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2-4,000 REQUEST
Registrar Brusstar Plans to
Sent! Out Many Plates
During December
Ten thousand
$ V \ <p ///t owners of auto-
Jt\\\ mobiles in Penn
j and black license
tration for 1919 {
BH|9 UgJOU send applications
30 will run a great
chance of missing the numbers they
request, according to officials at the
automobile registration bureau of
the State Highway Department.
Registrar George M. Brusstar said
to-day that the first tags for next;
year would bo shipped out on De- j
cember 1 and that ft'orts would be
bent to handle the rush of appllca- i
tions as rapidly as possible. The ap- j
plications filed In December will be j
rtiven numbers as they arrive.
Issuance of registration tags for i
1918 has passed the 370,000 mark;
and there will be a number issued;
the remainder of the year. Tags for
trucks and motorcycles have been;
much in demand.
Tags Noc. 1, 2 and 3 will be re- I
served for the Governor and High- !
way Commissioner, while Governor
elect William i'. Sproul, who has had j
Xos. 7, 77,777 and 7777 for several
years will be given them again and j
County Controller T. J. Underwood j
of Washington county, will again get j
No. 13 and President pro tern. C. J. I
"Nuxated Iron helps put astonishing
strength and energy into the veins of men
and bring roses to the cheeks of pale,
nervous, run-down women," says Dr
James Francis Sullivan, formerly physi
c;an oi Bellevue Hospital (Outdoor Dept.)
X. Y. and Westchester County Hospital.
"I prescribe it regularly in'cases of de- t
pleted energy, anaemia and lack of
-'rcngth and endurance. There is nothing
hke organic iron-Xuxatcd iron-to quickly
enrich the blood, make beautiful, health*
L' women and strong, vigorous, iron men.'
• Satisfaction guaranteed or money f
I refunded.
Talking Machine "Talk"
It will pay you to know some
thing of the trademark and the
reputation of the machine that
you are going to purchase
When choosing a "talking machine" to-day, the prospective pur
chaser is "up in the air" clue to the fact that there are 304 different
makes of "talking machines" on the market. He doesn't know just
which one will give him the most satisfaction and the best for his
With talking machines, as every other widely manufactured ar
tide, the trade mark and the manufacturer means a lot to the pro- TOgfpii 11 jJ
spective buyer. Fdr instance, when you see the trade mark jSPI '
"Uneeda" or "57 varieties," you know at a glance that they stand fflilfl? 11, vfiljf Kip, j
for the best in their line, and that the manufacturer has a national mlPtttttfcff SM' 1
So it is with "talking machines." We handle only those "talking i
machines" that have a known trademark, and a known reputation. --"lvftiijf ' V u
But like buying any article whose value you want to know before-. JJL. ji •
hand and in which you place your confidence through a known
trademark, so also do you want to know something of the trademark and the reputation of
the "talking machine" you expect to buy.
CotionAuuv Se>vo*© §tavi
When you see two notes linked As a trade mark the manufac- The Starr is really a "star"
together you know they stand for turer of these wonderful talking nniong talklng machlnes . It ha 3
the Columbia Urafanola. This machines have adopted the liell
machine will play a!l notes from over an A. The bell denotes the proV '! n * '"ge
the lowest to the highest without , ... .. ... number of times. It Is made by
a blur. •It has a clear, distinct " possesses a bell' one Qf {he f pjano
sound and is the oldest machine tone, these machines have a
on the market. It is made by Swiss motor and won the highest ' v\es . Its
the largest corporation in the- award at the Panama Pacific Ex- n ess of tone and distinctiveness
country and has been tested by position. It plays all records and have won It many a compliment
the best known artists. can be adjusted for tone . from musiclovers.
Talking Machines to be high-grade, are manufactured and sold by music dealers
exclusively. We have just heard of a talking machine being manufactured by a carriage
factory. It may be a good machine but we think probably it is one like usually comes with an
jrder of soap. The talking machine industry is a business of its own, and we as a music
house have taken special efforts to secure the best that money and a wide experience will
produce. We are out of the high-rent district and can assure'you complete satisfaction in
any machine you may purchase from us, and sell it to you at the lowest possible price.
We Carry a Complete Stock of Columbia Records
Our Store Can Supply You With Records That You Can Be Assured Will Be
the Best and the Latest on the Market
"See Our Line Before You Decide"
#Spangler's Music House
2112 North Sixth Street
| Bucknuin, of the State Senate, hold
! er of No. 23 for years, will receive
j that number again. The usual nuni
! :>er of requests for numbers corre
j sponding to house, post office box
] and room numbers and for figures
j approximating college years are be
! ing made to suy nothing of the reser
i rations asked of odd combinations.
Turkey Calls $25. —It costs $25 to
call 'wild turkeys in Pennsylvania.
The Slate Game Commission has just
received word of the fining of three
men who were imitating the call ot'
the wild turkey to obtain shots at
gobblers in the mounuin regions of
! the Juniata valley. The use of such
i calls is forbidden by the game code.
l in another instance a man was
; stopped by a game protector as lie
was attempting to call a wild turkey
j and it was found thadie had shot two
I birds, one on each of the preceding
j days. He was tinod $25 for each tur
i key as the law limits each man to
| one.
"Watered" Butter—Over a dozen
arrests have been ordered in Phila
-1 dolphin and vicinity by Dairy and
Food Commissioner James Foust as
| tile result of taking of samples of
! butter by state food bureau agents.
In each case it was found that the
butter had been "watered" or that
it contained more moisture than the
| law allows. This is the third sefles
of arrests ordered for this offense.
To Cut Accidents—Chiefs of di-
I visions and officials of the various
bureaus of the State Department of
laibor and Industry have been sunt
| moned to Harrisburg next week for
! a conference on reduction of acci
dents. Commissioner Walter Mc-
I Nichols will preside and reports on
| accidents the last half year will be
discussed. Many of the accidents
! occurred In industries occupied with
' war orders."
Protest Closing Line —Protest was
tiied to-day with the Public Service
i Commission by counsel for the Pass
yunk Avenue Businessmen's asso
ciation. against the proposed aban
donment of the trolley line on
Passyunk avenue, Philadelphia, by
the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Com
pany. Its subsidiary company, the|
Frankford and South,wark Company]
was also made a respondertt. It is
declared that the line is well patron-,
ized especially in the evening and
that the cessation of operations on ;
that street would cause much incon-'
venience. Residents of New Milford, :
including some engaged on govern
ment work, have tiled complaint
against the new rates of the Susqu^-;
hanna County Light and Power J
Company and the borough of Am-|
bridge has complained against the
minimum change of the Ambridge!
Gas Compah.v.
Berlin Cared For—lt. J. Bowman
was to-day appointed justice of the j
peace for Berlin borough.
Railroad Officer —William H. Har
per was to-day appointed a police- 1
man for Dauphin county for the:
Pennsylvania railroad.
Now Home Rule Cases—State
Health Department authorities to
day stated that reports of recur- i
rences of influenza had come from j
Pittsburgh. New Castle. I'niontown !
and other cities, but that the re
strictions were, matters for local j
authorities. They can now exer-I
cise "home rule."
Jitney Case—The Mitzel jitney j
application is scheduled to be heard
by the Public Service Commission, i
Lecember is. '
'Steelton $8,750 Over Top
in United War Fund Drive
The final figures of the United War
! Fund drive for Steelton were com
puted last niglft and placed at $28,-
i 750, which amount is $8,750 over and
' above the Steelton quota. The figures
{include $4,000 collected by the wont
leu of the town, and SIO,OOO sub
( scribed by the Bethlehem Steel Com
pany, without which latter subscrip
| tion Steelton's final figures would
| be short just $250 of the quota.
West I''airview, Pa., Nov. 23 On
Sunday, November 24, the Rev.
I Charles A. Lantz will finish his first
f years work as pastor of the West
I Falrview pastorate of the t'pited
' Lutheran Church in America. A
I communion service will be held on
I Sunday morning at 10.30. On Sun
day eve ling at 7.30 o'clock, the
pastor wil 1 preach in St. Mark's from
j Neh. 4:6—"The People Had a Mind
to Work." A short summary of the
year's work will also be given at the
evening service.
West l"airYk'w, Pa., Nov. 23. —A
union Thanksgiving service of the
United Brethren and St. Mark's Lu
| theran Churches ' will be held on
Thursday in tjie U. B. Church. The
Rev. Lantz and Rev. Kohler, the
i local pastors, will both speak at this
Lemoync, Pa., Nov. 23. —Rev. H.
T. Searle will hold communion
services at both the morning and
evening services to-morrow. Plans
are also being formed at Grace U.
E. Church for the revival services
to start the second Sunday in De
Unusual Cases to Be
Heard Next Week
Hearings are scheduled for Phila
] delphia, Pittsburgh. Wilkes-Barre,
j Pottsville, Lancaster and Harrls
! burg by the Public Service Com
-1 mission for next week and on Mon
day a series of arguments in unusual
i cases will be heard here to be fol
, lowed by an executive session at
I which action may be taken on the
| fire main charges of the Springfield
i Consolidated Water Company. In
i the argument list are the cases of the
j United Businessmen's Association, of
! Philadelphia, against the Union
• Traction and other companies in the
; Philadelphia trolley system in which
! a valuation is sought; a complaint
: against discontinuance of service of
| natural gas by the South Penn Oil
Company, in Butler county; an ap
plication of the Bellefonte Central
railroad to abandon a three and a
i half mile line in Center county; the
; application of the borough of Mid
j dleburg for state permission to buy
the water company in'that town and
| an action between electric companies
i operating in Lebanon county over
| refusal of one to pay the other for
1 current under an advanced sched
j ule.
Tuesday the "coal clause" in the
contracts of electric compunles will
bo argued. All complaints against
the Luzerne County Gas and Elec
tric Company, will bo heard at
WAtt WICKKI.Y Cut Out anil Mnll to Your Solillrr WAIt WICEIv I. V
Vol. I, No. IX II Alt It I Mil I KG, I#A.,1 # A., NOV. 16-82 Our Yank Edition
He'll Have to Take His Place in the Line

Saturday, November 16
Bread made of whole wheat flour |
appears on local market for iirst time
in many months.
Selinsgrove boasts of state's oldest j
and most experienced bundmaster in i
person of Professor Joseph H. Feehr- |
Bernard Schmidt sells Harrisburg
Baking Company to K. S. Manbeck. j
Will of late Dr. H. R. Wiener pro- j
bated; written on back of preserip- 1
tion blank.
Although sugar is scarce confei;- j
tioners have made great supply of
candies by using nuts and fruits.
I Clear toys, time-honored gifts of
Santa Claus, will not be available this
year because of sugar shortage. • '
i Six hundred college boys from Get- j
tysburg and Buckneil here for annual j
i football game.
Memorial service held in Steelton
for Father H. G. Ludes, later chap
lain of St. Joseph's hospital, Lancas
Charles W. Hartwick, foreman of a
street repair gang, drops dead at
Two million bars of chocolates be
ing prepared at Hershey for soldiers
in France. Consignment will lill lif
teen freight cars.
Howard L. Burkholder, employed at
C. I. & S. Company, kills self by
drinking carbolic acid.
Monday, November 18
Scores of properties wrecked and
several totally destroyed in cyclone
that sweeps over Riverside. Several
families made miraculous escapes from
death. Immediate steps are taken by
city to provide for relief of stricken
Harrisburgers. No other part of city
is touched by storm.
Plans are made to have Keystone
Division march in Philadelphia for
grand parade when the unit comes
home from France. Harrisburg pre
pares for great parade for local men
serving in France. Philadelphia, Bal
timore and Washington put in bids
for parade of 79th Division.
Donald McCormick. food adminis
trator, rules conservation of food is
necessary despite war's end and tines
dealer SIOO for not obeying rules.
Pipe Bending Company loses con
tract to make 800,000 shells for the
N'avy and plans to put shop back on
peace basis after four years of muni
tions making.
Millersburg raises SI,OOO for United
War Work fund.
Samuel Koplovitz, 112 th Infantry,
again reported wounded.
Sister Carnielitq, formerly Miss
Anna Hartnett, Lebanon, dies in con
vent. of Sisters of Mercy.
Senator William E. Crow named
chairman of committee to arrange for
Governor Sproul's inauguration.
Harry S. McDevitt, sluted to become
new Governor's private secretary.
Philadelphia proposes o build great
bridge across the Delaware to Cam
den as memorial to Pennsylvania sol
Steelton plant of Bethlehem Steel
Company gets back to normal work
ing conditions but. still needs skilled
John Shakespeare, Oberlin, died in
trolley car.
All physicial examinations under
the draft stopped.
Tuesday, November 19
Jacob M. Alvord, Millersburg, form
er businessman and marriage license
clerk, died after long illness.
Lieutenant Alexander Rodgers, Jr.,
grandsop of late Senatotr J. D. Cam
eron. dies In France of pneumonia af
ter being passed.
Council passes resolution thanking
Secretary Daniels for naming great
military transport "Harrisburg."
Fifty thousand children left orphans
by influohza epidemic, committee es
timates in planning to look after des
titute youngsters.
Mayor Keister plans to rcinstai the
Bertilluo linger print system of iden
tifying criminals.
Edgar Metzger, 11, had leg broken
when run down by automobile.
Food situation will remain un
changed during winter, wholesale
grocers announce. Call for conserva
tion must be heeded.
Congressman Focht asks for 100
captured German cannon to be distri
buted in 'cross-river counties.
Rev. H. N. Fcgley celebrates 70th
birthday and 46 years as pastor of St.
Mark's Lutheran Church, .Mechanics
Sentence is suspended by Perry
county court on John Skane who acci
dentally shot to death Frank Tlppery,
a boy companion, while camping.
Penn-Harris to be partly opened
December 20.
Mrs. Frederick E. Downes Is re
elected president of Sunshine Society,
Senator Beldleman, iteutenant-gov
ernor-elect, addresses University
Miles Nichols, 7, run down and kill
ed by auomoblle.
Major General C. M. Clement,
former commander of the Keystone
Division, volunteers to serve as scout
master for Sunbury troops of Boy
Sergeant Frederick Kent, Pax tang,
7th Infantry, reported killed in
Wilkes-Burre Tuesday and the same
day Pittsburgh will have a long list
of jitney cases and Philadelphia Uio
New Jersey and Pennsylvania Kail-
I way Company faro schedules.
| Wednesday, November 20
' " urcs "I 1 again in many I
id He rin J S state, M'\o,ui cities cull- I
qifaranUne? a uI ••"*•* |
ina "^f 6 n l ,B I T lirumba ? Kh Ul 'K° B lun d- I
Pifn.H VSi " n t'i division at
Inm v f a ' I w ' lere 11 tS'eat purade
bauieri" " U1 ut l " u Pe "" 8 >'-
' iu I 'uni( Cup,U I,|a> ' B 'iuer pranks when
| " v niurnaae Hubert M. fciui
uauah i°sn" alul Mv * 4 Hmuline SU'as
i .rV'; l i; a lL ' :l ; u ' r ' . BtU'Keun's son ana
| tnc bride s daughter were inarried
some months ago. marneu
; vu, oh ," i l ' Waynesboro, con
-1 , "if Be " ous cliurges growing out
i nSJI . ? doctoring. Keckler is ai
i {..? J?, i ttVe treated a tanner una
hl daiijthters tor enchantments.
Thanksgiving turkeys are selling
for sixty ana sixty-eight cents a
pound, the highest price on record.
Plans inadu tor annual Thanksgiv
ing donations to ilurrisburg Hospital.
i lain for making the Musquchannu
river navigablo from t|de water to
bunbury by means of dams ana
dredging, given great impetus at big
mass meeting ot businessmen, Major
Gray, who built warehouses tor Uar
department, estimates cost to be be
tween $150,000,000 and $200,000,000.
i alls. Jane Hudson sangree, tvideiy
known woman, died, aged 85.
Fe nH *. Vo " ~K - Three Hundred and
Forty-first Field Artillery, dies in
i',la Muri y. Due Hundred
and Sixteenth isupply Train, reported
Sergeant William H. Felix. Mechan
| lesburg, wounded in the battle ot the
Marne, is invalided home.
Governor Brumbaugh issues Thanks
' giving Proclamation,
i Mrs- J. E. Garner, former organist
at Pino Street Presbyterian Church,
• dies.
Thursday, November 21
> 1 hree Hinull flies keep city firemen
I Three employes of State Draft Bu
| reau take advantage of war's end aud
take part in double wedding.
Y. M. C. A. plans a woodehopping
bee to take kinks out of muscles of
tired businessmen.
Big gains made In resources and de
posits of the city's ten trust com
panies show Harrlsburg's workers are
laying aside a bit for u rainy day.
Katph Cbloiato. Scranton. asks State
Pardon Board for clemency because
he shot man who wouldn't stop sing
I „ Henr >' J - Steigor named receiver for
I Pennsylvania Deduction Company,
j former collectors of the city's ashes
and garbage.'
Mrs. Miles Bower, a bride of Blaln
dies of pneumonia.
Mlfllln county expended $13,000 to
light influenza; 300 deaths occurred in
the epidemic.
S. A. Robison. veteran of the Civil
War and the oldest and best-known
man in Liverpool, dies suddenly, aged
Alexander D. Oyier, Civil War vet
eran of Gettysburg, dies aged 82.
Carlisle Civil War veterans, in spec
ial meeting, tell of hearing Lincoln's
famous Gettysburg address.
Governor and Mrs. Brumbaugh dine
members of the Governor's military
Intlucnza renews its appearance
here, claiming five new victims.
Friday, November 22
Mayor Keister and Councllmen In
spect new water works at Lancaster.
Camp Fire Girls begin campaign to
buy chocolate for soldiers In France.
Private C. L. Mcllhenny, One Hun
dred and Twelfth Infantry, readies
Staten Island hospital with contingent
of wounded Yanks.
Funds for relief of windswept ltlv
i ersido urgently needed to relieve dis
W. T. Stoddart, architect for new
Penn-Harrls, here to supervise interior
Seven hundred . Christmas parcels
mailed through Red Cross to soldiers
In France.
Final figures for United War Work
Fund show Central Pennsylvania
oversubscribed its quota of SBOO,OOO
by more than SIOO,OOO.
Harrlshurg Railways Company de
cides to retain "skip-stops" with the
coming of peace because of improved
Druggists who sell alcohol with
out medicating it to make It unlit to
drink, warned they face arrest.
William Weibel, alleged I. W. W.
and slacker, arrested in Chambersburg
for cursing American Army.
Vandals enter summer homes of
Willim Pearson, Supreme Court Pro
thonotary. and ex-Senator John E.
Fox, on the Yellow Breeches, and de
stroy property valued at SI,OOO.
"Llghtleas nights" go with the com
ing of peace, merchants to-day per
mitted to use unlimited Illumination.
City patrolmen ask Mayor for In
crease of $25 a month in salary, and
plan for establishment of old nge pen
sion fund. Matter to be pieced be
fore Council and the Legislature.
Harry M Mumina. Mlllersburg. vol
untary worker at emergency Influenza
hosnltal dies of he disease.
Mrs. Lenten D. Gilbert re-elected
heed of Red Cross Chapter, mutual re
port shows half million articles wore
made for soldiers by loyal women.
Plenty of Men to Work, but
Opportunities Are Chang
ing Very Rapidly
The State Department of Labor
and Industry has undertaken the
problem of adjusting the labor needs
of the state so that communities
which require men can get them
from districts where cessation of
war activities has made men idle.
The Pottsville and liazleton mining
districts are calling for thousands
of men and Cameron and other
counties where explosives and mu
nitions have been made are com
mencing to curtail activities and
have men idle, in the reports com
ing here It is shown that central
counties need men and that in ad
dition to the mines, the railroads,
steel mills which are turning from
war material and ship shapes and
farmers are asking for hands.
Director Jacob Ltghtner, of the
Uureau of employment, says that
in the forty-four central counties
of the state there is a present, labor
shortage in spite of the fact that
men are being released; that the
problem to-day is mainly one of
immediate transfer of workers to
their old trades and as near their
home coi'im unities as it is possible
to transfer them.
A plan by which the central of
fice at liarrisburg may keep in al
most constant touch with employ
ment conditions throughout cen
tral Pennsylvania has been develop
ed by Acting Commissioner Walter
MrNichols of the Deivrtinent of
Lubor and Industry and Director
Lightner of the Uureau of Employ
In the operation of that plan the
primary purpose is to learn from
what communities released muni
tion workers, originally cam 6, and,
so far as is possible, to place every
worker in a plant at or near his
original home locality. Hundreds
of men have been transferred with
in the last week in the central Penn
sylvania district in accordance with
tiiat plan.
A virtual barometer of actual or
labor fluctuations, in the centrul
section of the state, is presented on
twenty charts covering one entire
wall of the clearance house in the
Bureau of Employment at Harris
burg. Each chart daily bears the
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NOVEMBER 23; 1918.
report of demands for. or releases
of men In the community Immediate
ly surrounding each of the twenty
central stato employment oltlces.
Each of these twenty local otllees
is keeping in close dully contact
with every employer in its district
and at each indication of a lay
off of men, or probable demand for
employes, the news is telegraphed to
the central clearance house at Har
rlsburg—ln the event that the shift
of labor in any local district is too
great to be properly bundled within
that district.
When one.district reports a sur
plus of workers, due to cessation of
war contracts, and another district
is requesting workers for recon
struction products, tlie district need
ing men is at once notified, by wire.
Where a 'Surplus exists and is in
structed to get in immediate com
munication with the district where
fnen are available. This work iH
all conducted on a strict arithmeti
cal basis in order that any district
having a surplus of men will not
be swamped by orders, from other
districts, for more than arc avail
If any district office reports that
men are being released ut n war
plant at some distance from the dis
trict ofllcc, a scout is immediately
sent from tHe Bureau of Employment
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Post Office - - ... -- gt
Street and No. , .
to the point where the men are be
ing released and arrangmonls ar®
perfected for transferring those
wm-kers to employment nearest thoir
original home communities.
Tito twenty ottlces thus endeavor
ing to-duy to stabilize labor condi
tions in central Pennsylvania are
located in the following cities: Ilar
risburg clearance house, Altoonn,
lirudford. Duliois, Emporium, Ha.
slcton, Johnstown, Lancaster, Leb
anon, Lewistown, l.ock Haven. Alt,
Union, Pottsvllle, Pay re, Shamokin,
Wellsboro, Wilkes-Ba'rre, Williams
port and York.
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