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Jiope to Get Going This After
noon; Wilmington Meets
Motive Power
Early indications to-day were fav
orable for amateur baseball. To
date local teams have had lit
tle opportunity to speed up. About
one-third of the games scheduled have
been played. The uncertain weather
conditions have also been responsible
for many changes in schedules, and
local managers are reporting open
dates daily.
One of the interesting games on to
day's schedule was between West End
A. C., and Baker A. A. team of Steel
ton. The grounds at Fourth and Sen
eca streets were in fair condition and
a fast battle was looked for. The
Stanley A. C., Brelsford A. C., Keener
A. C., Rosewood, East End, and Pax
tang, were among those scheduled for
worlc to-day.
Bakers Need Catcher
Manager Fred Evans of the Baker
team of Steelton is in the field for a
catcher to replace Kirby, who has
signed up with a team in York. The
Bakers have always been a strong at
traction because of the line-up and
this season have been adding to their
In the Pennsylvania Railroad
League series, to-day's home game
was between Harrisburg's Motive
Power nine and Wilmington. Fry and
Hippensteel were on the firing line for
the locals. It was ladies' day, and a
large attendance of the fair sex was
expected. The Harrisburg contingent
Is holding second piac«. Harrisburg
will not meet Trenton, the leaders un
til In July.
On the grounds at Sixth and Divi
sion streets, the Trainmen A. C., and
Rutherford Heights lined up. This
game was the first of a series between
these teams and much interest is man
ifested in the result.
> p "^ —
Timely Facts About
Today's College Regatta
The time of the start of each
race and the course drawn by each
crew are as follows:
Junior eights two miles, 4 p. m.:
Columbia 1; Syracuse 2; Cornell
3; Pennsylvania 4.
Freshman eights two miles 5:15
p. m.: Cornell 1, Columbia 2, Penn
sylvania 3, Syracuse 4.
'Varsity eights four miles B p.
m.: Columbia 1, Pennsylvania 2,
Syracuse 3, Cornell 4.
Course Records
4-mile 'Varsity Race
Cornell—July 2, 1901, 18m 53 l-ss.
2-mlle Freshman Race • -
Cornell —July 2. 1909, 9m 11 3-ss.
2-mile Junior Race
Cornell —June 28, 1915, 10m l-ss.
If Hair's Ycur Pride
Use Herpicide
r— - —' \
To those interested in getting Motorcycles,
we beg to announce that we are making im
mediate deliveries on all our
All Models Can Be Gotten at Once
Call at Once and Ride One Home
We have the best that money can buy
Excelsior C
10 South Market Square
Open Every Evening »«■» pho ne e*»-w Harrisburg Pa.
[Bicycle Timel
For the Graduating
YJr After a season of hard, con-
Jf\WM' lj fining study, no recreation will
A lv^n^?i en tlce your boy or girl Into the
wti VX/Ht\yy open countr y f° r healthful exer-
Your graduation present to your boy or your girl this
spring will mean a real vacation to him or her if it is a bicycle.
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Exeelsior Cycle Co.
Week's Averages Show New and Interesting Features; Catcher
Is Best Base Purloiner on Johnson Circuit
Chicago. 111., June 17.—Terrific hitting by the Cubs in the past week
put them in the lead in club batting in the National League with .265 and
gave them three places among the ten batters doing .300 or better. Averages
published here to-day, which take in games played last Wednesday, show
Jake Daubert still heads the list with .345. Max Carey, of Pittsburgh, has
resumed the lead In stolen bases with 18, but in most other departments the
Cubs are ahead, Williams in home runs with 7 and in total bases with 93;
Zimmerman in runs scored with 33 and Flack in sacrifice bits with 19.
Star hitters include Daubert, Brooklyn, .345; Schulte, Chicago, .338;
Doyle, New York, .333; Zimmerman, Chicago, .330; Robertson, New York,
.329; Wheat, Brooklyn, .316; Hinchman, Pittsburgh, .313; Williams, Chi
cago, .306; Wagner, Pittsburgh, .303; Cincinnati, .301.
The ten leading pitchers who have taken part in ten or more games are:
Earned Won. Lost. „ Runs.
Pfeffer, Brooklyn 10 2 1.65
Alexander, Philadelphia 10 3 .135
Mamaux, Pittsburgh 8 3 1.99
Rixey, Philadelphia 5 2 1.83
Hughes, Boston 5 2 3.05
Demaree, Philadelphia 5 2 3.16
Vaughn, Chicago 9 3 2.3 5
Cheney, Brooklyn 6 3 1.67
Mitchell, Cincinnati 6 3 2.79
Anderson, New York 6 3 2.39
Anicricnn Batsmen
Only seven regulars are hitting better than .300 in the American
league, and Burns, of Detroit, has gone into second place. Speaker still
leads with .388 and is ahead in total bases with 108 and runs scored with
43. The unusual sight of a catcher leading the league in stolen bases Is
shown with Schalk, o? Chicago, setting the pace with 14, cne ahead of such
speedy men as Cobl> and Sisler. Oraney, Cleveland, leads in home runs with
4 and Oandill, Cleveland, in sacrifice hits with 16. Detrott Is ahead in team
hitting with 256. The .300 hitters, including only those %\ho have played in
at least half the games of their clubs, :ire: Speaker, Cleveland, .388; Burns.
Detroit, .386; Jackson, Chicago, .337; Cobb, Detroit, .331; Hellman, Detroit,
.310; Nunamaker, New York, .308; Smith, Cleveland, .303.
The leading pitchers are:
, Earned Won. Lost. Runs.
Cullop, New York 5 0 1.50
Morton, Cleveland 10 2 1.76
H. Coveleskle, Detroit 8 2 2.21
Coumbe, Cleveland 5 2 1.6 4
S. Coveleskie, Cleveland 7 3 2.09
Faber, Chicago 7 3 2.18
Ruth, Boston 9 4 2.21
Johnson, Washington • 10 6 2.25
Leonard. Boston 5 3 1.85
Shawkey, New York 5 3 2.07
Old Sol came out in all his glory j
;this morning and it looks like a real'
baseball day all over the city. The;
irain this week put the fields in bad!
shape, but the boys got busy early j
land scraped off the mud. Amateurs 1
1 are anxious to get into trim as there
are indications of a close race this 1
| season for local honors.
Harrisburg fans were jubilant to
day over the transfer of the Troy team
to Harrisburg. Getting a tallender j
may not plea.se some supporters, but'
according to Manager George Cockill j
there will be some changes and bet- j
ter results are looked for. Last week
on the announcement that Troy was
to come to Harrisburg the Trojans
: won two games in succession.
The rowing season with college,
crews will end to-day at Poughkeep- i
sie. The annual regatta includes all
of last year's entries, and some new
aspirants. Syracuse has been a strong \
j favorite all, week, but owing to the
j recent change in coaches at univer
jsity of Pennsylvania, the results this
' evening may show the Quakers up
| near the front.
I On Monday night the members of:
I Empire Athletic Association will meet |
to hear the report of Robert Gillett.J
the matchmaker, on his program for
| July 4. It is to be an all-star offer- i
j ing. and every bout, according to con- \
(tracts will be between title contenders, i
! Krankle Erne, by his own rccjucst. will
| lie given another chance with A 1 Mur-j
phy, the Scranton boy. This pair fur-,
! nished a great battle several weeks
j ago.
! Much interest is manifested by the |
'young shooters of Harrisburg in the 1
'beginners' events held by the various
sportsmen's associations. Another;
! month of these events and there will i
; be few who arc eligible to the begin
i ners' class. Local boys have been
i showing gooii scores in the v(eekl.v
; events and some have already entered
; the winning class at target shoots,
j Owing to the rainy weather which
has prevailed throughout the week.
|the eolf committee of the Colonial
Country Club, has decided to extend
) the time for qualifying for the Men's
| and Women's Match Play Golf Tour
; naments to and including June 25, and
] to advance the periods for playing off
.each of the matches in those tourna
ments one week. A number of en
tries have been made by both men
and women. Members, who have not
j yet qualified, are earnestly urged to do
iso oft or before June 25 and enter the
! tournaments, and thereby promote a
j better club spirit.
I ♦
£ Fix these FRAT facte myour ♦
£ mind: (1) New Patterson blend of T
II raid Burley, (2) Hai price. ♦
R ~ "E£
I "" OrigMal Pa&snom of Richmond, Va.
Fables in Slang—
ONCE Upon a Time there
was a Speedy Son, whose
Governor no longer Worked
for a Living. Because Friend
Dad couldn't Approve of the
Maddening Speed of his Duti
ful Offspring he Banged in the
Emergency on the Monthly Al
lowance. Being somewhat of
a Good Dresser the Speedy
Son suffered something of a
Sudden Jolt until one day while
Burning Gasoline in Father's
costly Limousine, seeing his
Own Home Town, he lamped
a Nifty little Men's Shop Not
Far up Third street. The silk
Shirts on display caught his
Eye they hit him where he
Lived and when he learned the
prices he bought Six even with
his Abbreviated Appropriation.
MORAL Wildman's was
the Nifty Shop. He could sell
Silk Shirts for Less Money be
cause he had no High Rents to
Pay. His address is 1116-1118
North Third Street.
Baseball Summary;
Where Teams Play Today
National I,ensue
Cincinnati at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at New York.
Pittsburgh at Boston, 2 games.
American League
Philadelphia at Detroit.
New York at Cleveland.
Washington at St. Louis.
Boston at Chicago.
New York State League
Wilkes-Barre at Elmira.
Scranton at Blnghamton.
Syracuse at Troy.
Utica at Albany.
Dauphin-Perry League
Halifax at Duncannon.
Millersburg at Marygvllle.
Dauphin at Newport, 2 games.
Dnuphln-Schuylklll League
Willlamstown at Tremont.
Lykens at Tower City.
Motive Power League
Wilmington at Harrisburg.
j Meadows at Baltimore.
New i'ork at Camden,
j Trenton at Philadelphia.
National League
! St. Louis at Cincinnati,
j Other teams not scheduled.
American Lengue
| Philadelphia at Detroit.
New York at Cleveland.
Washington at St. Louis.
Boston at Chicago.
Nfiv York State League
Utlca at Troy.
Syracuse at Albany.
Wilkes-Barre at Blnghamton.
j Scranton at Elmira.
New York State Leaitue
Vtica at Harrisburg.
Syracuse at Albany.
Wilkes-Barre at Binghamton.
Scranton at Elmira.
Nntlonnl I.enKne
Philadelphia at Brooklyn.
Boston at New York.
St. Louis at Cincinnati.
Other teams not scheduled.
American League
; No games scheduled.
Nntlonnl I.eaKue
Boston, 2; Pittsburgh, 0.
| Other games postponed; rain.
\ir.erlcnn LriiKiio
! Detroit, 4; Philadelphia, 3.
I Chicago, 7; Boston, 4.
Other panics postponed; rain.
Xfw York State Leajcuc
I All Raines postponed; rain.
International I raßiie
Providence, 1; Newark, 0.
I Buffalo, 4; Rochester, 3.
Other games postponed; rain.
\tlniltl<* I.t'HKUO
All Rames postponed; rain.
All Raines postponed; wet grounds.
iVntlonnl lifflKiie
W. L. Pet. '
Brooklyn 2S , g fi36
Philadelphia 27 19 587 '
New Vork 24 21 .533
Chicago 25 28 .49"
Boston ~,.. 22 23 459
Cincinnati 22 27 .449
Pittsburgh 21 27 [43s i
St. Louis 21 31 .404 1
American I.enKue
W. JL. Pet. j
Cleveland 32 19 .627
Washington 27 23 .540
Detroit 28 24 !53S !
New Vork 25 23 .521
Boston 26 25 isio!
' lllc ago 24 25 .490'
St. Louis 22 28
Philadelphia 15 32 .319 j
■New York State League
W. L,. Pet. i
Bingliamton 23 13 639 j
Elmira 22 15 .'d9s |
Wilkes-Barre 20 14 .588 1
Scranton 16 14 .533
Utica 17 19 472 i
Syracuse 17 19 472 1
Albany 17 20 .450
Tl0 >- 7 26 .212 1
Dauphin-Perry I.eaicue
W. L. Pet.
Marysvllle 4 1 800 |
Newport 4 1 .son I
Dauphin 2 2 500
Halifax 2 3 !'loo
Duncannon 1 3 250
Millersburg 1 4 '_2y 0
Jlofive Power lioiikiic
W. L. Pet.
Trenton 5 0 1.000
Harrlsburg 5 1 833
New York 3 1 -750
Philadelphia 4 2 .667
Baltimore 3 4 429
Meadows 1 4 ; 20 0
Wilmington 1 5 _ig 7
, Camden 1 5 'iq
l.iieknoiv Shop League
W. L. Pet.
; Planing Mill 7 2 778
I CTlerks 9 3 ; 750
! Smith Shop 5 4 65C
Federals 1 13 -071
Knoln Knclnehoiiiif League
v. „ W - L- Pt-t.
' N .°- 2 3 2 .600
No - 3 3 3 .500
' No. 1 1 2 .333
W. L. Pet.
Illiie Kldse League
... W ' L - Pet.
j < hambersburg 15 n 577
Martlnsburg 15 n '577
Hanover 13 n "540
, Hagerstown 14 13 5,9
Frederick 12 13 .4g o
I Gettysburg 7 17 292
Allison Hill League
I „ , W. L. Pet.
| Rosewood 4 1 goo
1 Stanley 3 4 ; 429
"wading 3 3 500
I Galahads 2 4 .333
Dauphin-Schuylkill League
W. L. Pet
! Willlamstown 6 1 857
Tower City 3 3 ; 500
Tremont 1 3 , 50
Dykens X 4 ; 200
I nula Car Shop League
.. , W. L. pet.
1 6 J .857.
V.°- 2 i 3 .571
i°- j 3 4 .429
No - 3 2 5 .286
[Continued From First Page]
Blair returned to Harrisburg this
morning an<l started plans for the first
■<ame. Lew Wa.hter will bring the
Troy team to this city to-morrow
night, as they are scheduled for a Sun
day name with Utica.
T he , Ra " le Monday will start at 3
o cloek. There will be speeial features
>n the opening program. It is too late
o arrange for an elaborate demon
~t ration. The band and teams will
irobably make a trip over the city
•irevious to the game and will also
;ive a concert at Island Park
Stars On Utica Team
Besides Lew Rltter. who is popular
'ore, the Utica team Includes McCon
>cll. Eecond base; Cranston, shortstop;
ling, a former Jersey City tnflelder;
teichie, formerly of the Giants;
-berry, a Toronto star; Catla, the old
(•liable third baseman, known to local
uns; Otto Wagner, brother of Hans
"The Beat-liked Car in the Country"
An eight that comes from
Master Motor-Builders
I 11 v#* development of an eight brings up problems entirely
different from those involved in a four or a six. And the
Eight-38 Briscoe organization had learned to solve those problems
before they placed the car on the market —they did not
have to learn from the experience of owners.
You will find the Briscoe Eight-38 a revelation in smooth
ness, in vitality, in a delivery of power that
seems to propel your car along as though it were drawn by
'985 invisible hands.
And —again because of Briscoe experience—you will
find lubrication thorough, and gasoline consumption per
Completely Eq lipped horse power lower than that of many fours.
Whenever you say the word we'll be glad to let you test
for yourself the sweetest motor you ever rode behind.
Sole Dlat rill morn for Ontral IVnnn. \
Hell Pltone Rft.l-.l
' -V • ',, ' 'f' 1
( „ ~ guL 4|||| |
By Associated Press
Poughkeepsie. N. Y., June 17. —The
oarsmen of (he Universities of Cornell,
Columbia, Syracuse and Pennsylvania
were confronted early to-day with
most unfavorable weather prospects
for their twenty-second annual re
gatta, to be rowed on the Hudson this
afternoon. The wind from the south
east and a drizzling rain promised to
dampen the enthusiasm of the thou
sands of college men arriving for the
battle. A continuation of the wind
from the southeast and the strong ebb
Wagner, of Pittsburgh; Oberlin, a,
McGraw find; Brower, a Philadelphia
pitcher, and Abies, a Giant twirler.
Season books will be issued as soon
as possible. Those purchasing books 1
will be given a card similar to that
issued last season and will receive:
books as soon as the latter are printed.
Stock will also be issued at once and
prospective purchasers were consulted
to-dav bv Manager Cockill. The lat
ter was notified by President Farrell
last night that the league approved
the transfer and to plan for the first
game on Monday. He opened nego
tiations immediately for several new
Special to the Telegraph
Gettysburg, Pa., June 17. Base-,
bai: fans of this place are firmly of the !
belief that Carlisle will be disap- j
pointed In their effort to secure the
franchise of the Gettysburg team In
tin Blue Ridge League. Practically,
all that Is known here concerning the
matter is the notices sent out from
Carlisle to the effect that the team \
was on the point of being transferred !
to that place. The directors of the I
club say there is no tntentlon of
placing the team In another town, but
will finish the season and many other
seasons here.
Special to the Telegraph
Waynesboro, Pa., June 17.—Ruth
Pauline, aged 19 months, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Brycu Heberllg, near
Mowersville, wandered away from her
home and was found by neighbors
dead In a small stream not far away, j
Special t» the Telegraph
West Falrvlew, Pa.. June 17.—0n
Thursday evening the Ladles' Aux- ;
lliary of the Good Will Fire Company,
held its first annual social at the home i
of Mrs. Marry Mower, on State road. I
JUNE 17, 1916.
tide will make the course rough.
There has been practically no
change In the betting since last night.
Backers of the Syracuse varsity crew
continued to play their own repre
sentative against Cornell at even
money. Plenty of Columbia money
looking for Syracuse odds of 3 to 1
failed to set any takers.
Inside Course Host
Much speculation has arisen in case
the crews have to row in rough water.
In such an event it Is conceded that
the inside course, held by. Columbia.
F if teen Motorcycles
For Sale
All rebuilt and guaranteed to be in first
class condition.
Prices from $60.00 to $200.00
Cash or Easy Payments.
Open Evenings 1200 N. Third Street
i Try Telegraph Want Ads Try Telegraph Want Ads
In the MR race will have an advan
tage. As Syracuse and Cornell have
three and four, respectively, the ad
vantage of Columbia over her most
dangerous rivals furnished a knotty
Rowing experts predict that the four
crews will get away with the stroke up
to forty-two, with thirty-four to thirty
! two at the end of the first mile. Syra
cuse is likely to average much higher
than the others during the entire four

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