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Will Discharge Soldiers
Who Are Needed at Home
Washington, Nov. 23. —All army
commanders were authorised yester
day to discharge upon their own ap
plication enlisted men in whose fam
ilies there is sickness or other dis
tress. and men whose services can
bo spared and who are urgently
needed to resume some industry or
In announcing the order the War
Department explained that it was
intended to meet exceptional eases
and not to release men in large
f —' —' • - - - -
To My Patrons
I beg leave to announce that, not having been called to
military service, I have opened a Garage and Service
Station at No. 1807-09 North Seventh Street, where I
t will be at your service for Storage and Repairs. I will
endeavcr to render the same promptness and excellence
of service which was given while at the old location at
Briggs and Bartine Streets.
I trust that I may receive your renewed patronage.
Charles Federick
i' Authorized Hupntobile Service and Kepair
i Farts Station for the Harrisburg District
Agency and Service Station for the Rayfleld Carburet. ,
Aw to Parts
There is no necessity of waiting for long-deln>ed shipments of
I Parts, when you can get FIRST-CLASS USED PARTS at
Greatly Reduced Prices
We carry a complete stock of Parts for every make of car
We also carry a complete line of Standard Roller and Ball Bear
ings and quite an assortment of Cones and P.aces and practically
everything pertaining to a car.
Wc Also Handle Used and Tubes
| Chelsea Auto ■ Wrecking
A. Schiffman, Prop
22-24-26 N. Cameron St. (Both Phones)
I i
< *
TV/TAG'S GARAGE is the real Service Station for Ford Cars and
Ford parts in Central Pennsylvania. Special equipment and
machinery in the most modern and up-to-date shop in the East,
with the most experienced mechanics in the business assure you
of a guaranteed job at the least possible expense. When your
Ford is in trouble, bring it to Mac's Garage—let them tell you
iust what the trouble is and just howmuch it will cost you to have
it remedied. This saves you all the worry and trouble of running
around until you find some one who is capable of repairing your
Ford. See Mac's Garage first

Anchor Tops Hassler Painting
This is the time of the year Hassler sfcock Absorbers Our Painting Department
to think of a real winter top. are the recognized shock Ab- j s i n a position to take orders
Don't wait until the drizzily, sorbers for Ford Cars They for c lete p ainting jobs .
drearv davs set in and then • are universally used by Ford . . r . . 1 . J? I
want a top. Get it now. The owners all over the country. 1S time of the year
Anchor Top is glass enclosed, They take the bumps out of to have your car painted,
frame of hardwood and is the roads and give you more Don't ,put it off. Our depart
guaranteed to be weather miles out of your gasoline. men t guarantees first-class |!
proof. See us about Anchor" We sell Hassler Shock Ab- work. We also do lettering
J tops. sorbers. , / and monogram jobs.
Used Cars Bought and Sold |
Bay and Might Service (ggjggj, jj
I 3777 Incorporated.
. S. Third St. ||
mm miit ritia i
V -
Wonnded and Sick He Was
Not Going to Quit Fight
Washington, Nov. 28.—The distin
guished service cross has been
awarded to Sergeant Ralph H. Sum
merton, of Warren, Pa.
Sergeant Sumitierton, having on
his body several aggravated wounds
from an enemy grenade, and being
tagged for evacuation for lh.se, as
well as for gr p. when assured that
his company was about to attack
Chehcry, on Chatcl, and that it had
lost all its officers, went back to his
company and courageously and skill
fully led it as the lirst wave, and
while doing so was again wounded.
Production of Anthracite
Continues to Decrease
\t RKhingtun, Nov. 23.—Although no
alarm is, felt over the coal situation,
the fuel administration points out
I that the production of anthracite con
! tinues to decrease. In spile of the ef
forts to spur the miners to further
production. The effects of the intbt
ensa epidemic and the celebrations of
the armistice are blamed tor the
falling off of output, which has
reached a daily net average of 99,030
ions under the same period last ;i r.
It is the domestic sizes that are
i causing worry. There must be an lr>-
i crease in the mining of these g: tides
! if an anthracite shortage is o he
avoided this winter.
Two Planes Collide
3,000 Ft. in the Air
Klkton, Md., Nov., 23.—Wh110 3,-
000 feet in the air two planes from
Mitchell Field. Garden City, N. V.,
collided over th s city late tenia y
afternoon and both were sa badly
damaged that they could not be con
trolled by the pilots and descended,
: ono alight ng on a farm north of
! here and the other on a farm, south
of Elkton. The planes were return
ing from a trip to Washington and
Ms o v!s t
/ .d' this year has a
L. • greater meaning
• - - :• - . tfcaa ever before.
AtWJIS— 1 With an armistice
i I " sned and an ear, y
'- Vy i'- ~ / peace assured, vra can
• '.-,1.i ./.-ag-.-.Ti p.— thanlcs with deep
sincerity, knowing our
boys helped in making a world-wide peace. Select a motor car
from us end give ihose beys a Kcyal Welcome wbon Uncle Sam
sends them heme to c.
1000 Urea Cars to Select from Time Payments Arranged
1-JIS NATION W. T-.irln; -cyl.; 1919 CKKVnOIJtT :vaa; run ISOO
excellent vm.lltion; u>sd very lit- miles: lip-top condition,
tie. A sacrlrt:-. STtJTZ Ttondrter: very powerful;
1958 STFTZ 4 >.• equal to new; wire wheels; 3 extra tires.
cord tires: wire wheels. A bsrgaln. 19n OWEX MAOXETK Touring;
1918 F.-trKATt!) 8-?5 Ttiyrinr; 7- splendid condition; excellent equla
pass mechanically perfect; lot of nient: wire wheels.
1017 WKIPPS-lIOOTH Chummy
191* IfI'DSON Specifier; 4-px®*.; Kondeter; tip-top condition, very
.run lfico mHa; now* tires. classy
1918 CAniI.TsAC * Tourln-: 7-p**.; 11)17 VKf.tti SIX Chummy Roadster;
equal to new. shjw* n) veaPwhat- excellent shape; used very little.
cvcr - | 1918-17 CHAXnLFR Tdurlng Car.
1918 I'.AIGK C Taurine: 7-px*s.; tip- and Chummy Roadsters; 6-cyl.
top condition;. 2 extra tires; at a models; ut low prices.
aecrir.ee 1917 HAYNES Chummy Roadster;
1917 LOrOMORITaK Llmonstr.e: beau- tip-top shape; 4-pass.: wire wheels,
tlful body; has h.id tho best of joig DOIIUR Tnurlnic; equM to new:
splendid equipment. A bargain.
19--17-16 HFICKS f- and 4-cyl.: , Bn R;;0 slx Touring: tip-lop
vatet al> Tourlnß car 3; lar! -' < ' shape; good Mil climber.
idT nt nsunmi r - 1917 r.MtII.I.AC 8 r.or.dster; A-l con
-1918 OI.DSMOBILE .-pass. T °ur- dition: !<.t if extra equipment.
inu; 8-cyl. medel; excellent condi- PACKARD Twin Six; 7-paaa.:
l,on - Touring; practically new; lot of ex
-1918-17-16 MAXWFI.Ti Touring Cars tras. A snap
and Roadsters; fully equipped. 1917 STUDFBAKEK Sedan: A-l con
low as 5375 i dition; fully equipped. A bargain.
Open Tlmnkftffßing I)rv Send for Tree Bargain- Bulletin
the collision was due to tho heavy
One machine was In command of
Lieutenant John Hoaro and the
other of Lieutenant James V. T'er
ney. In alighting Hoare's machine
crashed into a tred and ho sustained
a fractured leg and was removed to
a hospital. H a machine was wreck
ed beyond repair. T.orney's machine
had its right wing and propeller
broken and tho landing gear smash
ed. but he escaped uninjured.
The collision of the machines was
witnessed by hundreds of people.
U. S. Pays Soldiers' Way
Koine After D scharge
Itukiastoß, Nov. 23.—The War De
partment emphasised yesterday that
soldiers being discharged from camps
are paid in full and paid also travel
ing expense at the rate of 3ti cents
per mile to their homes. They also
have n 2-cent-a-mile rate on all rail
road 1
This statement was made because
some men in uniform in some cities
near camps have been reported soli
citing aid from civilians with pleas
that the government has discharged
them from service with no provision
far their return home.
Dr. BlaisdeU Will Speak at
Opening Men's Meeting in
Fahncstock Hall
I <
- ' ;„•> . .
a- l * : " IjP
? a:- -
■ ' ■
The opening Sunday afternoon
men's mass meeting of this season
will be held in Fahnestock hall to
morrow afternoon with Dr. Thomas
O. Blaisdell, dean of tho College of
Liberal Arts at State College, as the
speaker. The meeting will be the un
official reopening of religious activi
ties for the winter season.
Dr. lilaidsell is a widely known
author, an educator, a lecturer and
traveler. Many interesting experi
ences have come to his lot. For pro
faning a Mohammedcn mosque in
barbarian Tangier, lie was threaten
ed with death but managed to es
cape. He is an entertaining, instruct- j
ing, inspiring lecturer whose heart
warming, will spurring addresses
have helped many.
To-morrow's meeting and the fol
lowing gatherings will be under the
auspices of the Central V. M. C. A.
Tho meeting proper will open at 3.30
o'clock. Preceding there will be a
half-hour organ recital.
Thanksgiving services at the Har
ris Street K. L. C. E. to-morrow
evening will be of unusual interest.
Tiie program will start promptly
at'6.3o o'clock and neighoring so
cieties desiring to visit Harris street
are cordially invited to attend.
Derry Street United Brethren
Endeavorers will observe rally day
with a special program to-morrojv
evening. O. P. Beekley, a prominent
endeavorer and Sunday school
worker, will deliver the principle ad
dress. A popular mixed quartet will
render some good selections. Offi
cers for the ensuing term, will be
installed. Members and friends are
urged to meet at the church at an
early hour and occupy the front
Father and Son Day to
Be Held Here Next Week
Father and Son day will be cele
brated locally by many churches if
plans of Mrs. Harry P. Motter, coun- I
ty secondary division superintendent
of the Dauphin County Sabbath
School Association materialize. The
plan is in harmony with that of
W. G. Landes, general secretary of
the State Sunday School Association,
who is urging it to be used through
out the Commonwealth. It is prob
able a father and son banquet will
be the closing event of the festivi
ties. At this banquet fathers and
sons will meet in a little'"get to
gether" meeting.
Communion Services at
- Market Sq. Presbyterian
Tomorrow morning the sacra
ment of the Lord's supper will be
ceebrated at Market Square Pres
bytrian Church. This communion
service should have been held the
first Sabbath of October, but owing
to the influenza ban it had to be
postponed. This is the date fixed
by the session. It is hoped that
the enforced change will not re
duce the attendance. hut will rather
• it by making people , ig*r
to keep the ieasi with our Lord.
Pershing Suggested
Foch as Commander
Philadelphia, Nov. 23.—1t was Gen
eral Pershing who, at the Allies' War
Council of # Versailles, proposed the
unification of all Allied forces under
the supreme command of Marshal
Foch. The American commander-in
chief's proposal was embodied in a
resolution that took less than tweuty
five words.
A statement to that effect was made
yesterday by F. C. Wolcott, who ac
companied Mr. Hoover on his recent
trip to the western front. He spoke
at a food conference in the Bellevuc-
Mr. Wolcott. describing his visit to
Foch's headquarters, told of the Mar
shal's huge map of the western front.
This map, he said, was eighteen feet
long and showed every German divi
sion in action and in reserve. By
this, the'speaker declared, the Field
Marshal was able to direct with pre
cision the campaign that turned tho
tide of victory.
Machine Gun Man Gassed
and Wounded in France
Meclianicsburg, Pa., Nov, 23.
Howard S. Bitttnger, son of Jacob S.
Bittinger, South Maikct street, Me
chanlcsburg, was gassed and wound
ed slightly while In action on the
battlefront in France. He wrote his
father that the gas affected his eyes
principally, and that they were weak,
but he hoped soon to recover. Ho
spoke of the splendid treatment he
received in the hospital. He is a
member of the machine gun com
pany of the One Hundred Twe fth
Kegiment, Twenty-eighth Division.
Boston, Nov. 23. —Unless the Leg
islature takes some action to prov.de
for short term licenses, Massachu
setts may become dry or nearly so
two months before tho national war
time prohibition act becomes effec
tive next July. Licenses are Issued
by local boards on May 1, effective
for a full year, and It is believed
that few dealers would feel war
ranted in paying a year's license fee
for two months' business.
Buller's Plans Contemplate
an Uunusual Amount of
Work to Be Done
Trout are going to be distributed
into streams of Pennsylvania* dur
ing Thankgslving week for the first
time in years this' year. Plans are
boing made at several of the state's
fish hatcheries where there are many
thousands of young trout, nblo to
take care of themselves, available for
"planting," to, send out numerous
cans of tish to sportsme'n and Held
men in southern sections of the
state to be turned loose. The depart
ment's men have been working to
make up for the\time lost through
the influenza epidemic and the open
weßther has enabled theni to get
fish out to persons who have been
anxious to stock streams against
next spring's fishing.
The reports coining to tho De
partment of Fisheries continue to
tell of good bass Ashing. Many men
have been out this month for the
first time in years and have been
rewarded by gooJ catches. Accord
ing to some reports coming to Com
missioner Nathan R. Buller bass
have been found in streams stocked
a year ago and where the gnmey
fish was unknown for a 'long time,
showing the good results of tho
stocking system.
The State Commission of Fisher
ies will meet in Philadelphia next
Tuesday to hear reports and to
make an inspection of the improve
ments at the Torresdulc hatchery
and to discuss those planned for
next year. The building program
! which was interrupted by tho war
I will he gone over and an outline pre
■MI ting on a 1 00% War | : i
farms uniting on 'the com- |.
dating the utmost for the 11jjjj
Bethlehem Motor Trucks
shows that they answer 1 |
are in—a Bethlehem
if "ST ,t# '' w * lght in Ijm
You can rely upon it day in and out for
steady, onward mileage without layup, with
out lagging and with economy in operation. if
nH ' K -A
Bethlehem miles per gallon is one of your most
important factors in selecting your motor truck.
|i|l You are sure of Bethlehem performance and that it fywj
|||l meets government requirements.
wwA Wrn
Gray & Davis Electric Starting and Lighting is standard on
all models—and f* Dependable Delivery'* is one of the
V/l Ton Chassis 2'/ 2 Ton Chassis'
I $1965 . '52365 . I
3'/ 2 Ton Chassis
■ $3465 |
F. O. B. AMentown, Pa.
Mj The Overland-Harrisburg Co. j0
212-214 North" Second Street |fl
Bi I - 11.
. . ; d\.. . , ■ 'xia
NOVEMRER 23, 1918.'
pared which will be filled In and
submitted to the Legislature. A
number of developments arc planned
and more wardens will be asl^ed.
Used Car
wise man is the fellow who
X invests his money in something that
will bring him a profitable return.
An automobile is a paying invest
ment today. It is a great time-saver
for the busy man. A used car can
be bought for a fraction of the cost
of a new car, and will give you the
, result you want. We have several
USED CARS, including 8-cylinder
Cadillacs, for sale at attractive fig
ures. See us about them NOW.
Wc hnvc n Few Used Trucks That We Have
Taken In Trade for INTERNATIONALS That
Wc Are Offering for Sale at Attractive Prices
Crispen Motor Car Co.
103 Market Street
From alb accounts the new fish code
has worked satisfactorily and If any \
changes are wanted they have not
been heard from.

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