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afternoon occasions: 40 inches tops will find an exceptional oppfcr
wide, in marine, blackberry, navy, ,C j If ■• ' tunityjn this sale. Each piece is ready
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —Street Floor.
I Curtain Values
On to-morrow only— --a 2- j! —y* y ar ds
Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart-Street Floor. ' V itVwar't," Third
A Fitting Close to the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary Sale
Will Be Found in This Announcement for Tomorrow: Sale Closes Thursday
Anniversary Sale of Colored Dress Goods Men s,Women s and Children's Footwear'
SI.OO brocade suitings; 42 inches wide; all wool in navy, tan, I 59c shepherd checks; 42 inches wide; black and white, brown *
brown and green. 37c an( * wh * te and blue and white. 49C
Down to a Remarkably Low Price Basis
50c serge, 36 inches wide; best shades of C san *°y» w ool; all this season's 7^r»
75c broadcloth; in oxford.' o 1 ?- h »i. e 2s sUk nnTwooi'poplin;' 'it inches qq Tlie closing of the 1 hirty-seventh Anniversary Sale brings out for clearance a representative stock of footwear
To-morrow, yard %J ll* wide. To-morrow, yard OJ7C
50c diagonal serge; 36 inches wide; in myrtle, Q"75125 imported broadcloth; 42 inches /\f\ for men, women atld children. In some of the snerialc vnn will «,->+ f.r>A - u . , .
brown and navy. To-morrow, yard O/C wide To-morrow, yard JbI.UU ! . in some OI ine specials you will not find Complete Size ranges ill each style, but
Black Dress Goods in the Anniversary Sale a " siz " arf " le clearancc '
T^r^r'""'i*" wooL 37c 89c jrsrssrss JSsrsaa?usß "V"" «-»■»«« .**•*•• ***
50c serge; 36 inches wide. "\7 c Jl-25 silk and wool poplin; 40 inches wide. on pumps: Goodyear " 11 h white mctai '"etal t air button shoes calfshoes; blucher lace, <»lt "cfoJdyearwclted
To-morrow, yard O/C To-morrow, yard ..... . o9C ! « uL° .. o, buckles; hand turn soU<l leather stitched with heavy stitched "T" B .' »n,l «
w l de 00 To k and WOOI T Pe; 4S lnches 69c U. 25 Imported broadcloth. tIOH toi
85c sJr B "e I ? 48 ro inch y e a s r wide;' all wool'. fi q _ To-morrow, yard S 1 .00 sary Sprcial 97C Sppc
»«1 97c j spo"Va'i rSar
'.....97 c | £»; j«7"51.47 | 55".......97 c
To-morrow, yard QS7C Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —Street Floor. n , rflo T> , * R,,
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor.
Mens Underwear at Half Price wmot\F a l] Suits for LargeV(fomenVPlio Like Men'sand Women's $3.50 Sweaters
Unusual Values at Unusual Prices \ 2 c\r m
The garments advertised in this list will not be exchanged, ! /?„ 11 Navy, SMaroon, Tan and Navy, $2.37
Men's 75c white ribbed lisle Men's 75c Egyptian ribbed \m L aStllOnably UveSSed at Omall C OSt l|i *| Thesc shaker knk ro „ co]lar garments are needed on chi „ y
shirt? and drawers; short l,n ' ( ? n SUI * S; s,lort sJc eves and Our stopk of suits for women who wear so-called odd sizes is Ira IL mornin K an(l evenings. And this lot comes from our regular
sleeves. Anniversary price, rsan 0r 411 - A ™~ morc complete than it has ever before been at this time of the sea- stock - radically reduced for the last days of the Anniversary
each •■"<* black fibre silk S °"' There are P lain tailored styles as well as fancv models, and the • Salc -
Men s gray merino shirts and st ' am ] ess " slight imper _ jtß±H J pnees in both classes are moderately low. .mm* \ Mens 79c tan and cream Men's 50c silk four-in-hands.
Fine quality gabardines, popHns and chiffon broadclo.hs are fa- „e glig e. BWr
Women's Underwear and Hosiery \ oied mateilals foi the I all and W inter season, and the skirts in with attached collar. Anniver- . B °ys' 50c blouse waists;
AnniveS'prt^ WhU °. CoW ! >n . ***!*'. !° n f . 8l0c y? 8 . and lum . "**}& every style are adequately full. . sary price ...-. 570 price. 2 for'....'. '
- Boys' 25c blue chambrav
SO ' C,,OSe: ' and cxu-a
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Second Floor. Drice 9 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart,
__ Men's Store.
———_________ F
Women's Skirts Anniversary Laces Are Women's Blanket Bath Robes,sl.9s New Fall Suits
All-wool Materials $2.98 X\VF\ O t"1 V"F*l V" "for HPo-m nffnAX/ T Re S ul a r ly these same robes sell for $2.95 —and they're well worth it r?i XAT . ...
of fine quality ° 1 1
r . , , White shadow lace allovers. .1(1 inches l.inen ciuny inces and insertions: t to r? <J vhxr I ; s
° pret- wide; values up to 75c. Special in the 2 'S inches wide; 15c values. Anniversary i? ga .' ow a P roHs - Anniversary price 37c Seventv - five ■ „
tifcf nf ihr mndcU \nnlvcrsarv s»ln v»,H -i 7 .. Special, yard tOc AA * S,O ° bla ' k sa,l " c petUcoats. Anniversary price «»c . .. y Xe f
ArTwi/f .. ' 1 Sleeveless Kuimps of lace and organdie, • Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —Second Floor. beautiful suits "O t
' I at 53.08 is of all- . < i rp<,,n Oriental lace flouncinKs; 27 in white unci ecru: values up to 51.25. / , r r
. inches wide; with scalloped edges; 75c Anniversary Special 37c C Vf/ \_ « _ _ Oil sale to-morrow rV f/fC
wool crepe, in values. Anniversary Special, yard ~»7c Venice la<v collars and collar antl cult IA / ? _ t C O'll \\T ' A Cl* 1 A A • , f\.^hzy
|\\ ... , , , / j\ VV OfTTGn S I /v. 1 I K \ I\J f\ nII II I anniversary
,tA ' V navy and black wide; 5c values. Anniversary Special, Anniversary Special 50c /MM AJLAV^AA ° V WHJV VV Clio 10,
&■ v\ an iripnl fnr art ' 3e Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —Street Floor. • ~ „ ' 'tr* ' 11/
SL/ ' If «-• Offprincrc From tip farnpt Cn„f; nn On sale in the fourth Street Bargain Aisle to-morrow. A silk waist and the instant , t * |\
hom<Office or Uttenngs rrom the Carpet Section ««■ value that cannot be matched. Sizes 36 and 38 only. you see them you f'i-rf I#
. Street. Made with 75c rubber door mats, 18x30 inches. 45c and 60c Crex mattlnc and runner. ftZSHPSHHH 3 ; 1 1 s s .
full gathered Anniversary Price 37c Anniversary Price, yard 37c ( \ 1 ' pronounce ), ,
back- button ,15 ° Axminster rugs, 27x54 inches. vnrT 1, yard wlde " Annlv „ e f- Childrens 50c Dresses them quite the
trimmed pockets. Anntvereary Prlce S»- : " Dives. Pomeroy &'ste'wkrt-Third Floor On the Fourth Street Bargain Aisle. best values of the j
another fetching style is made Anniversary Specials in Dress Cottons i scason '
w ith side plaits, an exact copy ot d( «&«XiBSSWV!S
a SO.OU Skirt. 25c Ratine, 36 inches wide, in solid 25c Wash Suiting neat atrinMi 30'inphn. . '
Fine mialltv c LVt, • shades. Anniversary Price, yard 12% c Anniversary Price, 'yard . 15c Handles of mission boxwood, carved and I chiefs: % -inch hem; 10c values Anniver- and black; plain tailored coats
Mne quality serge skirts ill 59c Roman Stripes, half silk, 36 Inches 15c Imitation Linen 8u tlnir' solid 'shades trimmed mission and ebonoid; with silk case sarv Special, 4 for "
navy and black arc $3.95 wide.'
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. 2nd Floor. polka dot patterns. Anniversary Price, yard j versary Price?yard . . ."".c WOMEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS ola" f"°for °. X '. Annlversar >' S P®; Sizes 16 to 18 and 34 to 4
S ' /{jC Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. Women's hemstitched linen handker- Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. 0 Divei - Pomeroy & Stewart. 2nd Floor.
One Hundred Willow Chairs: $2.37 With SI.OO Grocery Purchases, Soaps Excluded,We Hand T finork P^rlnr-^rl
In the 37th Anniversary Sale . W :ii ™ IK ( Q 4. Cion ° ana OOOdS KedUCed
Deferred Are Permitted on All Items „ . To-mOrrOW 25 lbs. of Sugar foi $1.29 • 37th AniliverSarV Sale
Upward of a dozen notable savings are announced from the 3 ' S ° f thC Th,rt >- sevcilth Anniversary Sale reveals specials of rare in- 11 lIIC O/ 111 /\liniVGrSary OaiG
furniture floor for to-morrow. Foremost in the list are tcrest, including: SI.OO leather handbags with Duplex safety lock, equipped
cd. B A a n m niv«°r.ar bo " r r ,S; Phone n, aU orders and CO. D. sales will not be taken on the following .terns: ™sL'wT Sscs.'
<tio crTu ar y ri f • 1 "Sunshine" dainties packed at the department. Regular 50c and 60c vari- stamps, calendar, bills and identification cards, in three dif
sio.ou bureaus, chiffoniers and Princess dressers. Anniver- pieties. Special '■^y— f fprent kinds of leather. Special 440
sary price $12.37 With each package we will give one 10c Sunshine package free. New suede leather belts, with fur trimmed edges; in black
' $29.50 fumed oak china closets. Anniversary price, $14.37 r ! "> Fancy uncoatad rice, 5 lbs.. / \ Vs. co l° rs - Special 500
$16.95 easy chair and $16.95 rocker. Anniversary price. ( Ho s^ r k s . . nour ;...
for two pieces
$35.00 sofa bed. Anniversary price !.!!!!!!!!!!! *25.31 k„,, v , J. K .p&' 2?.. *
! J our-piece fumed oak diningroom suites, includinn- buffet l? a P°y pack coin, o cans. :»7»- . Mothers Oats. 4 pkgK., m
china closet extension table and serving table. Anniversary t I|B mtter ! " n tomito a so B up.' 5 cans 7c cia" r, ; vory . HOap :.. ocean white fla i,. special, 10- l ourist Cases and Drug Sundries
pnce •-11" • $37.00 Sliced pineapple Scans 37c '' I,alf Mvlf ' B Prlze sol^ c New' * Spiciil','paH* Rubber lined tourist cases vrltl. 25c cucumber or witch hazel cold
$2.->.OO golden oak bureau and $25.00 golden oak chiffonier i-i'oice pea beans, s ibs.', 37c / _ »8c Ave or six compartments. 25c to 75c .. h { ,ec J al • • * Bc
Anniversary price for the two pieces $37.00 "ham 12 Sl ib r . sne k SP ® c i'S' blend coftee - Specla1 ' Uf °'' i 0 . C . . 2t n c
Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart. Third Floor. <,al. Ib •Wf T. O^orui'ft"fiiu®
s— ———— blend. Special. 11,. 37c Basement. in» fluid . ...' 15c Dives Pomcroy i Stewart-St. Fl
y? Bishop James H. Darlington
presiding, a meeting of the board of
missions of the Episcopal Dlocose of
Harrlsburg was held yesterday in the
Commonwealth Hotel.
After general business was trans
acted the following were guests of
> bishop Darlington at dinner: General
missionary, the Rev. U F. Baker, of
Sellnsgrove; Archdeacon A. F. McMil
lan, of Carlisle: Archdeacon L. F.
Nichols, of Haven; the Rev.
<Jeorge T. Bishop, of Altoona; the Rev.
A. R. Tsylor, of York: H. G. Hlnkle, of
Altoona; H. W. Hartman and Georgu
N. Reynolds, of Lancaster, and Richard,
M. H. Wharton, of this city.
From present Indications the new
building of Messiah Lutheran Church
will be erected directly In front of the
old edifice at Sixth and Forster streets.
Instead of at Front and Boas streets,
as had been contemplated. This is due
to the Inability of the congregation to
•ell the old church property.
[Continued From First Pago.]
blem at Dauphin and officiate as out
riders on the trip to this city.
At Front, and Maclay streets the suf
fragists of the city, In automobiles,
headed by the Municipal band, will
fall in behind the bell and will parade
over the following route: Maclay
street to Sixth, to Reily, to Third, to
North, to Front, to Market, to the
The truck bearing the bell will be
parked In the middle of the Square
all night. During the evening a rous
ing rally will be held. Speakers will
be Miss Emma L,. MacAlarney and
Miss Adella Potter.
Miss MaoAlarney's Work
Miss Emma Lenore MacAlarney,
who Joined the forces of the State Suf
frage Association last Fall, has been
wonderfully successful in organization
work in many parts of the State. She
is responsible for the county organ
isations in Snyder, Dauphin and Perry
counties and has organized many
locals in Mifflin. Juniata, Montour,
Cumberland. Franklin. York and
Northumberland counties. Possessed
of a magnetic personality and a fund
of interesting information, she is a
most valuable aid to the cause.
Miss MacAlarney was born in Har
risburg. Her father. Joseph C. Mac-
Alarney, was a well-known lawyer of
this city, and her uncle, M. W.
MacAlarney. was for a long time the
owner of the Telegraph and post
master here. On her mother's side
she is a descendant of Peter Hoffman,
who built the first church and first
schoolhouse in Dauphin county.
She la a graduate of Wellesley Col
lege and has since then taught In
Harrlsburg and in the Horace Mann
school of Columbia University, New
York city. Newspaper work has been,
out of teaching hours, her specialty,
and this training and experience has
helped in her suffrage work.
The 801 l
The bell which is stirring up much
enthusiasm for the suffrage cause is
practically a replica of the original
Liberty Bell, now in San Francisco. It
Is the same size and weight, 2,000
pounds. The only way the two bells
can be told apart is by the fact that
the crack In the old bell has not been
duplicated. The clause, "Establish
Justice," has also been added to the
inscription "Proclaim Liberty Through
out the Land to All the Inhabitants
The silent appeal of the chatned
clapper, which Is not to be released
until the day that the women of Penn
sylvania are granted the vote, has
struck a responsive note with hun
dreds of loyal Pennsylvanlans.
The Itinerary Is 4s follows:
Tuesday, September 28 4 p. m.,
Halifax, half-hour stop for speeches;
5.30, Mlllersburg, dinner and night;
7, evening meeting.
Wednesday, September 29 10.30
а. m.. Elizabeth'vllie, half-hour stop
for speeches; 11.45, Lykens, noon
meeting; 1.30, leave Lykens; 4.30,
Dauphin, half-hour stop for speeches;
б.30, Harrlsburg, dinner and night;
7.30, evening meeting. '
Thursday, Sept. 30.—10 a. m., leave
Harrlsburg; 11, Hummelstown, half
hour stop for speeches; 12 noon, Her
shey, noon meeting; 1.30 p. m., leave
Hershey; 2, Mlddletown, one hour stop
for speches; 4. Steelton, dinner; 7.30,
evening meeting.
Juniata and Perry counties were in
SEPTEMBER 28. 1915
vaded yesterday by a party of woman
suffragists with the woman's liberty
bell. Miss Emma MacAlarney, for
merly of Harrisburg, joined the speak
ers yesterday and she ridiculed some
of the antl arguments. New Bloom
fleld. Newport and other places were
visited and to-day the bell was on dis
play at Duncannon, New Buffalo and
Liverpool. To-night will be spent at
Millersburg and the party will come
Into Dauphin county to-morrow .
The "good enough for my grand
mother and good enough for me" type
of Individual who is serving to oppose
the progress of the movement by his
standpat attitude came in for a flaying
at Newport, where one of the biggest
meetings of the day was ljgld. Miss
MacAlarney reminded the men who
crowded about the bell truck that tal
low dips, open fireplaces and stage
coaches were good enough for their
grandmothers, but they are not good
enough for them. She called on them
to wake up and modernize their minds
as they have modernized their homes.
■■■» ==s=Oßsm
State of Ohio. Cltr of Voledo. Lucas County, (a.
Frank J. Cheney mrtel oath that he la senior
partner of the firm p. F.. J. Cheney 6 Co.. do
ing business In the '.lty of Toledo, County and
State aforesaid. a»'J that said Arm will nay
the aum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
each and ercry c»">e of Catarrh that cannot bi
cured by the ua« of Ball's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my
presence. this Bth day of December. A. D.. IMS.
Seal. A. VT. OI.EABON.
Notary rubllc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and
acta directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of tke system. Send for testimonials
J. CHENET & CO., Toledo, O,
Bold by all Druggists. 73c. •
Take Hall'a Family Pills tor constipation, *

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