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Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, May 06, 1859, Image 2

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At $1.50 p-r Year, always In Advance.
Cjc Star ant (Lijruniflc.
2IOlY, MAY 2, 1HT,!K
To IS Palrun 1 i rl.nd of llif I nUm tounlj Mar:
The uinlor?i:-Mi;il, Proprietor of the
"Union County Star," liaviiujdi?pocl
of all his iutm-t in, and the good
will "or, that tshiMirihm-Mit to Mera.
AVoni.:x it Cousr.urs, the Staii will
liereaftcr be iublihod in connection
with the Cimosiru-:. The
j3 now the oldest pnj;r in the county.
The two';ier.s in their day have done
pood Fervico, and having now joined
heart and hand, for letter or worse,
the old and steadfast friends of each,
we hope, will continue to give it their
support, and the iV.li-lier.s that cn-coura-r"'.neiit
whicli their energy and
perseverance so richly merit.
lav2.IS"0. mY II. Onww.
Firty-iive yars ai:, lu-; youi: men left
the "Itnick'rtr "f Andrew Kennc.ly the eMer, i
fn X-Mihumt'erianJ b.-ru-h, to sel up buM
nss for lh-melve in two counties jut or
ganizeil from o!J moilter Northumberland.
Oae (rmu.JF. Swkni.t li caied at l);invii!ef
where he wrought fur many years, ami died ;
recent! v near Mnrelmri t au aJvancrJ ae.
The other, Avubkw Kkxxet the youn-r
who is Ntiil living, in health, aiMCerk C-r the
Co:ninisioners at Kewishtirg took his type,
$-.c, across the West Branch on the ice (the
Bridge not bems; then built) to Miinnibum,
where, in March, Hi!, he issued the first
PiprR i rio!f corvrr, entitled '7V
I'M OX." That paper was sul'jnct to many
mutations of ownership, and was removed
with the county seat to New Berlin. We can
not (race its history, nnr do we claim for it j
any infallible chain of apostolic succession
down to our day
It was the oldest paperand
had a wide influence. Its spiritual successor
and co-worker. The Vniun County Star, like
wise was the official orcan of the county, and
had a lare circulation until the change of
the county seat deprived it of some of r.s re
source. About 131-1, Lewishtirg bavin; tin local or
gan for its increasing business, the Chronicle
was established by Messrs. Sjhuseii V Bik
xxik. The removal of the seat uf justice
to this borough, cave its paper more conse
quence and circulation. It was no lunger a
lalt but a ounfy journal, and became the
medium for the transaction of the county busi
ness. A more extended name seemed there-
fore to be appropriate, and we sought lhat of
the I'ninn Vuunly Slur, whicli expresses us
on.ral field, and as ihe oldest name takes
.i,,i. i, inir remins us title
i,,iiis l.mii.r retains its title
' . . ' , . . j.e..:..i Ti.
political sentiments of the two papers harino-
nized, and our local contests being enueii and
M r?': m'emlnlntW 1:;::; wl
combination seems eminently proper, ana we
combination seems eminently proper,
doubl nol will be welcomed by the former pa
trons of both.
The Stir and the tiinotirn! earh had
many true friends, who arc partial to Ihe re
spective names, and who we trust will appre
ciate our motives in identifying their interests.
We shall seek to have our paper more of a ;
County Journal, and by ,ntelli?ece rom ;
everv quarter maKe 11 Fuu5.11 ur uy an me (
present and former citizens of
old Uniuii i
o ho may
who may leel any niicresi in i. mu,c a, ,
j. . . .......
Those who see this consolidated paper for .
the first time, will please take notice that !
ll ,m .1. I'.ttll ..U A II V A Si e E riT FLA
-send.n- it away to no one until it is paid
f.: ,dBwhen the nine expires lor which
J .....
t ,- . ....,11 ...K
...A" ... F..r n,v,nls of fr '
ars ihe CmoMcn tried this plan, with de-1
cided advantage u primers and patrons. Our ,
terms are reasonable, but unvarying 1,50
per year, 75 cts for 6 months, and so on at
.he rate nf 3 cts. per week. Cubs of four :
conies for 5, or of 10 copies for $10 cash ;
always m glance. For l. we will send lo .
any one
from this time until the lit ol Jan.
"ifWe send out th
is No. of our journal to; on; and notwithstanding the well known out the prcsenco of our large armed furco ; tll3 saij worJ with wliich I closo my coun
of the .Star, intending ! anti slavery sentiments of the paper, more jn tlcse watKW our difficulties would bavo I ; nuver bcar,l-lt.,,ft.. May Hea
heir favor and support. , than 3000 copies are ta.en m the different uoscUcJ. lt U truQ tb;lt lbe j ,b b
many former patrons
and hoping to win the;
Any one who feels disposed to try us, can
send or bring in their pay, ia specie, good
bills, postage stamps, merchantable produce,
or cash orders on good men here, and re
ceive ihe paper in return for as long a time
as their money lasts, and need not f. ar
bavin; the paper forced upon them longer. If
thev do not desire to take the paper, they need
not send this Xo. back, as it will not be sent '
thera without the pay.
rS'There are many men who might raise,
or assist in raising, CLLUS lor me aa tv ;
j:r I
imiinrii. i ne paprrs ni" ut "
lerent persons, in our own county or in oih- j
er S:a;eS. At $1 ach to clubs of ten only
two cents a week every mau in or from
Union couoty should have it.
r?Tbe CnaotiirLs bas for some years
past had much the widest circulation of any
paper in Union county, and the SriiALi,,, riroDertv, Lut is utterly opposed to
CmosiiLi will be found the best vehicle for ; eT it mty b wnrth tho ink it will j federation. This is a new aud quito thri
the dissemination of Keal Estate and other i , ,t, ;ii i.-.i L :. ..t liimm Inhibitunts
Advertising in this region.
nThe late accession to the number of
our years as a paper, makes us outrank the
Mittonian, and all other papers within Cfty
miles or more, save only the Lyroming Ca
ztltt, to which we doff our bat as the mother
of the Typo Scribes.
i-h. n't... v , r ti. f .;.,. liir. u
J...i.o.'f .. . , . ., , '.
.i.-rj 1-51T,. wnrn 11 was ronaacitu ny lieniy
fiicnn. at Xe Berlin, v. r .-.it . ar-
iuhsr.r.piion of our puper l-r ihe oldc .t copy ,
c-I i.'ie ln:jn that luay le Luuj,hl u.
f" TII ST IK ft ..EWUMtlHiJ tHKOMtlX,
A Parody of u2fu .st ir SjmvjJrd IktnnerS
HTr. Ilra.ly, In hi rr.Tli in the trial of Sii-klc-, mrvle
tli' foil., wini nil it; ton to mi r nati.it:nl &-ug, tin "Star
S, -n:.'l.-J lijintRT,' t.f wJiii-Ii tlitt vrnci.iT. if n l li-.us
fth-rff Mr. Kv. wh.t f. U Uy the l.auj of Mr. .Sickles,
has tht lienor of Iwiitj; tlu- autlinr
Tlii? WHvin' j f t!it l(:m Ikt-n liit f wirn atimittfl a
t". Mr. li
y wait un!nrtun;ti. In it-
l.i -rrttn I ot Hint
li ju 1 tin in
Hi it t :irtll. is Tr';l
t'liri: i
I r..t-
i t iui'tViin'i
;iu --t trvarltrrv. i ti
1h:il wlii. li i
i'I U- H:iif of
-1 iti ttnx
hoi., i
hi ,..
li- U.
;tr. Jit i I y tux !i :ir:i
il i-Ti-tlnvu lr tlii.
r Lut M.rrnw, villi
h l II.
-it ul.l (juy.
Iijmly ill
J nil. l :i uiH. h inif r!:nnf lt tin1
l.nimiT. 1:1 I hi ili-liur n h-.l uri-, in. I li;i-i
v -V.t-.u I. mm n rn-h r'--'.;i. . t I ih.,.-.- iiu.-s !u- h i-h n-tit:-
I liitii jt I'm t1:i i. four f'unrrv h-r-vvr iiu iu
vir' h. If In- h:nl T' iiti iiiU-n-l tin 'Mnr v' iii'- i Utiiiii.t'
li.-- it rn.i' J i-v.-n ti-Tf, iti th" il in if At'rii-: nn-1
)'tl tl..' UK. it li I) n ;ht i I In ii-ii-ltlit'tl-l tr:iIT. lit)
W illi. 1 llfViT h:lf rln.-t-ii tllitt fo'll SutrtltUtr I'T it.-
U- tulil'ui t'-.l-. lie fUiJ uvVt-r h.itu lurguLU-a Uitee
two 1iiii-j
".-!. fi;;. f i' ?.-r tr' fffwn th ti rifl
li - ,z ." , -r f-n-'.r humrt,,,..i i!,. wi.t f.-ol-thn.n
Tfhi-i n 'I I'.tb.r iii'-ulrIfl. in lines iMirt-lrtMi', ttio
liufv of If.- Ain-iliiin .i.;.l.' tn rnli-'t lln-ir lim-rt
tiiiif: I he iiiT.'.-i.in i't :t d c. li' W il"i-s It I-f.iu l.-h.s a
mil nut 'fury of tin- Ann-iimn nii-cii to riti-ct liis li'imt
ji.iin-t t!i" invasion nf tnii'or, ho. ti':ihn in In hi
mil l Hit-l.T t!:i- rr. t L i f fi -ji-nUlil. ln'in It a 'h-it l
y i-uui on Lid liAi-j'iLii'ss, ani aim tUuat his iiuuor; '
O jtv y-'U . 'i-ottntl tht f.t ir?fi'sehcertt Ji'ht,
ll.'r'f ji,; r :,!!. f u tpnzfin ur lvmt.'tchtrttil y'ramhig
Or .- n i1 I! t-j a ' o'- f unh'tty l miiiij t
7' ur ,-.nfn-T tmu r.7, nttrty tf's blest shade,
11" i- .'i ' r'.i'i'n;. f,ut' ir m-iy rudely it.v i le.
(l.i, sh iHi'i' vi'cjt :t ri.n'inar in icnr
O'-r tlut tuj.' of (.,Kit iit tht h'.ttd of th bravf.f
AU arwtnd dnu'y ... Irlhid schem.t d.ofr and tltrpt
TUf h-tt:;','3 , ai in aln'-Hfh r p -tr$
u; y ,,.( ti:unf, f!;H M "Ttr t- Cf p
M ..M n-jv F- .'(.' h-m-.i ft'i'c nr-alt. hnJ d.'set :
Aif.tr.ii- ttfrttnf. h it rrnt h; t'f lnm
T.' ( :rs n home's ,'tr.ii Vt in it' i:,ht.frinidlj glf.am,
W '.i't I t v-Uttt fi-'n lei'- awn tin'j!y -ur'i
O'tr th" t ijr that tUiut (tails hvnu't hfj-s to tht'.r y raves.
H" ztf.tU to thr ft. I'd ufui thtt' cm!.' if th' core
Ofuur If mr' ffJ.i-tt h.ur! ly th- nh t to;!s''ont
T'!' h "f, fi'tr's, ithii hoj-t run rtfiff H'i m"T t
Jits ..'- rff ji.Ji H-Jfh OHl lt'. J ' Ul f-t-'-l'f l-Uuti'illt
Xt if f.K'i't stii gif 'i a U.iy luttifj shirr
t'r- -.i "tf id; "f a niu," and t h yUmr -f t'-'grart;
And t:i iio-m'-ca.-Vr' 'ittiv-r in triumfh -h-i'i :
O'tr tUr 'imrts of tit y-ur in tJt Litol 'fVtt brdvf.
O, 't'.tii it 'IT wh'n jW-mm shaft jt tnd
li. fir. . i, r','i,- Ii.r d ). ! (!' if ; r u-Vr anuvd it
Vilr Utdvii hi fri:! r.w At f-Ht ii-nnr, a Or-ttid .'
'-if. ii h- itil'i'a tht .-. nf- hit, and h"'t 7m rr.-ouhd it.
A ". r 1 v must, a riyhtri tis nnd jnt,
If ,u thf !.;'(. r- r lhl tt. Ud..d up by t'o-dust,
T:. il Iff if i !j inay f-ar. and fV whitr-ft-ty may ware
O'er tiit cafe of hot in th. land -f th. heart.
The PJew York Tribune
.'. ...... i ... i- .i
,las jusi emereu us i-jui jrar, aim on me nc.
casion 01 us af.riaiiuc 111 a new iiica,aiiu
somewhat enlarged) lasi week, the editi.rs '
give us some interesting statistics, showing -
Ihe remarkable success which has attended
ihe enterprise, and the unparalleled circula
tne enierprise, aim iiic nnraitiiii-ir;i ciiiuiii-
tion the paper has now attained. The limb,
Trinnt as first issued mi ihe loih day of
April, lill, on a sheet presenting a surface .
(on both sides) of 1:103 square inches ; and ,
fiotii) copies were printed, which proved to be !
considerably more than could be disposed of. j
The receipts for the first week were only
, , , 1 ... i-- .....
while the expenses auioiiuted to ...2o. 1 he
l.l Trihunr was not started until some '
months alter. At the present tune, the editors i
say :
Ihe I rtbnne now appears on a sneel 4 1
)lV y-j j,;, hes
civ ir' an fxiriu i'i
"Uls inches. Our aettre-ate consumption ol
paper is Ms reams (1
paper is n 16 1 rraras il l.non pound-, or ill cart
load - ) per week, mainly
iiianiil.iciured ex-
0 aV(.ra.;e weekly expenses have gradually
nr.i.i. t.ir iic ni 1'ifi i nnira r :i u-i i s.
nst.n from si:.--) in i.H0O ; we pay
lrti: t
i j
partinent ol rrinting ; neariv .-Mii.mni in inai
of .Mailmtr, average about sil.ooo for Tele i
ra.l...... emnli.v 1IH Persons, beside car-
t--i , ,
, a a -an .... .,...1 jr.
the past year, fiii.ou pounds ol ink-, cost-
ng over sir'OOO. and have during that period,
...inl,i,'.t "llniiniiiii nf (Hup mi
111! 11 Dar- i
i ni" iiir hr.i refined Cane Svrun in the
manufac,ore f ,he Hollers whereby lhat ink
is a?led. ; The .eam
tmirr ma1.11.11rn u.-m i mt iri. ytww
our imi iwiclhh ua uin v
' n.a ...... ili.-oii VllllH.M rif.r Qnrn.n for 1 l-n.
i ,. u.-o,.. ,--. ... -,.-.
. extent of
our editions, rapidly 'reduce lo a defaced aud .
inexpressive metal.
The receipts by ma,l for subscriptions in
the four weeks ending on Saturday last, and
the corresponding weeks of the three prcccd
ing years are siven as follows :
't:i U'r.fl W.7 lfi-'.-Q
is.,9. :
n-CeiptS, 1mC8 16,814 I-I,0S1 SlllO
.nan t . .
The total circulation at this lime is 211.7..0
copies, of which the Daily Tribune has37,7.i0,
Semi-Weekly I'J.ooO, Weekly Tribune $15:!,-;
000, California edition -loco. This circulation
is distributed through every .state and Terr- j
torym the Lnion.with 12il) copies to Canada, .
400 to Knrope, c. 6S.1H0 are taken in New
i on., ia,nu in uiuu, i.i,.ii. in i eniisyivania,
rj,7r,u in Illinois, 10,0'JS in Indiana, and sn ;
slave States.
"".,' i i,", , . ;
Jvt- hat shall be done by
ern States,' asks the Jackson
Good I
the rsouiueru oiaieo, a?u m inuu
. 1 . .1
Misstvipi.m. "if ourcncmies.tne pieagea
destroyers of our civil and political rights" ;
-meaning Kepub!icans-hall succeed l
the next Preileutial election? Rut
orjB alternativo will bo left s separation
! if the assailed States from the aggressing i
n.nm!,..rs nf ihe I.uion. ouirlit instantly to ,
... ,n ;,.: ,t
lane piace. - !
- , , il,, UamII l. i
somcming oi " ,
lore ; atay at Corieutes the citizeus gave our
jrtjjf "Stiuattcr Sovrcign" will get ; officers quite au extensive ball, at which
from Llouglas himsrf, over bis own name, a j tbe beauties" of the city were well rep
statemcut that he either personally or resented. The population of the place is
bv his family is in nowise interested in j about 12,000. H e also again stopped at
laKC AUyiulIljr una mau m.i ' . u.iv.-. y 1 1) o Cliy, Ul uuoia. . J" J" -"
!y make him a good Free Soil candidate, ; Qur vessels are all dressed in bunting to
notwithstandinc all the quilling and so-1 jaT. anJ at noou tired a saluto it houorof
phistry aud concealment of facts plied in
his behalf.
r. W n,n ltl.hnnnf ihe Protes-i
tant Episcopal Church, in New Jersey,
urliogton, on j
a native' f :
died at his residence iu II
VIV.l. lut I'., irii
.1 Luuta-.4j - ... -. ;
... v t ,i.a ft'i.t. ..... ,.f
Thr Mmrm-nKor Ihr Parasuay jiiHdrn...l Ml to !
I'rrl4rn! luprx and UK E:imH...!li jiM lnet (.wr
thr IVhi-c troi'l;ilx( i...! uri mrs, Parana, KuMirlo,
Ar., Ar.
t'ompon-lfH" i.f t!iP Star A Chromr-Ic
T S. 5ti:i:h. Fi iT-tv, "
FUsMiip of tit l';n'ti;iv KxH-ilitun. -K
.bu.u-, auU-rt'.j Kb. UU, lv.y. )
I have lately wr.tteu you a pretty long
letter, but, as several interesting events
! havo happened since, I will agaiu endea-
! vnr to give you a hasty sketch of theiu.
! L,r un:icuaiL wti.ii i aiaj;u;ijr uavin-
an i:rr ...: -.t D. 1
gent tj,0 l.'altcu and Waterwitch ltfl As-
sumption on the I'jtli iot.
The l;iy afttr tba treaty wai signed,
Commissioner lliwlin, accocipauieJ hy
Commodore h'huhrick aud all the uffijcrs
of our two vessels that could ba spared
from duty, tonk a f.irewcll of l'residint
Loptz. This was the lirst opportuuity
tbut inary of us had of seeing his excel
K'ucy, and to all of us the occasion wa?
promising with iutereft. Loptz hai a
very x:uicd opioiun of Lis dignity, an
is a great tticliler on cercaiouy, so that all
who wished to be present at 'his iutei view
wre ordered by the Commodore fo appear
in fill dress. Nearly every naval i.ilieer
has a strong antipathy for a stiff collared
coat aad cocked hat, yet ou this occasion
we mustered nearly thirty voluuteers. As
we marched along the quiet streets of As
sumption ic this style, wita swords dau
gling at our sides, wo presented quite a
formidable array. As it happened that
thu was the tirst time that I bad any oc-ca:-iou
for mounting a cocked bat or a full
drc?-s eoat, (although I bavo been takiug
eood care of them, iu traveling nearly
forty thousand miies, for any particular
occasiou that might turn up,) 1 considered
that Loptz was honored efficiently by me. .
We were received by l.opcz aud a suit .
of bis own oUi.-ers, ia the reception room j
of bis palace. He was dressed iu a neu
military costume, bearing his cocked hat j
in his hand, (not on bis bead, as is bis ;
custom,) and supporting himself on bis ;
Ho ni,ni.-.i-.-d aliniit five feet seven !
v-. ..-,r-
luoiiea uigu, ia lhio -
mUked air of intelligence aud amiability. '
rime has used hiui well, as be is about
sixty years of age. He is somewhat re-
- - .r.i
maikahle about the face on account of the
. .. i 1,1 i c - i l 1
relative orea.itu oeiweeu ms umuuu
the lower part of his lace, Lis lat ciiccKs '
almost restiutr on b is shoulders. A cou
ra.u:lt(,rj a!Jd farewell speech was read,
j- u langaagc fr 0urCommis-
. , i i i i
stoncr : to which Loptz taa-lo a verbal re-
l 'y, tbo same language. He spi ke
with great lervor and teeliug, out orteuy. ;
Then, all being seated at bis request, a ;
few moM luf0rtti:il t-xehan?.s Of sociable
. , t t 3
. . . h.ihp.ion l.'irT an!
i.m.mm.. .in. r
our Commissioner and Commodore, when j
,. r,,..M. ,i, r.,.i ,J .l,nf,If bands'
with the Commissioner only. II is fare-
SH1 to the rest of us. consisted Of a DOlite
. sort of . beDcdictioaal raising
, .
" - - -
oi uis uauus.
i...;n I,;, rj!i. we then called at '
' '
,. ,... ...... 1Atoi
ins nrivate resiueuetj. iu ijy uui u.-i-ina
t0 bl, fa!uily. e met his Wlte, (laugU-;
, cnn . , . . !
' I
nartv wero racrsonadv lulroduced to tho i
wllUe tlle rcst uf u3 Mti.-fied our i
curiosity U lookinit on. Uis daughter
Uis daughter
is uumaiiiviu, nuu uun n..j j1--
. . t , '1 ......
. . ... Eumn in.ti r. rnir. eviaeiaiiv
"e" ' v. --- - -
her beat poiut is her wujht. Ills wife,
als0) 13 Tery tlosliy. J ho room was quito
baujsouly fUruiUJ, and everything
lookid comfortable. After another no
uion at the quarters of the Commissioner,
our pany uismuucu.
..... j: l 1 . I
We have mutually exchanged national
salutes of tweutyouo guns each. 1 never
bearj s0 heavy or a more handsomely
firtj saiute tban was given by the Fulton,
boomiu, 0f tbe gUus re echoed
- 1'araguay, it produced
uLr .. "' . ,
general feelings of rejoicing and gratitude.
iiMiuuijuiuu 0
evening, it is most prouaDle mat Willi-
laurels gamed by bloodshed and bn.liaut ,
ac(iuns u been d.nied u? Lut lliU ,
. be cou,ij,r(.j a3 auobt.r bouur i
bope may
wua bj ouf C0UIltrj( wb.J9 true policy I
t0 be a pL.al;L.ful one.
Q arHvil g. thf ci, of Cor;cntc.
. fia r,f ..ur Bcusela and as n nura ;
comiu" duwn the river wo met six more
,iai roule for iar-lgUay." Several of our
, . ..:J fr.., it
!" ... ',, .
g yye ar now au at ancuor at, lvosario,
. .
tLe Etcamcrs coaliug. uuring our suon
l'arana , the capital of tho Argentina Con-
Washington's birti day. The Fulton is ,
going up the Uraguay river to San Jose,
tO Visit LMU.Za tUO rrCSlUen. OI lUO ar-
gentino Loulcueration
We anticipate a
pleasant time. Our squadron will rendu, j
tous at Montevideo, when all will leave ;
... , ,. .
f.,r homa. excoct the irta!e iabiue au-
Vrirt-uf-SaT. l"iIK, U. i
There is an unseen battle field
In every human breast,
WhTe tu'o oppoMn? forces meet,
And where ihey seMom rest.
That fielj is veiled from mortal sight,
'Tis only sfen by One,
Who knows alone where victory lies,
When each day's tight is done.
One army clusters strong ami fierce,
Their chief of ib ioon lurm ;
His brow is like the thunder-cloud,
His voice the bursting storm ;
His captains. Pride and I.n t and Hate,
iiole troops watch night and day,
Swill In detect the weakest point,
And thirsting tor the fray.
Ccmtftidiii!: with this mighty force,
Is but a little band ;
Yet there, with an uuunai!in; front,
Those warriors f.riuly stand.
Tli'-T Iea.b r is of pod-like f..rm,
Ofcoiiiitpnance serene.
And flowing on his naked breast
A naked cross is seen.
His captains, Faith, and Hope, and Love,
Point to that wun lroiis si'ii,
And jrinip on it, all receive
Stiengdi lrom a source divine.
They feel il speaks a glorious truth,
A truih as great as sure
Thnt to be victors, they must learn
To iov-', confide, endure.
That faith sublime in wildest strife
Imparts a holy calm
For every deadly blow a shield.
For every wound a balm.
And when uVy win the battle-lield,
Past toil is ignite forgot ;
The plain where carnage once had reigned
lieconies a hallowed spot
A spot where tlnwers of joy and peace
Spring from the ferine sod.
Ami breathe ihe perfume of iheir praise
Ou eveiy breeze to liod.
Th3 Vovace Of this World.
The following eloquent passago close.
the Hacealaurcate Address of A. IS. I.OM!- !
Co!u,g).; at (;0lUUJbia, to tbo recent Orad- j
ualiug (jU,s I
you Bf0 cmbart;n;I cron a gtranga !
Trei-i--n ..nt nt thn .mini l arnliti a
,, .., , rr;,.,u i, l,,;h,.l
, , friends.
Arjsljje,, poisoned Socrates, murdered
r;cct3t ad crucilied the Lord of Glory,
The iirit cf xbemistocle, of Melitus, of
i i.:.i... ;!! :
Aniuouy, aua vainijuiis, is nun iu u
world "really subdued, and law-uouno,
,0 c fure lUt not extin"uistcd. You i
tiipr. f,,r, .-times to bo de- '
Dre,se,i vour riva!s. c-jndemtied for '
Jaur pi,riu,:siu aDll tormented for your
.' .
beiiefactiotis ; to bavoyour couU ienco
jj,,,, your intcrity derided, and to
suffer a thousand impositions iu smaller
matters, from those from whom you bad a
rioht to expect better thintrs. These are
bard things to bear, say you. They ar.
so, my youn? friends, an! you never will
boar tiieu aj you S10U1,, unless you take ;
tho (j,)0j j;Jok jr yoar gui,c anj lJok j
.: to its Author for sunn'ies of stren.'ih
iufiieient for your trial. Do this, and all
:m be wei at a!it yitU that chart iu
i t i ,. i -i.
j -r
tn0 troubled Ocean of life ; and when tbo
,..it ...;i. . ... l..r
P'lllllU 0II1HU 1 Lt, V UK IbU J l-tu.Ii.
M tha culmllon ,:i;!uri anJ ba fjuud bard !
... . . . .
at tho heiin, with your chart betore you, j
i v. ,i.t,.t. ....
"")"' J' J"-""vu'"" "
. . .
vn. i in. int.. rnn. rirtnn.
. j SM w!jer8 are if Tnu bavc
. e. , , ... .. ,
IU? UWIBUJ, .MW UK'!' W V . I n dh
,i ,. ..r ,..; l,or;if To. a
,,, nf ,, . ;
ifi ,, jf J,l 'unt h,l
wards tho closa ot tho vovatre. VOU Will I
fiaJ tbat t!jC s,lU crilf,s wbi;a sJot ahea;l
at tUO Ui'giQU
ing, but veered about by
every pleasant brccz.-, are all wrecked,
dismantled, or far in your rear, firing sig
nal guns of distress, while you mova gil
lautly into port. There you will cast an-
chor and enter a city of inconceivable
spleudor tbe new Jerusalem its build
ings of pure gold, its walls of jasper, and
i its gates of pearl. There you will be wel
comed, wiihout question, to a Great Col
lege of a hundred and forty and four thou
sand thousands, of all natious, kindred,
people, and tongues, under a Teacher ab
solutely perfect, and altogether lovely.
In all that vast brotherhood, no unkind
fooling is ever spoken, no sigh is ever
breathed, no tear is ever shed ; and there
1;f au(j ucavcu-3 richest rewards awai
' -
Better Prosject3 far Farmers.
We would not encourage any false
hopes, or say a word to lead farmers or
nilu rs tn relax the strict economy which I
has been impelled, or compelled by the j
iL nmssed financial couditiou of tha'coun-
try, for the past year. Still, we think, so
far as we cad observe and study tho
"signs of the times," from an advantage.
ous point of observation, there is much to I
encourage the hope that a more prosper
ous state of offiirs lies but a little way
ahead cf us. Tho use we would now
make of this is, to encourage farmers to a
more extended aud thorough cultivation
of various crops, the present Spring. The
season bids fair to ba a favorable one.
Prices of produce are, in the main, higher
than I hey have been for some time past,
and will probably increase still further,
Let every one make an effort to plant or
.w au .e.u ur ... ...Urc iu ,uej oau
intended, and to till those crops already
planned f.r, with mora care. Tbe extra ,
produce thus secured may la a make-
, . . , 1 - ..
weight to turu tbe ale ia Uvjr of ,'utu;a
f V0"1 ri!. A.i. J-jriiut.
MAY 6, 1859.
Thomas Burinldc Jami-. Frlrlki n Ja"t T. Ilnlr.
" The elder Judge Uurnsido presided
in one of the courts of Pennsylvania when
ti c l' .c-.ia Inruftn,
nr. J:.me. IVtriken. 1, . was
one of tbo counsel, assisted by James T.
Hale, E.q. Hale was -peaking, aud bav-
iug made a strong point, which the Court ;
challenged, be said that he could sustain
it ly citation of cases from the books, but ,
be bad left tLem at bis dike, close by.
" 'Why did jou not bring jourbjks'
here?' asked the Judge. j
'"Jiecauso 1 cous.dered tie point
plain as not to need tbo support of other
cases; but I will step over lJ ,t tU
"As Mr. Hale left the bouse the Juds,
in a pet, said, 'That man reminds u.2 of a
carpenter who came to Work for me, at. 1
left all bis tools at borne. The Curt has
forgotten more law than that jouug man
tU0W4 '
'"That,' said Mr. l'ctrlken.'is just what
rm.ir.liitn nf that vour Honor lias ilr-
j'ltkn Im much.'
"And so it proved; for the books came
with Mr. Hale, and thev revealed the fact i
. . r .tit I advantage,
that the memory of the Court Lad been j A lntk!aJpr on tl4r,,lf) walv;D.. at a
too short on tLis point, if on do otLer.' . eUmafJ up (jaoi k tli.xn ia c .u-..
Halo bas since been a very alia Judge, , . d L; anJ (! k 4 fitu : tJ
i : yr l . . r j 11.. - -
aua is uuw .ueuiuc. v. a6x v.. j
"The case of Parsons vs. Parsons was
brought by one brother against another,
fur thn nurnosc of breakin ' their father's
... r t .
mi !- t. .cr i t . L .. . t. rti.t.. ,
ill, WU1CU CUt Oil iiwuuaill, IUC vmu
t i -.i...... - . .ii .
' . , . . . . ti 1
nronertv to baniuel. tbe vounirer. lius
Kl ., , .,.,,. hro.d-shou'dered ':
.. , . , ,, , , ,
llliulii4uu "o.n., nc..-..oot J ,
fottlj, showing bimself to be somebody ;
while Abraham was a lack, lean, ill-favor- i
"an, with thin and thread-bare clothes ;
ia lad weather. Mr. Petriken, counsel i
for poor Abraham, assed a witncsiW hat
Is tue relative wcauu 01 me iwu uroiuers ;
.. 1 1.1 -f.l. l--.t v
"The opposing lawyer jumped up and
objected to the question. 'It was of no
consequence who was ricuer or wuo was
t 1
poorer; it was a question of law.'
"Petriken saw that the question would :
not be allowed, and calling out to bis;
,-.-i,i.i .1 l
client, said, 'Abraham, stand up by the
S1UU Ul CttlUUCI !
"Abraham planted bis thin figure, in
shabby clothes, by the side of the corpu
lent, well-dressed brother ; and Petriken :
cried out to the jury, lXw vomji ire thr
j'rls. i ue tileet was ins.auiaueous
a"d complete, aud far better for Abraham
man any eviaccce i wuuesscs 10 uiu
amount of bis property. The jury gave
him a verdi.-t : and. law or DO law, he itot
half of bis father's property." l.iq.r'$
iio'.v Puait voim; mks mu tci iri.
Y'ouut; iiiiiu ! are you poor, aud with-
, 1
eut tho means of "splurgiug iu life as
jou launch upon the billows? Is your
f .ti..,,. ... 1 nnntilo tn cien run an
I "" " e--- j
oatOt? Ho not disheartened on account ;
, ... i i . , i .. '
ni o:i Ttu. iii.-i. f-:irnnsEiiiioii.i u.isi.
u "
j ness, aud never regard yourself in any ;
other liilht than that of Leio": destined to
Tiii :
high aad noble purpwo. fstu.ly closely
the bent of your own mind for labor or a I
profession. Whatever you resolve upon,
do it. earlv : follow it. steauilv aud uu-
tiring'y ; never look backward to what
you have encountered, but always forward
to what is within your grasp. The world
owes every decent man a comfortable liv-
in", and a respectable position iu society;
means are abundant to every man's suc
cess ; and men have only to adopt will
and action to them.
To repine over a want of miney and
property to start with, and over the want of
the props of influential relatives, is uu
mauly. Let a young man stiive to create
a fortuuo rather than seek to inherit one.
It is an ignoble spirit that leads onj to
borrowing instead of biqucatlit.-g means.
Go forth into tho world, conscious of God
within you, and bis providenea over yuu,
aud light jour own way to distinction, aud
to comfort. Pity iu your inmost soul the
young mau who, without any charge, is
unable to support himself, and is wLiuing
around, and bigiug the influence of oth
ers, to get him iuto employment ! l'iel,
under all circumstances, that it is more
noble, more honorable, to cat the crut ;
imi have earned, tban to nourish With '
coppers inherited, lou may j roudly cou- i
front tha noblest amouit us, when you arc
w- -
conscious of being tho architect of Jour,
own fortune. Young mau, are 40a poor ?
Ue honest, be virtuous, l e induatiiuus ;
hold up your head, and .y by y ur ac
tious and looks, what the poet La.h said iu :
words :
. Msirn .1 noin !'. iv-i-'" ft. ;rtt,,
Att.l l..-l. I... llo--s .ml los Iaiiu..,
W li Ul.'.. 1"- 'e- mi: if 1 i.-r.r.. .
fr rnu out uili, r' il. .ug l.-n iai.'-
SriiH Tl RB Law. John Graham un-
dertook to justify fciekks in the killing of,
Key by quoting from tho liible, l,ut !
he did nut refer to the Epistle uf ;,.
James, chap, ii., vcrcs 10 aud 11, which
I read thus :
Whoever shall keep the whole law,
and yet offend in ono point, be is guilty j
of all. For He that said, Ho not cinrnii
atiuUery: also said, Do not kill ! Now if
thou commit uo aduitely, yet ii llwu kill, ,
.1 ..... o .,,.- - r ri t ..- i . 10
tuou .t IUaU0 a "'Ws'-""'' LS l-"'i"l'
1 in.
CIinONK;Li:-KsT.i.i;-ni:i., !Sl::-V.':...Ta No., 7.-0.
lanli.UaWe In I Mil - r 'r n t:ur.at..
Oitp., --i-M M-rch, lc"i0.
Pear Si?.: We b i 1 this niornirtj
c 2 o cloe:, mUJO
fX aVI.m.1-. rr.ii.di tne iin-t 6.-v re h.rtb-
' wLicU ta " '
present century, in uur-r..o: a
j one rnu.u,,:
The spires ..f many church.
are thrown down, roofs of hoii-es f il!-t;
an 1 (Le ftreets in many pla res lir.cd wi:L
Ir-lea tiles precipitate 1 (': !! al I
Invc just returned from vi.-i-;:ig th.j I
II m-f, fiuiu which v.o r.-m-.vel on t!..
17th ir.st. It is in ruin a ;".a: prt
: the roct is a.-wn, a.s-) r ft t...- .c-
: i'nry; the eltmn-y fp, t'trcwa w.:'a v:
lft.ee, rri-i away tie tfiV., roof, km
i cf tbu faraiturc is cru.- l. ., ai. l :la tn-k
' ni til. are piled I ur cr five fe-;t J- ;
over the bed plac s l. re w - ' V, ,
"eared ibe eatastmphe l,y rj-i !:ve 'Jul.
':. My P"-"' '"'"- " '. - r a-
, a",5t fi;'l:o at 1
j there is plenty of opr n gr-j-ir. ' a'.;
f refuge. Mrs. IJaska!, anJ I p -
1:UJ Pa" 8Bl" c:" " "
van's it.tj te g irjeu curin t;.e !, i .-:
from our posUba I faw the atti'io of i
bouso and the movement of tk: c-r:L
t j
Li).j t:mS(-;r frum f,iiow;,,.; ;!,.. ifa
in. tit -.
There is more or l.'ss of ii.j iry ail ov-1
tbo city, but details are yet unknown. I
' do not think the luiuU
is very
i on'y a
I have bad time
t-l IL
v t
iu ireis.un ui-uiu..
the Loa-o
are very much shattere !, an ! another Sl
' '
vcre sl";cs W0U'J l l "
:..,,... r,, . ,1,1, .r:, t 1
jn-o'iris ironi iieij'.o ii . i . r ii;.i:s ri"
rejt,at thcm !iavi;. sr i 3t...l.r,:. .
mJ we-aWuit DfW4 t!ie SuVh K!l.'r(,
vio,JS p;.ir.i,f .1:lk,4 llve llv.cn B1,,,t sc.
T ,,, r
lnt Lave B -f in - j,... n
wj,lt j tQ01v
Youri respectfully,
w j WJu-arJ. J;:Mmur.
0thcr aceouuts sUte tLat smJ t!iml.
sands of persons, iu all, lost their lives by
this earthquake 1
That Thirty riiUioa.
Iljn. Jereuiiab Clemens, (late a IV-n-ocratic
U. S. Senator,) of MeuipLis, Tenn.,
in a speech at Nashville, recently, said
that it required extraordinary credulity to
lelievo that tho Admini-trati.n iotemisd
to use the SoO.OOO.WO it asktd of tie
Ia'e Congress iu the purcLasj t! Cua.
"Ia my bonest opinion," continued Mr.
Clemens, "the iutmtion ic i. t to-' it us a
ruRRtl'TIoN ri'ND ti tccurr ti, : .?:i'., (
fnm awl J: -ii'-m of Jhn Sil.LU 2s Presi
dent of these United ir' at.-. Tht re i
nothing in tho pst Li.t ry of ci:L. -
Itnli.n.n T J.t.n V f.
" " . . " '
them above sufpici n. O.vj th.i.s
' . .
curs as th-'t of tie le. r i ' l 't L's
. , ., . ... , ' '
spots, a pail o: ma. sum v, u. Le t;:
o, a:, i
; in buying the Chariest -u Cj:iv.
tlj remainder iu purcli.
cssary to insure election of its uoojinse.'
liATiiEtt Severe. The II. an. r i-la
R. Potter, a member cf Cor
Khoda Island, ou lein ' alu.-i i Ly
ill- uiauerc 1 ir.eml.-r of tba l' oi-e.
aid : "Mr. Speaker, when I atu a:
I associate with g i.tieu..:., lut r,
conic to tie Congress uf tie I i..:.d
I am olli gcd to associate w.h .- .sh
osa to tend here.
When ti rio.v eo?.
A correspondent d ihe .! -.-.' . .!
cii'tur'it says that f-.-r C rn !; (-t.'.y j'.
to the sul-soil, as that gr.;iu r.-p-.i' .- cr
fri.ble and icarui soil lo c-iiry i; f -.a ;
well. Put fi-r Cts be pi ,-i a il:
deeper, and also for VLca pr- ..r:;: .
to M-eding with Titiintly er t'i.-i. r. 1'.
plowiug oiust be carri. d "it in ae" -r l:.
with na. '0 and well .;.
, Pau :
Iv J.- -
I.iQi tt. Ill, I K M K
Iud., prepares this ait.i
glue in boiling wat..r, it-it"
enough to reduce the glu : ta
It is then removed fnui tie ,
cient alcohol p .ured in t ti
lieht cou.sisteLce, sl 1 1 ,f -' it
is kept iu a bat:
vtiin a .
tui 01 i
rubier or b.adi r
and wul he sijs pits r-.
for years, lt is tins al.t
r s
s r -
. r u
b !.. :
tha troul.e of pi t ir;nj
Iu very c.lJ r:l.r
Leed to Ic warmed a i.
I Mil l ir ;
- M. A. Kile
Columbiana t'o, U. Gn-i.-i-.nl s;i;:...r
t be aileted r.i it baii.dt-w 11 diy .-e 1
sous. Iu the moist cUuiVe '.I il-fc-i. ;,
this fruit is rai.'ed iu tie it ati-t tx.cl-
l"c is i' !-1:"w"- )Iu-c!--
& o"& lLe J ar'?,i"J
the roots with straw, leav.s ot tan-lai...
keeps the surface moist, and . u.-ed as a
preventive ot this blight.
Farmer, Sftrt th.it U,i'.: P.W Cook,
Ashtabula Co.. O., wrilinc about the prc-
. oJ. ;a op, gj a,
J ...,.r.....V s.,!e, t!,., ho h .s t..
' 5. ,
wli.h furui.-u
uo. 3 i '
u- re iVd for J tj.m tie
i.l-.l 1I.0 irtes .c.py, wju..:
tl a. '4 t ;ni' v . t ' .! 'u1 '.
e in-: -t with Mr. J VT.
I i a r' e. nt ..
I.'v; to, .'' rr".s l'
! l-t y -of !: J 'in
oil snp f-.r !,. ;
fr til Lis f-.-" I J
Wis tii i 1 J f r
t !.:..! i . ii-.- it
, X. J ,
a5 d a ) :
la stated tl t
an'ity of ;. "ul-j
KjviL-g 2i ,.-e tbao
purr. .. it occuruJ
i l-.-i j '.uiu tr-:. s, an!
i.n as to i'J effects, LJ
. fr c on wlii-h be 1. n J
e-i any fruit f .r two or
u. lie syrxg-d one
- or three i;:es wi'.U
!.i .'. r, nt i.a-erva.s f
Lcir; wktn tla
t L,
: ) i
:..f f.
Ut t -1
f:ui-. las j-i t s fr ai the & wer. Tim
result wa-, L-j gitlrid au abundance if
Sn, well rip-'Ltd f: uit from that tide of
t" .; tr- ' on the other no fruit ripsn
t 1. U !i r tr i s i;j :he itumediito Tieinity
a;so .
-t tl-
by the curcu'ii. TLe
1 id tLc pr portion of
s v-.-n piuocs of water.
C wl J
C -S
-. A.
-, (' '. nubia Co., N. Y.,
! : 1 r Lis fckiii and sue
w is;, ibfvrrod us, that
..s L..
i I'.-i;-.
hs li-xl n'f.i:-: d.-;-a.r:l of bis plums fur
'.v.raS y. tie eureulio having blighted
nlt w u" 1 (.ti:- r-vii bars been an abun
d in cr p. ily w :y of exjo.'iment he took
q-i: re , s'.'.. 1 i: n'.-h water jait sui5.
t r ...
i: n p jw-ler, ani applied
II ; t it :!je 1.lo ia a bai
f 1 i ; t.-xture, so that it
t;:'i f. " cly, tie 1 it to tho
it to
r.: i ' .
il 1
end i
a ii-.-1 ' r . an I tu-irou 'h;y uustetl
tl: trees. Th: tn dme several times
after tic iV'it I:a I l"r-t set, anl the result
was a v- ry largi er p of fruit. Others
Lave r.--e-;iini.-aie i uuleachel ashes to bo
I applied in tie s:;ue way. Any oca or all
of ti..'o cip-:':iiin's will cost but little,
an ! if saeee--.ul, will alundan-'Iy repaj
aK t'ui; l i ! tr ille. .l .i Ajrictltarist.
j Haie Fric-nda cf th2 Eird3 !
Ilcuietu'oer tLat ev. ry family of birds
, you ran iudaco to l .ica'e upon your trees,
I rids you cf enemies, and increases your
j wealth. Land is t ill cheap upon th j,
' fir oi, and tr- es are cletp. Plant mora
trees, ar. 1 w!'!t ynir otL.r crop raisa
your own mu-'.e. Ko-; ourjge th bijs to
build birl l.-x-.s, anl put tbeta upon tha
Lai.d.gs atid f.Le.s. Tils will ataso
tbeta quite as mu.-'i a.s robltLg birds'
nests, an-1 will :"os:er wi'lia th..-ni mach,
Letter sentiiti-tits. We or.ee visited a
L.rgi: rural villag-j iu X.".v Kt!and,wber
they Lad a fa. li ,n of r-aricg a large bird
"Lous.i oa ii.j t. ptialocg p.de ia tha
gard.-a. li.;s p .ic vtji a couspicmus ob-j-.et,
ca alia.-t e'.sry frcct. ,'e neel
ti jt soy that tl j IA a vlg -r-vi, h .rtical-tii.-
.i s -y tier.', and lLat the place Was
l.utiits f ;ti a;-'. p-irj, aad plums ;
i's el :r. , .-" r. i i s, ctrrants, aal
ct!:.T5u."i f.-.:'.:. Tie lit is took caro
cf tl-
( f
;r h.s
:r- i:'
- i
V !
V w:.l taie car 3
::vs iLiia a clacce.
r .Vli.te-A-ash.
S.. u
; U'
: vvltl
.':-. I
.....; au 1 ; -at ii into a
ij ta i"'a water as will
'J'.: ti t'.row in about
1 i--v I r a peek of lime,
tlj I. it will melt tha
i I: tl ir :g':i'y sttrr.d
I e r -p -a-., i fr.-.j'i-:n:ly
' ' a -il-.s t tli sar
.; .l:i.itit-i L ive beea
.' to ix i wsibt of
u 1. .'. ef lime. Itii
t 1, ' 1. or otb. r greas?,
.: ii.ll lit pll
i :. ti t' t! e -i-'y
i . . . -I-; .l.,l-.-..:.-a
' ' e : 1 by rail..
. j ;:. : i -ii ,:..a ri -p- et
;: ; : wll-h th-3
' . .! .- - - ;tu-c can
. 1 '.. t . ;. I
. : : r ro i' l.intia;.
; sr.i.t,. ! r sivit.g and
.- l.i .i.tti iU this
:1 . r t . . Lave beea
- . .1 t i i,t..V-' a pre
. , - t. . .! a 1 oth.T
of tii
t '
. i ,1.0
' -t L.I
- . : ti ll.at t' e last
in : lo e ws udd- r
v leilling. Cars.
iu Knglaiid show,
lately I It'll :oled
..I 0:
ll I S'
a 1.
j el cream obtain.: j
tie !-t 'ir..ivu eop tr- ill
cuds that of tie tiist ia
t cows, ex-iniiort-ou
twelve to one.''
quality a'.. J is
person wlu ear:
pint cf inilk ot
.b-. ' ' I- e-
lie ditieiene iu tla
t.si jerulie. IK-nee, a
-1 ,' lal'i-s Lut li l-f
..... lo.-.s in reality f
1 .... h u d le altar led
--" tbo b.a.:i,,r;
i t : 1 1 'i k. j t'CcaiU
I' h;Oi--ui'. s.,,.

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