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Jthat Is Reason For Decline;
£of German Mark, the Vor- I
waerts Says ,
Berlin, Dec. 2.—"German capital
Jias deserted the flag," says the
■Vorwaerts in a bitter comment on
the decline in value of the German
-.Numberless cases are occurring in
Which the German sellers do not al
low payment of their wares in Ger
many but establish accounts abroad
Which are exempt from taxation,
aelares the paper. To the damage
It the German rate of exchange, I
4t>ntinues Vorwaerts. the German,
beggar sells his rags In the world !
market at what prices he can get I
And ignores the opportunities to get<
foreign moneys Into Germany and j
thereby raise the mark. *
. Capitalists who lind tax evasion ;
profitable refer to the German eco- !
flomic crisis with a shrug of the
•boulders and lay the blame to the
government and financial politics,
f The Vorwaerts states that Ger
man leather especially has been
sold abroad at prices less than In
je =
rpHERE'S a distinction about our
-L Furs which emanates only from q
the finest specimens of pelts, properly
tanned. And there's an assurance of
quality that certainly warrants your ut-
H most confidence in us.
* Hatter and Furrier |H
17 North Third Street
, s* T.-W *•:■."*
I The Christmas Gift Ideal '
Make Christmas mean something to the entire family this year. Give j
W. something which will bring pleasure to them all something which wil .
♦ continue to bring pleasure—a TALKING MACHINE. j
W. In this store you will find three standard makes. Every one of them is .
* a top-notch machine; it only rests with you to decide which one you like ;
jE best. In this store you can compare the ; "
| Ri shell Victrola Cheney
| Rishell ;
The Tone is the most essential part of any musical ilistru-
C: .VHk. mcut. Tlic wonderful TONE of tlie KISHELL is the result of !
* u' tlie correctly-matlc sounding clianilicr, which is made from the ]
M alillUL same selected woods as the Old Masters Violins and reproduces
a?; i that rich, clear, bell tone tliat will completely satisfy your most
m \ ' aict U ardent desire for sweet music.
.Mf Hear a record pldyed un the HISHEIiI. and be convinced
£ I j IfsS B ■ B If B of its wonderful tone quality.
B II The Kishell Tonearm plays every type of record, luteral as .
.W well as vertical rut. The construction is strong and not com- j
W. : plicated; tlie operation is simple and easily understood. ;
' ill sßs * o^~^^* oo
if: being all instruments in |
# Six "Records Moreover, it is the music llgft j*■ II |U
W blx Kecoras of the world's best artists U| : ||| If ljj I I
5 Twelve Selections jS usi cai?rt pr ° vinCe ° f V I 111 II! !l\ ill
Are Charged selecting ay iJ■■ j I JJl|| IJl'll D 111 *
W Any Machine On m, y y ""st JJI j ||| i(j ill'l' 1I 11
I THE CLUB PLAN Kvt iV musical longing is ' ill
£ Tlie Cheney is tlie favorite phonograph with tlie home maker
B \v Ifi because its peculiar construction permits it to play all records.
V Whether you wisli to hear Galli Curcl, Muratore, Freda Ilcmpcl !
... or any other great singer; ,lun Kubclik, or any other master vio-
Z* a linist; Hoffman, premier pianist: Sousa's band, our national hymn,
/ -] or any patriotic selection —the Clioney will give yon an unexcelled :
X V s "V " i rep rod net ion.
W. | (1 I No matter what kind of record you choose to use. no matter
V I 1 I i what maker's name it may bear, no matter what voice, instru- :
J | L e'j I incut, or musical organization, the selection will sound better to
•'£? | I J J you when playetl oti a Cheney.
{• 1 A li I 3 I l'ut these statements to the proof. •
% (X " i- ' I We will lie glad to demonstrate to you. Your home will be
wL ' fl\. i ——aLt. brighter and your s|iirit will Is- stronger if you luivc a Cheney to
S \ — , v ] give you music when you will. .
I" W ' J $85.00 to $300.00
•M hi We'll be glad to play any record for you in our
I : % sound-proof booths.
I I7OTHEKT Toy land A
Germany and with no other object
than to transfer the producer's for
tune to a place where it will not
be taxed.
"For their own sakes several
thousand illegal traders and capi
talists are robbing their country
und committing a theft of food by
driving prices upward," the paper
"Through pressure on the rate
of exchange German war bonds can
be bought in Switzerland for ten
marks und the loan is bought up in
quantities by those who realize that
Germany must ultimately be given
help and that the mark will rise.
"The purchaser of war loan will
then make fifty per cent instead of
live per cent on the Investment."
The newspaper declares that
some means must be found for pre
venting the exportation of goods to
foreign countries. It concludes
with the statement that while the
government is painstakingly spend
ing 40,000,000 or 50.000,000 marks
for oil sand fats, 400,000,000 marks
worth of French perfumes, soaps
and modes have arrived. The Kn
tente, says the paper, must realize
that it is encouraging German in
ternational illicit trade at a cost of
German economic life.
Columbia. Pa., Dec. 12.—1. A.
Fuld, treasurer, reports more than
$1,200 raised for the Jewish Reliel
Fund up to last night. Team work
ers will continue the drive during
the week.
Troop 16
To-niglit's instruction begins
promptly at 7.30. Every member
should be present. This affair was
postponed from last week on ac
count of the Scout Rally at Zioti
Lutheran Church. Of course wo
want to make the best showing we
possibly can, and those fellows who
are loyal will bo on the job. The
time for our semi-annual re-organi
zation is approaching, and we want
to know just what Scouts mean busi
ness. There are several vacancies
in the." Eagle patrol, and one or two
other breaks in tho ranks that must
be closed.
We enjoyed the rally last Friday.
There were thirty-seven Scouts and
Cubs present from this organization.
We congratulate Scout Cleon Crls
well for being decorated with a
League of Courtesy button by Dr.
Fuger. Don't forget the list of good
turns, by the way. I heard that two
members of Sixteen are LKge :md
Star Scouts, and I hope it's true. If
it is, I'll tell their names next week.
An overnight hike to the Hut this
week, leaving the Square at 2 o'clock
on Saturday with food for three
meals and carfare. We hope to re
turn some time after dinner on Sun
day. We have nearly a cellar-full
of wood, and there is no doubt that
we'll be able to keep warm. All the
other details to-night at the meet
ing. Come if you have to travel on
crutches. "HUSTING,"
——■ .
A perfect leaven- eg"*—*2
er for any flour—
it costs no more jjnjjjl
than the low lakinG
grade powders EowPjff
and is the best
at any price.
Go buy it today
| Fred Slcffer lo Aid Direction
of Hustling Units of
Fred Steffer will bo an Assistant!
Scoutmaster at Troop 13 beginning!
I Friday of this week. His specialty!
lis signaling and the Troop will start
a real signal team at once. The J
first aid team will again he under j
Dr. Ilazen, whom we claim as our,
very own.
In the near future Troop 13 will |
come across with a real drum corps.
You fellows wno saw us on last
Friday must admit that those drums
of tho Boyd Memorial drum corps
attracted attention. So a real cam
paign has started tc persuade Mr.
Franklin to bring his corps into
the troop. Look for us in the next
The following fellows were up
for advancement on Thursday at
the Court of Honor meeting.• Chas.
Alexander, first class and a merit
badge; James Byreni, merit badges;
Joe Hagar, mreit badges; Bob Kel
ler, merit badges; Joe Hertzler,
merit badges; Dick Hertzler, merit
badges; Bruce Orumlen, merit
badges; Wayne Grunden, merit
badges; John Thompson, merit
bodges. -
That means that out of twelve
first-class Scouts, eight were up for
merit badges at that meeting. The
| Tenderfoot Scouts and Second
j Second Class are going strong, so
I watch out.
The rally at Zion Lutheran was)
very much enjoyed by the members
I of this troop.
Chas. Alexander, Assistant Scribe; ;
Assistant Scribe. j
Pack Two
j Seventeen of Pack Two went with
Troop 16 to the Rally at Zion last I
Friday. We were surprised at the
1 number of grown-ups present. The
rally was fine, and we certainly
I hope that we have the privi
] lege of getting together oftener
j during the coming year. We were
a little late getting home and some
I parents were uneasy, but we feel that
I being out until 10 o'clock occasion
ally under those circumstances
| ought to be permitted.
Some cubs are mighty poor Scouts,
j About half the fellows had to have
i i drink before the rally had
reached the fourth number on the
program. Help your self control
and will power by doing without
water occasionally. It won't hurt
To-night we will have at least one
new feature at the meeting and
maybe two. We hope to start
promptly at 6.30.
Cub Scribe.
Two Boys Confess
They Are Main Line
Bandits, Say Police
Philadelphia. Dec. 12.—Confessing
numerous automobile thefts and
holdups along the Main Dine, the
police say, Joseph Gile und Walter
Mellon,, are held without bail for a
further hearing next Saturday.
! Numerous witnesses identilied
| Gile ,tlie taller of the pair, as the
I man who menaced them with a re- j
1 volver • and robbed them. Xonej
I identified Mellon, who. according to]
I the police, sat in the motorcar used 1
in the "stickups."
But after the testimony of a]
dozen witnesses. Captain Donughy, I
of the Lower Morion police, told j
j Magistrate Stillwagon -Mellon had
{made a full confession implicating
j Gile. The latter, the captain as- ]
j serted, also made a statement, but)
i not as complete as that of his al-1
I leged confederate. '
| There was something of the dra-1
, | ma tic. during the proceedings, recall-j
1 j ing for some the exploits of the
|"stad and deliver" highwaymen who
infested the environs of London long]
iJap Wage Earners
Accuse Government
of Protecting Capital
Tokio, Dec. 12.—Three thousand!
! ] wage earners, including printers,]
miners, tram workers and tailors, |
■ recently adopted a resolution declar-i
! ing that the Japanese Government,!
in the present crisis caused by the ]
; high cost of living, is merely making'
|! efforts for the protection of capi
talists and limited circles of society.
• Tnis, the wage earners, asserted, was
I done at the expense of the general
' ] public, whose welfare and interests
; are entirely neglected. They charged
M that the Cabinet has no understand-
S | ing of the welfare of the nation, of
• | labor problems and the food ques
k tion which "are threatening the Jives
; i and safety of millions throusout the
i empire." They demanded that the
t ! Cabinet should resign,
f 1 A delegation called at the Pro
• ntier's residence after the meeting
['and handed, the resolution to a
r I secretary.
• Lr
[ War Department Spent
Millions in Illegal
[ Purchases, Is Charge
L Washington, Dec. 12. Charges
t that millions of dollars had been ex
-4 pended Illegally by the War Depart
(mont on land purchases after the
armistice were renewed in the
, | House yesterday when a bill author
. izing expenditure of more than $9,-
t 000,000 at nearly two score posts was
5 taken up by a vote of 267 to 71.
Republican member asserted the
Spost-arniistiee expenditures were il
legal because the department used
funds appropriated for war purposes.
I Democratic, members replied I bat
F the expenditures were made to carry
8 out contracts made during hostilities.
\ I Arrest More Koreans
i For Planning Revolts
Seoul, Korea, Dec. 12.—The po
[ lice have arrested many Koreans
I who are alleged to have been
" secretly plotting for the independ-
I ence of Korea, in cooperation with
I I sympathizers in Manchuria ntul
f: J Shanghai.
ft I Use McNeil's Cold Tablets. Adv.
Troop 4
Troop 4 met on Monday evening j
at seven o'clock. The Senior Pa
trol leader presided at Hie meeting
due to the absence of the president, j
The report of the flag committee was j
heard, and we expect to have ttyo i
(lag finished by next meeting.
The members of Troop 4 turned out;
almost full strength at the Scout j
Rally held at Zion Lutheran Church j
last Friday night. It was a splen- •
did ral.ly, and we. the Scouts of,
Troop 4, thank the Scouts of Zion
Lutheran Church, and Salem Re
formed Church for their kindness. ;
We all hope to extend a similar in- i
vltation in the future to tlieni und to i
the other Seouts of Hurrisburg.
Pack 8
We had our weekly meeting Mon- •
day evening. It was intended io I
hold an inter patrol meet, but this!
was postponed until next Monday. I
We fell short in attendance, two 1
members being absent. Paul Cox '
and George Dress joined the pack. |
Edwin has asked each Cub to i
think up a suggestion for a Pack 8 i
flag. Put your design on paper and]
bring it to the next meeting. We i
will look them all over 'and use the i
best one.
So long until next week.
CUB MOORE, Scribe. j
A meeting of the I-larrisburg i
Council, B. S. A., will be held on ]
Friday evening, December 18th, at |
the Y. M. C. A., Second and Locust !
streets. Supper will be served at j
8.30. This is the annual meeting, at ]
which reports for the year will be j
made, and policies for the coming
year discussed. I
— *
Salts, Oil, Calomel and Griping Cathartics Shake j
You Up —"Cascarets" never Sicken! I
Cascarets end biliousness, head - j
ache, colds aivd constipation so gent
ly you're never even inconvenienced.
There is no griping and none of the
explosive after-effects of cathartics J
Wm. Strouse & Co.
Big Christmas Reductions on All
Boys' Suits, o'Coats Q
Reefers & Mackinaws
We'll make every boy and every parent happy by Ml a,
slashing prices in our Boys' Departments. y
We won't wait until January to cut prices, but
we'll give you extra Christmas money by saving you %jj T ,
considerable on every Boys' Suit, Overcoat, Mackinaw S H
or Reefer.
These reductions, we admit, are big, but it's our j
desire to save more money for our customers this \/ / \
Christmas than ever before. / J /1
We are simply fulfilling our promises to Mayor
Keister and the public of Harrisburg, as published S|
some weeks ago, to do everything to bring down the
I cost of clothing, as far as it lay within our power. $
Boys' Suit Reductions Boys 7 Overcoats Reduced
sl2 Suits are $9.75 All Ages Included
sls Suits are $11.75 J J SO Overcoats are
eio e <M/i 7C SIO.OO Overcoats are $7.75
$lB Suits ar e $14.75 $12.00 Overcoats are $9.75
S2O Suits are $16.75 $15.00 Overcoats are $11.75
$25 Suits are • . . .$19.75 SIB.OO Overcoats are $14.75
$20.00 Overcoats are $16.75
I Boys' Mackinaws Reduced $25.00 Overcoat, are $19.75
to Manufacturers' Prices Boys Reefers Reduced Just When
... .... t7 7 r 'hey re Needed Most
$lO Mackinaws $7.75 $7.50 Reefers are $5.75
sl2 Mackinaws $9-75 SIO.OO Reefers are $7.75
sls Mackinaws $11.75 |J2-00 Reefer, are $9.75
Ain ■■ i • ai i $15.00 Reefers are .. . .1.1. ...$11.75
$lB Mackinaws $14.75 $lB 00 Reeferg are $14.75
S2O Mackinaws $16.75 $20.00 Reefer, are $16.75
133 - gtrmtar $c Co.
Troop 17
| Troop IT ol' Penbrook, Pa., took
a hike to "Rappy Hollow." (I sup
; pose you all know where that is)
| Monday evening. I>ee. 1, 191!), We
j started from the school building, at
I Penbrook, at about 7.25 P. M. AVe j
j took a short cut through IJellevue j
i Park to 19th street. Prom thereon,
[we followed the 19, th and Steelton •
I far line until we arrived at our des-;
; tinat ion.
j Each scout then set out to lind \
some suitable material with which
to make a fire. It wasn't long then j
I until we had three good-sized tires.
| and then we all started to cook the j
I "eats."
There were *ll kinds of good |
j things brought along. Some had j
1 "doggies," others beans and —well j
it don't matter what the names of t
| the things were, they were all very
' good and tasted tine to us.
| While we were eating we talked [
land had a regular good time.
After we were through eating we |
; "packed up" and started for home, j
We arrived home at about 10.20
IP. M., and I am sure that every I
i Scout that was along enjoyed the j
'hike very much and are ready for]
! another.
(Signed): RALPH 15. WHIBLKR.
Scout Scribe.
Troop 11
Troop 11 had a line time at the
j rally last Friday night in Zion Luth
i eran Church. Every event was in
! to resting.
To-night our regular weekly tneet
] Ing will he held. Every member of
j tlie Troop is urged to lie present.
i". 1,. REBUCK.
' Scribe.
■ like Calomel. Salts, sickening Oil or
cramping Pills. To-night take Cas
carets and get rid of the bowel and
liver poison Which is keeping you
miserable untd sick. Cascarets cost
| little and work while you sleep.
DECEMBER 12, 1919.
camps <;iot deer mmit
Ix'wistown. Pu.. Dec. 12.—Reports
from the Seven Mountains region are
that quite n number of camps linvo
killed their limit of dere. Many
P Gift givers will find us ready with large stocks ji
§ prices that will surely please the most eco- s
nomical. £
S? A call at our store will convince you that we jr
Id have prepared this year like never before and a J
comparison of prices will convince you that we \
H own our rich stocks at lowest market prices, |
H making it possible for us to offer to you such 1
values that will make your holiday money do j
= double duty.
We Will Gladly Cash Your Christmas
Checks |
i | Jewelers, 18 North Fourth St. g
I camps have four and five. Several
I part'es have killed large black bears.
| Last season 79 deer were killed in
.this rection. This year the number
I will l'ar exceed last year's record.

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