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Selfishness: A Tragedy
i — a n |HIS old world would be visited to-day by stagnation
fljl an d decay had the great gifts of Science never been
given; or the enlightening works of Shakespeare re
mained in a sealed vault, forever untouched—or had
the rose a darkened cellar only wherein to grow.
i I But to unselfish minds the world owes Progress, and
. In return for fresh air and sunshine, the rose gives
beauty and inspiration; the farmer gives fertilizer to
the soil and the soil yields abundance.
We give and receive proportionately.
We can help ourselves only by helping others. We
can help our business only by helping Harrisburg.
A fresher store, a brighter store and a more helpful
store will give our citizens greater convenience and
comfort in shopping. Added patronage is the answer
ing note.
Loyalty, respect and earnest endeavor on the part of
employes is the reaction of given opportunities, short
hours and good environment.
n in '
How Americans' carelessness. If tlie
offense be merely carelessness, results
in "burning up millions'' in one direc-,
tion alone, was told last night to the
Alrleks Association at its monthly so
cial meeting by George H. Wirt, chief
of the State Forest Protection Bureau.
Using lantern slides to bring; out nu
merous points, Mr. Wirt gave the Al
rleks men a general idea of the com
prehensive scheme of reforestation
and forest protection which Is carried
£.l by the State, referring to the im-
VMfc tfc.nt place this work occupied in
tire general scheme of economics.
Mrs. Samuel Grisslnger entertained
her bridge club yesterday afternoon at
ber home. 1412 Derry street.
r 1
I Announcement i
| Mr. Morris Hamburger j
| of New Cumberland, just re- t
? turned from a five-day business t
? trip to New York, where he t
I bought out an entire cloak and I
i suit concern; he will dispose of |
| same in his New Cumberland 1
1 7
I store. ?
I f
i- i
1617 N. Second St.
Bell Plionc
'PH £ closed car is be com i n g
ii more and more popular every
day as the ideal conveyance for mi
lady. And that the Eight Cylinder
jj Cadillac is the recognized criterion
is evidenced by the fact that Cad
j | iliac closed cars are being delivered
! bv the hundreds in the large cities.
Your order now will secure
prompt delivery.
All styles of closed bodies, all inter
; changeable with open bodies.
| Crispen Motor Car Co.
413-417 South Cameron St. *
> **
2,200 Members Invited
to Big Y. W. C. A. Tea
The board of directors of the Young
Women's Christian Association has ex
tended an invitation to the 2,500 mem
bers of the organization to attend a tea
to be given in thu association building
Wednesday afternoon, October 27, at 4
o'clock. A splendid musical program
has been arranged for the afternoon,
including vocal music by Mrs. Cox,
Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Brumbaugh and
instrumental selections by Mrs. Cum
Tuesday afternoon at 4.30 o'clock
the current events class will hold its
second meeting in the John Y. Boyd
Fall and another opportunity will be
given to persons who wish to join the
The first week in November boxes
will be shipped Jo Mont Alto for the
tubercular patients there. Mrs. Wil
liam E. Bailey, chairman of the com
mittee in charge of this branch of
work, has issued a reauest that all
whole discarded garments should be
handed in to be sent to Mont Alto
or to the sanatorium at Hamburg.
The class in beginner's German will
meet Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock.
The Rev. H. F. F Lisse, instructor in
the subject, will have charge of the
class. Afternoon and evening classes
are also being conducted in Spanish.
Mrs. N. J. Goodfellow. of Altoona,
is visiting at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Ard Steel, 1154 Mulberry
Mrs. Charles Price, of Philadelphia,
is visiting at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Floyd Whalen, North Sixteenth
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McAvoy, of
North Sixth street, has returned after
visiting in Virginia at the home of
their daughter.
J. N. Herb, of 1242 Derry street, has
(.one to Millersburg on a business trip.
Miss Rauda Lerch has returned
after visiting her sister at Hagers
The Young Ladies' Bible Class of
the Second Reformed Church, of which
Miss Clara McCarrell' is teacher, en
joyed a Hallowe'en social last evening
at the latter's home, 224 Reily street.
A ghost met each guest at the door
and shook hands with her as she came
in. In the midst of interesting games
and music an old witch approached
and told the fortune of each member
of the class. The decorations were
in black and gold and cats, ghosts and
witches adorned the table. Refresh
ments were served to the following:
Misses Pearl Bogner, Gladys Kuhn,
Mabel Shipman, Helen Hassler, Bessie
Huber, Ida. Hull. Goldie Wentz, Mary
Wertz, Nancy Kline, Maggie Bretz,
Laura Knight. Kathleen Kennedy, Ma
bel DeWalt, Clara McCarrell, Emma
Heilburn, Mary Rixler, Mrs. George
Wertz, Mrs. Kreamer. Mrs. Nervin
Meyers, Mr?. Joe Young, Mrs. Cross
ley. Miss Grace Comback and Mrs.
The women of the St. John's Re
formed Bible Class of which Mrs.
Carrie Miller is teacher, hiked to her
home the other evening, and gave her
a handkerchief shower in honor of
her birthday. Refreshments were
served to a large number of guests.
Mrs. A. J. Clark, of 23 South' Nin
eteenth street, is very ill at her home,
suffering with an abscess at the base
of the brain. It may be that an op
eration will be necessary, but every
possible effort is being made to
avoid it.
G. W. Boyer. a track foreman for
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
is ill at his home, South Thirteenth
Mrs. David Cadwallader, South Thir
teenth street, is visiting friends in Los
Angeles, Cal.
Mrs. John Hauck and daughters
have returned to their home in I.*b
"non after visiting Mrs. Hauck's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ewing, of
3,208 North Second street.
Mrs. Samuel Spengler has returned
home after spending several months
at the Panama-Pacific Exposition,
where Mr. Spengler, who is connected
with the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany. was sent on business in the in
terest of his company.
Howard Sponsler was in Lewistown
Mrs. Sue Beltman and daughters.
Misses Sue, EKa and Cynthia, and
Harry, Esther and Miss Anne Sollen
berger are home from a visit to York
They were the guests of Mrs. William
Sollenberger. of that place.
Miss Marie Wolilfarth, 323 Reily
street, and Miss Agnes Moeslein, 045
Boas street, have returned from Get
tysburg, where they attended the inter
fraternity dance.
Miss Helen Ettinger, of the Donald
son. has returned after a visit to her
mother in New York,
Mrs. Archibald Millar, Second and
Emerald streets, is entertaining friends
from Philadelphia.
Mrs. Oliver B. Simmons has gone
to Germantown as the guest of Mrs.
Harold Bryner.
Dr. William Walters, of Third street,
has returned from a successful gun
ning trip.
Miss Trma A. Watts this morning
spoke before the Keystone Library
Association, of Butler, Pa. This even
ing she attends a dinner party given
by Mr. and Mrs. Clay Gibbs, Pitts
Mrs. C. D. Armstrong, of Pittsburgh,
is the guest of Mrs. Harry Groff Huber,
1 400 North Second street, for severai
Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Stoner have
returned to their winter residence
Seventeenth and Chestnut streets,
after spending the summer at Mount
Pleasant. Pa.
The Rev. Charles Collins and family
of Saxton. Pa., spent a few days with
I.evl Shealer, of 1422 Regina street
Robert G. Fuhrman, of Alomosa
Col., spent Wednesday with Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Douglas, of 610 Ross street.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wierman, of
1528 Fulton street, announce the
birth of a daughter. Margaret Sny
der Wierman. Monday, October 18,
1915. Mrs. Wie:-man was formerly
Miss Rose Snyder.
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Fager. Jr.. an
nounce the birth of a son. Richard
Fulton Fager. October 19, 1916.
(Other Persona lc I'attc 2.)
| :
i A jolly party Journeyed to Me
j chanicsburg last evening in a big auto
j truck loaded with utraw. Hallowe'en
ganies were enjoyed and music was
, furnished by Henry Jacobs with Leo
j Izer at the piano. The rooms of
j Bobb's Cafe were prettily decorated
with Jack O' Lanterns, cornshocks
and yellow chrysanthemums. Strings
of paper witches and skeletons helped
carry out the decoratic scene. The
following young people chaperoned by
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Spooner made the
trip: the Misses Isabella Loban, Eliza
beth Loper, Martha Beck, Beatrix
Barger, Mary Ross, Margaret Shilling,
Bessie Bowers. Katherine Smith,
I .cola Shope, Carrie Blanlng, Mary
Siple. Ella Pierce. Messrs. Harry
Jacobs, Henry Stewart, VVm. Garver
ich, Walter Fogelsonger. Charles
Shields, King Cohill, Ed. Longfellow
Richardson, Lee Izer, Robert, Louis
; find Ray Houseal and Clifford Zellers.
1 Mrs. Bella I-luber, of 1352 Liberty
street, entertained a number of friends
at her home at a Hallowe'en party.
The decorations were chrysanthe
mums and cosmos. A-buffet luncheon
was served to the following gueHts:
Miss Helen Mulligan, Yama Yama
Girl; Mrs. Montooth, child's nurse;
Mrs. Bessie Preston, girl in red; Mrs.
Edna Snyder, Hungarian; Mrs. Mar
garet Leedy, Spanish princess; Mrs.
Matilda Feltz, Dutch woman; Mrs.
Carrie Mulligan, herb doctor; Mrs.L.C.
Jiiegler, waitress; Mrs. Emma Warner,
clown; Mrs. Mary McGuire, plain
woman; Mrs. Drusilla Mickey; suffra
gette; Mrs. Alice Kulp, Katharine |
Greenaway, Mrs. Blanche Donnelly,
i bride of fifty years ago.
| The Christian Endeavor Society of
St. John's Reformed Church hiked to
. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Abner
Yingst where music and games were
enjoyed. Refreshments were served
to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
'Hoke, Mrs. Belle Whltcomb, Miss Lulu
Patchen, Miss Viola Gotwalt, Miss
Hazel Sowers, Miss Helen Grant, Miss
Anna Keintz, Miss Evelyn Keitel. Miss
Ruth McCrea, Miss Edna Relntz, Miss
Catherine Relntz, Miss Sarah Baer,
Mr. Keitel, Paul and Franklin Relntz.
The Meade W. C. T. U. will meet
Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the
home of Mrs. George Bogar, 1941
Market street.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bates, Sr., 2210
North Sixth street, entertained a num
ber of friends in honor of their guests,
the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hart,
pastor of the Pine Street Methodist
Church, Wllllamsport, and formerly
pastor of the Fifth Street church ot
this city. Those present were: Mr.
and Mrs. Scott Stroh, Mr. and Mrs.
Titzell, Miss Katharine Bates, Mr. and
Mrs. Braschears, of Washington, D. C.;
E. F. Bates, Jr., of Harrisburg; Mr.
and Mrs. Bates, Sr. Covers were laid
for fourteen.
Mrs. C. Bruehl, of 1921 North Sixth
street, gave a surprise birthday party
ip honor of her son, Paul H. Bruehl.
Luncheon was served after the ganies
to the following: Misses Leah Lusk,
Kathryn Dunkel, Pearl Geissinger,
Jane L. Cook, Helen Smith, Ida Yo
der, Anna Daum, May Yoder, Cather
ine Barrtnger, Mrs. C. Bruehl, Mrs.
Yoder, Robert Cook, Berwyn Romig,
Walter Shaffer, Paul Bruehl, George
W. Baskin, Raymond Stull, John Mc-
Garms and Barton Bath.
Walter C. Dunkle and Miss Florence
F. Keller, both of this city, were mar
ried Wednesday at the parsonage of
the Epworth Methodist Church, by
the Rev. J. D. W. Deavor.
Miss Jane Gilbert left to-day for a
two weeks' vacation trip.
Mrs. George Fasnacht, 1723 North
Fourth street, is visiting in Union
Earl E. Feindt, 1811 Regina street,
has returned from Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wallace, of
Newport, have returned from a vi3it
in this city.
Robert Rutherford, of Steelton, has
returned from a hunting trip to
Miss Alice Greason and Miss Mar
garet Greason, of Carlisle, are visitors
in this city.
Miss Helen Beidleman of Frostburg,
is visiting relatives here.
Dr. Thomas S. Blair, North Second
street, left to-day for Boston.
Mrs. John W. Reily of Fort Hunter
has returned from Wllkes-Barre.
Dr. Edward G. Rhoades of German
town, has returned from a visit in this
Miss Grace Currlden of Chambers
burg, visited here yesterday.
Take a glass of Salts to flush Kid
neys if your back is
Noted authority says Uric Acid
from meat irritates
the Bladder.
Meat forms uric acid, which excites
and overworks the kidneys in their
efforts to filter it from the system.
Regular eaters of meat must flush the
kidneys occasionally. You must relieve
them like you relieve your bowels, re
moving all the acids, waste and poison,
else you feel a dull misery in the kid
ney region, sharp pains in the back or
sick headache, dizziness, your stom
ach sours, tongue is coated and when
the weather is bad you have rheu
matic twinges. The urine is cloudy,
full of sediment: the channels often
get irritated, obliging you to get up
two or three times during the night.
To neutralize these irritating acids
and flush off the body's urinous waste
get about four ounces of Jad Salts
from any pharmacy; take a table
spoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast for fi few days and your kid
neys will then act fine and bladder dis
orders disappear. This famous salts is
made from the acid of grapes and
lemon juice, combined with llthia, and
has been used for generations to clean
and stimulate sluggish kidneys and
stop bladder irrttation. Jad Salts is
inexpensive; harmless and makes a
delightful effervescent llthia-water
drink which millions of men and
women take now and then, thus avoid
ing serious kidney and bladder dls
l cases.— Adv,
I >* k«re not alone bccauae prices are lower, liut because qualltlea are l>ctltr>W%W%liW*»W»W'
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j Monday Millinery Sale j
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I feriro lc to 25c Department Store ||
| 215 Market St opp. Courthouse l|
Capitol Legion, No, 1108, of the Na- ,
tional Protective Legion, will hold a
masquerade social in hall at 321 Mar
ket street, on Monday evening, Oc- |
tober 25, at 8 o'clock for the benefit of
members and friends. Games and i
music, both vocal and instrumental, \
will be the features of the evening, 1
after which the committee in charge j
will serve refreshments.
Mrs. Joseph A. Thompson, of Pa~x- j
tang, leaves to-morrow for Pittsburgh J
to attend the Pennsylvania State con- !
ference. Daughters of the American 1
Revolution, as the delegate from the!
Harrisburg chapter. The regent, Miss!
Cora Lee Snyder, is a delegate by vir- j
tue of her office.
wrra (mm !
The Soap to cleanse and purify, the
Ointment to soothe and heal those con
ditions which affect the purity and
beauty of the akin, scalp and hair.
Samples Free by Mall
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment aold everywhere.
Liberal sample of each mailed free with 32-p. book I
Address post-card "Cutlcura," Dept 9G, Boston. 1
' 'll I I
Evening Hours at Home
The "C. E-Z" Gas Light will give you per-
V feet artificial light—the protection you and
every member of the family need.
Jt is adaptable to nearly any condition, can be attached in a moment to any
upright bracket or fixture with the glassware you have for open flame gas burners
\ or with an artistic new shade. No need to change your fixtures. 90 candle
power of light, well distributed for 1-3 of a cem an hour.
70c and 90c for the light without shade. $1.25 for the light with an artistic
shade like the one shown above.
A representative will call to show you this light. He will install any number
of lights you buy at once. Easy payments.
14 S. SECOND STREET Telephone^Ben-^o a » ...
OCTOBER 23, 1015.
x> ]>ecis&l <&m *34>£u>&^
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15 Ask to Sec Our Samples of
II Special Engraved 1
M Private Greeting |
p Cards for Xmas §]
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P Order NOW for December
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i, <, i
! tig §3
The Telegraph Printing Co.
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Pfe Photo-Engraving gg
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