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Burns, in Confessing to Save
Baksa Girl, Amazes and
Amuses Courtroom
New York. —James F. Burns, in
Sing Sing under the name of Began,
■tonfessed in court that ho and not
Baksa murdered Mrs.
Helen Hamel, for whose death the
firl was being tried.
His native acuteness made him a
pert and fascinating witness. lie
ifgued with the judge, upset the
prosecutor by his knowledge of, law,
blandly confessed to numerous
srimes, including the robbery of the
home of one of the alienists who
recently examined him, and when
pressed too hard took refuge in
technical objections, in which Judge
Rosalsky was forced to sustain
Him. He time and again provoked
laughter by his unexpected frank
ness and evident pride in his pro
fessional accomplishments.
Burns' reason for confessing, he
(aid, was pity for the girl and a
desire to see Justice done her. al
though in the next breath he admit
ted that perhaps he wasn'f the sort
of person who would be interested
In justice as a general proposition.
"Did your conscience trouble
you?" asked Assistant District At
torney Talley, rigorously probing for
his construction of a motive.
"Well," said Burns easily. "I
dop't know as I have any. from
what I've heard."
Tells of His Exploits
He crooked one leg over the other
as he told of his many midnight ex
cursions into other people's homes
and of a career so successful that
he was able, when he chose, to buy
an expensive automobile in which
he could trail his other prospective
victims and become acquainted with
their habits.
He smiled easily as he told of
going about with Brooklyn detectives
on the occasion of his last convic
tion, and pointing out to them
houses he had robbed.
"One of them was. I think, the
home of a minister next to Judge
Dike's." he said re'miniscently.
"Why didn't you rob Judge
Dike's?" he was asked.
"Well. I would have, but he was
In." he said quickly, and a laugh
rippled over the court in which
Judge Rosalsky joined.
The only things Burns refused to
divulge were the name of his part
ner In the Hamel murder, or details
of the crime he committed in the
days when he spent part of his time
following Mrs. Hamel in his auto
mobile. The morning of the mtir
der. February 13. ho and his partner
went down to West Thirty-third
street about 11 o'clock and stood for
a time across the street watching
the Hamel house. He had a re
volver and a blackjack in his
"We saw two men enter and my
partner went in about half past 1- (
or so. or 1 o'clock. I stood outside ,
ten"'f r fifteen minutes before I en-1
tered." *
"How did you go in."
"I went in through the door, he i
said, yawning.
> ' Did you see a girl?"
"No. rot until we went out."
"Did you see anybody gQ out?"
"Yes. a woman."
She dashed out a door leading into
the hall near the front of the house,
he said, and he followed her to the
street to see if she went In the di
rection of the West Twentieth street
police station. Then he went back
and saw his partner again. He had
hold of Mrs. Hamel.
Saw Her "Cave In." He Says
"I saw a struggle going on, and
then she sagged, sort of caved in,
as I went in the room."
At this point Judge Rosalsky
again took occasion to vvarn him
that his testimony could be used
against him. but Rums repeated that
he appeared voluntarily and that
he fully appreciated what the effect
of his testimony might be.
• What did you see in the kitchen,
or do after you saw your partner
and the woman?"
•T tied a towel around her neck,
he said.
Then Burns ran upstairs and took
what money and jewelry he could
rind. He went outside, signalled to
his partner and they both left. Later
they met in Harlem, at a place he
refused to mention, and divided up
the money. He didn't get as much
as he expected, he said, because he
forgot the mattress in which was
"Do you care for this girl?"
"No; why should I care for her?
I never saw her before."
"You know of your own. knowl
edge that this girl didn't kill Mrs.
"I do. I ought to," was the reply.
When Mr. Talley took Burns in
hand it was with the attempt to
show that writing letters confessing
crimes was almost a habit with him.
He admitted that in April of this
year he had written to District At
torney Swann that he had informa
tion about the murder of Harry
Cohen, called Harry the Yot. a gam
bler whose death had never been
cleared up.
Had a Motive Cor Lying
He said ije had to'd detectives
that he had pegged a bullet Into the
Yot. but that it was not the truth/
that he had an object In doing It.
Burns had a lively little tilt with
Mr. Talley when the prosecutor
tried to rtnd out where It was. that
Burns had twice tried to commit sui
cide by,his concession to Mr. Talley
to "bring it out in your own wa.v."
A little later Mr. Talley took up
his last conviction In Brooklyn, when
there were Ave .other indictments
against him. Burns took a plea of
guilty and said he was told that the
other indictments would be quashed.
He had been convicted six times.
"You knew you would be sent up
for life as an habitual criminal?"
asked Mr. Talley. •
"I knew better." he snapped
back. "I knew I could not."
Amazement on the part of the
prosecutor, and Judge Rosalsky
asked him why he made such a posi
tive statement.
"I had only been convicted twice
for felonies." he explained. The law
requires four convictions before sen
tence as an habitual criminal.
"Well, he is certainly right on the
law." commented the Judge with a
Mr. Talley attempted later to And
out what his object was In telling
District Attorney Swann why he said
he killed Harry the Yot over a divi
sion of the spoils of a burglary, but
after Burns had protested and ex
plained privately to Judge Rosalsky
what his reasons were he was sus
tained In his refusal to answer.
"Do you think It worse to admit
, burglary than to admit murder?" he
was nskedl
"Why. yes, of course," he replied.
"I might get twenty years for this
and then 1 would have It w-rappsd
around my neck for the others."
"I take tt that you mean you are
fumtliur with the laws of commu
tation and compensation?" asked
Judge Kosalsky with a smile at hts
precocious witness.
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DECEMBER 6, 1915.
away with It." I.leut. Prltchard
would not suy whether or not they
had permission to take out tho air
plane, but did not cbnccoi that they
had no orders for what followed.
When 1,300 feet above tho ship,
Lieut. Kelly, according to his friend,
did a tailspln. Then he came down
and passed so close to t lie ship
that President Wilson could return
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The machine circled about the ship
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the amusoment of every one, espe
cially of the two tilers.
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ions, Center Scarfs, Luncheon
Doilies, Children's Dresses,
Nightgowns and Ladies' L'n
derwenr, at exceedingly low
Cretonne Shopping Bags,
25c to $2-25
Japanese Silk Lamp Shades,
89c, 98c, $1.39 and $1.55
Moil's combination sets of Gar
ters and Suspenders, in holi
day box ....... .75c and 980
Men's combination sets of Gar
ters and Silk Arm Bands, 750
Men's Belt u:a! Garter Sets, $1
Boys' Silk Four-In-Hainl Ties,
In Christmas boxes .... 39e
Men's Silk Four-ln-Hand Ties,
nicely boxed .... 59c and 50r
Men's Shield Tcek Ties .. Si'
Men's Club and Bat-wing Ttes.
In plain and fancy colors. Sic
Men's Silk Knitted Mufflers.
' gray, black and \yhitc, sisi>
Men's Silk Knitted Mufflcra, .In
green and black. Na( and
black, blnck and white, and
black and purple ...... St.9*
Men's Silk Knitted MufTlers, In
black, gray and white. St.so
Men's Silk Maffile, in black
Navy and gray .. 75c and Kse
radios' Embroidered Madeira
Handkerchiefs, 55c, S for SI
I.adles' boxed Handkerchiefs,
5 In a box, sfteelal 29e
l.adics' Silk Handkerchiefs, 10c
radios' Crepe de Chine Iland
kerehlefs....... ,15c ami 25c
Men's all-lhien llamlkerehiefs,
15e, Uo hnd 25e
Men's Initial Handkerchiefs, all
initials 15c and 250
All-silk Handkerchiefs, In plain,
embroidered ami initial
styles 53c\ 89c, 50c
Men's bordered Silk Handker
chiefs 29c and 50c
Men's blue ami red llamlker
ehiefs 10c and 15ot
Rubles' Silk Caps .... 25c, 50c
Children's Knit Toques,
20c and 50c j
Children's Sweaters, 25c and "5c ,
llaby Sacquca .... 50c and 75c i
Baby Drawer Leggings ... 50c .i
Baby Bootees,
10c, 25c. 20c, 38c, 50c and 65c
Baby Flannelette Barques, 25c
Baby Flaiineleltc Kimonos,
38c, 50c and 00c
Baby Short Dresses,
50c, 50c, 75c and 85c
Baby Ixing Slips,
floe, OBc. 70c and 850
Baby Ix>ng Flannelette Skirts,
50c uiul 75c
Children's Flannelette Skirts, 3
to 14 years 50c
Baby Bibs,
10c, lSc, 10c, 25c, 30c, 50c
Baby Battles, 10c, Isr, 25r, 50c
Children's, men's and women's
Slumber Slippers,
I Of, 25c and 350
Baby Comb and Brush Sets,
35c, 50c and 750
Carrnigc Robes 60c
Carriage I'illow Slips ..... 20c

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