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Amendatory Acts Are Keep
ing Men Busy to Un
yi Many of the rural members of the
le-gislature have taken bales of bills
homo to study during the "Master
vacation." which was ordained by con
current resolution last week, and
when they return to Harrisburg for
the reconvening of the houses on the
night of April It they will be prepar- j
ed to consult with colleagues about j
measures to support. Meanwhile, |
some of the members of the House
front counties near Harrisburg will
have a series of conferences on legis
lation and be prepared to meet with
their fellow-members from more dis- ,
tant sections of the State.
Some of these legislators were ,
against the proposition for a recess
and voiced some demands to work, but '
failed to put them to the test on |
the floor of the House. • So they have
concluded to make the best of the
lime and study up the bills. One re- .
suit may be the slaughter of a num
ber of measures which have been re
posing in committee desks. Several
of the chairmen of committees an
nounced before leaving Harrisburg
that they intended to start "spring
housecleanlng" when they returned to
l.arrisburg. so as to clear the ways
for the bip legislation and the appro
priation bills.
One of the features of the numerous
bills presented this session has been
the number of amendatory acts. This
Is partly due to the fact that the ten
dency of General Assemblies for the
last ten years has been to codify the
laws and that many relating to the
tonne subject have been placed in con
venient form. A considerable part. ]
however, are due to the purely lo.al i
conditions, which has Increased the I
amount of committee work to be done.
Just as an example of the way amend
atory legislation appears it may bo
said that in the House alone there are
fifty proposed amendments to the
school code and a score to the bor
ough code. A dozen amendments to
the highway laws and quite a few
til the township laws are proposed,
while bills relating to poor districts
are legion.
Former Grand Duke
in Paris to Tell
Truth About Russia
Paris, April 14. A world-wide
( campaign cf civilization against Bol
shevism is earnestly advocated by
the former Grand Duke Alexander
Michaelovitch, brother-in-law of the
former Emperor Nicholas of Russia,
who is in Paris, he says to tell the
truth about Russia. The former
Grand Duke, who was for a time
kept prisoner in Crimea by the Bol
shevik!, urges that representatives of I
neutral nations should be invited to
a'tend the peace conference to do- j
t ide upon means of lighting "tHe j
danger threatening the stability of !
the universe."
Germany Is Still
Awarding Iron
- Crosses to Soldiers
Coblcnz. April 14.—Iron crosses |
are still being awarded to German |
soldiers in various parts of the :
country. Newspapers in the Anteri- '
can occupied areas as well as those
published in unoccupied Germany i
every few days carry notices to the
effect that word had been received
from the war ministry that a soldier
has been awarded the iron cross for
some act of gallantry during the war.
State Regulation
For Stock Issues
Administration support will get be
hind the new Hess "Blue sky" bill,
designed to regulate by means of
State supervision, the Issuance and
sale of securities other than those
cf national or State character, banks,
yublic service corporations, building
r.r,d loan associations and of corpora
tions not organized for profit. This
bill, which contains the provisions of
the Kansas law and some regula
tions in force in other states, is the
second of the kind to be presented
by the Lancaster city number and
is the result of conferences which
followed the introduction of the ori
ginal bill, the new bill is adapted to
Pennsylvania and has been consider
ably dismissed.
The measure is on the House cal
endar and it is the intention to pass
it in the lower branch in Easter
week. It will not only provide the
/supervision of the securities so that
they may be passed upon before be
ing Issued, but dealers will also be
licensed. All issues of public serv
ice corporations now have to be re
viewed by the Public Service Com
mission which issues certificates of
notification, while financial concerns
and building and loan associations
have long been under the banking
department. All bonds of the b'nited
States or Pennsylvania State bonds,
bonds of any other state or of va
rious municipal divisions would be
exempt as well for the reason that
they are public matters. But the se
curities of many corporations in
which there is much activity and of
promotion schemes would come under
State regulation.
Pershing Decorates
168 Officers Overseas
By Associated Press.
Washington, April 14. Distin.
gnished service medals have been
awarded by General Pershing to 168
officers in the American Expedition
ary Forces "for exceptionally meri
torious and distinguished service."
Names of the officers were sent to
the War Department by cable. In
the list are three major generals, 4 2 [
brigadier generals, 100 colonels, 21 •
lieutenant colonels, one major and 1
one chaplain. One marine corps j
* brigadier general is included.
Four of the officers named are I
dead and more than two dozen of I
them have returned from overseas!
and will be decorated here at home T
Australian Casualties
of War Total 307,900
By Associated Press.
Melbourne, Australia. April 14.
—Australia's total casualties dur
ing the war. with the figures brought
up to February S of the current year,
totalled 307,900, according to a
statement made public to-day by
the government of the common
wealth. The total forces of Aus
tralia, raised by voluntary enlist
ment, numbered 400,000 out of a
total population of less than ii.000,-
000. The casualties are divided as
Dead. 58.033; missing, 193; pris
oners. 438; wounded. 166,606; sick
83.409; unspecified, 219.
The Kaiser's favorites
four women who in ,
piss He Trained To Be Humanity's Butcher
William s morbid rest-
His passion for being al
ways on the go. Born with a consuming blood-lust, diseased in mind and in soul, and strengthen to the greatest degree his passion for torture and
His disdain for plebians. j ug j ag car ] v j n ]jf e ag jjjg pervert brain could plan, the Kaiser killing.
The anonymous letters , i r'.i i 1 1 u j 1 i u •
scandal —the facts that .beamed of ,he ,la - v whe llc w0,,1<1 dremh ,hc world 111 carna S e - Colossal counterfeit that lie is. William Hohenzollern, though he
- " 0t l0 " CTal '" 9 real Sflf from llis i,UimateS ° f
000.000 insufficient to ed to he the most terrible butcher of humanity that history ever has
keep him out of debt. recorded. And it is hv a woman member of this inner circle, that the scnsa-
Lieutenant von Hahncke ..... . . tional expose we here anounce, was secretly written,
attacks the Kaiser and This was his ambition—to eclipse, to outmurder the most horri
is forced -to commit jj] e barbarian-conquerors of antiquity. The "Secret Life of the Kaiser from Birth to Exile'* is by one who
suicide. knew her subject long and well, and who was murdered too late to
The War is the Kaisers This is the secret of his manv "hunts"; that lie might cultivate prevent her startling history from being given to the world,
IThe Imperial Horoscope
predicted his success.
Pre-war plots. TMI ¥ ¥ # 1 T* 1 1 9
lhe Harnsburg telegraphs
owned by the w A
\ *° the Prompt
\ 1/7 A § .TK I The book is based upon the secret memoirs, papers Considering the wide interest upon the part of
r/f -J? /V 'U I anf l diaries of Baroness von Larisch-Reddern who for .. 1 • .i ir • . 1
. ./I|(.lVf/ 1/ I 1 V . , 1r- • . 1- 1 newspaper readers 111 the Kaisers past, present and
i I Major Domo and Chief of the Royal future, the limited number of copies
* '' jtfm I Household at Berlin and Potsdam. which we have to distribute can last but
These papers were entrusted a.hoittinu.
I I i$t * t I to Henr\' William Fisher who
~ I las nia( le them into an ah- M *j§ To be certain of a copy, our
jW- *j* . I sorbinglv interesting book. M Hy 1 I t¥¥ ¥ A
| M(i I K tp JL \ rea u act immedl "
Not only for its intense I While Th I
~ ( human interest, but because ¥ M your book or you can order by
£ MMpIBbMX J* I of its important historical and ¥ (£ 11Cf L M -in 1 , , ... 1.
I m&MtmUfl *r / I educational value everyone \ p1.15 DV # " ,a checks will
IH-l S y' I . |. _ J accepted. Our special sale
x - ^ I should possess this book. For to
Hl¥ I It is to know and understand the secret 1 n . .. .
; | springs that bathed Europe in blood. - who office and $1.15 to those
I The Telegraph has arranged to distribute a special to be safe Order your COpy To-day.
M I nil lllll'Mr* edition of "THE SECRET LIFE OF THE KAISER" ' Can Alao Be Had From
S ' S J at the popular price of SI.OO. D. W. Cotterel, 9 North Second Street.
g= : 5 ABHDrhe Plot to Kidnap / ' William S. Tunis, 8 North Third Street.
g|: S Kitchener and / Penn-Harns
fell MiMir u I JJU'bw™, " . ! if you prefer to order by MdL Pereonat
' 2: and Roberts—the pair of cnecKS acceptea.
W them my prisoners means I - - . . .
jff ■ Tin • L.. T-l L I H r.lurg Telegraph
= lhe narnsburff 1 eleffraph , Federal square,
•>- lure the two famous generals 1 liarriSDUrg.
Into Germany to hold them >
there or to kill them and I I enclose $1.15, Send me, charges prepaid, the "SECRET LIFE O'.
to then declare war. v v _ THE JKAISER."
This is just one of the II • 1 II
~ many criminal conspiracies f"l O f*f*l Q |>|| VfT WT O Namp
b hatched by "All-Hlghesf and llul 1 luUUI g e JL U* f ame • . y
exposed by Baroness von n / I
Larisch-Reddern. , Street
< g
>-• State
APRIL 14. 1919.

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