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, Many Central Pennsylvania
Institutions Name Of
ficials For Year
; Many banking institutions through
out Central Pennsylvania elected a
r. new board of directors yesterday.
|: Some few of these boards reorganized
' for the ensuing year at the same
> '
> time.
Yesterday in the First National
• : Bank of Mechanicsburg these di
r rectors were elected: Martin Mum
111a, Simon Eborly, J., H. Koller,
'..George E. Lloyd, J. Morris Miller,
> Frank E. Wilcox, J. C. Lambert,
,i. Samuel E. Basehore, Dr. N. W.
*> Herschner. The organization result
s' ed as follows: President, Martin
, Munima; vice-president, J. Morris
; -Miller; and these officials vrere ap-
V pointed: Charles Eberly, cashier;
■v Murray L. pick, assistant cashier;
W. 8. Zimmerman, first teller;
1 Bruce Winter, second teller.
.■ These directors were elected at
'■ the shareholders' meeting yesterday
'. in the Second Nationnl Bank:. John
>■ M. Underwood, Eugene A. purnett,
r ' Samuel F. Hauck, E. E. Strominger,
1 James B. Keller, Albeft B. Rupp,
f B. Frank Erick. The board organ
ic ized by electing the following: S. F.
f: Hauck, president; E. A. Burnett,
f) vice-president. These officials were
appointed: T. J. Scholl, cashier;
JT Robert E. Lininger, assistant cash-
C ier; Ruth M. Heftlelinger, first teller;
1 C. Bruce ' Gardner, second teller;
v Rose E. Bowman, clerk.
J The Median Nationnl Bank,
v at the annual election, chose these
j]- directors for the ensuing year; J. A.
Coover, G. L. Struck, Dr. M. M.
fy Dougherty, Dr. P. R. Koons, A. E.
fr Sieher, H. S. Mohler, John J. Mll-
leisen, John M. Jlutton, Weir B. |
>. Eberly. In the organization, J. A.|
& Coover was elected president and j
J. J. Millelsen vice-president. These,
< officials were appointed: Christian j
" 1. Swartz, cashier; George Dietz, j
£ teller; Martha Anderson, bookkeeper. I
Marysville -
At a stockholders' meeting.the old !
board of directors of the Marysville!
First National Bank was re-electedi
'' yesterday. The include J. W. Place, I
of New York City; J. W. Beers, E. B. i
> J.eiby, H. J. Deckanl, Dr. E. \tult;
•* -Snyder, F. W. Gelbb, Z. T. Collier j
it . ' •>.
r* The daily t:se of Benefit Brand,
A- 'Sweet Nut" Margarine on the table;
■~t in plare of dairy butter is a matter!
of thrift as well as pleasure to all]
the family, where its delicious flavor
Pf and appetizing, nutritious qualities are |
t known. Fresh pasteurzed milk and I
Wthe sweet inner meat of tropical co- ,
eft, coanuta churned by a special pro- ,
*Vcess. You know the price of butter'
(v*—"Sweet Nut" Margarine, butter's
j, rival, is only 35c a lb. Sold only at!
v ." Tamsui Tea Co.'s yellow front store, |
1/ 331 Market St., up one flight, Harris
- burg, where Benefit Brand Teas. Cof
• fees and Grocery Specialties are re
j tailed at wholesale prices.
Look for our store in your town.
Sweet Nut
• & Margarine
Husband and Wife
1 are Equally Aided
Mrs. S. W. Seltzer. 4529 N. 16th!
St.. Plilln., whoso husband is with
tlie Link Beit Co., tells how she and
Mr. Seltzer were aided through Tan
lac. "1 suffered from rheumatism
and my husband had stomach trou
ble. I had so much difficulty with
my knees being stiff and sore that
■1 could only go upstairs with difft
- eulty. I heard about Tanlac and
after I used it f was able to go up
and down stairs without pain or ef
fort. My husband's stomach trouble
js greatly relieved. We both speak
f highly of Tanlao."
;> The genuine Tanlac*, which bears
the name J. I. Gore Co., on outside
e • carton, is now sold here by Geo. A.
> Gorgas, George's Drug Store, C. F!
Kramer, W. F. Steever and other
leading druggists. Tanlac, the cole
s' brnted vegetable tonic, stomachic
V and health builder, Is also sold in I
, neighboring cities and towns. Ask!
Y People Notice It Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
% A pimply face will not embarrass you
* much longer if you get a package of
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skin
should begin to clear after you have
•V taken the tablets a few nights.
Cleanse the blood, bowels and liver
with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the
successful substitute for calomel; there's
! no sickness or pain after taking them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that
£ which calomel does, and just as effec
tively, but their action is gentle and
<£ safe instead of severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets is
. J'- ever cursed with "z dark brown taste,"
s bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good"
$ £ feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad
disposition or pimply face,
i Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
p olive oil: you will know them by their
v; olive color.
p Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
tients afflicted with iiver and bowel
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely effective result,
r Take one oi two nightly for a week
Se now much better you feel and loolc
ltF. and 255. net pox; Ail drugg£s
[ and Harvey Bratton, of Marysville.
| Officers have not yet been elected.
The stockholders of the Swlneford
National Bank met Tuesday and
elected the following officers: Presi
dent. G. M. Shlndel; vice-president.
W. B. Wlney; cashier, J. K. Kreeger;
tellers, Lee Wlney and Harry Hum*
The annual election of directors
at the Farmers and Merchants Bank
resulted as follows: B. F. Cocklln.
William A. Myers, Joseph Baunian,
Joseph Deardorff, James Lau, A. M.
Brandt, W. E. Grove, Jacob L. Gar
retson, H. E. Menges and L. L.
Bentz. At the reorganization of the
board B. F. Coc-klln was elected
president: A. M. Brandt, secretary,
and William A. Myers, Joseph Bail
man and J. G. Deardorff. vice-presi
dents; John A. Goudy, cashier, and
Chester Harbold, bookkeeper.
At the election of the DUlsburg
National Bank these directors were
elected: A. 11. Williams, J. S. Kapp,
Charles G. Ellcker, W. 11. Shrivcr,
D. F. Stitzel, O. F. Arnold and W. B.
Dick. A. H. Williams was chosen I
president; J. S. Kapp, vice-president; j
R. B. Nelson, cashier; C. J. Stouffer, |
teller, and Robert P. McClure and i
Ethel Collins, bookkeepers.
The Peoples National Bank lias
elected the folowing directors for
the ensuing term: David Knepper,
Benjamin F. Welty, J. F. Good,
Henry Rineliart, W. T. Omwake, D.
M. Good, Jere M. Dutrow, George B.
Beaver, Dr. P. B. Hoover, J. Elmer
Frantz, Daniel Rinehart, T. Mac
Weßt and Jacob H. Stoner.
The Citizens National Bank has
elected the following directors: Ezra
Frick, president; Dr. D. B. Snively,
C. E. Besore, Frank Barnett, G. T.
Shearer, Val. Smith, D. Norris Bene
dict, Dr. J. S. Stevenson, C. C. Mc-
Kown, Dr. W. H. Brosius, A. O.
Friek, W. R. Davison, Albert T. Hess.
At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Liverpool First
j National Bank H, A. Shuler was re
elected cashier. He has been cashter
of the local bank since Its organiza
tion. W. L. Lenliart was re-elected
president and J. D. Snyder was re
elected vice-president.
Mount Wolf
At the Mount Wolf Union National
Bank meeting eleven directors were
elected, as follows: Jac'ob Brush, Dr.
J. C .May, A. 11. Diehl. William Shin
del, A. P. Pealing, Eli Kochenour,
C. E. Brown. Samuel Hoover, Chris
tlon Rode, John King and William
D. Linebaugh.
Seven directors were elected by
the stockholders of the Wellsville
National Bank, as follows: W. H.
Owens, A. G. Smith, L. E. Speck,
P. Z. March, Rush Zeigler, E. E. Nes
bit. The board organized immedi
ately by electing W. H'. Owens, presi
dent; William Bentz, vice-president;
L. E. Speck, secretary.
The same directors were elected by
the Goldsboro National Bank, as fol- |
lows: Samuel Schlosser, A. G. Kohr,
G. W. Bamberger, J. F. Zortman, W.
E. Fetrow, 8. E. Crone, Charles D.
Balr, H. B. Bair. The board organ
ized by electing the following: Presi
dent, 11. B. Balr; vice-presidents,
Samuel Schlosser and A. G. Kohr;
secretary, J. F. Zortman.
. . Wrightsville
The same board of directors was
elected yesterday by the Wrightsville
National Bank, as follows: E. I/.
Sprenkle, Harrison Fauth, R. P. Wil
ton, W. B. Reisinger. Willlanv H.
Kerr, B. S. IJetwetler, 11. W. liftnts
berger and J. D. Burg.
The following board of directors
was re-elected by the Dover Na
tional Bank: Dr. J. M. Gross, R. O.
Lauer, G. 11. Duron, CV D. Hoffman,
M. 1., Smith, H. P. Julius, Harvey A.
Gross, William W. Spulir, Peter J.
Bott, Oliver Bierbower and George
W. Lauer. The board will reorganize
January 22.
Twelve directors were elected on
Monday at the annual stockholders'
meeting of the Hallam State Bank.
The new board reorganized immedi
ately, as follows: President, Amos
Strickler; first vice-president, J*. W.
Horn; second vice-president, G. W.
Maish; third vice-president, A. G.
Emig. The other members of the
board are W. 11. Diotz. S. A. Freed,
W. H. Gilbert, S. B. Lehman, E. L
Lehman, W. H. Markley, E. B. Stoner
and George E. Stein. W. C. Blessing
was re-elected cashier and secretary.
Sustains Appeal on the
County Controller Report
Sunliury, p a „ Jan. 15.—President-
Judge Cummings in the Northumber
land county court yesterday sus
tained in part an appeal of D. P.
Faust, Shamoklh, and other taxpay
ers, from the report of Aaron Baker,
of Shamolcin. County Controller, for
the year 1917. They alleged that
n any thousands of dollars of county
moneys were paid out In fees to
county officials and others in waste
ful and profligate disregard of the
law. The Court surcharges and gives
Judgment against Peter J. Schmidt
and John J. Roach, Shamokin, and
Frederick R. Dornslfe, the Board of
County Commissioners at that time,
together with Raker, to tho total sum
of $6,415.45. Schmidt has since died,
but the surcharge is made to date
back to ttie time before his demise.
• Marietta. Pa., Jan. 15.—William
Made, of Conestoga Center, has been
Killed in action in France, according
to word received by relatives. Pri
vate Wade was attached to the in
fantry and trained at Cauip Moade
prior to going over to France. He
was 25 years of nj£e.
Mervin Paules, son of Mr. and Mrs
William Paules, of Stoney Brook, who
was badly injured in action in France
and has recuperated sufficiently to
he brought to America, has arrived in
New Jersey, where he will remain
for some time. He lias a brother
Ellwood Paules, who is sick in a hos
pital near Paris.
KI.KCTIOV or S. S. Ol'Tll'fißS
Halifax. Pa., Jan. 15.—The Trin
ity Uefortned Church of town elect
ed the following officers: Superin
tendent, Carson C. l„ebo: assistant
superintendent, John H. Chubb; sec
retary, Miss Mary K. Swelgurd; as
dstant secretary. Miss Ethel Etz
\veller. treasurer. John Meader: or
ganist. Mrs. I'rban Eeho; assistant
organist. Miss Mary E. Swoigard;
primary superintendent. Miss Min
nie A 1 void: assistant primary super
intendent, Mrs. W. C. librar
ian, Duntel Miiler; cradle roll super
inlendenl, Mrs. Harry Alleman;
home department superintendent,
| Mrs. Urban Lebo.
Council Takes Action After
Ministers Complain of Im
moral Exhibitions
Columbia, Pa., Jan. IG.—Borough
Council at a speciul ' meeting last
ntgbt held at the request of the Min
isters' Associatioon, put a ban on In
decent or immoral exhibitions in the
opora house.
By an unanimous vole instructions
were issued to the property commit
tee, in conjunction with the borough
solicitor, to take measures for the
ejectment of the lessees of the build
This action was taken because of
the complaint concerning the char
acter of a dance given after the ex
hibition of a burlesque show last
Friday night.
Miss Verna A. Kipp,
Newport Teacher, Dies
Newport, Pa„ Jan. 15. Miss
Vergna A. Kipp, ?6 years old, a
popular teacher in the Newport pub
lic schools for the past ten years,
died-yesterday morning following a
stroke of paralysis. She was about
lior dutios as teacher of the gram
mar grades on Monday and retired
in her usual health on Monday eve
ning. She suffered a nervous break
down two years ago and has not
been in her usual health since that
time. When found yesterday she
was unconscious, unable to speak,
and she never rallied.
Graduated from the Newport High
school in 1902, she became a public
school leaclier the following year.
She is survived by her father, one
brother, M. S. Kipp, of Oliver town
ship, and one sister. Miss Bird Kipp,
a Red Cross nurse in France. A
member of Methodist Episcopal
Church, her funeral services will be
conducted by her pastor, the Rev. F.
T. Bell on Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock from her late home. Burial
will be in the Newport Cemetery.
A meeting will be held Friday to i
continue the discussion regarding the!
purchase of uniforms for the lfiO'
members of the City Grays, which I
was started at the meeting last I
night, when it also was decided that I
the senior officers should command I
the drills. The City Grays is to lie!
one of the honored organizations in'
the inaugural parade.
\Vrights'ville, Pa., Jan. IB.—Miss,
Ruth E. Knlsley, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. F. Knisloy. a teacher at
Kinard's school, and Luther L, Stop
pard, of Chanceford, were married
last Saturday at noon at St. Luke's
Lutheran parsonage, by the pastor,
the Rev.v C. H. Shu]].
Lcwistown, Pa., Jan. 15.—At pres
ent there are no signs of the strike
at th© Logan Iron and Steel Works
at Burn ham and their employes
getting the trouble existing between
them settled.
John Logan was arrested last night
in North Seventh street, nucar Heir,
on the charge of furnishing liquor to |
a soldier. He was heavily lined in
police court to-day.
Frank Meriina, 1114 Kcgina street,
died ,of uremia at the Harrisburg I
Hospital to-day. He was a fruit I
dealer. He was 45 years old.
Harry Wood, 433 South Thirteenth
street, uged 25 years, died of Spanish
influenza at 7:30 o'clock this morning,
in the Harrisburg Hospital.
Suburban Notes
Private Shelly Weibley was mus
tered out of the service at Camp
Wheeler, Ga„ and has returned home.
Bavhl Peck has bought the Da
vid Thomas property for $BOO.
Philip Sheaffer, of Toboyne town
ship, visited his daughter, Mrs. Fred I
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Woods announce'
the birth of a daughter on Friday. i
A successful bake was held on Sat- i
urday by the women of the Metho- I
dist Episcopal Church.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Evans are vis- |
iting friends in York.
Mrs. Margaret Rearlck and daugh- j
ter, Ethel Rearlck, spent Sunday with I
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Rearlck in !
The Rev. S. A. Crabill, pastor of'
the United Brethren Church, is con- I
ducting evangelistic services at Ar- 1
nold's Church.
The evangelistic services at the
Methodist Church will continue dur
ing the week.
Miss Ethel Rounsley entertained
the Camp Fire Giris at her home in
Main street on Friday evening.
Miss Alice Alexander lias returned
home from Rochester, X. Y., where 1
she was caring for her brother-in
law, the Rev. G. H. Flclces, who had
been ill of influenza.
Mrs. Wafren Worthington. of Buf- !
falo, N. Y„ was a recent visitor at ]
the home of her sister, Mrs. C. E. I
Mrs. Ellen Sellers, of Harrisburg,'
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charles
A. H. Ulsh was a visitor in Har- ]
.•isburg on Saturday.
Gordon Spangler. of Butler, Is vis- i
ltlng his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O.
G. D. Taylor is visiting his daugh
ter, Mra. Frank Fickes, in Newport.
Charles G. Goodling, of Harrisburg,
visited here this week with his
grandmother, Mrs. Lydia Goodling.
Mrs. Charles H. Snyder is visiting
lief daughter, Miss Frances Snyder,
a student at Wllllamsport Dickinson
Miss Marie Balr, of Millersburg,
was a recent visitor hero with her
Mrs. P. K. Brink is visiting in
Prof. E. F. Dougherty was a re
! cent business visitor in Mlllerstown.
• • Jay Snyder, who is employed in
! Ilari Isburg, spent the weekend here
] with his family.
| Mrs. William Freet, of New Buf
falo, is visiting here with hermother,
Mrs. Sarah Portzline.
Mrs. Ada Broslus and son, Paul,
of Dalmatla, is visiting with her
father, H. E. Bair.
Mechanicsburg Business
Men Form Organization
Mechanlcsburg, Pa., Jan. 15.—T0
advance the business Interests of the
town, a meeting was held on Mon
day evening In the parlors of the
Business Men's League house, over
which H. Clay ltyan presided and
A. 8. Hertzler was secretary. The
name "The Business Men's Associa
tion of Mechanicsburg," was chosen
and by-laws for the government of
the society were adopted.
An election of officers for tho en-
BUing year resulted as follows: Presi
dent, Joseph Z. Prowoli; vice-presi
dent, R. J. Sensoman; secretary, A.
S. Hertzler; treasurer, T. R. Win
ston; trustees, S. A. Burgard, E. G.
Lutz, and H. Clay Ryan; board of
governors, D. L. Klinedinst, Otis H.
Aulthouse, L. D. Cook, Russell N.
Biddle and E. C. Snyder.
Another meeting was announced
to be held on Monday evening, Feb
ruary 3.
To Organize New Bank
in Franklin County
Cliniiibcrsburg, Pa., Jan. 15. —
Franklin county is, to have another
bank. Fifty farmers and businessmen
of the vicinity of Orrstown, met in
Orrstown and decided to organize a
banking institution with a capital
of $25,000 and a surplus of $5,000.
Of- this amount $13,000 was sub
scribed by those present at the
meeting. Whether it shall be a na
tional or state institution has not
yet been decided by the prpmoters.
Committees have been appointed to
purchase equipment, choose a site
for the bank and make other ar
rangements preparatory to the open
ing of the bank.
May Locate Locomotive
Plant at Chambersburg
Chambersburg, Pa., Jan. 15.
A communication has been receiv
ed by the local Chamber of Com
merce asking whether Chambers
burg would welcome the location
here of a plant for the manufacture
of small oil-burning locomotives.
The letter states that it is an al
ready well established business that
has outgrown its present quarters
and is desirous of establishing an
other plant in Pennsylvania. A build
ing 60 by 200 feet and six acres of
ground will be needed, and fifty men
will be employed at the start.
Cliainbershurg. Pa.. Jan. 15. —
Robert E. Bradley, who gives ltis
home as Virginia, is in the local jail
charged with having stolen from tlie
United States mails and with having
in his possession mail matter or ar
ticles taken from mail known by him
to have been stolen. The prosecution
was brought by W. J. l*'ahy, a post
office Inspector, who says that Brad
ley committed the crime with which
he is charged at Ellwood City, lav
rence county. Bradley is a discharg
ed soldier and'is still wearing his
uniform. He has been arraigned be
fore United States Commissioner N.
L. Bonbrake, here and will be given
a hearing later.
Mechanicsburg, Pa., Jan. 15.
After months of anxiety Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Beistline, East Locust
street, received official notice that
their son, Elwood Beistline, who was
reported missing in action, is ill in
a hospital.
YVnynosboro, Pa., Jan. 15.—The
stockholders of the Chambersburg,
Greencastle and Waynesboro Street
Railway Company, held their annual
election and elected these, directors:
E. L.' Coblentz, Middletown, Md.,
president; W. L. Minick, J. J. Oiler,
Jay Fi Shank, D. M. Wertz, John G.
Benedict and George B. Beaver,
Waynesboro: J. A. Strite, Chambers
burg; Henry Holzappel, Jr., Alex
ander Arstrong and W. p., Wilson,
Hagerstown, Md.; Cyrus F. Flook,
Myerqville, Md.
The following officers were then
elected: E. L. Coblentz, president;
W. L. Minick, vice-president; Jay* F.
Shank, treasurer; M. A. Poolor, gen
eral manager; R. D. Sefton, man
ager; D. Norria Benedict, secretary;
C. C. Stouffer, chief electrician.
Afterward the stockholders of tlie
Waynesboro Electric Company held
their annual meeting and elected the
following directors: E. L. Coblentz,
R. D. Safton, W. 1.. Minick, J. F.
Shank, J. G. Benedict, J. J. Oiler,
Waynesboro; J. A. Strite and Frank
H. Stouffer, Chambersburg; Ira J.
Funk, Greencastle.
Greencastle. Pa., Jan. 15. —Green-
castle Circulating Library has elect
ed officers for the year as follows:
President, Miss Mary Grove; vice
president, Miss Sue Snively; secre
tary, Miss Grace Eby; treasurer, Miss
Emily Collier; hoard of managers,
Mrs. C. P. Omwake, Mrs. I. G. Rider,
Mrs. E. O. McLunahan.
Waynctdioro, Pa., Jan. 15.—Fol
lowing a disagreement between the
moulders at the Emerson-Branting
ham Company, and tlie management
yesterday ornlng, between 65 and 70
men employed in that department
walked out. The company has posted
a notice that the moulding depart
ment lias been closed indefinitely. F.
M. Petrie, manager for the Emcrson-
Brantlngham Company, said, "Tlie
moulders walked out without sub
mitting to the management any
Liverpool, Pa., Jan. 15,—A drive
for Junior Red Cross members will
be made this week in the borough
schools. Influenza conditions have
prevented the drive previous to this
combines great
food values with
economy ana j
excellent flavor
I No sugar
Money Left in Store Years Ago Given For Near Fust Suf-
ferers by Gettysburg Merchant
Gettysburg, Pa., Jan. 15.—A sum of
money which has been in the hands
of a Gettysburg merchant for some
years in the hope that the rightful
owner would lay claims to it has been
| turned over to the fund for the relief
of the starving Armenians. The
amount Is said to be more than $7O.
It has not been made known in what
store the event took place, how long
ago it occurred or Just how much
money was involved.
It seems, however, that on the day
in question a stranger came into a
Bushman Murder Case
to Be Tried This Month
Gettysburg, p a „ Jan. 14.—Practi
cally all arrangements have been"
completed for the trial of the two
boys, Clarence Collins and Charles
Rplnecker, who are charged with
shooting and killing Georgo J. Bush
man on the return trip from Car
lisle, to which place they hail hir
ed Bushman to take them in his
automobile. The body was taken
to Harrisburg and hid along the
Rnver Bank. The case will ".oine
up for trial at the opening of the
January term of court which will
begin on January 27. It is likely
that it will be the first case tried.
District Attorney Topper will be
assisted by J. Donald Swope. John
D. Keith will be the counsel for
Relnecker and George J. Bcnner will
represent Collins.
Merchants, Manufacturers
Reorganize For the Year
Columbia, Pa., Jan. Js.—The Mer
chants and Manufacturers' Associa
tion at their annual meeting last
night elected those officers for the
coming year: President. William 11.
Lucas: vice-presidents, S. High Lc
van and Edward Bittner; treasurer,
Luther J. Schroeder; directors, Cal
vin R. Strickler, William L. Bucher,
William W. Fairer, Isaac A. Fuid, 11.
F". Yergey, Harry J. Knipe, Charles
S.Myers, William S. Oberlin, John 11.
Ostertag, William J. Strickler, Al
bert Roye, Harry J. Desher, John
Rowe, John Westermun and Dr. S. S.
Stanley C 5. Backenstoss was ap
pointed chairman of the arrange
ments committee or tlie Harrisburg
Association of Fire insurance Agents
held at tlie Y M. C. A. building yes
terday. The following officers were
elected: William S. Essiclc, presi
dent; Howard M. Bird, vice-president,
re-elected; William C. Wanbaugh,
secretary, and Anson P. Dare, treas
urer. These will succeed the retir
ing officers. William S. Robison,
Howard M. Bird, G. L. Cullmerry and
John F. lJapp.
The State Retirement Board at a
meeting here yesterday approved pe
titions from a number of school dis
tricts asking for the merging of lo
cal and state retirement funds. The
following cities have voted on the
subject and submitted petitions: Al
toona, Chester, Erie. Meadville, Scran
ton, NOTrtstowß, Williamsport and
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one UX a aina oniy Dougnt at a song, ture —Velours, Plushes, Pom-Poms, . rWn , ' • all ..j shade*
and to be sold that way—Serges, Pop- Silvertones, Zibelines, in every color, f m all styles
lins, Gaberdines, Velours, Pom-Poms, st yi e an d size. choose from.
Silvertones, Velvets, etc., in every de- $12.50 no $15.00 07 aq
sir able color and style. V 2 ® 0 $6.98 j'.-;".. $7.98 Dresses . . wOJrO J j) re g a es .. ® •
JIS." $7.98 ♦ $9.98 $9-98 H° $12.98 .. '58.98 £1 $10.98
SK£\.. $11.98 $13.98 r.,r $14.98 M o ,' $19.98 J&SL .$11.98 . $13.98
a;',.. $16.98 a,",., $18.98 y 0 :,... $21.98 $24.98["",1, $18.98 $21.98
1000 Women's, Men's, 500 Women's and Misses' 1000 WAISTS
fi* 1 IP D 9 C 1. r ¥ T"fc T 1 O to go at extraordinary low prices
bins & DOVS OW63.tCrS ' O 1 i\. 1 O Georgettes. Crepe de Chine, Satin, Tub
J - A Silks, Voiles and Lawns,
to go regardless of former values. at prices that will astonish you—Serge ®jr n0 SOclw 'r 52.98
$1.86 QQ R $2.00 0-* IN Velour, Taffeta, Silk Poplin, $2.50 "7CI#. $7.00 00 JQ
Sweaters .. Sweaters .. 1*157 Satin, in Plaids, Checks, Stripes and Wuists .... • s ' c | Waists ....
S2.no 01 on $2.75 01 ai\ Plain Colors of all kinds. $2.75 89c $ J' 5O 6Q
Sweaters .. ® Sweaters 51.49 Waists .... OS7C Wu|sts ... . W.D3
_ " $*•" CI fiQ $8.50 0A 1Q $2.85 QO. $B.OO 0O QQ
$3.00 01 7Q $3.50 0 a qq skirts P 1.057 Waists 70C waists 3>J.*7o
Bweators .. sweaters ... UU.Ojy sft, oo 0O 1Q $9.85 0 A on *3.00 CI OQ $8.50 $1 OQ
$3.75 $1 QQ $4.00 0O On Bk,rls * SU't* •••• Waists ....**•* Waists
Sweaters ..!. Sweaters .. 52.29 $2.98 .... $5.49 $1.98 $4.49
sweaters.. $2.49 tcrs .. $2.79 .... $3.49 5.... $6.49 5a,;;;;52.49 ;;;;$4.98
$20,000 Stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing Reduced at Prices That Has Everyone
Talking—Now Is the Time to Stock Up in Clothes—For Never Again Will Such
Remarkable Values Be Offered
500 Men's and Young Men's 300 Men's and Young Men's 1,000 BOYS'
at less than cost.
in Serges and Mixtures of all kinds. to be cleaned up at extra low prices. • $4.50 Suits Co qq $5.98 suits 00 aq
or Overcoats UO or Overcoats
$20.00 $9.98 * 37 ' 50 tlfi Qfi 118.00 CO QD $57.50 CIO QQ $6.85 Suits QO $7.50 Suits 0A 4Q
Suits .... Suits .... ®10.0 . )VPrcoatB 90.V0 overcoats 310.5f0 Overcoats or Overcoats 54.43
5r.... 12 - 98 nr.... $21.98 ssu $9.98 $14.98 ar:,.54.98 r„r 5 „r.55.49
£r... $15.98 5r.... $23.98 ,7-",,, $11.98 •;,, $16.98 £%£%s 6.49 *7*49
5r.... 817-98 nr.... $27.98 istl, $12.98 $19.98 nrnrio^s
local businessplace and after com
pleting his transaction left. Shortly
afterward the money was found. The
merchant went out to scarcli for the
owner, but could not find him. Then
lie advertised and, finally, having ex
hausted all known means, laid the
money aside, thinking that some day
it might be claimed. Some years have
since passed and he now believes that
there is no hope that the owner will
ever claim his property, and, feeling
that It was not his to use, the mer
chant turned It over for relief work
In the Near East.
Mifflin County Man Fined
$5OO For SelLng Liquor
Iwwlstown, Pa., Jan. is, Ilay .
mond Hartzler, of MeVeytowu. ar,d
John Soles, of Granville, were ac
quired in the courts hero yeterdny
of Stealing bruss at the Standard
Steel Works.
V. Salviano, alias Joseph Carlo
charged with selling ii< |uor without
a license pleaded guilty to the charge
and the court sentenced him to pay
a fine of shfifl and to serve eigh*
months in the county jail.
James Zar'bonas was brought be
fore the court charged with making
threats against Dr. 8 o. Hendrcn
a well-known veterinury of this
place. lie was ordered by the court
to pay the costs of prosecution and
to give a bond of $4OO to keep the
peace of Dr. Ilendren.
llnllain, Pa., Jan, 15.—A farmers'
institute will bo held on Friday and
Saturday, February 7 and- 8. The
sessions will be held in the base
ment of Trinity Reformed Church.
The speakers will be M. H. McCal
lurn,. George L. Gillinghani, Sheldon
W. Funk and Porfessor J. C. San
ders. The sessions will be held under
the auspices of the Bureau of Farm
ers Institutes, State Department of
Lewistowit. Pa., Jan. 15. Citi
zens of this place are pleased at the
work being done at the now plant of
the Belmont Motor Company. This
plant expects to employ about 300
men at the start ami work up to a
force of at least 1,000 employes.
Two million five hundred thousand
dollars will be invested.
Sunbuiy, Pa., Jan. 15.—Local
bankers to-day declare that they will
honor all checks Issued to railroad
men on the next payday, but will
hire no extra help to accommodate
this expected rush of work. More
than 1,600 inen are employed at Sun
bury and Northumberland.
The following officers were elected
at yesterday's meeting of the stock
holders of the DevTne and Yungel
Shoe Manufacturing Company yester
day: Thomas J. I levins, president;
Joseph P. Yungel, vice-president;
Frank Payne, secretary-treasurer. K.
L. Dare and the above-named officers
constitute the board of directors.
The directors will hold their an
nual meeting next week when divi
dends will be declared.
JANUARY 15, 1919.
Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Miss Phoebe Howry was hostess to
the Shiremanstown Needle Club on
Monday evening.
Mrs. Rebecca Funk, of Tiffon, 0,,
spent several days with Mrs. Sam
uel Bates and Miss Susan Mater, of
Mrs. Mary Drawbaugh and sons,
Russell and Victor Drawbaugh, of
Trlndle Springs, spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Noah R.lielges, of
Mr. .and Mrs. Noah R. Heiges, of
Shiremanstown. visited friends in
Harrlsburg on Monday.
Mrs. D. Bloom Wentz, of Plain
field, has returned home after spend
ing several days with her daughter,
Mrs. George K. Eshleman, of _Shire
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wcigel and
son, J. Edward Weigel, of Harris
burg, spent several days with the
former' 3 parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Weigel, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Bltncr, at Shiremanstown.
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Young and
Mrs. Dora Riehwine, of Mechanics
burg, and E. L. Gland, of Harrisburg,
were Sunday gucßts at the home of
Mrs. H. M. Rupp, of Shiremans
Miss Jennie Stevens, of Shiremans
town, visited Mrs. H. O. Dodge, of
Camp Hill, on Tuesday.
New Cumberland, Pa., Jan. 15. —
Mrs. Chester Stettlcr, who was mar
ried recently, was given a misceh
ianeous shower on Monday evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Shelly. Refreshments were served
to: Mrs. Maggie Davis, Mrs. Clyde
Shelly, Mrs. Annie Dltlow, Mr. and
Mrs. Murray Hake, Misses Edith
Snyder. Miss Marcella Uricli, Miss
Delia Snell, Miss Florence Urich,
Miss Jessie Long, Miss Anna Stettler,
Miss A Ida Long, Miss Elmira Fisher,
Miss Ruth Zimmerman, Miss Lillian
Mosey, Miss Alda Snyder, Miss Mar
garet Hoover, Mrs. Edna Kellil, Mrs,
Paul ReifT, Mrs. It. J. Fisher, Mrs.
L. J. Bates, Mrs. Neal Snell, Mrs.
Minnie Elchinger, Mrs. Ellsworth
Fisher, Mrs. Anna Snell. Mrs. "Sadie
Snell, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Shelly,
Mrs. Chester Stettlen and Miss Ida
Now Cumberland, Pa., Jan. 15.
The new laboratory at the New Cum
berland High school lias been com
Shiremanstown, Pa., Jan. 15.—Mrs.
J. Henderson Stock will entertain the
Woman's Missionary Society of St.
John's Lutheran Chnrcli at her res
idence in Railroad street, on Thurs
day afternoon.
fWy/ "-WL#
Hot water
KL r Sure Relief
Halifax, Pa., Jan. 16.—At the re*
ular meeting of the borough coun
all Tax Colloctor Carson C,
made his settlement for 1918 taxes
Exonerations were granted to th
amount of *53, of which *24 wa
on the old school house building an<
*8 on the Koyal theater. Bill:
amounting to *317.28 were paid. Th
following committee was appoints*
to consider the matter of equlpplni
the tire company with rubber coat
and boots: Cornelius Koppenhef
fer, M. W. Etter and George A. Pet
"Pape's Cold Compound" endt
a cold or grippe in
a few hours
Your cold will break and al
grippe misery end after taking a dos
of "Pape's Cold Compound" ever
txvo hours until three doßes ar
it promptly opens clogged-up nos
trils and air passages In the head
stops nasty discharge or nose run
nlng, relieves sick headache, dull
ness, fevcrlshness, sore throat, sneez
lng, soreness and stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow
lng and snuffling! Ease your throb
bing head—nothing else In the worl<
gives such prompt relief as "Pape'
Cold Compound," which costs onlj
a few cents at any drug store. It act
without assistance, tastes nice, an*
causes no Inconvenience. Accept n*
Surgeon General Blue of the public
health aervi.. warm lhat the Inftuenzti
epidemic 1* by no mean* ended and all
iHtnalhl* precaution* should be taken.
■prnveri dally Into noae and throat la an
excellent preventive, it kllla the rerrn.
At your drugtfiat* or by malL
i 2 alz ea —fl>c or 11 per holt la.
117 No. 8d St.. PhllaSrlnliia
Nick it right at the start witl
Dr. King's New Discovery
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cough or a mild attack of grippe o
bronchitis, promptly, pleasantly, ef
feclively, economically. I.oosen th
stuffiness, check the sniffles, th
tight feeling, the Irritation, th
watery, inflamed eyes.
It takes only a little of Dr. King-
New Discovery to help the usual col
and cough discomforts if taken ac
cording to directions. A large bot
tie lasts long and Is pleasant fo
young and old. Keep It handy
colds and coughs come unexpect
edly. suddenly.
Stir Those Torpid Bowels
Enjoy the freedom of the regu
larlty made possible by mild ye
positive acting, natural, pleasant
comfortable Dr. King's New Lit
Pills. Not habit-forming, but a sys
tern cleanser that promotes health
ful results. All druggists.

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