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England to Press For Surren
der of the Former
Dundee, Dec. 6. —The British rep
q-csentatlves at the peace conference
i will demand general and absolute
I, abolition of conscription throughout

Winston Spencer Churchill made
this announcement In a speech here
last night.
"We Intend to njako the Germans
pay for the harm they have done to
. the uttermost farthing th#y are cap
able of paying, "said Colonel Church
11l later on In his address.
4Vitli rogard to the former Kaiser,
he said.
"We have, so far as Great Britain
Is concerned, decided that so far as
our iniluence goes, we shall demand
his surrender. Stern justice must bo
meted out to him and his accom
"We shall do our utmost to have
his share in the responsibility for
the unequaled catastrophe tested to
the full before a tribunal of justice.
"We shall also insist that those
Goj-man subjects in this country or
others of German origin who have
abused our hospitality and who are
interned shall go back to their coun
try when peace is signed, and, in my
opinion, it would not be right until
the country has again been consult
ed in three or four years' time that
we reconsider the whole situation
of allowing other Germans to come
into this country from outside.
"Ton for ton of gold, or other se
curities, or any other liquid assets of
which the Germans might dispose,
we Intend to exact from them, sub
ject to thc condition that in exact
ing them we must not do anything
that will injure our own trade.
"Alsace-Lorraine must be given
back to the French without any qual
ifications of any kind.
"Poland must bo reconstituted as
a nation.
'•'None of the German colonies or
Turkish provinces we have captured
will bo given back to Germany or
Turkey. They must be disposed of
in agreement with all other Allies at
the peace conference, in accordance
with tho wishes of the native popu
"Lastly, we enter the peace con
ference with the absolute determina
tion that there shall be no limita
tion imposed upon our right to main
tain our navy, which saved us from
the horror of invasion and starva
"it has enabled us to save the
cause of freedom throughout the
world, and we do not intend-—no
rhatter what arguments and appeals
are addressed to us—to lend our
selves in any way to fettering re
strictions which would prevent the
British navy from maintaining its
well-tried and its well-deserved su
premacy of the seas."
Steamers Search in
Vain For Crews Hit
by Great Lake Gale
Sault Stc Marie, Mich., Dec. 6. —
Captain Leclerc, the French naval
oflftcer in charge of the French mine
sweepers which left Fort William,
Ont., November 13, announced last
night he was convinced that the
Cerisoles and Inkerman, the two ves- ,
sels which became separated from!
the fleet, had gone down in Lake,
Superior with their crews, number
ing seventy-six men. Both vessels
were equipped with wireless and
were last seen off Keweenaw Point
November 24.
The steamer Huronic and coast
guard cutters are searching the lake
lor the missing boats in the hope
that they may have taken refuge
from recent storms in some island
Camp Ilill, Pa., Dec. 6.—Charles
Paul Stone, aged one year, son of
Carroll H. Stone, of New Cumber
land, died at Camp Hill last evening
from pneumonia. Funeral services
will be held Sunday afternoon at 2
o'clock at Camp Hill.
New York. Dec. 6. —In gratitude
for careful nursing, which saved his
life in a Paris hospital, Salvatore
Filllppo, of Erie, an American sol
dier, has executed a will, leaving all
his possessions to the American Red
Cross, it was announced here last
The annual Thanksgiving services
of Mount Vernon Council. No. 333,
Order of Independent Americans, will
be held in the Churcli of God, Pleas
iitit View, Sunday evening, at 7.30
o'clock. Members are asked to form
a body at the hall, 1312 Derry
street, at 7 o'clock and proceed from
there to 'be services.
Harrisburg Reserves will hold
their ilrst monthly drill to-night at
the Armory. The Reserve organiza
tion will be kept on a monthly basis
for another year, the meetings being
held tile tirst Friday night of each
month for instruction and drill. All
members will make a property ac
counting for guns and other articles
The Sunday afternoon men's mass
meeting to be held in Fahnestock I
Hall, under the auspices of the Cen
tral V. M. C. A., will be addressed by I
Charles W. Sayres, boys' work secre
tary of the Lancaster "Y," who has
seen service overseas and who will
relate his experiences at Chateau
Thierry with the boys in khaki. The
Stevens Memorial orchestra will I
Railroad Notes
The total movement of cars over |
the Middle Division lines was reported
for yesterday us follows: Exchanged
with Tyrone, 1,029 ears; passing Den- :
holm. 5,159 cars, making a grand total i
at 6,188 cars.
"Aw, Judge, don't be stingy, gimme
thirty days," pleaded Joseph Killion, i
of Seranton, arrested and taken be- I
fore Alderman J. C. Gorsuch, Altoona. |
for illegal trainriding, hut the magis- ;
trate was obdurate and stuck to his :
original sentence of twenty days. j
The Altoona Federation of Railway !
Employes' Department at a well-at- i
tended meeting in Machinists' Hall, |
lftst evening, decided to ask Congress
man John M. Rose where he stood on ;
the question of government ,owner- j
ship of railroads.
The largest crowd of the season is j
expected at the big meeting for '
boys and girls at the P. R. R. Y. M. C. !
A., this evening, when special stere- 1
optieon pictures will be shown. There I
1s to be a very special announcement .
made. Doors open at 6:50.
Tin- Cumberland Valley Railroad
Relief Association was hit hard by |
the flu in November. Sick benefit's
reached $6,406 for 472 members and
$l,BOO for six deaths. The association
had to borrow $3,500. 1
ntliOAY "EVraiWTS.
Committee Named
For Britain Day
Govonor Brumbaugh to-day an
nounced that tho following had been
appointed a committee to arrange for
a suitable observance of Britain Hay
to-morrow and Sunday:
Senator Philander C. Knox, Valley
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A A Fi
Forge; Chancellor H. B, MoCormlck,
Pittsburgh; Benjamin Thaw, Hewlck
ley; Charles M. Schwab, South Bothlo
hem; George Wharton Pepper, Wil
liam >A, Glasgow, I'hlludclpliln; A. W.
Mellon', W. A. Mugeo, Charles K. 13.
Ohlldere, Lieutenant C. M, Hnrnles,
John A. Sharp, Andrew M. MeKnlght,
Councilman Robert Garland. Jame* 1.
Buchanan, the Rev. E. M. McFadden,
M. M. Leaser, Charles llyde, George S.
Harrison, J. C. M. White, Allan Clarke,
M. J. Parkhtll. William H. Wicks,
Pittsburgh; Percy A. Legge, George
Flont, Spencer D. Wright. Charles
Rond, Herbert J. Tlly, Dr. John Welsh
Crosky, Dr. I-. Webster Fox, John
Weaver, -Philadelphia; LOUIB Follett,
Annvllle, Pa., Dec. 6. Charles M.
Fink, for fifteen years a leading bak
er, of Lebanon county, died at his
home here last evening of pneumonia.
Mrs. Fink and daughter. Esther Fink,
are recovering from attacks of in
fluenza, while three sons ure in the
service of the United States. Homer
Fink Is In Franco; David Fink In -the
Navy, and Niles Fink at. Camp Meade.
Charles Fink, Jr., a younger son, also
The following officers were elect-
Ed at tho meeting of Harrisburg
Lodge. No. 029. F. and A. M.. held in
the Masonic Temple, last night:
Worshipful muster, Charles C.
Stroh; senior Warden, Fred M. Trltle;
Junior warden, Howard C. Irwin;
treasurer, Charles E. Go vert; secre
tary, Benjamin W. Demmlng; trus
tees, W. Spry Hurlock, H. A. Ruth
erford. Benjamin M. Nead; repre
sentative In grand lodge, Fred J.
Smltli. i
DECEMBER 6,191?.
The semiannual election of offi
cers of the Intermediate > Christian
Endeavor Society of the Fourth
Street Church of God was held Wed
nesday evening. The officers elected
who will serve for the next six
months are: President, Clarence— Mac-
Donald: vice-president, Pauline Ste
vlck; secretary, Ethel Robinson: as
sistant secretary, Anna Fisher; treas
urer. William' Musser; pianist, Anna
Erb; assistant pianist, Sarah Bei'g.
Isiiulon, Doc. 6,-TTA German pliy
sician summoned front Berlin on
Tuesday by the former German em
peror, arrived in Holland yesterday
on a special train, according to ail
Exchange Telegraph dispatch from

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