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Youth and Simplicity
Stitched Into /{(^
Women's Tailored and Dressy Suits
Frocks or
For Confirmation
Frocks. If graduation or y> An art exhibit of old masters could not hold more interest for the modern woman just now, than lipM
confirmation is the event of 4 does this notable collection of suits for Easter, expressing - in line and fabric, the new mode, display- /|r ( \ 'I If "v '
the near future, we have a A in £ ever y style innovation, every nicety of tailoring. Youthful models and models for the more I I I ffl \\ J\U \/
plain or frilly frock that L---— mature woman—a suit for every occasion, when a tailored costume is appropriate. In this collection / I \I / 111 y
should prove a realization of J* are many Hickson and Michel models. / j 1.,i-rfcjl
Son'' chMi,hM tor the The New Fabrics The New Style Features j J .Taj/l \
Pretty C <r n f i r m a t i on 00l Tricotine, Poiret fcwill, gabardine, serge, Straight line models, belted or sash tied, man- I in 'mi,,- 1
frocks here in Georgette, • •i® iff/ m tweeds, wool jersey and black and white or nov- nish styles, cape, suits, blouse and three-piece 11 'jr |
voile and organdy. With • T y , jUt. checks; also faille silk, satin, charmeuse and costume suits, displaying new cuff treatment, If bJ f I 1 /
pleatings, lace or ruffled ef- f/Tv^^w l iNk knitted silk fabrics, in all the new shades, in- new trimmings; tunic side-draped or slashed • afr ii mb Uil il 1 \
fects—sl7.so, $19.50, $22.50. if J eluding navy and black. skirts. <J* 9 j\ H HI jj \ J.\
$35.00 $49.50 $65.00 to $135.00 'lf
Ribbons For* Bows 3.fl(j Popular priced models as low as $23.50. We fit stylish stouts as well as the more slender figures.
r T ~Easter Hair Bows in nov- BOWMAN's —Third Floor / i IV
bining all the newest color- ~ ' 1
Dark fancies for bags and flf llElSEiiigiElEiSlEiElEiElEiElElEiEiEiEiSiiiEiFjy WoiYlPn's I~To^lPt"\7
HI vestces. Black satin em- SOI'LO r* • ffl ——— —— ————————-i
roses, Copen and Oriental S otOLlt SlJlltS%
designs from 7to 9 inches r|§ - 2_ 111 days to su PP'y ones wants for the great day of fashion's dis
wide. 52.50 to $5.00 yard. g| p,a^
A big showing of bag frames in celluloid and metal. Also fija
colored frames to match ribbon. 59c to $3.50 each. ||s ments of fine full fashioned silk stockings in the newer sca-
\ bowman's— MainMFioor. gj |PfgttV Modds 9 and mo^ 5 " Black ' nav y and cordova Predominate, $1.75
Y S T T * p * /\ VVv ■/ J ify'; &Jt BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Women s Union Suits ® : m
Athena Union Suits for the Spring and Summer seasons are ffl \ ~. c , . . . u \ \\\ QfP ri r
now on display in our women's underwear department. This. c ca ' ° 10 P°P u 'anty ot our coat and suit department may be \\ J ULvoodl j
perfect fitting underwear is the practical garment for case m\ // O - '' attributed to the careful selection of suits and coats for women whose I m +L AT r* * i
and comfort. tM f mk J figures are stontpr tlian ♦!-.*> „„ >' \\r , .1 • r -* ® trlC l\€W tLdStCV AbtoClTCl
, ... ~ lio II ■* ugures are stouter than the average woman s. We have given this i / IrM
Sold exclusively at yßowman s. Moderately priced, sl./0 Sags I (■ ® h b- \ *
md $2.00. &0 J matter special study and always endeavor to have a splendid variety of f ■] v" II here s a wonderful assemblage of gloves here eager to im-
BOWMAN'S— Main Floor. Pp M the=;e ctvlish ct n .,f =„;♦ „,„„i T i i j . i -j iTSi part to you the style you desire.
• ; ffi | ' , ISh St ° ut sorts 11. stock. They embody the newest style .deas M The stock of Kid and Silk Gloves U generally so complete
\ OnH nn\ < developed in the newest materials. Sizes range from 42 to and TT fY m in sizes and colors that our department has earned for itseli
F— V „ V UolJ <IIIU m I include most all the variations of sizes in half numbers, thus assuring V 1 ffl the distinction of being the most likely place to find the par
- *m „ J yj ; .. . . ..... , , I m ticular glove that is wanted most.
W3 VeSfPPS 8 | thc.bcst fit ,v,th the least possible altcrafons. ffl White .black gray, navy, tan, brow,,, el, an, pagnc. mode
J 7 v UJtUUJ I i m ind P earl ,n se F and contrast stitchings; crochet and Paris
"TSV ffl Suits, Coats Capes or Dolmans L / ffl f S Mnt back ®' ° e - cla sp. gauntlet and 8-button.
/\ 1 V |W uy Jj ouus, voais, capes or uoimans _ni > ||| Every size in every color, $2.50 to $4.95.
d \y lv — W Silk gloves of every description. 65c to $2.00.
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor BOWMAN'S—Main
J Never have vests been more pop- 1 * "D J
''fiHlßif' ular than this season, and we have a Tvnnr QC or* PTocfaf ' OC2IIOII AvCCOrCIS
IVIKTOS very big showing of vests in plain IVUiy db dn JLaSier Llllt OCaUS
■Mfljytf m m and fancy materials, collars and col- No. 22019—"The Palms"—(Colin O'Mou.)
Vm T#] B|u larless. Materials are Dewkist, 'V ar i? C aSs ° rtn } cnt ot powder boxes, hair receivers, add the finishing touches to your Easter costume. A .. 0 -w™ "Hosanna"—(Colin O'Mou.)
iWm mi liP H Matelasse, Tricolctte, Pique, Bro- combs brushes, mirrors, clocks, frames, soap boxes, etc., fine and varied assortment of beads, in every new style No. 22020—-''There is a Green Hill Far Away."
Hi f|l| II cades. Pongee and other fancy ™a- and shade, 75e to $15.00. ' ' 12091-" feE 5 U ChriftT,'^RhTit"S
flki ;f •) i Mil . -in- * BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today."
tcrials. Prices range from BOW M.an s-Mam Floor. Safe in the Arms of Jesus"—(Henry Burr.)
Pfjl- Cf~\ A if* Isa r*f\ °' Every Day's a Holiday in Dixie."
50c to $12.50 "What f the Robert E. Lee"-(Collins and
' BCJWMAN'S— Main Floor. "Thoughts of Home Sweet Home"—Waltz.
Sweaters For Cool Mornings ! JOT" No ' _ "
and Outdoor Sport Wear Q 1 °aeowh parwrs'"" 0
Judging bv the many dainty models in cleverly knitted ]|| f l l\/T I f ft- J i BOWMAN'S— Firth Floor,
sweaters which \vc arc showing for spring wear there is every \ 4 S [ )k 9 ■ *• ■* r
indication that smart sweaters will be worn extensively all •> , ♦
many novelties included in this showing Vl j W * - TM US
clf,hc *aL - H 'Z h - lVater Wool Dress Goods JLj The Most Complete Assortment of ■
I uxedo models in soft Shetland wool in bisque, rose, flesh A/t L £ r 1 • ~ x* ~r ~ ————
Silk sweaters from $12.95 to $39.50. ' . serges and Santoys, richly embroidered " * S.
liOU MAX s—Third Floor Beautiful Silks The much heard re- with silk figures, some with openwork ***->
1 1 Jtl JK \ lhan anvVthefHmrl in ,f Cater demand effects. A suitable novelty, specially TfcfNflK [ a )
Garden Goods ill ml Our stocks show a complScss" Ve and designed for skirts. We also the ML Ml \77 /^ls<7
— u 1 | Vmn choice range of the newest weaves and plain material to match to complete/ the ffl JZ' '/ k.k' \. M
' Are Here Of F?jerv O/rrr/Vs/zViw ii-lUtl colorings. _ suit Black, navy, taupe, henna, cham- 111 J' / X J
'. * y P V f 8 vard tm n P cd Kumsi-Kumsa, $7.50 pagne are the colors used 011 navy pi I•/ '
rtttT i -■>. \ Wheelbarrows, Rakes, Hoes, % Plain Colored Dew Kist 5495 vard ff r °und, 42 to 50 inches wide, $5.50 to fLI ml We do not say this boastingly, but we are confident that
o Spades, Flower Seeds, Vegetable Mandarin Broche Creoe 'ssoo vnrrl ' $6.95 yard. • j no store in this vicinity can show a more complete assortment
r~y;' -v ' ccds ' blower Bulbs, Hedge n fty/fli Printed and Plain Ruff-a-\uft' <RVQS A-> • \ r 1 CJO- 1 II I•' L ■ J CW s or Spring and Summer. We made up our
Shears, Pruning Shears, Grass (I Sffl/% yard. ' 42-inch Ottoman Cords, $3.25 yard. JJ I*l 1 9 , mind to get them and we have them. What more could you
Shears, Onion Hoes and Poultry f Armure. Sobeil, $4.95 yard. 40-inch Satin Faced Henrietta 53 25 fIJ I* I ' "un f , .
Xetting " . Pussy Willow, plain or fancy $3 75 and , Henrietta, $3.20 J / L What can be more significant of greater value than the .
BQWMA.VS-Basement. $4.50 yard. ana yard 111 jj jj o hundreds who depend upon us for their footwear. Women
TTT* j m| jtfi J I Multi-color Vesting Silks .?m •i n r- *-> -n i rJ I 7 fl alld cb, ' drcn w ' lo "ever bought shoes here before arc
Window Screens onrl
ru ,, ; " \A fflw. 7 /'////• ' depend upon their quality.at all times.
, r %Trl - mnT IS vV n'' that Ca " UM H CottOH Goods ill HI Women's Turn Opera Pumps Black kidskin, $6.95: black
IB LiWU . • fVI: Louis ' cat ' lcr ' a " w'l' l turned soles and
MM orice'. '™Ua n?l t°ll S "^ Ctlo . n ; Tht l StTVntßtt" in 1"t "eaves and qualities, sometimes Vfa, . /// IJj W°meii's Turned Oxfords— Black kidskin, $8.95; brown
■ inches wide coJeredASh', an t ,ram . CS F Ift M\ IfflTO mixed with silk; of most unnsual beauty in ' /TORT LIL ffi\ ealfskm ; black satin, $9 50; patent leather, $10.00; black
■ one with £inch frames! covered • HH d designs. • /Jfll 'f'M, suede. $11.50. All w,.h .turned so les and Louis XV heels.
|| "Oh galvanized wire netting, at $5.25. t \ { .fl / / /f\ •] Ottr Children's Department
IjPP 'be screens are adjustable and easv sliding. wjjh
■pi EP' ) ,r chGrosdcL °" drcsi,k ' mixcd ' //in'\.\
Ti UK, • .Vdnch fancy hber silk shirtings, SI.OO yard. 1H MLA A Children's Shoe Manufae- ]
ril lllPllHilllllll w,Vlth S at 45r Xt t e o d r!!!f f 1 , t0 133I 33 '" che f: in 1 40-inch silk mixed fancy voiles, $1.25 and All children's shoes priced accord- /
1 r^,„ 4 ?5 - i^ r &2s h |S5 C,tt " ,,mß ?I ' 39 >' lrd - jngto size, from $2.00,056. 2 5. In ai.
UOWMANS— Baeement. . ■ 32 and 36-inch silk mixed tissue. 85c yard,
yX■ V , I
APRIL 14, 1919.

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