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Boat Built to Hunt German I
Raiders Has Nothing
to Do Now
London. Oct. 9.—The first of a j
new type fo British cruiser, the Ra- '
leigh, launched a few days ago, is !
expected to give the navy trouble to
find her suitable work.
The Raleigh is of 9,750 tons with
a speed of 35 knots. She was de
signed to hunt raiders such as the
Moewe and the Wolf. She was
given guns larger than the guns
usually placed on light cruisers so
she might be able to outrange any
commerce raider the enemy might
send out. Now that there are no i
War Tax 24
Sunday, October 12 I
Special Train Leave*
■ lfurrishurg 6.00 A. 31. ■
HI Hcturnins, Snccial Train
I leave* Pittsburgh 0.50 I*. 31.
;;; ■
Jt?T Visit Sobcnloy l'ark
and lliipps Conservatory
with their beautiful Moral
displays, Inspect (nrncgic
%'■ Institute %vlth it* Inter
esting museum and mug
iiilicent Art Gallery, see
••The Zoo," free to the
public, in attractive High
land Park and enjoy a
pleasant day's outing in
the 3letropolls of West
ern Pennsylvania and an
iiutnmn serine trip over
the Alleglicnic*.
?/" ■
I Sec Flyers. Consult Agents
■ X*f The right Is reserved to
I limit the sale of tickets to
I the capacity of equipment
I available.
I Pennsylvania R.R.
HHnnnHi j
The Man or Woman Who Is About to I
Invest in Fall Clothing Should Know I
that this is 49 years for us to be in the business of clothing fami
lies. We have clothed millions of complete families during all
this long stretch of years. We have met all sorts of competition
—clothing stores come and go like the circus. We have not only
held our own but we have forged ahead and actually out
distanced all rivals.
We never had any diffi
culty in getting business. ri£ l '\
We're doing the business of
/T iV\ our l* ves "ght now. But
/' 1I \ there is just one man and one
™ c f/A \ woman we want to sell a suit
/ to this Fall—the man or yWO
jf- of —woman we have never sold a B
0 J *l3 First, because it is business
yj but chiefly because we're in JUP
i' I j a position to spring many sur- iff! I .Wj
if prises this Fall. We have the *vA \Jj
1 | j choicest woolens in the mar- 1 11\ 11l
, J j£s ket. There is no workman- ||\\ )\
Hi tj /fj}\ ship better and we don't ask 1
ITv /frH a dollar more than it costs to * I \
buy clothes that can't hold a HI
u I \ jj candle to these. The styles jfl 1
n are positively CORRECT. II 1
Think of a store with 79 other stores in j/g\
79 of the largest and leading, progressive \w
cities of the United States. Think of this YLLI (IOTHKS"
combination of ideas. Think of our loca
tion our plain, simple and conservative
way we run our business and how we can save you money—save
$5 or $lO on your Fall Suit.
I Have Your Bill Charged If You Wish
I Gately & Fitzgerald Supply Co.
. I
(ipncvu, Switzerland, Oct. 9. ;
Anxiety is felt by the inhabitants j
of several villages in the h!n- j
gadine district because of the |
vagaries of an Alpine stream j
which has appeared in three dif- j
ferenf places during the past six j
weeks and as promptly vanished. ;
The stream after cutting beds j
near villages disappeared over- |
In one instance the torrent J
passed quite close to the tourist j
resort of Bergun, causing the re- !
sort to become deserted. Swiss |
engineers have traced the source \
of the stream to Lake Kavoisch j
but failed in their experiments j
with colo red water to follow it <
to its discharge.
Inhabitants recollecting the ;
tragedy of 1892 at the health !
resort of Oervais when a similar
stream collecting under a moun- I
tain caused terrible landslide, de- ■
stroying the village, killing and
drowning several scores of per
sons, have appealed to the can- !
tonal government for assistance. J
German raiders, it is conceded by j
the navy that she is much in the
nature of a white elephant, being too
costly for a light cruiser and too
light for service with a battle
cruiser squadron.
The Raleigh is armed with 7.5-inch
guns, provided with an underwater
••bulge" which was designed to make
her torpedo proof, and is so divided
that any two of her main compart
ments may be flooded without en
dangering the vessel. She has anti
aircraft guns and burns oil fuel j
only. |
Keep it handy to promote prompt |
relief from rheumatic
pains and aelies
w X THEN you know what Sloan's;
V/V/ Liniment will do, as- thou- j
* " sands of men and women the '
world over know, you, too, will keep |
it handy. You will use it for those
"twinges of rheUmatiz," for reliev- j
ing that lame back, muscle stiffness ;
ami soreness, aches, all sorts of ex- :
ternal pains, and exposure after
Only takes a little, applied without
rubbing. Soon penetrates, scatter
ing the congestion, bringing merci
ful relief to the throbbing, jumping
Three sizes—3sc, 70c, $1.40. Airy
druggist has it. If not, we'd like to
know his name.
wr-— ormimnaHraH
mill i i irliilnf i il■ liknf rfi
/jg f&OY*TFT9 i
South American Government
Proposes Adoption of a
Gold Standard
i Santiago, Chile, Oct. 9.—The Chil
ean government is endeavoring to
' relieve the pressure of the high cost
I of living by stabilizing the rate of
j exchange. It has proposed the adop
| tion of a gold standard and that
i Chilean currency should be made
j convertible at sight. This would be
| attended by the organization of a
! central bank to act in the same way
j as the Federal Reserve Bank of the
' United States. It is argued that this
; would put the economical resources
of the country on a steady "flmincial
! basis and eliminate the private spec
ulation in gold which is felt to have
| much influence on the present ex
j change rates.
j The rise of sterling exchange is
! attributed in part to an adverse bal
ance of trade against Chile in 1918
to the amount of about $7,000,000.
I This difference has to be paid in
gold, consequently the pese declines
in value.
Chileans have been affected by the
increased cost of living like the rest
of the world and there have been
public demonstrations, meetings of
labor men and congressional de
bates on restrictions of experts of
foodstuffs and upon providing work
for the unemployed.
Nitrate, which is the mainstqy of
Chilean industry, has been out of
the market for several months ow
; ing to the slump in the demand re
j suiting from the ending of the war
| and the scarcity of freight steamers.
! This threw thousands of workers
| out of employment. To meet this
labor situation the government pro
| posed measures providing for the ex-
I penditure of several million dollars
I in construction of highways and rail
j ways.
licbnnon. Pa., Oct. 9. —After de-
I liberating for three hours the jury
! selected to hear testimony in the
] assumpsit suit brought against the
1 city of Lebanon by the receivers of
j the Dwyer & Co., contracting firm
• for the recovery of $1,222,86 claim-
I ed to be due on a paving contract,
i brought in a verdict in favor of
I the city.
Gettysburg. Pa., Oct. 9. —Twenty-
four men have been drawn by the
jury commissioners for the grand
jury of the November court and 38
for the general jury. The trial list
as so far prepared shows that there
will not be any cases of importance
{ to be tried at the coming session.
New Cumberland, Pa., Oct. 9.—-
Miss Jane Nayler. of Bridge street,
I will entertain the T. W. B. Club at
her home on Thursday evening.
Secretary Woodward Says
Idea Appeared to Be Gen
eral in the State
Town planning engineers of the
municipalities bureau in the De
partment of Internal Affairs are
working over a dozen requests for
information .from cities and bor
oughs for data regarding parks and
playgrounds as memorials to men
in the World War. These requests
have been coming in for weeks and
Secretary James F. Woodward says'
that if they mean anything 1920
will be a record-breaker in the way
of establishment of parks and sim
ilar places. In a number of in
stances the municipalities have asked
foi the services of planning engi
neers, for which the lust legislature,
made provision, and in others in
formation as to cost of maintenance
of .parks and playgrounds has been
requested. Several of the letters
said that the parks were to be dedi
cated as memoriuls.
"Memorial parks and play
grounds," said Secretary Woodward,
"will make lasting memorials for
the soldiers of the great war and the
Bureau of Municipalities is going to
exert every effort in assisting towns
and communities to commemorate
tne work of their defenders. It is
my impression that there is no more
fitting or last.ng memorial than a
park, playground or recreation cen
ter and naturallj, too, a memorial
which will be beneficial to the health
and welfare of the community in
which it is established."
Through a recent act of the legis
lature, the Bureau of Municipalities
was established in the Department
of Internal Affairs for the purpose
of giving assistance to the munici
palities of the State in the various
problems confronting them.
Mr. Woodward pointed out that
there are in the State many of the
smaller municipalities whose citi
zens are desirous of seeing public
improvements made but whose
municipal finances will not permit
the employing of an expert to work
out the necessary plans. "The Penn
sylvania Legislature," said Mr.
Woodward, "understood this condi
tion and to overcome the difficulties
the Bureau of Municipalities was
established. Expert engineers in the
bureau stand ready to offer the nec
essary assistance and the expense is
borne by the State."
Numerous towns and cities have,
already taken advantage of the
legislature's act and inquiries re
ceived from others indicate that the
Bureau of Municipalities will be
come an important factor in town
planning and development during
the next few months.
Personal and Social News
of Towns on West Shore
Mr. and Mrs. Lightner and daugh
ter, Miss Galbraith, and Miss Good
man, of Huntington, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Hancker at New Cum
berland this week.
The Rev. J. R. Hutchinson, a re
tired minister of New Cumberland,
went to Hanover to attend the United
Brethren Conference. Harry Bixler
is attending conference as a delegate
from the Trinity United Brethren
Jacob Schell, of Baltimore, is vis
iting relatives at New Cumberland, j
Mr. and Mrs. William Lefever, of
New Cumberland, were at Mechan
icsburg on Sunday.
Mrs. A. R. Ayer, of New Cumber
land, is visiting her son, Charles, la
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howry and
daughter, Frances, of Lancaster; Mr.
and Mrs. William E. Howry, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Howry and son, William,
Edward Howry; Mr. and Mrs. John
Sheely, Miss Phoebe Howry. Joseph
Clouser, all of Shiremanstown; Miss
Blanche Howry, Lewis Fry and Ed
ward L. Condon, of Harrisburg, mo
tored to New Germantown on Sun
day, where they spent the day at
the Shiremanstown Gun Club cot
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Straley and
son, Dean, of New Cumberland; Mrs.
Harriet Burger and E. S. Gland, of
Harrisburg, were entertained Sunday
at the home of Mrs. H. M. Rupp at
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snyder and
Mrs. Ramsey M. Ward entertained
the following guests at their resi
dence at Eichelberger's curve on
Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Starr,
son, John: daughter, Charlotte, of
Shiremanstown; Mrs. Carrol Arbe
gast and daughter, Marie, of Mc
chanicsburg; Mrs. Mary Kreitzer, of
Harrisburg; Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Straining, Mr. and Mrs. James Spong
and daughter, Sarah, of Eichelberg
er's curve, and Mr. and Mrs. Good,
of Spring Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Rolla J. Church, son,
John, and daughter, Mary, of Har
risburg, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Howry and family at Shiremanstown
on Tuesday.
Mifflin Republicans Will
Gather at Camp Comfort
Lowistmvn, Pa., Oct, 9.—Chair
man B. Frank Fisher and Secretary
H. O. Lantz, of the Mifflin County
Republican committee have ar
ranged an annual outing at Camp
Comfort in the Seven Mountains for
Saturday, when the committee will
meet the Republican candidates and
arrange for an effective campaign.
S. R, Patterson and Charles E.
Lykens, of Mllroy, have been desig
nated as the committee on dinner
and are to see that plenty of food is
provided for all who attend.
Scarlet Fever Claims
Young Woman as Victim
j Mount Union, Pa., Oct. 9.—Mary
I Emma Richardson died at the home
| of her brother-in-law, Roy Stitt, in
this place, after an Illness of a few
days, from scarlet fever, Miss Rich
ardson was employed in the office of
Dr. Wilcox, dentist, being engaged
there when she fell ill, She was
aged 26 years, and is survived by
her parents and several brothers and
sisters. She was a native of Mc-
Culloughs Mills, Juniata county, and
her body will be buried at that place.
Marys vi He, Pa., Oct. 9.—Marys
ville First National Bank, together
with practically .all banks of Perry
county, have Issued announcements
that they will be closed all day on
Monday, Columbus Day.
New Cumberland, Pa., Oct. B.
Dr. 8. A. Kirkpatrick has purchased
of Mrs. F. M. Gutstwhlte a lot on
the corner of Fifth and Market
"* [Other state News ou Page 8.1 '
1 Buy Here Not Alone Because Prices Are Lower, But Because Qualities Are Better |
The Hundred and One Fall Needs For Wardrobe and Household May be Satisfactorily
and Economically Filled From the Wide Stocks of This Store
New Conceptions for Fall In Jewelry T Necklaces
and Leather Goods
New White Stone Bar. Pins, ,
50c !)8c aiul sl.lß.
New Kings, 25c, 50c and SI.OO. j
New Brooch Plus, 25c and 50c. j
New Cold Filled Bar Pins, 25c I
and 50c.
Pearl Necklaces, special value, |
25c, 50c, 75c' and 08c.
The Newest Ideas In Laces, Embroideries and
A department whose offerings have met with unusual
favor with the women of Harrisburg and vicinity.
New Bold and Silver Laces,
25c. 15c, 50c. 09c, 75c ami 98c.
New Iridescent Banding,
39c. 59c, 09c and 98c.
New Oriental Laces, 38c,
12c, 15c and 50c.
New Filet Laces, 50c and
New Crochet Laces, 25c,
59c and 50c.
New Cluny Jjaees, 7c, lOe,
12 '<jC, 15c, 19c and 25c.
New Cambric, Nainsook and
Swiss Fni broideries, 7c, 10c,
12 kje, 15c, 17c, 10c and 25c.
Embroidery Flouncing, 18
an.l 27 inches wide, 29c, 39c,
'l2c, 19c. 50c. 75c, SI.OO, $1.15.
and $1.29.
New Tailor-made Braids, all
widths, black and colors, 7c,
10c, L>c.~l7c, 19c, 22c, 25c aiul
Fall Showing in Ready to Wear
l<adics' Aprons, 20c, 39c. 12c,,
18c, 30c, 09c and 85c.
Liulles' Bungalow Aprons 85c,
SI.OO, $1.25 and $1.48.
Ladies' Black Aprons, 50c, 59c,
85c, SI.OO and $1.29.
Ladies' White Percale Aprons
for office and restaurant work,
85c. SI.OO and $1.19.
Nurse's White Aprons, 85c.
Women's Black Underskirts,
88c, 98c, $1.15, $1.29. $1.48, $1.59
anil 81.98.
Nurse's Cliffs and Caps, 15c and
Children's Wash Dresses, 39c,
48c and 00c.
Children's Bloomers, 39c, 45c
and 75c.
Children's Aprons. 35c, 12c,
59c and 73c.
Children's Rompers, 50c, 69c
and 88--.
Boys' Waists. 75c.
Boys' Pants, 98c.
Boys' Hats, 50c.
Infants' White Slips. 50c, 69c.
75c and 85c. !
That Command Attention For Their Excellence and
Bought when the market was lower—and priced on
the basis at which we bought them, not on the higher j
market of today. Big Saving for you!
Shades are Wistaria, black, navy, white, Belgian, Copenhagen,
pink, light blue, African brown, taupe, gray, old rose, tan. etc.
Georgette Crepe, yd $2.29
Crepe de Chine, yd $2.10
Messaline, yd .$2.19
ilk Poplins, yd $1.29
Colored Taffeta, staple shades, yd $1.98
Black Velvets and Velveteens
Silk Velvets $1.48 and $1.98
Velveteen SI.OO, $1.29, $1.59 and $1.98
Panne Velvet $1.98
Black Silks
Black Messaline, $1.39, $1.59, $1.69, $1.89
and $1.98
Black Taffeta, .$1.39, $1.59, $1.69, $1.89
and .. $1.98
Black Peau de Soie ..$2.25 j
Fashionable Millinery
Your Hat at the Price You Want to Pay
While prices are higher than they were last year, there is no need fff [ fWtjfi WFFWIs
for extravagance in the purchase of your Fall Hat, if you come here. ' 'f[ [/fBA
It has been no easy matter to bring such a large collection of hats \
to Harrisburg, for we have been obliged to provide not only the ut
most in style and quality, but to sustain our well-earned reputation V
for the lowest prices in the city. °
But they are here, and you may choose at t*
$3.29, $3.48, $3.98, $4.48, $4.88, $5.59, $5.88, $5.98,
$6.29, $6.48, $6.88, $7.48, $7.88, $8.48, SB.BB, $9.48, $9.88
Tailored styles of Hatters Plush, Barge Velvet Dress Hats, | T ' '
Lyons and Panne Velvets in bailor Shapes, Turbans, Mush- | YUIUIIITISS
rooms. Roll Brims, bide Flares, in all the new Fall shades. i T,' „ i i7i„. ~ , e:i L r\
Mutteawan Velours, in ail colors) Velvet Plush and Beaver New I rench Flowers, Gold and Silver Ornaments, Os-
Tams, children's Dress and TaUored Hats. I trich l'ancies, Monkey Fur Novelties, Etc.
| 25 Cent Department Store
Where Every Day Is Bargain Day
215 Market Street, Opposite Courthouse
I New Oriental Necklaces, large
assortment, latest novelties, 50c,
] 75c, 98c and sl.lß.
t Ladies Pockcthooks, 25c, 50c,
' 59c, 98c. sl.lß 51.89 and $1.98.
Ladies' New Patent Leather
Kodak Bags, 98c.
Extrusive line of Belts, ull sizes
I and colors, 25e and 50c.
Soutache Braids all colors,
bolt, 35c.
liatlail Braid, black, brown
and navy, liolt, 82c.
New lircss Cords, all colors,
yard, 15c.
New Dress Fringes, all col
ors, SI.OO, $1.98, $2.98 and
New Dress Birdies, $1.25 and
New Dress Ornaments, black
aiul colors, 39c, 50c, 69c and
New Dress Tassels, all eol
ors, Bc, 12 ',£<•, 19c and 25c.
New Black Tassels, 25c,
29c. -15 c. -19 c, 59c ami 75c.
New Drops, colors, silver
and gold, Bc, 12l£c, 15c, 19c,
25c and 39c.
New Chenille Tassels, in col
ors, 25c.
, Infants' White Dresses, 39c,
50c, 09c, 75c and 85c.
Infants' Long Skirts, 39c and
Infants' Gowns. 59c and 09c.
Infants' Caps, 25c, 50c and 98c.
Infants' Shoes, 29c.
Infants' Novelties, 10c up.
Infants' Kimonos, 59c and 09c.
Children's Toques, 39c.
Girls' and Boys' Toques, 59c.
Women's Knit Skirts, 75c and
Children's Knit Skirts, 75c and
Children's Knit I.cggins, 50c.
Girls' Knit Tains, $1.59.
Children's Sweaters, 59c and
Girls' Knit Avation Caps, spec
ial, 50c.
Babyies' Knit Bootes, 15c, 25c,
29c, 39c, 50c, 69c, 75c.
Rubies' Caps, 50c, 59c, and 69c.
Babies' Sacqucs, 50c, 75c, 98c,
(i and sl.lß.
Babies' Sweaters, Pile, 73c, l>Bo,
I and $1.19.
OCTOBER 9, 1919
Women's and Children's Fall Underwear
Women's Vests, long anil short Women's Hihhcd hong Sleeve
sleeves, 59c anil 69c. Corset Covers, all sizes, 50c.
Women's Ankle Length Draw-! Children's Union Suits, $125
ers, 50c anil 59c. j $1.35, $ ,.3 0 ai „, $ , 48
Women s Tight linee Drawers, Children's Vests anil rants, 50c,
' 59c, (15c anil 75c.
Women's Tight Knee Union Infant's Vests, 25c, 59c, 50c
Suits, 09c, 79c anil 98c. 1 and 59c.
Women's, Misses' and Children's Muslin
Underwear For Fall
Women s Drawers, 50c, 75c audi Women's Combination Suits,
85, \ I ®s<\ 75c and SI.OO.
Women's llloomcrs, 59c anil j Women's Corsets, all sizes, 75c.
, *'"11 line of Women's Sanitary
Women's Brassieres, 50e, 59c, Supplies, 5c up.
a "l j Children's Drawers, 29c 55c,
Women's Corset Covers, 29c, 39c, 45e, 48c and 50c.
35c and 59'- j Children's Princess Slips, 50c
Women s Silk Camisoles, 79c' and 75c.
and.sl.oo. | Children's Skirts, 50c and 65c.
Women's Muslin Skirts 75c, | Children's Drawer 1 todies 25c,
88c, 98c and $1.25. | 39c, 50c, 59c and 05c.
Miscellanous Merchandise For Fall
Latest novelties in Women's 1 Snap Shot Albums, 15c, 19c,
Neckwear, embracing collar and j 29c anil 39c.
cult sets, vestees, etc., 50c and Writing Tablets, sc, 10c, 15c,
19c and 25c.
Boudoir Caps, 29c. 59c and 98e. Envelopes, pack, 5c and 17c.
Windsor Ties, plain colors, School supplies in Pencils,
plaids anil stripes, 39c and 18c. Erasers, Companions, Crayons,
Peter Thompson Ties, 69c and ete., lc up.
" B< ' - Toilet articles in soaps, tooth
Writing; Paper. 17c, 21c, paste, tHleum, tenth brushes, face
29c, 35c, 50c and 55c. powder, rouge, etc., at popular
Correspondence Cards, bos, prices.
35c> Ladies Cloves, 500, 75c and
Ladies' Hundkerchiefs, sc. 10c, SI.OO
12 anil 15c. ( Veiling, yard. 25c and 50c.
Men and Boys' Wear For Fall
Men's and Boys' Wool Caps, Men's Heavy Weight Kiblted
light and dark patterns, 29c 50c i Union Suits, in gray and ecru,
uml 69c SI.BB.
Men's Dress and Work Suspen- , Heavy llrcce lined Hanes
dors, light and .lark, 29,- 39c, J Dp ,. by Khir , s ftm , Draw .
and o c. ers, sizes 32 to 16, garment 88c.
Men's and Boys' Solt Collars, „ . „ ...
25,. Men's Heavy Fleece I.hieil
" Men's Silk Collars, alt sizes; Kulls ' tolor . sl *.
special, 32c SI.BB.
Men's Cotton Hose, black and Men's Wool Shirts and Draw
colors, 15c ers, all sizes, garment, $1.48.
Men's Lisle Finish Hose, black 1 Boy's Fleece Lined and Derby
and colors, 19c I Ribbed Union Suits, sizes 21 to
Men's Lisle Hose, double sole, j 54, 95c.
Men's Canvas Work Cloves, Fall Needs If l NeW NotIOUS
leather palm, 39c and 65c. Busting Thread, 3c; 2 spools
Men's Cotton Work Cloves, Jse, for sc. '
19c and 25c. New Fancy Garter Elastic, 39c.
Men's Linen Collars, 19c. Snap Fasteners, 5c and 8c '
Men's Dress Shirts, 59c. card.
Men's Leather Belts, black and Inside Belting. 8c and 10c.
tan. 50c. Dress Shields, best grades, 30c,
Men's Satin Pad Garters and 35c, 39c and 50c.
silk arm bands, 25c. Girilelin, 25c anil 35c.
Men's Double Grip Pad Gar- Hooks anil Eyes, card, 7c and
ters, 32c. Bc.
Men's medium weight ribbed New styles in Buttons for Fall,
union suits, all sizes, $1.59. ' all sizes, from 10c dozen up.
Here's a Timely Sale of
including Yarns, Silks and Supplies.
4 anil 8 fold Germantown yarn in black, white and colors, skein,
j 30c.
C'onipadour Floss, all colors, skein, 35c.
Saxony, skein. 29c
Knitting Worsted, all colors, 3% oz. hank, sl.lO
Extra heavy worsted, hank, $1.19
Knitting worsted, ail colors, 1"s oz. hank, 55c.
Art silk, 1 '/j oz. ball, 65c.
Vicuna, IJ4 oz. ball, 65c.
Zephyr Silk, ball. 40c
Knitola, 2 oz. ball. 69c.
Domestic Angora % oz. ball, 50c.
Imported French Angora 'A oz. ball, $1.25.
Angoraette wool, ball, 50c.
Brush wool, 1 'A oz. ball, 65c.
All sizes amber and bone crochet hooks, 10c and 12 1 /jC.
All sizes amber and bone knitting needles, 19c and 25c.
Large Wood Knitting Needles, 2 sizes, pair, 25c anil 29c.
1-argo assortment of yarn instruction books, 15c and 25c.
Free Instruction
J in all the new stitches in knitting and crocheting, etc., will
j be taught to our patrons, free of charge by
! our expert instructor in art and needlework, who will
also conduct
Free Classes For Children
Saturday Mornings from 9 to 11 o'clock

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