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A La.rge and Important
Sa.le of Blankets &.nd
Comforts Begins
Here Monday.
Nowheres else in Birmingham, Alabama or the
South will you find the stock and class of Blankets
which we sell. Beginning with the cheapest serviceable
sort we have all the intermediate qualities up to the most
We make a point of selling these blankets just as we
sell all other things, and consequently you can buy three
pair of blankets here with the same money that buys
but two pairs elsewhere—And this is no idle figure or
speech, it’s what housekeepers say generally, and the
result of this you will find is that we do two or three times
more business in blankets or comforts than any other
store in the South.
Here is a brief description which shows you some
thing as to prices !
10-4 White Cotton Blankets,
/orth 75c, at 69c.
10-4 White Cotton Blankets,
^orth $1.00, at 7sc.
in-4 White Cotton Blankets,
’orth $1.25, at 1.00.
Same quality and prices in gray
White Blankets 10-4, made of tine wool filling and
spun cotton warp, blue, pink and red border!
.nr-* uray wool manners,
heavy quality, at 1.98 per pair.
10- 4 Gray Wool Blankets,
sanitary, at 2.50 per pair.
11- 4 Gray All-Wool Blankets,
oft finished, at 5.50 per pair.
ui-4 wmte wool uianaets,
t 3.50 per pair.
11-4 White Wool Blankets,
t 3.98 per pair.
Special—Fifty pairs 10-4 all-wool
Bankets at. 4.00, worth $5.00.
A Sale of Comfortables.
Full size Silkoline Tufted Comfortables, worth 2.00, at 1.00.
Medium Weight Comfortables in floral designs, worth 2.50, at
The celebrated Laminated Comfort, 72x81 inches, worth 3.50,
at 2.50.
Extra size Laminated Comfort, 81x90 inches, satin covered,
at 3.50.
Eiderdown Comforts, 72x72 inches, sateen covered, at 4.98.
Eiderdown Comforts, 72x78 inches, sateen covered, at 5.98.
Eiderdown Comforts, sateen covered, sateen centre, at 9.98.
Baby's Crib Blankets.
36x42 inches, in plain white, pink or blue border, 1.00, 1.25 and
43x56 inch white all wool Crib Blankets, 2.50, 5.00,3.50,4.00
and 5.00.
Slumber Robes.
11-4 All Wool Plaid Blankets, worth 6.00, for 5.00.
Slumber Robes, 72x81 inches, in floral in Persian design, at
2.98, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 7.50 each.
The Jewelry Section Takes On a
Christmas Look.
ft looks as it Christmas had begun in the Jewelry
section, tor already Christmas goods are in, and what
has arrived is ot a higher class than anything we have
had before.
In the way of gold and diamond pieces we will have
a most excellent stock—every whit as tine as you will
find in any exclusive jewelry store in Birmingham, but
marked at the small profit prices which is the policy of
this store.
14 kt. hand-made Brooch, latest scroll with tleu-de-lis effect,
hand-made and contains genuine whole pearls, fifty-four genuine
half pearls, made with pendant attachment, 38.50.
i4 kt. hand-made Brooch, crown design, exact reproduction of
the new crown of the German Empire, contains seven genuine
whole pearls, forty-five genuine half pearls with pendant attach
ment, 32.00
14 kt. Scarf Pins, latest designs, patterns and finish, 1.50 up.
14 kt. Scarf Pins, genuine whole pearl sets, all new designs,
2.75 up.
14 kt. hand-made Scarf Pins, containing two to five genuine cut
diamonds and one, two and three large genuine whole pearls.
Prices from 20.00 to 25.00.
Our Diamond Ring designs, patterns and combinations are too
varied for description, genuine cut diamonds in 14 kt. hand-made
mountings. Prices range from 15.00 up.
Opal rings in any number of stones, all the very best work
manship and finish with best quality of genuine Hungarian Opals.
Prices from 2.00 up.
Special News In the Shoe Department.
The special news in the Shoe Department does not
consist of special sale prices, rather here is detail regard
ing the newest styles and qualities in footwear for men
and women.
uenuemen s nnest grade pat- Ladies nnest grade patent
ent colt lace, hand-sewed, heavy vici Blucher lace, dull kid top,
sole, dull kid tips. Price, 7.50. hand-sewed sole, medium
Gentlemen’s patent colt Blu- weight, low walking heel. Price,
cher lace, hand-sewed soles, b.00.
pebble calf tops, military heels. Indies’ patent vici button,
Price, 6.00. dull kid top, hand-sewed sole.
Gentlemen's patent vici but- medium weight, Cuban heel,
ton, hand-sewed soles, dull kid Price, 5.00.
tops and dull buttons. Price, Same as above, of black kid,
6.00. with patent tip. Price, 5.00.
Gentlemen’s enamel lace, , ,^die8' Pa1,Pnt v‘cl lare; nlat
heavy soles, pebble calf tops. . t°P» hand-turned sole, Louis
Price 5.00. Quintz heel. Price. 5.00.
„ , ,, . . , Ladies’ patent vici button,
Gentlemens calf skin lace mat kid top, dull buttons, hand
hand-sewed heavy soles, calf turned gol Cuban hee, Pri
tops. Price, 5.00. 5 00
Gentlemen's black kid lace. ladies' black kid lace, hand
hand-sewed medium heavy sewed, heavy sole, low military
soles. Price, 5.00. heel. Price, 5.00.
Children s Hats.
In the Millinery Department you will find a large lot
of Children’s Hats, the prices are less than usual tor the
special selling of this lot.
Children s ready-to-wear Hats at
98c. A rolling brim sailor, nice
quality felt, trimmed with cord and
tassel, in all the leading shapes—
worth |1,25.
We have a beautiful line of Chil
dren’s trimmed ready-to-wear Hats
with gro grain silk sashes to
match the colors ot the hat—worth
At 1.50 we show a complete line
of Girls’ and Misses’ ready-to-wear
Hats on the center table, in differ
ent styles. The popular shapes of
this season, at 1.75 and 2.00.
The Corset and the Gown.
There should be absolute harmony between them. Many a
wrinkle and flaw in fitting is charged to incompetence or careless
ness of the Modiste when the real fault lies in the design and “set”
of the corset.
The AmericsLn La.dy Corset
is a perfect foundation. It adapts itself perfectly to the figure, and helps the fit of the
outer garments. Made in medium height bust with ample skirt, which insures a smooth,
round, sloping effect at the point where so many corsets fail—over the hips.
The new LONGFELLOW MODELS are in strict accordance with the latest modes.
Handsomely finished—They give splendid service.
Some New Things In
Leather Goods.
Wrist Bag'-, Automobile
Bags and Belts represent the
latest novelties. The prices
at which they are marked are
in accordance with our sys
tem of close profit selling.
Another Big Drive in Wrist Bags
Regular $1.00 Bags, with inside
purse, black, gray and brown, gilt
and nickle trimmings. Special at
Extra large Wrist Bag; regular
$2.00 value. While they last, 1.39.
Exceptional values will be found
among our 1.00 and 1.25 specials
for this week, in this lot are nu
merous shapes, sizes, colors, etc.
Regular prices of these goods were
$1.50 and $2.00.
Automobile Bags.
In seal, walrus, pig skin and calf
skin, glazed and dull finish. All
colors, all sizes, all shapes, gilt,
nickle and gun metal fittings.
Lot No. 1, extra fine finish, with
inside necessities, 6.50.
Lot No. 2, finely finished, wtth
inside necessities, 5.00.
Lot No. 3, best value in the city
for 1.50.
The new "Blouse” Leather Belt,
all sizes and colors, 50c.
The guaranteed "Apollo” Belt,
with large metal ornament in back
and pin to match Instead of buckle.
The very latea.. Prices from 1.25
to 2.76.
The "Keiser” Fabric Belt, plain
and ornamented. Prices from 50c
to 2.00.
1.75 Umbrellas For
Only 1.39
We place on sale a large lot
of the best quality Union Taf
feta Silk Umbrellas, with selv
age edge, case and tassel to
match, and handles of finest
natural wood. They are such
umbrellas as usually sell at
1.75. They are marked in
this sale at 1.39.
Special Sale of Ladies’
Eiderdown Robes
and Dressing
On special sale are two lots
—One of Eiderdown Robes
and the other of Dressing
Sacques. They are both spe
cial values.
Here is the detail!
Ladies' Eiderdown Bath Robes,
made of extra quality all-wool
eiderdown, well made, full width
and good shapes, cord at waist,
frogs down front, ribbon tie at
neck, large sailor collar, finished
with band of satin, sleeves finished
to match, the only thing you need
in cold weather, ready to put on at
any time, and looks nice. Special
value at the original price of $5.00.
This sale, 3.95.
Special Selling of Ei
derdown Sacques.
Here are a lot of good qual
ity wool Eiderdown Dressing
Sacques, well made and pret
tily trimmed with frogs. Have
a large sailor collar and edged
with ruffled ribbon. They are
good values at 1.50. They
are marked in this special sale
at 95c.
Ladies' Outing Dresses, Sacques,
Chalie and Persian patterns, well
made, full shapes and all sizes,
tucked back and front, kiinona
style, bands of cashmere down
front and around sleeves, belt to
match, very neat. Regular value
$1.50. Special price, 95c.
Handkerchiefs at 5c.
Here is a thousand ioc
Handkerchiefs, which you will
find on a front table and mark
ed at 5c instead of ioc.
High Class Furs.
This new Fur Department is
winning approbation—not so
much on account of its size, for
it’s unassuming—onaccountof
the excellence of its stock.
There are no cheap furs here,
but on the contrary all the furs
are of a class which the most
exclusive furrier exacts.
By way of suggestion :
large size, and sell elsewhere at
MOLE SKIN SCARFS, imitation,
at 15.00.
Australian Squirrel Scarfs, 12.50,
15.00 to 25.00.
Real Mink Scarfs at 10.00, 15.00,
25.00 to 100.00.
White Fox Sets at 50.00 and
Ermine Cape Fox Tabs at 75.00.
Blue Lynx, best quality, Muff
and Cape at 60.00.
Blue Fox, best quality, Muff and
Cape at 50.00.
Black Lynx Collars at 20.00,
25.00, 35.00 to 75.00.
In fact, the best line of clean
made-up Furs shown in this city,
and sold for less by us than at any
A New Arrival of
Large Rugs.
We have just received a
large lot of Wilton Brussels
Rugs, ii ft. 3 in. x 15 ft., and
as large as 12 ft. x 15 in.,
Axminster. There is a varie
ty in the matter of choice, both
as to patterns and prices :
We have a new fabric, the Kassaba
Rug, comes 9x12 ft., in all the Turkish
patterns, rich soft reds and blues. Also
another new Rug made in all the rich
Persian colors and designs. We have
this Rug in two'sizes, 3x6 and 9x12.
Axminster Rugs, 9x12, 25.00.
Body Brussels, 9x12, 29.00.
Royal Wilton Rugs, 9x12, 35.00.
Brussels Rugs, 9x12, 18.50.
Oriental Rugs, one-fourth to one
third below all competition.
Carabagh Onendjln, 3x6, 10.98.
Antique Shiran and Daghistan
Moussouls at 18.00.
Anatolian Silk Prayer Rugs,
76,00.. Worth 1160.00.
Two Beautiful Pos
ters Given Away
Harrison Fisher’s latest
Poster given away with each
copy of the book entitled
“The Main Chance.”
Thulstrup’s latest Poster
given away with each copy
of the book entitled "The
Fortunes of Fifi.”
The books are among the
most important books of the
year. Our price 1.10 each.
A Big Lot of 5.00 Din
ner Sets at 3.50.
We have just received a
large number of fifty-four
piece Semi-Porcelain Dinner
Sets in three decorations,
blue, brown and green. Two
shapes are represented.
These dinner sets might well
sell at 5.00. They are mark
ed for special selling at 3.50.
3.00 Chafing Dish, 2.45
Here are some nickle plated
chafing dishes in 2-pint
size, just the thing for Sun
day night’s use when the
cook is gone. These chafing
dishes are wrought iron
The regular price is 3.00.
Marked special at 2.45.
Special Sale of Jar
We place on sale four lots
of Jardiniers at less than
regular prices. Thanks to a
special purchase. i
The Lace and Em=
broidery Section.
We moved this Depart
ment some time ago to where
it is now, because it needed
the room so badly—And yet.
we are already crowded. We
say very little in the news
papers about this section,for
some reason or another it
does not get the representa
tion that it should—but nev
ertheless it goes on growing
and growing by virtue of
merit alone. You will find
there at all times plenty of
bargains, just now the fol
lowing :
Venice Insertions and Gal
loons, ranging from 1 1-2 to
2 1-2 inches wide, in any
shape, used for trimming
waists and skirts, worth 30c
a yard—marked 19c.
The Jewelry Section.
Expect as much as you
please of this Jewelry Sec
tion—It won't disappoint
you. We mean it to be the
best in Birmingham. We
will carry high class jewelry,
but it won’t be marked at
the exhorbitant prices, for
100.00 buys a 14-kt. hand
made Brooch, containing
large center diamond and six
small stones all full cut bril
liants, and six genuine whole
pearls and thirty-six genuine
half pearls with pendant at
As jewelry stores value
things it is worth 150.00.
At 47.00, a 14-karat hand
made Brooch in crown de
sign, copied from the crown
of the Chinese Empire. This
Brooch contains four per
fectly cut genuine brilliants
and nine large genuine half
pearls with 38 smaller
and genuine half pearls.
Pendant attachment.
It’s worth easy 65.00, in the
ordinary way of store sell
ing. They were bought by
us so as to be able to sell
them at 47.00.
Just Published.
“A Forest Hearth,” by
Charles Mayor, author of
“Dorothy,” “Vernon of Had
don Hall,” “When Knight
hood Was in Flower.”
A sunny, human love story
picturing some of the people
who created Indiana out of
“the great wilderness.” It
is full of the charm which
kept one of the author’s
novels in the lists of “six
best selling books” for four
teen successive months—a
record as yet unequaled.
Our price only 1.10.
A New Book, “The
Fortunes of Fifi,”
by Molly Elliot
The gayest, daintiest,
most altogether charming
little story imaginable. A
real masterstroke is in the
character of Fifi—an utterly
irresistible little bit of
French humanity. No man
could help falling in love
with her. Beautifully illus
Our price only 1.10.
Hacve You Bought Your
Cloak, Suit, Waist, Skirt
or Furs Yet for the
Coming Season?
The advantage of buying now is that you get a full
season’s wear—and the assortment will be no larger and
better than now. Our prices are less than other deal
ers, simply because we buy in larger quantities and
have better facilities for selling, so that the cost of sell
ing to us is less than it is to other dealers, and thus we
are able to make our prices less.
Ladies tuacK ureas skirt,
made of finest broadcloth, plain
front panel and three rows of
taffeta hip trimming. Special
price, 9.95.
Ladies’ Walking Skirt, made
of heavy blue flannel, has fancy
yoke and is trimmed with straps
and buttons. Special price, 9.95.
Ladies walking Skirt, made
of black and white Knicker
bocker suiting, trimmed with
buttons. Special, 6.95.
Misses’ Walking Skirt, made
of blue Melton, with irregular
white dashes, in sizes from 34
to 38 length. Special, 2.95.
Now For Our Waist Department.
nrucaueu iviauras v\ Hi sis,
fancy designs in white and col
ored, made of the finest mate
rial. Speical, 2.95.
Waist, made of brocaded
Madras or white granite cloth,
or white cotton Bedford cloth,
an tnmmen witn pean Duttons.
Special, 1.00.
Of course, we have many
other styles in silk or wash
goods, and a visit to our Waist
Department will well pay you.
The Fur Department.
The Fur Department, which
shows the novelties of the sea
son, offers for this week a long
handsome Scarf, selected skins.
either Isabella or Sable Fox, for
the exceptionally low price of
evening Coats and Wraps.
Our line in Coats and Evening Wraps is complete, and you
will find the leading styles at leading prices.
7.00 <o 10.00 Vmbrellas act 5.00.
Tomorrow we place on sale three hundred men’s
all Silk Umbrellas, tape edge and steel rods and frame,
the handles are of the very finest quality, genuine ivory
horn and buck, with inlaid sterling silver mounting's
hand work. Some of the handles are gold plaited,
others sterling silver trimmed.
These are 7.00, 8.00 and 10.00 Umbrellas, but they
were bought so we are able to mark them at TOO.
A Couple of Specials iiv Hosiery.
Here are two most attractive specials in Hosiery!
Special No. 1—Boys’ and girls’ linen knee hose in
stout Irish linen, spliced heel, warranted fast black,
sizes 5’s to 10’s and any of these sizes for 25c.
Special No. 2—“No-Mend” linen knee hose, stout
Irish Linen, spliced and durable heel and sole, sizes, 6’s
to 10’s, little heavier and better quality than the first
special, marked at ?5c.
And then here is a celebrated “Gladiator”-hose for
school wear, it’s almost an iron clad hose so strong and
durable is it. Double spliced, extra heavy on knee, heel
and sole. Regular price 25c. Special price 15c and 19c,
according to sizes.
News In ike Glove Section.
Here is some news in Gloves—The celebrated Val
uer’s Imperial Washable Kid Gloves, the only real wash
able glove that retains its softness and color after wash
ing. In most cities it is sold at 2.25. We have bought a
quantity and are able to offer them at 1.89.
Then here are some Perrin’s two-clasp French Kid
Gloves, in all shades, that ordinarily sell at 1.75, marked
at 1.50. _
Specials In the Toilet Department.
A number of little things that every woman needs
on her dressing table, are now marked at less than our
own regular low prices !
Lana Oil Buttermilk and Gly
cerine Soap, fine for the com
plexion, 10c cake, three for 25c.
Almond Albadien, our 51c
•package at 35c.
La Cathedral Soap, for sham
pooing the hair, 23c.
Mum takes all odor out of
perspiration, 25c.
Hind’s Honey and Almond
Cream, 19c.
Armo'ir’s “Fine Art’’ Toilet
Soap, 10c a cake, three for 25c.
Disirfectine Soap, the only
purely disinfectine, 10c cake,
three for 25c.
Bradley’s Woodland Violet
Sea Salt, at 25c.
Some Pretty Wedding Gifts.
In the Cut Glass Section you will find a large lot of
suitable, desirable wedding presents, marked at less
than you will be able to duplicate them.
Jugs, 10.00.
Trays, 12.50 and 15.00.
Chop Dishes, 6.50 and 9.50.
Candelabra. 12.50.
Meat Dishes, 12.50 and 13.50.
Handkerchief Boxes, 7.50.
Vases, 8.50, 10.00 and 15.00.
Comports, 8.00.
Cut Glass—new shapes and pat
Water Bottles, 3.00, 4.00, 4.75
6,00, b.00 and 7.50.
Glass Pitchers,7.50, 9.00, 10.00
12.00 and 18.00.
Bowls, 4.50, 5.00, 7.00, 9.00
and 20.00.
Punch Bowls, 50.00 and 60.00.
Celery Trays, 4.50 and 7.00.
Sugars and Creams, 6.00, 7.50
9.00 and 10.00.
Vases, 3.00, 4.50, 5.00, 7.00 and
up to 45.00.
A Special Sale of Semi-American
We place on sale a large lot of a special purchase of
Semi-American Porcelain. In one or two instances the
Porcelain is damaged. Just how much the sale saves
you is indicated by the following prices'!
Meat Dishes. 8-tnch; regular
price 10c. Special price, 8c
Meat Dishes, 10-inch; regular
price 15c. Special price, 10c.
Meat Dishes, 12-inch; regular
price 20c. Special price, 15c.
Meat Dishes, 14-inch; regult.r
price 30c. Special price, 20c.
Meat Dishes, 14-inch, ovtl;
regular price 39c. Special pri e,
Bowls and Pitchers; regi.lar
price $1.00. Special price, 80c.
Chambers, open; regular
price 35c. Special price, 27c.
Chambers, covered; regular
price 50c. Special prffce, 40c.
Bakers, 6-inch; regular price
10c. Special price, 8c.
Bakers, 7-inch; regular price
15c. Special price, 10c.
Bakers. 8-inch; regular price
20c. Special price, 15c.

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