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Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, December 30, 1864, Image 2

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- A Fartlcnlar Han.
Dick OaTaoMt br&j io putting
think gely a they are according to
L'udly Murray, and taping them to at
'lacbixiy' eipense. Dick ba a mill
4 o on upper Brandywine makes the
brft cora meal in tbe market, aod baa tbe
widni rang of cuttnm of any miliar in
the four IMswnre tlnodreda.
Tbe other mnrning.Sam 8landera slstn
binged into Diek's mill after a hundred of
meal, and pot it to Dick tbii way:
Mnrnin', Oiek. What'a meal I
Meal as utual, 8am.
I mean how ia it 7
I'retty well, thank yon. Always ia.
Blast it, man what do jon charge
for it?
Don't charge at all, Sam. Have to tell
for eaib tbeae war timea.
How dope it go 7
In barrels, bags, pillow-case) tome
timea in tin pans.
Confound it all. Uow ean yon afford it 7
can't in reality, lint I have to sell
M eheap as tbey do in tbe villngo.
Can't yon understand English 1
Not yonr way of speaking it.
Well, I'll be banged. Here's n be
dollar note. Will that buj a hundred 7
A boodred what. Sam 7
Can't I make the man understand me 7
Mr. Davensnt, I want to buy a hundred
weight of cora meal. How much will it
Just a hundred weight, of course.
Look here, Dick take tbia fire, and
give me aome meal for it.
Certainly, Mr. Slathers. Here is
dollar change, and now I'll weigh you out
hundred pouods of meal.
A Cry from Macedonia."
Taare' e ery from Maeednula, Con. end help US,
Tue Herat of the niel brine 4) rmwI
Let e h the joyful tiding of salvation.
We thirst far the living spring;
O, jm herald nf tb cro, he op end doing.
Remember Che great command .... I
a3e ea rth and nrearh the Word to every ereetare"
. rrceietm K in every lend.
Tney phall Kath.tr from the Beet,
Tbe ehall leather from tbe Wert,
' With the petriarrhe of old.
Sad the rensomad ehall return
To the kingdom of the bleet
With their harp and cravat of gold.
0 Htw beautiful their feet anna the mountains
The tiding of peer who bring who bring
To the nation of the earth who elt ia darkeeM,
and tell then of Xion' king.
Tbee. ye herald of the ero. be ap and doing,
tie work In yonr Slaater ' Sold away 1
Boand the trumpet, sound the trumpet of Miration,
The Lord i yonr ctrength and shield.
Vet the distent ielea be glad.
Let them hail the SeveV hirth.
And the new of nardoa free.
Till tbe knowledge of tbe truth
Shall extend to all tbe earth
A tbe water o'er the aea.
1Mre'e a ery from llaoodoala, ata.
Te nave Hated in the army sf tbe fsltbfol,
I.Ike beroa the battle fight away I
Ttere are gwe an every hand that will assail yon.
Then gird on your armor bright:
With the banner of the Croe unfurled before you,
Tbe (word of the Spirit wield away I
Ye ahall conquer thro' II i merry who hath loved you
The Lord ia yonr strength and ahield.
Te are marching to the mad
Where the aalnt In glory etaod.
And the ut for joy hell ring i
Te bv faith hall bring it nigh,
Te rbali reach it by aod by.
And your about of triumph ring!
Tbott'e a ery from Macedonia, As.
"Mcsic Hatii Charms," Ac. The
Visksbnrg Herald relates the following
Incident : "On the late trip of the steam
er James Watson from this city, bouod
for Memphis, wbea nearing dangerous
point about aii'y miles from here, she
was bailed by about sixty guerrillaa on
tbe bank of the river. The Captain,
thinking discretion tbe better part of val
or, requested some officers and soldiers,
whs were atanding upon the deek at the
lime, to go below, and be ordered tbe
lane of Dixie te be played on tbe calliope.
Instead of the rebels firing, they com
menced cheering the steamer, and she
passed on her way no molested."
KtrCCATETBE Massis -Without know
ledge, without science, without education,
a nation can not long be free. An hum
ble acboolboneo, with the unpretending
achoolmwster and ragged arehina, are more
terrible to the despot than legiona of
armed soldiers. Hear year children in
ignorance, and they arc reaij to be made
elates. Educate thorn, teach Ihem how to
be free, and do power on earth can enslave
Deodati, Professor at Geneva, was oae
day aaked what be thought of the preach
ing of Pomootio ; to wbieh be answered
tnceringly, "Clear waters ars never deep."
Shortly afterwards, Deodati himself de
livered a sermon, and Dumoulin wasasked
bis. opinion. Dumoulin, wboliad heard
the remark of the critic, parodied the ex
fKtesieu, and answered, "Deep waters are
Bat at alear."
FcLToa's Stiamboat In n speech in
Mew Orleans, reeeotly, Jaeob Barker
mentioned incidentally that when Robert
Fallon's machinery for tbe first steamboat
came from tbe manufactory io England to
Maw York, it was consigned to him, and
that II actually remained io bis commis
sion warehouse eix months before the
nttrney could be raised to pay the charges
ct Importation.
f HtxpriH. A fellow came to sea his
intended wife, and for a long time could
Ihlak of nothing to asy. At last, a great
now falling, be took occasion to tell ber
ftrat hie father's sheep would all be un
done. "Well," eaid abe, kindly, taking
kirn by lata band, "I'll keep one of them."
Congress ought to enact a law that in
ease of any future drafts no man ahall be
credited oat of tbe district in whioh he is
enrolled, and todiafraoebise deserters who
do act report after being drafted, from all
light! of citisonsbip. Ferry County Ad-
Tka San Jose Mercury SSJS the wife of
efoM Cawtre, of Monterey, baa given birth
te thirty-six children, all of whom am
living together in that country. The first
twenty are twine, each pair representative
of either sex. a Of tbe remaining children,
eleven only were aingle born.
Says a New Of leans corresrondent :
"Cen.pbelPs slave pen is now n rebel
frtaoa. Get in d.r ye'self,' said n col
or es woman, as abe saw tbe rebel prison-
era filing into tbe old pen. 'Use to pnt
a in evar. Get dar ye'aelf, bow. Da
Lard's oomin', sure.' "
In ISIO, Judge Taney was so feeble
thai n gentlemen who bad n law smt. re-
fosasd te give h in him for fear be wonld
die befora tha ease waa tried. This was
fikt-lenr years he-fore be died.
wfwTbe last Internal Revecae report
allows lbs tttenme to be aii'eea ailins a
mvostb, or ec.ily ,300,000,000 n ear.
l ST:
r it
op f
1 81
S. i
i si
: 7
Jaly.: ,
SI l"ill,l" 13 14
ji i,Kiii,au .'i
i !iui
11 12
18 IS
Ttm 7t -a, ia :
! l ?! 8
2, 31 4
o 10 11
IS 17 IS"
i 1 2 1 3 4 s
If. 7 8 jlo 11 12
113 14 IS 117 IS 1
j2l!K 23 21 26 26
2 28j2e 30 31
1 31)121 f
Si S 71 8
12 1S'14 .15
21)121 22123
s e, 7
22 23
I JlBTf.
S ti
7 Rl
ll 2
ll S
11 1211:
lll!l 9:
41 SI 71 s
11112 13 14IIS if.
25 2 27
l I
!- 50i2. 2,2yi.TU
Holidays Banks close on
New Yw' 2ii fb 4 Jul; TbukfgiviaghriUiiaM
Union County Official Record.
FrrsuUitf Judgt 8 am I. 8. Woodh, lacwiitowa PotOflc
Astodatt Judy Jon W. Sinoxto!, MiffliQblifl 4a
mo JOUM H ALU. iiDuraj ao
aTVrir Thom-8 Chcbcm tlo do
I'rvOvmntaryJkXtt W. SakM do do
Htg af ittc B. D. Wheei do do
District AtUnir yAJio Uktn do do
Tra$urer M u. Jomes. do do
tlO l.MUEL M .RHHALL.NrW CoIOmnle. dO
do If ICR A bl Klacknes. Mcv HVrliB do
GmmisionrBfTkAxvKW K ii"T,Lcwinbarf do
do vun$eiJun it. usw ao do
d I'rint'Ti Vlt DC l CotllfBUCS, do do
do JltjfiKuin T.A II.Thobston do do
School Stipfrinimdrnt Jons A . Ow-WS do
elforaiOiaf; Appraiser Jamm Glovkk, flutlctoA do
aMrfxyor Cobai SiiicKLtm, Forest Hill do
CarmzrlijkMi Hai'S. Mifllinburg do
Auditor J. P. IfanETiBOcn, Plffrr do
do Wm P- ISrKBOtD, IImrtttoa do
do James Aikc, Lvwiibnrg do
A u'lfor SUvt War Hue Johh B . Lltn , li-wlbarr do
CbUti'tr do Tmo. Cut Bcut Ltvareiton do
Post-Oflllccs in Union county.
A !rira(iu ftrmlf tnnshfp) D 3tn.bs-kwT, P M
SKTiKniontimn. HradyT)) Iid Arlwlllo n
tf AiCr T Mtiu (uigDiowa, vi d-V.ijv m i n mnn'
i K Cnrrev
HV( Milton KwllT Tp) -
, John Dnteemaa
- A 8 11'K-h
- CeoW Porret
Levi llaurk
Martin Kiidf
Mare M 8Uee
- Helen C. Havea
Mark ilalfpen'nr
J S Raudenbuih
Kdwd ."milh
Saml A Walter
AW y -T Kami
twtttmrg ('Vianty Seat) - -
Fhrrtt ridrarmeravllle)
MtfUnhurg .
Martleua ...
ijaurrWm Iweat end Hartley Tp)
eratfe spring (umettone ip) -
.V.K- flsrtrn ...
HVnaVi-Dl7 Telle;, Colon Tp)
Regular Union county Conrta open
Third Monoay in February May eptemb'r DeeemVr
Tbe Ielilgh Callle Pondrr
Is warranted to be
the m,it powerful affent
fnr the Stomach end
Vkaxl of Cattle, Swine.
or Slwep, in pmrnotina
diceatioa, eleaneinf the
ytem,and traneferriu
the purified animal fluid
ia Seh, lat, milk, batter
ind treni;th,aud Hub
uthing health end vigor.
oirovs nnitsK ab
air ie ronuEB
fl tha only aaedieine
letrelly patented In
rranee, Knaland, Swlt.
aerland, end llollaail,
end duly admitted by
their Court, leoaored
with Prise-mlal, and iavented by Mr.Dueoy. Prvfeaaor
t the Imperial College Ibr Agrieulture at Parle, end now
meuafaetured by C.O.HIrner, Ur.of Z. A A, Allentewn,
Pe. Alldiaeeeofthetoraeeh,blood. luniraend bowel
apaedily end eertelnly eared. Healthy tuk will ba
brought Into the higheat Mat of perfeetinn, end on or
two tablespooafule e week I of greet vein to herd
working hare, breeding rtork, and roll, end eeved
thoueeudeef valuable hone from eonUgiou diMaera,
af aaJ at the barn-yard a ia the Army of tha I'olouue
erTertually nvereoa ell the object wbkh uully pre
vent the evpelling of Worme.ere pleaeaat te take, and
elao oa of the moat ecreeable purgative for Children.
Jo confident i the ioveetnr. of the auece of hi labor
iou Itudlca, la the petliologieal eompoeittoa of thia
preperatioa, that be furnirhe every graduatad Phyel
clan with a writ Lea prearrtplion, af a new era in Materia
The ralaa Heart. Rat, Xlrr.aal lat KfleraHaaler
ia e Powder fi the Bare extermination of ell ermln,
will never ejkanee witb eae or climate, and mueb pref
erable to the old Phoepnorou Pate, whirb harden la
e nhort time, making It wortniee. tor uirceuou euu
parlicalar ir tha amall bill in the Boiea.
137 Premianu have been awarded to these
preparations np to Oct. 1864
arorea! everywhere, r. O. SEATSR, Wholeeele
Agent fcr Union coanty. 1074ylOpdS
Agricultural Implements,
AGRICULTURAL Implements, since the
commencement of thia War, have been
in great demand, and good machines sre val
uable as to their meriis and worth only.
In the year 1862, Messrs. J. t. MARSH &
CO. sold one of iheir Improved Reapers to
Henry 8luck for $130. On the 18th of Feb
ruary, fie game Reaper trot wold at a Pubic,
m rAe farmnf Hntru Stuck, near Carlule-
for 41139, "fl king utd two tetunru.
Messrs, J. s. marsn ox t-o. are nianuiaciu
ring a large number of their machines, with
Imorovements. this season, for the coming
Havine and Harvest : and as to the merits of
their Combined
would refer those wishing to purchase the
eomtnw season to the following named per
sons, who purchased of them last season
Joe. M- Neebit, Joeeph Candor, Thorns Ptrawhridcre,
giderr-k roe.. Iliram Dunkle, Cbarle Hottenstein,
John llaag, David stebloecker, Jeeee timitb, Wm. end
Thoeme Naslat. of Northambrrlasd county.
Chrietlaa SlolUfuas, Jaeob Stultsfusa, Robert Rarber,
neMUrieJr Pontius. tK-o. K ieekner. Mertie Meixrll, John
Mover. Samuel felines, 3. ti. Walter, John II. Verger,
of union county.
Samuel Shaffer, fTenry Vahm. John Weeher, Samuel
Neff. Rli Shumea, Martia Host. Abraham Zirgler. Abra
ham Fetter. Amoa Miller, Jame bvll, D. T. Ptamneneh,
Alfred Moore. Jeeee Ruhl, (ieorge Kats. Philip llekrr,
Peter Albright, Hnry Sledrr, Ilowsrd Rupert, Philip
Bents, Samuel Qoodyeer, Joeeph J. Brahm, of Cnmber
land eouetv.
John Ha'ldemaa, Daniel Dtebler. Wm. Wert, Peter
Kby, Jonathan Ronawits. Philip Lebo, Jonathan Rlegla,
David Weaver, RAJ. Bofflnaton, II. Lenkert, William
Met, Jaeob 8. Shade, of Dauphia rauaty.
John Mover. David Lisa. John Myer, Adam SnroVr,
Veleattne Wagner. Franklin Kptloi.ChrUtopher Kliae,
Wm. K. Seaman, Jaeob lluyeat, of Lebanon county.
George Srravar. John Zerhe,8amuel Gibara,a.lf .Berto,
Jame Clark, K. D. Kline. Qeorge 8ktsler, Andrew Hn
gendonbler, Robert llavee.Cbarle Kawl,Bubh A Miller,
Jemea Warner. Joba Smith, Wm. It. fearon, W.J. Me-
henVy, J. R- tliakte, Jacob Bead, of Lycoming end Clin
ton eoeutie.
We conld refer to hundreds of others in
the above and adjoining counties, but think
it en necessary. Feb 3. '64
Admiatitraton' Notice.
ITTHEREAS.Ietters of admiaistraiioa epon
Y the estate of WM. H. KLECKNER.
dee'd. late of BurTaloe township. Union Co ,
have beea granted to Ihe subscribers in due
form of law, aolice is hereby given to all per.
sens knowing themselves Io be indebted to
said estate, to make immediate payment;
and those having claims against the aamt,
will present them duly sutheniicated for set'
tlemenu EI.IZ KI.ECKNER. Admin's
K TTORXET8 at Law. Office corner of
Y. Market aad Fourth 8t. Lewisburg Union
Co, Pa. Also claim A?cnts for the procure
ment of Pensions. Bark Pay. and Bounties,
and all other claims against the Unitj
Stales. Lrwixbnrg April T, 1l64y tpd
VMN ROOKS Preatrrtan. Melhnditt
aad LuihetAB at
: I 1 ill I
I si 7 8 s lv 11
II2I13 II IS ltllT IS
ISI2U -: 22 2SI24 24
120I27 2 2V 30131
U i
1 2! sf SO 7 8
I 1U11 12 IS U It
11T lh lv 2tt 21 22
'23 2 2S 21 27 28 2
rtj i i
i j 1 2 J 4 si
I T 10 II 12 13
II4I1S 10 i; 18 19j"
2l21 .'I 24 2S 26127 I
riv" Li
More New Goods !
For Fall and Winter
For Fall and Winter
For Fall and Winter
For Fall and Winter
Call and See.
Call and See.
Call and See.
Call and See.
Jno.HGoodman.Market St.,Lewlsbnrg
Jno. II.Goodman, Market St.,Lewisburg
Jno.H.tioodman, Market St.,Lewisbnrg
Jno. H.Goodman, Market St.,Lewisbnrg
UTAH kinds of Grain bought for Cash,
CARPETS. All Wool. Heavy In
grain Carpete, Brueeell Carpet, Rac Carpet, rioor
vu vioua. J UK received, ana tor ale or
18S4 1864
I Tbk greet line rreverae the Northern end North
West eouQlte of Penaylvenie to the City of Krie on
Leke Irie. It baa been leaaed by the Peanaylvanle R.
R. Company, end la operated by them, lu entire length
we opened Sir aeareuger end freight bulo, Uetober
II. met.
TVsie of Pauenger Trains at LetcMury.
Leave he! vara.
Mail Train 8:30 P M
Elmira Eipreas Train 1 1:0a P M
Accommodation 10:09 A M
Accommodation 4:5 J P M
Loare Weslaars.
Mail Train 3:57 A M
Elmira Eipress Train 6:4 J A M
Accommodation 4:5 J P M
Accommodation 13:13 A M
Peaerager Can roe through on Mall Train, without
ehanxe. both wuye, between Philadelphia and Erie, and
Baltimore and Rrie.
Klegant Sleeping Car on Klailre Krpreei Train both
way between Wllllem.port end Baltimore.
for information reepeettog Paeeeeger bnlna, apply
at ertrner loth aad Market atreete, Philadelphia. And
lor freight hafliaeaa, of the Company". Ageata.
B Kif.or, Jr . eor. lHh end Market St, Fhilad.
J.W. RiyeolM, Brie.
J. M-Drill, Aeant. N.C.R.R Baltimore.
II. H IIDCaTOif, Oeneral Freight Ag't, Phllad.
II. W.OWINNgR, Oeneral Ticker Ae't. Phila.1
JOS. D. POTTS, Ueneral Manager, WillUmaport
Hew btand New Hoods I
JOSEPH L. HAWN having taken tl.e
J rooms under the Telegraph and Chronicle
ofliceserefitted ibem.and Sued in an extensiTt
variety of
IliUt, Cap, Gentlemen a Clothing, Src,
Also a larte and aplendid slock of CLOTHS
CASSIMERE8, Ac, which be will matt up to
order, ti he still continues tbe Tailoring Bnsi
ness. He is prepared to execute all work
entrusted to his care, to the satisfaction of the
N. B. Culling and Repairmen! dona U
order. Lewisbare, April 10, 1861
IF you want a PICTURE FRINE,
ko to NICE'S Photoeraphie Gallery,
where there is a splendid assortment of dark
and gill frames, for sale cheap.
l7For a Photograph Album eo u
NICE'S Gallery, where yon can have a splea
did sssortment from which to select
Lewisburg, Sept. 38, 1864 pd3m
Ereri Han, Vaaiaa, aa ntM sasaM Bt4 It.
NARRATIVE of Privalinns and Sufferings
nf United States Officers aad Soldiers while
Prisoners of Wsr in the hands of ihe Rebel
Authorities. Being Ihe Report of a Com
mission of Inquiry, appointed by ihe I'. &
atenitaryCoaaaaieeicm. With at Appeadu
containing ibe Testimony.'
)RICE, 36 cents. Sent, post-paid, to any
address, on receipt oi price, oy
C. M. KI.NG, White Deer Mills.
4t Union Co Pa
If infer Arrangement. ..Xov. 7, 1864.
p REAT Trunk Line from the North
V.I and North Weet far Philadelphia, "aw Tork, Reed
ing, Pottrville, Lebanon, Almntowa, Realea, Ac
Train levee rjanllburf fcr Slew Tork a fcllowe at
3.00 and MS A M. and 1.4 P M, arriving at New Tork
et 10 A M, end lei and 10 00 P M
Tbe above renaeet with atmllar Train on the Peanyl
venia Railroad, and Sleeping Cars ereoeapeny the tret
twa Traiae, witboal cheBfe.
Leeve Ibr Reading, Pottaville. Tam-ua, MIneravltle,
Allerrtf.wo end Philadelphia et S.IS A M eed 1.4 P M,
stopping et Lebanon aod principal etatioae only.
Way train, tapping et ell point, at J. A at, aad
4.40 P M. Retaraing r l.eTe few Tork et 9 A M, II
noon, aod 7 PM. PbiladelpMa et S A M end S0 P M ;
Pottevllle et I U A M end 1.SS P M ; Temaqna et 8.10 A
M end Z-lo P M, ead Reeding el 12 aridnigkt, ' aad
lu.44 A M, lje end 04 P U.
Reading Aeoomawdatioa Train : Leave Reeding at
M A M, returning from Phlladalphto at 4.10 P M.
Columbia Railroad Train leave Reediag at S.4S
and 11 A M AaT Bphrete, litis, Columbia, Ac.
On Sunday : Leave New Tork et 7 P M, Philadelphia
S.li P M. Pottaville 7 SO A M, Teeaoquw. 7 AM, Harrto
burg 8.14 A M, aad Reading at It mtdsight, for Ilarrla
Commutation. Mileage, Seaaaa, Srheot, aad Kxrureion
Ticket to ead from ell point, et redared Rates.
Bggage cbeckrd through: 60 pound! allowed each
G. A. fllCOLLS, Gcal Soperinteadeat.
Beading, Nov. S, 18M.
ii-iKSEioaY, iibe eraRti, &s.
THE undersigned, having obtained ihe use
of the furniture, 6ilnres and utensils of
Mr. Rireuno M. Coorta, will continue the
Bakery, Confectionery and Notion business,
at Ihe old stand, on Market street, for the pe
riod of one year. He hopes by strict attention
to business io merit the patronage heretofore
extended to thia establishment.
Lewisburg, April SO, 1863
THE partnership heretofore enslins be
tween Josiah Baker Jonathan WoKe,
trading ia the name of and under tbe firm of
J. Baker & Co.Drng and Variety business"
was dissolved oa the 6th of Oct , inst. The
books and accounts or the old firm will be
settled bv Jonathan Wolfe.
The business will be conunued by J.Baker
at ihe old stand. J. BAKER.
THE subscriber takes this method to
inform the people of Lewisburg and ita
vicinity thai be has sold his Bool and Shoe
establishment to Mr. R- M. Coarse.
He desires to return his sincere thanks for
the liberal share of custom bestowed oa him.
Wishing to seitle up his accounts, he aska
all persons indebted to him to call and settle,
and those having any just claims to present
them at the Store to jumh BsjxiK,B
Estate of John Grofl, dee'd. :
VTOTICF. is hereby given, that Letters
1 Testamentary upon . Ihe Estate of
i JOHN GROFF, 8r. late of Brady township.
Union Co., deceased, nave neea granted te
the undersigned, by the Register of Union
county, in due form of law therefore all per.
sons knowing tnemseives indented Io said
estate are requested lo make immediate var
ment, aad those having just claims against
ihe same are also requested to present them
properly authenticated fcr settlement ttt
JOHN OROFF, Jr, Exeenter
Brady Tp, Oct. 35, 1864 pd
notice te Debten.
T) IE A BE rail within three werbs and settle
I aect anll, or they will be in the liat.ee,
hands. N. R. ZIMMERMAN
New Hardware Store
In Levrlubwrs;,
Chamfeerlln,i Block, 5Uik BatketSta.
1TTHERE ean be found a teaeral assort'
meai of Hardware which will be sold
at a small advance on Maealactarera prices.
Call and examine goods and prices, before
porchaiiDg. UEOBUE W. rKOUTCK
Ang. 1 1, 1861. 1060
Carpenter tools, a fnii aasortmeot
j tot sale by uctiKUE wTiiuuiiiu
UII.DIMO HARDWARE a large stock
for sale by GEORGE W.PROCTER,
X. ibe largest stock in Union eonntr for
GENERAL assortment of Shoemaker's
Kit and Findings, for sale hr
IN DOW GLASS and PUTTY for sale
J CKAIUM, Tor sale by
CHOICE TEA TRAYS, a large variety of
Vy ratter ns ana sixes, lor sale hy
Jr ClMuini, Raiteauv mi Framing tU T MET HI
rPHI8 article is prepared with tbe greatest
A care upon scientific principles and war
ranted not 10 conlain anything in the slightest
degree deleterious io the teeth or gums. Some
01 our inoM eminent Denial surgeons have
give, their aanctloa to and cheerfully recommended it
a e preperetinnorupriortiilitir lor eleeneing, whi
tening euj prearmng tne TKBTII. It clean readily,
r-utterly them beauufully white ead pearly without the
lighteat injury tu the !. Hi healing Io the gam
where they are ulcerated and ore, end ia en euelleat
diiioaVtor for eld or decayed teeth, which er often
aaeeedingly ogeaaiv. It cive a rich ead creamy taata
to the mouth, oleeniing it thoroughly, end imparting a
ustnwa m uer nreeio.
Prepared only by
M. W. reraer tmk aa Lomnarg si Pkllaaclaala,
ot told by all Drujyitft.
TMlmanlalB. The following nnininn
of Ur.Whne as to the high esteem in which be
holds Ihe Dental Cream, must be sufficient
evidence of its value. To quote others in
detail is needless, contenting ourselves he
simply giving ihe names and addresses of
persons wbo speak of lis excellence for the
, Pntttottrint. ApaJl 15,1S.
Ilavlnr carefully nemiaed A. II A WLtrS SOl.WI
FIED PEXTA t CHS A Af. I beerfully recommend it to
the public generally. It I aa eaeellenl preparation for
cleeneing end preaerving the teeth, end can be need by
all pereon with the atmoat coandtnee, a it proper!!
ere perfectly harmlee. Beside preaerving the teeth, I
promote a beelthy action to the gum, ead impart a
pleasantness to the breath.
Ua. w. R. WHITE, 12o Arch 81.
Tno's Isrma, M D. rvntl.t, 1 K Pourtb It
J. BtasiT,244 S filth St
R. Vasotasucs, Surgeon Dentist, 42S Arch St
C. A. Kisnsnvev, beellst, 1119 st'elnat 8t
B DiLtiauusn, l a. TS Arch t
P.M. Duov.MT Arch St
Rnwsw Ivj.rj. Deatiat. MS N Foarth St
L. II Doaraur, Dentist, '07 N Tenth St
M. L. Loau, Dentist, S X filth St
lfl050 if I5 jw
OFFICE in bis new Brick Block, Market
street, aouth side, between 4th and nib
(up stairs.) Lewisburg 1864) 70S
Koiorrsiti) at ffoisbnro.
rPUG Fall Term in all the Depart
I menLi Theological, Collegiate, Acad
emic, and Female Institute will commence
Thursday. Sept. it, I8f4.
Every facility will be offered to each stud
ent in either Department to acquire a thoro'
Students from n distance attending the
Academy or Female Institute, will board with
Iheir Teachers in the Schools. Those alien
ding College, ean secure good boarding pla
ces in Ihe Village. For particulars, address
Rev. J. R. Uoiii, L.L.D. President, or Rev.
J.A.Kst.i.T,Gen.Agt, Lewisburg Union Co. Pa
$3!0 SeTeii Octave HO
HOT ESTEEM m tt 4lr. Iraadway, tar.
VIEW enlarged scale PIANO FORTES with
XN alt latest improvements.
Thirty years' eiperience, with greatly in
creased facilities for manufacturing, enable
us to sell for CASH at the above unusually
low price. Our Instruments received the
highest award at the World's Fair, and for
tve successive years at the American Insti
tute. Warranted five years. Taasts hktt
Casb. Call or send for descriptive circular.
3m 1053 jjb$4
National Claim Agency,
laRTH A CC-Lim Vasklaglea, 0. t.
N order to facilitate tbe prompt adjustment
of Bounty, arrears or pay, pensions, and
other claims due Soldiers and other persons
from tbe faoverumenl of the tmted Slates,ihe
undersigned has made arrangements with the
above Firm, whose experience and close
proximity to and daily intercourse with the
Departments, as well as early knowledge
acquired by ihem of the decisions frequently
made, enable Ihem to prosecute claims more
efficiently than Attorneys at a distance can
possibly do. All persons entitled to claims of
the above descripiion,can have there properly
attended to by calling on me and entrusting
Ihem to my care. JOHN A. MERTZ,
Ag'l for Hiavsi & CoiLisa
Lewisburg, Aug. 2, 1864
' Andrew Kennedy,
Setary rakUr, CeMlssleaers' 0B.fr, Lewleharg,
WILL take the acknowledgement of
Deeds. Mortgages and other legal
insirumentSetdminister oaths, take affidavits
ia relation to the income lax, etc. dec
Manufacturer cf A.8.Brown's celebrated
WOULD call the attention of every
citizen lo his machine, being the
Onlj perfect Washing Kachlne jet
Drongm eeiore me pnouc.
Its durability, simplicity, ease of working,
saving of clothes, and quickness of washing
recommend it to every one; and it is war
ranted to excel all other machines.
Also, Sole Agent, for Lewisburg, Buflaloe,
Eaat BaAaloe aad Williamsport for Julius
Ives at Cc's
. Universal Clothes, Wringer,
with patent Cog Wheel Regulator, which is
the best, most durable, and only reliable
wringer yet introduced.
Lewisburg, Feb. IS, '64
Carpeners,BoatkIlders and Laborers,
TO WHOM constant employment and good
wages will be given. CASH PAID
LsaUburg, Pa., December 14, l69
Cveraiiueiit l'nderlUer,
Dealer In all kinds of Metallic Barlal fasea, aavf
WILL attend promptly to the transporta
tion of Bodies, or giving information
respecting deceased Soldiers.
HDTIS SjS.SX. Has-inf
secured tbe services of Dr. E. H. LEWIS, of
New York, (more recently from the Army of
ibe Potomac) for Embalming of the Dead by
Dr. Hotass "American Ptocess," acknowl
edged 10 be Ibe best and only true process in
the United Slates, will have bodies embalmed
when desired.
Principal Otlir.e and Ware rooms No. 4l,
Church SU Nashville, Tenn.
Branch Offices at Murrreesboro'.Tullahoma,
Warirace,!Shelbvville,Chaiunoogaand Deeh-
ard (Tenn.) Stevenson and Bridgeport, (Ala )
Qj-t ommunications promptly answered,
Mr.Wl. R.Cokxeutrs ia authoriied to refrr to me. He
iaageatletnea of integrity, aad will perform ell that he
aauerieaea er promieee. a.iurn. , 11 n ,
u;lom3 MiliUryOovernor
Johv Fabftra's
Old r.sUthllsbrw
Fur Manufactory
above 7th,rtlILAD.
I have now in
store of my own inr
portatitm and mans
faclnre, one of tbe
Lareat. and mott
Htautiful selections
'it- JTd of ar'ancy Furs,
"Ss jsev- for Ladiea' and Chil
dren's Wear, in ihe Ciir. Also, a fine as
sortment of (ienis'Pur Gloves and Collars.
As my Furs were all purchased when Gold
was at a mueb lower premium lhaa at pres
ent, I am enabled 10 dispose of them at very
reasonable prices, and I would therefore so
licit a call from my mends of Ijmon connty
and vicinity.
CS' Remember ibe Name, Number and
street! JOIIX FAREIR.t.
US ARCU f trcet, nhove 7th, aoath side.
IsFl have no panner, nor connection wnb
any other store in Philadelphia 1064mA
Lewhoarg, Nov. lata
Let I'm all take a Ride t
responsible persons, at reasonable
rales. rtrStahles nn allev heturern Knttih
Third and South Foorih streets, half a square
below Hess' Lively my residence oa same
lot, fronting on Sonih Third street.
lewisburg, Sept. II, 1863
Provision Store,
on Market street, between 3d and 4tn,
Call and Satisfy Yourselves.
OL R 8T0CK is large and well selected
embracing everything usually kept in a
fifst-class OltOCEKY STORE including an
assortment ot
I take this opportunity to relurn my thanks
to Ibe public for a liberal patrnnage.and hope
by studying the wants of my friends and en
deavoring lo supply ihem to merit iheir
patronage in Ihe future. T. G. EVANS.
Lewisbare, March 2, t3.
j. a- A-irerrtDKrEa sasivx scBiurn:
Sew Furniture Establishment.
fPHE subscribers have opened a Furniture
i. establishment, on Market St. Lewisburg,
(opposite Chamberlin's buildings) where they
manufacture to pr-ler and keep on band all
varieties of CABIXET WAKE usually kept
in such establishments Buieans, Bedsteads,
Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Stands, Whal-Nols dec
of all patterns and prices.
CjRmiaiita in ibe best and most exped
itious manner.
UNDERTAKING in all its branches
attended lo at very low rates. Ready-made
Coffins always on hand.
Lewisburg, April 16, 18fc:l
James F. Linn. J. Elerrill Lino.
T F. & J. M. LINN,
J e Attorneys at Law.
674 Union County, Penn'a.
t. MKRRIU CojtaisMosia for the Stat nf Iowa
with power to take PenoeUern,aehnnwleuee Peaue.Ae
Aactloa aai Cemmlssloa Basse In lentokarg.
lSJ Legal Auctioneer!
F.A.Dnnehnwer having been appointed
sole Auctioneer for Lewisbi.rg, is prepared to
attend to all calls in his line in town and
Commission Sales.
In April next, I intend to open on Marke
street a Room for the reception, and the sale
alstated times, of all kinds of Uoods at Auc
lion. Any one wishing to (lis pose of any arti
cle can depositit with me and I will sell it ai
the best advantage I ean and charge a per
eentage lor ine same
Feb. , . 59 f A DOnEHOWER
saw l . oawie. turn ants
Attorneys at Law.
,FICE on South Second near Market Si
lApni l. Bi niiriHbnra;, Pa.
Administratrix' Kntlce.
NOTICE is hereby given, thai Letters
of Administration upon the Estate of
DAVID 8LIFER, dee'd, late of Lewisburg.
Union eoanty, have beea granted In the
undersigned, by the Register of Union county,
in due form of law. Therefore, all persons
indebted lo said estate are requested te make
immediate payment; and thoae having any
just claims are also requested to present the
legally autheaticaled for settlement to
SARAH L. KLIFER. Admin'rx,
1070 Or A. H- Put, her Attorney
LOST. On the Sftth Inst., between Lew.
isbnrg and Kelly X Roads, Two oM
Harness Traces. The finder will ba suitably
rea-ar'trd bv applyini to
(J TILL AHEAUT Come one: coaae an
O aad eiamine fur yourselves the large.
and cheapest stock or Ume made Boo
and Shuea in Union county !
LTMasl received a FRESH HUPPLY e I
Cltf made work at unusually low prices
"Quick Sales and Small Profits"
is the order of the day at COOPER'!1,
Opposite Ihe Bank, Lewisburg
HAVE removed iheir C'balr and Ca
binet Ware-roottl to the larger
and more commodious rooms, late the restd
eace of Wm. Frick, on the
reraer er Thirl aad Market Sts. lewtskarg,
where they have on hand the LARGEST and
BEST AiaORTMENT of Work ever offered
toihe public in thisvicinity.eomprising Dress
Sareea anal fancy Waabstanua ef the lateat style,
eofa, Hatrasel Chairs. CeneeeetChatra, Kerkinvrhair,
Kttt.rea.IUt Racks. Towel Keek. Jenny l.tna entl t'et
teare bedstead, faney liunffe. fane, Tahlee. Ae also
a ireneral aaeurtmenl of CO BOX WORK always oa
head Rsrrooea end tlfSee Chair Wholeeele or ttrtail.
We also attend lo the I'NDBKTA KINU
boafsfM la m It branch. Bitir prn-iill with r'nerr
IJKAR4iitsl PlkN ftrml Wrfalllf Harlal f.tr
knd OOf VIN8 of our owe mnvtacturr nlwaya rn htu,
wm ut rvtvlr t ht tinM. withio an hAiir'n aoti, Co
wait itpoB mmj ami all wbo aiajr faor with a call.
Marine none but Ihe best workiuffn,we?
WAKRAIfT all Fnnittnrw manafaHortMl by vi, aod JfrJ
Mj eotJiprUiiba ciitMr ia priea er wty la.
M'tntijactorv on V. t Street f
where Cahmpt ani llnaseTurnine, Scroll and
Rip Sawiasi dona oa abort aotirw and rraaoaabla lerva.
A food assortment of f.UMBKR always oa
baatl frr Newel PoaU, BannitN aixl II and Kailiog.
CT'Rcraiaiaa of all kinds done as asaal-
N.B. Any work nut oa hand will be made
ai aooa aa aoaalble.
Thankful for pat favors, we aiill eipeci a
eooUauaaea of Ibe Mate.
Boots and Slioes.
The subscriber has just received
aTaMlaSSWal his Mmre tnril A, ... ik P.
Iwk, Olfice) a full suoplv of Roof Jl
Sbnen of every style and variety suitable io
Ihe season. Tbe stock has been selected wilb
particular care, and will be afforded at
teut REDirrn rmrts roit rfadi rtsn.
His old friends and customers and Ihe public
generally are invited to call and examine his
stock and judge foi themselves. r?MAN
IFAtJTl KI.Nti and REPAIRING as hereto
fore will be attended to with promptness and
al reasonable rates.
Jim UffillTO.s.lgl.
lewbhnrg. Oct. 1, le.
Jfarl-f .Sfeorc km
fV rOT'M ormerly new
aeJ ay fvayalea' Skm
ui waaaianarrr er
,5 Uarnc??, Jirid
les, Saddles,
common and the
aewaaleat ROUSE CULM M,warranted to hert no horse
Dealer la
Jeqln qnJ oilyci 3J(i,ip ai5 Ulljip J.uth:t.
Fancy Saddler)-, Harness Hardware.&c.
frilE sabscriber, havinfe carried on
X baainea, for erveral year, end raiaed e reputaUeei
ti'r making a gnoii llarnes Ae. as any esuhliahment in
thi region ana the L'ninn 3onntv Aarieulturel Society
havinc ewenleU lllRf.E I KKVII MS for articles uf his
workmanship would etr.res hi eretitude Sir favor ef
the trading nubile already received, and aak their conti
aaed ratronage at hie X gW STAND.
Tbe Leather nsed hy me I of the very heat, tenned fa
tbe old way, and will last a Tears. I employ the beet
Workmenovere my ewa bus ID ess ead em S-uad ia
my Shoe at ell soluble hoar. Mv Uoad and Work are
warranted, aad If aot aa represented Bear tie returned er
eseheneed. Call end see mo, and if I do aot give yoa
we worth or your money 1 will mot again aak ti your
REPAIRING promptly attended to.
aj-CMBsp for "ASU or KSADT TAT io most kind
er OMaW, r. , e...
awwasaura. A,rtl I, inai. o. II. P. PHITKLT.
IeCii'lnbnrite Pa.
R. U. HETZEL, Pao'a.
THE undersigned returns his sincere lhanks
for Ihe patronage esiended towards him
by tbe citizens of L'aion and the ariiuininx
counties, he would most respectfully solicit a
continuation of the same.
Lrwisbnrg, March 13, 1862 ro3
Are manufacturing and have
constantly on band a large quan
tity ol 4 leet ralings and 3 and 4
feet Laih al the lollowing prices:
Pnllnrn headed in a new style, from S8
to $10 per M
Lath 3 and 4 feet long, f 1 lo $1.62 pr M.
Shingles at $5 to -$7 per thousand.
Palings and Laih made to order, any leneih
parties may desire
Lewuwurg stena Sawmill, Dee. 2ft, IMIO
NOTICE Gentlemen !
CITIZENS of Lrwisbnrg and vicinity are
rrspfcifuUy informfd thai the sabscriber
has bought out the interest of E. h. Hivks in
ihe business of Shavtng and Hair Cutting, nd
eonliaues the nn at the oH Und htutrn-Dt of wide
Ammoit' block, bftwne ClVaay'itsiia J. HnughtfaB
harts hw "tricl atteBUoa to bainvvii b bt. to irin
Mtnilkrlioii to )! who mmf fmvor him vitk Uwll Mtnt-
M t all umm mxotpi ntiaa.
To all who tarry Im-f till tblr bfartla prow long
To (ret a pIvaMDt ahar. good aa barbr arrr
Jyat call oa lAixiif at hit Saloon, bmy Bom.c oraowti
Towala claaa, raaori aawrf and aeiMrt kB.
April 8. 1661 A. W. D1LL1N, Frof. Bvrb.
rilHE subscribers have opened a Provision
Store in tbe rooms recently occupied by
Charles Roland, in Rodenbaugh's building.
Market et, near 4th, where tbey pay Ihe
highest prices in cash for
Butter, Eggs, Calves,
and all kinds of Country Prod nee.
March 25 m6pd (J.R.WI HPI.F.E V CO
..S.atarsa. ISaorhlrj. CXJUierkley. r.leayrr
(gtrerasosa to atmsa, uasa a eo.)
lecwlnbajra;. Pa.
Wg kats oeuitanUr aa head aad far sale,
ateaner, Mwv an leeer arrester; Grmt ewa! firms
aVedera; Head anal ear newer vara 8ltm : UM.fere
and rmsr thru Vearf, Swp and AtaU twasr ; Gtaver
leaflin, Mf rVam, Thru hen, Seaas. .Sf-wes. Hrtti. Area
Fi wlier JnaUintT. Jrvrnfrnxa, RaMngi. MM teaartav,
Ar. Ae.,aad held euraalve reed; et ell time te ae lit
bibb. a. B.i-.u. .nh ,he attaanel Mevaetneaa
ealieitad aad promptly attended lo. Jaae I. isae
Attorney at Law.
TFICE in Ammons Block.
lOtS Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa
AT aa Election held by ihe Hiockbolders
of the Lewisbnrg Cemetery, the under-
signed was elected Treasurer.and alt moneys
for lots, grave-digging, die . mnt be paid to
htm. Persona iaiere.ied will please note ibe
Those indebted to the Cemetery A saoeiattra
are requeued to make irir.e-i. r.eer.,.
Letbnr, Jan. 73, 16.
'JUT -Aii&m
ba?! 'VQSJ?'
uTTstsLnlAaAlBaallea A
.f Attn Phofgrmpher 1n
AtrtritbMrg I
THE sabaeribrr bat ptirebaed fbe Ise
i'hnii'grnphic Uallrry, oa Market srect,
opp.Mte ihe Lcwiebwrg Bank, where he is at
nil times prepared lo lake
etc., of all sizes.on Ibe shortest notice aad in
a manner aot to be surpassed by er.y artist in
the Mate.
Citizens of Lewisburg nad vicinity are i
Vited to come themselves aad bring all their
children along.
All negatives previously taken ia ibis Q
lery are preserved, aad wtlhAe neiwiew gg
short Bike. J.NO. F. MCI.
Uwlsharg. AnrH 1, 1SC4.
! ET yonr Property insured in the best aad
, T sales! company. Tbe ! Lycmlag
Intnraaee Company ia new erasidered oae
ol ihe most reliable and safest Ci mosaics la
insure in in Prnn.-ylvania. It has beea ia
oprrahoa 23 years snd has a eapitsl of
million dollars. Persons wishing is msarn
in ihe above Company ran do so by applying
to SOI.OMAN BITTER, who is lbs only
acting agent for Lewisbnrg and L'aion Ca,
Variety and News Depot.
ri'HE subscriber keeps cooslamly for sale)
1 at ibe HOST OFFICE (below the Biviese
Houae) a wrll-selrcied slock of
Family Groceries, Confectionary mi
fruits, fancy iSo- f&.n
tiona, J erfiiinery b
oais, Wall rapero
and Oil Miaues, 1 raveiintr Bag
Blank, School and Hymn Booki,4o
Pnpera and M aajnalnen an baas)
or to onter, trcm Boslon. IS'ew Vnrk or Phihtv
lelphia such as ihe Tribnne.Times, Herald,
Ledger. Weekly. Clipper, Police Caaelie. Mas
cury.Waverly, Literary Companion. Harper'
and Leslie's Illustrated Weekly,. tiodey's aad
Harper a magazines, kankee Holioaa na4
! rtlc Xttt 4c- c'
I 111 vr HU fl All
MIM CBCiP ni cua
JACOB G. BROW having assis-fWrTa
ted in feeding ihe hungry of Lew.JgC
isbnrg and vicinity, for nearly three yean
past, wilb the beat of
Beef, Fork, Veal, fcc,
would return his grateful lhanks to his annas
rous customers for ibeir patronage acd aa
nounces ihai he intends lo continue ihe bust
ness as heretofore ia the Meat Market Haass)
between Hchaffie's and Baker ck Co.'s Drag
Stores, Market Square.
HaaaiKi-Wednesdays aad Baterdaye
CASH is the system. Public patronage te
sprctfully solicited, and satisfaction iasared,
March 15. '61. I. 8. HTERNER, Ag't.
j. r.i. r.:oivERY
Fashionable Boot Md Shoe B.ko'
South Fifth St., Lewidnay,
KEEPS consismly on hand, and maaufaaa
lures to order, all descriptions of
ys'iiira &m sssis,
Being an espenrnced tshoemnker, and aaar
ions to merit a share of tbe public patronage,
he will warrant all work which may paaa
through his hands.
Particular attention will be given to Ladien
His Prices are as low as those of aay olhaj
dealer in ibe vicinity. He solicits a fair lriaJ
confident thai he can satisfy every person.
Lewisburg, Aug. 31, ISfiO.y
Sear Hartletnn, Vuion C, fa.
THE subscriber, tkaikfil
for pasi patronage, would inform
his lnends and the public in geae
ral. that hcveontinaea lo maawfaev
lure all kinds of W Stolen Cwwm, such n
Cloths, Casimeres.Tweeua,8attinetts, Jeaas
Blankets and Flannels; also. Carpet aa!
Slocking Yarns. His machinery being ef the
best kind in use, and having employed lb,
beat of workmen, he feels sale in saying
that bis work shall not be surpassed by
any cstatlbhmentin the country. A good sap
ply of the above goods kept constantly on band
for sale or to exchange for wool, al prices
that can not fail lo please. WOOL will ba
Carded in the best manner and oa ihe shortest
notice. Terms for carding, cash on the de
livery of the rolls. MARK HALFPENKT.
Winfielil Mills, March 30, 1857.
American Life Insurance & Tnst Co,
(Capi'al Stock $400,00)
COMPANY'S BuildingsWalnut street, S B
corner of Fourth rkilndttpkim.
(7"I.ives insured al the nsnal Mutual ratea
or at Joint Stuck rales about JO per cent, lean
or al Total Abstinence rates the lowest in the
-orld. A. WHILLlim, President
Jnau C. Pima, tee.
. 7 (iEO. F. MILLER, Agent, Lewisburg
AV rfAn WAV an way- a, rvaaj wg s WAaW
m a a uann m. a s v,,
Ale reeamla innrr sf Beean fer tea SuteaeT ILLS.
NOIS end TALUOKNI A eutborisea to edmiaiew
Oaibe, end Uke nennaitina and AnVlavit In ke aerd k
either ol the above fiate. end elea te Uke toe aakaoav
ledteaaenter sreefel aey sued nt etaar Inatmaeee, a aw
re.rueu ia either of aid i!teae He, T, leSl
A. ELTON & Co.,
ana Deal era, u
Leather, Sumac, Sheep and Ctlf Skins,
Ao. 431 Xorth Third afreet,
1 EATHER. 8umae and Skins, bought, of
I A sold on Commission. Advances msae
on Consignments.
Nov. S5, 63m3
IJtROM 8,000 io 10,000 Rib or Boal-Tinv
. bers, rlelivered through the summer, te
Wm. Moore. n the bank of Ibe river al the
month of Buftalor Crrek. Timbers to e
sons wishing to furnish umbers can
paiterns at Byeia' wagra shop. Lewisbnrg.
Price of limbers 65 eta. delivered as above
Feb 4. IH64 WM. FRICK A CO
aTltVNs' Pile Satrt!
TH AVE on hand Tor sale, at 5 cents per
poi, a CERTAIN CURE for thai distres
sing dtaeaae. It u aa old preparalioa. loBC
tested, which I never knew lo tail, aod i
. give names of persons eered to those a-ktng
' il. CHARLbs .
) 3d street, opposite C. F. Hess, Uw.turg.
Sept. 3. For sale also ai i.ooaman Jw-
aa ('rnlllRT. PEXrtr.
has removed . Se.nh 3d
oWrs fyen the Toan tlw-h, J'"t

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