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Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. [volume] (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, December 30, 1864, Image 1

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"THE UXIO.V fstablisheJ is 1814 Whole Ne- 2.7QL
-niROXICLE," esUMisM in 1843 Tfbole !ft, l.OSO.
At $1.30 per Tear, always In Advance.
Tot" Readers all. Far and ear.
wiintric ismkoI tins paper, sec the
Dissolution of lWncrLip in the adverti-
einc C'luiuu".
Since Nov. 131 one-third of accntu -
ry ago I have been enraged in printing
newspapers, with few and short intermis
sions of other engagements. From twelve
to fifteen hours a day. hands, head and
heart have been engaged in labors beariug
on thia business. ThauLs ui.dcr tjod to
a pood constitution an 1 temperate habits,
this exacting and wearing devotion ha? not
left me a wreck. Yet there are symptoms
of nature which admonish me to seek
Fonie less onerous employment. Lm2 un
settled accounts afc-o require attention,
and will take time to arrange.
Of my political record, 1 have entire
taiisfaetion, as fir as one can have in this
imperfect world, where choices mast Le
made. I have supported, or voted for, as
President Adams, Clay twice, Harrison
twice, Taylor, Scott, Fremont, and Lincoln
twice. For Governor of Pennsylvania
Kitner, Banks, Markle, Irvin. Johnston
twice, Pollock, Wilniot, Curtia twice.
Freedom to Man as a God-given right,
and a sound National currency. Internal
Improvements, and a Protective Tariff, as
matters of domestic policy, are principles
which I have advocated, and which now
scam to be the earnest wish of the uiaj'r
itv. The so-called iK.mooracv" has been
V.i-j r 1 .-11
eem9 to me a false and deceptive name
to mislead the people.
As long there are "many men of
n.aov onus, to i-ng u w. . M imj-.-
, ... , ".. . j
penous, and didactic ; another thinks vou
. . , ' , ,. ,
fcave too much fun, and never realize that '
..... , ,., . ... ,. ,
'life is real, life is earnest. ne thinks
, , , ,
V"U have ro much fact, and argument :
.1 n f l l ' r i r
another want! it all solid, and food fun
,. , i
profound thought. One thinks vou are
.nil , , 1
too liberal with an adversary; auotner
deems your course ''not half hard enough ,
.u ii j r n ,i , !
vn sue uiaiuuu jcuons. ouc amu viu
to fight every sin and every rascal, by
name and locality, in this and the neigh- .
boring counties ; another tells you to !
'mind your own business, and let other
folks alone." If yon run around to visit
and chat, you are neglecting your paper ;
and if you don't do so, you are a morose, j
unsociable, crabbed sort of a chap. One
would have you '-pitch into" every qncs- j
tion of metaphysics, politics, and religion ; I
another wants the paper simply a record
of pasting oews.
So it cues. The onlv
way tor an f.litor is to near an respect.
. , , , , - - ,
all, and then. ..do as his own juJ-'tuent
' - 17
and conscience dictate. !
... - ., il- ..'
."The noblest motive is the puWic pood. ,
I claim no exemption from human infir
mities, or bias, prejudice, and interest ;
but I can sav I have ever endeavored to
do what was BIOBT and JUST, regardless
of aelf-aylvaneement or of pecuniary gain,
la advocacy of the country's interests, I
nave often let the "Sanballate" assail me
withoat reply or explanation of matters
where I mar have unjustly suffered, but
where I have deemed the good of the oog,Oct. 8, in prison at Camp Floreoce,S.C.
masses of more consequence than present ; Reuben Kline bas returned from the
individual reputation. It really seems to Hospital in Washington to his home in
me I have endured rather more than my West Buffaloe, having lost ooe leg in tbe
.hare of personal abuse and prevarication, service. Another brave soldier, at Dry
especially from editors I know not by Valley, has lost both arms,
eight, and who (as far as I know) have no , Mr. G oodman, of Smoketown, late
caa for such attacks upon me, uules.s it from Andersonville, eonSrms the state
be because they thought I could stand it incuts as to their treatment of Union men
better than the juniors of the profession, in a land where the Union forces Cod
Hat I have the proud coiisx-iousnos of
everhavingbeen assailed in good company. Benjamin Groff, from service in Mis
In closing my editorial career, I hot I souri, says that in that State, nearly every
have no unkind feelings against any of
those assailants. I only wirh them rejen-
laoce and reformation f.r their offences
against good taste and fair dealing. The
position of a conductor of a public journal
ia truly honorable and exalted, and those
occupying it should seek the elevation and ,
not the degradation of those engaged
Never bavin? soneht monev as an end.
aad having been too ea?y with my cuto-: precise origin of the fire being wholly a ' game inequality. For an example-"-Bhtra,
I have lost thousands of dollars ! matter of conjecture. The parents were The Banner M'Clellan eonn
that were justly earned. This I state both absent Mr.Stricklcr was lumbering ties Berks, Clearfield, Lehigh,
with a hope tiat it may be an incentive to in the mountains.and Mr.-S.wa. out of tbo Grf'"' Monroe, Northampton,
the payment of any dues that may fall to ! bouse a few momenta, attending to domes- j nd Pike-gave Home ote. 5-.053
me on the settlement which I .ball attend 1 tie dotiea. Retnrning, .he found tbe in- j "nd of Arm oUs' -i-W-lJ Army
to nniek!. a. tw.;v.u I f .v.- J.i:;. ;n fl.me. Int .s. ' 23 at home. But
f J Wa.iV. I
'For my successor, I tespeak prompt
payments. lie means to do ihe fair thing
he is capable, and experienced. J ut .
entering apon the estate of housekeeping, '
and sole conductor of a journal, any favors)
in the line of printing will now be timely !
and well bestowed on him. j
With thanks to every patron of tbe
generation past and present (just think ' ! 8
many, unborn when I commenced my la-' oldier' friend. For pulicnlars aeo ad
bora, even in Lewisbnrsr, are now tbe i ,ettient.
grave and sharp critics of my performan-! Greeabacks, or" Qenulae Cnrrencj,
ea !)...boPing that I have always given Or Lewisburg money, wanted at this office
full value for all favors realized, and that please accommodate as, when tending
I-have been faithful to friend, and fair ! aoney, by sending .ome of those sorts.
t foee...desiring to carry with me only
grateful recollections of the past.. .with ' hnW Star t CiiaoMicua was iasoed
beat withe to all of every creed and par- : lMt Tuesday. To-dsy 's So. finubea tbo
ty, who bare honored me with a perusal I IBID" 'or Those who desire it
of my writing, and selections... and with 1 "ol6er Jwi P,e e,d D 0aj-
a ebeerful hope that the Union and Unity
of tbo States may be cemented in tbe
eooroiea u U Mi.
ovswsW rfthe RsbeUio. and iCause- ! f '
"til, Crn4 !
O. N Wearut ?
I NOTICE. As there is a growing pref-
i ercuce for a whow? sheet weekly ainons
mir county subscribers, the semi-weekly
li.-dfrii.vt puliation of tW pspw will
eeae with this o. Arit 1-ridav, there-
! fore, we expect to resume our weekly is-
.-UC. Mlould news Ol UlUCtl importance
reach n in the fore part of a week, we
shall infirm our readvra of it ly slips
StQt l1"1 ''Ec'i 'n theCy"
Are enterprising ehirictera. Xo matter
hiw bad the weather, the; mast go.. No
matter how many pipers they have 10
leave, if tjiey forget one, tbey are very
apt la be "docked quarter or so on proposed armisiic, if granted, raises tlie ' n i . rsi i t
their New Year's gift! Oar town patrons ' Vorkade by Imd and 1, which will j LOlTipIClC hileCUOIl lielUmS.
wiil be waited on, Saturday, and we hope allow our pcoj.lt to im a larye amount r Uacw11 au jwhMe
will not furgct one who baa remembered , ' The doners from our ser- .j.wr Elect.rs
them a hundred times the past year.
While abrat it, w give (as farasmcm-
ory serves) the names of our Carriers for firce 0f 200,000 veterans. Then, if hoa
tbe past seteLteen vears, with their sab- tilities are resumed, the South is sure of
, " ' Tt f . I u
ecouent merited promotnns:
Joliv I WU.X.AK Prlnt; whlmtT : itiner
ant .r-hr ; tr.rl.OT is D'ffcinwt summary, Wiiliam
jsrt : -litur of -Buli.Uu:" bo'-twll-r.
JolIN A OU1PS stni. M: tta-hiiiirt : eng:or ;
martial; now wiOi PiTcB t,f-re WiimtDS-tcn.
M wiuson M A!.Krv Sisirtit: deputy irtmt j
marbal ; alitor ffltrr C- aotv Joor&al. ,
Sj. LEVI II. AMM.1N M-htai-: thie Tat In
Mt V. V : rr-Dli.-d a. a VrtrrmJi: X.U ifi actional tb
Nlnifo, Hay -.h. IMiL '
TIIEooRR C. T.V!iS ftoVot; loermacr tot- i
r.oltKRT SOTr stulat: .hnikr; Is Telrgrmptt
Ctltrw rm Lvkawanna k BIOAB.Sarz LiD.
waltfr o. M'iAiiM-tniieBt: frttr; E.
tioeT o.ir ; Aais-far ts-Iocr&rb operator.
at Kr.ii.
;tEi; rriDtrr; TaWgrmpb opeTTatc
IMKW ) c Al'io-?ij-ri5cr-CaiOTei
may l. "it :
tA.Tbe Union County Court opened
t nnrnina anit ilia A aniiatA J lid DM
! ' fM Mch w ia
, iheir JoJ w- d
until Tuesday morning.
T . ... ... .,
John Smith, of Hartley, was appointed
, ., . , L..i
Foreman of the Grand Jarj. It returned
,, , a- a. x
seven Trae Bills, and was discharged on
, ,
" tdOCSdaj.
. . :, . ... , . .. D .
Wm.A..Marr was admitted to the Bar.
. . ,, , - ,
Juries were called far trial of eases as
, . ..
( vromoTiireiZfA eates. kit L. I'eligo
plead guilty to stealing from Halfpenny's
.n.l ..ni.n.A.1 t. 1 ihim in
the IVni.entiarv.
James M. Everett plead guilty to stea-
ling horse Sj. of A J.YVeidensaui, and bas
5 years in the (louso of Refuge.
John T. Miller and Ann Buck, found
guilty of keeping a disorderly boose, were
Coed Sj each with costs.
Taoasu Stailer, for refussoa; tba vole
of a cjialifiod elector, was ftiand gailsy
a new trial akei for.
., , ,
no: guilty, and prosecutor f )r eosu.
r .
t Three l.om. esses eon'.inuid.l
.. ., ,, , v
ImdeaKt. MenschsLa s vs. onng-
man k Walter : $5031 80 for Piff
UaBk of Aortb d lor use o: J.iower ?s.
Wm.L Kilter : verdiet lor Deft.
After tbe nual routine ol business, toe
Judge appointed an Argument Court for
Wednesdsy, 1st Feb. and adjourned on
Friday evening.
(.Wai. Roshoog, Eq.t
write, that
he last heard from bis son, W. H. Roh-
plenty to eat of tbe substantias of life.
young, able bodied man, is in arms, leav-
iog the old men and women to get tbe
crops. He says there is much suffering
there, but thinks tbe Rebels are mostly
discouraged, and that Price will not again
disturbed tba Union people.
Most Sad Calamity". Last Friday i
evening, in West Buffaloe township, three ;
little children were burned to death the
BlUV VI aaill SSS W aawiss - "
unable to reseae one of all her children,
wham she bad left ia supposed safety.
The oldest ehild was three and a half year,
and the youngest bat a few months old.
: ' , .
-'We h,fe reee,Ted eoF J of
engraving, entitled "Home oa a FoIlongb.',
11 " bu,if,l, r,0 nd boBM
Ue Me M e,er' '01OT "no eTer'
hively bas removed his Sad
..i n...... cl.. ,. ,l. Ck. Ci...
M j U u ? V
late of John Hoozhtoo. neat diot to
CbaiU. P.nnyV
What would Have been.
Thm Obit on l?nn Ttr.li.in lia harl if
,,, The platform oa which it placed
j M,, j ,he wif l(J fce ,
; . .
-r. nd The
luriesiuu o. .urnury iuui uij
i showed the advantags the Rebellion
; wooM have gained from the election of
M'Oiellan, and tho establUhmcnt of the
policy to which bis party was pledged :
''President Davis, who had been opposed
1 to making any concessions whatever to the
enemy, baa betn prevailed upon to print
: an armistice to the North, provided it is
' ta(-CJ-,, in a Tf,c,fui manner. This
; na win tucu uv giau kj return, lu orucr
I to receive their psy and aa honorsble dis
cbarge, which will give us
an additional
ivv u,...iiuK uj
granting this experiment ti the Yatkets,
vhr h-ivf oprh'y c,ntrur,l that they are
vhiprxdlu pnlaim'ing the tear o their
jrart a failure"
Such was the contemptuous answer to
the cowardly proclamation of Chicago.
Gen. M'Clellan and his party lost a'ike
, the eotfideDee of the patriots, and the re -
SDCCt even Of tOO liebeiS, Who mast bate
-i ,
"dcspisea mo ageni wane mey accepteu
his offer.1
Quite Natural.
Rebel mourn that their best treated
and most contented and pious slaves are
! innDf the first tfl mil after SmrRUASi nr
' ny othef wderiDg Abo!itiollis, . Sam
j u jg BM fci Chri,,Uni,. ef.n
tanght by slave-holders, has tended to
make slaves more hopeful and contented.
But slaves taust have beard read (if they
can not read) not only the command
Servants, obey your matters but also the
same Apostle's advice If thou mayest be
frer, use it rather. If they should ever be
ent baek into bondage to any Christian
man, tbey will expect to be received
! oir as a tervin; bat above a servant, a
hrtj'kj'T llitr.id Onee free, free far evuv !
i unless rtrii.el of proper natural and
legal liberty for real crime.
Inequalities of Service.
The doty of defending one', country is
morally and legally obligatory alik. apon
all her eitiiens, each as be best msy.
Bat the returns of the lata Klaetioa
show that tbe newer and poorer portion,
of our Stat bear an unequal share. Let
as take Wilmot's old district for example.
Bna. t'm Arm? vote Properly.
1-Ji to 1
7 to 1
16 to 1
9 to 1
' SusntiehaDna
, Tioga
22,676 2,420 9 to 1
One of every 9 refers is in tlx Army in
; , foor counties.
, y09 et ujj9 M mtnj eOT1oties in
; ,h 0Mnt riehett plrt of ,be gute .
Back. 13 432
ArfBT vote
rf "pOftiaftB
40 to 1
15) to 1
IS to 1
26) to 1
! Philadalnhia 93 593
7,307 171 o 1
One voter im the Army to 17) at home
in these four counties.
In proportion to popnlation, the remote
eounties furnish nesrly twice as many men
as those who are more exposed and who
have more to lose.
In Potter county, one rofer out of seven
is facing the Rebels in Bucks county, oae
J only out of forty ; Potter is spirsely
1 settled, and poor Bucks is densely pop
! ulated, and immensely wealthy. These
I richer eounties can easier spare men, than
; tbe poorer can.
Tboee northern eounties have filled, in
part, the quotas of the lower counties, and
i also their own. They should be in some
way honored and recompensed fjr having
furnished that most precious and import-
ant of all men !
In a virty point of view, there is the
Tbe seven Banner Lincoln eoun
ties Bradford, Indiana, Law.
ranee, Lancaster, Erie, Tioga,
and Potter gave Home vote. 5S.122
and of Army votes, 4,816 being 1 Army
Tote to 12 at home.
Thus it appear, that tbo eonntie. hav
ing tbe target proportion of Republican
voters, furnish twice as Wkinjr Soldier as
like "strong" Democrat!, countiea.
In Union county, 1 voter out of 10 ia
ia tbe Army : in North'd, 1 oa! of 17.
These facts are good reasons why every
soldier should bo credited where enrolled.
Average of Pennsylvania 1 Army to
13 Home votes.
PAisrix Accidest. Isaac B. Moyer,
a soldier on erntehea, retnrning home to
Freeborr. Sovder oounty, while attempt
ing to get off tbo ear. at tbe Seliosgrove
Suiioa oa Fridav moraioz. fell on tbe
' track while the train was in motion, and 1
i l.:- i. i -Li l-j il. 1
aiau uia tcit leg larrioiy erusneu. uiaai
R-b--. 'K -r'-
ad beisxs the koes. bv Dcuiuia Awl and t
I J tll. 1
The Latest News-Paper.
The Ilarrisburg Telegraph famishes to
this region nine times ont of ten War
and other news, mornings, twelve boar j
in advance or toe rnHna. oaiiys. it
now sold at three cents a number. Sam'!
Slifer is Agent at Lewiiborg.
Daring tho coming session, we think
the Tclrymj-h will eootain also the latoat
intelligence from Uarrisbnrg.
ItsT'The West Branch was very high
when it frcxe np, last week, and happily,
the recent thaw tas earned off the ice witb-
j oat damage.
j Jkl AlNr
nnVvivr V VI
I i. . 'r1i.;VAiA
Soldiers' vote to be added.
tPartly estimated.
May perhaps not be received.
M'Clellaai mm Peadften.
NEW JER-SEi't ,46G
jSolJiers not allowed to vote !
! or thh . l.in,C?n
For Geo. B. M'ClellaD, 1.775.200
Lincoln's majority 425,302
Lincoln 55 prct M'Clellan 44) prct
Lincoln a vote in I860 ' 1,864,523
Lincoln's increased vote '64 335,979
The surplus rote of Massachusetts
or of Ohio, distributed in the three
-u viciiau cuiics, wouiu nave carried
lLobe three also for Lincoln.
" Vrrenxn, Wr th ttNOOlS TRIK.
Is ataraaa its bourn, .till abalaar the ;
In rtorr l.t 1U araorbes ....
la plaataS ea tas aEBKLS rTa?:
rjraaiM af UttU HasAareas.
Et tract of a latter from a geatlemea ia
Graat ' army to hi. wife ia Binghamtoa :
'Lut week, when I got the news of
Lincoln', election, I took tbe paper, walked
towards tbe Rebel line., and beckoned to
a Rebel officer to coma oa neutral ground
and hear tbe news, which I read to him.
Tha Rebel officer .bed tear, like a ehild,
aaving, "We bad hopes. Ihe last two
j month., if M'Clellan got th eleetioa,
there woald be eosaetaieg tare ap where
by we aight be saved, bat aaw we (Boat
give it ap ; then i. ao help for n."
Tba Commissioaere of Northumberland
eounty give aotiea of a letting of tho new
Court House lo bo erected ia Saabary.
The letting is to be bold oa tee Sta day
of Jeeoary. Tho plane aad epeeiieatioaa
are ia tbe Commies iooers ofiee, aad are
nearly similsr to those of the Williasesport
Court House, whieh cost about 60,000.
DiATa or Bos. W. L. Dattok. W.
L Dayton, our Minister to Fraoea,died oa
tha d inat.. nf nonltlevv. Ha raa fnv
-rtj- - --.
V' ,,r'idB, 00 ,hs F"mn ,ttk
'. na emioeni
s:oi ol New JeiKj Age, aboal 56
Latest News
Savannah is
sic, .,..,.. arm r.;n isn
gans, 13 engines and 150 cars, 3
steamers, a larje supply of ammu
nition and materials of war, and
wlG.OOO.OOO worth of Cottoa !
From Gen. Sherman.
8aya!!ah, Ga., Dee. 22.
To President Lincoln :
I be; to present to you, as a Christmas
gift, the City of Savannah, Georgia, with
150 heavy guns and plenty of atomuni -
lion, and also about 25,000 bales of cotton.
W.r.fcHEiMAS, 3UJ UiO.
From Gea. Foster.
Prtmri Gnt&K Oars, I
I I BaTisaafe Kiarr, IM. 11, :, P. X J
' To iJ.Gen.Grant and Mij.Gea.IIilleek:
j The city of Savannah was occupied on
the morning of "tha 21st. Gen. Hardee,
! anticipating the contemplated assault,
j escaped, wiih the main body of hi infantry
I and light artillery, on the afternoon and
' night of the 20th, by crossing the river to
: tha esusewsy opposite the city. The
Rebel iron-elads were blown op, and the i
navy yard burned, but all the rest of the j
city is intact, and contains 20,000 citizens,
who are quite well disposed. The eap'ure
includes 800 prisoners, 150 guns, 13
looomotives in good order, 160 ears, large
supplies of ammunition and materials of
war. 3 steamers, and 33.000 bale of
4 cMton s.fely stored in warehouses. All
8 these valuable trophies of an almost
3 , bloodless Tictory have been, like Atlanta,
5 ! I opened communication with the city
3 to-day, taking np what torpedoes we could
' see, and passing safely over others. Ar-
' raogements are being made to dear the
- I channel of obstructions.
J. U. fObTZB, asj. vsen.
Rebel, report, part of Sbermw.'. fore.
is marching Northward to .Uike Branch- ; Iry can ta ,ccommoJaVlj. For fonber rar
ville, where the Seorgia and Carolina ticulars, inquire ai iheNCanosicts OrEee,
roads connect Also that another farce of . LewisburgUec. t7. U6tv pd3w
Sherman s was going on s. V . in searcn
of Union prisoners.
Utter Rout of the Rebel Hood.
Latest accounts represent Hood a. .till
giving way, being south of Duck river
be had lost half his force, and what is left
are acting on the principle of "Devil take
ne hindmost
Tbe rebels nnder Hood lave lost ciga-
; ;
P.enerala kilted, wnnnded and can -
turea saoee iney siariea asurtu. mtj
acknowledge siity eight pieces of artillery
Inat- and 90.000 men.
, , . 1 . . 1 V . L. Tl...
Stoaetaaa mod Bar bridge have been
operatiagwgnva ihe salt works ia S. W.
Virgiai, wbippiasj Ska Kbla wader
Breekiaridge, Vaughn and Duke, and de-
! atroyiog 820,000,000 of their property.
Six weeks ago, Sherman and Hood,
from tbe Atlantic region, turned their
back, npnn each other, and started for
conquest ia opposite directions. The Union
force is completely successful with little
The Rebel force is Blterly routed,
and fleeing bsck in dismay.
Rebel Reports concerning
the rtbs fleet under Cows. Porter and the
Union army under Gen. Butler.
Wilxisqtok, N. C, Dee. 26 Tho
enemy', infantry attacked Fort Fisher late
last night. Tbey were repulsed witb eon-
iderahla lose. There was a heavv rain
and wind through the night Prisoner. '
... tw g . , . .
repors suas iue a weui, .our.u . .uo
Yankee army are present nnder Bntler.
Tbe enemy are presumed to bavereacbed
their position above the fort, not by pass
ing np tbe river, where they would have
been obliged to run the gauntlet of tbe
guns both of Forts Fisher and Caswell, on
the left bank, but bv landing on tbe beach.
east of tbe mouth of Cape Fear River.
The enemy having effected a lodgment
above toe ion is a serious mauer. is wni
cost aouDie ine lorce 10 uisioogo uiu iubs
woald have prevented bis lending.
Tub Draft. Every district should
promptly attend to having those who are
enrolled and who are not liable to military
J --1 T . L . ..ltn. Th.
uiy, .sr. . .u. ' ' ' f
larger the enrollment the larger will be
sue quota, voDsrueDuj wucro tataiw
are allowed to remain on the list, the dis
trict will have to furnish that proportion
of increase in the draft.
The Secretary of War has issued an or
der directing every officer and soldier cap
able of doing duty ta repair at onee to tbe
front He says, "every effort must be
made to '1 ap tbo ranks, strengthen onr
armies and aid tbe patriotic aad gallant
troop, new smiting tho reeling enemy
with victorious blows."
atsTJijerburfj SWitbtta
Corrected Semi- WecUy by Walls t Smith.
Wheat (250
Corn.new 1-50
Rye 1 CO
Oata,321b. SO
Barley 1.40(3.1.00
Flaxseed 290
Wool mi;l00
Butter, prime t 50
do common 40
Egg. SO
Lard, fresh 20
do old 15
Tallow 15
Potatoes 75
Dried AppleaJb. 10
Pork 16
Bean. 3.00
Rag. . 6(5,10
Country SoapSIO
tyTriajry P. E. Chorea. (Chaahcrlia'a
Baildtng ) Services every 8aaxUy aAeraooa
except the 1st Saaday ia the asoaih
ayaM.aEVws.zN iswt. SAMOBL OUT aai Miss
MMa OOaSIUC, acU ot Jartava t.
y IW saaw. smm aar. MVUTH STOCK aa4 Maw
AllBUa Baaaa, hash mi Saraar saaasy.
Bt lnICMar laat. VtKHiaS CSIVTaT af
raiiaa. aa Maa aaai s taoaaaa aa mt uwaaaavc
Ma K4. CaiUaSer. rifc iaa. IBS BM8S aaS I Maa
W 4KT H. 4.vtln B.rt aa sansi iiiwris
aU af Iw SIiISjt ws ea.
mfg !
. . a. .
ta.A.iiitaHiiE.sii4 4brat ,
Ta taanile,
TI1HE cortnerhiD heretofore e xioin; be-
I tven the subscribers is this da? di
i solved bj matoal consenu A I acconsts uf
. Ihe f.fuj will he se'iiej bv . X Worden
I The bo'ioess of the S'tar A I'bronicle ruah-
ill be eotiuaued from ibis i e hy
J. R Cornelia, who will execute all cnful
6'led eonirscta o( the lale firm of WnriJea A
Cornelius for parers ai t advertt'.inr
O X. WiiRIiK.V.
Lewisbnrr D-e, 30, tA.
WilDtrd - a Tenant,
TO oeeopy ihe tw H ae oa the Farm of
J.istra M. Xiwit. Chii:iqnai)ie T-p,
aI boarJ the hin w,ployed on ihe farm,
A van with sraaHl tanlsatr. arrastnmra to
. farm work, or a Widow, preferred. Apr'y t"
Dec. is.
p.m. xesbit
. .... a w .i i n scaVSa
lC" 1,4,1 BLVk is,,.
TOTICE is hereby given. c.nU
' li sui.rth. Artrt o..e .mbiTrftt.
of r.n..i... tu!-d - as A-. u-
a-Jmrtii- B.L.f th.C"twi ! ifc "" -
riMtti for tb rroa m Umnmiwrt anlfT tb L of
Ib I o.t-l ?lls. aVpTT-ai Itf 4T 0astr ja .
I- W-. tli ?to khMOrg f't V.- Lalarz B-o. ttA
U.iK lav U-rsHM-o u h p Aei.:03. fcaJ Iliat
1U -1r:tnT bT p- tS jr-r.tr ! tts f.ar
of Bur thao totMrJ f th- "Iwuf vIl to mk
tbv r-mtyjti.it rr-.a.rsl ttt1-' tb lae f it l'tu
! Gifts!
! a. splendid assortment of '
. -v- -e' 'vnTTn';
j r v "N .r". x -
I COnf lsting1 Ot
1 PFRFUMERL. GolJ RlDZS. Toys. &C.
At Crotzer's Variety Store,
The anderstcned. (ieiini?ae lo close fcni
aesa, oflers bis EX FIRE STOCK fur sa!e.
Lewisburg. Dec t9. s6t
I mmkanUfABJ person dn i. of emnc mlo
I ;Jh "'" Al
IOrSD On the insu in I.ewitbnrg
i a POCKET BOOK which tbe owner
can have by proving property and paying
charges. Inquire at Chronicle office
Wanted to Purchase
V8Mi.L. established business in the
Notion line Captia! $VJO to $1.(H3
country town preferred. Anyone wishine
to dispose of such busines will p'ease
' aiJre L.S,BoiI,
Mar'etia, Lane Co, Pa
Gas Notice.
N eonseqaenee of the increased cost of ,
I 1 CoaL, Ac, from and after the 1st of Jan.
1 115, tbe price of lias from ihe Lewisborf
I a Work, will be s.so. neir, the Company
paying uie uoverameat lax..
Dec. 31, 1864. fcr the Gas Company
TTAVING formed a Partnership, aniier
X 1 nrm name 01 A. at . '- nut n . in
'. wt would respectfully inform ihe public thai
we bare on hand at all times ibe best qaality
of LEATHER for sale on tbe most reaionab'e
I terms, and will par ihe highest price in Cash
for HIDES and BAKK.
New Berlia. Nov Ss. 164 p!3w
1 rpHE subscriber havin; taken out License
i .
s an Auctioneer under the Laws
01 inr taiicu Biav.r.. rncrs ni Kiiibca ku uia j
olJ frienis lQ cry v.ndaes. Sales. 4c.
J R,s,dence on South 7th Su Lewisburg, Pa
; pJimio;7 GEO. J. RoHLAND
Dredsi cn sale at Chronicle effiee
Real Estate.
JFOT Sztlit,
Lewisburg. a sbjatt distance below John
Brown's MilL Th houe is a new frame. SS
by SI, conrenienrlr arranged a Well on the
back porch, and excelleniTrnit on ihe lot, 1
-pmn, , of Apri, aexyas? larie WAGON
, I. MAglX(. lnJ Bl.AibviirH shop on
North Fnunh Su LWiturg, late of Hunter
Pardoe. Eq. Inquire of
liec 3, lent JOHN WALLS
swans c.u.nn
FAJU9, Heal SelinSgTOVe,
FOR Sale. Br virtue of an order from ibe
Orphans' Court of Snyler ronnty to the
nderaigned, will be exposed it Public Sale
Saturday, Fih. 4, 1S65,
. i u ., ,1.. u.,.1 f u a,h.rf
a Selmsgrove, the followiag Real Estate, late
ol Gioss s Wsltsbs, deceased :
All that messuage and tract oriaed situate
in Penn ownbip, Snyder county, about two
miles from tselmsgrove, containing
80 Acres
more or less.adininini lands of Wm. Warner. I
Michael Haias. Fred'k App, aad others, oa
which are erected a ;
, . ., n j"t- . . L. f
and Outbuildings. There js a rood Well of
water anu a uiwu osinsaw 11,1 ,
- r n.iifi'ir, ni. - u . mm- i
mises. which are sit.atrd on 'she maia road
from Beliasgrove to Lewisbnrg. v
Terms of Sale per cent cabalance
on irst day of Tebrwary Cow".
Pec. tl. 164 Trustee
(SeliasgTove Post,eopy bill lo Trustee)
Towu ProfsertT lu Uariletuti
T PRIVATE SALE. The 1 eoaiaias
about 1-1 aa Acre. The improvements
are a two-siorey rrame noute us py as irr-,
a. -m.k amri Kara. Sneda. i
Blacksmiih Shop. Fruit Trees of all kinds, a i
aerer-fading Well of water, Ac For terms
mqaire oa ihe premises of
atfwaey S th Hawa af Oasja asass, aar j
vnn BEHT
I m sea -
rTVWIBTrRF.Y '"k HlE an4 fgf
I LOT pb N.inh Feunh r. &
h H p. MiELLLR.
T)V virtue of an order of 'he Orphans Cerl
) of Union county, will be olferH at Pabli
.-s!e rs the premises of ibe li'e CasMaa
Il.cra. in Weal Buialf Uiwaihip, near
Satnrdar Jan. 14,
1SC5, the HOMESTEAD Faras. coBprisiaa;
3S Acres
more or lej, of good land, mostly Improved.
"""lIOUSE. T3ARNt.
Sboemaker's Stinp. aew Vttsw fhei and ail
other necesarv Ootbovlise. anc a yonsf
t OKs'H ARD. Il is ais !l Wile red.
j The on.-mproved pan bis a good aapp'y of
. excejieni i iMix.ta.
j Asa al)0a 5fj XcKi of WO0DLAXD
I ' the same townshii. adjoining laJ of
I Bro... H8tt..e, and ie.x.1, .ear tbc
i ' V , V, i vwir P M .fc,-
I Sa c to comir.er.ee at 1 o eWk. P M, wbea
the Urals will be ma e kSf.wn bv
1 C.'RD SHCKLER. Ailat'v,
West Baffak, Lec. ftCl
GOOD II RICK HOUSE, tsro and a half '
noreys hirh. having 8 rooms. Stable.
ii by 19 feet. Fall lot, in trst rale os-drr
with many Fron 'JVees. On ihe corner of M
and M- Aatheay sireeLs. Lewisborje. Wans
to te'.l bcane it is too laree fur mi family. "
Ixe. 9, I-6t-.f J. 1 RE V It AX
VCOOD LANDING at ihe jnnetioa of ti
Bu?! Creek wi,h the River nn-t
Urge Ti d L"t boonded aerh by 8LMarv
:r-et, eat by ihe Creek, somh by WaltV
warttioo-e and west bv Water streei
There is a Wharf batit. and tbe lot is welt
aoed fur a Coal and Lntnber Yaril, Wara,
house, cr anv bainess ot thai kml.
I.ewiborK. Dee. 9. 1S64 tf
T PRIVATE SALE. Il ia siiaated i
White Deer township. Cnion cuaatv.
abeat two miles from Datesnaa's Store. Wast
Milton. The Farm was oneisilly owned bv
Aimv M'1'.ia.aas, Esq and is so lra
that it m rbt be d.siiied to make two or threw
eood Canns. I will sell lew, as I wish lis
quit the business of farming. Tbe Farm ia
well timbered and well watered, and under a
rood state of cultivation. There is a good
House and ail necessary cutbaildmga a new
first-c!as Barn, tha best ia tbe eoonly a
sp'endid fprioi. yonnz Orchard, Ae. 4c-En-uire
on ihe premises of
f V a"
ONE-HALF OF PEW NO. 44 body ranaa
south side of Lewubar; Bapusl necuag
honse. Inquire of
Nov.ti F. W. Tt'STTN
. V The subscribers cnVr
' Tsvr mlj Acms Farm LaWsf, simata
, in Kelly townhip, a'jiinisr lands or I ant
1 Geddes aad others, about half a mile froaa
i town.
For further panico ars and terms apply la
OR Wlti & HAYES.
Oct. 13
Agents Lewisbarf, Pa
rpHE sobseribers c9er at Private Sale flvw
! J. uacis vi iioki una, 01 aooni
3,115 ACRES,
in tracts of about equal iz. situated la law
.Northeast part of West BaRaloe township.
I'nion eouniy. It will be sold in a body.or
sincle tracts, lo sait porrhaera. Il is well
timbered principally with White and Yellow
Pin;. Whiie Oak. aad Poplar. For farther
particulars, inquire of
6SriR0t mil ILL. My.
J.O'B UCMaiaL, Uwiebaic.
fjThe undersigned offers for sale a iraet
of 5ii Acre of Land, in White Peer
townshp, all well Timbered, except a boot 19
acres which are cleared and cultivated. Tha
improvements are a (nod two-storey Log
House. Stable, and Oa:baildiBgs. a gvoi
Orchard, and an excellent Weil of Water at
the house. 41O6I GEO. MEIXEI.L
TAVERN isTAND oa Market St. la tho
borctizh of Lewisbur; is o if; red for sal.
cn reasonable term. The be use is rtoeb'a.
and woo id conveniently accommodate I wo
families if not desired for the pnbtic. If awt
sold 10 a reasonable time, will be mortgaged.
Any person baring money 10 loan, eaa have
it well secured- Interest paid prompilv. Ap
ply u iot j. wof.ru
THE sub5crbers cfier for sale their Fa ran
Bear tbe Forest Iron Works containing
about 130 Acrea.
t with eood Honse and Barn. and other neeea-
; Mrf Baadm-s. an excellent -pnng of Water
between Ihe house and barn. Alt cleared.
mi ia a good state of cultivation, ia a geod
j ne'ghberbood. and convenient to market,
! mill, school. Ac '
We consider il cheap at f0oftwill take
Lewnbarr. Sat ut XT, IV.
T OFFER at Privaie Sale 1
ny Farm, siiasla
1 in While Deer township. adjoiaiag land
of John Eaack Esq. Levi Knock. EdrarJ
Ranck, ri. B. Pawling, and Joel Ranck. eoa-
tiimn; T 4cre more or less. Il has a
4 Ll , .. . . B.ni. R..n . .1 A,k.r
good Hoate. Bank Barn, a 0.1 riher Oaibmld-
ings. About 4 acres are well Timbered, the
remainder under food cultivation.
Trr i.r.i lanaire al lha nreanisea.
A DESIRABLE Building L.snated ia
a pleasant pan of Lewisburg. Terms
lo suit the purchaser. For farther inform.
Uon inquire of 1032 C D BREWER
'BDTFAL0E HOUSE" for Sale.
THE Trae lees of the University at Lewis
barg. oder for sale the large thraw
storey hooe. known as the Bvfnb Hum
siinaie-1 ia Lewnbarg. comer of fee "ad and
Kl Lonis streets, oooosite Ihe Co art Hooae.
The enure baildinc is of brick. feet on
Second St aad 7 feel oa Su Lo aat
finrshed with all the coareBiences and Wm
improvements for a Bru class Hosel. Tha
stabling, sheds. c. are ampte lo aeeoaimo.
dale a large business.
The " property will be disposed of at .
a modera'e price and r-a easr le.aas. Fr
rnnher fnfornsatira. iasi e I. r.wff LEV.
I F.or .A hfc!.i.4.ataeti At1. ' ia.
leu-;. I'ui ale Pa !' .

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