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Measure to Allow Cities to Op
erate Railways Outside
Limits Gets Ax
Governor Sproul has voted the
bill empowering municipalities to
acquire and operate street railways ;
extending outside of their limits on !
the ground that it is bad in prin- j
ciple and might enable one city, for j
instance, to assert powers within i
limits of another municipality. This, >
says the Governor "is contrary to ;
the modern trend of Government to- j
ward a larger degree of self deter- |
mination for municipalities and
which is more popularly known as j
home rule."
A number of other bills were also
announced as vetoed by the Gover
nor to-day, including:
Requiring counties instead of
school districts to pay for education
of inmates of orphan asylums.
Changing law for assessment of j
damages for changes of grade which
would impose hardships on munici
palities and changed settled policy
of law.
Changing fees of clerks of quarter
sessions in counties having more
than 150.000 population. Any law
of this kind should be general, says
the Governor.
Fixing salaries of sheriffs in coun
■ ■ I
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ties between 30,000 and 65,000 pop
ulation, which the Governor says is
so drawn that it could not be said
what the compensation might be.
Relieving sureties of persons
j where indictment is not presented
to grand juries in a year vetoed on
the ground that there is no good
reason for such provision and tjiat
there is now a means at law for
discharge of sureties.
Providing for erection of memo
rial halls by counties which is vetoed
on the ground that it provides for
commissioners to build the hall and
then take management oft of their
hands, provides for a referendum
vote where a grand jury does not
I act and provides for use of the hall
! for "all sorts of absurd purposes."
Providing for certain standard
1 insurance policies where damage is
j done by vehicles which might "oc
i casion considerable opportunity for
| collusion between the insured and
! the injured."
i Establishing method for druggists
! engaged in business before 1887 to
] apply for registration, which the
• Governor says was designed for
j some special case and would serve
no good purpose.
Regulating credits of normal
school students who entered the
army, which- the Governor says has
defects in drafting.
Providing that the State Board
of Censors should obtain deposits
I from distributors of films, which it
held would be foreign to the pur
poses of creation' of the board and
that there is no good reason why
exhibitors should be protected by
the State from loss on their con
tracts any more than other business
men: that it purports to protect
the exhibitors but not the distribut
ors; that it eonta'ns no provision
for collection of damages for viola-
J tion and is special legislation.
Bryan Has .Announced
Opposition to Wilson
Washington, July 19. The capi-j
| tal expressed interest in the speech of
I W. J. Bryan, delivered in Lincoln, Neb.,
I July 7. in wh|ph he announces his in
! tention of opposing President Wilson's
! efforts to secure an alliance between
I France and the t'nited States. Con-
I cerning it, Mr. Bryan said:
j "I am against the proposition to
I enter into an alliance with Great
j Britain and France, and I shall devote
I all of my strength to the end that it
j shall be defeated. 1 am not willing
] that any other nation shall say when
| we shall enter war and when we shall
| not. Great Britain and France have
! aims and purposes inconsistent with
j and not the same as ours. I am for
| a League of Nations, but this is a league
| within a league that will tend to dls
j solve and destroy the League and leave
the nations of the earth up against the
I certainty of future war."
| Digest of New Motor Vehicle Law of
Pennsylvania, Approved June 30, 1919
[Continued from Puge B.]
vehicles owned by the United States, the State of Pennsylvania, or any
county, city, borough, or town, also to Volunteer Fire Departments, Hos
pitals, Humane Societies and Anti-Cruelty Societies ana the American
tied Cross.
Drivers' Age and Physical .Requirements—Every person operating a
motor vehicle niust be licensed. a\o license will be issued to any person
under 16 and paid drivers or chauffeurs must be 18. No license will be
issued to a person who is mentally impaired or who has lost the use of
both hands or both teet or who cannot distinguish objects clearly at a
distance of 150 feet or who has less thun 20 per centum of normal sight,
or who has less tnun 2 per centum of normal hearing.
One Hand—A person who has lost one hand musi secure a special, per
mit, submitting evidence of his ability to operate a motor vehicle without
enuangering the public.
Applicants for license must have had 5 days' experience in the opera
tion or a motor vehicle.
Learners' Permit—Learners' Permits are issued but are valid only when
holder is accompanied by a licensed operator.
Divers' license issued iree to owners with registration.
Fee for non-owners.... SI.OO | Fee for paid drivers. ... $2.00
Learners' Permits 50c
Any misstatement of fact in application constitutes a misdemeanor. Fine
sluu to *200; imprisonment 6 months.
License card is not valid until signed by the licensee.
Licensee must notify the Highway Commissioner of any change in his
adaress within one week.
It is a violation ot tiie law to permit any person under 16, or who Is
not a licensed driver or holder ol a Learners Permit to opeate a motor
vehicle, or to permit or employ any person under 18 to drive for pay or
Revocation of License—'The Highway Commissioner can refuse to is
sue( a license to any person shown by proper evidence to be a reckless
or careless operator, or suspend or revoke the license to any such person.
He may also ervoke the license ot any person injuring persons or property
as the resUit ot carelessness or recklessness alter hearing, on the sworn
statement ot two reputable persons.
operating alter suspension or revocation of license, or permitting such
person to operate a motor vehicle constitutes a misdemeanor. Fine SIUO
to S2UU; imprisonment 6 months.
Stolen Motor \ elileics—The Highway Commissioner should be at once
notified of the theft of any motor vehicle, whether owned in this State or
not. A record will be kept of such vehicles and should an application for
registration be received, it will be refused and the owner notified.
Altering Manufacturers' Plate or Number—No motor vehicle on which
the manufacturers' mark or number has been altered or obliterated can
be registered without a 1 special permit, and the alteration or obliteration
of the number, or having possession of a motor vehicle on which the
number has been altered, or obliterated, constitutes a misdemeanor. Fine
SIOO to $500; imprisonment 1 year.
Garage and Repair Sliop Proprietor—Proprietors of garages and re
pair shops are required to keep a record of the make, number, registra
tion number and State, of all motor vehicles stored or left for repair or
for any other purpose; also the name of the owner.
Tampering With Motor Vehicles, Etc.—Tampering with a motor vehicle
on any public highway, sounding the horn, handling the levers, or setting
it in motion, is prohibited, also hanging on to or holding fast to a moving
motor vehicle, also throwing any missile at the occupants or throwing
glass or other articles injurious to tires on a public highway.
Speed—Thirty miles per hour is the maximum speed limit, but reck
less driving is prohibited, or exceeding a speed that is reasonable and
proper in view of surrounding conditions.
Where signs reading "15-Mile Speed Limit" are erected, such rate of speed
shall not be exceeded for a distance of one-eighth mile beyond such sign.
(This eliminates the old "Danger Run-Slow" sign).
The signs must be erected by the proper authorities on the right-hand
side of the highway, facing the traffic to be controlled, the lettering to be
5 inches high. Such signs may be legally erected only at dangerous or
built-up sections or at school houses, churches and public playgrounds.
Speed of Commercial Vehicles—Maximum speed limit for commercial
Chassis weight less than 4,500 lbs 20 mi. per hour
Chassis weight 4,500 lbs. to 6,000 lbs 18 mi. per hour
Chassis weight 6,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs 15 mi. per hour
Chassis weight 8,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs 12 mi. per hour
Chassis weight 10,000 lbs. and over 10 mi. per hour
Lights—Every motor vehicle, whether standing or in motion must, from
one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise and whenever it is
impossible to see clearly for 200 feet, display two lights in front, visible
for 200 feet, and a red light on the rear, and the rear number plate must
be illuminated.
Motorcycles also must display a red light in the rear and must illumi
nate number plate, but need display only one light on the front, pro
vided no side car is attached.
The front lights must be of approximately equal power. No red light
can be used on the front of any motor vehicle. The use of electric bulbs
of more than 32-candle power is prohibited. No brilliant light shall be
used on the front of any vehicle standing on the left-hand side of the
When in motion the front lights shall illuminate the roadway for 200
feet unless the highway is sufficiently lighted to clearjy reveal persons
and vehicles at that distance. The front lights shall also illuminate the
road for 5 feet to the right of the vehicle at a point 20 feet in front of the
' ai Every light of more than 4-candle power, if equipped with a reflector,
shall be so diffused or deflected that no dazzling rays of at a P 01 " 1
75 feet in front of the lamps shall rsie more than 42 inches above the
level surface on which the, vehicle stands. •
If not equipped with a permanent Reflecting device, a dimming device
must be applied and must be used when approaching any other vehicle, so
that the lights shall not dazzle or blind the driver or operator thereof.
Spotlights All regulations as to headlights apply to searchlights or
spotlights, and the light from such spotlight shall at no time extend to
the left of the center of the highway.
Equipment—Motor vehicles must be equipped with effective brakes and
an effective horn or bell, and if so constructed that the driver does not
have a view of the traffic following, must have a mirror, showing the
road to the rear. ~*. ~
Horns— I The "Danger Blow-Horn" sign has been eliminated. Horn
must be sounded whenever it is necessary to insure the safety of other
usere of the highway, before passing any vehicle overtaken or pedestrian
usfng the roadway and on approaching road intersections ajid curves
where the view of approaching traffic for a distance of 100 feet is ob
structed Horns must not be sounded unnecessarily.
Unauthorized Use—No person, whether an employe or not. shall tam
per Cth or make a motor vehicle without the knowledge or consent
° f No e under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug
shall operate a motor vehicle.
Intoxication —No person under tlie influence of liQuor or
narcotci drug shall operate a motor vehicle.
Races, Speed Records —No person shall take part in a race on a public
highway or attempt to establish or lower any speed record.
Accidents —In ease of an accident resulting in injury to person or prop
erty, the operator must stop and render assistance and give his name and
Off Lights—The turning off of lights to avoid identification or
"The any of these provisions constitutes a misdemeanor.
Fine SIOO to $500; imprisonment 1 year.
Mufflers No motor vehicle, including motorcycles, can be operated on
a miblic highway unless equipped with a muffler. The use of muffler cut
outs is absolutely prohibited within the limits of any city, town or bor
°"chains- The use of chains or non-skid devices projecting more than
1 inch is prohibited.
Weight and Loan Limit—
Class AA, Chassis weight 2,000 to 3,000 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 7,000 ibs.
Class A, Chassis weight 3,000 to 4,500 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 11,000 lbs. \
Class B. Chassis weight 4,500 to 6,000 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 15,000 lbs.
Class C, Chassis weight 6,000 to 7,000 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 20,000 lbs.
Class D, Chassis weight 7,000 to 8,000 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 24,000 lbs.
Class E, Chassis weight 8,000 to 10,000 lbs., limit, chassis, body and
load, 26,000 lbs.
Class F, Chassis weight 10,000 and over, limit, chassis, body and load,
26,000 lbs.
Maximum limit, vehicle and load, 26,000 lbs.
Maximum limit on any axle, 19,500 lbs.
Maximum limit on any wheel, 800 lbs. per each inch of width of tire.
Motor vehicles and trailers must have painted on both sides in letters
3 inches high, the maximum weight limit of chassis, body and load.
To carry an excess load or to remove or disfigure the signs constitutes
a misdemeanor. Fine $25 to $100; Imprisonment 6 months. Also revoca
tion of license of operator.
These provisions and penalties apply to both the operator and the
person having control of the vehicle who causes or permits the violation.
Road Rules—Do not pass a street passenger car on the right that has
stopped to receive or discharge passengers until it has started and pas
sengers who alighted shall have reached the side of the roadway.
When meeting or overtaken by another vehicle, turn promptly to the
right of the center of the roadway, allowing it free passage to your left.
When overtaking another vehicle pass it on the left.
Do not puss any other vehicle at intersecting highways, at Sharp turns
or curves or on approaching the crest of a hill where a view the high
way for 200 feet ahead is obstructed.
Keep at all times as close to the right-hand side of the road), as possible
allowing other vehicles free passage to your left.
* Do not permit a motor vehicle to stand in the center of the highway or
so as to obstruct traffic.
At road intersections keep to the right of the center of the intersection
when turning to the right, and pass to the right of such intersection before
turning to the left.
When two vehicles approach the intersection of two public highways
at the same time, the vehicle on your right has the right of way.
Motor vehicles must stop on signal of the rider or driver of a horse
till danger has been avoided.
Stop on Signal of Officers—Operators are required to stop and exhibit
registration card or license and sign name if requested by any officer in
uniform or who shall exhibit his badge; also to give to proper authorities
any information they, may have as to the identity of the owner or operator
of any motor vehicle.
Rights on Highways—Operators of motor vehicles have the same rights
as the drivers of other vehicles. No road open to other vehicles shall be
closed to motor vehicles.
Local Regulation—This act provides a system or code of law regulating
the use and operation of motor vehicles throughout this Commonwealth.
No city, borough, town, township or county may adopt or enforce any
rule, regulation or ordinance regulating the speed, equipment, use or
operation of motor vehicles, other than city or borough ordinances, regu
lating the stopping and parking of vehicles, the use of certain streets as
one-way streets, regulating the kind and weight of traffic on certain
streets and in public parks and the establishment of safety zones, also
the regulation of motor buses in cities.
Informations—All informations lor offences defined In this act shall be
brought under this act and not under any local ordinance, rule or regula
tion, and all such informations, except in the case of misdemeanors, must
be made before a magistrate or other officer in the city borough, town
or township wherein such offence is alleged to have occurred
Timing on Measured Strcttlics—When the rate of speed of a motor
vehicle is timed on a measured stretch, such time must be taken by not
less than two persons, one of whom shall be stationed at euch end of such
measured stretch, which shall be not less than one-eighth mile in length.
i"'. 1 , I V' ma Fa f -,c ' Evidence— The registration number
™ fvn i vP rI, !Jr a v t e J ,idence thut the owner was operating the
th tL 1 . be offse l by . hiS e^ idence as to who was operating it at
L .°J th * for^ar d ing of an affidavit when information
is made in a county other than that of his residence.
bp !iif n( ! This section provides that the accused shall
the offence complained off 1 C ° P> ' ° f ' Btorma,ta n. -ing forth in detail
It further provides that the motor vehicle, if the property of the ac
cused, or other article of sufficient value shall be accepted in lieu of cash
Mailing of Notices, Service of Warrants—lnformation for violations
of this act, except offences that are classed as misdemeanors, must be
brought within two weeks of the commission of the alleged offence, and
within the period of 7 days thereafter the magistrate shall mail to the
person so charged a notice of the issuing of the warrant, together with
a copy of the information, and if the accused fails to appear voluntarily
within 10 days thereafter, the warrant may then bo served.
If the accused cannot be served within the county where the violation
is alleged to ha\e been committed, the magistrate shall deputize an officer
of the county wherein the accused resides or may be found to serve such
warrant. A copy of the information shall be served with the warrant.
The officer serving the warrant shall take the accused before the nearest
magistrate, alderman or justice of the peace, who shall take ball either
for his appearance before the magistrate who issued the warrant or for
his appearance for trial in the proper court if a summary hearing is
Fines, Appeal—The punishment for violations of this act, except for
violations of the provisions which are classed as a misdemeanor are:
For a first offence—Fine of not less than $lO, nor more than $25, or
in case of Nonpayment of such fine, imprisonment in the county jail for
not more than 5 days.
For a second or subsequent violation within 6 months of first conviction
—Fine of not less than $25 nor more than SSO. or in case of nonpayment
of such fine, imprisonment tn the county jail for not more than 10 days.
Waiving Summary Hearing; Bail—The accused has the same right of
appeal as in other cases of summary conviction, or may waive the sum
mary hearing and give bond in a sum equal to double the amount of the
maximum fine that might be imposed for appearance for trial before a
judge of the Court of Quarter Sessions or in the County Court or the Mu
nicipal Court in counties wherein such courts exist.
Duty of Magistrates, Records; Receipts—Magistrates and other officials
are required to make and preserve for a period of one year, an exact
record of the proceedings, showing fine and costs paid, if any subject
to inspection of any person.
They are also required to deliver to the defendant, without charge a
receipt showing in detail the fine and costs paid. No magistrate or other
official may divide his fees with any individual who may assist in making
an arrest, etc. 6
Any violation of the provisions of this section shall constitute a misde
meanor in office, hine SIOO to $500; Imprisonment not exceeding 60 davs
Disposition of Fines—All fines collected and bail forfeiUd, except for
violations of the provisions as to speed and weight shall be niid tn the
State Treasurer for the use of the Highway Department P
Those collected for violations of the provisions as to speed or weight
shall be paid to the Treasurer of the city, borough, town or township
wherein the offence occurred, to be used for the maintenance of the
Returns and Reports From Magistrates—Returns of such fines shall
be made quarterly not later than the tenth day of January, April July
ana October. * * J
Reports of all fines and penalties collected shall also be made to the
State Highway Commissioner on blanks furnished by the Department
not later than the above dates.
Failure to make such quarterly returns and reports or either of them
shall constitute a misdemeanor in office. Fine SIOO to SSOO or 60 days
in the county jail, or both.
Civil Actions—Civil action for damages may, at the discretion of the
plaintiff, be brought in the county wherein the alleged damages were
Repeal—All previous automobile acts are repealed except that those
provisions of the Act of July 7, 1913, relative to registration of motor
vehicles and trailers and the licensing of operators remain in force until
January 1, 1920.
Magistrates should bear in mind that while summary conviction cases
should be disposed of by them, persons accused of violating the pro
visions of Sections 3, 11, 14, 16, 23, 24, 34 and 35, which are defined as
misdemeanors, should be held for court.
Silver Ore Found
on an Old Dump
Halleybury, Ont., Sliver ore
that assayed several thousand ounces
to the ton has been found on an old
dump piled at the mouth of an ancient
mine on the Canadian National railway
near Skead close to the border line be
tween Ontario and Quebec.
Interest in the discovery is keen but
excitement is not so great as might
be expected because many suspect the
ore was "salted" in the dump years
ago to aid in a swindling transaction.
The possibility, however, remains that
the amazingly rich ore may have come
from the old mine. To settle the ques-
r jj- =
Mast Beautiful Carw/lmerica
Pride of Ownership
YOU share with every other man and woman a common instinct—Pride of
Ownership. It is not enough to merely hold personal possessions. You
must be proud of them; you must trust them; you must respect them—
or you cannot be satisfied.
There, in a nutshell, you have a fundamental principle and the complete explana*
tion of Paige success.
Our cars have always satisfied a man's sense of pride. As fine mechanical products
they have gained and held his respect and confidence. As artistic creations they
have appealed to his good taste and appreciation for the beautiful.
Because Paige cars are worthy of Trust and Respect they are trusted and
i respected in every section of the nation. ' i
New Series Linwood "Six-39" Five-Passenger 51555
New Series Essex "Six-55" Seven-Passenger 52060
Paige Larchmont "Six-55" Four-Passenger 52165
F. O. B. Detroit
Fishman Motors Company
•j ' 110 South Fourth St.. Cor. Chrntnut, llarrlnburß. Pn.
I.lhernl Denlera Proposition for MIITIIn, Perry, Juniata nnil Cumberland Counties . / %*[
1 B *'" 321,3 Dial (llito /MfM.'
tion, the water which is deep in the
shaft will be pumped out and the mine
operated again. George Tough, one of
the owners of the Tough-Oakes gold
mines, believes the ore was dug out
of the mine. He hurried to Skead
when the discovery was announced, and
staked claims all around the old shaft.
The history of the old mine is for
gotten. When the shaft was sunk or
by whom, no one in the region remem
bers. The great age of the tunnel is
indicated by the rotting timbers that
line its walls and the size of the dump
shows that mining operations were ex
tensive. If any "saittng" scandal ever
occurred in connection with the mine,
no one has been found who can recall
JULY 19, 1919.
Hog Island Launches
Its Forty-Third Ship
By Associated Press.
Philadelphia, July 19.—Hog Is
land brought its total ships launch
led to 43 yesterday when the steel
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Bell 5295 Bell 4119 •£
cargo carrier Lebanon. 7,825 tons,
was sent Into the Delaware river.
The vessel, named in honor of Leb
anon county for its work during
Liberty Loan drives, was christened
by Miss Fannie Coleman, of Leb
anon, Pa.
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