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lLarge Number of Guests
at Phillips Home Sunday
i Kllllnger, Pa., July 19.—Mr. and
(Mrs. Jajnes Guttshall, of Pillow; Mr.
land Mrs. Peter Dressier and daugh
ter, of Millersburg; Mr. and Mrs.
i Austin Fogle and three daughters,
(of Rife; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fulk
! road, of Pleasant Hill; Mr. and Mrs.
'■Charles Fulkroad and family, of Cur
httn; Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jury
|-and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radle
land daughter and grandson, of Mil
lersburg, were entertained at the
'home of Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery
Phillips on Sunday.—John E. Wit
mer left on Monday morning for
Lewistown, where he will spend
several weeks with his brother.
Farmers in this section who threshed
some of their wheat find it does not
yield the bumper crop that was ex
pected, as some did not get ten
bushels to the acre. —Peter Vogue,
of Wilkes-Barre, is spending several
days with his friends here. —Mr. and
Mrs. Harry B. Jury were guests of
Miss Friscilla Weaver, of Freedens
burg, on Sunday.
Impersonator Formerly With the
The Wron£
"Greased Lightning"
"Hearts and Flowers"
Monday and Tuesday
in his latest photoplay—
"The Test of Honor"
The woman has said she loved
him and he, like a fool, inno
cently caused her husband's
death. Then, in the crowded
courtroom she denied him, said
she hardly knew him.
What could lie do? How could
he acquit himself? Come and
Celebrated California
Bathing Beauties
In Person
That Scream of
* Tf >ll | ft The coolrftt plnee to apend u
1/ Iff Iff! I A summer afternoon or evenliiK, In
Y 1 1 "t a theater. If you haven't tried
It. nwk your neighbor who IIIIM.
Another wonderful photoplay featuring the greatest star of
all time
in her latest and greatest success
fMXfonderful Stones^OZ2i|
a <&i rwL a (On
"Now Tiktok," aid Dorothy, "the
first thing to be done is to find a
way for us to escape from these
rocks. The Wheelers are down be
low, you know, and threaten to kill
"There is no rea-son to be afraid
of the Wheel-eVs," said Tiktok. the
words coming more slowly than be
"Why not?" she asked.
"Be-cause they are ag-g-g-gr-gr
He gave a sort of gurgle and
stopped short, waving his hands
i frantically until suddenly he became
J motionless, with one arm in the air
and the other held stiffly before him
with all the copper fingers of the
hand spread out like a fan.'
"Dear me!" said Dorothy, in a
frightened tone. "What can the mat
ter me?"
"He's run down, I suppose," said
the hen, calmly. "You couldn't
have wound him up very tight."
"I didn't know how much to wind
him," replied the girl; "but I'll try
to do better next time."
She ran around the copper man to
take the key from the peg at the
back of his neck, but it was not
"It's gone!" cried Dorothy, in dis
"What's gone?" asked Billina.
"The key."
' It probably fell off when he made
that low bow to you," returned the
hen. 'Look around, and see if vou
cannot find it again."
Dorothy looked, and the hen help
ed her. and by and by the girl dis
covered the clock-key. which had
fallen into a crack of the rock.
At once she wound up Tiktok's
voice, taking care to give the key as
many turns as it would go around.
She found this quife a task, as you
may imagine if you have ever tried
to wind a clock, but the machine
man's first word were to assure
Dorothy that he would now run for
at least twenty-four hours.
"Y'ou did not wind me much, at
first," he calmly said, "and I told you
that long sto-ry a-bout King Ev-ol
do; so_ it is no wonder that I ran
She next rewound the action clock
work, and then Billina advised her
to carry the key to Tiktok in her
pocket, so it would not get lost
"And now," said Dorothy, when all
this was accomplished, "tell me what
you were going to say about the
"Why, they are noth-ing to be
fright-en'd at," said the machine.
"They try to make folks be-lieve
that they are ver-y ter-ri-ble, but
as a mat-ter of fact the Wheel-ers
are harmless e-nough to an-y one
that dares to fight them. They might
try to hurt a lit-tle girl like you,
per-haps, be-cause they nre ver-y
mis-chiev-ous. But if I had a club
they would run a-way as soon as
they saw me."
"Haven't you a club?" asked
"No," said Tiktok.
"And you won't find such thing
among these rocks, either, declared
r ■
Admission 4oc and 60c
I /
The Five Musical
In a Scottish Musical Revue
Laßergere & Co.
An Act Beautiful; Posing La
Su prcmc—a ml
2—Performances Nightly—2
Every Evfnlng
0.00 I\ M. to 11.45 P. M.
llodtfNN In Attrnilnnce
Ices, Delicious Fountain Drink*,
Tables Reserved
Oil Request
Discriminating Folks Are Invited
The Uest Orchestra*
Dorothy Opens the Dinner Pail
the yellow hen.
'Then what shall we do?" asked
the girl.
"Wind up my time-works tight-ly,
and I will try to think of some oth-er
plan," said Tlktok.
So Dorothy rewound his thought
machinery, and while he was think
ing she decided to eat her dinner.
Billina was already pecking away at
the cracks in the rocks, to find some
thing to eat, So Dorothy sat down
. Tik-Tok Tells Dorothy About The Wheelers
and opened her tin dinner-pail.
In the cover she found a small tank
that was full of very nice lemonade.
It was covered by a cup, which
might also, when removed, be used
to drink the lemonade from. Within
the pail were three slices of turkey,
two slices of cold tongue, some lob
ster salad, four slices of bread and
butter, a small custard pie, an
orange and nine large strawberries,
and some nuts and raisins. Singular
ly enough, the nuts in this dinner
pail grew already cracked, so that
Dorothy had no trouble in picking
out their meats to eat.
She spread the feast upon the rock
beside her and began her dinner, first
offering some of it to Tiktok, who
declined because, as he said, he was
merely a machine. Afterward she
offered to share with Billina. but the
hen murmured something about
"dead things" and said she preferred
her bugs and ants.
"Do the lunch-box trees and the
dinner-pail trees belong to the
Wheelers?" the child asked Tiktok,
while engaged in eating her meal.
"Of course not," he answered.
"They be-long to the roy-al fam-il-y
of Ev, on-ly of course there is no
royal famil-y Just now because King
Ev-01-do jumped into the sea and his
wife and ten children have been
transformed by the Nome. King. So
there is no one to rifle the Land of
Ev, that I can think of. Perhaps it
is for this rea-son that the Wheel-ers
claim the trees fof their own, und
pick the lunch-eons and din-ners to
eat them-selves. But they be-long
to the King, and you will find the
roy-al "E" stamped up-on the bot
tom of ev-er-y din-ner pail.
Dorothy turned the pail over, and
at once discovered the royal mark
upon it, as Tiktok had said.
"Are the Wheelers the only folks
living in the Land of Ev?" enquired
the girl.
"No; they only in-hab-it a small
por-tion of it just back of the woods,"
replied the machine. "But they have
al-ways been mis-chiev-ous and im
per-ti-nent, and my old mas-ter, King
jßs. _
High Class Vaudeville— The Three
r riends, two educated dogs and a
man; Earle and Bartlett, imper
sonating Irish characters; "Anx
ious Moments" a comedy sketch;
Hickman Brothers, darktace com
edians in a riot of laughter, en
titled "Blackface Art" —Grey and
Old Rose, dancing number.
To-day Only Norma Talmadge in
"Going Straight." Monday and
Tuesoay, Mauge Kennedy in "The
Wrong Door.' Wednesday and
"Thursday, Constance Talmauge in
"Happiness a la Mode." Friday
and Saturday, "The She Wolf."
To-day—Last showing of "Yankee
Doodle in Berlin" and the Mack-
Sennett Bathing Girls in person.
This afternoon only, the "Forty
Singing Sailors will give two con
certs —3.3U and 5 o'clock. Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday of next
week, Anita Stewart in "Mary
Regan." Thursday and Friday.
"Tne Wild Cat of I'aris," featuring
Prlscilla Dean. Saturday only
William S. Hart in "The Primal
To-day—Charles Kay in "Greased
Lightning," and sennett Comedy,
"Hearts and Flowers." Monday
and Tuesday, John Barrymore. in
"The Test of Honor." Wednesday
and Thursday, Dorothy Dalton in
"The Homebreaker." Friday and
Saturday, Bryant Washburn in
"Venus of the East."
Vaudeville —Two shows every even
This week's bill at the Majestic
Theater is going bigger at each
showing. We mean
People I.nugh the applause is
Heartily In getting greater.
Majestic T"enter Take for example,
the Hickman Broth
ers, who present something different
entitled "Blackfac Last night
they were called back by the audi
ence eight times. The audience
rocked with laughter from the time
they stepped on the stage until the
hnal curtain was pulled.
The entire bill is exceptionally
good, starting with the first act en
titled "The Three Friends."
Remember this afternoon at 2
o'clock the Firty Singing Sailors
will give a concert at this theater
under the direction of Jerry Swlne
forth, leader. This is considered
one of the greatest attractions ever
ottered the people of Harrisburg
The admission fee has not been In
Next week Herbert Clifton, consid
ered the greatest female imperson
ator playing in vaudeville to-day,
will be featured at this theater, rie
was formerly the hit of the season
with "Ziegfeld Follies."
When people of the high finance
world loojt for a good time tradition
has it that they seek
Who la the tenderloin or
Mary Itcgnn places frequented by
people who are not as
fortunate as they. When this opportu
nity presents Itself there is always
a chance for , the woman with brains,
nerve and intelligence. Such a wo
man Is Mary Regan. And Mary Re
gan is no other tnan the petite Anita
Stewart, star of "A Midnight Ro
mance," which Is playing at the Vic-
Ev-01-do, used to car-ry a whip with
him, when he walked out, to Keep
the crea-tures in or-der. When I
was first made the Wheel-ers tried
to run ov-er me, and butt me with
their heads; but they soon found I
was built of too sol-id a ma-ter-i-ul
for them to in-jqre."
"lou seem very durable," said
Dorothy. "Who made you?"
"The firm of Smith and Tin-ker in
the town of Ev-na, where the roy-al
pal-ace stands," answered Tiktok.
'Did they make many of you?"
asked the child.
I "No; I am the on-ly au-to-ma-tic
| me-chan-i-cal man they ev-er cum
j plet-ed," he replied. "They were
I ver-y won-der-ful in-ven-tors,
J were my mak-ers and quite ar-tis-tic
in all they did."
"I am sure of that," said Dorothv.
"Do they live in the town of Evna
"Tltey are both gone,' replied the
machine. 'Mr. Smith was an art-ist
as well as an in-vent-or, and lie
painted a plc-ture of a riv-er, wnich
was so nat-ur-al that, as he was
reach-ing a-cross it to paint some
, flow-ers on the op-po-site bank, ho
. fell into the wa-ter and was
I "Oh, I'm sorry for that!" exclaim
j ed the little girl.
"Mis-ter Tin-ker." continued Tik
tok, "make a lad-der so tall that he
could rest the end of it against the
moon, while he stood on the highest
rung and picked the lit-tle stars to
set in the points of the king's crown.
But when he got to the moon Mis-ter
Tin-ker found it such a love-ly place
that he de-cid-ed to live there, so
he pulled up the lad-der af-ter him
and we have never seen him since."
"He must have been a great loss
to this country," said Dorothy, who
was by this time eating her custard
"He was," acknowledged Tiktok.
"Also he is a great loss to me. For
if I should get out of or-der I do
not know of an-y one a-ble to re
pair me, be-cause I am so com-pli
cat-ed. Y'ou have no i-de-a how full
of ma-chin-er-y I am."
"I can imagine it," said Dorothy
"And now," continued the machine.
"I must stop talk-ing and be-gin
think-ing a-gain of a way to es-cape
from this rock." So he turned half
way around, in order to think with
out being disturbed.
"The best thinker I ever knew"
said Dorothy to the yellow hen, "was
a scarecrow."
At the Colonial
Norma Talmadge is being featured
to-day only at the Colonial Theater
in "Going Straight," in conjunction
with the showing of the film taken
at Bowman and Company's recent
annual picnic held at Good Hope Mill
There was lots of comment yesterday
about this film. While it was show
ing yesterday afternoon, someone
suddenly shouted "There she is,
mamma!" It was a child who had
evidently seen her sister going
through some antic.
Monday und Tuesday Madge Ken
nedy appears in "The Wrong Door."
Wednesday and Thursday Constance
Talmadge will be shown in "Happi
ness a la Mode."
toria Theater Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week.
This play is considered even bet
ter than her last "A Midnight Ro
mans, ' which proved so popular that
many people asked to have it play
a return engagement.
If you like plays that have the
mystery of a Snerlock Holmes story
the love tale of a Gene Stratton
1 orter and the diction of Edmund
Burke, view this super production.
Admirers of Charles Ray will find
special delight in his new play.
, „ , "Greased Light
l baric* Ray In ning," present
"GreuHfd Lightning" at the Regent
at Regent to-day for the
„ last time. in
this photoplay Mr. Ray becomes a
speed demon and the climax of the
story sees him in the racer of his
own make run down the villlan who
has beaten and defrauded the father
of the sweetheart of the hero. The
name of the story is dericed from a
racing auto, and Mr. Ray plays the
part of the village blacksmith who
is the inventive genius of the com
You will like the Mack-Sennett
comedy 'Hearts and Flowers." The
charm of the picture is said to be
its extreme novelty, while the fun is
fast and furious from start to finish.
Appearing in one of the strongest
roles in which he has appeared on
the screen, John Barrymore will be
seen in lilh latest photoplay "The
Test of Honor," at the Regent next
Monday and Tuesday.
In this charming photoplay Mr
Barrymore appears as a convict
whose career is ruined by a treach
erous woman whom he loved. Severul
of the most dramatic Incidents
transpires presumably at a country
club, and a famous clubhouse at
Piping Rock, N. Y.. was employed
for the purpose, with excellent ef
Constance Blnney and Marcla Ma-
"Nonsense!" snapped Billina.
"It is true," declared Dorothy. "I
met him in the Land of Oz, and ho
travelled with me to the city of the
great Wizard of Oz. so as to get some
brains, for his head was only stuffed
with straw. But it seemed to me that
he thought just as well before he
got his brains as he did afterward."
"Do you expect me to believe all
that rubbish about the Land of Oz?"
enquired Billina, who seemed a little
cross—perhaps because bugs were
"What rubbish?" asked the thild,
who was now finishing her nuts and
"Why, your impossible stories
about animals that can talk, and a
tin woodman who is alive and scarce
crow who can think.
"They are all there," said Doro
thy. "for I have seen them."
"I don't believe it!" cried the hen,
with a toss of her head.
"That's 'cause you're so ign'rant,"
replied the girl, who was a little of
fended at her friend Billina's speech.
"In, the Land of Oz," remarked
Tiktok, turning toward them, "any
thing is pos-si-ble. For it is a won
der-ful fair-y eoun-try."
"There, Billina! what did I say?"
cried Dorothy. And then she turned
to the machine and asked in an
eager tone: "Do you know the Land
of Oz, Tiktok?"
"No; but I have heard a-bout it,"
said the copper man. "For it is
on-ly sep-a-ra-ted from ihis Land of
Ev by a broad des-ert."
Dorothy clapped her hands togeth
er delightedly.
"Im so glad of that!" she ex
claimed. "It makes me. quite happy
to be so near my old friends. The
scarecrow I told you of, Billina, is
the King of the Land of Oz."
"Par-don me. He is not tho king
now." said Tiktok.
"He was when I left there," de
clared Dorothy.
"I know," said Tiktok, "but there
was a rev-o-lu-tion in the Land of
Oz, and the scare-crow was de-posed
by a sol-dier woman named Gen
er-al Jin-jur. And then Jin-jur was
de-posed by a lit-tle girl named Oz
nio, who was the rightful heir to the
throne and now rules the land un
der the ti-tle of Oz-ma of Oz."
"That is news to me," said Dor
othy, thoughtfully. "But I s'pose
lots of things have happened since
I left the Land of Oz. I wonder
what has become of the Scarecrow,
and of the Tin Woodman and the
Cowardly Lion. And I wonder who
this girl Ozma is, for I never heard
of her before."
But Tiktok did not reply to this.
He had turned around again to re
sume his thinking.
Dorothy packed the rest of the food
back into the pail, so as not to be
wasteful of good things, and the
yellow hen forgot her dignity far
enough to pick up all of the scat
tered crumbs, which she ate rather
greedily, although she had so lately
pretended to despise the things that
Dorothy preferred as food.
By this time Tiktok approached
them with his stiff bow.
"Be kind e-nough to fol-low me,"
he said, "and I will lead you a-way
from here to the town of Evna,
where you will be more com-forta
ble, and also I will pro-tect you
from the Wheelers."
"All right," answered Dorothy
promptly. "I'm ready!"
Editor's Note —Our next story "The
Heads of ' Langwidere." You ask
"who is Langwidere?" Well, she is
the Princess who rules in the Land
of Eve. We shall take you with us to
the Land of Ev but be prepared for
a little excitement with the Wheel
ers. Tik-tok proves they are harm
less, however, and our journey is
bound to be a delightful one.
non do excellent work in the leading
feminine roles.
For those who have not seen this
weeks' bill at the Daxtang Park
Theater this week, there
The Show is just one more left
at Pnxtung in the amusement field
and that is to go out to
Paxtang this evening and see one
of the best park shows of the sea
The bill is headed by the Five
Musical McLarens in a nifty Scot
tish musical revue with La Bergue
and Company in their beautiful pos
ing act, running them a close sec
ond for headline honors. The re
mainder of the park bill is made up
of high clhss vaudeville acts.
To the Editor of the Telegraph :
The program selected by the Mu
nicipal Band for the concert at Res
ervoir Park on Thursday evening
was one very happily suited for a
park audeince, and especially well
rendered by an exceptionally good
a dnib members responding with
The h a , nd vim to able leadership
The band .s a credit to the city and
to' ° u^yc '°^ens
name and fact as well as
auli h e a ce am whUe nn a°larL ßalfi °J tho
dulled by™ the pleasure was
.n .J™, s^ c,, ;;s n b , CT . c s%%'
*hey L™° re ,C , the "" discredit, fop
sons Hart seemingly sensible per
out the** audience "is "tabrf ' hrou * h
'S a good thine- i? ta,l °oed. which
instruct t he C
guards who llKtUih.,, the Park
<he trees, to abate the- lgui asainst
ance within <h - talking nuis
th. conS, "" " -T,TizF%' or
the Maryland fs 3t '
the most beaiitif, ii , is one of
member of his trihe" of any
elation, of Wa S hi n ngto 0 n. eS which SB< |;
Pa.gn n ?or on b,^Lu na e t,o b n u^„ 6 g--
arousing the Intense interest of
rten° 0 iw dren in this Phase of out
door life. There is no mistaking
the song of this bird, and it Is ren
dered In a variety of ways which
make it sound like any one of the
following: "Which - is-it? which-.
~ or "What-a-pity, what-a-
Plt.v ; or "Which-way-sir? which
way-slr?" or "I-beseech you. T-be
seech-you"; or "Witchery, witchery,
witchery." The bird is particularly
fond of thickets by the sid# of run-
Real Estate Transfers li City
J- R. Martz to Edward Moeslein,
three-story brick dwelling, 536 South
Seventeenth street. Consideration
shown by revenue stamps to have
been approximately 33,000.
Emma Kellman to W. A. Kennedy,
three story frame dwelling. 1412
Liberty street. Consideration shown
by revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 32,500.
Mary Shisler to Mary E. Wright,
three-story brick dwelling, 1606
Susquehanna street. Consideration
shown by revenue stamps to have
been approximately 33,000.
E. M. Fackler to Clara R. Urich,
two and one-half story frame dwell
ing, 414 South Nineteenth street.
Consideration shown by revenue
stamps to have been approximately
Flora Shanklin to Cora Zimmer
man, three-story frame dwelling,
1322 Swatara street. Consideration
Samuel Etter to J. I. Hamaker.
three-story brick dwelling, 1603
Second street. Consideration
shown by revenue stamps to have
been approximately 32,000.
G. E. Shelter to H. O. Warfel, two
story brick dwelling, 1808 Swatara
street. Consideration shown by
revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 33,000.
C, M. Toomey to D. A. Sanderlin,
Ave three-story frame dwellings, and
one two and one-haif-story frame
dwelling, 1824-26-28-30-32-36 Fulton
Charles L. R. Yoder to Georgians
Hilsea, two and one-half-story brick
dwelling, 3002 A North Third street.
Consideration shown by revenuq
stamps to have been approximately
Two Badly Injured
in Marine Strike Clash
By Associated Press.
New York, July 19. —A silght in
crease in the number of vessels
tied up in New York harbor by the
strike of firemen, oilers and water
tenders was reported to-day. Simi
| lar reports were received from other
Atlantic ports. A few coastwise
steamers were in service due to
their owners having signed an
agreement with the strikers. In ad
dition to the strikers and allied em
ployes thrown out of work by the
strike the number of unemployed
was increased by the longshoremen
and hundreds of teamsters and
freight handlers left idle by the em
bargo on all shipments intended for
export or for transfer by water to
other domestic ports.
One man was shot and probably
will die and another left seriously
injured in a clash to-day between
strikers and strike breakers on the
Brooklyn water front.
For Sale
Balldlng Now on Site Cnn Be
Sultnble for
Garage, Factory,
Auto Distributor, Warehouse, ete.
100 feet x 125 feet
Centrally Located
Clone to nnllrond r.nd
Shipping Facilities
If you want a property that
will stand by the Investment, here
you arc: 3-story brick dwelling
house, planned for two families.
First and second floors arc as fol
lows: living room, tied room,
ltath. dining room, kitchenette,
pantry: new paint, new paper,
strain heat, cemented ccllnr, bal
cony, steel and cement, with Iron
stairway lending to yard. Ham
ilton street west of Third street.
Price $6,500
Can be rented for $53 or $0
a month, fan he seen by ap
pointment. Apply to
Bergner Building
I Don't Forget
(Twenty-ninth Street near Derry)
LARGE Building Sites i
I For Little Money
Call Bell 1390 or Dial 3573 and our auto will take you
there without obligation to buy.
Wm. J. Sohland, Mgr.
36 North Third Street
JULY 19, 1919.
Catherine Rose to W. M. Bingaman,
three-story brick dwelling, 1828
Chestnut street. Consideration shown
by revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 24,000.
Frank Odenweller to John W. Duey,
three-story brick dwelling, 627 Camp
street. Consideration shown by
revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 22,000.
Harry E. Felndt to William E.
Sheck, two and one-half-story brick
dwelling, 918 North Eighteenth %treet.
Consideration shown by revenue
stamps to have been approximately j
May A. Bange to A. R. Sleber, two
story brick dwelling, 611 Oxford
street. Consideration shown by
revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 22,500.
M. H. Gettys to Catharine How
erter, three-story brick dwelling, 421
Hamilton street. Consideration 22,-
Cloyd E. Kloss to Daniel S. Lowe,
two lots, Fourteenth Ward. Consid
eration 21,800.
Wayne E. Johns to Lulu R. George,
three-story brick dwelling, 1918 Park
street. Consideration shown by
I revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 23,500.
Sarah Heller to A. Goldsmith,
three-story brick dwelling, 1611
Green street. Consideration shown
by revenue stamps to have been ap
proximately 25.000.
Samuel B. Reed Estate to Fred
Hoover, three-story brick dwelling,
1901 North Third street. Considera
tion 23,500.
Catrine Berger to Max Levine,
three-story brick dwelling, 430
Muench street. Consideration, 22,-
By Associated Press.
Paris, July 19. —Speaking before
the Central Federative Committee
at Budepest in Tuesday, Bela Kun,
the foreign minister of the Hun
garian Soviet government, admitted
that the dictatorship of the pre
| letatriat was "passing through a
triple crisis—moral, economic and
political," says a Havas dispatch
front the Hungarian capital.
Sir: The salesman's bulletin of a
Los Onglaze concern counsels gad
ders in this wise.
"If you tind yourself getting stale
when you have a: particularly hard
I bunch of nuts to crack, the way to
cross the River of Doubt is to take
the bull by the horns * * "
And have him trow you across, I
Kough, Brightbill & Kline for
Bell 3902 307 Kunkel Bldg. Dial 4509
How It Is Easy To Own a Home In I
Bellevue Park
The Investors Realty Company for
whom We are the Agents say: "We are
about to build r. number of houses in
Bellevue Park. / For home seekers hav
ing from $1,200 to $2,000 in Cash we
will build houses costing when com
v pleted, with lot, from $6,000 to SB,OOO
and will arrange so that the balance
may be paid in easy payments."
This is an attractive proposition and
deserves the consideration of all desir
ing a home in this Beautiful Residential
To go to Belle-
oar to Twenty
first ami Mar- Locust and Court Streets
ket streets.
A very .complete and desirable corner 3-story brick busi
ness property, fronting on three streets, located in the
rapidly growing business zone of Thirteenth and Market
Also the Southeast corner of Fifteenth and Walnut
streets, being a long established and very successful
grocery stand.
1251 Market Street
Harry New, Charged
With Murder, Makes
Plea of Not Guilty
Dos Angeles, Calif., July 59.
Harry S. New, charged by grand
jury indictment with the murder of
his sweetheart, Freda Lesser on the
night of July 4, pleaded not guilty
in the Superior Court here.
The trial was set for October 27.
Corner Property
No. 1522 State Street
Owner Leaving Town
Very Desirable Location
Modernly Equipped
Brick Garage on Premises
Early Possession
Price Right
I Real Estate
I ''' A Jilb*v
Realty Co.
331 Market Street

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