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Manager Carrington Finds Trouble
in Locating Suitable Site
For Eli Squad
Special to The Telegraph
New Haven, Conn., July 31.—Plans
for the actual practice of the Yale
football elerven—practice, that is,
prior to the opening of college—have
been perfected by Frank Hinkey, the
head coach, and by the manager of
the eveven. Carrington appears to
be in a bad way as to selection of a
piace for early season quarters.
Usually the team baa gone to Mad
ison, but this Fall some other site will
be secured. Manager Carrington and
his staff, as reported, have been spend
ing considerable tims going over sug
gested resorts. The trouble has been
that no one piace contains every de
sired factor. There must be first of
all a suitable playing field and after
that satisfactory quarters for the men
and carefully prepared food.
Laurel Beach was the place which
came nearest to meeting the demands
of the football authorities. There
were suitable hotel accommodations
and a fine playing field. Plans to go
there, however, went awry when it
was found that the owner of the ath
letic field declined to have the turf
torn up by the cleats of the football
players. Nor was he open to argu
Laurel Beach thus eliminated,
Branford Point has suggested itself.
Here it was that the Columbia eleven
used to come before they played Yale,
the squad putting up at a hotel whose
accommodations and cuisine used to
be and probably are to-day, all that
athletes could desire. Just now no
serious objection to the point has been
Sell White Hackle Colt
For Record Cash Price
Special to The Telegraph
New York, July 31.—John E. Mad
den has disposed of his 2-year-old
White Hackle for $20,000 cash and 25
per cent, of the Futurity purse, in case
the colt is fortunate enough to cap
ture that classic. Mr. Madden re
fused to reveal the name of the pur
The price paid is a record-breaker,
considering the status of the racing|
game. White Hackle won his last two!
starts with such ridiculous ease that I
he was immediately proclaimed the
star of this season's youngsters. White
Hackle is.a son of the great Star Shoot
out of Mary Talbott, and is a big. up
standing. flashy chestnut and runs
close to the ground, which stamps him
as a real racer.
Sports of All Sorts
Kansas City asks for an injunction
to present raid on Feds.
Manager George Stovall of the Kan
sas City Feds has been reinstated.
DeCottis has quit the Three I
Tombstone matchers were the or
der to-day at Reservoir Park Links.
The Harrisburg and Lancaster
Country Cluti golf teams meet on the
Harrisburg Country Club links this
The Clerks won yesterday's Luck
now Shop League game, defeating
Planing Mill, score 4 to 0.
Team No. 2 of the Enola League
won from Team No. 4 yesterday, score
3 to 1.
Heiress to $30,000,000
Weds Graduate of Yale
Special to The Telegraph
Harbor Point, Mich., July 31. Miss
Catharine Barker, heiress to $30,000,-
000, who rejected the matrimonial pro
posals of many noblemen, to-day
wedded Howard H. Spauldiuj?, with
whom she had spent many summers at
Harbor Point. Miss Barker is 19 years
old and Mr. Spaulding is 22. He is a
Yale man and assistant secretary of the
Haskell-Barker Freight Car Company,
which Miss Barker owns.
Beware of the Physical Culture Fien — - - N Y BRIGGS
LIKE \DO » J ROCK-, 7 f « ? ExpamSlOM - vajhy \ 1
| "
P " 1 Z' \ r WAIT A \ y£}/i'66fy
'- 3ac< /• ■*— v / |-V>G CUT \ MIIvJUTE ' /
mev PeßFecf"? / I y 1 -SMOKIIOG I /MM* ] UJANJTA TELL
U_ / V \ ANJD - J \ 1 \ VA 1 ABOUT. 7
Baseball Summary;
Games Past and Future
International League
Rochester, 1; Providence, 0.
Buffalo, 6; Richmond, 0.
Montreal, 4; Jersey City, 3.
Harrlsburg-Toronto not scheduled.
American League
Cleveland, 6; Philadelphia, 8 (ten
Chicago, 6; New York, 4.
Detroit, 7; Boston, 6.
Washington, 3; St. Louie, 0.
National League
St. Louis-Philadelphia, rain.
New York, 3; Chicago, 2.
Chicago, 4 ; New York, 0 (second
Brooklyn, 3: Pittsburgh, 2.
Cincinnati, 6; Boston, 3.
Federal League
Chicago, 2; Buffalo, 1.
St. Louis-Newark, rain.
Other clubs not scheduled.
' International League
Harrisburg at Toronto.
Jersey City at Montreal.
Providence at Rochester.
Richmond at Buffalo.
American League
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Detroit at Boston.
Chicago at New York.
St. Louis at Washington.
National League
Philadelphia at St. Louis.
Boston at Cincinnati.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
New York at Chicago (two games).
Federal League
Buffalo at St. Louis.
Newark at Chicago.
Baltimore at Kansas City.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
Central Pennsylvania League [
Steelton at Higlispire.
Middletown at Lebanon.
New Cumberland at Hershey.
Dauphin-Perry League
Marysville at Dauphin.
Newport at Halifax.
Millersburg at Dunoannon.
Dauphin-Schuylkill League
Lykens at Elizabethville.
Tower City at Williamstovrn.
Firemen's League
Friendship and Washington.
Hope and Camp Curtin.
Citizen and Good Will.
Allison and Reily.
International Iveague
Jersey City at Montreal.
Other teams not scheduled.
American League
No games scheduled.
National League
Philadelphia at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
Other teams not scheduled.
Federal League
Buffalo at St. Louis.
Newark at Chicago.
Baltimore at Kansas City.
Brooklyn-Pittsburgh not scheduled.
International League
Harrisburg at Toronto (two games).
Richmond at Buffalo.
Other teams not scheduled.
American League
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Chicago at New York.
St. Louis at Washington.
Detroit at Boston.
National Leagne
Philadelphia at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
Boston at Pittsburgh.
Federal League
Buffalo at St. Louis.
Newark at Chicago.
Baltimore at Kansas City.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
International League
W. L. P. C.
Providence . 5O 30 .625
Buffalo 47 32 .595
Harrisburg 44 38 .537
Montreal 45 40 .529
Rochester 38 45 .458 1
Richmond 38 48 .4 42
Toronto 37 48 .435
Jersey City 31 53 .369
American League
W. L. P. C.
Boston 57 33 .633
Chicago 58 34 .630
Detroit 57 35 .620
Washington 47 45 .511
New York 43 47 .478
St. Louis 37 55 .402
Cleveland 36 56 .391
Philadelphia 31 61 .337
National League
W. L. P. C.
Philadelphia 50 38 .568
Brooklyn 49 41 .544
Boston 47 45 .511
Pittsburgh 45 45 .500
Chicago 44 44 .500
New York 42 44 .488
St. Louis 44 49 .473
Cincinnati 37 52 .416
Federal League
W. L. P. C.
Chicago 53 39 .576
Kansas City 52 40 .565
Pittsburgh 50 41 .549
St. Louis 49 43 .533
Newark 48 43 .527
Brooklyn 45 52 .464
Buffalo 42 56 .433
Baltimore 34 58 .370
Central Pennsylvania League
W. L. P. C.
New Cumberland .... 13 5 .722
Mlddletown 11 5 .688
Lebanon 9 9 .600
Steelton 7 9 .438
Hershey 6 11 .353
Highspire ...... 5 12 .294
Dauphin-Perry League
W. L. P. C.
Millersburg 7 5 .683
Marysville 7 5 .583
Duncannon «... 8 6 .571
Newport g 6 .571
Dauphin 6 7 .462
Halifax 3 10 .231
Dauphin-Schuylkill League
W. L. P. C.
William«town 8 4 .667
Elizabethville 7 6 .53 8
Lykens 6 6 .500
Tower City 4 9 .308
Firemen's League
W. L. P. C.
Good Will 7 1 .875
Friendship 7 1 .875
Washington 7 1 .875
Allison 4 3 .571
Citizen 3 4 .429
Camp Curtin 2 6 .250
Reily 1 7 .125
Hope 0 7 .000
Champion Gotch
Waits Big Cash Offer
jflwfc MaoL'Bag
For a long time Frank Gotch had
everything his own way. Then came
some hard propositions and the big
feliow while not losing his title, was
in fear he would meet his Waterloo.
He retired to his farm, and now
makes the announcement that he will
leave his plough to tackle any wrestler
in the world —providing he gets what
he wants in a cash offer. His price
is something like $35,000. He wants
to buy another farm.
Game Filled With Peculiar Mis
plays Furnished Much Amuse
ment to Spectators
In a game that Included everything
found in baseball, the Globe nine yes
terday won from the Globe Right Pos
ture team, score 7 to 4. The game
was played on Island field and in spite
of the miscues, was interesting.
Ike Rockman played a star game for
the Globe team, having four hits, in
cluding a three bagger. Osman field
ed a brilliant game. Hylan was the
one big star for the Right Posture ag
gregation. His fielding was a feature.
Hibsrnan was the hitter. The score
Globe: R. H. O. A. E.
Hcpford, 3b 1 l 2 0 1
Osman. 2b 1 2 5 2 0
Rockman, lb 1 4 6 2 0
Whistler, p 1 l 0 5 o
Richards, If 1 o 1 0 o|
jS. Cohn. ss o 0 4 3 0 |
l Book, c 2 2 8 4 0 j
iGleck, of 0 0 1 1 o
| Cullen, rf 0 0 1 0 0
Robinson, rf 0 0 0 0 0
Total 7 10 27 17 1
Right Posture: R. H. O. A. E.
| Hylan, ss 0 0 4 5 1
• McWilliams, If 0 0 0 1 1
1 ■ Simonetti, lb n 0 8 1 0
| Wall, rf .. o 1 1 0 0
Mosselman, 3b 2 2 3 4 2
Leroy, cf 0 0 1 0 o
Hibsman, c 1 4 7 3 2
McCollums, 2b o 0 2 1 0
Hunter, p 0 0 0 0 0
Fredericks, p 1 0 1 0 0
Total 4 727 15 6
Globe 2001 1200 I—7
Right Posture 01000001 2—4
| Lee Axworthy Wins Race;
Sets New Detroit Record
Special to The Telegraph
Detroit, Mich., July 31. Lee Ax
worthy, owned by the Pastime Stables,
of Cleveland, and driven by William'
Andrews, yesterday afternoon won the
twenty-sixth renewal of the mer-1
chants' and manufacturers' SIO,OOOI
stake from the greatest field of trotters
which ever faced the starter in this |
Raised from the 2:24 to the 2:OS j
i class, the stake brought out a dozen of
| the best ones in training, but Lee Ax-1
.worthy outfooted the lot and took thel
| race in straight heats. Incidentally, j
j he had a new record of 2:04% for the
| stake to beat Peter Scott who was the
j chief contender all the way.
San Francisco Hears
Bell Was Dynamited
By Associated Press
San Francisco, July 31.—The first
hoax that has involved the Liberty
I Bell since it started on its Western
j trip from Independence Hall, at Phil
adelphia, came to-day when some per
son started the wild rumor that a stick
of dynamite had been thrown at the
Of course, it was a false report, but
it spread with immense rapidity, and
exposition officials and newspaper of
fices were besieged with injuries
about the matter.
The hoax developed one fact and
that is that Captain Carpenter, who is
in direct charge of all the exposition
guards, is a native of Pennsylvania,
and formerly resided at Philadelphia.
He looks upon the Liberty Bell not
only as a great emblem of liberty, but
i also as something from "back home,"
[and for that reason he is doubly sure
to see it has all the protection that
can possibly be given.
The Liberty Bell continues to at
tract the admiration of the exposition
visitors, many thousand visiting the
Pennsylvania building each day.
Among the visitors to-day was "Bll
: ly" Sunday, the evangelist, who is
i here to aid in driving satan from the
Western shore.
Pitcher Near Death
in Chicago Hospital
Chicago, July Sl.—Mordecai Brown,
one of the stars of the pitching staff
of the Chicago Federal team, and for
years one of the leading pitchers of
the Chicago Nationals, is In a hos
pital here suffering from an acute at
tack of nephritis. His physicians ex
press doubt as to his recovery.
Jesse L. Lasky presents Mr. Robert
Edeson in "Where the Trail Divides,"
| in five purts, at the Regent to-day onty.
Little "How," an Indian boy, is adopted
by Colonel Lander and taken to his
home. Little "Bessie Rowland," about
the same age, is also adopted by Colo
nel Lander. "Bessie" and "How" grow
up together and, at the age of 15.
"How" is sent to school and makes
rapid headway In the white man's mode
of civilization and education. Gradua
tion time comes and Colonel Lander and
"Bess" visit "How" and are met there
by Craig, Colonel Lander's nephew. At
the dance Craig proposes to "Bess" and
is refused, while "How" presses his sulx
and Is accepted. "How" and "Bessie"
marr. "How" then goes on a long trip,
and returning unexpectedly, discovers
Bess and Craig In each other's em
marry. "How" then goes on a long trip,
freedom," ar.d rushes out Into the hills
to fight it out alone. A year later Craler
and Bess marry. After marriage Bes
sie finds Craig is unfaithful and short
ly thereafter Bess and "How" are mar-
Ired again, as he says. "Let us find a
trail to happiness together."
Monday and Tuesday—Jesse L Laskv
presents the inimitable Broadway star.
Victor Moore, in a picturization of th»
famous Broadway comedy hit, "Snogs."
by George Bronson-Howard. The
screamilgly funny story of a milkman
who becomes a multimillionaire duke.
This convulsing comedy is not without
a romantic element. In fact, it is this
romance which solves the difficulties
of the "Dook."
Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, "Hypocrites." written and di
rected by Lois Weber.—Advertisement.
While Olympla Desvol, the headline
feature of this week's bill at Paxtang
Park, .probably has the most preten
tious animal act In vaudeville and is
one of the most startling feature acts
the park has ever played. Manager
Davis announces a headliner of an
other type for next week that he ex
pects to he fully as great a hit as the
Desvol act. The act will be a farce
comedy sketch entitled "The Battle of
Bunco Hill." with a cast of well
known musical comedy stars, headed
by Willard and Bond, who lately ap
peared at the park theater in another
comedy offering of more than ordinary
merit. Four other standard acts will
make up the balance of next week's
The park management announces an
other grand fireworks display for Wed
nesday evening. A pyrotechnical pro
gram, entirely different from any of
the preceding ones, has been arranged
and a magnificent display Is promised.
Indians Start Crucial Series at To
ronto Today; Play Buffalo
Next Week
Idle days have been beneficial to the
Montreal team. The Royals are again
dangerously near the Indians. Har
risburg starts a crucial series at Tor-1
onto to-day. One game will be played
this afternoon and two on Monday.
Toronto has a big celebration on Mon
day, and games will be played morn
ing and afternoon.
Manager Eddie Zimmerman is anx
ious to win two out of the three g&mes
from the Maple Leaves. Next week
the Indians play Buffalo. These games
are of importance in view of the fact
that the Bisons are not far in the
lead of Harrisburg. Winning a ma
jority of the battles at Buffalo wauld
put "Zimmy's" bunch in good posi
tion for a gerat finish.
President Harrow Helps
President Edward G. Barrow, of the
International League has kindly
agreed to allow changes in the regu
lar schedule of the Harrisburg club in
order to allow exhibition games to be
arranged with major league clubs.
Every effort is now being made to get
Hughey Jennings here with his De
troit club on August 13. but from pres
ent indications the prospect is not
very encouraging.
Secretary W. R. Douglas, of the
Harrisburg club to-day received let
ters from President C. H. Thomas, ofl
t he Chicago National League club and
Clarke Griffith, manager of the Wash
ington Americans, regretting that they
cannot arrange exhibition games for
this city on dates suggested. They
may come here in September.
By Associated Press
Marysville, Pa., July 31.—Marys
ville is now engaged in a hot chase I
for the Daupliin-Perry League pen
nant, and on Sundays evening at 7.30
o clock, the Rev. S. L. Flickinger, pas
tor of the local Trinity Reformed
i Church will deliver a sermon on
"Baseball and the Game of Life." A
.'special invitation to attend these ser
vices has been issued to all local
By Associated Press
Pittsburgh. July 31.—Twenty sec
tion men were repairing a spur on the
tracks of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie
Railroad, at the Patterson Mine, No. 2
■ of the United Coal Company, in Love
jdale Hollow, near West Elizabeth, at
, 2.30 o'clock this afternoon, when,
| without warning, 20 loaded coal cars,
; as if falling from the sky, crashed
down upon them, killing nine of their
number and injuring 18 others.
Big Motorcycle and
Bicycle Bargains
One 1914 Excelsior Motorcycle, 2-spccd, twin, cost $260.00.
Sale price $130.00
One 1913 Indian Motorcycle—fully equipped, Presto-tank
head-light, tandem, speedometer, cost $300.00. Sale price.
One 1914 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle—good as new,
equipped fully, cost over $300.00. Sale price $205.00
One 1915 Excelsior Demonstrator like new % plenty of
speed .' $225.00
Supplies All Reduced
Bicycles regularly $25.00, at $18.50
Coaster brake, tool bag, tools and bell. Guaranteed.
Wagons—Roller bearing coasters, all reduced one-half
and up. •
Tires from SI.OO up—Some bargains.
Pennsylvania Vacuum cup tires, $3.50: Kokomo ever
laster, $3.50; Vitallic, $3.25; Chain Tread Tires, $2.75. All
One used Smith Motor Wheel Bicycle attachment. $50.00.
Used 30 davs.
10 South Market Square
Open Evenings. Bell Phone 689-W.
Touring cars will leave Kuhn's Carpet Store, Market
Square, and go up Front street for Dauphin. First car leaves
5 o'clock, second car 7 o'clock, and every hour thereafter. Cars
will leave Dauphin on the hour.
Fare —Country Club, sc; Rockville, 10c; Dauphin, 15c;
round trip tickets, 25c.
S. B. REED, Prop.
win era BUNCH
International Averages Show Big
Improvement in Work of
Local Indians
By Associated Press
Chicago, July 31.—This week's bat
ting averages in the International
League show Eddie' Zimmerman well
up near the top. The ten leading bat
(ters are:
Gilhooley, .350; Barney, Jersey City,
.333; Shean. Providence, .333; Chan
nell, Buffalo. .332; Graham, Toronto,
.326; Pick, Richmond, .324; Shorten,
Providence, .321; Zimmerman, Har
risburg', .318; Dammitt, Jersey City,
.314; Rath, Toronto, .313. Buffalo
leads in club batting with .275, and
Providence is next with .272.
Gilhooley leads in stolen bases with
39; Whiteman, Montreal, leads in total
bases with 155 and in home runs with
9. Pick, Richmond, is the best run
getter with 84.
The leading pitchers of the league
who have worked in ten »r more
games are: Oeschger, Providence, 10
won and 2 lost Doud, Montreal, 8 and
2; Comstock, Providence, 13 and 4;
Wiltse, Jersey City, 3 and 1; Beebe,
Buffalo, 15 and 6; Cadore, Montreal,
5 and 2; Gaw, Buffalo 7 and 3; Cha
| bek, Harrisburg, 11 and 5; Miller,
| Montreal, 13 and 7; Schultz, Provi
dence, 10 and S; Enmann, Harrisburg,
110 and 7; Cooper, 12 and 8; Schacht,
'Harrisburg, 11 and 8; Bader, Buffalo,
13 and 10; Russell, Richmond, 14
and 11.
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect June 27, 1918.
TRAINS leave Harrisburg—
For Winchester and Martlnsburg at
5:03, *7:52 a. m.. *3:40 p. in.
For Hagerstown, Chambersburg. Car
lisle, Mechanlcsburg and intermediate
stations at *5:03, *7.52, *11:53 a. m.
•3:40. 5:37, *7:45. *11:00 p. m.
Additional trains for Carlisle and
Mechanicsburu at 9:48 a. m.. 2.16; 3:26.
6:3U, 9:35 a. m.
For DUlaburg at 6:03, *7:52 and
•11:53 a. m.. 2:16, *3:40, 6:37 and 6:30
p. m.
•Daily. All other trains dally except
Sunday. H. A. RIDDLE.
J. H. TONGE. O. p. x.

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