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-we are Going to move this month
Specials from All Over the Store.
One Lot Men's Half Hese
One lot Men’s Hose, color red; regular
price 15c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 7c, or
4 pair for 25c
One Lot Men’s Garters
One lot Men’s Garters, regular price
10c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 4c.
/ 1
One Lot Stick Fins _
One lot Stick Pins, regular prices 10c
to 25c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 5c
One Lot Val Edge Inser.
One lot Val Edge and Insertion; regu
lar price 5c to 10c per yard; 7 to 9
o’clock sale, per yard lc.__
1 Lot Silk ® Leather Belts j
One lot Silk and Leather Belts, assort
ed colors, regular price 25c; 7 to 9
o’clock sale 9o,
Extraordinary Values 7 to 9 o'clock.
Qne Lot Hair Brushes
One lot Hair Brushes, regular price
15c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 4c.
Os\e Lot Black Ribbed Vests I
One lot Black Ribbed Vests, all sizes
regular price 25c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale
9c, 3 for 25c.
Oi\e Lot Necklace Beads
One lot Necklace Beads, regular price
35c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 10c.
1 Lot Woman s Hand Bags]
One lot Woman’s Hand Bags; 7 to 9
o’clock sale 25c.
\ __
One L®4 Perfumes
One lot Perfumes, regular price 5c
and 10c; 7 to 9 o’clock sale 3c.
STEELE-SMITH, 1923 Second Ave.
New Store, 1913 and 1915 Second Ave.
Be Systematic
Have a place for everything and
everything in its place. Just the Hickey
for filing all kinds of clippings, notes, letters,
advertisements, cooking receipts, etc.
Roberts Printing Co.
Phone 1348 2007 Thild Ave. bet. 20th & 21st St.
rnn Atlanta, Richmond, Washing-ton, Baltimore, Philadel
lUlv phia, New York and Other Eastern Cities.
/ ,
(Leave 6:35 a. m., 4:05 p. m., 6:50 p. m., 11:30 p. m.)
(Leave 6:35 a. m. and 6:50 p. m.)
W-H.Tayloe, GP.A- C.A.Benscoter, A-G.P.A. J.N. Hanison.D.P.A.
Washington,D-C. Chattanooga,Term- Birmingham, Ala
For Atlanta, Raleigh, Richmond, Portsmouth, Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York, Boston and all Eastern cities.
Double Daily Trains leave Birmingham 6:35 a. m. and 2 10 p. m.
Elegant Pullman and Cafe Diners, meals a la Carte. Reservations
made at Union depot or city office, No. 1927, Woodward building.
For further information addless:
Atlanta, Ga. Portsmouth, Va.
Bell Phone 2382. tlrmlngham, Ala.
Selling, Renting and Repairing
Typewriters, Can’t We Serve You?
Phone 721. 2105 Second Avenue.
The Frisco system has been having
trouble with the city of Sulligent In re
gard td stopping the Southwestern Lim
ited in that city. The authorities of the
municipality have stopped the train sev
eral times and fined the engineer and con
ductor for falling to obey the law of the
city regulating the speed of trains inside
the city limits in an effort to force the
road to stop the train regularly at Sulli
Several days ago Conductor Howard
was arrested by the city authorities and
was fined by the Mayiy. He refused to
pay the fine and told the authorities that
a United States mail train was standing
on the track waiting to be run to Mem
phis, and that the train could not go
without him and that he would not pay
the fine. When reference was made to
the mail the city authorities promptly
discharged the conductor.
It is intimated that if the train is
slopped again by the city authorities the
matter will be taken up by the govern
ment officials, as the train carries mail.
The train is a vestibule limited and the
state railroad commission cannot compel
it to stop at Sulligent.
Recently when The Age-Herald “News
boy” was extended to Ainory the Frisco
cut out Sulligent and several other small
cities as stopping points for the South
western Limited. the “Newsboy” gave
tlie cities excellent local service. Sulli
gent is, however, a flag station, and the
limited will stoo tl«*re for passengers
for Memphis or points beyond when
flagged, by the agent.
Chicago, February 2.—It is now possi
ble to travel completely around the world
upon a single railway and its allied
steamship lines. The road over which
this globe-circling feat may be accom
plished is the Canadian Pacific. The first
around-the-world ticket issued by the
company is.being used by Fred Shaugh
nessy. son of President Sh&ughnessy of
the Canadian Pacific. He started from
Montreal and will, four months after his
departure, return to Montreal without
having ridden on a railroad or on a
steamship which does not belong to the
Canadian Pacific company. The tickets
issued for the trip are of cardboard, and
can he carried in the vest pocket. Across
tfce f#ce of the card is printed “Around
the World." It states that It is issued
by the Canadian Pacific Railroad com
pany, and is good for one first-class pas
sage. “Montreal, Canada, to Montreal,
Canada, via St. John, Liverpool, Cape
town. Singapore. Hongkong, Yokohama
and Vancouver, by Canadian Pacific and
steamship lines.”
Other than this the ticket contains nine
teen squares for the conductors’ punch
and the names of six foreign cities, which
tlie steamer pursers are requested to cross
nut with ink when the passenger departs
from those points.
The Central of Georgia railway has an
nounced a change in the schedule of its
trains Nos. 1. and 2, effective February
4. The chang# was announced yesterday
by the. passenger department.
Train No. 2 will leave. Birmingham at
7 a. m.. instead of 6:40 a. m.
Train No. 1 will arrive in Birmingham
at 9:50 p. m., instead of 10:15 p. m., as in
the past.
C. T. Airey, assistant general freight
agent of the Central of Georgia railway,
with 'headquarters in Savannah, wkll be
in Birmingham today. A telegram was re
ceived from him yesterday announcing his
W. N. Foreacre, assistant general su
perintendent of the Southern railway, will
return to his office today. He has been
in Chattanooga. Knoxville and other
; points <^n the western district.
| Theodore Dehon, Jr., traveling agent
I of the Merchants’ and Miners’ Transpor
I tation company, with headquarters in
Atlanta, was in Birmingham yesterday.
Clinton McCollough, traveling agent of
the Chicago and Northwestern railway
with headquarters in Cincinnati, was in
Birmingham yesterday.
The gross earnings of the Cincinnati,
I New Orleans and Texas Pacific railroad
I for the month of January were $126,067,
l an increase over the similar period of^last
{ year of $31,540.
E. T. Wilcox, division freight agent of
' the Frisco system in Birmingham, re
turned yesterday from Memphis, where
he was in conference with officials of the
freight department.
Mobile, Ala., and Return, $8.01.
The Louisville and Nashville Railroad
company will sell tickets to Mobile, Ala.,
and return February 5 and 6 account gen
eral convention Interstate Sugar Cane
Growers’ association, at rate of $8.01 for
the round trip, with final limit February
11. P. Sid Jones, District Passenger Agent,
Birmingham, Ala. Phone 825.
F, B. McWilliams Wins in Fa
mous Legation
Marriage of Miss Holland Fonville and
Mr. E. J. Eblen Was the Most
Notable Social Event of
the Season.
Ensley, February 2.—(Special.)—Judge
C. W. Ferguson of the city court of
Birmingham tills morniiig rendered a de
cision against the city of Ensley in the
famous case of F. B. McWilliams vs. the
city of Ensley. By the decision the Mayor
and Council of Ensley lose municipal con
trol of that portion of the city incor
porated under a recent act of the legis
lature which will materially affect the
The territory involved includes Tuxedo
park and large territory in the Ensley
Highland section. A considerable propor
tion of the wealth and population of the
city Is lost If the decision of the lower
court is sustained by the supreme court.
The decision as handed down by Judge j
Ferguson this morning has created con- j
sidcrable comment In the city today, in I
fact it has been the chief topic of con- j
versation on the streets.
An Interesting feature of the case Is |
the fact that Mayor Scott is erecting it
handsome residence in the contested ter
ritory and if the decision of the lower !
court is sustained he will be a non- resi- I
dent of the city If he occupies the house
when it Is completed which is his inten- I
The present city clerk and one or two j
members of the Board of Aldermen are
residents of the territory ruled out by ,
the court.
It is interesting to speculate as to what
will be done In these cases provided the ;
decision of Judge Fergusun Is allowed to
Following is the text of Judge Fergu- ;
son's decision:
The Decision.
“This cause coming on to be heard was
submitted for final decree upon the bill I
of complaint as amended, the decree pro- j
cofifesso against the city of Ensley, a
municipal corporation, the decree pro
confesso against the Mayor and City
Council of Ensley, and the testimony as
noted by the clerk and register, and the
same being considered by the court, the
court is of the opinion that the complain- ,
ant is entitled to the relief us prayed in
and by his said bill of complaint. It is
therefor© ordered, adjudged and decreed
by the court that the complainant be and
he Is hereby grunted the nelief prayed in
and by his bill of complaint in this cause,
and that tile' said defendants, the Mayor
and the City Council of Ensley, their of
ficers, agents and employes, be and they
are hereby perpetually enjoined and re
strained from selling or attempting to sell
any part or portion of the complainant's
property as described in the bill of pom
plaint, all of which lands are in Jef
ferson county, Alabama, for taxes as
sessed against said property by the city
of Ensley for the year 1904.
“It Is further ordered, adjudged and
decreed that said assessment of the said
property of complainant, by the city of
Ensley, for taxes, is illegal and void,
and said assessment is hereby annulled
and set aside.
“It is further ordered, adjudged and de
creed that said Mayor and City Council
of Ensley be and they are each hereby
perpetually enjoined and restrained from
exercising or attempting to exercise any
Jurisdiction or authority over the said
property of the complainants, as if it
were within the corporate limits of the
city of Ensley.”
City 'Attorney’s Statement.
City Attorney Romalne Boyd, who rep
resents the city of Ensley In the litigation
made the following statement in reference
to the case today:
"The last legislature passed (wu acts
extending the city limits of Ensley and
these acts have been under attack in one
form or another ever since tho legislature
adjourned. This litigation has reached
the supreme court twice, both cases being
decided in favor of tho cily on technical
"The decree rendered today holds both
acts unconstitutional on the ground that
the legislative journals fall to show pub
lication of sufficient notice of the bill,
as required by the oew constitution in
case of local bills.
“The question involved is one in which
the supremo court has Itself once or twice
devlded, but I am of the opinion that tho
proof shown by the Journals is sufllcient
and the case will be appealed.
“The decree does not enjoin the collec
tion of taxes in Tuxedo in general but
through deference to the ruling of the
court the city will suspend collecting
taxes there until a final ruling can be
obtained from tho supreme court, about
tlio last of May..”
McWilliams is represented by the law
firm of Sharpe & Miller of Birmingham.
The territory embraced in that litiga
tion embraces about one-fourth of the
present area of the city.
The marriagfe of Miss Holland Fonville
and Mr. G. J. Eblen at tile home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. W. D. Fonville, in
this city yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock
was one of the most notable social events
of the season in this city.
Tho bride Is exceedingly popular in
this community and the groom is a suc
cessful and popular young business man
of Birmingham. The ceremony was per
formed by the Rev. J. H. Longcrier and
was witnessed by a number of friends
and relatives of tho bride and groom.
As the wedding party entered the par
lor, which had been beautifully decorated,
Mrs. J. C. Fonville of. Luverne, aunt ol
the bride, who was accompanied by F,
G. Fonville, brother of the bride, played
Mepdeisshon’s wedding march.
The wedding party was led by the flow
er and ribbon children, Charles Wheeler
Sharpe, Ruth McCluen, Ruel Morrison
and Lucile Lewis. They were followed by
Miss Hattie Brazelton, maid of honor,
and Mr. Lawson Eblen. best man and
brother of the groom. The b^ide followed
on the arm of her brother, Dr. W. D.
Fonville, and the groom and his best
mall jit the altar.
The bride was handsomely gowned in
white crepe de chine over white silk and
carried brides roses.
Mr. and Mrs. Eblen left at 8 o’clock hist
night for Louisville and other points In
the north, where they will spend a few
weeks, after which they will be at home
in Ensley.
Notes and Personals.
A. F. Boyd will demonstrate fine spring
tailoring at the store of West-McWilliams
company, tomorrow and Monday. Mr.
Boyd represents the Globe Tailoring com
pany at Cincinnati
Mrs. F. M. Slye, who has been quite ill
for several days, is resting well and the
attending physicians iiave hopes of her
early recovery.
The West-McWilllanis cori^pany will
open a branch house in the Brown build
ing oil Third street in Pratt City in a
few days. The building Is now being put
in shape for the opening. George Mc
Williams and W. F. Wyatt will probably
be put in charge of the Piatt City store.
The ladies of St. Joins Episcopal church
Houses For Sale—Houses for Bent.
Residence Lots for Sale.
Business Lots for Sale.
Will Sell Lets and Build Houses to Suit Purchaser—Small Cash Payments
and Monthly Payments.
Acreage Property for $ale, 5, 10, 40 Acre TractSt
R Corner 19th. Street and Avenue G. Ensley, Alabama.
have completed preparations for an oys
ter supper to be given at the Presbyterian
hall on Nineteenth street next Tuesday
afternoon and night. It will be given for
the benefit of the church.
Birmingham Nearly 50 Per Cent Ahead
of Last Year.
Now York, February 2.—The following
table, compiled by Bradstreet, shows the
bank clearinrs at the cities rimmed for
the week ended February 1, with the
percentage of increase and decrease as
compared with the corresponding week
last year. Totals Include clearings at fifty
two other cities. Canadian totals include
clearings of seven other cities lit Can
Pc. Pc.
Inc. Dec.
New York .*2,478,838,1.10 32.4 -
Chicago . 206,648,869 32.5 .•••
Boston . 1U4.SS3.236 20.2 ....
Philadelphia . 156,804,806 31.4
Ht. Louis . 60,662,979 17.5 ....
Pittsburg . 62,944,655 8-3 ••••
Ban Francisco .... 37.788.568 14.8 ....
Baltimore . 30,131,347 IK.5 ....
Cincinnati . 26.138.uoo 22.7 ....
Kansas City . 23,696.135 5.9
New Orleans . 23,388,817 14.5 ....
Louisville . 12.7S1.004 6.0 ....
Denver .. 6,340,369 .... 23.4
Memphis . 5.234,709 11.6 ....
Richmond . 6.241.507 17.9 ....
Washington. 4,852,444 9.9 ....
Savannah . 4,699.027 30.7 ....
Fort Worth . 6.511,563 36.9 ....
Atlanta . 4.003,512 34.3 ....
Nashville . 3,925.922 47.5 ....
Norfolk . 2,132.631 87.1 ....
Augusta. Ga. 1,391.770 33.7 ....
Birmingham . l.SoS.Glo 48.5 ....
Knoxville . 1.250.S73 17.0 ....
Little Rock . 1,163,641 36.9 —
Chattanooga . 1,187.667 63.1 ....
Lexington .. 153,160 - 3.0
Jacksonville . 1,097,302 3.6 ....
♦Houston . 20,138,361 106.0 ....
•Galveston ........ 16,607,000 34.5 ....
Charleston . 1,292.849 11.5 ....
Macon . 538.188 17.9 ....
Total If. S.*3,512,620.708 27.5
Totals outside
of New York.. 1,033,791,278 17.5 . ....
Montreal .* 26.261,731 21.2 ....
Totals .!...$ 64.128.066 18.3
•—Not included in totals because con
taining other items than clearings.
Mercedes Goes First Heat In Fast
Time of 3:06.
Palm Beach, Fla., February 2.—The last
day of the second annual motor boat re
gatta on Lake Worth was marked by
the running off of four events, chief
among which was the one mile dash for
the Sir Thomas B. Dewar trophy. Two
heals were run in this event, H. L. Bow
den's Mercedes winning both. The Mer
cedes made the mile in the first heat
from a flying start In 3 minutes and 6
seconds, defeating the second boat,
George Glngra’s Twenty-three, by twenty
eight seconds. The time In the second
heat was several seconds slower than In
the first trial. The Dewar trophy must be
won twice consecutively before it becomes
the permanent property of any racer.
The lrt:35 mile event, postponed from
Tuesday, was won by George K. An
drews’ Shadow in 1 hour. 3 minutes and
14 seconds. Only three boats started and
the Allon was unable to finish owing to
engine trouble. The 5.175 consolation race,
open to boats not winning in previous
events, was won-by C. S. Coggin s boat
Blanche In 33 mlfKntes and 43 seconds.
The last event of the day, a 15.3 mile
race, open to speed boats, was won by
Bowden's Mercedes in 32 minutes and IS
seconds, defeating the nearest competitor
by 2D seconds. \
The presentation of trophies marked
, the close of the regatta.
Homicide Is Justifiable.
Moultrie, Oil.. February 2.—The verdict
: of .the coroner's Jury today was that the
killing of P. J. Williams last night by
i Dr. H. C. Lindsay was Justifiable hond
I ride. Dr. Lisdsay has not been arrested.
I!., found Williams with Mrs. Lindsay up
on Ids return home and immediately shot
, 1dm, killing 1dm insffintly.
__< , ... --
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup.
j The best remedy for DXA K I! 11 OK A. Sold
• by druggists In every part of the world.
! He sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow’a
! Soothing Syrup,” and take no other kind.
Has been used for over FIFTY YEARS
twenty-five cents a bottte. ,
I fuarutM
you a perma
nent cure of
rivate troubles
ind that you
nay know my
-•u a ran tee la re
nt ble I refer
°u with per
mleelon, to the
'mat National
ink, Alabama
National bank,
dtelner Broth
rna, banker*
rferaon Coua
i y 8 a v 1 n f i
bank and thd
1 people's Savings Bank a.nd Trust oora
panV. as tu my h<in"ety tor mr contracts.
Fully three-fourths of my patients have
been treated by som* ona else oefors call
ing on me to be cured. Why not come as
! loo;i as afflicted? fou will save money,
distressing pain and valuable time; be
side*. there I* satisfaction In knowing
that the very best treatment la being
; give i you by an honest, competent phy
ilclan 1 have treated private troubles
** a specialty In tl^ city of Birmingham,
Ala. since August 3. 1887. I cure all man
ner of private diseases. I cure many pa
tients by mall treatment. W.lte for price*
1 and terms.
I do not use large advertisement* and
false statements to attract patients which
merit has failed to secure. If you fall ta
b cured by such method*, giv# m* a eag
and get well.
My offices are the most private and
aulet In the city, tenth story of the new
First Naflona! Bank building, comer o*
geennd avenue and Twentieth street.
Rooms 1008 and 1007. Takw on* of the flaw
•l-va*or§ to tenth flow. I
Office bourn: l'«9 ft m to im ft fft
ftomday. 10 n. *• to M Aft
At Close of Business January 29, 1906.
Loans and discounts.$146,876.25
U. S. bonds and premiums. 52,800.00
Banking house furniture and fixtures... 9,000.00
Available cash. 67,748.00
Capital stock.$50,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits. 9,235.66
Circulation. 50,000.00
Deposits. 167,188.99
OFFICERS—Gordon DuBose, President.
J. W. Minor, Vice-President.
Payton A. Eubank, Cashier.
H. J. Cummings, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—J. W. Minor, J. H. Eubank,
H.C. DuBose, N. W. Scott,
Gordon DuBose, Manson H. Shuman,
P. J. Rogers, R. T. McLeod.
All business receives prompt and careful a'tent on.
Bank of Enstey
Ramsay & McCormack
gives careful attention to all busi
ness committed to its charge.
$1750—5-room house, Avenue l and 17th Street
$1900—5-room house, between 22nd and 23rd, on H.
$ 800—3-room house, on I, between 23rd and 24th.
$2300—Two five-room houses, close in.
$ 250 and $300 each—Beautiful lots on Ensley South Highlands.
Easy terms on any of above.
Heal Estate and Eire Insurance,
Avenue E and ISth Street, ENSLEY, ALABAMA,
I —^—- ■ "1 ■ . 1 -
Southern Railway Co.
Schedule In Effect July 23, 1805.
Trains leave Birmingham as follows:
6:35 a. m.—No. 38, for Atlanta, Washing
ton, Baltimore, Philadelphia
New York and the Hast. Pull
man Drawing Room Bleoplni ,
Car, Birmingham to New
York. Dining cal’, Birming
ham to Atlanta.
6:20 a.m.—No. 19, for Montevalo, Ms
plesvllle, Selma and way sta
12:26 p. m.—No. 33, for Columbus, West
Point, Winona, Greenwood |
and Greenville; alBO Sheffield
and Florence and North Ala- t
bama points.
3:10 p. m.—No. 15, for Cordova, Oakman,
Corona and way stations; also
6:45 a. m.—No. 22 for Anniston, TToflln and
way stations: also Rome, Ga.
6:50 p.m.—No, 36 for Atlanta, Charlotte,
Richmond, Washington, New
York and the East. Pullman
Sleeping Car Birmingham to
Richmond, Va.
4:05 p.m.—No. 24, Anniston, Atlanta and
way stations: also for Jack
sonville and all Florida points
also Talladega Ala.
I 10:20 p. m.—No. 37, for Columbus. West
Point, Winona, Greenwood and,
Greenville. Pullman Drawing
Room Sleeping Car Birming
ham to Greenville.
10:36 p. lib—No. 21, for Selma, Mobile and
way stations. Pullman Draw
ing Room Sleeping Car Bir
mingham to Mobile.
11:30 p. m.—No. #8, for Atlanta, Anniston
and way stations. ' Pullman
Sleeping Car, Birmingham to
Atlanta. Sleeping Car can be
occupied at Union station 9:30
P. m.
For detailed Information and Bleeping
car reservations apply passenger office.
Morris Hotel Building. Telephone 30G1
Bell and 617 Peoples
J. N. HARHISON. ntst. rose Agt.
Central ot Georgia
dle and South Georgia points,
Florida, Cuba, Nassau.
to Savannah.
Trains leave Birmingham 6:40 I
a. m. and 4:00 p. m.
For further informataion, apply I
GEO. E. JORDAN, T. P. A., 3
• --I 1st ave., Birmingham, Ala. I
Phones 970.
Showing the arrival and departure ol
passenger trains at the Union station, Bliw
ml ogham:
(Effective November 19, 1905.)
Loulavii: and Nashvllla Railroad.
Arrive from— Depart to—
N. Orleans. .11.« am Cincinnati ..12:05 pm
N. Orleans.. 9:10 pm Cincinnati .. 9:18 pm
Cincinnati .. 8:25 am N. Orleans.. 8:33 an»
Cincinnati .. 4:00 pm N. Orleans.. 4:80 pm
•Decatur .... 7:00 pm •Decatur ... 6:16 am
•Decatur ..,.10:00 am *Decatur .... 3:35 pm
Montgom’y.. 7:15 pm Montgom'y.. 6:10 am
Montgom'y.. 10:40 am Montgom’y.. 1:11 pro
Birmingham Mineral Railroad.
Arrive from— .Depart to—
Blocton .10:50 am Blocton .... 6:20 am
Blocton .6:85 pm Blocton .2:00 pm
•Blocton .... 0:00 pm 'Blocton .... 6:30 am
Anniston via (Anniston via
Oadsden...10:25 am Gadsden .. 4:10 pea
Anniston via I Anniston via
Gadsden .. 0:35 pm I Gadsden .. 8:35 am
Southern Railway.
Arrive from— Depart to
Atlanta .10:15 am Atlanta .4:01 pm
Atlanta .... 6:20 am Atlanta ....11:80 pn
Mobil* .6:30am Gr'vllle ....10:20 pm
Ur'vlll* .6:40 am Wash'n . 6 50 pm
Wash'n ....12:01pm Heflin . 5:41 am
Heflin .10:00 pm Gr'vllle .12:25 pm
Gr'vllle . 5:00 rm Mobile .10:85 pm
Mobile .10:OSpm Mobile .6:20 am
Wash'n .9:15 pm Wash'n .*:» am
Corona .9:35 am Corona .. .. 1:40 pm
Uueen and Creaoant Rout*.
Arrive frum— Depart to—
N. Or.6:00 am Clncln .5:45 am
Clncln .10:20 pm N. <H.10:25 pm
Clncln .10:16 am N Or.10:20 am
Chatta.12:26 pm' Chstta. . 4:00pro
Merid'n ... .11:25 pm Merldten ...4:10 pro
Meridian ...12:25 pm Meridian ... 0:49am
N Or.6-43 nm I Clncln .0:50 pm
erl»ec System
Arrive from— Depart to—
Memphis ... 3:59 pm Memphis ...12:20 pm
Memphis ...5:40am Memphis . ...10:90 pm
Winfield _m:nn am Winfield ....4:00pm
Amory .0:23 pm! Amory .0:00 am
Central o< oeury,., Railroad.
Arrive from— | Depart te—
Savannah ..10:15 pm Macon .1:49 in
Savannah . .12:05 pm I Savannah ..4:00 pm
Seaboard Air Lina.
Arrive from— . Depart t*—
Richmond 9:10 pm Richmond .. 0:39 am
Richmond ..1:30 pmjRIchmond .. 2:10 pm
All trains run by central time. Train*
marked thus (•> are dally except Sunday.
Effective June 13, 1901.
No. L v«, 3.
3MS p.m..I,v..Reform. Ala..Ar..12:25 p.m.
4:05 p in..Lv- Stansel ....Ar..13:14 p.m.
4:24 p.m...Lv.. Carrollton ..Lv..11:50 a.ra.
4:43 p.m...Lv.. Carrollton ..Ar..11:33 a.m.
4.54 p.m...Lv_ Dlllburg ... Ar.. 11:14 a.m.
5:25 p in..Ar... Aileevllle ...Lv..11:00 a.m.
First-class passenger trains meet ami
connect with all main line Mobile A Ohio
For further Information apply to
Pres, and Otn'l Manager,
Carrollton. Ala.
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Gawk Engraving Cat 4

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