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Second Week of Our Big January Sale of
Silk Sale Rules
Discounts.—No discounts from prices
named to dressmakers, to wholesale or
jobbing trade.
Refunds.—Goods sold at this sale can
not be returned for credit or refund, and
are not exchangeable.
C. 0. D.’s.—Goods in this sale will be
sent C. 0.,D. only after deposit of one
quarter of the amount has been made.
Our Silk Guarantee
“This silk is guaranteed not to split or
break with six month’s wear from date
.and will be
replaced, provided only when this check
is returned with the silk, the selvage
being left in the garment—not guaran
teed against perspiration, or splitting
from too hot iron, or wearing against the
Table No. 1—45c Silks at 25c.
23-lnch white Habutai.
23-inch black waterproof Habutal.
20-inch Jacquard plaid Jap Silks.
20-inch plaid Habutai.
Table No. 2—59c Silks at 33c.
23-inch wash Habutai.
27-inch wash Habutai.
23-inch black waterproof Habutai.
23-inch colored Habutal.
20-inch fancy dress Taffetas.
29-inch Jacquard Taffetas.
20- inch silk shirt waistlng.
Table No. 3 -69c Silks at 39c.
21- inch striped and checked wash
27-inch wash natural Habutals.
27-inch black waterproof Habutals.
19-inch black Taffetas.
19- lnch fancy and colored Silks.
23-inch solid colored Habutai Silks.
20- inch corded Dress Silks.
20-inch Dress Plaids.
23-inch checked Dress Silks.
Black Moire Velour.
Table No. 4—75c Silks at 49c.
20-inch guaranteed black Taffeta.
27-lnch black Taffeta.
27-inch natural wash Habutai.
19-inch guaranteed colored Taffeta.
19-inch fancy Dress Silks.
22- inch spot proof Habutai.
19- inch Jacquard Louislne.
20- lnch Jacquard Taffeta.
23- inch print warp Dress 81Iks.
23-inch light colored print warp
evening Silks.
20-inch cord Messallne Taffetas.
19-inch 8atln Sarano evening and
street shades.
19- inch white Taffetas.
Table No. 5—$1.00 Silks at 59e.
27-inch black Taffetas.
20- inch moire velour snake skins.
22- inch moire velours.
27-inch black Taffetas.
27-inch natural wash Habutai.
27-lnch waterproof black Habutals.
Checked Sarano.
Plaid and street Louisines.
Checked Dress Taffetas.
20-inch solid colored guaranteed
Dress Taffeta, 76c quality.
23- inch navy and black Peau de
Cygne Dress Silks.
Shirtwaist Silks.
Checked Louislne, black and white
23-inch moire velour Picot and two
tone Swiss checks.
Guaranteed black taffetas, 27 and 36 inches
wide, at 59c, 69c, 79c, 89c.
Wash Habutais, 23 inches wide, at 19c, 25c,
3 3c, 39C.
Wash Habutais, 27 inches wide, at 33c, 39c, 49c.
Embroidered lingerie waist patterns of wash Hab
utais, white and black, at $2.97, $3.70, $4.^0.
Black water-proof Habutais, 23 inches wide, 27c,
33c, 39c, 49c.
Black water-proof Habutais, 27 inches wide, at
49c, 59c, 69c.
Warp printed dress goods, 23 inches wide, 49c,
59c, 69c.
Checked dress silks, 20 in. wide, 49c, 59c, 69c.
The sale is especially strong in values in plain
taffeta, street and evening shades and white and black.
2 7 and 36-in. guaranteed black silk, all underpriced
Special attractions on the 49c, 69c, and 79c
tables—many of our strongest numbers will be
found on these tables. Don’t fail to see them.
Table No. 6—$1.25 Silks al 69c.
36-inch black Taffetas.
27-inch natural Habutais.
27-inch waterproof black Habutais.
24-inch evening Dress Silks.
Cheney Bros, print warp dress silks.
24-lnch new spring Foulards.
New Louisine dress silks.
Jacquard Taffetas.
Satin plaids for waists and pretty
Shadow checks.
Louisine and Taffeta dress checks.
Black and colored Crepe de Chine.
Burman silks.
Table No. 7—S1.50 Silks at 79c.
36-inch guaranteed black Taffeta.
36-inch natural wash Habutais.
Print warp Taffetas.
Jacquard dress silks.
Evening silks.
27-inch black Peau de Sole.
27-inch black guaranteed Taffeta.
23-inch black Peau de Cygne.
27-inch black moire velours.
27-inch colored moire velours.
Moire antiques.
27-inch black and colored Imperial
French Poplins.
27-inch two-tone Taffetas.
27-inch solid colored Taffetas.
Shirt waist silks.
Plaid silks.
Crepe de Chines.
Table No. 8—$1.50 Silks at 89c.
36-inch guaranteed black Taffetas.
27-inch black chiffon taffetas.
27-inch colored chiffon taffetas.
All of our fine novelty silks up to
$1.60 a yard.
36-inch Habutai, natural washable.
36 and 27-inch Peau de Sole.
Black satin messaline.
Melrose Armure.
Moire antique.
Moire Francais.
Ribbon Francais.
22- inch French Taffetas.
24-lnch French Poplin.
Table No. 9—$2.00 Silks at 98c.
French Gros Grains.
36-inch Peau de Sole.
36-lnch black Taffetas.
27-inch Swiss Messaline Taffetas.
Dress Silks.
Evening silk novelties up to $2.00.
Novelty silks, up to $2.00.
Evening gauzes up to $2.00.
Table No. 10—$2.50 Silks at 1.19
36-inch Taffetas, waterproof and spot
36-inch Messaline Taffetas.
36-inch French Taffetas.
23- inch FYench Taffetas.
36-inch Peau de Sole.
Dress silks. t
Evening silks,
neception silks.
Novelty silks.
Evening gauzes.
Annual Sale of Fine Muslin Underwear for Women
The Greatest Merchandising Event That This Store or State has Ever Known
I he “World of White” marches on—a worthy demonstration of this store’s leadership in the attractive display as well as the
underpriced selling of fine muslin underwear. “How beautiful,” say scores of our customers at the first glimpse of the immense
stocks—“what wonderful values,” they repeat when close examination is made of the heaps of white merchandise on table and counter.
We are justified in stating that many cities four times the size of ours could not duplicate either the display, the great assortment
of muslins or the extraordinary values that are making the “World of White”—the most talked of merchandise event this store has
known for a long time.
Come—not once, but half a dozen times, for on each visit you will see something that escaped your notice before.
Corset Covers.
Regularly 29c value—sale price 19c.
Regularly $5c value—sale price 24c.
Regularly 45c value—sale price $5c.
Regularly 50c value—sale price 4$c.
Regularly 65c value—sale price 5$c.
Regularly 89c value—sale price 75c.
Regularly #1.25 value—sale price 98c.
Regularly #1.50 value—sale price #1.1$.
Regularly #2.25 value—sale price #1.1$.
Regularly #2.75 value—sale pribe #2.25.
Skirts and Petticoats
Regularly 59c value, sale price 48c.
Regularly 98c value, sale price 75c.
Regularly $1.25 value, sale price 98c.
Regularly $1.75 value, sale price $1.1$.
Regularly $2.00 value, sale price $1.69.
Regularly $2.75 value, sale price $1.98.
Regularly $$.00 value, sale price $2.45.
Regularly $$.75 value, sale price $2.98.
Regularly $4.00 value, sale price $$.25.
Others at $$.98 up to $25.00.
Fine Muslin Gowns
Regularly 48c value, sale price 19c.
Regularly 59c value, sale price 48c.
Regularly 69c value, sale price 59c.
Regularly 98c value, sale price 85c.
Regularly $1.50 value, sale price $1.19.
Regularly $1.95 value, sale price $1.41.
Regularly $2.75 value, sale price $219.
Regularly $1.00 value, sale price $2.41.
Regularly $1.50 value, sale price $2.71.
Regularly $4.00 value, sale price $1.25.
Women’s Drawers.
Regularly 19c value, sale price 15c.
Regularly 35c value, sale price 24c.
Regularly 89c value, sale price 75c.
Regularly $1.50 value, sale price $1.13.
Dainty Chemise.
Regularly 59c value, sale price 48c.
Regularly 89c value, sale price 73c.
Regularly $1.25 value, sale price 98c.
Regularly $1.75 value, sale price $1.43.
Regularly $2.25 value, sale price $1.89.
More Clearance Prices On Coats And Suits
With Special emphasis on the remarkable values offered this week on
fine Velour Eton Suits.
Handsome Coat Suit in Velour with embroidered effects, CCO 7C
regular price $110.00; special at.
Beautiful grey Velour Eton Suits, regular price $90.00; C in AC
special at.MV.VD
Wine colored Velour Eton Suits, regular price $85.00; ciC Aft
special at. «p4D»UU
Exqusite plum colored Velour Eton Suits, regularly $75.00 CCC ftft
and $85.00; now at $45.00 and.Jpdd.UU
Our entire line of black broad cloth coats sell regularly at $15.00, cm AC
offered at.MV.VD
Handsome broad cloth coats in black, lined and half lined, Cl i nc
regularly $25.00; at.*pI4.7D
Empire coats in box plaited effects, heavy covert materials, Cl 1 1C
$19.00 values reduced to .^IJ.4!)
Tan Empire Coats, 45 inches long, double breasted, Cll AC
regularly $17.00; reduced to.^Il.VO
Tan Covert Coats 40, 42 and 45 inches long, regular, $10.00 and C7 AC
$11.00 values, at.
Women’s tailored coats, 22 inches, in tan and black, regularly $6.00; (fi nr
now at. ^4*7w
Tan covert coats, 42 and 45 inches long, regularly $7.50 and $8.00 CC AC
values; special at.4>D.7«)
Melton Coats 40 inches long, black and navy blue, regularly $7.50 <tC Cft
and $8.00; special at.
Loveman, Joseph & Loeb
>■ ...—■ —. ■ ■ ■ -
One Thousand Pocket
Banks Given Away the
Past Week—One Thou
sand More to Go to Our
Customers This Week.
Nothing which has ever
been given aw’ay in this store
has been sought for more
anxiously or proved more
useful to those receiving
them than the handy pocket
bank which we are now giv
ing to customers who pur
chase $5.00 worth of mer
chandise or over. The banks
are 2 inches wide, 1} inches
in length and i inch in thick
ness. They can be carried
easily in the pocket or purse,
and will help you to save
many dimes and quarters
that might otherwise be
spent needlessly.
Be sure and get one of
= these pocket banks this week
and use it to help swell your
bank account for 1906 larger
than ever before.
Final Clearance Prices on Millinery
The final cut on all millinery such as trimmed and untrimmed shapes, silk and
velvet ribbons, flowers, fancy feathers and plumes rules this week. This is the
clearing sale for the season, and prices are much less than cost. Since our inventory
every hat shape and untrimmed shape has been remarked, prices have been much
reduced, and sorted out on various tables:
Table No. 1—Represents about ten dozen untrimmed shapes of this season’s
hats, in all the leading colors, such as turbans, flat hats or bent up shapes; in.
original price 75c, 98c to $1.50—now at. «1/C
Table No. 2—Represents five dozen untrimmed shapes, only the better
qualities of felts and velvets, comprising all the latest styles in the leading colorings.
Good many of this lot are the imported models suitable for children, misses no.
and ladies; worth from $1.50 up to $2 50—now at. yOC
Table No. 3—Comprises all the expensive untrimmed shapes, the French
felts, and good many with the silk velvet facing, in all the leading colors, CA
about five dozen to select from; original price $2.20 up to $T50—now at...
Table No. 4—Consists of a complete assortment of misses’ and ladies’ ready
to-wear hats, in all the different styles. There are not less than six dozen aq
hats to select from; worth from $1.50 up to $2.75—now at. yOC
Table No. 5—Comprises all tha latest styles of ladies’ turbans, hand made
on wire frames, in either chenille or velvet; worth from $2.75 up to $4.50— no
Table No. 6—Consists of all the better class of turbans, trimmed Alpine
hats, dressy street hats of all kinds, hats to suit almost anybody, for all i rn
ages; worth from $5.00 to $7.00—now at..
Table No. 7—Comprises the most complete line of black, white and colored
ostrich plumes, 12 inches long, full stock heavy French head, an entire new ^•‘l /-a
assortment; worth $T50 to $4.00—now at..
Loveman, Joseph & Loeb
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