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"Moving Out" Brings Lowest Prices on Mens Clothing
' " n j n a £ cw t j le Men's Clothing Department
mM I INI ISI IA T forced to vacate its present location in the
rearranging of departments prior to completing the
iHfAJId/f/iM/ji'Q A Sale of Women's New Store.
cam, 1991—any PHoxE foinded 1871 Crepe de Chine Needless to say the fewer suits there are to
SATURDAY HOURS: 9 A. M. TO 9 p. M. move the speedier the task, and we're only too glad
— Handkerchiefs to dispose of them at the lowest prices.
A DTF JSSM r , u u .u Suits referred to, is the Summer stock, and all
OMAK 1 . oml prettiest P and at are stylish; and may be worn for fully a couple
>i S near half price. months.
lyewest Skirts crepe de chine with color- Note the reductions:
•r, . wwy 1 borders; plain with col
tor Autumn Wear ored embroidered corners; Af- ft ft instead (hw* OP* instead of
FIRST showing of accepted styles, f 0 shades' tpD.l/H of $9.90 1p7«05512.50 & $13.50
featuring - the latest tendencies JBKSSI Value 50c; *?Kr . . _ • , , f . _ _ ..if
that will dominate autumn skirt special " C $Q C A lnßlead of SIQ (A ™ S,ea< ' ™
fashions: «pSf. DU sls & $16.50
Striped Faille Silk wide stripes in rich, ed; colored borders in nar- BOWMAN'S— Third Floor.
dark shades of purple and green ; smocking at row, medium and inch width.
side ; priced at #12.50 fi/fMijjfValue 25c, 15c
Black Taffeta plain; gathered at top; four special
rows of cording at bottom ; priced at .. $5.98 BOWMAN'S— Main Floor
Black Poplin—yoke effect with box pleats; *"*
also another style pleated at sides; price, $5.98 w (jCnlline
f Initial Showing of Galvanized Iron J5
A J. 1 Ash Can, 98c
Autumn Coats Thisssthe popular No . 77 _
U IRST of the new styles are here! st . vle ( not >niitation galvanized) J1111P? °\
|M Plain to be seen that mixtures regularly priced at $1.69 23 in- S& <» i //\
P hold first place in favor, as told £Zi,v i V/TX
by authorities 6n fashion. Two ' „ o'Cedar Polish ' Mops, \
handsome models are: 89* - triangular shape with pil- fAw : »L?vY „ j A
Green and Brown Mixture novelty belt ished wood handle. - \%%SM \V" /f ' /
and pockets; improved military collar; braid- $9.00 New Process Wick Blue X%/,V ° /
ed in black. _ Flame Oil Cook Stove, $6.98 jjNfr't.. \ '
Gray Mixture with just a touch of green; with new feature glass oil tank; • ' ••
collar and cuffs trimmed with brown velvet; 2-btirner size. \C / V^ :
large velvet buttons. $12.00 New Process Wick Blue ajT
Complete showing of New Fall Dresses Flame Oil Cook Stove, $8.50 W mhhm "I
and Suits. BOWMAN'S— second Floor. 3-burner size. p t V § i Vi n Vi i
BOWMAN'S—Basement I f I LvVVv JV I 1 M
N SST Substantial August | J
26-in C h striped siiks, SI.OO "Fiirrutiiro 1 8 Autumn's First
yard - beautiful color combin- 1 UI 111 L lilt: OdlC 1 ..
ati ° ns - 1 e . j _ ... I Contribution
30-mch Not for a moment having lost its reputation of: The cen- 9 u u ' Q* l
a u nd navy ter of interest, attraction, and buying activity. n rresft ill at)' e, ■
an 26-Inch Pkid SUk^So?'and Quality—Dependability Fair Price Guarantee ITS | C/lflrmmg m Destgll
SI.OO yard—Louisines and mes- PRIXCIPLES. h — yS™' PLEASING feature about _
salines; big range of styles. «t>> m mui tt o • i <&r n* B /\ these new hats is the
36-inch Chiffon Taffeta, $1.25 Tip-Top Tables, Very Special, I range of shapes compris
yard Xavy in two good shades; Made of solid mahogany and inlaid. Just as durable as it is hand- I SsSi ing the smallest to the ■
quality some and convenient. Exceptional value. , I largest with no particular size or I
36-inch Striped Crepe de Chine, >i • t? j i t• • ■ i • ■
$1.50-new color combinations; 4-piece Fumed Oak Living- - dominating. m
for waists and skirts; fine grade f room S V lte t] : gartered oak | . |
36-inch Pompadore Taffeta ' t eath< j rette upholstered g BOWtTICLTI tITSt I
Silk, $1.50, $1.59 yard -white Wl 4 A seats; settee, chair, rocker and I UKJ WIII, AII& Is
with pink; navy with pink. TX/X/vi 7 tf - 1 — to what is new and ac-
* Ui S-'ia'darh I cepted. and style enthusiasts may 1
Tkyf ■j j ni 'T t or dull rubbed; mahogany dress- ® view these wondrous charms in
iVliaay OiOUSCS V \fl ( / er ' c ' l '^ on ' er ' triplicate mirror, y the window this evening.
Made of white Galatea; plain juiXMy I dressing table and bed. August ■ See them in the milliner}'' sec- ■
white or colored collar; braid \ Its price for any piece $14.9«> B tion at your convenience.
trimmed; szes 8 to 20 years, |'| $12.00 Imperial Roll Edge Felt S BOWMAN'S— steonu Floor ll
50e and SI.OO j S3 Mattress $8.90 B rif*T
Children's Dept., Second Floor. I ~.Jjß SB.OO Roll Edge Felt Mattress; -
Corset Covers V °Z big mattress special
Made of fine nainsook; trim- $7.00 Roll Felt Mattress, $-4.95 T> • 1 i-»
med back and front with lace and $6.50 Woven Wire Bed 15raSSlCreS anCl r artV DOXeS
V3Z Large Qverstuffed Rockers Golden Oak Bust Confiners Closing Out at, 69c
~ : Covered in brown Spanish $42.00 Golden Oak Buffet ' Reinforced under arm; lace and The same style that formerly
rour bpecials in leatherette; comfortable and well $.36.00 embroidery were $3.00 and s3ao. Five and six
DernrateH l?? e -n in^: il i UStrated: 230 ° GoUlen ° ak Bllffet ' BOWMAN'S-Secondllo^r $ fittlng BOWMAN'S-Main Floor
JL/CL-UI d.ICU $12.a0. August price .... $9. <o $19.75 '' '
\ BOWMAN'S—Fifth Floor. ( ~~ "S
p ~ Time For School Preparation:
Porcelain These Are Economy New Low Prices On Boys' Suits
Dinner Sets n • n/r #*•
f ln\lQ ITI /l/l n TTI tl rr Economy-wise mothers will look upon this sale as the means
56-piece Dinner Set, $4.50 UilyO 111 IflClLtllLLf , , ,
rose decorations interspersed with . . "f . . . , . . 01 P re P ann fe' the b °y for autumn or rough school wear,
daisies; gold line edge on each when good grades may be bought ior just a trifle over Norfolk Suits of wool, cassimere, homespun and cheviots, in
piece. halt the regular prices through a fortunate purchase. s i zes 6to 17 years.
56-piece Dinner Set, —— SIO.OO cind $12.00 China and Jsp Msttin? in choice patterns and xt
blue floral decoration; gold line colors. P sa New prices are
edge on each piece. Per roll, 40 yards $6.98 d»1 <fcO d>/l
100-piece Dinner Set, ST.SO—• Per yard tp 1 *p
pink rose decoration; gold lined SB.OO China Mattings —in blue, brown, red and green patterns. r- -a S <r?m i <r? -n T ff! n- j*, r >- r
edge. Per roll, 40 yards $4 49 From $2.50; from $3.00 and $3.00; from $3.90 and $4.9 a; from
100-piece Dinner Set, $7.50 Per yard ! 1 SjUd $4.95 and $5.95.
decorated with gold lines. (Please bring room measurements.) 7 BOWMAN's —Third Floor.
BOWMAN'S—Basement Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S \ ,
Attorney General's Department
Gives Opinion on Operation of
the Alien Dog Law
The act of the last Legislature pro
hibiting unnaturalized foreign-born
residents from owning dogs is not to
be construed so as to include house
hold pets and children's puppies, ac
cording to an opinion given to Dr. Jo
seph Kalbfus, secretary of the State
Came Commission, by Horace W. Da
vis, Deputy Attorney General. The
enforcement of the act is placed upon
the Game Commission and notices
were given in various languages of in
tention to carry it out. These notices
CAS T O RIA For Infants and CMdm. Boars the
Jhe Kiril You Haw Always Bought
resulted in so many protests against
enforcement of the letter of the law
that the commission asked for a rul
ing, it having been represented that it
would take from many homes valuable
pets as well as result in the removal
of many worthless curs kept by people
whc did not take proper care of them
and which were allowed to roam at
In the opinion Mr. Davis reviews the
act of June X, 1915, and points out
that it is similar to the alien gun law
of 1909. The impression given by
reading of the acts is that the posses
sion of dogs would be unlawful when
it was intended to use them to hunt,
he holds, quoting from an opinion of
the Superior Court.
The opinion concludes:
"We would advise that the use, or
intended use, of a dog owned or pos
sessed by an unnaturalized foreign
born resident is not material in the
conviction under the act of 1915. The
only question of fact upon which a
Justice of the peace has to decide is
whether the defendant is owner or
possessor of the dog.
"This act was directed to that class
of residents of this commonwealth
who are, to a greater or less extent,
unfamiliar with our language, our cus
toms and our laws. To allow them to
possess the instrumentalities for the
destruction of game or other wild life
would be merely encouraging them, at
least, permissibly, in a more serious
infraction of the game laws of the
State. For that reason the act was
drawn to prohibit the possession by
such persons of hunting or such other
dogs as were liable to injure or destroy
game or other wild life.
"Such an act must necessarily be
broadly drawn in order to permit the
correction of the evil sought to be
remedied. Acts so drawn frequently
by their phraseology cover facts which
were never intended to be covered by
them. This act was not intended to
authorize a constable or other officer
to go into a foreigner's home and take
a lap dog or a child's puppy and arrest
the owner of the house. The utmost
good sense, as well as fairness and
honesty, are essential in the enforce
ment of this act. Game wardens and
other officers of this State should be
cautioned that this act must not be
used as a means of oppression or
senseless prosecution, but that it
should be enforced In all caseß where
it is really intended to apply, and in
these only, and not for the purpose of
mulcting fines and costs from foreign
General Logan Speaks of the Fine
Spirit Among the Militiamen
of the Western End
General A. J. Logan, commander of
the Second Brigade, said yesterday in
Pittsburgh that the annual encamp
ment of the brigade at Indiana, Just
ended, was the most successful in the
history of the brigade. He said:
"Many new features were intro
duced. In the first place. 90 per cent,
of the enrollment of the brigade or
ganizations attended the camp, the
men returned to their homes in much
better physical condition than when
they left, and they certainly knew
more about modern warfare. Modern
machine gun firing and trench digging,
with illustrated lectures and moving
pictures, lessons In aeronautics by
Aviator W. S. Luckey, of the Aero Club
of America, track and field meeta and
boxing exhibitions all made the en
campment entertaining and instructive
for the men.
"Lieutenant W. B. Loughborough, of
the machine gun company of the Third
United States Infantry, who lectured
on machine gun firing at the camp,
said the brigade was well informed on
things military. The United States
army officer stationed at the camp to
instruct the men on methods of sani
tation said that Company E, Tenth
Infantry, erected the most perfect
kitchen he had ever observed, includ
ing his observations of regular army
Governor's Troop Sergeant
Makes Perfect Rifle Score
Sfecial to The Telegraph
Mt. Gretna, Pa., Aug. 20. Rufus
Hlester, of the Governor's Troop, of
Harrisburg, shooting in the Hershman
match at the State rifle ranges here
yesterday, made a "possible" or a per
fect score on the 500-yard range.
The Bowman match of ten shots on
the 300, 500 and 600-yard ranges,
contested for by the Junior teams of
the various regiments of Infantry and
cavalry, was won by the Third regi
ment team with a total score of 655
out of a possible 600. The First cav
alry came ninth In this match with a
score of 515 and the Eighth regiment
was in eleventh place with a total
■core of 189.
Special to The Telegraph
Lebanon, Pa., Aug. 20. Charles
Dwight Sigsbee, Jr., son of Rear Ad
miral Charles D. Sigsbee, U. S. N., re
tired, and Miss Agnes Falcnor Haddow,
daughter of James Haddow, of this
Rheumatism Easily Relieved
By Cleansing the Blood
S. S. S. Gives Quick Relief
by Toning Up the Blood
Yes, but how? A natural question. The answer la that you must
cleanse your blood by stimulating it to healthy, vigorous action, so that it
will throw off the germs and impurities that cause Rheumatism. The action
of the wonderful blood purifier, S. B.SSt. t is to practically renew the life blood,
give it vigor, stimulate the flow, making It throw out the germa and the
pcison Impurities. The excruciating pains of Rheumatism, whether It is the
shooting, stabbing Sciatica, the gripping agony of muscular Rheumatism, or
aching arms and legs that break un sleep, will be entirely relieved by S. S. S.
Don't use nostrums and drugs. Take the blood bath—Nature's blood tonic,
8.8.8. Get It at any druggist's, but insist upon S. S. 8. Let us tell you
about blood diseases. Send for booklet, "What the Mirror Tells," or if youra
is a peculiar case, write S. S. t*. Co., Atlanta, Gu., but begin treatment at once.
10 cakes Ivory Soap 38c
10 cakes Fels Naptha Soap
10 cakes P. & G. Naphtha, 38c
2 cans Old Dutch Cleanser, 15c
BOWMAN'S—Basement 1
V. /
Three Very
Bargains in Shoes
Women's High and Low Shoes;
black, tan and white. Good wear
ing stylish shoes that were $2.50
to $3.50 850
Women's Low Shoes, in gray
and russet with welt soles. Small
sizes predominate. Values $2.50
and $3.00 650
Men's Shoes, in gun metal, but
ton and lace; "Lenox" and other
well-known brands. Value $1.98
to $3.00 $1.05
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor
Gray Hair Goods at
Clearance Prices
If your hair is grayed in any de
gree from the slightest sprinkle to
almost white, there's a switch and
transformation here to match it
and at such small cost as you'd
hardly think possible.
In this special lot are—
-18-inch Gray Switches, at 980,
value $2.00.
20-inch Gray Switches at $1.65,
value $3.00.
22-inch Gray Switches at $2.25,
value $4.00.
Gray Transformations at $1.65,
value $2.50.
Gray Transformations at $4.25,
value $7.00.
Mail orders filled a perfect
match guaranteed.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor !
A New
Melba Perfume
—that has just been introduced.
A fragrant Oriental odor with
lasting qualities.
Visit the demonstration .
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
city, were privately wedded here yes
terday, the ceremony being performed
by the Rev. 'Or. T. E. Schmauck, senior
pastor of Salem Evangelical Lutheran
church. The bride is seriously ill, and
had urged a postponement of the cere
mony, which was fixed some time ago
for yesterday, but the bridegroom In
sisted that there should be no delay.

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