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J3raft Board Compiling >Yar
Record of County; Made
Best Girl! War Reeord
!few Bloomfield, Pa.. Jan. 10.—
Sfforts to complete records of Perry
bounty men during the world war
have been Inaugurated by Perry
bounty draft board: Perry county
Snade the best record of any county
in the Union during the Civil AA'ar
and draft board officials believe that
Its record In this war will add to
the luster of this old record.
Records are in the hands of the
Officials of all men who registered
rnd went into the service through
he draft board, but records of other
bnlistments are now being sought.
Some persons enlisted before the
Registration, some enlisted before
they reached the age of registration
and some county persons, tempora
rily residing outside of the county,
entered the service from other local
ities, and It Is the names of such
iersons that strenuous efforts are
Low being made to get.
John O. blotter, clerk to the board
is in charge of this work. He has
Requested that registrars and other
Interested persons In the several
communities to send complete lists
i t persons of that section in the
vve lf possible. Mr. Motter desires
flate of enlistment and place of en-
Pr'nient. ,
8( .ovti- wwNf I.F.ADFV
I York Haven, Pa., Jam. 10.—Pat re
leaders were appointed by the three
local troops of Boy Scouts as fol
lows: Eagles, Francis Shearer; as
sistant, Lentz: Tigers, Hor
ace Lenhart: assistant, Erney Flclt
es: Foxes. AAilbur Steffeyi assistant.
Harold Clemens.
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Cumberland Valley News
Carlisle, P;v San. 16:—With the
wait; North Mtddletown township,
ballet freijl a. Si-caliber revolver
lodgqft Iri his head, Harper Kelley;
of NcWfcoinertown: still lives and is
apparently bntlrely recovered: Re
cently Vhlle William Snoke. Jr.; of
.Philadelphia, 4; as visiting at the
Kelley hotne he accidentally dis
charged it revolver with which the
two tvere .placing; the bnllet striking
young Kelley Jnst bver hts right eye
and fchtering his skull: A physician
advised against removing the ball
and the wound is healing with th
boy i-epovered and apparent'?- iu
worse ftr Hie effects of his wound;
Carlisle; Pa,. Jan. 10; ; — Carlisle
lodge Mb: 8, Independent Order of
Foresters, trill celebrate the seventy
fifth tthttlVersary Of its founding on
Monday: January id: > Visit.ors will
be present front all parts of South
ern Pennsylvania. Rey D. Beman,
grand master; Usher H. Hall, grand
secretary; and Other grand lodge
officers "w'.li attend;
Carlisle, Pa.. Jan. 10.— J. E. De
conduetinjf a large greenhouse and
hothouse garden lost heavily when
his heating plant was damaged and
went out of commission over night.
The entire contents, valued at over
81,500. were frozen and a total loss.
Carlisle. Pa., Jan. 10.—Plans have
been Inailt l for the visit to Carlisle,
priof to his inauguration, of Gov
ernor-eieel Sprout. He will spend
the week-end of January 19 in Car
lisle as the guest of Lewis S. Sadler,
his highway commissioner appolnt
Chnmls-rslmrg. Pa.. Jan, 10,—II.
Franh Hummelbaugh, appointed
justice of the peace at Mercers
burg, lo succeed the late John AA",
Pofl'enberger, has lifted his com
mission In the Franklin county reg
ister end recorder's office.
Cluuttbrrsburgr, Pa., Jan. 10.
Two hog pasture experiments will j
be conducted In Franklin county j
this year. Arrangements have been j
made for them with Farm Agent J. I
P. Oberle bv Dr. H. H. Havner, of ;
State College.
Hallnm. Jan. 10. —M. L. Winter. I
of near this place, has received a j
telegram from the AA'ar Department, |
ad? ising him of the death of his;
brother, Allen Hake Winter, from
wounds suffered In action.
Private Winter accompanied a
contingent of York county draftees |
to Camp Meade, Mil, In June, 191,. !
He sailed overseas on July o, 1918.
He was 30 years old, and was a
member of Headquarters Company,
314 th Infantry. j
irbJW Hot water
jcnPSure Relief
■■/ for indigestion
AA nj nmhoro. Pa.; Jan. 10.—Tho fol
lowing officers have been elected by
the W: ynesboro Motor Club to serve
this year: J: 3. Schmidt; president;
vice-president. Rani Stoner: secre
tary; li; ft; Finney; treasurer; C: W:
Sexton: board of governors, S: A.
Funk. R. Arthur; H. K. Hcnne
berger, D. li. Harshman. Ralph Ston
er: membership committee. J: A.
Kmipp, S: A. Sentmyer; I. (J, Balrd.
A. G: Henneberger; JJ': C. Barden
houer; Willis Lehman, Paul Stoner,
Daniel Leshet-, Marshall Baumgard
ner; AA": K: Stonffer; house commit
tee, S: A. Kentmyer. I. Q. Balrd, John
Hepfer; road committee, J. Elmer
Frantz, John Q. Benedict, C. W: Sex
ton, AA"; S. Bostwick; D: M. AA'ertz;
legislative committee, J. C: F; Groh,
AA': L. Mlnick and J. AA": Rockwell:
AA'n ynesboro. Pa., Jan. 10. —An In
teresting program has been arranged
for the Teachers' Institute for AYash
ington and Qulncy townships, to be
held in AA'aynesboro Saturday morn
ing and afternoon. Principal Ezra
Lehman anil Miss Harris, head of the
model school, Slilppensburg Normal
School, and J. L. Flnafrock, Mer
cersburg, assistant county superin
tendent of schools, will make ad
I bnmliersbiirg. Pa., Jan. 19. —The
public schools here will remain In
session until July 8, one month long
er than usual. It was announced to
day. This Is necessary In order to
make up some of the time lost when
the schools were closed during the
influenza epidemic.
Cbambersburg, Jan. 10.—AA*. AA".
Dull. 08 years old. of FayettevlUe,
will receive a hearing on the charge
of running Into and damaging a
taxlrab with his automobile while
t'hnmbrrsburg, Pa., Jan. 10.—Au
' &ust Klenming, former Chambersburg
j polloenian for fourteen years, part
: of the time as chief of police, lately
employed as a locomotive fireman by
the Cumberland Valley Railroad, has
! been appointed a railroad policeman.
t linrabershurg, X'a., Jaai. 10. —Mr.
■ and Mrs. W. V. Archibald, residing
near this place, have' received word
: that their son, Bryan Archibald, who
t was severely wounded in the Argonne
Forest fighting in France, has ar
| rived in New York. Ho sailed on the
Northern Pacific, the vessel which
went aground on Fire Island.
Chambersburg, Pa., Jan. 10.-—Notic
ing a large bird on a tree while lie
was making the rounds of his traps,'
Emory Geyer, a farmer, of near
; Roxbury, this county, got Bis gun and
i shot it. He found that it was an
| American eagle, which measured six
! feet and six inches from tip to tip of
i its wings.
Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. 10.— When
I members of the family of Jacob Wile
i residing in the mountains some dis
tance back of Mont Alto, yesterday
j morning called him for breakfast
' and received no answer they went to
i his bedroom and found him dead In
j bed. He was 79 years of age.
Waynesboro. Pa.. Jan. 10.—The
I Waynesboro High School basketball
l squad left to-day for Hanover, where
this evening they will play the
1 strong High School quintet of that
j place. On Saturday afternoon they
I will clash with the Y"ork Collegiate
: Institute.
Way ncabore, Pa., Jan. 10.—On Mon
day evening, January 20, a monster
mass meeting will be held at the Ar
cade Theater by the different labor
unions of Waynesboro.
Hallant, Jan. 10.—The following
Hallam soldiers were honorably
discharged from the army during
the past week: Private John Kauff
man. Camp Humphries, Va.s Elmer
Eeiphart. who had been a clerk to
a Wilkes-Barre draft board: Private
Howard Paules, Camp Eustis, Va„
and Mervin Gilbert, Camp Lee, Va.
Marietta, Pa., Jan. 10. —The Mar
ietta School Board reorganized last
evening and elected John A. Shil
low, president; Samuel L. Frey,
vice-vresident; Daniel lleilman, sec
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is some-times
painful. For
ins-bance when
■the doc-tor says
one must pfive
up -the dearly
loved cup of y
coffee, rrr
Happiness fol
lows however
when one finds
out. how r-y-y
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health making
is "the pure
cereal drink
watrmißßUKCi TWRWIW
Hearst's Attorney Denies Part
of Brisbane Loan Went to
Buy Chicago Paper
By Associated rress
Washington, Jan. 10.—Major Roy
D. Keehn, of the judge advocate
general's department, who In civil
life is counsel for AA'llllam Randolph
Heart's newspaper Interests In Chi
cago? appeared yesterday at his own
request before the Senate commit
tee Investigating German propagan
da, and denied that any of the money
furnished by a party of brewers
for the purpose of the AA'ashington
Times by Arthur Brisbane had been
used by Mr. Hearst for the purchase
of the Chicago Herald. He said the
latter was a separate transaction be
tween the Herald and Mr: Hearst.
Major Keehn told of a conversa
tion some time ago with Gaston B.'
Means, who said he knew the
whereabouts of important papers
Involving the activities of former
Ambassador Bernstorff and that If
he could get these papers it would
J he '"the greatest beat of the war, 1 '
He said he communicated Means
I suggestion to Mr. Hearst, who told
i him that If Means had access to
I such papers It was his duty to turn
' them over to the propet* govern
ment authorities and not try to ex
ploit them In a newspaper.
Major Keehn also read a telegram
| from Walter Howey, managing ed
itor of Heart's Chicago Herald-Ex
aminer, outlining and asking him to
Insert In the record of the hearings
a summary of what that newspaper
had done in support of the war.
Edmund A'on Much, formerly an
Instructor at Harvard University,
1 whose writings prior to the entrance
of the United States In the war, have
| been characterized as Gorman pro
paganda, was another witness to
i day. He declared that since the
i United Slates entered the war, he
| had not been pro-German. Before
j that time, he said, he had been ac-
I tive in an endeavor to keep America
! out of the conflict, believing that it
' was Great Britain and not Germany
i which was responsible for the ruth
. less sea warfare.
On cross-examination by Major
Humes, A'on Mach admitted writing
to Dr. H. F. Albert .formerly head
of the German propaganda system
In the United States asking for some
data that would give a satisfactory
explanation to tho United States for
the invasion of Belgium and for the
dropping of bombs from airplanes
on Antwerp.
Dillsburg Soldier Wins
War Cross For Bravery
Private Charles I. Thomas. Dills
burg. is cited by the War Depart
ment to-day for extraordinary her
oism. Private Thomas won his war
cross for sticking to his work after
being wounded.
Private. Thomas wasa member of
Company D, 311 th Machine Gun
Battalion, 79th Division. He was in
action near Xantillois, France, Sep
tember 29, and was detailed as a
runner between the battalion com
mander and his company. While de
livering messages he was severely
wounded but continued in the per
formance of his duty, refusing aid
until ordered to the rear by his bat
talion commander.
Perry County Debt
Reduced to $2,634.78
New Bloomfield. Pa., Jan. 10. —
Perry county's indebtedness has been
reduced to $2,634.75, fluures issued
by County Treasurer Swartz show.
This figure is $12,100 less than this
time in 1918, that amount of bonds
having been redeemed during the
The bonded debt of the county
at this time is $12,100, but to partial
ly counterbalance this, there are
outstanding taxes to the amount of
$7,666.48, and cash in the hands of
County Treasurer Swartz amounts to
Cor nand Rice Importation
Again Is to Be Permitted
[ Washington, Jan. 10.—All restric
.! tions on the importation of corn and
rice were removed yesterday by the
' Wai Trade Board.
At the same time the board an
- nounced that it would consider fa
\ orably applications for the export
of rice and for licenses for the ship
ment of jute and jute products, ex
cept yarns and nitrate bags, to all
Argentina is the chief country af
fected by the removal of the embargo
on importations of corn. Large stores
of corn are held in that country for
export, it was said, and this corn
may now be sent to the United
Alariettn, Pa., Jan. 10. —Private
Earl Davis, who was wounded and
gassed in the battle of Chateau
Thierry, has written to his mother
Mrs. Adam Sweigert, at Schock's
Mill, that he will be home soon
from a New Jersey hospital, where
he has been undergoing treatment
for some time.
Irwin H. Weidman, of Clay, Lan- |
caster county, was among a party of I
officers of three that have been re- |
leased from a German prison camp. :
He had been reported missing in ac- |

Blain. Pa., Jan. 10.—The death of
Miss Margaret Jane Johnston oc
curred on Tuesday night at 10
o'clock at her home in Toboyne
township. She was 88 years old.
Aliss Johnston is survived by two
brothers, Alexandria Johnston, of
Chambersburg, and Samuel John
ston, of Bellwood. She has lived
all her life in Perry county. She was
a. member of the Presbyterian
Church at Blain. Funeral services
! will be held to-morrow morning at
110 o'clock. Burial will be in the
i Presbyterian Cemetery.
Marietta. Pa, Jan. 10.—Mr., and
Mrs. Levi Witmer received a tele-'
| gram from the War Department
• stating that their son. Monroe K.
• Witmer. died of wound* :evt*lvcd in
taction November 11. He as a
■member of Company K. Fttut th'
I Regjneiil, of the old N'.'tttuii&l j
:Guards of Pennsylvania, lie was 23;
ears of age.
Disorders Lead to 200 Casual
ties Reported in Southern
Republic Last Night
By Associated Press
Buenos Aires, Jan. 18. —A general
strike was declared throughout Ar
gentine Republic midnight: More
than two hundred casualties had
been reported last night as a result
of the disorders Incident to the
strike. Disorders occurred through
out the city: The most serious fight
ing was at the Gasena.lron Works,
where troops and strikers clashed.
Strikers Surround Directors
Four members of the directorate
of the Vasena eompanyi all Britisli
subjects, went to the works yes
terday to attempt to arbitrate the
trouble but were surrounded by
the strikers, who are alleged to have
tried to capture them. When they
realized their danger, the directors j
telephoned to the British minister, j
who appealed to President lrigoyen. 1
The president designated former
Minister of War Consoles to act as
chief of police to fill the existing va
cancy in that office, and under his
command a force of mounted police
went to the works and rescued the
Strikers Obtain Arms
The strikers, It is asserted, then
began shooting, and the government
rushed three hundred infantrymen,
with machine guns and two cannon
to the scene. Meanwhile, the strik
ers are said to have sacked a pri
vately owned gun shop and supplied
j themselves with arms and aiumu-
I nition. The battle was still going on
j at 9 o'clock last night.
Infantry and cavalry forces num
j berlng six thousand men have been
j called into the city from the provin- ;
• ces and this afternoon patrolmen
| were summoned to their stations
and arnieid with rifles. The city last
night was under guard of infantry
One person wns killed and sev
eral were wounded In fighting yes
terday at the funeral of five victims
of Tuesday's riots. Disorders oc
curred at a plant of the Vasena com
| pany seine distance from the one
I where riots took place on Thurs
day. v
Hlithi. Pa., Jan. 10.—Mrs. Frank
Bower died last night at her home,
near Andersonburg, of pneumonia,
following an attack of Influenza,
l aged 27 years. Slie is survived by
| her husband and two small chil
dren. Funeral services will be held
on Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock
jat the house. Burial will be made
| in Restland Cemetery at Loysvllle.
j Marietta, Pa.. Jan. 10.—Mrs. Mary
Lindsay, 68 years qld, of Marietta,
died suddenly while seated on a
chair In her home Wednesday night.
Her son, George L. Lindsay, sur
Blain. Pa.. Jan. 10.—The funeral
of William Wesley Sheibley, was held
here to-day with burial in the Blain
Union cemetery. Services was con
ducted by the Rev. Edward V.
Strasbaugli, of the Reformed church.
Enola. Pa., Jan. 10. —H. E. Frank,
of Columbia road, has been appoint
j ed as an assistant yardmaster in the
j local yards.
Suburban Notes
Mr. and Mrs. 11. N. Miller an
nounce the birth of a daughter,
Evelyn Loretta Miller, January 6,
Miss Pearl Weaver, of Paulsboro.
N. J., is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Martin Weaver, of Lenkerville.
A. G. Bashoar left recently for
Roswell, N. M., where he will be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alter Ulsh.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Walborn, left
on Wednesday on a trip lo Florida.
Miss Fannie Noll has returned
home after visiting in Altoonn.
| Mrs. James Walker, of A'toona,
j is visiting at the home of William
J Walker.
j S. H. Hopple, of Mifflin, visited
| his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
: Hopple, on Wednesday.
Mrs. C. H. Snyder and daughter,
Frances, of Liverpool, visited her
j parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Win-
I gert, this week.
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Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Mrs. Edward Bberley; of Mechan
icsburg, spent Thursday with her
parents, Mr: and Mrs; Samuel D.
Erb, at Shircnianstowu.
Mrs. Noah B: Heiges, of Shire
manstown, spent Thursday with her
sister. Mrs, Mary Drawbaugh, at
Trlndle Spring.
Miss Susan Melly; of Harrlsburg,
Is spending several days with the
Misses Sara and Kate Eberlyi at
Mrs. R. M. Crompton, of Seattle, i
Wash., who has been spending some '
time with Mr. and Mrs. Blaine A.
Boer, at Shiremanstown, has gone i
to Chicago.
Mrs. Herbert Rupp. of Harrls
burg, spent Wednesday with her i
parents, Mr: and Mrs. Amos F ; Bow
ers, and her sister, Mrs. Oliver Wells,
at Shiremanstown.
George Miller, of Shiremanstown,
is spending some time with Sirs.
Elizabeth Greason and other rela
tives at York.
Mrs. John Prowell, of Xew Cum
berland, spent Tuesday with her par
ents, Mr, and Mrs. John F, Snyder,
at their residence at Shiremans
Sirs. David Harman and her
daughter. Miss Martha Harman, of
Shiremanstown, spent Thursday with
the former's parents, in Mechanics
Sfrs, George L, Romberger and
daughters, Elennore, Dorothy, Jane
and son, George, Jr., of Harrisburg,
spent Thursday with the former's
sister, Mrs, Ralph Smyser, at Shire- j
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Palmer, of j
Lemoyne, were guests of relatives j
at New Cumberland yesterday.
Retired Yardmaster to
Teac kin Enola Schools
Euola, Pa., Jan. 10, —John A. Mo- I
JMeen,' retired assistant yardmaster
i in the local yards, has accepted a
| position as teacher In the Summltt
street school. Many of the teachers
| lmve been sick and have resigned
j to accept othor plnccs.
Sliircma list own. Pa., Jan. 10.—At
J the annual banquet of the Woman's
j Organized Bible class of the Church
' of God, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
; John L. Miller, on Wednesday even
ing, officers were elected as follows:'
| President, Mrs. William Stanstield;
i vice-president, Mrs. 15. Webster
I Miller: secretary. Mrs. Brook Stare:
i treasurer, Mrs. Brook Stare; pian
-1 Ist, Mrs. Stanley L. Bates; teacher,
1 Mrs. John L. Miller.
1 Euoln, Pa.. Jan. 10.—Wilbur A.
Brurer, a member of the famous
i Rainbow Division, has returned to
; Railway, N. J.. where he will un
! dergo an operation for his right arm
I which was injured while in action
; in July, 1918. k
Enola, Pa.. Jan. 10.—The Rev. *E.
jE. Allen, pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, has started a ser
j ies of religious meetings in the
! church auditorium.
New Cumberland, Pa., Jan. 10.—
Next Tuesday evening the Otter-
I bein Guild of Trinity United Breth-
I ren Church will hold a meeting at
J the home of the president. Miss Min
] nie Meher.
Enola, Pa., Jan. 10.—The Enola
j branch of the Pennsylvania Rail
i road Woman's War Relief held a
I luncheon for its members in the
! auditorium of the Y. M. C. A. this
| afternoon.
New Cumberland, Pa., Jan. 10.
Funeral services were held for Mrs.
I Mary Miller yesterday morning from
1 the home of her daughter, Mrs.
' Charles Nonetnaker. The Rev, A.
! R. Ayres officiated. Burial was made
| at Harrisburg.
New Cumberland, Pa., Jan. 10.
Moses Packer died of asthma at his
home on Wednesday evening. lie
is survived by his wife and one
son. Funeral services will be held
at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, con
ducted by the Rev. C. if. lfeighes,
pastor of the Church of God. Burial
will be in the Alt, Olivet Cemetery.
New Cumberland, Pa.. Jan. 10.
The funeral of Airs. Alyrna Alae
Guiestwhite was held yesterday af
ternoon. The services were conduct
ed by the Rev. A. R. Ayres.
JANUARY 10y 1919:
Teachers Will Meet in Four
Sessions This Evening
and Tomorrow
Landisburg, Pa.; Jan. 19.—First
sessions of the teachers' local Insti
tute for teachers In the Landisburg
borough and the Carroll, Spring
and Tyrone townships, will he held
this evening In the Auditorium of
the High school. One
session will be held to-day and
threo to-morrow.-
Arrangements for the Institute
are being made by a committee of
which Prof. John J. Ruth, prin
cipal of the Landisburg Hlgli
schools, is chairman. Other mem
bers of this committee arei Miss
Carrie Stambaugh, L. E. Dunkel
berger, Miss Florence Rico and Miss
Ida K leek net - .
D. A. Kline, of New Bloomfield, ]
superintendent of Ferry county
schools, will be the speaker at this
evening's session, and Prof. Ruth
will give an Illustrated lecture on the
"Story of the Great Wan"
This evening's program, which
will start at 7.30, lsi
Devotional exercises, the Rev. S,
R. Kresge, of the landisburg Lu
theran Church) music, Oak Grove
minstrels; address, "Supplementary
Rending," Miss Margnrot Ritter;
recitation, Leslie Egolf; address,
Charles Spotts; music, Oak Grove
minstrels; address, D. A. Kline, of
New Bloomfield; music, Oak Grove,
minstrels. Illustrated lecture, "Story
of the Great War," Prof. John J.
Ruth; adournmeut.
To-monrow's programs are!
Morning, 9.3o—Singing, institute,
devotional exercises, the Rev. E, E.
Fnckler; address, "Penmanship in
tlie School," Miss Ida KlecknerJ ad
dress, "Language and Grammar,"
Mrs. Frank Henderson; address,
"Friday Afternoon Exercises," Miss
Rernadette Nesbit: roundtable con
ference; topics, "The School Li
brary," "Improving the School
Promises," 'How Can We Make the
School lluilding a Social Center'.'"
"Bird Clubs," "Some Points In
School I.aw," "Daily Program,"
"How Can SVe Establish ft Closer
Relation Between Parent and Teach
er'."' "What to Rend and How to
Read," "School Records," and mis
cellaneous topics; adjournment.
Afternon, 1.30 O'clock—Singing,;
1-tndisburg elementary pupils; de- j
votional exercises, the Rev. S. R.
Kresge; adress, "Hygiene in the
School," Miss Florence Rice; ad
dress, "Should Children Be Com
pelled to Study at Home?" Miss
Erma Bllman: singing, institute;
address, Amos Dum. recitation, Mrs.
11. C. Carl; essay. Miss Carrie Stain-i
haugh. piano duet, Miss Helen i
Hurtnett and Miss Evelyn Ickes; ad
dress, "Nature Study," L. E. Dun-!
kelberger; recitation, Frank Draw
baugh; address, Frank Henderson;
Evening, 7.30 O'clock—Enter
; tatnnient, Imperial Concert Coni
i pany, assisted by Prof. Kirk, lmper
■ senator.
Goldsboro, Pa., Jan. 10. —C. M.
Mays'yesterday received a telegram
from Adjutant General Harris, of
Washington, advising him of the
death of Ills son, Wagoner G. Hays,
on Christmas Day from bronchial
; pneumonia. He was a member of
j Company E. soth Engineers. Before
j entering the service he had been em-
I ployed as interior decorator l'or a
! Philadelphia concern.
i Blain, Pa., Jan. 10.—The funeral
j servictw of Mrs, John O'Donnell,
'who died at her home at Yeager
! town, of heart disease, was held
| yesterday with burial at East Water
i ford, Juniata county. The Rev.
i Lewis D. Wible, Methodist minister,
I conducted the services.
The Joke Was on Her Mother
I "Well, that's a good Joke on your
mother," remarked the husband to the
•Tune bride after the family Sunday
[ dinner. "She is always so particular
about butter, and when you put on
the Beneilt Brand 'Sweet Nut' Marga
rine, I wanted to kick you under the}
j table."
"Yes. it was funny when she said in
her best manner. 'What good butter
j you have, my dear!" Of course I told
I Iter all about it afterwards. She could
I hardly believe it, and tomorrow she
| is going around to Tamaui Tea Oo.'s
yellow front store, 231 Market street,
iip one flight. Harrisburg, for you
know it's the only place in town
where you can buy 'Sweet Nut' and
where Benefit Brand Teas and Coffees
are retailed at wholesale prices. You
see it looks like butter when served
and tastes like butter, although it is
churned out of the crisp white meat of
cocoanut and pasteurized milk. Some
how I like it better when I think it is
mode of such appetizing ingredients."
I>ook for our store in your town.
>y<THy KKT;TJRT dkih
Marietta, Pa., Srtn. i6~=ltrt-i
ley, 59 years filed iaai ftlffbt
from a complication bt fllseases.-
Asthma Sufferers
A Hew Boms Ours That Anyone On Um
Without Discomfort ot Lew
et Time.
We tare a Kew Method the* eoiW AMS* *
ma, aud we want you to try It et rar
expefiee. No matter whether your ease tan
long "ten, Una or recent dejelcproeirt, whether 1
It Is present as oeraslonal or chrome Aati>,
ma, you ahonhl send for a free tilal of Mf
method. No mattef In what eltmate fed
lire, no matter what yoaf arte or unity*
tlon. If yon are trontfled wltff aethna, kit
method ihonid relieve roa promptly*
We especially want'to aend It to fhaaa
apparently hopeless eases, where all forma
of Inhalara, douches, ijdnin preparattoaa.
ftimes, 'patent snioites. etc.. hare failed,
We want to show ereryoue at onr owa ex
pense, that thla new method la designed to
end all difficult breathing, nil wbeer.lng, and
all those terrible paroxysms at once and
for all time.
This free offer to too Important to neg.
lect a single dny. Write now and then be
-BP\ *uj>tbod at once. Bond no money,
Blmply mail coupon below. Do It Sbday.
free asthma coupon
Niagara and Hudson fits., Bnffalo, N. r.
.fiend free trial of yon* method tot
~ The
Vapor Oil Stove
A marvelous invention
that makes oil as practical
as gas for fuel.
Just think of it—
An Oil Stove that
Has No Wicks to
bother with
No Odor or Smoke
Fire as Hot as Gas
Costs 2c an Hour
to burn
Can't Get Out of
Looks Like a Gas
In fact it is so much su
perior that you can't afford
to buy any other.
Free Demonstration
at our store
Free 10-day Trial
in your own home
Delivery Anywhere
Any three burner
Detroit Vapor Oil
Stove is guaranteed
to heat any kitchen
beside furnishing
fuel for cooking for
less than 3c an hour.
Ho o v e n
Furniture Co. l\
1417 N. Second St.
Exclusive Agents
Representatives Wanted
For Suburban Towns

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