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by Blood, Dr. Hibben
Says Nation Should
• Jftxv York, Dec. 6—"When the
ri ilag is carried upon our streets
is a protest against law and or
"y- and therefore a menace to our
free institutions,'" declared Presi
dent John Grier Hibben, of Prince
ton University, in an address to
day before the Association of Life
Insurance Presidents.
Dr. Hibben was emphasizing the
obligation of liberty which, he said,
the sons of America had established
"Through superficial thinking or
through emotional frenzy, there are
many people who think that where
there is restraint of any kind what
soever there can be no liberty,"
continued Dr. Hibben. "It would
be well for us to recognize the
truth that the idea of law is an es
sential element in the concept of
"Those who come to us from for
eign shores must learn the first les
son of American citizenship, name
ly that in all matters of personal
conduct there is an exact ratio
which must be preserved between
outer restraint and inner control,
that as the outer restraint is les
sened the inner control must be in
"We must remember at this time
that our liberty has been re-estab
lished for us at a great price. It
has been bought by blood. The
rights we enjoy have been assured
through the vicarious sacrifice free
ly offered by heroic souls who have
tcught and died for us. We must
on our part keep faith with the
dead, safeguarding the liberty they
have won for us, with their lives,
maintaining it upon the secure basis
of the law of right and of justice,
and daily living to realize the reign
of peace and good will toward
Wicked Son's Rival
From House Porch
New York. —Charles M. Warner,
millionaire president of the Warner
Sugar manufacturing Company and
a member of the Sugar Board, told
before Justice Scudder in the Sup
reme Court at Mineola how, despite
his seventy-three years, he had
pounced upon Harry P. Holbrook,
of the New York Athletic Club, and
thrown him from a porch.
Charles Blaine Warner, son of
the sugar man, is suing his wife for
divorce. Holbrook is the corespond
ent. The plaintiff's father said the
young couple spent their summers
at their Kensington home, but in
winter came to his apartments in
Manhattan. In June his son went
to a sanatorium for nervous trouble.
His daughter-in-law telephoned him
< the father) one night and asked
him to come to dinner. He declined
the invitation, but later decided to
go. When he arrived at Kensington I
lie found the younger Mrs. Warner
the- hostess of a party. She intro-
him to Holbrook.
"I have heard of him,' the aged
man testified he had said. "Then
I grabbed him by the throat, kicked
him oft the porch and told him if he
ever came back again I would kill j
On Labor Day, he went on. he
went to Goshen and broke into the ;
Goshen Inn. where he found the de- |
fendant with the corespondent.
She ran up to him, according to j
his testimony, and said:
"I'm sorry, daddy. Don't tell i
Blaine. Kiss me. daddy!"
"In the five months my son was]
away," Mr. Warner testified. "I ga\ei
his wife between 527.900 and $25,000 •
and paid many of her bills. Some of <
them—stiff ones —were for liquor." !
Mrs. Mary Ficklin, of 600 West'
One Hundred Thirteenth street, tes- ,
titled for the wife. She was with
Mrs. Warner when the Goshen raid
was made, and although she said
Mr. Holbrook, of course, was there.'
nothing wrong had taken place. She
said that before her marriage sho,
was on the stage and nppeared in :
many Broadway productions.
"Chorus girl?" asked the plaintiff's
[Continued front First Page.] j
technical skill and high ability: E.;
J. Stackpole, editor-in-chief of the
Telegraph, one of the national coun
cilors representing the Harrisburg
chamber of Commerce, and Warren
Jackson, secretary of the Harrisburg
Chamber. There is also present and
taking an active interest in the pro
ceedings Congressman A. S. Kreid
er, who is much looked up to by
the representatives of the shoe and j
leather trades.
Fine Spirit Dominates
It is difficult to describe the deep l
earnestness that pervades the gen- ;
aral and group conferences. All i
seem eager to reach conclusions
that will aid in the solution of the
tremendous problems that have de
veloped suddenly with the ending •
of the war. These are complex in
their character, but the fine spirit
which dominates the whole conven
tion is certain' to inspire such action
as will point the way to a recon- i
struction of industry and business in i
harmony with the ideals that ac.
tuated the county in the prosecution
of the war.
Co-operation Is Emphasized
There is absolutely no dissent from |
the general proposition that business
represents capital, labor and agri- 1
culture with all their ramifications,
* and that only through co-operation
can the problems which confront the
county be solved in any satisfactory
and permanent way. There is uni
versal approval of the policy of a
great merchant marine, and a gen
eral demand for the relaxing witli
t out delay of governmental restric
tions. A spade is called a spade and
the lid is off so far as suppression
of speech is concerned.
.Jever before in the history of the
United States has there been a
more friendly attitude on the
part of employers toward employes.
It is admitted that capital has been
m Jite as responsible as labor for past
differences and good will is more
likely to play a big part in the busi
ness game of the future. These
thousands of brainy leaders of in
dustry and commerce recognize the
new day and the rights of men are
bound to figure more prominently
hereafter in the relationships of the
farmer, the laborer and the busi
nessman. A new and finer creed
is being written here by men of
vision and high purpose.
Tells Senate Committee of Washington Times Purchase and
Contract With Hearst; Munsey Refused Offer to Buy
Paper on Own Terms; Writes What He Pleases
By ,4ssociatcJ Prtss
Washington, Dec. 6. —In his tes
timony before the Senate commit
tee investigating: brewers and Ger
man propaganda, Arthur Brisbane,
denied writing editorial utterances
favorable to Germany, saying he
always has supported the cause of
the United States and strongly op
posed Germany.
Excerpts front editorials appear
ing in Hearst newspapers were pro
duced by the committee, and Mr.
Brisbane was asked regarding their
authorship. Since only portions of
the articles appeared in the reprints
tho witness was not positive as to
their author and he was given the
excerpts with which to go over the
lilcs to determine whether he wrote
the originals.
"If there was anything in these
favorable to Germany I know I did
not write it," the witness declar
Hearst Ignorant of Purchase
Brisbane said William Randolph
Hearst knew nothing of his pur
chase of tHo Washington Times un
til after the transaction was com
pleted, and that Mr. Hearst at first
objected to it. because Brisbane's
contract with Hearst stipulated that
the former give his entire time to
the Hearst papers at a salary of
$2,000 a week. Tile witness said he
told Mr. Hearst that if the Wash
ington Times interfered with his
work Hearst could take over the
Times at the price paid to Frank A.
He told the committee that he
arranged the loan for the purchase
of the Times with C. J. Feigenspan,
a brewer of Newark, N. J.: that the
transaction was a business affair
entirely and that he did not know
the other brewers who assisted i
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La Blache Face Powder 39c
Swansdown Face Powder ...... 13c
Flora Sweet Face Powder 55c
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Petalis Face Powder 49c
Fascination Face Powder ...... 49c
Valeska Suratt Face P0wder.....43c
Mary Garden Face Powder 79c
Freeman's Face Powder.... _.. 19c
Pussywillow Face Powder 34c
L-Ame. (LaMay) Face Powder 23c
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Garden Allah Talcum 21c
Mary Garden Talcum 48c
Waltz Dream Talcum 23c
Jess Talcum (Tins) 13c
Jess Talcum (Jars) 21c
Hudnut Talcum (Tins) 19c
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Babcock Corylopsis Talcum 15c
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Palmolive Talcum 19c
Djer-Kiss Talcum 35c
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Hobson's Soap 20c
Packer's Tar Soap 18c
Colgate Ail-Round 50ap...3 for 25c
Dr. Sayman's Soap 3 for 29c
Life Buoy Soap.... 2 for 15c
Jergen's Violet Glycerine..3 for 25c
Jergen's Geranium Bath..3 for 25c
Military Hair Brushes
Per pair $1.48
Pond's Vanishing Cream 30c
Daggett & Ramsdell Cold Cream 33c
Hudnut's Cold Cream 39c
Palmolive Vanishing Cream 39c
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Mum 19c
Spiro Powder ,19c
Odor Gone 25c
Flora Sweet Deordoront 45c
Feigenspan in underwriting the loan.
The brewers advanced $375,000.
Senator Sterling, of South Dakota,
questioned Mr. Brisbane about edi
torials in which he said that "Eng
land has not always been renown
ed for her unselfishness."
Defends Fling at England
"Now, isn't that reference to the
principal ally of the United States
calculated to reflect on the United
States?" the senator asked.
"No; I don't think so," the wit
ness replied, "I thought then, and
I think now, that England has not
always been renowned for her un
selfishness. That is not a reflection
on the United States."
Brisbane said that A. Mitchell
Palmer, whose charge that brewers
had financed the purchase of the
Times led to the present inquiry, of
fered to sell him tho New York
Evening Mail, after that property
came into Palmer's hands as alien
property custodian. The price flixed
was $750,000, the witness said, but
he declined to purchase it because
it was losing money.
The only other newspaper he
owns, Mr. Brisbane said, is the Wis
consin News. He said he purchas
ed the Wisconsin Free Press and
News, and consolidated them and
that rewers were not involved in
that transaction.
Munsey Refused His Plea
The witness told the committee
that his attitude toward the use of
beer and light wines brought him
in touch with brewers. He said
he asked Mr. Munsey to pell him
the Times and let him pay for it
out of its earnings, but the request
was refused. He then went to Fei
"I said to him," declared the wit
less, '.You know my attitude on beer.
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Qem g5 rors, trays, hair brushes, cllothes
Leslie, Jr., '.. .7.7 59c brushes, combs, rouge boxes, nail
Litt's Mufti Blade* $1.98 files - P°wder boxes, and puff boxes.
____ mmmmm All at cut prices.
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Imperial Clover Garden of Allah
Lily of Valley (-Q Lilac'l !".i i!!! aild
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f ess | Oriental Body Sachet
? ren Li,a f and Heliotrope Glory .... J OOt
Japanese Incense .... N y
Pearls Violet AO
g Arbutus ..7.7 98c AND LOTIONS
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higher price. , 1 No. 6 bottle Eclat Toilet Water
You know how I feel toward your
Brisbane then laid before Felgen
span the plan for a loan to purchase
the Times and the brewer said he
believed it would be a good invest
ment. The witness went on to say
that Feigcnspan said he did not
know that ho the full
amount himself, but that he would
raise the money among his friends.
Feigenspan, according to Bris
bane, refused to take a mortage on
the Brisbane real estate, saying he
did not wish to make a record of
the loan as it might appear that he
was purchasing newspaper support.
"Do you regard that as a loan
or do you regard it as a gift?" asked
Senator Woieott, of Delaware.
"As a loan absolutely," the wit
ness replied.
Explains Bergcr Bonn
A loan by Mr. Brisbane to Vic
tor Berger, of Milwaukee, the So
cialist who was elected to Congress
at the last election and who is un
der indictment for violation of the
espionage law, was described by the
witness. He sail labor unions in
Milwaukee erected a building which
they called the Brisbane building,
and that he loaned Berger $B,OOO
for the project.
Brisbane told the committee that
in 1917, when the British govern
ment closed the trans-Atlantic ca
bles to the Hearst newspupers and
news agents, he communicated with
Lord Northcliffe, and the latter "ad
justed" the matter.
Writes What He Pleases
Und%- his contract with Hearst,
the witness said, he writes what he
pleases, and Hearst publishes it if
he wants to or declines to publish
it if he desires.
"Mr. Hearst controls no one's po
litical views; at least not mine," he
The committee completed the ex
amination of Alexander Konta, of
New York, who had dealings with
Dr. Bernard Dernburg, the German
propagandist, relative to the pur
chase of a New York newspaper by
the German government. It plans
to hear A. Bruce Bielaskl, chief of
the Department of Justice Investiga
tion, who has inquired into the pro
paganda work of various German
organizations and publications.
Standing of the Crews
Philadelphia Division Tho 128
crew first* to go after 4 o'clock: 118,
124, 114.
Conductor for 124.
Brakeman for 118.
Engineers up: Btckle, Shue, Peters,
Brawn, Schwartz, Wiker. Steffy, S. K.
Firemen up: WeiZei, Martin, Johns,
Reisch, Stoner, Paxtan, Gingrich,
Kuntz, Westfall, Hatton, Vogesong,
Howe, Staub, Webb. Althouse.
Brakemen up: Bolton, Petylan,
Middle Division —The 230 crew first
to go after 1 o'clock: 225, 232, 235,
214. 237. Front end: 26. 35, 28.
Engineer for 28.
Fireman for 35.
Brakeman for 28.
Eng'neers up: Beverlinn Rathefon,
Strickler, Stone, Rowe, Kistler, Smith,
Snyder. Hawk, Leib, Brink, McMur
trlc. Cook, Leppard, Loper, ijmlth.
Firemen up: Strayer, Seigfrled,
Stemler, Denk, Hertzler. Swiler, Bow
er, Himes, Ulsh, Myers, Rumberger,
Greiff, Ulsh, Brown, Jones, Holsinger,
Free Kiner.
Brakemen up: Fenical, Young, Har
ris, Delhi, Turnbaugh, Bitner, Wood
ward, Rapp.
Vnrd llonrd Engineers for 2-7 C,
3-7U, 4-7 C, 10C, 11C, 1-14 C, 2-14 C,
16C, 50C.
Firemen for IC, SC, 6C. 3-7 C, 12C,
4-15 C, 16C, 23C, 61C.
Engineers up: Miller, Rlftert, Kels
er,.Ferguson, Ulsh, Bostdorf, Schlfer,
Rauch, Weigle.
Firemen up: Chubb, Baskin, Guyer,
Shant, Weaver, Owens. Patrick,
Drake, Little, Attick, Bennett, Bow
ers, Kltnepeter, Lake, Shawfleld,
Mumma, Dhine.
Philadelphia Division The 248
crew first to go after 1.15 o'clock:
237. 225, 209. 232, 239, 240.
Fireman for 237.
Middle Division —The 254 crew first
to go after 2 o'clock: 238, 251 216,
215, 226. Front end: 122. 107. 117.
Engineers for 122, 107, 117.
Firemen for 122, 107, 117.
Conductors for 122 v 107.
Flagmen for 122, 107, 117.
Brakemen for 122 (2), 107 (2). 117.
A'urd llonrd Engineers for Ist
126, 3d 129, 2d 132, 135, 140, 149, 2d
Firemen for 2d 126, 3d 126, 4th 126,
137, 140, Ist 104.
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DECEMBER 6, 1918.
Engineers up: Lutz, Huggins, Seld
ers, Sellers, Books, Barnhart, Bruaw,
Blckhart, Fenlcle, Myers, Balr, Smith.
Firemen up: Sunders, Allen, Chap
man, Ashenfelter, Knackstedt, Hlc
kcrt, Eichelberger, Bruce, Bitting,
Shaver, Gamber, Fake, I'leree. Llglit
ner. Miller, Koch.
Philadelphia Division Engineers
up: Gibbons, Kennedy, Hall, Gilllums,
The war has taught us to save
and serve. Dorit waste food or fuel
Jfyou eat wheat be sure it is the whole
wheat.Dorit waste any oflt. It is all food
Shredded Wheat
is die whole wheat,nothing wastedjriothing
thrown away. It saves fuel and saves
food, saves sugar and saves health
for any meal with milk or cream or fruits.
Firemen up: Copeland, Spring, Alt
Middle Division Engineers up:
Kelser, Crlmmel, Keane, Graham, Del
ozler, mitb, Keane, Crum, Crane.
Firemen up: Wolfe, Pennsyl, Kelly,
Beisel, Sheafs, Morris, Kepner, Hum
mer, Pierce, Hunter, Hnverstlne, Rup
ert, Barr, Kelly, Snyder.
The 24 crew first to go after 2.45
o'clock: 23. 18, 1, 70, 6, 11, 21, 3, 64,
63. 55.
Engineers for 1, 18, 23, 24.
Firemen for 70, 1, 21, 2S.
Flagman for 23.
Brakemen for 67, 70, 19, 21, Z3, • | f J:
Engineers lip: Myle, Griffith.
Firemen up: Schutz, beckert, Para-v-.j
er, Stone, Myers, Fitzgerald,
Cook, Smith, Arndorff.
Conductor up: Hall.
Flagmen up: Lutbtreu, Keener, .
Thomas, Grady, Sourbeer, Otstot, ;
Brakemen up: Parthemore, Dear* <
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Pyrodenta Tooth Paste ........2C;
8. 8. White Tooth Paste....—l7e
Senreco Tooth Paste ....18c
Colgate Tooth Powder 15c and 25c
Graves' Tooth Powder or Paste 16c
Kal Pheno Tooth Powder...—„. 18c
Euthymol Tooth P0wder,......,18c
Pyrroeide Tooth Powder ,79c
Lyons Tooth Powder or Paste...l7e

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