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If you aro one of those foolish souls
who look for trouble, make up your
mind at once to right about face and
look In the opposite direction from
now on.
It is a good thing to remember that
almost everything reaches its greatest
value in anticipation—pleasure and
trouble alike, pain and delight as well.
Worrying about things doesn't make
them one bit easier to bear—but In
stead weakens one's powers of endur
ance and means that a certain amount
of energy which ought to be expended
in the actual meeting of a situation has
been wasted ill planning how to
meet it.
The troubles for which one looks
very often fail to arrive—but in their
ete&d comes others which it takes all
of one's strength to bear at the mo
ment of their coming. Isn't It tra
gically foolish, then, that one bit of
strength and force should have been
wasted in imagining how one would
endure an unpleasant set of situations
which one never had to endure?
- The girl who is doomed to spend her |
summer in the city is very likely to
wonder with self-pity how she is go
ing to fret through the long, hot, lonely
days and the sultry, uneventful even
ings. Then perhaps a cold, rainy sum
mer arrives where she has to endure
an entirely different set of conditions
from the one about which she was
It is a good idea to remember that !
The Injurious litis of Sulphurous
Acid Upon Human Life as Well as
Upon Vegetation Have Been Estab
lished in the Court Through ldti
patioh That in 1905 ami l)id
Mot Knd Until 191&—Nevertheless,
tho I\sople Still Continue to Con
sume Sulphurous Acid llpptrrileHs
of the Facts.
Prior to tho publication of Food In
spection Decision No. 76 (190 7) con
cerning the harmfulness of sulphur
ous acid, people living in and around
'Solano County. Hal., rose up in rebel
lion against the operation of the
Selby Smelting and Company's
The people produced evidence to
show that the sulphurous acid or sul
phur dioxide liberated by the smelting
plant was'not only destroying the veg
etation of the surrounding country but
■was injuring the health of the people.
In 1905 the authorities began suit
against the smelter. After a stormy
litigation the courts held in 1908 that
the smelter really was harming the
people of Solano County and enjoined
It from doing fuitfher injury.
Further litigation followed and the
people continued to suffer from the
action of the sulphurous acid or sul
phur dioxide which . escaped the
smelting plant until 1912, when the
Supremo Court confirmed the de-
« _
u Feel Like a New Person,"
says Mrs. Hamilton.
New Castle, Ind. "From the time
I was eleven years old until 1 was seven
—U|||i||||mi|,|,|i||—teen 1 suffered each
month so I had to ba
in bed. I had head
ache, backache and
Hi!- -«(%■ 1 suc k P a ' ns I would
7 j cramp double every
month. I did not
liiiil ' know what it was
ImiMr ]|M | to be easy a minute.
11123 own the
-'"V i:< i
neighbor told my mother about Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
I took it, and now I feel like a new
person. I don't suffer any more and I
am regular every month."—Mrs. HAZEL
HAMILTON, 822 South loth St
■When a remedy has lived for forty
years, steadily growing in popularity
and influence, and thousands upon
thousands of women declare they owa
their health to it, is it not reasona
ble to believe that it is an article of
great merit?
If yon want special advice write
to lijdia E. Pinkham .Medicine
Co. (confidential), L,ynn, Mass.
Your letter will be opened, read
and answered by a woman and
held in strict confidence.
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I nothing is very serious—and that we
give things a value and importance
hopelessly beyond their actual gravity.
In looking back over the events of
last month, who does not smile at
something which then seemed very
agonising? Perspective changes the
appearance of things greatly. An emo
tional nature exaggerates things fright
fully at the actual time of their hap
pening The poised and balanced na
ture doesn't make the blunder of tak
ing its own pleasures or its own sor
rows too seriously. It knows that
nothing lasts—but life Is change and
dux and alterations.
Since this is so. why agonize over
something to-d:i> which doesn't seem
very important to-morrow, especially
so since you only wear yourself out
and leave yourself unable to contend
with to-morrow s situation?
None of us has any more than just
a certain amount of vital energy at
a given moment. What's the use of
borrowing to-morrow's store in order
to meet to-day's events? What is the
, use of running to meet trouble half
way when trouble would probably ar
i rive soon enough without invitation or
encouragement ?
Mercifully we all have it within us
to forget. Wounds heal. Memory
shrouds pain with a kindly mist of
time. The sano person does not an
ticipate too much of joy or too much
!of sorrow. But he remembers both
with a wise and tolerant smile rather
than with feelings either of ecstasy or
1 agony.
cision of the lower court and ordered
the smelting company to obey the
law. •
In 1913 the people again complained
that the injunction was being ignored
jby the smelter, whereupon the au
j thoritles and the company officials
! agreed to leave the question to a
commission of experts.
An Investigation was conducted
i which began in June, 1913, and ended
September. 1914.
As a result of this investigation a
' report was made to the bureau of
' mines and published.
1 The commission of experts found
that the people were indeed being
harmed by the operation of the plant
prior to the Injunction. Their com
plaints had been justified.
The sulphurous acid which escaped
from the refining smelter caused the
destruction of tho vegetables and crop
plants of the neighborhood.
So poisonous is the bleaching agent
] used in the dried fruit industry that
, 'he commission found It to be harm
j ful to man in the proportion of 3 5
; parts of sulphurous acid to 1,000,000
parts of air.
It was found that two parts of the
gas In 1.000,000 parts of air applied
for four hours at one time or for ten
minutes a day had such an injurious
effect upon plant life that it actu
ally decreased the yield of barley
i studied during the investigation.
These facts apparently have not
j been withheld from Dr. M. E. Jaffa.
He declares:
"Those interested are not wedded to
the sulpljur process, but it is realized
that up to date there has not been
offered a process which is practical
which can take the place of 'sulphur
"It is thus seen that under existing
conditions the sulphuring of some
fruits is a necessity if the industry
is to be preserved.
"(3rapes intended for human con
sumption should not be subjected to
sulphur fumes," he continues. "Suc
cessful drying can be and has been
practised without the use of sulphur.
"In the case of the apricot and
peach the oxidation of the sulphurous
compounds to sulphuric (a deadly
poison > is slow and sometimes inap
preciable, similarly with reference to
the apple and pear.
"When we consider the grape In
this connection there is presented an
entirely different state of affairs.
"Samples of Thompson seedless
grapes and other small grapes have
been tested with the result that while
the content of sulphurous acid was
below the limit indicated by ♦ood In
si>ection Decision No. 76, viz., less
than 350 miligrammes per kilo, the
sulphuric acid per kilo approximated
ten times as much.
Sulphured grapes are rarely washed
or soaked before cooking. They are
eaten raw or in cake or bread. In
either case there is ingested with the
raisin the Injurious acid compounds.
"The same is true as regards the
desiccated bleached potato."
After making these alarming state
ments Dr. Jaffa holds the housewife
responsible for the abuses to which
he refers.
"It is true," he declares, "that the
fruit grower tries to produce In his
output a high degree of coior. If the
consumer did not demand intensely
yellow fruit there would be no sale
for It.
"If the consumer did not demand
yellow butter there would be no sale
for yellow color.
"Fruit is colored by the grower so
as to get a higher price for his goods.
"Colifornia is waiting, anxiously
waiting, for the food inspection de
cision of the United States Depart-
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The Automatic Is the Onlv Safe Service
H A Few Cities Now Using] We Are Convinced That Harrisburg Needs These Governments Have'
H THE AUTOMATIC TL A„fr n m»tir TpUnhnnP Adopted i
|| TELEPHONE 1 lIC nUlUlildlll 1 ClCpilOllC THE AUTOMATIC J)
Hazleton, Pn. We have carefully investigated all types of tele- Gre at Britain ||
If vo a Ctown,°'ohio. phone apparatus now on the market. We have Germany 0
|j Grand Rapids, Mich. 11l • • l n i France
if Hatched them in operation, we have talked to the |J
E| Sioux City, lowa. l 1 • . 1 • Austria I II
a st. rani. Minn. men and women who are using the service and we * , II
Eg Portland, Ore. O Italy f?S
H i)lii«? i Te! 8 ' Cal are thoroughly satisfied that only by means of the Holland fi
|| Wilmington, Del. Automatic Telephone system can the people of this Norway fl
Kdmonton, Can. city obtain the rapid, accurate, uniform telephone Australia fa
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We say that the Automatic Telephone Service is quick—•
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open daily from BA. M. until 10 P. M. Demonstrations are go- JiM |l\ If
Pay us a visit at your convenience, you will be always wel-
Harrisburg, Pa.
ment of Agriculture indicating its
position with reference to the sul- j
phuring of fruits.
"California realizes that the Indus- !
try is important. To maintain its in
dustry it is necessary to process the
fruit before drying. Sulphuring is the
only practical process now available.
Hence it must be used.
"Sulphuring Is not necessary for all
i fruits. The grower is willing to put
on the market a less highly colored
fruit If the consumer will use it."
In other words, declared Dr. Jaffa,
the government, however dangerous
the use of sulphurous acid may be
to the consumer, must not interfere
with the welfare of an industry that
depends for its success upon its right
to employ ingredients injurious to
human health.
Lane, Gray and Mott Are
Named Border Commission
Washington. Aug. 23. —Secretary
announced last night that
the American members of the joint
commission to undertake settlement
of differences between the United
States and Mexico would be Franklin
K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior:
Judge George Griy of Wilmington,
Del., and Dr. John R. Mott of New
York city.
All of the commissioners have ac
cepted, the Mexican members were
named some time ago and arrange
ments for their meeting will be made
immediately by Secretary Lansing
and Eliseo Arredondo, General Car
ranza's Ambassador designate. Vir
tually the only question to be decided
is where the sessions shall be held.
The Mexicans are understood to pre
fer some resort on the New Jersey
Miss Mary Catherine Hiester. 1100
North Front street, was elected a
member of the board of managers of
the Associated Aid Societies at a re
cent meeting to fill the vacancy created
by the death of Mrs. Martin Facer.
Run Up and Down Mountain;
Hot Weather no Barrier
Special to the Telegraph
Heading:, Aug. 23.—While Reading
citizens were sweltering under a sun
that has soared as high as 9 8 degrees
in the shade, Young Jack OBrien and
his manager, the veteran Jack, have
been running up and down Mt. Penn.
The pair, bundled in heavy woolen
sweaters, jogged down the steep
mountain incline to-day in 19 minutes
and went back in 20 minutes. Young
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Jack has been training here several
days for his ten-round bout with
Marty Cross, to be held at Far Rocka
w.iy on Thursday night. He finished
his hard work to-day, and will leave
for New York to-morrow.
Automobile Parade Feature
of Adams Co. Convention
Arendtsville, Pa., Aug. 23.—T0-day
and to-morrow the annual convention
of the Adams County Sabbath School
Association will be held here. Promi-
AUGUST 23, 1916.
nent speakers are ip attendance,
among them being W. G. Landes, of
Philadelphia, State field worker, and
P. A. Ellsesser, of York. A feature
of the convention will be an auto
mobile parade from this place to Big
lervllle and return.
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The Matamoras baseball team claims
the amateur championship of Upper
Dauphin county, and is willing to de
rind the title. The team has been play
ing fast ball and has uot lost a gajne
this season.

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