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News Dispatch Sent Out by
United Press Denounced as
i the Most Colossal Fake
Washington, Nov. B.—What la re
garded tn officialdom here as the
tnost colossal news fake ever per
petrated upon the American people
was the publication yesterday
through a dispatch from the United
Press that Germany had signed the
terms of armistice laid down by
Marshal Foch and that the war was
■ over.
This news dispatch, sent from
Paris, was utterly without founda
tion of fact. Offictal denial of Its
authenticity was made by Secretary;
of State Lansing after he had taken
♦he trouble to cable to Paris about it. :
The news organization's dispatch j
on the ending of the war had the
effect of startling the entire country.
In every city the news spread, "the j
war is over," and the country at!
large took it to be authentic.
The official denial of the accuracy j
of the United Press report was made '
by the Secretary of State in the aft- j
ernoon, immediately after having re- i
ceived a dispatch from Paris.
Fifth Avenue to Be Paved
With Silver When Actors
Work For United Drive
New York. Nov. B.—Fifth avenue !
will be paved with silver, and, if the ,
silver runs out, with gold. Wheel- j
barrows will be used when it comes •
time to lift the pavement and take !
It away.
Two great big banks are saving
up the dollars and hope to have j
enough. Although coppers don't
count, the police will watch to see j
that nobody steals anything, which j
nobody will try to do. "Deteckatuffs" j
will mingle freely with the crowds. |
Glorious damosels, released from
their golden bars, will incite the
All this because George M. Cohan
offhandedly remarked yesterday j
morning that the Friars Club, whose
abbot he is, would raise more money
than would the Lambs,for the Unit
ed War Work Fund Campaign. Some |
tattle-tale carried this observation to
William Collier, who is nothing if |
he isn't a Lamb, and instantly Wil- i
liam called up George.
"George." said William, "did you I
eay ?"
"Sure I said it, Willie," said George, j
Challcn *c Is Accepted
Even by inference it must not be i
suggested that Messrs. Collier and '
Cohan, both family men, ever gam
ble. But five minutes after they :
stopped telephoning they met in the I
presence of a third person, who j
couldn't possibly have been a stake- j
holder, and In some unidentified way
the Lambs and the Friars were j
pledged to go out into Fifth ave
nue during the War Work Week, '
the Lambs vowing they'd gather j
more money than the Friars and the '
Friars mos' <han the Lambs.
"Why, we if pave that old street
with silver," snorted George M. ■
"All right, your low gang can
have one side of the avenue and ;
we'll take the other, and see how we
come out," agreed William Collier.
R. H. Burnslde. shepherd of the
Lambs, summoned every well known j
actor and actress in New York to •
assist the club. Through Fred Bloch
Mr. Cohan signaled every Friar to 1
report at once. Mr. Bloch personal- j
ly snared Joseph Caw'thorn and Ju- •
lia Sanderson, and by nightfall hun- i
dreds and hundreds of other players
had signed up for one side or the j
They are going to call Fifth ave- •
nue the Silver Road to Berlin. Start- j
ing north at Thirty-fourth street the j
Friars in cowls on one side of the |
street and the Lambs In lamb skins i
and carrying shepherd's staffs will j
solicit silver from all who pass, and j
as fast as the coins are obtained, they ;
will be laid along the curb. Silver j
dollars being fairly scarce, the Bank
ers Trust Company and the Harrl- j
man National Bank have promised ;
to grab all they can and put them j
Into circulation.
"Myriads of Broad's most beautl- 1
ful," raves the official announcer, i
"are aligning themselves with the
several stars they have chosen to
win. Every plump, prim prostlyte
of Manhattan's showhouses will ap
pear in Fifth avenue- It is the most ,
unique, most bizarre, original staging j
of New. York's theatrical talent ever !
used to further the best cause in j
the' world."
Put Vigor and Ambition
into Run-Down, Tired
Out People.
If you feel tired, out of sorts, de- j
spondent, mentally or physically de
pressed, and lack the desire to ac- ;
complish things, get a 50-cent box |
of Wendell's Ambition Pills at H. C.
Kennedy's today and take the first
big step toward feeling better right i
If you drink too much, smoke too |
much, or are nervous because of j
overwork of any kind, Wendell's I
Ambition Pills will make you fee! i
better in three days or money back j
from H. C. Kennedy on the first box i
For ail affections of the nervous j
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kidney or liver complaints, sleep
lessness, exhausted vitality or weak
ness of any kind get a box of Wen
dell's Ambition Pills today on the |
Fight Weakening
Cough With a
Health Builder j
Nothing pulls down a weakened sys- i
tem so much as a persistent cough. |
In many similar cases ECKMAN'S j
ALTERATIVE, a tonic and up-bulld- ;
er, has been found to be most valu- !
able in stopping the cough, strength- j
ening the lungs and helping to re- !
store health. Twenty years' success- i
ful use. 80c and S!.."><> dottles at all :
druggist* or manufacturer, postpaid, i
j Christmas Boxes For Y. M. C.
! A. and Red Cross May
Christmas parcels weighing not
more than three pounds may now be
sent to individuals serving In the
ranks of the American Red Cross, Y.
M. C. A., Knights of Columbus and
other associations or persons con
nected with the American Expe-
I dition&ry Forces for whom arrange
, inents for sending Chrlstmus gifts
i have not heretofore been arranged.
This is the substance of an order
received at local headquarters of
the Red, Cross In the basement of
the Harrlsburg Public Library this
morning. The order bears the sig
nature of W. J. Barrows, Acting
Third Assistant Postmaster General.
The parcels may be mailed
through the local chapter of the
American Red Cross by the nearest
relative In the United States of the
proposed recipient. Two or more rel
atives may Join in sending a Christ
mas parcel but only one package
may be sent to one individual.
Outlining instructions for .sending
the parcel, the official Post Office
Department order continues:
"Upon approval of such request,
the Red Cross will furnish the sender
a carton of the prescribed size (3
inches by 4 inches by 9 inches) in
which to enclose the articles to be
mailed. When filled, the carton must
be returned unsealed and unwrapped
to the nearest receiving station de
signated by the Red Cross for inspec
tion, wrapping, affixing of stamps,
etc., under the supervision of the IJed
Cross. The parcel must be left at the
Red Cross receiving station which
will affix thereto a certificate in the
the form of a seal showing that the
parcel has been inspected and passed
and shall mail it on or before No
vember 20, 1918, (except in Alaska,
Hawaii and Porto Rico, where
Christmas parcels will be accepted
up to and including December 1.
"Christmas parcels sent under the
foregoing arrangement will be sub
ject in all respects to the conditions
governing the acceptance of similar
parcels for members (officers, sol
diers, etc.) of the American Expe
ditionary Forces in Eurbpe as set
forth in the instructions of this
office. The parcels must be address
ed substantially as follows:
Christmas Box Department,
Port of Embarkation,
Hoboken, New Jersey.
American Expeditionary Forces
"Such parcels will be chargeable
with postage at the fourth-class or
parcel post zone rate be
tween the place where mailed and
Hoboken, N. J.
"No individual postal export li
cense is required in connection with
the mailing of Christmas parcels, the I
War Trade Board having amended!
its General Export License No. Rac
43 to cover such parcels.
"\t. J. BARROWS.
'"Act'g Third Ass t. P. M. Gen."
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Cutex Set 98c
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Flormye Face Powder $1.19
La Trefle Face Powder .... $1.19
Djer-Kiss Face Powder 57c
La Blache Face Powder .... 39c
Swansdown Face Powder ... 13c
Flora Sweet Face Powder ... 55c
Ven Dome (Mio) Face Powder,
Petalis Face Powder 49c
Fascination Face Powder 49c
Valeska Suratt Face Powder, ,43c
Mary Garden Face Powder .. 79c
Freeman's Face Powder 19c
Pussywillow Face Powder ... 34c
L-Ame. (LaMay) Face Powder,
L-Ame. (LaMay) Face Powder,
Hudnut Gardenia 83c
Hudnut Sweet Orchid 83c
Garden Allah Talcum 21c
Mary Garden Talcum 48c
Waltz Dream Talcum 23c
Jess Talcum (Tins) 13c
Jess Talcum (Jars) 21c
Hudnut Talcum (Tins) 19c
Hudnut Talcum (Jars) 43c
Babcock Butterfly Talcum ... 22c
Babcock Corylopsis Talcum .. 15c
Babcock Violet Elice Talcum. .13c
Palmolive Talcum 19c
Djer-Kiss Talcum 35c
Cuticura Soap 19c
Resinol Soap 19c
Hobson's Soap ... 20c
Packer's Tar Soap 18c
Castile Soap 15c
Colgate All-Round Soap, 3 for 25c
Dr. Sayman's Soap 3 for 29c
Life Buoy Soap 2 for 15c
Jergen's Violet Glycerine, 3 for 25c
Jergen's Geranium Bath, 3 for 25c
Military Hair Brushes
Per pair $1.48
By dstociatrd Preis
StlltClllL'llt wits llutlioiizcil lit tlio
White House shortly after 10
o'clock tills morning Unit when
ever word eame of the signing 'of
an armistice in France, President
Wilson himself would announce it
When this assurance wns given
Uie Government linil not been ad
vised whether the German armis
tice delcgutlou hud reached Mar
sluil Foch's headquarters behind
the French lines, where they were
expected about noon to-day, Furls
Mary Pickford Is
Sued For $138,000
Xew York. For services alleged
to have been Instrumental in en
abling Mrs. Gladys Mary Moore, bet
ter known as Mary Pickford, to
draw a salary of SIO,OOO a week for
( 104 weeks from June 24. 1916, from
i the Pickford Film Corporation. Mrs.
j Cora Carrington Wilkenlng. theat
rical and literary agent, brought
| suit before Supreme Court Justice
|Delehanty and a Jury to recover
j $138,000 In commissions from the
| star. Mary Pickford's income for
•the last two years from the film com-
I pany, the lawyers for both sides
: agreed, was $1,000,000. Mary took
j the witness stand, but played to a
i small house.
| Mrs. Wilkening testified the de-
I fendant expressed her inability to see
I why Charlie Chaplin was getting a
I higher salary than herself and agreed
| to pay the plaintiff 10 per-cent, com
mission if the latter was successful
: in getting a better contract for her.
She told of her visits to a Benjamin
B. Hampton and of Hampton's offer
|of $7,000 a week to Miss Pickford
i with a 50 per cent, ownership in a
corporation to be named after her.
The contract was never consummated.
I Thg witness said she brought, about
! a meeting later in her office between
; William Randolph Hearst, editor-
I publisher, and the defendant,
j After several other dickers with
film magnates, Mrs. Wilkening de-
I clared she was successful in negotl
! ations that resulted in Adolph Zuker
i of the Famous Players Film Corpor
-1 atlon signing a contract with Miss
! Pickfofd, whereby the latter was to
i get SIO,OOO weekly, a bonus of $300,-
! 000 and $40,000 to recompense her for
! looking after scenarios for four
; weeks.
| Miss Pickford denied all these
' statements. She admitted meeting
I Mr. Hearst in the plaintiff's office,
I but insisted that Mrs. Wilkening had
i not introduced her to him.
; "I had met Mr. Hearst, before,"
1 smiled Miss Pickford. '"but not in a
business way. 1 danced with him."
The actress explained that Mrs.
Wilkening telephoned to her that Mr.
Hearst was at her office and had a
good offer to make. When she met
Mr. Hearst he .spoke about the wea
ther and "other things" until she
said she asked him about the busi
ness offer. She declared he express
ed surprise, saying he had heard the
socalled offer was to come from her.
Nothing came of the meeting,
i Miss Pickford segued relieved
| when the court ordered adjuornment
for ten minutes while the City Hall
bell and countless sirens announced
I the Austrian surrender.
I After recess Miss Pickford explain
ed that the Hampton negotiations
were broken off because Hampton did
i not have $50.1X00 to bind his option,
and further because she had learned
that he was marketing his contract
with her.
The case was adjourned until to
morrow morning.
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Kewpie Soap 8c
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Hudnut's Cold Cream 39c
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Palmolive Cold Cream 39c
Sanitol Face Cream 19c
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Hudnut's Cucumber Cream .. 43c
De Meridor Cream 33c
Elcaya Cream 53c
Ingram Milkweed Cream .... 73c
Pebeco Tooth Paste 36c
Kolynos Tooth Paste 19c
Colgate Tooth Paste 25c
Sanitol Tooth Paste or Powder,
Talc-Pheno Tooth Paste or Pow
der 18c
Albodon Tooth Paste 16c
Pyrodenta Tooth Paste 23c
S. S. White Tooth Paste 17c
Senreco Tooth Paste 18c
Colgate Tooth Powder, 15c & 25c
Graves' Tooth Powder or Paste,
Kal Pheno Tooth Powder ... 18c
Euthymol Tooth Powder ... 18c
Pyrrochide Tooth Powder .. 79c
Lyon's Tooth Powder or Paste,
Oriental Cream $1.19
Orchard White 28c
Dermaviva 33c
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Mum ..." 19c
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Odor Gone 25c
Flora Swept Deodorant .... 45c
Pinaud's Lilac 79c
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Eight-Day Festival Commem
orating Historic Incidents
Begins November 28
The festival of Chanukah, com
i memoratlng the historic Incidents
i related In the apocryphal Books of
i the Maccabees, will be celebrated in
j ull Jewish homes for eight days, be
; genning November 2 8.
] The festival embodies the elements
! of the presont world struggle, as the
i heroic suffering of the Jews of that
| day linds a modern parallel In the
plight of the Belgian people. In
. many a Jewish household the in
famous Anttochus Epiplianes of the
story will be compared to his suc
cessor in spirit, the Inhuman, and
now no less infamoiA Emperor of
Germany, Wllhelm 11.
Like his modern embodiment, the
ancient tyrant of Syria found tho
land of Israel a stumbling block in
the pathway of his ambition for ter
| ritoriul expansion. In order to de- j
: stroy all vestiges of independence in :
lJudea, this tyrant sought to crush!
the Jewish religion and to set up his ,
pagan cult in its place. Then Judah!
the Lion arose and with God's help ]
smote the hosts of the Syrian and i
rolled back tlie armies of oppression.
The anniversary is therefore 1
| known as the Festival of Rededica- j
tion (Chanukah). It Is a home fes- ]
tlval and Is signalized by lighting I
candles on each of the eight even- I
ings In these troubled days the heart I
of every Jew will go forth to the Bel- I
gian sufferers and will find encour
agement In the message of the festi
val, which is addressed to Belgium
j as well as to Israel and to all hu
Washington, Nov. B.—Bituminous
| coal production companies over the
i country are called upon by J. H.
I Wheelwright, president of the Na
tional Coal Association to contribute!
! at least one-quarter of one per cent,
[of their capital stock to the $170,-
| 000,000 United Work Campaign
j Fund, the nation-wide drive for
I which begins Monday.
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New Discovery to
relieve it
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i persistent, phlegm-clogged chest,
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; year-old standby. Grownups and
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| Help them to function as they
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Dr. King's New Life Pills. Cleanse
the system of undermining impuri
ties. Mild in action, reliable and
comfortable. Your druggist has
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Soldier Votes in
Some Confusion
Confused returns are being
brought to the Stato Capitol by somo
of the commissioners appointed to
take the votes of soldiers and sailors
and it will take days to unravel somo
of the statements made in the books.
Several books filed yesterday and to
day fall to give the nanae of the
camp where the votes were taken
and the figures are jumbled, making
endless possibilities where close con
tests may be Involved. Less than half
of tho commissioners have brought
ire their returns.
When H. L. Reinhold, of Ard
more, who took the votes of the sol
diers at League Island .Navy Yard,
arrived, he presented just one book
and reported the ballots had' been
burned. His reason for this course
was that "they used to do that way
fifty-six years ago" when he was ac
tive in election work. Deputy Sec
retary of the Commonwealth George
D. Thorn, promptly rose to the oc
casion and finding out what had
been done got a statement and will
certify the figures on the book filed
here to the Interested counties. Mr.
Reinhold is advanced in years.
It transpired to-day that when
William M. Hargest, Deputy Attor
ney General, who was a commission
er to Fort Ogelthorpe. found that no
one had been sent to Camp Forrest
where there were many men, he or
ganized a board there, too, and held
an election.
After the Grippe
To regain your health and strength
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Whitman May Seek
a Recount in City
New York, Nov. B.—Governor
Whitman departed for Albany yes
terday without admitting defeat. Be
fore going to the railroad station he
culled at Republican State Commit
tee headquarters In West Thirty
ninth street nnd instructed Repub
lican State Chairman George A.'
Glynn not to concede the election of
EM I '
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NOVEMBER 8, 1918.
Alfred E. Smith until the official
canVass has determined the result.
Only. Ten Patients Left
in Emergency Hospital
Ten patients are now being treat
ed at the Emergency Hospital
which was opened at the Open Air
School, Fifth and Seneca streets. As
soon as they can be sent home the
'building will be thoroughly fumi
gated and cleaned and will be used
again for school sessions. All othftr
public schools in the city will open
on Monday, but It may be necessary
to delay opening tho building now
used for the hospital until later in
the week. Two of the patients there
now are In a serious condition and
cannot be moved.. Four others may
be sept home late in the afternoon.
In the county districts many of
the schools In the lower end opened
this week, but a largo number of
buildings in the upper end of the
county are still closed.
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