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I| SAsitlanis |I
J j|
2 EE has written a novel comedy for herself. Thetitle? "'Twas EE ==
jS EE Iv Ever Thus." It is the latest photoplay in which this versatile comedi- EE
~ enne appears. Produced by EE:
11 Bos worth Inc. |j |
and shown only at theatres featuring EE H
§i = p E
Twas Ever Thus is a romantic comedy which begins with the brute- *—
> —: strength days of the cave dwellers and takes you right up to the present century.
~ zzz Elsie Janis is at her best in Elsie Janis* own play and you surely must EE
CS see her. r~
p~ - Patrons of Paramount Theatres have given Miss Janis' plays an unusual zzi IZ
—EE welcome to the screen. Her previous successes— "Caprices of Kitty " EE' •—!
-*5 Betty in Search of a Thrill" and "Nearly a Lady" are —~ p-
== creating enthusiastic applause wherever shown. Watch *****
EE l^e advertisements of the local Paramount theatre for the
j— = announcements of each Elsie Janis appearance, ~—
== A Motion Picture Magazine FREE ~
A,k y° ur theatre for • copy of Picture Progress. If you can't jet it, write u». E—
<3 > S£SS^S^^t(§P^ on - w5PF»|i 1
"It would seem almost like paint- '
Ing the Illy," observes a writer in Car- J
toons Magazine,—"or. rather, the sun- ,
flower and the goldenrod—to paint the i
glories of October. Yet the cartoon- ;
lsts. some of them with genuine poet
ical insight into nature, have pictured
for us the various phases of this gor
geous month.
"To the painter October is a radiant
The Americans!
in 3 Yankee Doodle Burlesques,
featuring Johnson, Buckley iind Ben
Small. 20 fascinating Klrls.
PRICES j Mat., I'.'c, 35c and 30c;
Mght, 15c to 75c.
Matn Dally Sept. 24, 25
Mat. 23c and 35c; t'hlldrcu, 15c.
•Mght, 25c, 35c and 50c
Open 11.00 a. ni. to 11.00 p. m. Daily.
Tlie DUtlnKuUhed Royal Actresa,
\Vm. Fox'g Six-Part Photoplay
"The Song of Hate"
By Vlcrorla Sardou, Based on His
Fumed "I.atosca."
The First Episode of the Great
Serial Story,
"Neal of the Navy"
This Episode Entitled
"The Survivors"
Featuring Wm. ( ourtlel K h, Jr. and
Lillian Lorraine.
goddess, her golden hair wind-blown,,
drowsing languidly amid the poppies,
or beside the cider press. Her cor
nucopia runs over with the fruits of
the earth. Again, she is the queen of
summer, gliding like a dream of beauty
through the crimson woodlands, over
hills bathed in gold.
"The cartoonist is of a more prac
tical turn of mind. To him October
is the month when competent house
wives do their preserving. It is the
month when Hallowe'en occurs, and
when the small boy with his Jack-o'-
lantern comes into his own. ,
"Spring has her delicate beauties as
she unfolds her mysteries at the love
{time of the year. Midsummer, with
I her smiling calm and drone of bees,
(appeals to the dreamer and ' philos
j opher, and frosty winter, crowned with
! mystic starlight, has her charms. But
;in all the calendar there is no season
! like Autumn."
Lime-Loss in Tuberculosis
In the Journal of the American
j Medical Association t January IT, 1014)
! was the following!
"It has been many times stated that
Itn tuberculosis or in the pretubcrcu
-1 lonls staice an Increased amount of
calcium I lime) Is lost both In |he
urine au<l feces. In fact, n demlneral
i/.ntlon has been thought to be n fore
runner of the development of tubercu
t If tuberculosis is due to lime loss,
i the success of Eckman's Alterative in
I its treatment may re aue, In part, to
its content of a lime salt so combined
with other valuable ingredients as to
be easily assimilated.
Always we have urged consumptives
to attend strictly to matters of food,
but often some effective remedial agent
is needed. In many cases of apparent
recovery Eckman's Alterative seems to
have supplied this need. It contains no
opiates, narcotics or habit-forming
drugs so Is safe to try. From your
druggist or direct.
Kckman Laboratory, Philadelphia.
Improved Shows
The Six Serenaders
and Three Othera
Thurs., Fri. and Sat.
The bill will be headlined by the
International Laugb Makers,
Max Comedy Circus
and an excellent supporting bill.
Matinee, 2.30 10-15 c.
Evening, 7.30—10-15-'-3c.
Miss Mary Schock Bride of
California Businessman
: -V,»?'
Special to The Telegraph
Marietta, Pa., Sept. 22. Miss Mary
Schock, daughter of the late Mr. and
Mrs. Percy P. Shock, of Marietta, was
married yesterday to Frederic V. Ed
monds, of Galveston, Texas, at the
home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Samuel
L. Frey. The Rev. Arthur Richards,
pastor of the Marietta Presbyterian
church, was the officiating clergyman,
and the only attendant was Miss Eliza
beth Frey, a niece of the bride.
Miss Sue Spangler presided at the
piano and played Mendelssohn's wed
ding march. The gift from the groom
to the br,de wa« a string of pearls
The bride is a graduate of the Marieti-
High school, class of 1903, and of thr
Millersville State Normal school a, S
taught school in New Jersey, a num
ber of years. The groom is engaged
in the confectionery business at Los
Angeles, California, where the couple
will live after an extended tour of the
To Quickly Remove
Ugly Hairs From Face
(Beauty Notes)
Beauty-destroying hairs are sooi.
banished from the skin with the ale
of a delatone paste, made by mixint
some water with a little plain pow
dcred delatone. This is spread upoi
the hairy surface for 2 or 3 minutes
then rubbed off and the skin washec
to remove the remaining delatone
This simple treatment banishes ever*
trace of hair and leaves the skin with
out a blemish. Caution should b<
used to be certain that it is delaton
you buy.
lAMUrSeooepT^I 1
To-morrow matinee and night
Hug-hy Bernard's •'Americans."
Friday and Saturday with matinees
daily, September 24 and 25—Lyman H.
Howe's Travel Festival.
Tuesday and Wednesday with a spe
cial mateince Wednesday, September 28
and 2a—'The Only Girl."
The richest treasures in architecture
ana symmetry will be revealed at the
Orpheum Krlday and Saturday witn
daily matinees especially arranged for
this celebration during a trip with
Lyman H. Howe to the California ex
positions via the Panama Canal. The
"tlfty million dollar show' at san Fran
cisco with Its heroic proportions, tri
umphal arches, giant columns, splendid
courts and magnltlcent buildings as
filmed by Howe's photographers seems
weil worth the cost. It is well calcu
lated to hold spectators spell-bound
witli admiration. It Is a dream city of
palaces with colonnade avenues and as
portrayed by Howe marks an epoch in
the history of the great International
Kxposltions just as the completion of
the great waterway at the Isthmus is
epocnal in world history.—Adv.
Among the many engaging numbers
contained in the brilliant score that
Victor Herbert has composed for the
musical comedy success. "The Only
Girl,'' which Is announced as the attrac
tion at the Orpheuni for two days com
mencing next Tuesday with a special
matinee Wednesday, and which already
has found great popularity are "The
Jlore 1 See of Others, Dear, the Better
1 Love You." "When You re Away,"
"Personality." "Antoinette," "Tell It All
Over Again, "You Have to Have a
Part to Make a Hit." "When Your Ankle
Wears the Ball and Chain," "Equal
Bights," and "You're the Only One For
A spirited bill of clever Keith vaude
ville is certainly making things hum at
the Majestic these days. "The Six Ser
enaders," a sextet of pretty girls and
clever youths lead the van of excel
lence. These merry trillers offer an in
teresting arrangement of vocal selec
tions that range from some of the
old favorites to present day hits and
very pleasing stage pictures are called
in for each number. On this bill also
are Bunnie Wyde and George Wade,
presenting their bright skit called
"Good Js'ight," which they offered so
successfully at the Orpheum a season
or two ago. The l.avine Clmeron Trio
add a happy mixture of laughs and
thrills in a playlet called "Imagina
tion": Ward and Howell, the "tantaliz
ing tenors" are singing their way into
favur; and King and King, are enter
taining in some new and interesting
gymnastic stunts.. Max Comedy Cir
cus, vaudeville's best known animal at
traction, will be the most pretentious of
the offerings for the last of the week.
A gala array of comedians, singers and
dancers will be grouped on the same
"The Song of Hate" which is based
upon Sardou's celebrated modern dra
matic work. "La Tosca," and which will
show the distinguished actress, Betty
Nansen in a well-adapted role, is to be
the feature at the Colonial to-day and
to.-morrow. In the story, Mario, a
young artist, becomes infatuated with
Floria Tosca (Betty Nansen) in a dreamy
old world town where It is always aft
ernoon. Baron Scarpia, prefect of po
lice is a lustful man who would stop
at nothing to gain his own ends and Ills
admiration of La Tosca is ripened into
jealousy when he hears of Mario's at
tentions. Hatching a scheme involving
Mario, he has him arrested and places
him in the torture chair and sends for
La Tosca. As she arrives he applies
hot irons to Mario's forehead and if La
Tosca will pay Scarpia's price for
Mario's life, he will free Mario. Her
great love knows no price too great to
pay for Mario's safety and she meets
Scarpia's demands and during a scene
at a Gala restaurant, seizes a knife and
plunges it deep Into the heart of the
tyrant. Supporting Miss Nansen is ,
Dorothy Bernard, Arthur Hoops and I
That Elsie Janis. the world-famous '
comedienne starring in "Betty in
Search of a Thrill." which will be
shown at the Regent to-day and to
morrow, under the auspices of Bos
woi th, never had a blither role, and
the role could never .have had a bon
nier player is doubtless due to the fact
that this sparkling film comedy is from
the pen of Elsie Janis herself.
The vivacious, impulsive little New
York heiress just out of a convent hun
gers to know the life of America's
biggest city from which she has been
shielded since a baby. She imagines it
must contain all sorts of wonderful
mysteries. But when Betty fellows her
imnuliive d ;sire and abandons her home
and plunges into the whirlpools of
night life sh© finds the mysteries are
dark ones.
But when we see Betty emerge from
the consequences of her prank without
a scratch we draw a deep breath of re
lief. When she finally accepts the hand
some, manly young New York club
mun she ought to have accepted in
the beginning we feel as happy as
though she were our own sister.
The supporting east is splendid, and
is headed by the youthful debonair
Owen Moore.
Friday, one day only "Brewster's
Millions" with Edward Abeles, Para
mount. will be shown.—Adv.
With all due respect to our rail
roads. there are many conveniences
which do not fulfill their part. We
look forward with great anticipation
to a glorious time when we start on
a vailroad trip over one of our four
track trunk lines. The changing scen
ery. the tempting bills of fare, and
the luscious ozone wafted at us while
the train hits up a sixty-mile clip re
mind us that life is worth the living.
Now that is opUmistic anticipation,
pure and simple! But here is pessi
mistic realization: you get aboard and
find that there are no berths left: as
you neglected to wire in advance,
you'll have to sit up in the smoking
compartment and perspire, and before
the night is half gone your system is
transformed into a gas tank; nausea
sets in and while—in your case—a
hospital car would be a welcome ad
junct, the diner is hooked on instead,
but you have no appetite for break
fast; the odor of liver and bacon, fried
eggs, and coffee persists in creeping
through every crevice in your car;
then you endeavor to bury your mis
ery in scenery, but an incessant line
of freight cars going in an opposite
direction shuts out your view.—Zim,
in Cartoons Magazine.
I By Associated Press
Youngstown. Ohio, Sept. 22.—Light
frosto visited many sections of North
eastern Ohio and W'estern Pennsylva
nia last night. It is believed that
crops were not much damaged.
Fly Contest Prizes
on Saturday
On Saturday of this week, the
second Fly Contest of the Civic
Club for 1916. will come to a suc
cessful close. From 9 till noon on
next Saturday files may be brought
for measurement to 11 North Mar
ket Square and the Committee asks
that the contestants bring in their
tiies as early as possible. The first
contest of this year ending August
first was the most successful cam
paign ever conducted by the Club.
The committee In charge 'of this
contest will be present for the
measuring: Mrs. Robert H. Irons,
chairmari; Mrs. William Hender
son, president of the Civic Club;
Miss Rachel Pollock and Mrs.
Mabel Cronise Jones. Five cents
a pint will be paid for all flies
turned in, and numerous prizes will
tlso be given.
Present Store "Erected Since Harrisburg's Awakening " |]
Isn't Harrisburg the Fairest City We Know? U
r; \ 3
Autumn Officially Begins <
Tomorrow— Al
at Bowman
If duty or fancy took you into the path of this morning's chilly breeze i
you must realize the necessity of preparing for Autumn at once. Bow
man's are ready to help you with personal desires and things for the home.
■— i
You'll Delight in the Variety |
of Pretty Blouses in Our Au
tumn Showing |
Variety gives it character. Variety makes choosing a simple matter.
Styles are as pretty as can be secured. You can depend upon that always. l<
As to price, you may ex- K\\ '■<
pect to find a dainty waist at //^ V f§vl\ <
95<*. You may select an exclu- . j j '<
sive model at $12.50. This il
lustrates the wide variety. '/
Crepe de chine waists at $1.95 //_JvV > i\\ f :a TV-** t
are good examples of charming /4> A
plainness, while at $2.95 are 111Kfn *
various styles in plain and —ZZ ° m 7lwf j *rcl
slightly sparingly trimmed ef- f/ f *
Beautifully embroidered waists ■. ■ ' >. ■ i"
come in flesh and white, featur- Wy TT\\ <
ing newest collars, at $5.00. /• 1 }"
. BOWMAN'S—Third Floor. ' ■' J J |
There's an Autumn Snap to Even ing Breezes and Women Now Feel the \
Need of a
New Autumn Coat
The Bowman stock is a plentiful one. Very few models are alike which* is j.
a pleasing feature. !,
Among the smartest models are some that we give mention here, and the !-
woman desiring an inexpensive coat for "knockabout" can also select from a <
goodly assortment. '<
. Black and white novelty mixtures, Brown and black dark tone mix- f
loosely belted, with ture> hrown velv£t co||ar> novelty
Similar stvle with patch pockets, at pockets, at $12.50 j"
SIO.OO T , , , ~ ~ J t "
Kennedy-Fisher Cloth in a striking Large checked zibeline, blue and <
mixture, belted back, double breasted black tone, storm collar .... $12.98 i
$10.98 BOWMAN'S—Third Floor. >
—: —. >
The Furniture Floor Is a Busy Place
These Days j!
The home-replenishing season is on in earnest. Once again our large as- \
sortments are meeting the requirements of home folks, and of particular inter- )
~ t . est to many are the varied lines of very latest pat- i
I terns and especially of Period designs.
8111 l (©) Solid mahogany is here in abundance, and it j<
- uhW|^> u will be well to remember that Bowman furniture is •<
| fjj
Im 7 Specials at this time are:
I - Quartered Oak Toilet Tables, at $8.95 |h
\ J&L '.f ' l' umcc l Oak Settee, genuine leather, at $12.50 \
||H— Oak Library Table, at $4.95
tfZ «' \ . Colonial Poster Beds, mahogany (2), at $19.00 L
Special Felt Mattress, made in two parts, covered in the U
blue and white stripe ticking, at $4.95 k]
U y~ y BOWMAN'S—Fifth Floor. [-<
— U
Not too late yet to 7V7 /~i TJ/ f |<
DECORA TE You should join the Hastings Kitchen j<
for Improvement Week Cabinet Club! The sooner you let us place •<
You may select here at prices ranging one in your kitchen, the sooner you begin t,
from a nickel to the larger Bxl2-ft. wool to enjoy—"A Shorter Day's Work." >
bunting flags at $7.50 One Dollar makes you a member. }
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor. I BOWMAN'S—Fifth Floor. ?
"Good Judgment" ilka j:
Every man will be pleased to [<
learn that our Men's Furnishings ;<
Department now permanently occupies {
the portion of the new main floor just off
the street. Here will be found an up-to- J
date stock of shirts, ties, hosiery, belts, ImiwiliS
suspenders, underwear, collars and other

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