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Ir it is Realty see B. F. EBORN
801-2 Title Guarantee Building Phone 1264
Only a few select propositions quoted
flow. If you do not see what you want
uoted call for It. We give our phone
umber, not to be used to locate prop
fty, but principally to enable probable
urchasers to make engagements ahead
£ time to meet me at my office for the
urpose of taking the matter up pergon
lly. We do not care to cultivate any
urchasers who are not sufficiently in
crested to either call on us or permit
s to call on them; neither do we grow
r.thusiastlc over the prospects of selling
) probable purchasers who are so con
iderate of our time and expense that
hey seek information In order to travel
he lonely road to our propositions alone.
Ve have never yet accomplished any re
jults without going after them, and have
A\g since learned that the fellow who
Its quietly down with his hat in hand,
eldom rises with anything more than
he hat to carry off. Birmingham has tlie
inest street car system in the south;
hey place all city and suburban property
n quick easy touch for inspection; toe
ides this private conveyance is always
ft command with plenty of street hacks
n the corners that can be called In if
tir customers overcrowd the street cars
tnd private conveyances and we want it
mdorstod that we are always cheerfully
filling "to pay the freight" and take the
;hanccs of it being "worth the carrying"
md if necessary in an emergency in order
o take all of the "sisters, cousins and
Aunts/* .wo will call in the tally-ho, so
Slease don’t say thing more about our
ime and expense and don’t ask the loca
tion of properties if you are not willing
:o tako the matter up personally with
js. There has been a lull in general trad- |
Jng for the past 10 days, but there are |
numerous applications, in fact several
hundred at this office alone, seeking in- 1
Vestments to meet requirements that have j
inot yet been fully matched. Parties wish
ing to buy and sell property will find that
‘a medium such as this office, sparing no
pains or expense, t,o meet their require
ments. and confining its business exclu
sively to buying and selling real estate
Is thoroughly prepared to secure what
ever Is obtainable for sale, and to sell
whatever property of merit Is offered for
sale at market prices. The constantly in
creasing business of this office at home
and abroad indicates with force this fact
We shall always be pleased to see you,
(but remember that we cannot see you
through the phone). Very truly,
$6000— 4<>x 100; alley corner; in rapidly de
veloping business center; 2 blocks of
union depot; a 2-story brick on this lot
W’ill pay you $2100 a year and will find
ready tenant; terms $2000 cash, balance
1, 2 and 3 years; might consider ex
change in part pay.
$200 per foot—A 20th st. corner; the best
20th st. close in corner on the market
for the money; can be made to pay
good interest, with cheap temporary
stores and w’ill rapidly enhance; terms
one-third cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years
at 6 per cent; this will make you
money; will be advanced unless sold
quick; investigate promptly or you will
be too late.
$14,000—100x140; best business corner in the
nameless district; pays $100 per month;
can be made to pay $2000 or $3000 per
year; terms $5000 cash, balance 1, 2 and
3 years at G per cent.
We are in touch with all of the best
central business propositions on the
market and can secure several gilt edge
propositions, but the owners of these
properties will only permit the sale
to be made on the quiet, and If you
mean business, drop in to see us and we
can help you to make your Investments
$4300—Rental $500; 803(180; a corner, 23rd st.
60x100—A choice residence location; price
reasonable; 6th ave., east of 20th st.
$16,500—Improvements alone worth $10,000;
it is a large lot; gilt edge; close in
location; pays about 14 per cent.
$2000—2-story 10-room house and lot; North
Highlands; house alone cost over $300U;
close to car line.
$2000—Rental $25 per montn; 50x140; fronts
car line;. North Highlands; good 7-room
house on front; 6-room tenant house on
rear; improvements alone worth more
than the price; investigate quick or
you miss it. •
$1250—5-room house and lot, 2-story barn;
2 blocks of car line; Jonesville; $500
cash and $15 per month.
$2750—Excellent 2-story modern 7-room
home; perfectly repair; good as new;
southern front; block of car line; North
Highlands; small cash payment; bal
ance e^sy as rent.
$3600—A modern 1-story 7-room cornier
home; carries three valuable lots; 60x
160; in splendid condition; good neigh
borhood; small cash payment, balance
$50 per month.
$600—Lot 50x160, Fountain Heights.
$1250—A lovely lot, 50x210, 14th st., near
11th ave.
$4000—A neat, well built, prettily finished,
6-room, modern cottage, 12th ave., near
24th st. Terms, $1000 cash. $1000 per year;
place as good as new and In perfect re
$3000—A well built, 6-room, 1-story, mod
ern cottage, with east front, hath, elec
tric lights and cabinet mantels; not far
from Henley school; easy walk of the
center; a bargain.
$4500—40x100; improved 25th st., near 4th
$3500—7-room house and lot, near Capitol
$5000—A new, modern, 7-room home: near
12th ave. and 24th st., with large lot.
$35 per foot—One of the prettiest lots on
tfii North Highlands, 60x190 , 24th st.;
terms to suit.
$5000—A modern, 7-room, corner. 1-story
cottage, near 12th ave. and 24th st.,
North Highlands.
$5000—A 2-story residence, fronting the
$4200— A new, modern, 2-story, 7-room,
stucco home, cornef of Ave. H and 12th
st., fronts Idlewild and 11th ave. loop
car line; all street grading and side
walk improvements and sewers down ajid
paid for; furnace heated with first-class
furnace, cabinet mantels, four grates,
porcelain bath, electric lights, hard fin
ished walls; rental $400 per year; small
cash payment, balance very easy. Try
to beat it and report to us, and we will
stand treats (to soda water).
$4500—An elegant, recently built, 2-story,
8-room, modern, furnace heated home;
13th st., South Highlands.
$7000—A neat, 8-room home; near Highland
avenue, Five Points neighborhood; small
cash payment, balance like rent, 6 per
$6000—Rental $750; can be made to pay
$1500; a corner, 100x190, with store and
$11,000—Rental $1600; one of the best tene
ment propositions on the market; a bar
gain and on reasonable terms; might
sell half.
$4000—100x165, 6-room cottage, block of
car line; near Five Points.
$6500—400x140, a money maker; 12th st..
South Highlands.
$3300—A regular snap; at this price only
tomorrow. It is a modern, one-story,
7-room cottage; on choice lot, near 10th
Ave.; well located; South Highlands.
$3750—You couldn’t build the house for
the money; It is a 2-story, 9-room, bath,
gas, everything in good condition; near
20th St., South Highlands.
$3150—Neat 7-room home; 21st St., near
Ave. H.
$0000—Rental $650, 2-story, 8-room resi
dence and out-buildings; choice lot; Vz
block of 20th St., convenient to the cen
ter. ' '**>, -
$6000—A 2-story. 10-room residence; valua
ble lot; V2 block of 20th 8t. and only
a few blocks of Union Depot.
$2750—New store and dwelling, on corner;
Ave. E, fronting car line; small cash
payment, balance like rent.
$8000—Rental $1200; a valuable corner, lQOx
190; easy walk of the center, with ten
comparatively new dwellings.
$12,500—Rental $1600 ; 6 7-room, 2-story resi
dences; promising corner; fronts car
line; easy walk of the center.
$2000—50x140, with dwelling; Ave. C.
$3600—Rental $480; a corner 100x100; five
new 4-room dwellings.
$1600—Rental $20 per month; 50x190; two
4-room dwellings; Ave. H.
$7500—One 2-story, new, modern, 8-room
residence and 7-room residence; on lot
75x190; near 20th St.; close in.
We have others not quoted above, some
really good things.
$6500—18'/2 acres, close to car line; East
$6500—20-acre truck garden; between
Woodlawn and East Lake, with 7-room
house, barn, tenent houses, fruits, etc.;
reasonable terms.
$1000—Five-room house and lot; block of
car line; Jonesville.
$2650—A pretty, new, modern, 6-room cot
tage; large lot; Woodlawn.
$1300—5-room house and lot on car line,
Woodlawn; $300 cash, $15 per month.
27-acre truck garden; richest tract in the
county, fronts pike, with 6-room cottage
and barn, fronts pike at Huffman.
100-acre farm—fronting pike, In Jones val
ley; 10 miles of the city; good improve
ments; fine spring; at a bargain and on
reasonable terms.
$200 cash—A choice lot; 50x140; fronting
the car line.
700 acres—Murpliey’s valley; 3 miles of
Oneonta; 30 miles of Birmingham, Ala.;
on L. & N. R. R.; 260 acres rich, loam
soil under cultivation; % botton land;
new 2-story 10-room residence; 6 tenant
houses; 450 acres in timber; splendidly
watered; one-third cash, balance 1, 2, 3
$7500—740-acre farm; near Ashville, St.
Clair county, Ala.; 150 acres In cultiva
tion; balance timber; ginnery and grist
mill; beautiful fish pond, well stocked
with fish; dwelling and other Improve
ments; Improvements worth $3500.
$5(00—480-acre farm; rental $800 ; 6 tenant
houses; 350 acres under cultivation;
rich, productive land; on railroad; near
S.vlacauga, Ala.; reasonable terms.
$4500—Near Ashville, Ala; 480-aere farm;
4V4 miles from Springville, Ala., on A.
G. S. R. R.; suitable for dairy or gen
eral farming purposes.
360 acres—With 12-room house; Mentone,
Ala., near Valley Head and Boring
Springs; 2500 ft. altitude; V4 mile of
river front; beautiful location; fine for
•summer homes; splendid for fruits and
vegetables and stock raising; would
consider exchange for Birmingham
property and pay cash difference.
$1000—Well improved 30-acre farm; neat
cottage; 3 miles of Hartseile, Ala.
$4100—Valuable 260-aore farm; 100 acres
under cultivation; at Arlington, Wilcox
county, Ala.; 40 miles from Selma; 7
room residence that cost $5000 to build;
reasonable terms, 6 per edVit.
$6000—450-acre farm; near Dadevllle, Ala.;
330 acres under cultivation; rich, pro
ductive land; 2-story 7-room house;
6 tenant houses; abundant water sup
. ply.
10-acre fruit orchard and vineyard 7 yrs.
old; first-class condition; finest fruits
of every variety; plums, pears, peaches,
apples; 3 acres in bearing grapes; neat
6-room cottage.
560 acres valuable coal lands, carries Blue
creek vein, at Belle Sumter, Ala.
$3 per acre—20,000 acres fee simple; coal,
mineral and timber lands; Warrior coal
$5 per acre—Choice 6000-acre tract on Mo
bile and Ohio R. R., 25 miles of Mobile,
$11 per acre—640 acres on L. & N. R. R„
14-mile from Leesdale, Ala.
$200—40 acres In Clay county, Ala.
$1000—A great bargain; 107-acre farm, 414
miles of Ashville, and 114 miles of rail
road; St. Clair county, Ala.; 60 acres
under cultivation; bottom and up land;
balance timber; nothing else like it for
the money.
$2250—Good store and dwelling; a beauti
ful country home and summer resort:
fine place for country business (and
health!; 5 miles of Ashville, 3 miles of
Caldwell on A. G. S. R. R.; fine spring
and spring house; a fine location; call
I for particulars.
801-2 Title Guarantee Building. Bell Phone 1264
$3200—80x100. vacant, southside, very
$1300—33x00, southside; pays 0 per cent.
$7800—Very attractive residence. South
$6500—New homo, modern, best location,
South Highlands.
$4500—Handsome elevated large lot; all
Improvements; overlooks city, in best
section near Lakeview, very cheap; lots
on both sides of this have sold at fancy
prices. Close to Iroquois street.
$3800—Fine large lot facing east on Iro
quois street.
We have an attractive list of vacant
residence lots on South Highlands and can
show you everything .for sale in that
locality, from Glen Iris to Lakeview. The
demand is very strong for South High
lands property, improved and unimproved
and also for acreage. We Have endeavor
ed to meet this demand by listing for sale
very attractive South Highlands prop
ertv, and acreage in suburbs.
Phone 1326. 2113 First Ave.
500 Feet R. R. Frontage
On Frisco, Illinois Central and
Birmingham Southern R- R.’s- Just
outside city limits.
C. W. Mills & Co.
£25 National Bank Building
In North Birmingham, one 2-story 8
room residence, 50x140, out houses,
city water, 1% blocks from car, 1
block of free school and 3 churches,
| best neighborhood. Splendid home, or
! to rent. $2000.
| North Birmingham.
I • 40x100, a valuable business alley cor
j ner; 2 block of the Union Depot; 2-story
brick at moderate can be rented readily
for $2400 per year. Terms 1-3 cash and
balance 1, 2 and 3 years. Investigate this
tomorrow, If you want It.
One of the handsomest lots on South
Highlands, fronting 134 feet on Highland
avenue and located in the choicest resi
dence section of the avenue. For price
and terms apply to
Ground Floor. First National Bank Bids.,
Ball Phone 884. _
Rental 8750! can be made to pay $1500;
100x190; a corner with 2-story store and
7 dwellings; Ave. G; small cash payment,
balance four years.
The past week hag been fairly active
in the local real estate market. The ac
tivity which prevailed was almost alto
gether In residence property. The de
mand for centrally located business prop
erty is very strong but on account of the
alleged high prices demanded by the
present owners of property of this class i
very few deals were closed.
A local real estate agent in comment
ing on the buying and selling of Bir
mingham realty, said:
"The only reason more large transac
tions in local real estate are not closed
is the extremely high prices demanded
by holders. Everybody wants to get pos
session of a piece of Birmingham real es
tate and the present owners are not anx
ious enough to rid themselves of it at
anything but profitable prices.
"As to residence property, everyone
knows how it has advanced In value in
the past few years or even the past few
months, and knowing that it will not
drop soon home-seekers are buying now,
therefore, the large number of trans
actions in realty located in the residence
portions of the city.
"The advance In the price of property
located In the suburbs of Birmingham has
been remarkable. All of the suburbs are
growing rapidly and investors are taking
hold of the advantage."
There were no papers filed in the pro
bate clerk's office yesterday recording
deals in dirt involving amounts exceeding
$1000. The number of transactions, how
ever, which involved less than this
amount, was large^
7-room. 2-story, new. modern, 7-room
stucco home; fronts Idlewild and 12th st.
carlines. Corner Ave. H and 12th St.; has
furnace heat, cabinet mantels, four grates,
j porcelain bath, tile hearths, hard finished
! walls, and is a complete cosy home. All
I street Improvements down and paid for.
j rents for $32.50 per month; will bring
more in October; terms Vz cash, balance
in five years, 5*/2 per centt or might mod
ify terms to suit buyer.
801 Title Guarantee Building.
Or will improve to suit a reliable ten
ant. S. E. corner 22d st. and Ave. A, 50
xlOO feet; this Is the best corner in a
rapidly developing district, especially
good location for saloon or drug store;
long lease to right party. Call or phone
226 N. 22d St. Bell Phone 933.
One of the choicest, best built, 2-story,
8-room, modern, furnace heated homes on
the South Highlands for $4600, well locat
ed and a genuine bargain. Investigate
this tomorrow or you may miss it.
WANTED—Central business property for
buyers with the cash who will act
promptly if at market value. First and
Second Ave, between 19th St. and 21st St.,
we have several calls for.
801 Title Guarantee Building.
Notice to Contractors and Builders.
Seven-story, fireproof office building,
Pensacola, Fla. Upon application to me
at my office, Moses buMding, Montgom
ery, Ala., plans and specifications upon
which to base bids for the construction
of this building can be had.
Notice to Stockholders of the Birming
ham Railway, Light and Power Co.
Birmingham, Ala., February 24. 1906.
A special meeting of the stockholders
of the Birjhiingham Railway, Light and
Power company is hereby called, to be
held at the office of the company in the
city of Birmingham, Ala., on Friday,
March 30, 1906, at 11 o’clock a. m., for the
purpose of considering and voting, upon
, the following propositions:
1. To increase the capital stock of the
company from $6,000,000 (consisting of 25,
000 shares of 6 per cent cumulative pre
ferred stock and 35,000 shares of common
stock) to $7,000,000, by the issuance of
10,000 additional shares of 6 per cent cum
ulative preferred stock.
2. To allow each stockholder a pref
erence in taking such increased stock at
par in proportion to the amount of the
original stock he may own; such prefer
ence to be exercised within sixty days
after such increase of stock has been
agreed upon.
3. To authorize the directors to sell
at not less than par, and in such manner
and to such persons as they may deter
mine, so much of such increased stock
as may not be so taken by the stock
holders; and
4. To authorize the execution and de
livery to the Commercial-Germania Trust
and Savings bank, as trustee, of a mort
gage, supplemental to the mortgage here
tofore executed and dellvereo oy the
company to said trustee and dated Au
gust 1, 1904, in order to further secure
the general mortgage refunding 4^ per
cent bonds of the company.
The stock transfer books will be closed
on Monday, March 19, 1906, at 3 o’clock
p. m., and will remain closed until 10
o’clock a. m., on Saturday, March 31,
Inasmuch * as the transfer books of
both common and preferred stock of the
company will remain closed until after !
the right of the stockholders to subscribe
for the Increased stock shall have ac
crued, attention Is directed at this time
to the fact that only stockholders of rec
ord at the closing of the books on March
19. 1906, will be entitled to subscribe to
the new stock.
By the order of the hoard of directors.
J. P. ROSS, Secretary.
Bids for the Erection of a Court House
at Ashland, Ala.
Sealed proposals. In duplicate, will be
received until tioon of Thursday, the 15th
day of March, 1908. for the erection of a
court house at Ashland, Ain., as per the
plans and specifications furnished by the
architect. Plans are on file In the office
of the judge of probate at Ashland. Clay
county. Ala., and at the office of Charles
\V. Carlton, architect, Anniston, Ala. Bids
must be made out on a regular proposal 1
blank furnished by Hie architect, and
must be Accompanied by a certified check
for $500, made payable to F. J. Ingram,
judge of probate. Said check given as a
guarantee that the bidder, if successful, I
will execute bond within thirty days for j
•the faithful carrying out of said contract,
and If unsuccessful, said check will be j
promptly returned. The right is hereby re
served to reject any or all hlds, and in
figuring out tills work the bidders do fo
under these condlllons. Address all bids to I
F .J. Ingram, Judge of Probate, Ashland,
Ala._ 2-18-4t-su
Liberal Loan Co.
Will make you the most liberal
loans at liberal terms at liberal in
terest Money to loan on every
thing of value. Business strictly
confidential. Bargains in unre
deemed pledges. Remember the
2220 Second Ave
Between 22d and 23d Sts.
M. Maloney, Manager
$4500—Nice 8-room 2-story residence, be
tween 10th and 11th avenues; 14th street,
south; splendid location; elegant sur
$6000—New 7-room 2-story modern resi
dence, large lot; electric ' lights, gas.
one block of 12th ave. car in Norwood
district; terms easy; buy now.
$3450- !l-room 2-story residence, lot 50x200,
rental Improvements on rear; North
lith ave.; cheapest home on market.
$2000—5-room cottage, elfcse to car; new
and in splendid shape; very easy terms;
this is a bargain.
$450—3 good lots, close to car, at Gilbert
station on Gate City car; worth twice
the money; a sacrifice.
$12,500—6 2-story residences, corner 26th st.
and Ave. F; rental over 12H per cent
net; best investment proposition to lie
had in gilt edge city property; must be
taken quick and all cash; see me now.
$2650—New 6-room cottage on Idlewild
car line, very easy terms; this is your 1
chance to secure a good, comfortable
home; almost like paying rent.
$2000—8-room 2-story residence on F and
35th st.; $500 cash, balance like paying
rent; this Is very cheap.
$3000—T-room 2-story new residence, close
to Pearl street station. West End; see
this if you want a home.
$1350—New 4-room house with hall, close
to car at city hall. North Birmingham;
if you want a home here, you had bet
ter see me quick about this.
10 acres, with 2 4-room cottages, well,
stable, platted and recorded; you can
make $6000 on this in 6 months.
5 or 50 acres near street car line, suit
able for park or athletic sports; also
2 or 10 acres, suitable for green house.
If you have such property for sale,
place it with me at once, as I can make |
quick sale. If you have acreage of
any kind list it with me. I have buyers
ready to take it.
Room 306 Title Guarantee Building. Both Phones 1021, 193
A Square Foot of Real Estate is Worth a Million
Castles in the Air. See
SORSBY & BERRY. 2113 Third Ave.
$4200—Buys 18 good lots, convenient location. Woodlawn.
$400—$100 cash, $10 month, pretty lot. good location, Woodlawn.
$2250—Six nice lots, one 90x158 feet, near North Bessemer and South Ensley car
lines: not far from Falrvlew.
$1250—8 lots, near church, school and East Lake car line; lots adjoining these $300
$750—5 lots, near church, school and East Lake car line; worth $300 each.
$3150—Lovely elevated corner, 150x170 feet, well, cistern, and city water; 5 rooms,
hall and twfo porches; cabinet mantels, barn and lot. fruits, etc.; half block
of West End car line. $2150 cash. $500 year, no Interest.
$850—$100 cash, $15 month. 2 good lots near car line, West End.
Want offer on nicely elevated 10-acre tract land near Rosedale; chance for bar
gain In this.
$3500— Beautiful 2-story home, nice, convenient location, corner lot; bath, sewer
age, electric lights, cabinet mantels, etc., Woodlawn.
$1400—5 rooms, new, 2 lots, good neighborhood, etc.. East Lake.
$3500—85x200, beautiful knoll, 5 rooms and bath, near Ensley and Fountain
Heights car line.
$1350—10 acres and some Improvements, all cleared and fenced, on main country
road, about one mile from church, school and car line, East Lake; good
neighborhood. * ,
$200—Good lot, near Arlington station and Gate City car line.
$200—Excellent lot, half block of West End car line.
$1000—4 rooms, store, nicely elevated lot, good location, Avondale.
$225— Fine corner lot on 85th street. East Lake.
$3000—Elegant new home, lovely elevation, near Falrvlew.
$700—$100 cash. $15 month, 3 rooms, good corner lot, half block of North Besse
mer and South Ensley car lines.
$950—$150 cash, $15 month, 5 rooms, hall, 2 porches, city water, large lot; near
church, school and car line. East Lake.
$800-$250 cash, $150 August 1. then $200 yearly; 4 rooms, good lot, centrally located,
near church, school and car line. East Lake.
$800—Fine corner, 100x140, near business center North Birmingham; a portion of
this can be paid $25 quarterly.
W. E. SORSBY 2113 Third Avcni/e J. A. BERRY
Queerest Job in the World is That Held by a Woman, Who is a
“Jag Matron”—Proposals of Marriage Occur Every Day.
nc. TREVIER, in his lifetime, fre
quently went home much the worse
for liquor. As frequently Mrs.
Trevier wept bitterly at the sorry condi
tion of her husband. One night Trevier*s
unusual mood caused him to threaten the
lives of their two babies, when the mother
urged him, for their sak.es, to give up
“the habit.” Instantly her motherly In
stinct prompted her to protect ^ier chil
dren and told her how to do It. Frankly
what happened was that Mrs. Trevier laid
her husband completely out. When he
regained consciousness the Intoxicated
man declared that he was sorry and that
he would never drink another drop. But
the next day a member of his union
slapped him on the back jovially and said:
“Treve, I heard a good story about eye
openers last night. Come have one and
I’ll tell it to you.”
Treve, having drunk one on the “broth
er,” insisted on the “brother” having one
“on him.” The upshot was that Trevier
didn’t go to work that day. And tho
next he found his discharge hanging on
the peg beside the time clock. The shock
ofthis threatened to result fatally, and
to fortify himself the man went out and
took a bracer.
Thereafter, for more than five years,
Mrs. Trevier spent much of her time pro
tecting her children and her home against
the man who pitilessly took from her the
wages she obtained from sewing taken in
and spent them in a strenuous effort to
maintain his steadily departing reputation
as a “good fellow." One night he fell
onto a street car track. They carried his
lifeless body to his widow’s poor home.
But in that bitter school of experience
Mrs. Trevier learned a trade—perhaps it
should be called a profession, now that
she has developed it so well, and has
made it so remunerative—that has enabled
her to provide her home and her growing
girls with every necessity and with all
the luxuries desired.
“Jag Matron" is the title of the pro
fession which she has originated. She
has become the most important and use
ful person in a local sanitorlum. Her ex
periences are decidedly picturesque.
“I had a lot of experience and when
I took up the work it was with a feeling
that I knew wfhat I wa3 about,” said
Mrs. Trevier. 'T think I can handle a
‘bad’ case better than a man. The Innate
gallantry of men Is never more in evi
dence than when they are under the in
fluence of liquor, and it is by this trait,
which is almost a weakness, that I am
able to control the patients under my
“My work is varied. At times I am
busy at the sanitorium, acting as a sort
of mother to the poor fellows who come
all broken up from the unequal fight. At
other times I am on the road escorting
patients to the hospital. Between their
desire to drink everything in the buffet
and to jump off the train and end their
troubles, I have a lively time. But I man
age to Jolly them along somehow.
“Proposals of marriage are an everyday
occurrence, and I always accept them
and trust to luck that the man will not
want to sue for a breach of premise
when he sobers up.
“One man I had to dope. He came In
early one morning with his arms full of
champagne bottles and the hack driver
followed him with two full cases of the
stuff. He informed me that he was going
to drink it all before he went to bed. I
foolishly tried to hustle him off, and he
knocked me into a corner, where I lay
unconscious for the better part of an
hour. When I recovered he was asleep,
but when I tried to move him he insisted
on drinking more. Turn about’s fair play.
I filled a glass for him and put knockout
drops in it.
“This is queer business for a woman,
I know; but I seem to have a special abil
ity in this line and it pays better than
anything else. I keep it up for the chil
dren’s sake. Of course, I have a pride in
my work and regard my patients as a
doctor would regard his.”
Mrs. Trevier's c hildren are in a private
girls’ school. They do not like to have
their mother doing what she does, and
say that as soon ns they finish their ed
ucation they are going to make her stop
it and live with them.
Sharf) Points of View.
From the Boston Transcript.
Strange that it is the conversation
without any point that bores us.
Many a man finds he has not head
enough to fill his predecessor's shoes.
Never try to sink your troubles with
anything having a cork in it.
The man afflicted with a cornet in his
family should be thankful it Isn’t a trom
Vol. II. Birmingham, ala., Feb. 25. 1906. No. 19
Norwood as “The Permanent Place”
As well as “The Placid Place”
The ground hog seems to be In a minor
ity of one. The young frogs are croaking,
the birds are building nests, the grass is
putting on a vernal tint, and we are
confidentially informed that the newspa
pers are receiving more poetry than the
office cats can consume, even if they
worked overtime.
REALTY is almost tempted to tell Gen
tle Annie that Spring is here.
At any rate. Spring is not far away, and
the prospective home-builder will do well
to note the signs of th« times and begin
to make preparations.
Now. in the matter of a home, the first
as well as the most important considera
tion is the location of the lot upon which
It is to be built. If a house doesn't suit
you It may be torn down and rebuilt and
the lumber and other material which come
out of It will defray at least a part of the
expense of the new' structure. But If the
lot Is in an unhealthy or otherwise unde
sirable neighborhood, your only remedy
is to sell, and nine times out of ten you
will be forced to do It at a loss.
So the great point is not to make the
mistake of buying a lot In the wrong
place. What better Insurance against
error than the experience of others? For
"The Placid Place99
Created by the
that reason NORWOOD is the place for
your home. Go out and look at it. You
cannot escape the conclusion that the peo
ple who have settled Norwood came to
stay, that no conditions will ever arise
which will coerce thorn to move elsewhere.
The name "Placid Place," is peculiarly
felicitous when applied to Norwood. Rut
It has a right tt> another title, not so
poetical, perhaps, but equally Impressive—
and that is THE PERMANENT Pi—
It Is the place which encourages you to
contemplate with pleasure the possibility
of spending the remainder of your life
there and rearing your children in sur
roundings which will develop the finer and
better qualities of their natyre. It Is the
place where property will constantly en
hance In value, and the place whose pres
tige will grow and grow with the coming
REALTY will not dwell upon the charms
of Norwood. These are numerous and
varied. But. addressing Itself to fathers
and mothers, It wJU simply repeat—NOR
A truth like that Is its own reason for re
Bell Phone 1281. 2103 First Avenue.
Statement of the
Southern Fire Insurance Co.
of Lynchburg, Va.
As of December 31, 1905.
Market Value.
Stocks and bonds owned.$ 91,678.75
Loans not due, secured by stocks
and bonds . 10,400.00
Loans not due, on real estate
mortgage . 49,800.00
Net premiums in cdurse of col
lection, not over three months
due . 7,761.80
Cash in office and in banks. 80,138.77
Accrued interest . 81.58
Total assets .$219,857.90
Reserve for reinsurance or un
earned premiums .$ 20,321.97
Reserve for outstanding losses... 900.00
Dividends due stockholders, none.
Dividends due policyholders, none.
All other liabilities, viz: Open
accounts . S85.S5
Capital .$103,465.85
Net surplus . 89,514.23—$197,970.08
Total liabilities .$219,857.9*
Real Estate and Insurance Co. Agts.
No. 2113 First Ave. Bell Phsne 1485.
$1500—One 8-room house on lot 60x165 on
East Lake car line.
$4000—-Otic brand new 12-room house, with
hard oil finish, cabinet mantels, tiling
hearth, hath above and below; one block
from electric car line; cement sidewalks
made and paid for; beautiful graded
corner lot; convenient to schools; good
community. Terms easy.
$1000—Small cash payment and balance
$12.60 per month with 8 per cent interest
will buy a good 4-room house, newly
covered and painted, new fence, one
block from electric car line.
$2000—One brand new house, 5 rooms and
! hull, nicely finished, cabinet mantel*,
electric lights, city water; eastern
front; lot well elevated; small rash pay
ment, balance $20 per month; good com
munity, In beautiful "Gibson way." If
you want a home, see this.
$1500— One 5-room house on large lot 2nd
avenue, south.
$2750—One brand new 6-room house, with
reception hall, center and back hall,
bath room and pantry; electric lights;
city water; street Improvements made
and paid for. Terms easy.
$650—One 4-room house on lot 50x150, fac
ing south; small caah payment, balance
$10 per month with 8 per cent interest.
Bell Phone 180 Corner 531 h Street and First Avenue
, South Highlands of East Lake
Car Line Is Nearing Completion
i ir,it3Br In a little while this health-giving, joy-inspiring HOME PLACE in the
^ most desirable of all the suburbs of Birmingham, will have TRANSPORTATION
ucrsv>*--—FACILITIES OF ITS OV/N, and will literally be brought within a few minutes
of Birmingham. NOW it is selling like hot cakes. THEN it will go like wildfire.
1-*--— An advance of $25.00 on lots all around will be positively made March 1st. THE
MONTHS’ PAYMENTS ON A LOT—$10.00 down, balance at the rate ot $5.00 a month. No interest. No taxes.
No mortgage. Free deed to heirs in c#se of death after first payment.
Inquiries from out-of-town parties by wire, telephone of mail, promptly answered. Our beautiful colored
map will enable such investors to select their lots at home. Write to us, and you will get one, marked up to date,
with interesting and valuable literature.
THERE IS MONEY FOR YOU IN THIS PROPOSITION. We can refer to hundreds of people who have
BRADLEY J. SAUNDERS, Vice-President and General Manager.
Suite 611-614 First National Bank Building,

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