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Private baths, running water; newly
appointed dlnlngroom: capacity 300.
Rates, 12.60 up dally. $12.50 up weekly.
K«n York Ave. SO Yard* From
Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N. J.
Overlooking lawn and ocean. Ca
pacity 400. Elevator, private baths,
running water. Special free features,
'lawn tennis court and dance floor.
Bathing from hotel; shower baths.
*17.50 WEEKLY. $2.00 UP DAILY
Write for free booklet and points of
interest in Atlantic City.
view; capacity 350; private baths, run
ning water in rooms, elevator, line
porches, 4c.; music. Special—sl2.6o up
weekly; $2.60 up dally; open all vear;
booklet; auto at trains. SAMUEL ELLI&
nue. near Beach. Central. Open surrounding's.
Opposite Protestant and Catholic Churches.
Capacity 500. New throughout. Running
water in rooms. Private baths. Metal beds.
4,000 feet of porches. Excellent table. Fresh
vegetables. Windows screened. White service.
Booklet. Special: SB.OO to $21.00 wwklrj
$1.50 to $3.50 daily. R. & LUDY. M. D.
Arkansas Ave., £nd house from Board
walk and Million Dollar Pier. Good
beds, good table. SB. $9, $lO. $12.50
weekly; $1.60, $2 dally. H. J. KERSHAW
The Worthington Cottage
41 South Virginia Avenue
Atlantic City, N. ,T.
MRS. M. W. SPICEIt, of Harrlsburir.
Pacific & Ark Aves. Grounds with tennis
courts adjoin Hc:ich. Only popular priced
hotel where GUESTS may go from HO USE
to SURF in rfATHING ATTIRE without usine
streets, which is prohibited. Use of BATH
HOUSES and care of suits FREE. RUN
$1.50 and up daily, SB. to $17.50 weekly. Ameri
can plan. WkllTE SERVICE. GARAGC
The Frontenac cio"e uck to Beach.
A modern high-class, home-like hotel.
Cap. 260; finest hotel section, central to
every attraction; ocean view rooms,
cool porches, metal beds, elevator;
white service. sß,> $lO, $12.50 weekly.
Booklet. W. F. WATTS.
South Carolina Ave., near Beach. $2
to $3.50 per day, $lO to $17.50 per week.
Private baths, running water. Man
agement of owner. M. T. CURRAN.
HOTEL MAJESTIC a nla ß^ov\ n t a
ed throughout; center of attractions
ocean view; capacity 800; elevator
private baths, white service, etc.; su
perior table. Special, SIO.OO up weekly
$2.00 up daily. Booklet. M. A. SMITH.
f t
52.00 up dally; *U up weekly.
Leading high-class moderate rate
hotel. Virginia Ave., near Beach
and all attractions. Capacity 350.
lpO cool front rooms, new metal
beds, comfortable furnishings; ele
vator, private baths, 4000/t. porches,
excellent table (evening dinners),
courteous service, home-like. Mo
torists' patronage solicited. 14th
year. Booklet. J. P. COPE
V. '
HOTEL GAGE Fireproof.
Boom only. Hot and cold water every
room. SI,OO per day up. Special weeklv
rates. Bathing from hotel with
ehower. THOS. L. GAGE, Prop.
Scrupulously clean, electric lighted
throughout. White service. Hot and
cold water baths. $1.25 and $1.50 daily
$7 and $8 weekly. Estab. 86 years
Booklet. Emerson Crouthamel, Mgr.
Kentucky Ave. near Bench, Atlantic City
Unusually low rates for higrh-flrrade accommoda
tions. 200 choice rooms ; private baths; running
water. Attractive public rooms and veranda?.
Exceptionally fine table. Good music. Dancinpr
Bathing from hous*. *2 up daily : $lO up weekly
Booklet Auto coach. A. C. EkHOLM. Ownen
Tennessee Ave. and Beach. Ideal loca
tion, convenient to railroad station,
churches, piers and amusements. Ex
cellent table, home, comforts. $1 50 up
daily; $8 up weekly; bathing' from
Hotel. A. HEALY.
St. James Place
Third house from Boardwalk at Ocean
Pier. Table supplied from our farm.
Kentucky Ave., near tne Beach. Noted
for Its excellent table and home com
forts. Fresh vegetables from own farm
New metal beds. Rooms with bath
Elevator to street level. Near Board
walk. churches, piers and depots. Free
bathing from hotel. Garage in connec-
ILTbx SPeC ' al Week,J ' Rates - J HAM
Hotel Conewago—On Lake Conewago
mod. convs. Apply to Samuel H. Lewis'
Prop. Newport Apts.. 16th and Spruce
its., Phlla,, till June io.
The object of "Safety
First" is prevention.
You can prevent your
advertising from meet
ing the fate of the waste
basket if you will make
it attractive with proper
Bring your next copy
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The Telegraph
Art & Engraving
216 Locust Street
Story No. 10—Ins tall man t No. 6 I
The Pompof Earth
Ooprrtfht. 1»U. by Path. KieUnf* Inr Ml
monjif picture right, ud In <—
copyrights .trictly imettmL
No answer.
I say. do you want to cover, or
shall I sell?"
I An impatient wave of his hand wu
! aII * he answer Hugh Keene gave.
rhe other was a man of few words,
and he had already spoken those few.
"» cry well then, if you can't cover,
you're wiped out!"
T^ a , s those last words that Rlch
j ard Walker heard as he paused for a
I moment outside the coor. It was
i these words that changed his smile
| of affable patronage to one of un
j pleasant menace as he entered Keene's
i offlce.
i v ? v wasted no time in preliminaries,
but besan, very abruptly, "There's a
report about town. Keene, that is, In
the financial district, that you've been
loading yourself down with the worth
ier A. & M. Is it true, and if it is,
what, man. In Heaven's name, have
you been buying it with?"
Keene was immediately attentive.
"You need have no fear," he said.
I'm glad of that." said the other,
'because, to be frank with you, I've
had an unavoidable fear that, er—
well, that you'd been something that
the word reckless wouldn't adequately
Yo" need have no fear," the young
Her Not—He Wag Dead.
man reiterated heavily.
Walker held out his hand, and
Keene took it listlessly.
"I'll see you tonight?"
"Yes. tonight," dully, "and con
Walter smiled affably, turned, and
was gone.
Keene listened to his footsteps as
they echoed and died out down the
long corridor. Then he went to his
desk quickly and opened the bottom
drawer with a key Trom his safe. His
hand sought its dark recesses and at
a cold touch he smiled cunningly as
he looked toward the door, and his
lips framed two words his expression
made hideous: "Tonight."
»u That , nlght n s hts Mazed throughout
the palatial residence of Richard
1 Walker. It was the night of his for
of h!s engagement
Ik!,.h i K.P lton ' Liveried servants
bustled hither and thither about the
rooms, making all ready for the ex
?i e i Ct K d . fi leß i. S They came on "me.
all but Hugh Keene, who was tardy.
There was another guest, early, un
invited, and unexpected. He had fol
lowed Walker home from Keene's of
fice that afternoon, and now, patient
ly hid behind the folds of the heavy
curtains that separated the reception
room from the dining room. He kept
very quiet, this guest, and when ho
could, watched intently Walker's face.
He noted also the pale tragic look on
the face of the young man who came
late, but was too Interested in his
own affair to indulge his sympathy.
Sympathy! Strange thing, that, in
one who had come for what he had
come. Strange that those years in a
prison cell had not entirely killed
that. He thought, passingly, how
strange it was that he should enter
tain a thought of sympathy—he,
whose heart's desire—
But his interest in the pale young
man was, perforce, concentrated when
he noted, after dinner, and just as
Walker was about to crown his future
bride with a magnificent diadem, that
the young men's hand sought inde
cisively his hip pocket.
Porter's interest changed quickly to
apprehension at the sudden thought
that this pale young man might cheat
him out of what he felt to be specifi
cally his. "His heart's desire." He
would give him no further oppor
tunity. Quickly, nervously his own
hand found his coat pocket—quickly,
nervously, his arm was struck through
the luxurious folds of the heavy cur
tains that concealed him.
He fired, and Walker spasmodically
clutching his shirt front, sank lifeless
to the floor.
Don Porter made no attempt to
escape. When they took him, he was
smiling with frightful content. They
thought him iasane, for, as he was
taken off, he kept ever repeating an
(to them) incomprehensible phrase
whose burden was "my heart's de
Keene left hurriedly, his step hard
ly more buoyant than when he had
, come.
! The next morning Edith Hilton
! seemed peculiarly unaffected for a
girl who had so tragically lost her
| sweetheart. >
But the sense of her own perfidy In
: bartering her soul for this man's gold
j was only borne In upon her when she
realized how unaffected his death left
| her. She wanted to see Hugh Keene.
It was the strongest feeling she had.
She rushed off to his offlce, although
■lt was much before opening time.
He was there, dressed as he had
! been the night before. His head was
thrown forward between his out
stretched arms on the desk; his body
was alarmingly still. She went to
him, a chill freezing the very nerves
:of her. His eyes were open, but they
saw her not. They seemed to be gaz
ing through the very walls them
selves, mayhaps after his departed
soul— out Into Infinite space, where
the Pomp of Earth harries not the
soul of man.
Lat.r, when men came, they opened
his flagers tightly clenched about a
dainty little revolver, and a note. The
note was from the Sunset Club, and
'.'My Dear Mr. Keene:
"The governors of the Sunset
Club request that you deliver to
them tomorrow an accounting of
the funds entrusted to you as
The eleventh story in the WHO
PAYS Series, 'The Fruit of Folly,"
will begin in our next issue.
[To Be Continued.]
Issue Traffic Rules For
Chestnut St Market
In an effort to facilitate movement
of traffic near the Chestnut Street
Markethouse. on market mornings.
Chief of Police Hutchison has issued
Goldsmith's For Good Furniture—2o6 Walnut Street | Goldsmith's For Good Furniture—2o6 Walnut Street
SUCH genuine values as we are giving have never been known. Prices
for high grade standard make furniture have never been so low.
We urge every family desiring to add a piece of furniture to the
home, to refurnish a room or to fit out an entire apartment or
house to call at our store while this sale is in progress.
You don't have to pay in full for what you buy. Suitable arrangements
will be made for a system of dignified and liberal charge accounts.
Some of the Amazing
This BUmA Reed This 9-Piece Sheraton Mahogany Dining Suite
Pullman Sleeper • ®7C if iff j,l
$1.8.50 1 ■ gjjjj I
Rpgrular Selling Price $26.50 Regular Selling Price $215 [ wfl) I ! ; j|
ura! a finish' 'Reversible r gearT na A A handsome suite of refined lines—6o-inch Sideboard; 48-inch table; 6 chairs with genuine ||j /lfl|s||| [IB
and comfortable carriage for leather slip-seats; roomy china closet. Sold separately or ensuite. wll
cups in top. Solid mahogany. K °\n S< \vi?h
x T , , Imported niovcineat. Strikes
No phone orders. hoiir an , ( i,air-hour. solid
This Extra Fine . ,
English Sofa | JjJ|
Regular Selling Price $75.00 jj ~ ? I I BmBB
A luxurious overtuffed sofa of English design. Denim cov- "***u!»L. jSJ ji f v • |ft i T| {Ssjl jjflf' JWXWH
ei:ed. Imposing, comfortable and will last a lifetime. y- [fj;
MbHH a^ogany This Fine Full Size
I Mahogany Finish Bed . J |f
J tPn PRICE,SIS 514.75 This Comfy f n-) eft
f| n I j Made of solid mahog- I Wing Chair
H , l|; any; P ractlcal < useful and REGULAR SELLING PRICE, $20.00 REGULAR SELLING PRICE, $30.00
HCWaNj ornamental. A limited A solid mahogany frame, with pretty denim
O quantity on hand. This is the celebrated Sanisleep sanitary covering; limited quantity.
F : r^r ase * FOR GOOD FURNITURE * Chase For Fall =
Not Satisfactory "VValnut to Locust obovte Second. Delivery
the following rules and regulations:
I—No teams will be allowed to un- i
hitch, or vehicles of any kind will not i
be permitted to stand on the north side i
of Chestnut street, between Third and .
Second street, except drays delivering
goods to stores, which will be allowed
time enough to unload only.
2—Ail teams left standing in Court
alley must be on west side only; in
Blackberry and Cherry on the north
side only. The other sides of these al
leys must be kept open for other
vehicles and all vehicles using these
alleys during market hours must only
go one way, as follows: North in Court
alley, east in Cherry alley and west
.in Blackberry alley.
3—Vehicles of all kinds will only be
permitted to travel one way going west
only in Chestnut street from Third to
Second. This one way travel to com
mence at 6 o'clock a. m.
4—Automobiles waiting on those at
tending market, will park in South
Third street- at right hand cUrb facing
north, from Cherry alley to Blackberry
alley, except in front of a few stores,
where they will not be permitted to
6—The traffic ordinance gives police
the power to move vehicles wherever
and whenever the traffic makes it nec
essary, and all persons are askd to len<\
their aid to the police in carrying out
these rules.
Mechanicsburg, Pa., July 31. A
crowd, estimated at fifteen hundred,
gathered at corner of Keller and
Arch streets and listened to the music
furnished by the tabernacle choir. W.
A. Sigler was leader, accompanied by
Miss Bentzel at the piano. E. E. Strong,
cornetist. and Mrs. E. E. Strong, trom
bone. Over two hundred voices par
ticipated and the audience was treated
to a volume of sacred songs the like of
which has not been heard since the
tabernacle services.
i V
Special to The Telegraph
Mechanicsburg, Pa., July 31.—To
morrow will be a great day in St. Paul a
Reformed Church, as It will mark the
first anniversary of the pastorate of
the Rev. John S. Adam, and plana
have been made to appropriately cele
brate the event.

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