Mr. and Mra. Roy IS. Bignall, of 128
Locust street, have come home after a
delightful outing at Lake Hoptacong,
New York City and adjacent resorts.
M. F. Williams returned to his home
in this city yesterday after a short, visit
to his parents at Gettysburg.
William Beales. of Gettysburg, was
a. business visitor in this city yester
Miss Verna Gebhard, of this city,
visited in Carlisle over the Fourth.
The Misseß Kathryn Blumenstein
and Minerva Blessing have returned
after several days' visit to Pen Mar.
Mr. and Mra. J. G. Stouffer recently
visited Mrs. Joshua Clouser, of New
JULY 8, 1915.
Mrs. Robert D. Swiler of 1331 Derry
street; Mrs. W. W. Conklin, of Mid
dletown; Mrs. J. H. Trotip, of Cottage
Ridge, and Mrs. \V. F. Troup, of 816
North Sixth street, left to-day for
Perdix to visit Mrs. Howard M. Haines
at her bungalow.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Richards, of
1822 Park street, have gone to Phila
delphia where Mr. Richards is taking
his law examinations. Later they will
go to Pemberton and Ocean City, N.
J., to be the guests of Mrs. Liming for
a week.
Paul C. Daugherty and Harold
Kimble, of Sunbury, arrived here yes
terday for a short visit with friends.
The young men came on their bicycles
and covered the fifty-four miles In six
and one-half hours.
Miss Leona Blddle is spending a few
weeks among friends in Carlisle.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beecher were
recent visitors among relatives in Car
Mrs. Harry Miller, of Lebanon, was
a visitor in this city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dumont left
for their Cleveland home this morn
ing after spending ten days among old
friends in this vicinity.
Mrs. Belle Brosius and Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Sherbohn. of Lebanon, mo
tored to this city Monday and spent
the day with relatives.
John J. Kaufman Is spending a few
days In Lebanon on business.
Mrs. John Coyle, of New York city,
is visiting friends and relatives In this
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Linton and
son, Tom Linton, of 109 North street,
with Mrs. Daisy Kuhn, of North Sec
ond street, leave Saturday for a stay
at Bushkill, Pike county. Mrs. Linton
and Tom Linton will remain there until
Waynesboro, Pa., July B.—Philip,
little son of Oscar Gross, this place,
drank a large quantity of coal oil
yesterday and was made very 111.
Huntingdon, Pa., July B.—Samuel L.
Sankey. R0 years old, of Huntingdon,
was instantly killed late Tuesday night
la a run-off on Stone Creek ridge, a
mile and a half from here.
Just One Application
and the Hairs Vanish
(Modes of Today)
A harmless, yet very effective, treat
ment is here given for the quick re
, nioval of hairy growths: Mix enough
powdered delatone and water to cover
i the undesirable hairs, apply paste and
[ aftei- 2 or 3 minutes remove, wash the
skin and the hairs have vanished. One
' application usually is sufficient, but to
be certain, of results buy the delatone
in *n original package.
Marysvllle, Pa., July B.—Marysville
Cornet Band Is making big arrange
ments for their festival, which will be
held in Diamond Hall on Friday and
Saturday nights of this week. The
proceeds will be used for the purchase
of white duck uniforms for the mem
bers and for the purchase of other
An average attendance of 100 for
the four meetings held during June
was maintained at the P. R. R.
Y. M. C. A., according to the report
of Frank H. Gregory, secretary. In
twenty-six days 2,340 people used the
building; 1,000 the baths and 479 the
Today's Beauty Helps
—Nothing is more repulsive than to
see a woman with her face all daubed
with face powder in her desire to hide
marks of age. Instead of using
powder, which clogs and enlarges th 9
pores. It is far better to use a good
face lotion that will Improve and per
manently benefit the skin. By dis
solving four ounces of spurmax in one
half pint of hot water you can. make
an inexpensive lotion- that will do
wonders as a skin whltener tTnd com
plexion beautlfler. It removes all
shinlness, sallowness and roughness,
and gives the skin a
tone, while It does not rub off easily
like powder, nor does it show on the
ing the hair with a teaspoonful of
canthrox dissolved In a cup of hot
water, afterward rinsing thoroughly
with clear water, one finds that it dries
quickly and evenly, is unstreaked, M
bright, soft, and very fluffy, so fluffy,
in fact, that it looks more abundant
than it is and so soft that arranging
It becomes a pleasure. This simple,
Inexpensive shampoo cleanses the hair
and scalp thoroughly'of all dandruff
and dirt, and leaves a clean, whole
some feeling. All scalp irritation will
disappear, and the hair will be bright
er and glossier than ever before.
It Pay
To. Advertise
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