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Delegation Assures Commis
sioner Sadler That it Will
Help the State Plan
Assurance that York. Adams and
Schuylkill counties -were to
spend their money for construction
of roads in furtherance of tho State
plan for improvement of the roads
of tho State were given to Highway
Commissioner Lewis S. Sadler late
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only few cents
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locs, and calluses, without one par- I
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Cincinnati genius.
| fcr the acid-distressed
I stomach—try two or three
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"Bayer Cross" For Pain
on Tablets. / A \ Neuralgia
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DOSE! jgs p J, A Lame Back
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I Ini ah ap)>i ataa. aaakaa cP
j JB
1 Bagtitmi 4Air ®f* •" 'Ut u
it /oy _St.*,.s' Ksara
| ui£ ramn tro-a
X if iut nun r
/A\ / "■— J
/ V / 320 Mirktt SL
(Oaer ffca lak)
af HiVFRISBURO, PA. n mm km ■ Mt
1 yesterday by delegations from those
counties. Speaker Robert S.
Spangler, Senator George Marlowe,
Samuel S. Lewis, of thb Auditor
General's office, and Congressman
E. S. Brooks headed the YorkaAdams
delegation, which Included Repre
sentative T. E. Brooks. County Com
missioners John Jenkins, Frank
Lauer and Worley J. Neff, of York
county, Commissioners H. B.
Slagle and E. C. Keefer, of Adams
county; John R. Bittinger. It. E.
Lanius, W. L. Taylor, Ray Sher
wood and Allen C. Wiest, with men
from tho York Chamber of Com
merce, York Motor club, and good
road organizations from the two
The commissioner was told that
the York people had a million
dollar bond issue in mind and asked
that the State match It. Mr. Sadler
said that good roads were essential,
especially as the Allies had demon
strated the fact In winning the war
over roads that "stood up." The
York people wanted the same kind
of roads and tho Commissioner re
plied that they should build the sec
ondary roads as tho State would an
nounce its primary system soon and
go ahead.
Commissioner Neff said that he
favored spending money and issu
ing bonds for good roads and will
work for a liberal appropriation by
his county. Congressman Brooks
said that York is a good roads
county. Adams men joined In tho
good roads movement enthusiastic
ally. r~
Auditor General Charles A.
Snyder, Secretary of Internal
Affairs Paul W. Houck ami County
Commissioners McDonald and
Probst, of Schuylkill county, notified
the Commissioner that the county
will vote $350,000 toward the new
highway between Shenadoah and
Hometown, Mr. Snyder saying that
the cpunty will spend money to get
good roads
Chambcrsbtirg, Pa.. March IS.—
Miss Margaret Strealey, one of the
best known residents of Chambers
burg, and one of the oldest, she be
ing in her 87th year. Is critically ill
at her home. She was taken sudden
ly ill last Wednesday and has since
been in a critical condition. She is
a granddaughter of the late Dr.
Abraham Senseny, one of the first
physicians to locate in Cliambers
Columbia, Pa., March IS.—The
Pennsylvania - Railroad Young Men's
Christian Association has made ex
tensive improvements in their build
ing and have started a membership
campaign with the agent, B. P.
Knowles, as chairman. The manag
ers are planning a wharf, lockers
and park along the river front to af
ford bathing facilities in the sum
i mer and will also have other outside
| recreation.
! Dandruff Surely
Destroys the Hair I
Girls —if you want plenty of thick (
beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by
jail means get rid of dandruff,
jit will starve your hair and ruin it
'if you don't.
I It doesn't do much good to try to
j brush or wash it out. The only sure
I way to get rid of dandruff is to dis
| solve it, then you destroy it entirely.
| iTo do this, get about four ounces
j of ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at
■ night when retiring; use enough to
i moisten the scalp angl rub it in
i gently with the linger tips,
i By morning, most if not all, of
' your dandruff will be gone, and
j three or four more applications will
I completely dissolve and entirely de
j stroy every single sign and trace
j of it.
You will find, too, that all itching
! and digging of the scalp will stop,
hand your hair will look and feel a
' hundred times better. You can get
| liquid arvon at any drug store. It
is inexpensive and four ounces is
all you will need, no matter how
much dandruff you have. This sim
ple remedy never fails.
Ben G. Eynon Will Succeed
George B. Brusstar As
Automobile Registrar
chief clerk of tho
N\\\ county commis
sloners of Lacka
_? wanna county,
lluwN w '" succeed
George B. Brus-
II CfifttitsttiblV star as rcgistar
-alt ° { ~1C automobil °
Eynon lives in |
Scranton and is active in Republican •
Mr. Brusstar was the third man
to hold the place. He Is a Plilla- i
delphian and was named by Dr.
Brumbaugh, a personal friend. Dur
ing his administration the division
broke all records for receipts and
work and was also moved to its
present quarters at Second and Lo
cust streets.
Wants a Spur.—Representative A. '
C. Schaffer, of Schuylkill, has pre- ;
sented a bill for a spur on the j
Bloomsburg-Mauch Chunk highway.
It would reach Mahanoy City and ,
General Trexler Here. General i
Henry C. Trexler, of Allentown, was
among Ilill visitors. j
Government Didn't Appear.—The '
complaint of the Pittsburgh Steel
company against the coal rates of i
the Mononguhela and Pittsburgh and
Lake Erie railroads was submitted to
the Public Service Commission last i
night after argument by the com- >
plainants only, the United States
Railroad Administration and the
railroads declining to appear. The
Commission some time ago ruled l
that it had jurisdiction and directed '
that the ease proceed. Willis F.
McCook, of Pittsburgh, appeared to |
make the argument. The complaints '
of the city of New Castle and various i
bodies against the rates and servjee |
arrangements of the water compaqy
in that city were argued by James A.
Gardner, city solicitor, and Harry
A. Gregory. Decisions were received.
Both cases involve important ques
Holding Conference.—Coleman J.
Joyce and R. F. Busher,' of the
bureau of accounts of the Public |
Service Commission left for Pitts
burgh where a conference will _be ;
held with representatives of New I
York, Ohio and West Virginia- and j
of the natural gas companies. This |
is the second in the series.
Many Will Bid—Lively bidding is j
expected at the office of the State I
Armory Board on Friday when the. |
bids are opened for the cavalry j
squadron armory at Thirty-second j
j and Lancaster avenue, Philadelphia, j
j The word has come here that at I
I least fifty contracting Arms have ■
! been looking up the plans and spec!- i
j flcations and that many have de-j
I termined to submit bids. The Board i
I will meet next Week to make the i
| awards. The bids for the Reading
and Tyrone armories will be opened j
the day after the c a Fairy tenders are i
received. The plan is to spend over j
$300,000 on the Philadelphia armory |
which will be one of the largest to |
be built by the State.
After the Dogs.—State Live Stock j
Sanitary authorities are making in- j
| quiries as to the manner in which ■
I central Pennsylvania counties en- |
i forced the dog license law during j
| 1918 and it is intimated that some
tart letters will be sent to county
commissioners of the districts where |
the officials failed to act vigorously, j
The Board is to take over the dog
enforcement under the reorganiza
tion act.
Mr. McAfee Here.— Ex-Secretary
of the Commonwealth P.obert Me- t
A fee visited the Capitol and met
many friends last night,
i Close at Noon. —All departments
] of the Capitol will close at noon to-
I morrow out of respect to Dr. Schal'-
i fer and remain closed the rest of the
Mr. Magee Visits. —William A. Ma
gee, former public service commis
sioner, visited the State Capitol yes
Appropriation Bills.—The bill for
Polyclinic hospital was presented J
last night by Representative D. I.
Milter for $lO,OOO and Representa-1
tive W. C. Bowman, Cumberland, j
presented the Carlisle hospital bill j
for $30,000.
Liverpool, Pa., March 18.—Mrs. 11. I
A. Rhuler recently entertained a j
number of friends at an enjoyable |
dinner party. Each guest on enter- j
ing the dining room was surprised j
to find on the table as place cards a j
photograph of themselves taken in i
the days of long ago. A beuutiful j
glass bowl a,dorned the table. Car- |
lienterpiecc or pink carnations in cut j
nations were used as favors. The;
guests included; Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Snyder, Mrs. John H. Barner, Mrs.
W. W. Rltter, Mrs. Sara A. Rltter,
Mrs. Caroline Shuler, Mrs. nnie Beigh,
AMrs. Ira Wert, Mrs. Aohn N. Ritter,
Mrs. S. A. Derr, Mrs. S. Maurice
Shuler, Mrs. A. M. Shuler, Mrs. T. J.
Williamson, Mrs. E. 11. Leffler, Miss
Mary Leffler, Miss Alice Wert, Miss |
Mary E. Shuler. Miss Gertrude Shuler
and Alvin Williamson.
Lewlatovrn. Pa., March 18.— Five
young men of Lake Park, a suburb,
have been arrested and have been
held in $3OO bail for court. There are
three charges against the five men,
who are Albert Kinsloe, Harry Mun
son, Raymond Kepler, and Joe and
John Kauffman. At the West Brought
farm, about two miles west of town,
they are accused of stealing $3O
worth of chickens, fifteen gallons of
milk, ten quarts of mincemeat and
some cream. They are also charged
with stealing eight chickens from
Harry Mutersbaugh, eighteen from
the Shade farm, and three geese and
some chickens from the Ed. Notestlne
farm above the Junction, one prize
gander taken from the Notestlne
farm reutfned the next day.
Columbia, Pa., March 18.—The
unveiling and dedication of an hon
or roll was held In the home of Sus
quehanna Aerie, No. 293, Fraternal
Order of Eagles, Saturday night,
with a memorial address by Henry I
B. Clepper, editor of the Daily Spy.
J. W. Gillette, worthy president, pre
sided, and Captain C. E. Lenig, de
livered the invocation. The aerie had
sixty-six men in the service and four
members gave up their lives in tho
Columbia, Pa., March 17. —Colum-
bia will send a large delegation of
retail merchants to Harrisburg, on
Wednesday to plead for the repeal
of the mercantile tax at a hearing
before the Ways and Means Com
mittee. John H. Ostortug has been
chosen as spokesman for tho delega
tion. i
I "The Live Store" "Always Reliable"
Do you mean because the "big" crowds are there?
Oh, that's easily explained why there were so many people here yester- B
day and "why" there will be a great many more tomorrow —you see we are selling
$25, $3O, $35, $4O and $45 "Suits and Overcoats at
j $17.75
No we don't have many but there are
enough to satisfy quite a number of people when we
opened the sale Monday morning there were exactly
246 o 596
| Winter Overcoats Winter Suits
1 And we certainly have been selling
them-in fact we "must" sell them-we'll carry nothing
M over and by the end of the week we will have a clean house " 11
I from top to bottom.
You know they can't last very many days so be "up
and doing" if you are interested come expecting to see plenty of other
enthusiastic buyers for this "Live Store" has a reputation for getting out the crowds
because we have what we advertise. We will be busy Rain or Shine. Come!
I $25 —$20 —$35 —$40 —$45 Suits & Overcoats
I $17.75
304 FZVSTHR Harrisburg,
Market St., Pa.
J Always Reliable iJj
MARCH 18, 1919. '

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