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IKp First
ler in Steelton
Hbeceived the first
for its suc-
Kias membership |
been placed '
■ appeal:- "Help j
Hfn Steelton." j
■g to be held on |
High School
te interests of the i
;hip drive, will bo |
iptaln Hutchinson, j
the front in France j
beautifully soft,
wavy abundant and glossy
at once.
SaVe your hair! All dandruff
goes and hair stops
coming out.
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Cleanse" if }ou wish to immediately
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Oh, It's There!
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Back or Over the Kidneys!
11 ey 3 h a v ° to ° I
perform. Uric!
acid accumulations in the system in
form of urate salts. Obtain at your |
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Rome. N. Y. "My kidneys have 1
bothered ine for some tim€. I used I
to have shooting pains through my
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was not without pain. 1 also suffer
ed with nerve spells and appeared to
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JENKS, 307 Bissel Avenue.
Public Must Be Careful To
Avoid A Second Epidemic.
Easier To Prevent Than
Cure. What To Do.

"Encouraging reports of the fewer
cases of Influenza in this vicinity
should not allow us to relax our
vigilance or to become careless in the
belief that the danger is all over,"
says a well known authority. With
the coming of cold weather there is
apt to be a return of this ■ frightful
epidemic and its seriousness will de
pend on the extent of the precau
tions, taken by the public, to prevent
When the air is full of influenza
germs, you may be constantly
breathing thein into your nose and
throat. Hut their danger may be
• voided, and you may make yourself
practically immune to infection if
you destroy the germ before it actu
ally begins work in your blood.
Luring the recent serious epidemic
which hit Harrisburg so hard, most
successful results were obtained by
many through the simple breathing
into the nose, throat and lungs o£
the medicated air of oil of Hyomei.
Probably no better, safer or more
sensible precaution against Influ
enza. Grippe, Coughs, Coids, ltron
cliitis or Catarrh of tlie nose and
throat could be employed than to go
now to the nearest drug store and
get a complete Hyomei outtlt con
sisting of a bottle of the pure Oil of
Hyomei and a little vestpoeket hard
rubber inhaling device into which a
lew drops of the oil are poured.
Carry this Inhaler with you dur
ing the day and. each half hodir or
so put it in your mouth and draw
deep breaths of its pure healing
germicidal air into the passages of
your nose, throat and lungs to de
stroy any germs that may have found
lodgement there. This simple pre
caution may save you a serious ill
ness and the loss of several weeks'
work. It is pleasant to use and not
at all expensive as the inhaler! will
last a lifetime and further supplies
of the Oil of Hyomei can be had at
any drug store for a few ecu-
Hundreds of people in :his vicinity
used Hyomei in tills way during the
recent crisis and avoided danger.
They should not neglect it now for
the danger is by no means over.
H. C. Kennedy.
[Continued from First Cage.]
ports were to the effect that the
benevolent contributions of former
years were exceeded by a wide mar
gin and extensive improvements in
church property throughout the city
were reported.
Looked After Service Men
An unusually striking feature of
the session was reported of work
done among the men in the Army
and Navy service. Twenty-live hun
dred young men from the Lutheran
churches of the district are in the
service. Of this number approxi
mately 900 men are from the Har
risburg conference.
Two Harrisburg churches ac
cording to the reports, have exceed
ed all previouc records for contri
butions to benevolent objects. These
were Zion Lutheran and Memorial
Lutheran churches.
A number of important actions
were taken by the synod. Ministers
who leave the ministry will be re
quired to deposit their certificates
with the president of synod. Reso
lutions were passed asking that con
gregations support all future Lib
erty Loan campaigns and future re
construction work. A period of daily
prayer during the period of the
peace conference was urged. The
question of making the presidency
a salaried ollice was referred to a
committee and will be taken up at
next year's session. A committee
was appointed to revise the consti
tution in harmony with that of the
the new United Lutheran church. A
motion was passed to 'increase the
salaries of ministers to $1,500 a year
and parsonage. Dr. Herman -was
named as chairman of the nominat
ing committee for the coming year.
The Rev. H. IV. A. Hanson and the
Rev. A. Ai. Stamets, both of Harris
burg were named as associates. Dr.
Herman as a member of the ex
amining committee will conduct ex-,
animations in the Augsburg Confes
sion and the English Bible. Other
Harrisburg names on the commit
tees include;
Synodical missionary committee,
the Rev. L. C. Alanges, the Rev. S.
YV. Herman, Luther Alinter.
Delegates to the Interchurch Fed
eration of Pennsylvania, the Rev.
11. W. A. Hanson and F. B. Wicker
sham. Steelton.
Loysville special memorial com
mittee, the Rev. O. N. Lauffer, of
Committee on deficit and appor
tionments, Dr. L. C. Alanges, chair
Committee on order of evening
service for 1920, Dr. J. B. Alarlc
ward, chairman.
Sunday school secretary for synod,
the Rev. R. L. Aleisenhelder.
Miscellaneous committees, the
Rev. Thomas Reisch, the Rev. AI.
E. Sheaffer, Professor J. J. Brehm,
Dr. Croll Keller.
"Pop" Sayres to Address
Sunday Y. M. C. A. Rally
Charles W. Sayres, boys' work
secretary of the Lancaster Y. M.
C. A., a returned overseas "Y" sec
retary, will be the speaker at the
Sunday afternoon men's meeing at
the Central Y. M. C. A. the coming
Sunday. Mr. Sayres, better known
in Lancaster and among the "boys"
over there as 'Pop" Sayres, was at
tached to the United States Marines.
Music for the meeting Sunday will
be furnished by the Stevens Memor
ial Orchestra.
'Pop" Sayres lias had experience
as an overseas "Y" secretary in a
rather unique way, he having seen
four distinct types of service. First
he was placed in the work Sher
wood Eddy pleases to call the serv
ice in the "bull ring." This refers
to the place back of the lines where
soldiers underwent their last strenu
ous training before going against the
Huns. He was in the trenches for
forty-two days, eight days in open
warfare and then spent time In a
gns evacuating hospital ministering
to soldiers recovering from injuries.
Tlje meeting begins at 3.30 o'clock
and is freo to mei. Fathers have
beeji invited to bring their sons,
provided, however, thut boys under
twelve years of age aro left at home.
i ■ aro " no *A. 1' i'PioU, widow
lof Theodore A. Fremell, i e ,i Thurs
: day morning in her eihty-second
, j'ear. Bhe is survived by fur dnugh
i ters, Mrs. Merrill C. Crar., Woon
i socket, R. I.; Mrs. Edward'. Willis,
j Mrs. William A. Smith tl ,i Mrs.
I Charles C. HofTmun, of thlsTitv and
I two sons, Charles and WallceVre-l
| mell, nnapolis, Aid, Fun%i S ev- I
j vices will bo held from f r ] a te !
home. 2134 North Second sl<- e t on ;
• .Monday afternoon at 2 o'cloci ser- '
| vices and burial will be priv tO , j
[Continued from First Page.. I
monSvealth, and two were exctbd '
because of illness. The I
the jurymen challenged for cate |
said they had conscientious scruple 1
against capital punishment an
would be influenced in returning I
verdict. Some of the jurors also sail)
they had formed and expressed an
opinion as to the guilt or innocence)
of Dundoff and were not accepted.
Dundoff. who is 20 years old, is
charged with shooting James Wylte,
alias James Aloore. alias James
West, but commonly known in
Steelton as "Blackberry." it is
charged that Blackberry came into
the Dundoff store at Franklin and
Myers street, and started arguing
about change. In the course of the
argument it is alleged that Vasil
shot Blackberry while the latter was
lighting his father. The shooting
occurred about noon, September 13.
M Xt (iiillty"
District Attorney Alichael E. Stroup,
assisted by W. Justin Carter, is pros
ecuting the case. William H. Earn
est and Oscar G. Wickershant are at
torneys for young Dundoff.
When arraigned in court late yes-
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terelay afternoon and asked whether
he pleaded guilty or not guilty, Vnsll
in a low but steady tone replied: "Not
guilty; defending my father, my
mother and myself." Seuted beside
him yesterday and to-day were his
father and mother, Mrs. John Dundoff
and an uncle, Tasca Dundoflf. A num
ber of friends of the family was pres
ent in court also. The Dundofts are
well-"known in Steelton and Vasil
has many friends.
During the examination of the jur
ors young DundofC showed little un
easiness. His mother, sitting close
to him, watched every move he made.
Now and then she would wipe away
tears but most of the time appeared
Colored Girl is First Witness
Clara Valentine, a 13-yeur-old col
ored girl, was the first witness. She
said that when she came Into the
Dundoff store at the corner of Frank
lin and Myers streets she went to
the second storeroom where meats
are sold. While there she said she
heard" Vasil and Blackberry arguing
over change and at last heard Dun
doff order the colored man from the
store. She said Vnsll's father then
came Into the rear room and put
Blackberry out on the street. She
•an home then, she told tne jury, and
lid not see the shooting. District
ttorney Sfroup said he would call
Wo more children to the stand who
Ad been in the store at the time. They
Dorothy Hartman and Harvey
I'ontiiiucd from First Page.]
that ,vhcn the grocers, accustomed
to suing sugar in two-pound lots,
are ciled upon to meet tho increas
ed dmand attendant upon the
housebldcrs* desire to stock their
sugar JJIS, there will be a tendency
;in some quarters to profiteer. It Is
! to prevent such action thut-the food
I administration will bend its ener-
I gies with unabated zeal.
To Fix I'rices
The "fair food" prices, made tip
Iby a representative committee of
| grocers with the help of the conn-
J ty. food administration, will remain
Jin force indefinitely. Grocers are
j obliged to conform to tho price regu
! lotions represented in the maximum
volumn of tho price list, llouse
! holders have been urged to compare
their procers' prices with tho fair
food prices printed every Tuesday
and Friday in another column of the
Telegraph, and see that they observe
| thorn. When a grocer Is known to
| charge more for a commodity than
I the food administration has allow
; ed as fair, householders can co-op
erate by reporting the instance to
tlio food administration office in the
Dauphin building, and the grocer
will be called upon for an explana
Evidence that the National Food
-Administration at Washington will
' see that the price regulations are
i strictly enforced was contained in
I instructions received by the local ad
j ministrator this morning. A fair
I price list, made up by the local gro
] cers and the county food adminis
tration, must be sent to Washing
ton every week, to be examined by
the national experts for a determi
nation of their fairness.
A fair margin of profit, already
j decided upon by tho Washington ad
ministration, will be allowed groc
| ers. Tho local food administration
j will be called upon to show why lo
cal prices deviate from Washington's
I opinion ot' what should be charged.
To Curb Prices
j The fair price list forms contain
j a column showing the state standard
| price for household edibles, a col
| umn showing the local prices charg
ed, and a column in which the lo
cal food administration must explain
all irregularities between the local I
prices and the state standard.
The list is then sent to the Wash
ington Food Administration offices,
where It is examined to determine
if the locul grocers aro eonformrtig i
properl* to tho fair margins ol' j
prolit. '
A message received from How- |
ard Heinz, state food, administrator,
this morning, emphasized upon the
local food administration officials
the necessity of cortforming to all
the regulations necessary to curb
pric advances for food necessities.
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DECEMBER 6, 1918.
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