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Look Out, NewviDe, the Beckley
I Basketballers Are After You!
Field Marshall Edward A. Smith,
kulding efficient for tho Beckley
Business College basketball beauties,
announces that Newvllle will be the
nestiny of the all-conquering maids
from- Harrisburg, who will not per
mit a little thing like a blizzard to
atop their course. The Newvllle
High School has been mowing down
the foe, but director Smith makes
little of that, having selected a line
up including the very firmament of
tVe know now why tho elr-shlps
Must cross o'er the Big Drink;
IVy'li furnish traiisportnilua fur
Our President, w think,
since Wilson's now commuting
'Twill America and Franco,
He'll have to do a llnodlc
And toko an awful rlvanoc.
New York, Feb. 12.—-Edward
f'iank, pitcher, returned an unsiyn
k! contract to the New York Arner
cn League Club yesterday with the
Announcement that ho had retired
rom major league baseball to give
ill his attention to business at llet
ysburg. Pa. Plank, who is 43 years
fid, was traded to the Yankees by
the St. Ixmis Americans last year,
>at signed with a teiaxn in the Beth
ehem Steel League Instead of re
porting to New York.
. Boston, Feb. 3 2. —Charles (Heinle)
(Vagner, of New York, former in
ieldcr and for the last two 'seasons
:m the Boston American League
Huh roster as a coach, has been un
conditionally reieased. according to
an announcement made last night
sy .Manager E. G. Barrow.
Philadelphia, Fob. 12.—The Unl
rersity of Havana baseball team will
nake a trip to the United States
this spring and is planning to play
the big colleges in the east and
niddle west, according to a- letter
received by 11. R. Bushnell. acting
graduate manager of the University
>f Pennsylvania from Richard
I rant, athletic director of Havana.
Dr. Grant said the trip would ex
tend from April 3 6 to May 29 and
that he would like to play the open
,ng contest with Pennsy'vania,
which has no game scheduled for
that date. Mr. Bushnell has turned
the matter over to the baseball
Manager John McGraw, of the
(ew York Giants, laughs at the sug
gestion that he may have trouble
landling Hal Chase after he has
idded the star first baseman to his
oster. McGraw opines that ban
ning Chase will be child's play in
•omparison with Ihe timo ho had
ceeping the late "Bugs" Raymond
n line. In discussing the subject,
McGraw said: "Chaso can't be half
is hard to handle as 'Bugs' Ray
nond. Raymond looked uncom
monly long on the cup that cheers.
After I had done everything to kill
Raymond's thirst, including hiring
a keeper for him, I thought John T.
who was alive then, could do
Something. I had a record of liay-
M Tracks
1 Continuous Service
and Long Run
;lt Us Give You Full Details .
The Over-land Harrisbnrg Co-|
g212-214 North Second Street's
is still unmarked by a memorial
wo suggest that you select one
now. We can make one after
your own ideas or after those of
acknowledged beauty. No obliga
tion is incurred by looking over
our choice designs.
Granite, Marble and Tile
Harrisburg, Pa.
I You're Wanted— |
i I
| Every businessman is doing his utmost to rebuild, as near j
| to 100 per cent, efficient, as possible, his organization.
n Ambitious helpers are a necessity. Now is the time for j
I you to make up your mind as to what you arc best fitted to c
jjj do and let businessmen know what it is.
' Q An advertisement in the
"Better Situation Wanted" Column of the
| Harrisburg
| would be read by those who are able to offer you a more E
Q advantageous position. '
Copyright, 1918. I
$J V ' C
stars from Beckley. "Wo are trained
to a T,'" says he, and "are expecting
a hard run."
Beckley maids do not seem to get
tired; they are in action soveral times
each week. On Thursday night they
appcay .hpro on the Armory floor
against the ex-High School team,
with a dance to follow, and some
side attractions, such as a song pro
gram by Harold Mowery, alumnus
of Bockley and of State.
inond's night out, and sent it to Mr.
Brush, along with Kaymond. This
record showed 'Bugs' had swallowed
forty-two beers and seven green oil
lons. Mr. Brush cross-examined
Kaymond, and after a long timo he
finally admitted that he might have
sipped the boors, but he was sure
ho had nothing to do with the on
ions. I almost lost my job for this
interview with Mr. Brush. Kaymond
was a persistent guy. One spring
xve were just arriving at Marlin.
•Bugs' wanted $509, and I told him
no advance money was to he had
that spring. He cut the request to
$260. I refused again. He asked for
$lOO. Again I refused. Then he
wanted $5O. $26. $lO und a $2 bill.
Finally when he saw I was obdurate,
he said. 'Gimme two bits for a shave,
will you?' And I don't think he got
even that. I never knew when Kay
mond was going to fall. Once wo
were playing a tight same with the
Pirates. Along about tho sixth in
ning wo had a two-run lead und I
wanted that game, so I gave Ray
mond a brand new bail and sent him
to the warming pit to use if neces
sary. 1 i>ald no further attention
to him. In the ninth Pittsburgh got
two men on and Wagner was at bat.
Raymond always could bafflo Wag
ner, so I wigwagged for him to
come in. He came in quickly
enough, and Wagner met hiin with
a three-hagger that tied the score.
Immediately I knew something was
wrong. I found out too late that
Raymond had run out of tho Polo
Grounds, sold the new ball for half
a dollar, bought as many drinks
ho could, and came back to lose that
game. There never \va3 a trouble
maker like him."
Ed "Strangier" Lewis, of Lexing
ton, Ky.. challenger for the heavy
weight wrestling championship, and
Joe Steadier, of Dodge, Neb., the for
mer champion, were matched last
night to meet in a finish contest in
Chicago, March 3, for a purse of $lO,-
000,. The winner will receive $6,000
and the loser. $4,000 in addition to
moving picture privilege.
Babe* Ruth, Red Sox star, cham
pioned the cause of a number of wo
men and squelched a group of row
dies who were annoying them at a
local daflce in Meredith, N. H., Sat
urday night Ruth was present with
Mrs. Ruth. The baseball giant bided
his time, waiting for someone, in
authority to halt tho rough tactics,
but when no one did, he acted. A
short snappy talk about "throwing
them through the door" caused thepi
to quiet down and leave the gather
ing. The group then waited outside
for Reuben. When Ruth came out
he expressed his willingness to let
them have some and prepared to
serve it out.
Walter Shaffer, Dauphin aviator,
home after service with the Lafay
ette Escadrille, where he won the
Croix do Guerre, will lqcturo on his
adventures cnxt Monday evening at
8 o'clock in tho Covenant Presbyte
rian Church, Fifth and Pcllc •
streets. Part of the proceeds will
be devoted to the Easter collection
of the primary Sunday school de
partment of the Covenant Church.
Table of Long Runs
of 1918 Trapshooters
By Peter I*. Carney
Ten hundred and 80 different
amateurs and 159 different pro
fessionals complied 4,325 runs
of 50 straight or better in the
registered trapshooting tourna
ments of 1918.
More long runs were made last
year than in any previous year
despite the depleted ranks of the
trapshooters. This denotes im
provement in shooting.
The appended table indicates
the number in which the long
runs were compiled by the ama
teurs and tho professionals:
Runs Amaters Prof. Total
50 to 74 2527 653 3180
75 to 99 588 191 779
100 to 124. 152 81 233
150 to 174 21 10 31
125 to 149 * 46 30 76
175 to 199 5 6 11
200 to 224 5 2 7
225 to 249 3 2 5
250 to 275 2
300 up , 1 ~ J
Total runs 3350 975 4325
SNOODLES By Hungerford
r —-—, -
Aodkl O "£V 6T HIM „ / \ .See HOW / .///^^
x-r / IrjiS S f> <? ]HE MADE / I
- CDook / f I lIKCS ) firi HEAD, PoPPY. Th* fuzz. \ mm
* ' 4 '
Sunday School League
Will Have Baseball
Teams This Season
Manager Holohan, of the Tarsus
Gymnasium, informed the Tele
graph to-day that the Sdnday
School League mot last night and
on motion of M. L. Foutz, Salem
Reformed decided to start a base
ball league for the season. "We
recognize that baseball is going to
have Its biggest year" said Holo
han, "and we want to be up in the
king row."
Tarsus lost last night to the
Middletown five, 36-34, a very
small margin. Mack starred am.
onavely counted strong for Mid
Two battles were staged at Leon
ard's last evening in the Central
Iron and Steel League, with the re
Irwin 381 162 165 — 608
Adams 130 163 164—• 457
Fritz 132 144 136 412
Harms . ..i. 119 119 120— 368
Stouffer .... 123 146 167 436
Total 685 734 752—2171
Grissingor .. 191 193 144 — 528
Eastor. 304 146 143 393
Sheesley ... 136 136 161— 433
Hare 118 119 111 — 348
Black ...,. 141 151 138-^-436
Vrotal 696 745 697—2138
Irwin 345 146 360 461
Adams 353 91 134 378
Fritz 118 125 129 — 372
Harms 4 132 141 133 406
StaufCer 190 174 179 543
Total 738 677 735—2150
Gnssinger .. 177 143 138— 458
Easton 145 125 144 414
Sheesley .... 131 162 130— 423
Hare 156 154 131— 441
Black 168 134 181— 483
Total 777 718 724—2219
The Dull class last night defeated
the Bethany Chapel bowlers by a
large margin on the Boyd Memorial
S. Lego 121 129 141— 391
Brenizer ... 113 119 10.— 338
N. Lego . ... 109 142 115— 366
Hiney 103 157 134 394
G. Lego 362 137 117 — 416
Total 608 684 613 —1905
Sites 140 178 135 453
Ellis 155 373 112— 440
Cook 159 116 106— 381
Sassaman .. 169 148 182— 499
Sliker 141 17-1 172 484
Total 764 786 707—2267
McKee 130 143 178—451
Hunter 133 187 161— 481
Tompson ... 154 106 140— 400
Pugh 160 ■ 152 162 474
Miller 149 125 138— 412
Total 736 713 779—2228
S. Books ... 360 126 166 452
Howclls 170 132 115— 417
Brown 178 163 146 487
Ellenbergec . 152 177 155 484
E. Books ... 135 95 174 404
Total 795 693 756 —2244
The Captains, league leaders, were
jolted last night by the stalwart
Persliings and Sergeants out-duck
pinned the Generals:
Taylor 137 161 161— 459 j
Michael ....... 108 102 145 355
Gospel! 1H 156 164 491
Coloiasis 122 145 119— 386
Hinkle 129 129 129 387
Totals 667 693 718 2078
Rowe ........ ■ 94 97 140— 335
Smith 11l 81 145 337
Dow 11l 109 129 349
Demma 147 136 159 442
Burger ....; 131 131 116— 378
Totals 594 554 689—1837
Bobb 117 117 117— 351
Jacobs 106 117 95 318
James 139 156 89— 384
Johnson 165 102 112— 379
llarget 151 184 131— 416
Totals 678 676 644—1898
Semples 132 146 154 432
Nunemaker 103 121 131— 355
Page 144 94 119— 367
Reber 125 125 125 375
Peters r 90 104 92 286
Totals .*.... 594 690 621—1805
The Deltas defeated the Alphas
last night on the C&sino Alleys by a
margin.of ten pins. \
Ennis 146 125 213 484
Krall 146 170 201— 612
Kozel 141 135 135 411
Montgomery" 161 184 131— 466
Totals 636 636 773—2045
Lightner , 188 162 178— 528
Zoigler .' 175 174 178— 522
Belver 132 155 144 831
Morrison 172 169 214 554
i Totals 7 660 705—2085
Boxing Managers Keen
to Show at Capital City
. * •
Harrisburg Is getting on the box-1
ing map. A missive has just been
received by the sporting editor from
something of Johnny Murray, the
sensational bantamweight who, the
other day, put away Franklo Clark
in two rounds. Frank (Doc) Bagley
suggests that as Harrisburg is on
the boxing drive It might be possi-'
ble to have Murray appear 111 the
Capitol City. He narrates:
"Murray in eight bouts in Phila
delphia, scored four knockouts and
in the other contests he handed out
unmerciful lacings to his opponents/
Terry Ketchell. Wally Nelson, Frank
ie Clarke and Johnny Hogan were
(Kid) Brown, Frankie Clarke, Joe
Wright and Young Robidcau were
Premier Figtyers at
Motive PowW Show
On February 21
Harrisburg Will see another
lively boxing show on the night
of February 21 when the Motive
Power folk at their arena stage
Sammy Sehiff and Joe McCarron
as the windup attraction. Johnny
Herman is to appear against a
good man, not yet selected. An
other crowd drawer will be Rube
Bennet who made such a fine im
pression the last show. Rube,
native son, .and a tip-top lad,
very popular, had hard luck at
Lancaster last night, losing, ac
cording to the scribes, to Johnny
Viggi, of Philadelphia. Rube
will hook up again with Baldy
Brandt and these middlewelghts
are certain to be entertaining.
The program also includes an Al
toona favojfite, Dick Conlon, who
makes a noise like a goose but
usually trims his foe. This bill
promises action, for Baldy Brandt
made a. hit last meetftig in his
defeat of Globish and Bennet is
always good. While the Scliiff-
McCarren set-to should be spec
The. Lev. Dr. George E. Reed will
deliver the principal address at a
celebration of Lincoln's Birthday to
be held in the Courthouse to-night.
Members of Post 68, G. A. R.,' will
bo in attendance.
In the first of a series of three
games to decide the cage champion
ship of Hershey, the Hershey Olivets
last night defeated the Hershey Big
Five by the score of 63 to 61. Two
extra periods of five minutes each
were necessary before the Olivets
could claim the bacon. Clark and
Zimmerman starred for the winning
combination while Wirth played a
star game for the Big Five. The
line up:
Olivets. Big Five.
Strine, f. Bordner, f.
Clark, f. Wirth. f.
Elliott, c. S. Zimmerman, &
Stover, g. Shenk, g.
Zimmerman, g. Dressier, g.
Field goals: Strine, 4; Clark, 7; El
liott, 1; Stover. 1; Zimmerman, 7;
Bordner. 6; wirth. 6; 8. Zimmerman,
3; Shenk, 2; Dressier. 2. Fouls:
Stover, 13, and S. Zimmerman, 15.
Referee, Smith, * •
the fighters who lasted th e limit with
Johnny. Murray fought Robideau
and Clarke on a minute's notice, and
In each case he made good,
T, as manager of Murray, am anx
ious to sign him against Pete Her
man for the bantamweight cham
pionship. I signed articles to box
Herman at the National A. A., but
the tltleliolder ran out of the match.
My fighter was willing to make 118
pounds ringside, but the titleholder
wanted 118 at 6 p. 111. Murray re
fused as he claimed that Herman
would have at least five pounds in
advantage. 1 am ready to sign Mur
ray against Joe Burman, MemphVb
Pal Moore, Pete Herman and Jack
Valentine Social to Be
Held in Messiah hChurch
Tomorrow night at eight o'clock at
Messiah Lutheran Church, the Har
risburg Gettysburg League will
hold a valentine social. Walter Shaf
fer who had such wonderful experi
ences in France "over the heads of
the Huns" will relate some of those
experiences and Lieutenant Kellburg
another local boy who saw much ser
vice abroad will add to the interest
of the evening. In addition A. W.
Hartman will sing a solo and lead
in community singYng.
This organization is one of the
eleven such organizations which are
erecting a Y. M. C. A. hut at Gettys
burg College campus.
The corner stone will be laid this
Fighting Parson Returns to Pulpit
After Knockiing Out Tuberculosis
';y > " , g^y^y^y'.y: :^'^v^.iiffftpiEKyi^ | | ..Ml
una R WBoaa
Winning a decision over old
"Knockout" tuberculosis is • one of
the biggest victories ever won by
the "Flghyng Parson," Fred R.
Wedge, well known to army men
along the Mexican border.- The erst
while pastor, lumberjacks army box
ing instructor, ranchman and brake
man, tried a "comeback" recently at
El Paso in a ten-round bout with
Tommy Murphy of the Fifth Cavalry
for the welterweight championship
Tonight's the Night
For Central High
and Camp Hill
A team which will probably play
permanently under the name of
Central High School, now called
the Infornials, will meet Camp Hill
Big Five to-night, over there. This
is a starter for bringing back uth
leticg to Central, declares Curl
Stoner, who is handling 'he In
formals, and everybody interested
in the city athletics will be glad
to hear it. Tech has been taking
up the whole stage and no one is
envious of lier, but Central High
should be prominent, too.
The athletes who will do battle
to-night in Central High's name
are Mlnnich , Robinson, Cahill,
Craiglow, Perrin and Koch. Five of
these players will start the game.
The contingent will have to exert,
themselves to the utmost in order
to wallop the Camp Hill tosaers,
who include a number of former
college stars.
It is expected that within the
course of a few days a captain will
be elected by the infornials. Joe
Minnich was captain of the senior
team and "Mel" McClintock led the
junior five. Now that the two com
binations havo gone together as
one a new leader will be named.
It will probably, be one of these
The following will be included in
the Camp Hill Big Five lineup:
Higley, Sutton, Kurtz, Myers, Mun
nell and Fry.
Votes 194 to 142 Favoring New
Thrcc-Ycar Building
Washington, Feb. 12. —Adminis-
tration leaders in the House have
won their fight for a declaration by
Congress of a policy of naval ex
pansion unless limitation of world
armament is agreed upon at tho
peace conference. After a long de
bate yesterday, the House voted
194 to 142 to approve the new
three-year building program of ten
battleships and ten scout cruisers
and immediately afterwards adopt
ed the entire naval appropriation
The vote on the adoption of the
bill was 281 to 60. As finally ap
proved the measure carries a total
of $721,00,000 for the naval estab-
I lishnient during the next fiscal year,
I including $179,000,000 for the un-
I finished part of the first three-year
program adopted in 1916.
During tho day the House adopt
ed by a vote of 205 to 148 a reso
lution of the rules committee mak
ing the naval expansion policy leg
islation in order, thus overcoming
a parliamentary advantage gained
yesterday by Republican Leader
Mann, whose points of order against
the program had been sustained by
Representative Garret, of Tennessee,
Democrat, who was temporarily
Representative Moore, of Penn
sylvania, said the question to be
decided was not whether the House
was for or against a large navy, but
whether it was for or against the
voople, who had to pay the bills,
while Representative Johnson, of
South Dakota, asserted that the time
had come for Congress to adopt
another declaration of independ
ence and Tree itself from the mas
tery of the President.
Sidney Brandson, his wife and
Clarence Williams, 510 Strawberry
street, were arrested last night on
suspicion. Their cases will be
heard in police court tills after
of the border. Although he is forty
years old Wedge stayed the limit,
but has decided that the pulpit and
the square circle, is the place for
him. After the boot he wrote: "Now
that boxing and physical culture
have completely cured me of tuber
culosis I am going back to the active
ministry of the church. I shall always
remain an enthusiastic booster of
boxing and believe boxing will be
come the national sport of America'".
FEBRUARY 12, 1919.
| Lloyd George Expects That
Report Will Be Issued
London, Feb. 12.—Progress on the
formation of the Society of Na
tions was v'iry satisfactory. Pre
mier Lloyd George said in tho
House of Commons in discussing the
j work of the peace conference. He
; said he hoped that a report would
j be issued soon by the commission
appointed to consider responsibil
ity for the war and enemy out
The Premier, in answer to a
question, said that the British rep
resentatives, like tho others, would
sign the treaty of peace provision
ally and that the treaty would be
pi-esentod to Parliament for ratifi
cation. If the House of Commons
chose to repudiate it, the House
was all powerful.
The peace commission on in
demnities, the Premier said he
hoped, would issue its report .soon.
The Premier declared that the
conference had made progress be
yond the most sanguine anticipa
tions and that it was approaching
an agreement on most questions. It
would be a misfortune, he added, if
the peace conference deliberations
were discussed in any parliaments
before they were concluded.
The Peace Time Quality of
King Oscar
!~ : I
will be remembered long after the price,
which conditions compel us to charge, has
; been forgotten.
. John C. Herman & Co. !
7c —worth it. .
5551 I
Coal I
I .
THE modern way to load and screen
coal is by machinery,
i Coal is hoisted to the screens by
electric power, after which the coal travels
over a large screen to remove dirt and goes
into our wagons ready for delivery.
The old way for screening coal required
the drivers to shovel coal by hand into a
screen and afterwards throw the rescreened
coal into his wagon. Hard work.
Mechanically screening and loading
coaj requires less labor, therefore our
men are better satisfied. Because of this
we are enabled to secure better drivers.
United Ice & Coal Co.,
Main OOee, Foratrr and Cowden Stu.
i . nf
Also Steelton, Pa.
' y •
Royal Five Keeps Up
Winning Streak by
Beating Liberty
The Royal Five annexed another
game by defeating the strong Lib
erty Five by the score of 62 to 32.
The shooting of Elkins featured,
while the whole team back of him
played a steady game. The Royal
Five is without a game for Friday,
and will play at home or away. Ad
dress, P. Shickley, Royal Fire Com
pany. Dial phone, 4147, Bell, 134 J.
Shickley, f. Reese, f.
Elkins, f, Oapin, f.
Dunkle, c. Thomas, c.
Armstrong, g. Keller, g.
Strine, g. Karrell, g.
Books, g. Clemens, g.
Field goals, Shickley, 6; Elkins,
13; Dunkle, 5; Armstrong, 1; String,
2; Books, 2; Reese, 4; Thomas, S:
Farrell, i; fouls, Shickley, 10;
Thomas, 6. Referee, Brough; scor
er, Pop.
FEBRUARY 11, 5 to 7.30
Stouffer's Restaurant
4 jr. cotinT ST.
Chicken Macaroni Sony
Clilcken Croquettes
Scalloped Oysters
Boast Beef
.Unshed or Baked Brown Potatoes
Stewed Pens or Creamed Onions
and Apple Custard
lee Cream, Pie, Cake or Pudding
Coffee, Ten or Cocoa

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