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f Porter, Neel& Co.. Birmingham.
Three Stores < H. J. Porter Co., (Inc-) Augusta, Ga
lJos. N. Neel Co-, (Inc.) Macon, Ga.
The picture shows the smart shape—a medium toe with
full outside swing and straight inside.
It is one of Boyden’s best—that means shoe making
end shoe leather that is par excellence the finest.
Velour Calf, Blucher.$5.00
Patent Vici, Kid Top.$6.00
All Patent, Bench Made.$7.00
1922 First Ave.
Ben Davis Mortally Injures Bob Little
In Quarrel on Lookout
Gadsden, January 26.—(Special.)—Bob
Little was shot and mortally wounded
ioday by Ben Davis between 11 and 12
o'clock. The weapon used was a shot
gun and the scene was near the Calebra
Springs, some two miles above the city
on Lookout mountain. Both men lived
close together and were neighbors. The
trouble arose about Little’s dog barking
nt a goat owned by Davis.
It seems both men were out hunting.
Little's dog seeing the goat barked at
It. Davis and Little had some words
about the dog and then blows followed.
Davis stepped back and shot Little in
the head. The left side of Little's head
including the car was completely shot
away, leaving the brain partially ex
posed. Little will die.
Davis is so far still at large. Imme
diately after the shooting Davis got on
his horse and said he was coming to
town to give himself up. but be cannot
be found. The sheriff and his deputies
are out searching for him. This is the
fiecond killing in Etowah county during
January. Little was 26 years old and
leaves a wife. Davis has a wife and
eeveral children.
I have engaged the services of an ex
pert platemaker, who will do nothing
410 First National Bank Bldg.
Now Open!
The most up to date
in the South
The Old Reliable
T. M. DYER & CO.
1919 4th Ave.
Something New
A choice singing Canary and Cage,
Talking Parrot, Angora Kitten, Pet
Squirrel, Dog, Guinea Pig, Etc.
Gold Fish, 10c
Imported Canaries, $2-65
407 N. 19th Street
r-" —
Columns, Etc.
You'llfindit to 70.triatsrstt 1
give us a call.
X’ard. Mill and Office.
Cor. 1#U 8L and lOtb Ara. N.
Both Phones 1134.
Regular werk to geod
Apply to
Motor Cycle Messenger
Talladega, January ?6.—(Special.)—1The
leading society event of the week was the
Elks’ minstrel show at their new opera
house Thursday evening. A full house saw
the rising of the curtain on the musical
overture, consisting of old time tuneful
souhtern airs arranged as a medly in
which “Lilly Dale,” “Oh Susannah,”
“Agnes May,” “Massa's in the Cold, Cold
ground,” “Buffalo Gals,” “Camptown
Races,” “Suwanee Ribber” and "Dixie,”
rendered by a chorus of thirty voices,
were skillfully blended. The stage setting
was beautiful, and the audience heartily
cheered its artistic effect. The two of
ferings of Signor Moretti, “Non e Vere”
and the recall, “La Gondola Nora,” al
though In Italian, charmed because of the
exquisite tenor voice rendering the selec
Notable among the other song offerings
came the solos. “Have You Seen My
Henry?” of B. F. Gay; Levert Stockdale
in “Egypt, My Cleopatra;” “Why Don't
You Quit, Quit. Quit,” from Frank Hub
bard; “Sympathy,” rendered by Borden
Li.rr, and “Nobody ” by Woody Hub
bard. A1 Kiasenger sang “A Message From
Home. Sweet Home,” with much feel
The eight end men “handed out” local
gags and witticisms possessing the rarj
merit of originality, all of which w-ere re
ceived with nowU of laughter, especially
the gags of "Junius” (Borden Burr) on
the negro trial, and Wellington Vandiver
as “Alf” in reading extracts from the
local pages of the Fylacauga Sun (of a
gun) in "Udder Wurds de 8y 11acogger
Hess Pistol.” The first part consumed
sixty minutes. Fake song books and re
freshments were sold between the acts by
leading Elks arrayed in costumes that
I “Solomon in all his glory” would never
have dreamed of.
The second part began with a telephone
skit, bringing in numberless local hits ren
dered by T. R. Williams and B. H. Burr,
followed by a marvellous acrobatic hand
balancing act of Kissinger and DeWitt.
Both these acts were punctuated by gener
ous and continuous applause.
The burlesque Florodora Sextette pre
sented by Knox Camp. T. R. Williams,
Howard Hubbard. L. Stockdale. Frank
Hubbard and Bledsoe Davis, won round
after round of applause, and was exceed
ingly well done and prettily costumed.
Next the high trapeze act of the acrobats,
lasting twenty minutes was a thriller, ex
ecuted amid great applause. The beautiful
tableaux of living pictures illustrated
with songs appealed to the artistic sense
of the audience overwhelmingly. William
II. Boynton, Ih his clear tenor, sang the
descriptive words of the introduction to
each tableau, and the ladies in the order
lamed posed as the models. “Beauty**
Eyes.” Miss Marie Laverty; “Here's to
the Rose,” Miss Annabel Vandiver; '\Vv
Dearie,'* Miss Margaret Hammond:
“Columbia.” three little misses; “Star
Spangled Banner.” Misses Brown. Oliver
and Henderson, and “Sing Me to Sleep,”
Mrs. T. K. Mullins. Col. A. M. Garber, as
interlocutor, added fresh laurels to Ids
reputation as a polished. speaker, and a
man of Che>iterfleldian manners.
The Elks comprise the best citizens of
the city.
—sses Johnson and Beach were the
musical directors, and much praise Is due
them for the success of the musical num
The impromptu offerings of the quar
tette of the Hubbard brothers, Davis and
Stockdale brought down the house, es
pecially the comic rendering of “What
Will You Do When the Rent Comes
Round?” The Elks have demonstrated
that they are able to do well anything
attempted by a modern minstrel show.
This Is the Latest PJan to Bring Castro
to His Senses.
Washington, January 26.—As a prelimi
nary to a naval demonstration, France
is now considering the initiation of a
boycott of all Venezuelan products of
which she Is the largest foreign pur
chaser. No plan of action has been fi
nally determined upon, but the appar
ently complicated situation at Algeclras
has caused a suspension In the programme
for the immediate use of warships to
I^aguayara, and It Is probable with cruis
ers now In the West Indies, will await the
I arrival of the two additional cruisers now
fitting out in France before proceeding to
A boycott against Venezuelan products
could be established by the issuance of
an official decree at Parip. but opposi
tion on the subject is manifest here, and
it is said no agreement has so far been
* reached.
There’s nothing like Hood's Sarsaparilla
for keeping blood pure and giving real
State Examiner Reports Dere
liction of Duty
Erastus Parsons Is Confident of His
Nomination—Poll Tax Payments
Small All Over the
Montgomery January 26.—(Special.)—In
a report made to the governor today.
Assistant Examiner of Public Accounts
G. F. Sedberry, hands a few hot ones to
certain officers of Jackson county. He
has discovered that Tax Collector W. D.
Rorex 'has collected for the month of I
December. $16,152.26, but reported only
$6,721.71; that the report was made by
the deputy tax collector as If It were'
the collector, and also asserts that the
probate Judge certified to the report
though he knew it was not made by
the collector as the law prescribes. Pic
also says that the collector violated the
plain requirements of the law in per
mitting 'his deputy to deposit the money
In a bank for an Indefinite time Instead
of sending it to the treasury where It be
The examiner then suggests that a
little wholesome discipline along legal
lines might not he amiss that other offi
cers who are Inclined to be careless hi
their duties in dealing with the reve
nue department of tile state, may be
Text of Report.
The report follows:
"I find that the treasurer had Just cause
for making the complaint; the collector
having failed to report full amount of
his collections for the month named, and
for such failure he gives no proper ex
cuse. The fact is, the collector himself
did not make the report at all, but per
mitted his deputy to make It for him.
The deputy going before the Judge of
probate and making affidavit to t'he cor- 1
rectnesa of tlie report; signing the name |
of the collector and the Judge of probate
certified the same as though the affida
vit was made by the collector him
The examiner here quotes the law gov
erning the payments by the tax collectors
to the auditor, No. 4085 of the revenue
code, and continues:
“Instead of complying with the require
ments of this section, the collector failed
to make any report at all hut left the
matter in t'he hands of his deputy, who
reported an amount largely less than
half of the actual collections due to be
reported and paid to the state treasurer,
as more fully appear In statement hereto
appended and asked to be considered as
a part of this report.
"All of the parties connected with tills
transaction, namely: W. D. Rorex, tax
collector; L,. W. Rorex. deputy collector;
and W. W. McCutohen. Judge of probate,
seem to have placed themselves In awk
ward positions. First, the collector. W.
D. Rorex, In falling to comply with the
plain requirements of the law as to filing
report of 'his collections, and permitting
his deputy to deposit a large sum of
the state s money in a bank whlc.i lie did
do to be used by said bank for an indefi
nite time, instead of sending It to the
treasury, whore It belonged. Second. Mr.
R. W. Rorex. in that he went before an
officer and signed another man s name to
an affidavit that he himself was making
to a report which he was bound to know
was not correct. Third, Judge W, W.
McCutohen, In that he officially signed
and certified to a statement and signa
ture to an affidavit of a man other than
the one whose name appeared thereto.
Dereliction of Duty.
"In conclusion, I beg to submit the
foregoing report without recommendation,
other than to say there appears to be
a manifest dereliction of duty by the
officers named and I suggest that the
administration of a little wholesome dis
cipline along legal lines might and per
haps would be beneficial to the public
service and be an object lesson to other
countv officials inclined to be indifferent
or careless in the performance of their
duties In dealing with the revenue de
partment of the state.”
The statement submitted shows the
Amount reported by the collector to the
auditor for the month named, *5,721.71;
amount collected from Southern Railway
company, as appears from stub receipt,
and not Included In report, *4,388.57;
amount collected from Nashville. Chatta
nooga and St. Douis Railway company,
January, 1908. and should have been in
cluded In December report, *4.041.97; total
*15,152.25. Amount collected from the two
railroad companies and not reported In
December, as It should have been. *8,430.54.
Johnson Seems Doomed.
It is understood unofficially that there
will be no Interference at the capitol in
death sentence of Will Johnson of Gads
den, convicted of participation In the as
sault and murder of Mrs. Jane Smith
near Gadsden last July. Some days ago
tlie governor respited Johnson until Feb
ruary a, at tlie request of a number of
leading citizens, with a view of letting
tlie best show possible be made for him.
Since that time the pardon board lias
goneSiver tiie evidence and taken all tlie
facts and testimony into consideration
and it Is heard that it will not recom
mend any change from the cdiot of deatli
fixed by the court. So far as can be
learned the members of the iaiard think
that the evidence Justifies the verdict and
will not seek to change it. The matter
will go to the governor from the pardon
hoard and there is no intimation of what
lie will do. though he will likely lie gov
erned by the opinions of his advisors in
tlie matter. However, lie may, if he choses
act entirely Independent in tlie matter.
Parsons Is Confident.
A Journal special front Washington
"Erastus J. Parsons Is confident that
his nomination to be United States dis
trict attorney for the Alabama middle
district will lie favorably reported to the
Senate on next Monday.
'lie expects to leave today for his
home in Alabama.
"It Is reported tills morning that Sena
tor Klttrldge disregarding certain state
ments affecting Parsons’ residence and
the law practice and did not lay them
before the committee, and it is now said
that these statements including a letter
of Judge Jones will be placed in the hands
of each member of the Judiciary commit
"Mr. Parsons was nominated for Uni
ted States district attorney to succeed
Warren Reese, and a strong fight lias
been made on his confirmation by Mr.
Reese and his friends.”
Paying Up Slowly.
A sample of the indifference on the part
of the people to paying poll taxes is
found In the reports of tax collectors
from Madison. Jackson and Etowah
counties as made to the auditor of the
state. Though the collection of taxes be
gan last October 1, and have been going
on all the time since neither one of the
three counties mentioned have, so far the
auditor is informed, paid a cent of pull
taxes. In other words not one single poll
tax has been reported by either one of the
three collectors. This in the face uf the
fact that every man who votes thia year
must have paid his poll taxes by Febru
ary 1, next.
This Is the condition all over the state
and it will have the effect of largely cut
ting down the vote In tills good year when
politics promise to be the most, agitating
and agitated subject going. There is
everything being done In some counties
that one could expect but It seems that
nothing can be accomplished to overcome
the indifference that has taken hold of
the people. It Is thought that things will
be made very lively from now on for
every fellow who has a vote and has not
paid the tax.
First Emigration License.
The first license under the emigration
act passed In 1903 by the legislature hy
which a charge Is made of $500 was today
granted the American Registry Company
of Mobile, a concern evidently engaged
In the business of securing labor in this
state to be sent to other states and coun
tries. This is what the law contemplated,
the provision being. It was hoped, prohib
itory, to keep men front Inducing labor
to leave the state and thus cripple the
farms and factories.
The law was passed In October, 1903,
and approved the first day of that month.
It has been through the supreme court
and held to be valid anil Is. therefore, :r
well fought and fully established law of
the state. It Is not known here Just
What the Mobile Arm hns In mind, but tt
Is supposed It Is the collection of labor
for work on the Panama canal.
Camp Delegates.
Adjutant Gen. Harvey F.. Jones ut Ala
bama division. Knitod Confederate Vet
erans, experts that the reunion_thls year
In New Ooleans. April 35 to 37, will be
In many respects a great success. The
Crescent City Is making every prepara
tion to give the old heroes as good a
time as they have ever had or will have
again. Several Alabama camps have made
report lately of delegates, and It Is cer
tain that this state will be largely repre
Colonel Jones received today report, or
the selection of delegates by Camp Wil
liam Lee at Evergreen, whose officers
are; Commander. P. M. Bruner; first lieu
tenant commander, Charles Russell; sec
ond lieutenant commander, T. N. Dead;
adjutant. Nicholas Stallworth; state ma
jor. M. A. Gantt. The list of delegates is
as follows: Col. H. M. King. G. R. Boul
ware. John P. Anderson.
Incidentally Colonel Jones mentioned
that General Wheeler, who died yester
day. was a member of the general staff
of the division commander, and of Camp
Fred A. Ashford at Town Creek, Mor
gan county.
Billings Offers to Settle.
F. M. Billings, who went into bank
ruptcy on account of the failure of Jostah
Morris bank some time ago, bus sent
out a circular letter to all of his credit- ^
ers, making the proposition to settle on
the 10 per cent basis.
As there has been no appraisement of
the property the creditors may not ac
cept the proposition. The value of the
property belonging to the bankrupt is not
at this time known.
A certain number of creditors have de
manded an examination and February 17
has been set for the examination. Cer
tain other creditors have filed a petition I
to vacate the adjudication on the ground
that it was a result of collusion between
the bankrupt and certain creditors.
There are several suits pending against
Mr. Billing.
Three Weeks’ Work on Gaynor-Greene
Case May Go to Naught.
Savannah, Ga., January 26.—Nearly
three weeks have been consumed in the
trial of the Greeno-Gaynor case, and now
all the work and expense Involved threat
ens to go for naught because of the ill
ncs sof one of the jurors.
This morning the session bad to be cut
short because of his indisposition and
it remains for tomorrow to show’ whether
he will have sufficiently recovered to ad
mit of the trial proceeding. The short
session today was taken up In the further
identification and Introduction as evi
dence of a number of letters written prin
cipally by former Capt. O. M. Carter and
found In the file case he kept for his
individual papers.
Postoffice Appointments.
Washington, January 26.—(Special.)—
Rural carriers appointed: Anniston (Ox
ford Junction), route 6. Floyd W. Horn
carrier, Hilliard B. Horn substitute; Doth
an, route 5, Martin L. Newton carrier, Ar
thus Burde3haw substitute.
Rural route No. 2 ordered established
March 15 at Klllen, Lauderdale county,
rerving 650 people and 100 houses.
Postmasters appointed; Clear Creek,
Chilton county, Edward H. Wills; Idor,
EeKalb county, John W. Scott; Rosalie,
Jackson county, Mary I. Moore.
A Man s Opportunity
For Bargains
THIS is not a Saturday Sale only, but these
reductions hold good, unless replaced by
greater reductions, until we move next month
2.00 Outing Pajamas reduced to.1.25
1.00 Outing Night Shirts reduced to.60c
Stiff Bosom Shirts, 3 for.1.00
1.50 Negligee Shirts reduced to......97c
50c Four-in-Hand Ties reduced to.25o
1.50 English Squares reduced to.1.00
2.00 Silk Mufflers reduced to......1.15
1.50 Silk Suspenders reduced to.95c
75c Ribbed Underwear reduced to.50c
2.50 Woolen Underwear reduced to.1.50
vSteele-Smith 1923
Lads Hid Made Start for Cen
tral America
Robert T. Childers Is Married to Miss
Nellie McMillan—Selma Eagles
Are congratulated—Local
and Personal.
Selma, January 26.—(Special.)-%.*a.st
night Mr. Ed Snyder, a member of the
Birmingham fire department, came to
Selma to take back home his son, Hous
ton, aged 15 years, who boy like, bad
run away from home a few days ago in
company with another boy, Dave Wil
liams, the latter being 17 years of age.
The two boys, according to Steamboat
Agent Eugene Williams, applied on the
wharf for transportation to Mobile, from
which point hhey hoped to secure pas
sage on one of the fruit steamers for Cen
tral America. Mr. Williams communicated
over the long distance telephone with the
father of the youngest boy and the result
was the visit of Mr. Snyder to Selma
last night for the purpose of taking tho
youth back home, t'he boy having been
detained here until he arrived.
Dave Williams, the other boy in the
case, secured employment here and will
likely remain in Selma. Both are very
bright lads and will in after years be
thankful that they got no farther in
t'heir wild plan than t'he beautiful city of
Death of an Aged Woman.
Today at noon the remains of Mrs. E.
A. Kirkpatrick were sent to Oxford, for
interment. Her death occurred yesterday
evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Guthrie. The deceased was 72 years of
Rge and wns a sufferer from chronic gas
tritis. Her death is learned with great
sorrow by many friends.
Married in McKinley.
Last night at the homo of the bride
in McKinley, Marengo county, occurred
the wedding of Mr. Robert T. Childers
of this county, and Miss Nellie McMillan.
Mr. and Mrs. Childers passed through
Selma en route to their home near Burns
ville. Both have received the congratula
tions and best wishes of many friends.
Selma Eagles Congratulated.
Yesterday and today telegrams of con
gratulation have come to this city upon
the establishmnet of an Aerie of Eagles
in Selma. The news of the admission into
the order of the new Eagles seems to
have spread rapidly, and the telegraphic
good wishes assures tlio new aerie a warm
welcome in the order.
Here are a few of the telegrams re
ceived at this writing:
Montgomery, January 25.
Accept congratulations and a hearty
welcome in our noble order.
Mobile, January' 25, lJHlG.
Congratulations on the organization of
Eagles In your city. T. E. CLARK.
State Secretary.
Anniston, January 25.
Anniston aerie sends greetings and1
heartiest congratulations to Selnm aerie.
Bring your boys to state meeting here In
June and we will teach them to fly.
Florence, January 26.
Lauderdale aerie sends congratulations
to you on your splendid work. Fraternally,
Huntsville. February 26.
Congratulations. Huntsville aerie joins
me in wishing you much success.
Worthy President.
Local and Personal.
B. J. Gayle came very near losing his
flne mare yesterday. When he went home
in the evening he found her bleeding to
death, having cut a large artery in her
shoulder on a barbed wire fence. A sur
geon was Immediately called and it is
hoped the animal will recover.
Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Vaughan have re
turned from New York, where they have
been spending the past two or three
Mr. Gus Rothschild has gone to New
York to he gone several days.
The Anilcitite club gave its annual bal
masque last night at Riverview pavilion,
and It proved a brilliant social event.
There were about eighty couples present,
the floor being managed by W. T. Paulo
vitch. The affair was one of the most
brilliant In the history of the organiza*
Miss Kate Walker of Birmingham cam#
down yesterday and Is the guest of her
aunt, Mrs. D. D. Updegr&ff.
Miss Flea nor Klrven, wrho has been on
a visit to her old home In Wilcox county,
recuperating her strength after her re
cent Illness, has returned to Selma.
French Cruisers Arrive.
Willemstad, January 26.—The French
armored cruiser T>«»B«.ix and the cruiser
Jurlen de LaGraviere arrived here today
from Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Perhaps U Is not etched enough; send
It to ths Gawk JCrgravlng Co. People's
phone 276. j
As Good As It Looks
Yes, every bit as good. For Moerlein’s Beer
is produced from the choicest materials by
the famous Moerlein Process, “The world’s
triumph of Master Brewing.” This unique
process makes
Draught Beer not only the 11
most delicious and refresh- *

ing but themost healthful beer
as well. Just try it and see
for yourself.
Distributor, Birmingham, Ala.

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