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Lebanon County Man
Is Found Guilty of
Threatening President
Federal court adjourned yesterday
for a weekend recess after dispos
ing of a ma3S of criminal business
during the past five days. The ease
of Harry Arthur F lpler. Dushore,
Sullivan county, charged with failure
to register, was'before the court to
day. It was alleged there are two
men with the same name In the same
township. It was further stated that
the defendant did not know his age,
understanding that he was under the
f,*aft age. After Judge Winner's
charge the Jury brought a verdict
of "not guilty."
Franz Schwartz. Lebanon, charged
*with tittering threats against the
President was found guilty and was
held for sentence which will be given
Monday. x
The case of Victor Leßarre, Perth
Antboy, N. J., vs. the Philadelphia
and Reading Railway Company, a
civil action will be brought before
the court next week. It is probable
this will be the only case coming be
fore the court.
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Hard Luck Follows
Chambersburg Officer
t'hainlwrsliui'K. l'a.. Deiv t6.—Ma
jor Lester Huber, deputy'shorlff, Is
the most disappointed man In
Franklin county, ilo had been cap
tain of Company C, and was then
major of the Eighth National Guard
and then niajot' of the 112 th Infan
try. At Camp Hancock he was dis
charged for physical reasons. Ho
reapplied for major In ordnance but
only got his commission last night.
It was issued September 13 and sent
to the Adjutant General's ottlco in
Harrisburg, and they sent it to
France. It got here last night. The
tlrst intimation Major Huber had of
Its, existence.
Teachers are needed to fill vacan
cies at Uummelstown and at Dress
ier, Prof. Frank E. Shambaugh,
county school superintendent, an
nounced to-day. lie also said that
many of the county schools will
have much shorter Christmas vaca
tions to make up time lost during
the epidemic quarantine. It is likely
some of the schools will be closed
pnly one or two days of llie holiday
season. In the upper end of the
county a few of the buildings are
not opened yet because of the epi
[Continued from First lhtgc.]
and under the Imperial edict of un
autocrat does not rhange their na
ture. "Is no one responsible? Is no
one to bo called to account? Is
there to be no punishment? Surely,
that is neither God's Justice nor
man's. The men responsible for this
outrage on the human race must not
be let oft because their heads were
crowned when they perpirated the
"The British government referred
the question of the criminal cul
pability of the Kaiser and his ac
complices to their law ndlces some
weeks ago. They .invited a oody rf
jurists in England to Investigate the
matter and they have unanimously
come tp the conclusion that the
Kaiser and his accomplices in the
making of this war ought to be tried
by an-International court. They also
reported stronglv in favor of the
punishment of those guilty of murder
on the high seas and the abominable
ill-treatment of prisoners.
"The British government will use
its whole influence at the peace con
ference to see that justice is cxt
i cuted.
1 "After what lias happened in the
last four or five years It Is Impossible
to entertain In our midst a popula
tion of which lias spied nnd plotted
and assisted Germany In forming
plahs f<jr tho destruction of a coun
try which offered them hospitality.
They thus have forfeited any claim
to remain.
"Further, It would lead to inevi
table drrttation and disturbance
Germans who have been fighting us
for four years came Here to take the
bread out of the mouths of the •men
whom they for four years sought to
destroy. All the European Allies have
accepted the principle that the Cen
tral Powers must pay the cost of the
war up to the limit of their capacity.
The Allies propose to appoint a com
mittee of experts to examine the host
method of exacting the indemnity."
Amsterdam, Dec. 0. —Documen-
tary evidence of the ex-kaiser's guilt
in urging and planning the war has!
been found by the Berlin govern-1
rnent in its search of the imperial:
archives of the Berlin castle, it Is
announced from Berlin.
Fair Food Prices
The following statement, revised to
December 0, regarding fair prices for
food uvcessities, is-issued by the local
Federal Food Administration.
Consumer prices are figured on a
quotation of "cash-und-carry" basis
Credit and delivery prices may Do
higher. The Federal Food Adminis
tration litis no authority to fix prices,
it may, however, determine what are
fair prices, based on reasonable profits
to the Wholesaler and retailer,
it your retailer charges more on a
"cash-and-carry" basis than the prices
named Deiow. report him by letier to
the Federal Food Administration,
Chamber of Commerce.
should pay
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Bulk, lb i a to 7c
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Spring Wheat, 12-lb. bugs. 75 to 85c
. I'ltß®
Storage, doz 58c
Fresh, dozr 75 to 80c
Country, doz 75c
Country, lb. 32c
l'ure, lb 32 to 36c
Compound, lb 27 to3oc
Per half peck 22 to 30c
Mtuur •
Granulated, tb 10 to 11c
t erenls
Oatmeal, IU-lb. package .. 10 to 15c
Oatmeal and rilled oats, tb. 7 to Bc,
Eire I whole), lb 13 to 14c
.Rice (broken), tb 10c
( bet-He
York state, tb 37 to 42c
Ktiipot-nlcd llllk
Small can 7 to 9c
La rge can 14 to 1 Se
ll nislns
Seeded, per 16 oz. package. 13 to 17c
Seedless, per 16 oz. package 15 to 18c
Culined Salmon
Pink, per cant 21 to 2Sc
Red, per can 28 to 32c
Expense Account Entered at
the Capitol Sets Forth Im- I
mensc Campaign Work
The most complete statement of a
campaign ever entered at the State
Capitol was tiled late yesterday aft
ernooh by Charles Johnson, treasurer
of the Republican State Committee.
•It summarizes the business of the
campaign, the most extensive on
record, showing contributions of over
$260,000 and expenditures with
$lB,OOO of that sunt. Notes amount
ing to $3 7,000 were paid off. The
Democratic States Committee state
ment shows that the stale machine
bossed by Palmer and McCormick
owes SS,OOO in notes, but many think
it difficult to see for what the Demo
cratic state organization spent so
much money this year as it was un
usually quiet except when fighting
its own candidate for Governor.
Mr. Johnson's statement is a
bulky affair and shows many do
-1 tails.
Tho state candidates contributed
las follows:—William C. Sprout, E.
I E. Beidleman, James F. Woodward
and Anderson H. Walters, each,
$2,500; Thomas S. Crago, $1,500 and
M. M. Garland, $l,OOO.
The Committee also received
$2,500 from William David Porter,
candidate for Judge of the Superior
Tho Pennsylvania Patriotic Union
contributed $90,500.
j Tho largest individual contributor
j was J. Howard Pew, who contribu
ted $5,000.
1 The following persons contributed
I $3,000 each: —John A. Bell, E. R.
j Crawford, Pcnnock Hart, Charles
McKnight, H. C. McEldowney, A. W.
[Mellon, R. B. Mellon, W. L.
Harry E. Sheldon, J. C. Trees and
| Li. G. Woods. •
' The following persons contributed
| $2,000 each:—Charles E. Covert. P.
S. DuPont, D. L. Gillespie, William
11. Sohaffer, W. I*. Snyder, Jr.
Henry Chalfant contributed $l,-
j 500 and the following persons con- I
I tributed $l,OOO each:—C. D. Arm-j
I strong, W. D. Clause, George W.
I Crawford, James J. Flannery,
I Spencer C. Gilbert, James H. Ham-
I mond, A. L. Humphrey, W. K. Mc
i Mullin, C. H. Miller, E. W. Mudge,
. Francis D. Patterson, Lewis S. Sad
ler, P. M. Sharpless, Burton C.
| Simon, George A. Turville and Emil
! Winter.
. G. M. Laughlin, Jr. and James
I.aughlin, Jr. each, contributed
$850; Henry A. Laughlin contribut
ed $800; John Bindley, $750 and
Frank J. Lnnahan $6OO.
The following persons contributed
| $5OO each: —Edward Bailey, Will-
I iam M. Donaldson, J. A. Drain,
i George 11. Flinn. William Flinn,
Isaac W. Frank, Charles J. Graham,
Harry ('. Graham, Howard Heinz,
M. S. Horshey. W. H. R. Hilliard,
Elizabeth M. Home, B. F. Jones,
Mary F. Laughlin, Joseph Mc-
Laughlin, T. A. Mellon, C. J. Mesta,
James E. Mitchell, Amelia N. L.
Oliver, David B. Oliver, Mrs. Henry
R. Ilea, Walter F. Schleiter, Henry
M. Stine, James L. Stuart, 11. D.
Williams, A'ice Jones Willock and
Cyrus E. Woods.
G. R. Gibbons and W. McK. Reed
each contributed $4OO.
Samuel M. Clement, Jr., Treas
urer of the Sproul Primary Election
Campaign Committee, contributed
$363.03, and W. H. Robinson and
Seward E. Button contributed $350
each. J. - D. Lyons contributed
$333.34; and E. M. Byers and J.
Frederic Byers each contributed
$333.33. B. M. Clark contributed
$305 and the following persons each
contributed $300: Wm. D. B.
Aifiey, James Alcorn, M. J. Brecht,
William Larimer Jones, Harold M.
McClure, B. Franklin Roycr and
Charles 11. Loucks.
The following persons each con
tributed $250: —Charles A. Ambler,
Martha J. Armstrong, F. D. Beary,
William F. Brown, John F. Casey,
B, G. Follansbee, William U. Fol
lansbec, H. J. Heinz, 11. A. Mackey,
S. C. Martin, F. C. Perkins, Henry
W. Shoemaker, J. H, Silliman, A. E.
Succop, J. W. Swartz, John T. Wind
J. H. Hartmnn and William J.
Roney each contributed $225.
The following persons each con
tributed $2OO: —C. D. Armstrong, C.
E. Beeson, George 11. Biles. George
W. Btemer, George H. Clapp, J. O.
Clark, H. O. Davis, John Fox Weiss,
A. It. Hamilton, Paul Houck, Willis
L. King, J. W. Leech, Daniel F. La
fean, George S. Oliver, Henry Oliver,
William Potter, Charles J. Price, J.
Lord Rigby, H. B. Itosengarten, W.
H. Schoen, Joseph Seep, John H.
Walker, J. Henry Williams, J. Sharp
Wilson and A. Willson.
A. A. Crienton and C. A. Emerson,
Jr., each, $180; and, the
following persons each contributed
$l5O: —AVillium H. Ball, Chester W.
Cummings, James A. Carey, John J.
Crout, John P. Dohoney, Edward A.
Devlin, J. H. Fertig, Thomas H.
Garvin, Chester A. Heustis, Henry
D. Heller, J. Lloyd Hartman, James
N. Moore. John A. Scott, G. Scott
Smith, Jacob Snyder, Bromley
Wharton and Charles D. Wolfe.
N. It. Buller, Samuel S. Lewis,
Gabriel 11. Moyer, Fred P. Mac-
Donald and C. P. Rogers, Jr. each
contributed $135. J. George Becht
and James Fount each contributed
$125; and, the following persons
each contributed $l2O: —Charles E.
Carothers, William Lauder, Frank
H. Lehman, Snmuel W. McCulloch,
T. E. Munce, James A. Stecse, E. I.
Simpson, Samuel I. Spyker.
Louis A. Irwin contributed $114;
Herman P. Miller, $110; Joseph P.
LeCompte, $lOB, und the following
persons each contributed $105;-: —
James C. Deininger, H. M. Hoke, S.
S. Riddle, Thomas M. Williamson,
Robert D. Young and William
Y'oung. W. L. Hicks contributed
The following persons each con
tributed $lOO: —C. P. Addams,
Francis H. Bohlen, W. H. Blnns,
Robert M. Boyle, Henry W. J. Buck
nall, Elizabeth B. Bricker, Emerson
Collins, J. J. Coffey, Edwin C. Cur
tis, Alexander T. Connelly Guy
Duvies, Benjamin W. Demmlng,
Kerfoot W. Daly, George P. Darrow,
H. Daughertv, D. T. Davis, Isaac M.
Davies, W. J. Elliott, B. I. Evans,
E. G. Hvans, L. M. Evans, William
E. Evans, E. R. Floto, W. W. Foulk
rod, Jr., R. E. Foster, P. C. Fenton,
Gilbert & Lewis, T. J. Gillespie, A.
H. Gaffney, J. Linn Harris, Joseph
W. Hunter, Clifford S. Ileinz, Frank
Hall, Robert Johnson, John N.
Jacobs, E. H. Johnson, William G.
Just, Joseph Kalbfus, Joseph L.
Kun, William H. Keller, F. M.
Kirby, George C. Klauder, O. G.
Klopp, L. G. Krause, Thomas J,
Kitson, Jere M. Leaman, Albert J.
I-agon, D. Edward Long, J. D. Lyon,
A. B. Lamb, T. J. Lynch, George W.
| McNees, James E. Mathews, H. R.
'Merrltt, Walter McNichols, John T.
[Murphy, Thomas E. Murphy, James
V. Murray, Benjamin Mnxey, Will
iam Mcßrlde, George Meyers, A. B.
Millar, E. Clarence Miller, Abraham
Nesblt, A. C. Overholt, J. Denny
O'Neil, Ira T. Peregrine, W. F. Penn,
Charlea E. Patton, S. J. Phillips,
Charles J. Price, Joseph P. Qulrm,
J. H. Reed, John M. Reynolds, C.
11. Rowland, Jenkin T. Reese, David
J. Roderick, Nathan C. Sehueffer,
E. J. Stackpole, 11. S. A. Stewart,
William G. Shields, Edwin W. Smith,
A. C. Stamm, Wilson A. Shaw,
Thomas A. Standlsh, J. J. Stickler,
F. Herbert Snow, John E. Snyder,
George D. Thorn, Frank M. Trexler,
Robert von Moschzisker, W. K.
E. . White, Carroll R. Williams, W.
Vance, L. A. Watres, W. C. Williams,
F. Wllkins. David T. Williams,
Thomas J. Williams, William Wood,
.George Weil, and Charlton Yarnall.
A Joint contribution of fIOO was
made by M. B. Rich, W. F. Rich,
R. F. Rich and E. C. Tobias.
The total contributions of the
Campaign wero $260,525.43, and tile
expenditures $242,268.04 as follows:
Advertising and printing, $45,701.98;
clerk hire, stenographers, etc., $20,-
025.56; contributions to County
Committee, etc., $100,425.00; freight
and expreBsage, $109.13; hotel ex
penses, $8,093.53; merchandise and
miscellaneous, $9,303.58; notes,
500.00; postage, $5,962.80; railroad
mileage, $648.00; rent, $874.98;
Speakers' Bureau and Publicity,
$0,720.00; telegraph and telephone,
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1819 N. Third St. 423 W. Main St.
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1541 N. Sixth St. HIGHSPIRE J
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19 N. Fourth St. 56 W. Main.
1303 Derry St.
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W. A. Gernert, 325 Railroad St.
Fourth and Woodbine Sts. John H. Gorman,
\Y. T. Hoy, 109 E. Main SL
1701 Market St. Fred Zellers,
W. T. Hoy, 27 Railroad St.
412 Woodbine St.
S. S. Pomeroy, STEELTON
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lii n J c. • 224 s - Union St.
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J. H. Swiler,
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J. A. Heffelfinger, ELIZABETHTOWN
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Acme Tea Companv, American Stores Company,
1 S. Hanover SL 9 w * Hieh St
Acme Tea Company,
150 N. Hanover St. MT. JOY
DUNCANNON Harry H. Krall,
Duncannon Merchandise Company. African'" Stores Company,
ENOLA E - Maln ,
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Swift &. Company
u. S. A.
DECEMBER 6, 1918.
Paris, Doc. 6. • Tho Germans
have begun restitutions. They have
delivered to tho Allies 300,000
francs gold, which came from tho
Russian treasury. The French have
recovered a rich collection of art
works by Quentln Delutour, a fa
mous etcher, stolen from Bt. Quen
tln, and paintings by Antolne Wat
teau, taken from the museum at
la All Kiad. of W// VV
SORE Si|§3
THROAT f^p?l
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At All Draffiiti
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Best For Backache,
Rheumatism, Lumbago
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Stortn. Is tluurunteed.
The shooting, tearing pains of Neu
ralgia Sciatica, and Lumbag'u aru
speedily relieved, while
Toothache and Karache simply flee.
Heavy colds and sore throats that
threaten pneumonia and tonsllilis
may he tured In a single
not only la 20th Century Liniment
the relief needed In such cases as
this but in practically any painful
condition. ... ,
There's nothing 1 injurious In SOUt
Cetury Liniment. It contains auoh
well known remedies as Camphor.
Menthol, lodine (in non-colorable
form) and many other Ingredients
prescribed by the highest medical au
thorities In the land, things that
bring soothing relief and real Joy to
Bore and aching muscles.
Step Into the nearest drug store
and get a bottle. If results are what
you want make an effort to get It.

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