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took at togue! Then give fruit
laxative for stomach,
liver, bowels.
"California Syrup of Figs" can't
harm children and they
love it.
A laxative to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, mother! tf
coated, or your child is listless, cross,
feverish, breath bad, restless, doesn't
eat heartily, full of cold or has sore
throat or any other children's ail
ment, give a teaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Figs," then don't worry, be
cause it is perfectly harmless, and in
a few hours all this constipation poi
son. sour bile and fermenting waste
will gently move out. of the bowels, and
you have a well, playful child again.
A thorough "Inside cleansing" is oft
times all that is necessary. It should
be the first treatment given In any
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. .Ask
your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
81l ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Look carefully
and see that It Is made by the "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company."
Manning to Talk
» to State Officers
Warren H. Manning, the city's land
scape engineer and park exper'. was
to-day invited by Samuel B. Rambo,
superintendent of State public grounds
nnd buildings, to make an address on
the development of Capitol Park ex
tention with relation to the city's park
system before the Industrial Welfare
and Efficiency Conference here In No
vember. At that time the various de
partments of the State government
concerned with engineering will meet
for discussion of various matters.
The invitation to Mr. Manning,
which will be for an address of state
wide interest, is in line with Governor
Rrumbaugh's recent interview in the i
Telegraph on the subject of the de- i
velopment of the park extension area, i
t \
Use Zemo for Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you can stop burning, Itch
ing eczema quickly by applying a little
zemo furnished by anv druggist for
25c. Extra large bottU SI.OO. Healing
begins the moment zem. is applied. In
n short time usually every trace of
pimples, blackheads, rash, eczema, tet
ter and similar skin diseases will be
For clearing the skin and making it
viporously by, An ajn ex£ep
tional remedy. It is .not ffVeasy. sfi&cy
nr watery and it does not stain. When
fail it is the one dependable
treatment for all skin troubles.
Zemo. Cleveland.
The First LaPerle
Birthday Sale
Featuring Exceptional Values, SI.OO
La Perle Broche Corsets
Of mercerized broche—medium height bust—
long hip—M hose supporters—regularly $2.00: 1
special this week at .*
Ladies' Real French Kid Gloves
In white only heavy embroidered backs—
some with all seams of black stitching—others
all white—a regular $1.75 glove; special this <| JQQ
Ladies' Silk Vests
Of extra quality Italian silk—bodice and strap
effect—pink and white—regularly $1.50; spe
rial this week at vl •V/U
Ail PERLE CORSETS are fitted, altered and kept in
repair FREE.
Patent Medicines
Toilet Articles
See Half Page
Page 11
Beadv to Peep Over World's
Edge When Verdict
Is Beached
gMBB The new day was
( ll] faintly streaking the
' Tjj eastern skies this
JP morning when the
weary, yawning,
rather grouchy, jury
in the trespass ac-
KV ■ tion of Susan Wolfe
itR and Jacob Shade
room of Dauphin
county common pleas court and re
turned a verdict for $4 92.53 In Mrs.
AVolfe's favor.
For the first time in many moons
Judge McCarrell, counsel and the jury
and a few witnesses waited up nearly
all of last night while the question of
how much Mrs. Wolfe should receive
for the wheat the Shades cut from her
land. Some time after 1 o'clock this
nodded or wearily planned to go home;
so did the attorneys; the tipstaves
frankly went to sleep. 'Round about
4 o'clock the jury came in with its
Hattic Duttuii Goes Back to Pen.—
By order of the Dauphin County Court
ytsterday, Hattie Dutton, the young
woman who had been undergoing
treatment at the State insane hospital
here; was taken back to the Eastern
Penitentiary to finish her term. On
October 19, 1914, she was sentenced
to serve from one to two years in the
Eastern Penitentiary for "larceny from
the person." July 10 of this year she
was sent to the asylum here for treat
ment as a lunatic.
At the Register's Office.—The will
of Lucy E. Jackson, formerly of this
city, was probated to-day and letters
were issued to Laura E. Gaskill.
Tic Candidates Draw.—The county
commissioners late this afternoon be
gan the drawings for places on the
tickets caused by the tie votes cast at
the primaries for some fifty-nine
offices. These ranged from inspector
to justice of the peace.
Warring Xations Require Great Beams
to Conduct Modern Conflicts
The importance of powerful elec
trice searchlights in the present Eu
ropean struggle has not been over
looked by either side. The fleets of
all the warring nations are abundant
ly equipped with great searchlights
capable of sending a strong beam of
light for nearly a hundred miles. All
the important cities, railroad junctions,
sea ports, munition plants and fortifi
cations are now equipped with batter
ies of searchlights to aid in repelling
possible aircraft attacks at night.
The necessity of suitable search
lights for the field forces was made ap
parent as soon as the two armies "dug
themselves in" to begin the long drawn
out trench warfare of to-day. The
searchlights are used to watch for
night surprise attacks and they have
been most effective in preventing sur
prises of this nature.
Army searchlights must be portable
and a portable power plant to furnish
the electrical current must also be pro-
Ivided as a part of the equipment. The
uusual searchlight must consist of an
c**taining the .gaso
line engine driven electrical generator,
[the reel of cable and room for storing
[the searchlight when it has to be,
'transported.—Electric News.
Bondsman Withdraws as
Surety on Court Charges;
Bail-Piece Issued
Constable Elected by Official
Count Given Papers to
The withdrawal of William H.
Siegel, bondsman for William M.
Jones, charged with surety of the
peace, startled county and municipal
circles around the courthouse to-day.
Not that the withdrawal of a bonds
man is an unusual procedure but the
Jones' instance differs a bit in the pos
sible effect it may or may not have in
the second precinct. Sixth ward ballot
box discoveries. There are just two
features that make the situation a
trifle unique.
Jones is judge of the election board.
That's one of them.
Wednesday the county commis
sioners opened the ballot box and dis
covered that some fifty-nine votes had
been counted by the board which had
never been east for Benjamin Smith,
Republican candidate for constable.
His opponent was Constable Bertron
A. Wellls who ran for re-nominaUon
and whom by the count of the election
board, was defeated by a single vote
in the precinct. The discrepancy quite
obviously lay in the second precinct of
the Sixth and the opening of the box
and the official count of the ballots
revealed the rather startling tact that
Mr. Weills had enough votes to give
him the nomination by eighty-six ma
jority. He was accordingly declared
Whether or not legal inquiry into
the method of counting votes in the
Sixth would be instituted by the dis
trict attorney was discussed and" Dis
trict Attorney M. E. Stroup said lie
would act as soon as Col. F. M. Ott,
county solicitor reported the commis
sioners' finding to the court. Because
of the absence of both judges to-day
Col. Ott said he could not report until
Jones, however, had been under
S3OO bond to appear for surety of the
peaoe on charges preferred by his
wife. Nellie.
With the withdrawal of William H.
Siegel as bondsman a bail piece—that
little legal document which requires
the remanding of the bailee to jail—
was got out to-day.
And Constable Weills was given the
papers to serve. That's the other fea
k - J
Aberdeen, the home city of the
canniest Scotchman in all that land of
oata and heather, looks out upon the
North Sea where Scotland Juts far
thest into those troubled waters. It is
seen best from the water, and, because
of the general impression it Rives, it
has come to be called the "silver city
of granite."
The River Dee comes down out of
the hills and sings many a lilting song
to the brae lads and lassies along the
way, while the River Don creeps
through the lowlands, reflecting Scotch
woods and inviting the angler. Their
mouths are near together and Aber
deen has built many a span from its
native gray granite beneath which
they creep. 1-ikewise of this gray
granite are built the handsome houses
that overrun its hills and the munici
pal building in Its center, which Is the
handsomest In all Scotland and lifts
its tower nearly 200 feet high. And
this same granite Aberdeen makes into
monuments and mantles and ships all
the way around the world, being as
famous for these products as for her
"finnan haddie."
It is an old town and filled with
historic reminiscences. Bruce loved it
well and granted It many privileges,
which it used with such assurance that
Wallace later hanged a few of its lead
ing citizens to teach theni their place.
Mary, Queen of Scots, came here often
and It was from a casement window
on Union street that she witnessed the
execution of Sir John Gordon and
wept. At the time when ascetics were
perpetrating atrocities in Massachu
setts Aberdeen was known as the
• witch burningest" town In the world,
having so disposed of twenty-four peo
ple in a single year. Queen Victoria
spent more time in Aberdeen than any
other in her kingdom beside
It has been ihe most fought over,
oftenest conquered, yet has remained
the most truly Scotch city of them all.
\ -V -
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V4 ]fe* >
' ' lij "•
> Si
BHf «|
v v B Mrnffi
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|ff ▼ -
■V ;li/ tEL-- mBSL-
h lr m^®^'''''"''
A picturization of the recent dramatic success, "The Blindness of Vir
tue " which will be presented at the Colonial, .Saturday, is a striking fea
ture of the new high-class picture policy that is now in vogue at Harris
bu'rK's finest thea;er.
The picture feature that is to appear at the Colonial calls in the efforts
of the popular photoplay stars, Edna Mayo and Bryant Washburn. Un
limited attention to detail and excellent acting make "The Blindness of Vir
tu*" a photoplay superb.—Advertisement.
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Minister at Nish Is Handed His
Passports by Bulgarian
With the drive at Serbia by a heavy
force of Germans and Austrians led
by Field Marshal Von Mackensen well
under way, the Balkan situation is
bringing forth new developments al
most hourly.
Serbia has definitely broken with
Bulgaria, the Bulgarian minister at
Nish having been handed his pass
A Nish dispatch late last night
stated that an aeroplane coming from
Bulgaria subjected the Serbian city to
an aerial bombardment killing five
persons and wounding two others.
The Bulgarian military authorities
have taken over the railroad from the
Bulgarian seaport of Dedeaghatch on
the Aegean and Mustapha Pasha in
Thrace, forty miles of which line runs
through Turkish territory.
London heard unofficially that tho
Greek government will proclaim an at
titude of "benevolent neutrality" to
ward the entente allies.
Advices from Nish through Athens
state that the Serbians believe Greece
will not abandon Serbia as Serbia and
Greece are equally threatened by the
new developments of the Balkans.
Intention Declared
Bulgaria's intention to enter the war
on the side of the central powers is
proclaimed, Berlin dispatches state,
in a manifesto to the Bulgarian na
tion. The manifesto states that it
would be suicidal for Bulgarian not to
align herself with Germany and her
According to the quoted text of the
| Haif Orrfersl I
Harrisburg I
Approval | I
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tores. A " sizes. Adding to the Selling Price bust. I All siz»s.
manifesto parts of Serbia have been
promised to Bulgaria by the Teutonic
powers, whose victory Is declared to
be assured. In that victory it Is affirm
ed, the desire for the union of all
Bulgarian peoples will be realized.
The Venizelos party in Greece will
not oppose the new government, Paris
hears from Athens as overthrow of
the cabinet would mean dissolution of
th® Greek Chamber, which it is con
sidered would he hazardous at the
critical time.
Again there is little but artillery
action reported from the front in
France. Much of this was of a violent
character. There has been much
trench fighting however, near Tahure,
which the French recently took from
the Germans.
Paris reports a heavy bombardment
th ® Germans of French positions on
the Champagne front. Two of the
places mentioned as in the fighting
zone, St. Hilaire and St. Souplet—are
on the strategic railroad at which the
French have been driving.
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tsr.-yj can't, you shrimp!
f| Bat's de beauty
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* think I fooied da
which class of
II »■ people tha
Why, centenar-
II |j| j * ans ' * believe.

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